The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 29, 1936 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, December 29, 1936
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l-MT Should Tom Fall to TUtvAv Ton DAILY CLINTONIAN by 5:30 P. M. Phone 41 iir 117 and a ropy will be brought to you ut once. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN WEATHER Occasional rain tonight and Wednesday; slightly warmer tonight. , Volume 25 Number 44 Clinton, Indiana, Tuesday, December 29, 1936 -eitfO Co" t Three Centi " One May Succeed Pope Pius XI DOCTOR THOUGHT TO HAVE NOTICE : Loyalists Release German Ship, Begin Five-Front Attack Twelve Bodies Are Taken From Wreck Of Large Air Liner Trap Co-ed Burglar Affair Not Yet Settled as One Passenger, Part of Cargo Are Held n Cardinal Alewiio Axcalesl fc .3 j t J si . t Archblnhon of Kaiile WI 1 ! 4' I? ' ' r Slf,S I ill! i J , ? i Cardinal Pacelli I'niml Secretary of Htatc Cardinal Marchettl-SalvagglanI l'nimt Vicar (Irncral Among the leading candidates to succeed Pope Pius XI are Cardinal Pacellt. right, papal secretary of state: Cardinal Alessio Ascalesl, archbishop of Naples, and Cardinal Marthetti-Salvagglanl, papal vicar general. FROM KIDNAPER Sudden Activity Causes Belief Contact la Established With Abductor of Mattson Lad WAY CLEAR FOR BOY TO RETURN TAPOMA. Wash.. Dec. Hfl. -Activity in the home of Dr. William W. Mal!.nii. prominent and wealthy T;icnn;i phvsician, today was believed to lulif.-iie M bad made contact v.Hh the kidnaper of his hanrt- "ome ciivlv h.dietl. 1 tl-ycur old son, f'harles. now mllir.' two days si pre :i bearded. m nuked desperado 'ninihed a dnnr In the pretentious Mm M son home with n uun huff and made off with the 70-pound boy un der his arms. After a nlt'ht of ouirt and d:rk-f ned lights In the home - all law "iiforcement officers having withdrawn io plve the kldwper n eb'ar rinth at rontael heraiise t boy feai he Is either demented or n dope nd dirt and will harm the hoy there was sudden activity In the hip houe on the fashionable bluff overlook 'tip Commencement bay. an arm of nujret Round. ft -Mn n Appeal's Several persons were seen moving ihout and a Oman in his car drove up. He talked to the occupant's of the house, presumably Dr. Mattson and then drove away, refusing In true O-man style, to discuss the case or Mi.'wer any questions. A representative of the physician's famllv declared "at this time there Is nothing to say. We are 'ust trying our best to get Charles hack." For some time thereafter no one left the houe. The law enforcement army of 'fty and state, police and department of justice agents (G-men) for the first time since a swarthy, middle-aged and masked man crashed into the physician's home with a menacing gun and made off with the hoy, withdrew from the residence so the abductor might have a clear way to contact Dr. Mattson, collect the $28,000 he demanded in a crudely but grammatically printed ransom note, and release his youthful prisoner. Tony Klaus Dies Here Monday at County Hospital Tony Klaus. C2, who was found unconscious on North Kihth street Saturday afternoon, died at the Vermillion County hospital yesterday afternoon. He died without regaining consciousness. An autopsy will be held this afternoon by Coroner I. I. White. Mr. Klaus was a resident of Clinton for H2 years. He is survived by a sister. Mrs. John Jasnica of Clinton: another sister, one brother and three children in Poland. The body will be removed from the Karanovleh funeral home to the home of his sister at 547 North Eighth street late this evening. Funeral services will be held from the home W'ednesday morning, followed by a requiem mass at 9 a. m. at the Sacred Heart church. liurial will be in Walnut Grove rwmetery. chemicals fed the insects. Such details of the "machinery of life" have been made possible with grenz rays, which mark the borderline between ultra-violet and X-rays The latter pass right through every part of an insect's body, Dr MrLeod explained, no that vital organs cannot be outlined In "shadow form." Grenz ray are "softer." however and through their use any vital or gan at any level can be seen with the unaided eye on l small flour- awopic screen. Grenz rays, the discovery of Dr Guaav Bucky of New York, have heretofore hwn used in the treat ment of disease. (Continued oa Page ) Stranded In New York mid penniless, Dorothy Mc ltrlclc, jSS-year-olcl Canadian ccdleye co-ed, resorted to stealing to support herself. Such was the story police ijuotcd tier as telling arter she had Item seized In the act of Imr-glariinit the apartment of an actress, Louise Marsh. The latter "lay in ambush" at her apartment nfter her purse containing her lillch key hail been stolen. IN CLEVELAND'S FISHER FACTORY Pickets Block Cars Filled With Automobile Bodies; UAWA Meeting Planned in Flint Sunday ('LEV KL.AXD, Dec. 92 Opera tions at the Fisher Body Corporation were at a standstill today with nearly 7.o"0 workers idle as the re- unit of a sit-down strike. Only a handful of employes were in the plant today. They were the powerhouse and payroll department workers, the latter having been permitted to enter this morniiiK by officials of the I'nited Automobile Workers Tniou. Powerhouse crews have been 'maintained continuously. Pickets last nicht blocked the movement of freight cars loaded with aiitmobile bodies from the Fisher plant for more than three hours, but police said there was no violence. ItltM-kade I.fftnl Fifteen cars in the company yards were permitted to move when Robert Kates, official of the Fisher local of the I'nited auto workers, read a teleciam from Wyndliani Mortimer national organizer for the union advising that the blockade be lifted. Ini is Spisak. Ical union president, rharsed 'he company management had refuse to start negotiations on union complaints of dis-"riminat ion. hKTROJT, Dec. 29 International he;idiuarters of the I'nited Automobile Workers of America today ordered a conference of its officials 'iHiiH' ted with General Motors Cor-(i'oiitfiiue! on Page ft) Many Deaths in Red Attacks on White Positions i MADRID, Dec. 29. tlnleashllig simultaneous offensives on five widely-separated fronts spreading more tlian 30 0 miles diagonally across Spain, Loyalists armies today assaulted Richcl strongholds In a series of furious battles accounting for at least 500 lives on either side. Rebel sources claimed every onslaught was beaten hack with disastrous results to the Loyalists, but from the sharply conflicting claims it seemed certain that government forces have begun n massive, concentrated drive to crush Generalissimo Francisco Franco's legions before he received further foreign help. A Madrid communique affirmed: "Government columns attacked In ; the Sarrion sector in southern Ter-uel province, occupied all objectives and gained considerable ground in spite of hot Insurgent fire. "Government troops occupied numerous new positions in the Guadalajara sector.' MANY FARMERS OF COUNTY TO ATTEND PARLEY County Agent Brown Expects Big Delegation; Corn Champions to Be Crowned by Dr, Elliott Indications point to the fact thai a large number of Vermillion County farmers and farm families art planning to attend the annual Agricultural Conference at Purdue University. January 11, to 15, according to a statement made today by Sumner J. Brown, county agricultural agent, Last year's record atendanee o' 6.X45 persons is expected to b' broken this year and preparation? are being made to accommodate more than 7, Otto visitors in the man agricultural and home economics sectional meetings and evening en tertafnment programs, according tc word received hy County Agent Brown. Honor for Winners One of the features of unusual Importance on the conference program will be the "crowning" of the corn champions by Dr. Kdward C. Elliott, president of Purdue University. These champions are: William H. Curry of Tipton, who exhibited tht sweepstakes 10 ear sample of corn at the recent International Grain and Hay show In ChicagfiT Harlan Meal of Manila, who won the Junior corn title at the International spectacle; and Karl Pantfop of DeKalb county, who grew last summer the state's championship yield of 146. C bushels of corn per acre. Nineteen state agricultural associations will hold meetings during tlu week and many of them have scheduled banquets and special programs of entertainment. Another featur Continual on Page ) Burlingfon Liars' Today to Select '36 Story Teller One story told of a Montana trout that fishermen never could land. 1 hooked Its tail around a bend of the river and played tug-of-war until the fish line busted. Another waf about sunlight so intense its shadow wore the figures off a sun dial. "They keep us busier than a congressman before election," Huloti said. The hair tonic described by William Kindberg. Maumee. 0.. war spilled on a brussels rug. Kindberg said it took biro three days to find the front door and after that he had to use a lawn mower to keep ti-nap down to ankle depth. Milton A. Kingsley. Rochester. N V.. told of a snowstorm so bad the (Continued on Pag 6) No Survivors of Tragic Crash of Plane in Wild Country Sunday OFFICIALS WILL LAUNCH PROBE 1,0S ANCiF.I.KS, Pec. 29.-One or man's earlicsl forms of transportation pack horses was pressed into llio Kiim task today of carry-i)iK 12 nirjhgleil bodies from the wreckage of a lume ultra-modern 1'nited Air Lines plane to the near est hiKhway. i Hampered hy rain of cloudburst proportions, rescuers placed the bodies on the horses and slowly made their wav through unbeliev ably wild country to the waitinK ambulances. Plane round Monday The twin-motored transport, which disappeared Sunday night en route from San Francisco to Ios Ar.pelrs. was found yesterday afternoon in n ravine in Kice canyon, back of Newhull. below a ride where its wings had been torn off as It crashed with a terrific impact. Pilot Edwin V. Btom of It'll-bank, his radio apparently out of order, was believed to have nosed down the plane for the steep descent from the Tehachapl mountains into the San Fernando valley, where the union air terminal Is located, when the big liner crashed Into the ridge. o Survivors All of the 12 pert-ons on the ship. Pine passengers and three crew members, apparently were killed In-fitantly. Their bodies lay in a tangled, mutilated muss in the forward end, where the impact of the disaster hud tosBed them. Evidence of Continued on Page, fl Terre Haute to Fight Gerdink's Picket Decision TKnnF, HAI'TE, Dec. 29 Attorneys for the city and the Terre Haute Merchants association today mapped an appeal to the stale supreme court from a decision yesterday by Circuit Judge John W. Ger-dink invalidating the city's ordinance prohibiting picketing. Labor leaders, however, interpreted the ruling as a distinct vi"-tory and planned their defense. The disputed ordinance was passed hy the rouncil last July and was tested when a picket, Frank I.entz. was arrested during a walkout of clerk's at Hoot's department Btore in a wage and labor agreement. Lentz was parading in front of the store carrying a sign on his shoulders saying the management was unfair to organized labor. City Judge Joseph P. Duffy disqualified himself In the case and named Attorney George W. Scott as special judge. Scott convicted and fined Leniz who filed a demurrer In the circuit court, on which Judge Cerdink acted yesterday In holding the ordinance unconstitutional. BUBBLES' CLIFT DIES ON MONDAY Lawrence (Bubbb-sl Tlift, prominent legionnaire of the Sixth district, died suddenly at bis home In Terre Haute yesterday morning of a heart attack. The body will be taken to the Masonic temple Wednesday to lie in state until 2 p. m.. when funeral services will be held with the American legion and Terre Haute I-odge. IS. F. & A. M in charge. LEWIS TO BROADCAST John L. Lewis will make a radio address over a nation-wide hook-up on the red network of the National Broadcasting company, from 7:30 to 8:00 p. m.. EST, on Thursday, Dec. 31. ACCIDENT BRINGS DEATH WATERLOO. Ind.. Dec. i Lyle Kickes. 14. of Gary died here yesterday of a bullet wound received Sunday when he and his brother at tempted to extract a cartridge from a rifle. PORTUGAL COOL TO PEACE PLAN IIKKMN, Ilec. 29 Spanish loyalists nt the port of Bilbao today released the seized Oerman cargo vessel Palos under the menacing batteries of big guns and torpedo lubes of the German cruiser Koen-igshprg,, it was announced here officially. This effected only partial settlement of the critical incident, however, since Bilbao port authorities retained a part of the vessels cargo, which they declared contraband, tnd detained one passenger said to be of Spanish origin and unable to fully "explain himself." An official government staetment said, after revealing detention of the passenger and seizure of the cargo: "Full settlement of the affair, therefore, still Is outstanding." Fl'RTHKR AII PLAVXED BERLIN, Dec. 29 Secret shipment of German "volunteers" to rebel Spain in small, almost Invis-'ble trickles will continue In spite of the French and British appeal, reliable sources said today, font Reichsfuehrer Hitler wll not risk war at present by sending the two full divisions asked by Generalissimo Francisco Franco. Two thousand storm troopers and special guards and 160 aircraftsmen ire now being concentrated at Munich for transfer through Haly to (Continued on Page 6) Sikorsky, Famous Airship Designer. See Into Future ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., De- 9--Igor I. Sikorsky, pioneer seaplane 'esigner, today predicted conquent f the air within fire years by Boon super-planes which will cross he Atlantic dally with 35 to B0 assengers In 20 hours. Such aerial luxury lines, twice as Ig as the Pacific clippers and haT-ig top speeds of J25 miles an. our. have already been designed, '.ikorsky said. Five ships, each costing $800,000 o $1,000,000, would be necessary or a daily service, each making two ound trips to Europe a week. Non-stop flights of 6,000 miles, t altitudes to begin with 12.000 eet and eventually rising to the ub-stralosphere, are technically mssible. Sikorsky said, and only iraetical financing of the plan by ome transport companies It neces-lary. An even more glowing picture lassenger planes over land and ea lning from 300 to 100 miles an lour within 10 yeari, was painted ly T. P. Wright, director of engl-leerlng of the Curtisa-Wright cor-toratlon. PARIS GROCERS' CLERKS PROTEST PARIS, Dec. I. Closing the ity's most Important grocery stores. 10.000 employes went on a "sur-irise" strike today, In defiance of he senate's new compulsory arbitration law. The Julian Damoy chain or atorea was "occupied" by the strikers, and other big chains like Felix Potln were closed, threatening Paris with a grocery shortage. HARD SNOWBALL-CAUSES INJURY INDIANAPOLIS, Dee. 2. Thlr-teen-year-old Mar)orie Thornbnrs; lay near death In City hospital today victim of a hard-packed snowball. Physicians eald she suffered a skull fracture and tetanus Infection. Police said they were holding a 16-year-old boy who had admitted hitting the girl Dee. 21 with a snow-hall containing cinders. Anonymous Writer Of Leaflet Offers Edward New Crown VIENNA, Dec. 29. Vienna was flooded today with leaflets of mysterious origin proposing that the duke of Windsor, who has just given up the throne of the British empire, become "king of AuBtria." The duke himself found the incident extremely amusing. He chuckled as he read the leaflet, and he immediately sent a copy to Mrs. Wall is Simpson, whom he Intends to marry next year. "It's a good Joke." said the duke. Entitled "Solution of the Auh-trlan Problem." the leaflet proposed the Austrian government offer the Austrian crown to the duke. John Somes Dies Monday Following Lingering Illness John Somes. 7T. of 1257 South Third street died last night at 8:30 o'clock at his home after ft lingering illness. Mr. Somes had lived here Blnce 1913. before which time he lived in Kuifhtsviile. He is survived by the widow. CIrace; three sons. Thomas of Clinton a;id John Fi. and Melvin of Chicago; four daughters. Mrs. Sarah Nowling. Mrs. George Sanders, Mrs. James Cunningham, of Clinton, and Miss Klizabelh Somes of Chicago, and several grandchildren. The body was taken to the Frist funeral home. Funeral services will be held from the Somes residence t onion ow afternoon at 3 o'clock, and Rev. John Walton of Brazil will officiate. Kuriul will be in Walnut tliove cemetery. . . THE TEM PER ATl'KK .. .. Hy the Clintonian thermometer: 8 a. m., 44 ; noon, 50. Three Judges in Contest Convene World's Biggest CHICAOO. Doc. 129 Three Jud-K met wlay to pick the world's champion liar, the teller of the tall-j est tale in the lft.16 Burlington. J ( Wig. liars' contest. There were stories of hair tonic that grew nap on russ. mosquitoes that munched on bald eagles, and flying fish that ate the mosquitoes; li u mini: and fishine yarns" that that would'nuike Daniel Boone and Izaak Walton roll over In their graves, and host stories fit to frighten the phosts "You'd hardly believe it. but we have 5.000 of them from all parts of the world.' said O. C. Hulett, president of the Burlinetor Cluz. "We'll eive a diamond medal to the author of the best one." POPE PLANNING CONSISTORY TO FILL POSITIONS Aged Pontiff Reported Today in Severe Pain; Doctor Again Announce C edition as -as 'Stationary' VATICAN CITY, Dec. 29 In what may be the last major official act of his life, Pope Pius plans to hold a sacred consistory to complete the college of cardinals as soon as--and if his critical condition permits. The pontiff, it was revealed today as Vatican authorities admitted the next few days might bring the turning point in his Illness, has expressed to Cardinal Pacelli. papal secretary of state, his desire to hold the consistory in his bedroom adjoining his private chapel. Drug Help Mule Doctors meanwhile have administered soporifics in only partially successful attempts to alleviate the Pope's pain, but lie is reported to have spent a not her restless niyht . and to have confided that he do"s not want to "suffer match longer." Dr. Amant Mialnl found the Pope's cow! it ion "stationary"' th is morning, but semiofficial sources said the pontiff's sleepless nlt'ht wan passed in fevere pain. The varicose veins in his lees, winch collapsed yesterday and caused a hemorrhage, have no stens of healing thus far. This malignant condit ion indicated t hat the Pope's vitality Is ext remely low. and increased fears that gangrene might set In. GISOLO FUNERAL HERE TOMORROW Funeral services for Mike fiisolo. of 1'niversal, who was found in the Flickett mine at Kasytown about noon yesterday, will be held from the Karanovich funeral home tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. Burial will be in Hiverside cemetery. Gisolo was identified by Nick Ci-solo, his cousin, the only known sur vivor here. r 18 km VOTO SERVICES ARE ARRANGED Funeral services for Lodovico Voto. who died suddenly at his home in Fairview yesterday morning, will be held from the home of his son, Pete Voto, at 125 North Fifth street, tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. Rev. C. C. pearce will be in charge of the services. RED CROSS DONATION An additional contributor to the Red Cross fund is the Pythian Sis ters, 1 MU. Magic 'Third Eye' Is Revealed as Research Scientist's New Gadget In Demonstration at Atlantic City ATLANTIC CITY, X. J , Dec. 29 Discovery of a manic "third eye" for man. wliieh enables him for the first time to look inside living forms that defy X-rays, was revealed today at the convention of the American Association for the advancement 'f science. How the device utilizes invisible rays to make insects more trans-parents than jellyfish was demonstrated by Dr. G. F. M l-od. of Cornell university, and H. F. Sherwood of the KaMman Kodak laboratories. Rochester. N. Y. Midgut pests are turned "inside on:." in effect, enabling scientists to study what poisons make the best insect irides. Vital oreans can be watched as they react to various

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