The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 8, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1921
Page 2
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:3 . t " THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS GETTING WISE AT LAST? WARNING TO DRIVER BY FLASH OF LIGHT Sooire Relief FOR IHDIGESI iO?a HOST EFFICIENT AUTOMATION FEAR RESULTS OF VIENNA RIOTS f Pyy U"'rAX j - Shops and Hotels Looted Mobs in Capita! of - Austria. by PRELUDE TO GRAVE TROUBLE? Pecpie Dragged Out of Street Cars and Automobiles and Beaten Up American Flag Only Emblem Shown Respect. Vienna, Dec. 5l There is a growing fear that the wave of recent plundering, which recently swept Berlin and Is now ravaging Vienna, is a prelude to grave disturbances in central Europe ttis winter. The extent of the vandalism, looting and plundering after a general survey is said to far exceed the first reports,, Ring. Mariahilfew and other streets in the center of the city radiating from them look as if a hurricane had passed. Tens of thousands of persons streamed into the city to view the wreckage. In the adjoining Old and New Bristol hotels the mob penetrated to the fourth floors, wrecking every thing, slashing valuable breaking open doors and thn Lobeuns, j v. ing out I ithes of j furniture, stealing the clo priests and breaking mirror. A similar fate was meted out t the Grar.d hotel, the total damasres to the ral led hotels beinr estimated at close to one billion crowns. In Kaemtmr j strasse. where the windows of big and ; little shops w en? smashetl and srooils , stolen and destroyed, the !ss is esti- niatexl at two billions. worm i7-a"..t M7t f Street ' cars and automoliles and beaten np. One man was dragged from a motor- i j I ! Homemade and Effective Hot-Motor Alarm for Autos. Any Man With a Little Mechanical Ability Can Construct Device Main Tube of Thermostat Is Made of Bakelite. Below is an illustration that shows a homemade and very effective hot-motor alarm. Any car owner with a little mechanical ability can easily build one. The sketch shows a section of the radiator at the top of the water chamber. The main tube of the thermostat device is made of bakelite or one of the Impregnated bakelite fibers that is water and steam proof. The top of this tube is threaded into a bracket which is in -turn soldered Into the neck of the radiator. The lower end of the tube is also threaded into the mercury chamber which is made of fiber. This chamber is locked and made leak-proof with a nut. At the upper end of the tube is the contact which is provided with an extension contact of brass and which is also led out through a brass ribbon and soldered to the supporting brack et, thus making a ground connection on the car. After tho device is assembled the copper tube is soldered In place and a wire led our through It to a small lanm on the dah. J he circuit is CONTACT HOOD - MC7CURV ra or raC"Ato -ruets When the Engine Becomes Overheated, the Driver Is Warned by the Flash of the Dashboard Lamp. made through the battery circuit on the car as shown. The mercury chamber is threaded onto the thermostat tube so that the device can be adjusted. This is accomplished by submerging It in boiling water and then setting it just a trifle short of making the circuit. In other words, when the water in the radiator reaches the boiling temperature, the motor is dangerously overheated and needs attention. At that point the mercury is so expanded that it rises in the tube and complete the circuit, thus lighting the lamp. Popular Science Monthly. AVTOnOfMLIC Automobiles in Wisconsin represent an inve-tiiicnt of $13.S.S"l.(KK. The American farmer is considered the keenest buyer of automobiles. Gasoline costs sScentavos (44 cents) a gallon in Mexico. The membership of the Automobile association in Ionden totals more than 1 .' . Automotive exports from the United States last year exceeded $330.000,1 , going to 114 countries. A new steam automobile is to make its appearance on the market In a short time to seJl at about $1,000. Ontario loads all other provinces in Canada in the registration of automobiles; Saskatchewan ranks second. S9OT-';fl t t If L Saving of Gasoline Given Place of Greatest Consideration by Owner. FUEL CONSUMED WHILE IDLE Rapid Acceleration Is an Expensive Luxury, Using More Gas Than Gradual Speed Increases Other Little Economies. Honest efforts to operate an automobile economically often fail because the driver does not, in many cases, understand the fundamental practices most important to good results. Although fuel is by no means the largest item of operating expense, gasoline savings are customarily given the place of greatest consideration and consequently deserve, first mention. The most flagrant source of gasoline waste lies" in idling the motor. Many drivers believe gasoline consumption to be slight while idling and that by avoiding ue of the starter, they are saving the storage battery. To be correct, ihe buttery is much better ofT when used normally, not being allowed to remain fully charged and practically inactive for long periods of time. On the other hand, fuel consumption while idling is surprisingly groat because the vacuum in the manifold so low that a very rich mixture required in order that the heavy fuel now in u-e may reach the cylinders. Harm Done by Idling. When idling, excessive amounts of gasoline collect in the manifold and valve iorts- excessive carbon is formed the motor overheats and the raw gasoline dilutes the crankcaso oil. Lubrication at this slow speed is inefficient because the splash from the connecting rods is minimized. Rapid acceleration, although desirable in traffic, is n expensive lux- urv. using much more srasolme than using much more gradual -peed increase. Unnecessary and violent application of the speeds and brakes will wear th bands prematurely, strain every pan of the car and speed tires loward ihe junk pile, tin long of open road the driver will obtain better results by using the hand throttle instead of the foot accelerator, if one is installed in the car. This is true because the uneven gas feed caused by the foot fluttering up and divn n the fixt throttle is eliminated, the hand throlile providing a steady flow of fuel to the engine. Many drivers la'r under the impression that it i- economical to leave the spark advanced to the limit and run in high speed as long as the motor will hang on. but the spark should always be retarded as soon as the motor begins to labor. A continually retarded spark is equally harmful. The spark setting should always be adapted t ihe conditions under which ihe engine i operating. Some Sample Matters. Kven simple matters, such as steering are important: the proper method of turning corners and minimizing switching back and forth when parking are important tiro, transmission, rear axle and gasoline savers. The car will run most efficiently within a certain easily determined range of speeds. All of these things enter into this question of economical driving, exerting appreciable influences upon operating expenses. They are the fundamentals of skillful driving which the oar owner will do well to study, because they result in smoother operation, sensible motor maintenance ;md true operating economv. car with a rope to shouts of "lamp cf ios in tRe riK-ess of price defla-rKst." bv.t l.e was rescued by the po- Hon. and is prepared to In. Id back un-Hce. j til the government, or the railroads An American woman whose name J themselves, make a real effort iu that was not learned oa1 in the door of ; direction. her room In the Bristol holding a small j Members of the !hanl :1rrvo wUh American flag over her head and defy- j ther h5fth officials of the administra-Ing the plundering m-,b to touch her j Mon t!i.u , Uo n,ilroad rates do not or her belongings. The mob did not ! wnstStTlte lhe , Ljef obstruction to harm her and her belonging, were j ,OXV(r liviKj, thly 1o tVcUnuo t ST,1- ; blot k tlie ay f.r hundreds of indus- Tlie rxx-nn of Colonel Causey. Ameri- i trje? jn their program to scale quo-can engineer and adviser to the Aus- j t.uon:5 downward. trian railways, were not touched while The farmers an. stm faring the 6 Bell-ans Hot water Sure Relief 25 and 75 Packages, Everywhere Money back without question If HUNT'S GUARANTEED SKIN DISEASE REMEDIES ' (Hunt's Salve and Soap), fail in the treatment of Itch. Ecrema, Rinsworm.Tetter or tther itch-ing skin diseases.Try this treat ment at our risk Sold by all reliable cru relate A. B. Richards Medicine Co., Sherman, Texas Japan wants an open door in China, but thinks It no more than right that she should stand at the door and take tickets. That Russian gold shipped to this country has been so well disguised that not even the most violent anti-reds feel Justified in refusing all gold on suspicion. It begins to appear a If Ihe people might get a little nearer the answer to the question of why coal costs so much more than every one agrees that It should cost. HUse it : will th for your daughter's sake. She hen have that well-groomed ap- II pearance that girls admire. AtaUgroetru H-' II I I 55 Box ICn (iffciu; (life ; Juggled Statistics. The human race has added ten years to the life of the average man In the last TjO years, an actuary told the life underwriters in Chicago recently. Why shouldn't this sort of thing go on, he asks, until man lives to be one hundred? Why not. to be sure? Just as Mark Twain figured about the length of the Mississippi. It was cutting out bends and shortening Itself so much every year. If the same rate shouM keep on, in the course of a few thousand years the Mississippi would he onlv 1 miles long. Kansas City Star. Freshen a Heavy Skin With the antiseptic, fascinating Cuti-eura Talcum Powder, an exquisitely scented convenient, economical face. skin, baby and dusting powder and perfume. Renders other perfumes superfluous. One of the Cuticura Toilet Trio (Soap. Ointment, Talcum). Advertisement. Hence the Name lie was to take her for a trip in his new yacht the next day, and she was questioning him about it. "How awfully nice of you to name the boat after me!" she giggled "What is she like?". "Well er," he answerer, "she's not much to look at. you know, but she's very fast." Houston Post. Are Ycu Nervous ? Suffer From Headache Or Dizzy Spells ? Indianapolis, Ind. "I had suffered for a long time with nervousness, headaches and dizzy spells. I finally decided to try Dr. Pierce s Favorite Prescription and it has given me complete relief I feel like a new woman. I think it is the best remedy for women there is." Miss Ora A. Johnson, 2130 Martindale Ave. If you have the above-mentioned symptoms you should profit by Mis. Johnson's advice, and get the "Prescription" from your druggist at once. To be had in tablets or liquid; or write Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel, in Buffalo, N. Y, for free medical advice. SALESMANSHIP HIGH SCHOOL COURSE Decome a Highly-Paid Salesman , Learn how in your own home in your spare time. NO LESSONS NO WRITINS. The complete course in a beautiful illua- trated leatherette book, is yours for only $2.00. Send your order at once. Money back if not satisfied. COMMERCIAL ADVANCEMENT CO. Dpt. I, No. XI W. 20th SUNw York City We Par lOo Each for Writinjr Add re: Send self-addressed, stamped envelope and -$1 for printing and mailing contract and supplies. Money back if contract not accepted. . Chtcasaw Correspondence Club, Kemp. Okla. 15 Different high grade embossed Xmas Cards. Mail coin or stamps. A. P. Riehter. 120 8. Wells. Chicago. 25 HAIR BALSAM aaj ra t fli I lliuralll Rim r Color ua 1 3atTtoCrarami Fd4 HafcJ cue. ana si.uv a mirriws. Phwi Chem. Wtra rateone.rT.T Onraa. CM Ion a. ., stnns all pala, easun feet, abt walking easy. gtsta, kam Cbamlcal Works, fas all palaa easuraa coariar tm to i or ml la W. N. U., Indianapolis, No. 50-.1921. I a s ca I i7i!a. 1 1 I JU "V. i J CHICAGO OA1LV NEW. RAIL RATES TOO HIGH Federal Reserve Board Places Blame for Poor Business. Steel and Iron Trade Also Held sponsible for the Slow Recovery. Re- Washington. Dec. 2. Railroad and the steel and iron trade were held ; chiefly responsible for failure of busl- ncss in the United States to expand ; . .. ..... . . . . 1 in the huIN tin issued by the leo- i oral reserve board. This report larks the optimistic rre- dictions in earlier surveys and specif ioallv savs manufacturing center: have been foreeil tv let up because buyers are holding olT in the' belief freight nates should and will drop. Tho l13sinc ,'.iiii!iim5tr ro;(.iri til the reserve bard clearly show, de- tn.mds lln railrivi!. t:iki tlnlr s!i:rc brunt of the readjustment tangle, the board said. The prices of their prod- ucts have sufferii another dnp. but the tnin?s thev muiSt buv in actuai neoossarios continue hich and some of ,.,, frt ,,t- nriees of them, in fact, near th war times. Some industrial groups, chiefly the steel and iron trades, are held reion-sible for some business uncertainty. FIND CHILD CUT TO PIECES Woman Also Slain in Brutal Murder Case in Chicago Fire Reveals Crime. ' Chicago. Ieo. 2. Cut up and placed in a wash boiler, ready to be burned in red-hot stove, the hotly of Margaret Coughlin. three years old. was found m tno nasc-rneiu 01 u noue ai 11-?) yvhalen rerses. forty-four years old. was found upstairs in bed. dead, her " throat cut from ear to ear with : bread knife. Apparently she had com- mitted suicide after police, called by South Tark Policeman Edward Cough- lin, the murdered child's father, had ""-ouudeil the house. Police are con- vinceil that Mrs. Rachel Whalen lenses, a Known iuo-u mm u rjuiu- pathic case, had murdered the haby, m a fit of insanity, and then ended her own life with a butcher knife. The absence of any motive for the crime was explained by the announcement of r. William S. Ilickson, head of the psychopathic laboratory of the municipal court that the Tenses family had been examined and adjudged de- mentia prnecox cases October 31, 191S. NEGRO LODGE MEN HANG ONE String Up Member for Divulging Secrets, but Rope Breaks and ' He Escapes. fJiotix City. Ia Dec. 2. Charging that Sam Jones, thirty-one. Had ex posed secrets of a negro lodge to hich he belonged, 14 members of that organization escorted Jones to a bridge on the outskirts of the city, bound his hands and feet, and, after ljusting a clothesline noose about Tils reck and attaching it to a image girder, threw him over the rati. The mob then departed. But the oothesline broke and Jones landed In water waist deep. Rev. Dudley Smith, former pastor oV a negro congregation here, was arrested, charged with being one of the party that attempted to lynch Jones. Marine Mail Guard Shot. St. Paul, Minn., Dec. 5. Ray M. roor, twenty-four j-ears old. a marine aiding In guarding the malls here, was shot In the right leg when his revolver neeidentally discharged. Ills condition Is not serious. Lloyd George Satis December 12. London, Dec. 5. Prime Minister Lloyd George, It was learned, is definitely planning to leave England tor the United States December 12 to attend the Washln?ton armament con- j ' . U. S. MARKET REPORT Weekly Marketgram of Bureau of Markets and Crops. Washington, Dec'. 2. (For U.o week end ing; LVcinber 1.) HAT Market generally strcrsirer. Quoted November 30: No. 1 tim-t nthy. New York. SV'V; I'hi'.adelphia. !22."v; Pittsburgh. $C1.5e; Ciucitinati. $-0.50; Chicago. ?3-5U; ilinnc-apclis, J13; Atlan-J ta. Xo. 1 clover, Pittsburgh tSl.CO; Cincinnati JJ2.i; No. 1 alfalfa Kansas city, $?1.X; Memphi No . 1 riairys Kan? Ju. ,.."" fcM.O.1; Omaha. J16.f; sas City, $11.50; M'.nne- 2.1a. $12.00: Chicago. FEED-Q-jptni November a: Bran Sis.O". n - i.'.l'i " $1 jl f-.T- 'A.l :ir -c, "1 SO - - . ..v.. i ii' t Minneapolis; 3$ per cent cottonseed meat K3 MiBiphis; linseed ivk-.iI. $C..'? Min- neaFolip: white hominy fec-J Sil.CO St. Louis; clut-n fcj Chicago ; No. 1 alfa'.fa meal $n?.C Kansas City. GRAIN Wheat prices trended upward durinjr tho week, influenced mainly by domestic and foreign-! reports cf drought PTi.i crop deterioration. Tlere was a sharp tieciTn:-? on the Cth as result of rains m drought area. t;it the loss was mostly retained on the SCth on report of condition of winter wheat. Cash corn market firm at cloe: gxod domestic and export'l continues. Cioslnc: prices in Chicasro cash market: No. 2 red winter wheat. Sl.CS: No. 2 hard winter wheat. J1.I3; No. 2 mixed corn. c"-e; No. 2 yellow com. 5"V: No. ?. white oats. S4e. Average price to farineis In central Iowa for No. mixed corn. C4e- to farmers in central North Dakota for No. 1 dark northern wheat. 51.11: to farmers in central Kansas for No. 2 harJ winter wheat. ?e. For th? week Chicago Mav wheat advanced l'-4C, closinc- at S1.16V: Chicago May corn ! r'xrl'LA' rlos"s al5;i MU?r-.F; ! vuy May wtioat up pec May wheat i:p l.c at 11.09; mni- :vc at $ FRUITS AND VEGETABLES-Potato markets continue skw and dull with fren-eral steady tone, but Chicago iost 5c, clos- J1.6'3-l..a per pounds Onion mar kets continue steady to firm, demand fair tor choice stock. Eastern sacked l ellow Globes rar.ped S5.23-6.rt) in leading jobbing markets with tcp of $6.25 in Philadelphia Apple market? slow with firm tone lor barrel st.-ck. Best New York Baldwins strons at 5.0)-S.2K rer barrel in New- York General iobbinsr ranee, best New York and Main stock, Ja.rti?s.0!. North western extra fancv boxed Jonathan steady at $2.26-3 00 In leading: cities. Ex tra fancy Winesaps weak around J2.0i) at shlppinir points. LIVE STOCK Ch'cafTo host prices ranjred from steady to 15c higher during the week, light weights paining most. December 1 Chicago prices: Hogs, top, $7.10; bulk of sales, $o.T-6.30; medium and good beef steers. S5.5d-10.0O; butcher cows and heifers. S3.S1-S.75: feeder steers. $4.60-6.60; ileht and medium weight veal calves. .JO-!.75: fat lambs. $9.25-10.50; feeding lambs. J.rt-?.i5; yearlings. $t.rt-9.i5; fat ewes. StAv'-3.2rt. Stocker and feeder shipments from twelve important markets di:rin;T t!e week endinc November 25 were: Cattle and calves. (S.S'iS; hops. 6.GSS; sheen. S5.S25. DAIRY" PRODUCTS Butter markets much firmer following slump which occurred during middle of November. Clos-ir-g- prices. soore: New York. 46-M:c; Pl.ilaie'phia. 4fT-c: Boston. 45e; Chicaeo, 47c. Cheese markets quiet. Prices barely steadv. Prices at Wisconsin primary mar-Kets November r?0: Twins, l?c; Daisies. jMic- Double Daisis. lSic; t.onphoms. FRANCE IS FOR RECEIVER Paris Government Officials Favor the Exploitation of Germany by the Allies. Paris. Doc. 2. A receivership for Germany as a bankrupt, with an autonomous Ithineland to be exploited by the allies for reparation purposes, is likely to be proposed by France as an alternative to any moratorium oi teparations that may be suggested by Great Prita'n. it was said in official circles here. NO WOMEN ON MISSOURI JURY Attorney General Holds Females Are Not Eligible for Service. Jefferson City, Mo., Dec. 1. Women are not eligible for jury service in Missouri under the constitutional amendment adopted August 2, which permits women to hold office in the state, the attorney general's department held in an opinion rendered here. Berlin O. K.s Yank Consuls. Washington, Dec. 3. Full recognition of American consular officers In Germany has been granted by the Berlin government the State department was advised by Charge d" Affaires Dres-el at Berlin. With this recognition the American government" is functioning throughout Germany as .in prewar days. Briand Back in France. Havre, Dec. 5. Premier Briand returned to France after five weeks absence. In which he presented to the Washington conference France's position on armament limitation. He was greeted without enthusiasm. League of Nations Calls Court. Geneva, Dee. 5. The League of Na tlons has Issued a call for the members of the international court of Justice to meet at The Hague on January 30, Formal opening vt the court Is expected early in February. MOTORCYCLE TAXIS FOR NEW YORK the apartment of Sir imam iroooe. the British diplomat, was looted of ! out ms mercwit. j Lack of energetic action by the po- j lice is declared to be responsible for ; tne nots remaining uncnecseo. t ALLIES DEBT BILL UP SOON President Harding Gets Senate Leaders Agreement to Early Action. Washington, Dec. 5. rassage of the allies debt refunding bill as the first ; work of the next session was under- ." stood to have" bt-en definitely agreed t.pou by senate leaders at the request of President Harding. The President Is understood to have favored immediate enactment of the legislation and ! to have secured the agreement to this . of Senator Lodge ef Massachusetts, liepunncan leaner; crxis oi ia.aN ; of Indiana during discussion of the legislative program for the next ses sion at a dinner attended by those senators. " I u. S. DEBT UP $160,000,000 ; j Increase in November Is Due to New Treasury Certificates, Official Re port Shows. Washington, Dec- An increase of about $ia000,000 in public debt during November was announced by the treasury. At the end of October the public debt stood at ?23,4rt,140.400.10, as cempured with $23,019,0S5,723.S7 on November i0. The increase during the montlt, ofli-cials explained, was due to the issuance of $231,X)0,0" worth of treasury certif cates on November 1. There were no ctrtitieates maturing during the month. BRITAIN TO PROBE TARRING Attack on Episccpal Clergyman Florida Under Investigation by England. in MiaiiiL Fla., Dec. 5. Acting under telegraphic Instructions from the British embassy in Washington. A. 1L Hubbard, British vice consul here, be-pan an investigation into the flogging and tarring and feathering here last August of Bev. Philip S. Irwin, archdeacon of the Protestant Episcopal church and a British subject, who was engaged in work among the negroes of Miami. Gem Robbers Seize $5,000. Chicag-, Dec. 3. Two automobile holdup men entered the jewelry store if L Ollin, locked the proprietor and his wife In a rear room and escaped with diamonds and other jewelry valued at $5,000. Fine Mare for Mrs. Harding. Washington, Dec 3. A thorough bred Virginia hunter, schooled In lumping, was presented to Mrs. Hard Ing by John Green. The hunter, a sev-r-n-vearobl sorrel mare, is named i a i i i i I ! ' i . tear A?iC i m. s (.-) i ft " - V-.v " . s:- . :-:- :-, . ..-.-..-v :.M- : , v :-- o ;.. .. .-.!.. .. .. v 7 KTl'l I Betoie many moons, unless all signs tail. New York will be indulging In a new form of taxi riding. In Paris, Rome, and several other cities of Eurepe, Americans; the past summer, have enjoyed the novelty of the motorcycle taxis, which are becoming common over there. i The side cars in which the passengers ride are filled up with all the comforts of the most luxurious motor cars. There is a new thrill to be had In riding In one of these taxis. Besides the fare is much lower than In the rnottf car affair. Is terence. j ; 3dy."

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