The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 28, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1936
Page 6
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s I Monday, December 28, 193G The Daily Clintonfan, Clinton, Indiana New Deal Looms for Hired Man CLASSIFIED ADS CLUE IS FOUND IN SEARCH FOR MISSING PLANE THE HOMETOWNER To Love and Live and Let Live with three pigs, weight about 70 i, 1'IUhlng h.u i, V ,WjaIl? I HP' ,'C ft Hardest .H J-J'O. MS tConilnuHd Irom Page 1) Held at 7:37 o'clock, 7 minutes lute. At the appointed time, with no plane III sliilit. the uirport radioed lllotn but received no answer. At 7::!ii tin? office Million received the last tnesHimo. w hi eh came on a day freiiueiicy. indicating Hlom's nlelit fieiiucniy transmitter was out of order. In "hicli he a.' ' il for '.-localizer beam. ( We Pay 5c per pound for Isivge clean Cotton Rats. Daily CHnlcnian. COLUMBIA LAST TIMES TONIGHT "A MESSAGE TO GARCIA" with WALLACE BEERY JOHN BOLES BARBARA STANWYCK Comedy POLLY MORAN In uOH DUCHESS" Movietone News 10c and 15c r - 3 1 ICKS LAU DRY CLEANING ff 100 5A J Work Called For and Delivered Clinton Agencies; Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices First day of Insertion: 8c for each reading line (one column line, like one of these). NutI twn Aavm Insertion! the name ic charge (you get three days at double tne cost or me ursi uaji. Next three daya insertion: the Me 8c charge (you get a whole week, six daya, at three times the cost of one insertion). Each group of three days thereafter, 8c a line. lllack Face (like this), 10c per line. . All claiwlfled ads including memo-rlams and notircs of all kinds must be paid In advance emcpt those by regular rustomers whose accounts re paid monthly or those from organizations whose bills must he al-Iinrrd befre being paid. In tlic latter case the person asking the publication of the notice w ill be held rrsHnslbie for It payment. FOR SALE 1935 Dodge coach, a real buy. Cheek & Son. 3'-'f 1934 Ford V-8 Tudor, heater, radio, perfect condition. Cheek & Son. 39tf 1932 Plymouth 4-door sedan. New paint. Cheek & Son. 3'Jtf Woodrow Washer, 225 North Seventh street. t45 PAID NOTICES TAKH OF THANKS Wo wish to extend our most sin cere thanks and appreciation to our: friends, relatives and neighbors for their great kindness and tender sympathy so generously extended to, us at the recent death of our be-1 loved husband, son and brother, Otho Barnes. May each of you be hlaecoit fnr vniir manV kind Rhd friendly acts shown us at this sad j and trying time. We especially wish to thank the minister. Rev. H. H. Wagner, for his kind and consoling words, the Frist funeral home, the singers and also the donors of the beautirul floral offerings. Mrs. Delores Barnes. Mrs. Mildred Barnes and family. t43 Business Services Furs tanned and made up. Red or gray fox chokers. $8.00. Wayne Livengood, Hillsboro, Indiana. 149 For Sale Coal PorRTHraXCOAL, UNIVERSAL, MIAMI NO. 4. AND BLACK BETTY NO. 8. HAKLEY HUFFMAN, PHONE 10. 64tf FIFTH AND KIXTH VF.IN COAU CALL MB FOR rRII'Hi. IK MVKRKD. ANDY JOHNSON, TKL- El'HONE 915-12. I5 FOR RENT 3 beautiful large office rooms in Theater Bldg. Ideal arrangement for two doctors, dentists, lawyers. etc. All roomB in A-l condition Heat, light, lavatory and reasonable rent. Palace Theater. 4C Wanted to Trade Piano for overstuffed suite. Claude Hall, Fairvlew. t45 LEGAL NOTICES Resettlement Administration NOTTCE OF SALK WHEREAS. Conditional SaleB Contracts were given on the fourth day of May. 1936. the sixth day of June. 1936. the seventh day of June. 1935. the fifteenth day of June. 1935. and the thirteenth day of July, 1936. A. D., by Warren C. Sweluer. Mortgagor, to the Administrator of the Resettlement Admin-istiation, a Federal agency established by Executive Order No. 7027. dated April 20, 1935, Mortgagee, on the personal property described below, as security for notes dated the fourth day of May. 1935, the sixth day of June. 1935. the seventh day or June. 1935. the fifteenth day of June. 1935. and the thirteenth day of July. 1935, A. D.. and under the terms of the said mortgage, the Mortgagee is empowered to declare the entire indebtedness due end liayable on breach of any of the conditions of the mortgaee and to sell the property covered by the mortgage. NOW. THEREFORE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Mortgagee that the property hereinafter described, or as much thereof as may he necessary to satisfy the mortgage, together with all costs incident to taking possession of. earing for. advertising and selling such property, will be sold at public auction at The Guy Briggs farm, located on road known as "Bandy Lane" in Clinton Township. Vermillion County. State of Indiana. near Shepardsville. State of Indiana, on the sixth day of January, 1937. at the hour of 1:00 o'clock P. M and that said sale will be conducted hy the undersigned Leonard P. Kuggi't. a duly authoriied agent of the Mortgagee. The property so mortgaged as aforesaid will be sold to the highest bidder for cash at the time and place above named, and the description of the property is as follows: One Black Mare, weight 14"0 pounds, age five yearB. One Black Mare, weight 11C pounds, age nine years, One Sow. spotted Poland China pounds each, 30 poultry, One set of Harness, One collar unit, One Model T Kord car. One International Mower. Livestock may be examined at the aforementioned Guy Aligns farm. Other property will bo ex hibited et the place of sale. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have hereunto set my hand at Clinton Vermillion County, State of Indiana, this twenty-second day of De cember. 1936. LEONARD R. FUGITT, , County Rural Rehabilitation supervisor. 1228-2936 Markets INDIANAPOLIS, Doc. 28. Livestock: HOGS, 8.000; holdovers. 57; market mostly steady; 160-180 lbs.. $10.65: 180-200 lbs., $10.70; 200-225 lbs.. $10.75; 225-235 lbs.. $10.80; 235-250 lbs.. $10.70; 250-260 lbs., $10.50; 260-275 lbs., $10.35; 275-285 lbs.. $10.20; 285-300 Ihs.. $10; 300-325 lbs., $9.90; 325-350 lbs.. $9.75; 350-400 lbs., $9.60; 150-160 lbs., $10; 140-160 lbs.. $9.75: 130-140 lbs.. $9.60; 120-1 30 lbs.. $9.25; 110-120 lbs.. $9: 100-110 lbs.. $8.75; sows mostly $8.85ff 9.60; top $9.65. CATTLE. 1.500; calves. 400; market generally active and strong to 25c higher; strictly choice 1.340-lb. steers. $12.65, new high for the season; bulk steers of value to sell at $8. 50 is 9.50; bulk heifers. $6.50 8.75i beef cows. $4.50 iff 5.50 ; cutter grades. $3.504.25; weighty sausage bulls upward to $6; vealers active and 50c higher: bulk better, grades, $ 1 2.00 Iff 1 2.50. SHEEP. 3.500; fat lambs fairly active, unevenly strong to 15r higher: fed western lambs general-1 ly reflecting maximum upturn; yearlings 25c higher; slaugnter sheep 6teady; bulk fed western "ambs. $9.50; bulk natives. $9.00 9.25; hulk good and choice ewes, $3.O03.5O, top, $4. CHICAGO. Dec. 28. Livestock: HOGS. 25.000; 10-15C higher; holdovers. 1.000; top. $10.55; bulk. $9. 90 10.50; heavy. $10.00 ft' 10.55; medium, $10.00 10.50; light. $9.7510.40; light lights. $9.00ifi 10.25; packing sows, $9.00 ? 10.15: pigs. $7.00 J. 9.50. CATTLE. 13,000; steady. Calves, 2.000; steady. Beef steers: good and choice. $10. 00(g 12.75; common and medium. $7.0AP 10.00; yearlings. $9.00 13.00: Butcher cattle: heifers. $5.00 1 1 1.50: cows, $4.257.00; bulls, $4.25(g6.75; calves. $5.00 11 00; feeder steers. $4.50(88.50: stpeker steers. $4.50 ffj 8.00; stocker cows and heifers, $4.5iift 6.75. SHEEP, 9.000; steady: medium and choice lambs. $8.509.25: culls and common. $6.508.00: yearlings. $6.00 8.00; common and choice ewes. $2.50 4.50; feeder lambs, $5.00g 8.00. I CHICAGO. Dec. 28. Grain opening: I WH1?AT: Dec.. 141K-141K. off. H-Mi; May. 136H-137, up Vt-1; July. 119Mi-119. off CORN: (new) Dec. 110'4-110, off May. 10614-106. up ; July. 104-104 H. up (old! May. 105. up . OATS: May, 52-52 1. up e-Vi; July. 4574-46. up RYE: Dec.. 120. up 1; July. 111. up 1. PROVISIONS: Strong. PoIiceSeeking 'Bruising Machine' Ambulance Chasers Employ to Aid Cause of Fake Damage Claimants (Continued from Page 1) West told of a man who was hit by falling bricks from an abandoned b ii i Id i it cr but since the building owners had no insurance, the victim kept his bruises fresh with Hie machine until a street cer accident occurred. He then collected from the car company. Chemist Seen as Greatest Enemy Of Farmer in Future; Vegetables Are Produced Better in Factories (Continued from P. re I ) Conflict between aerieult ure and industry was displayed in a cha"t presented hy the National Forum, in which it was contended that between 1S2II and 1S33. farm machinery price- dropped only 6 per cent, while farm produce prices dropped 63 per cent. "Tile farmer sold cheap and bought dear." the chart related. "Tnat will wreck anybody." Nicotine Namd for Nicot Garden flowers known as nicc-tiana, got their name from Jean Nicot, who introduced their great brother, tobacco, into France. Our word nicotine is his memorial. Good Neighbors It is a small thing to a man whether or not his neighbor be merciful to him; it is life or death to him whether or not he be merciful to hit neighbor. Doing Good Never did any soul do good, but it became readier to do the same again, with more enjoyment. Never was love, or gratitude, or bounty practiced but with increasing joy, which made the practicer still more' in love with the fair act. 7HEPKZUR& 10c Monday-Tuesday 25c "GINGER" JANE AS DIXIE'S HONEY CHILD AND THE FUN REALLY SHINES ALL THE TIME! Comedy News Novelty AND UNION MRS. C. C. DICKS 945 Elm Street Phone 285-W fflWWrTiillWIH AC I STARTING TOMORROW mm: ii n ni; 4 urttHiti in t 'otor f 4 n I -f i .at 1 .110237. Arthur Hrisbane has gone from the face of this world that is so coldly contemplating war armament mid ruin. Thus it Is altogether fitting to offer our sympathy to the recently bereaved wife, who must not have had her share of Christmas cheer. 1 K Today." was widely read by people of the Waba&li Valley since it appeared daily in many papers. ( Our sympathy, of course, Is only a nm;ill part of that which Is be iu' iilfe led by the public as. a whole. It Is. I hope most comforting to his family to know Just what a loss it is to the modern reading world. The story. "A Christinas Carol," hy Dickens, has found its humble place in our fast-moving world. The great Charles Darrel, like Mr. Scrooge, says that Christmas Is "hum-bug." It's too Ind our religious world could not tell Mr. Darrel just what they think of this remark. It would he altogether fitting too for the Christmas spirits to give him some Information. More than 1.00 0 people were seriously Injured by automobiles hi the county of San Francisco and the city of Los Angeles during the noli day. Which only goes to show t ha' none of n can "count our blessings' too much! Well, it KPPITlfi that Europe is se! on a certain outcome. What wit h Russia casting ominous, be-whiskered glances at Spain due to the loss of a cargo boat. Germany contem-nlat ine sending armed fore s; an' the rest of Europe equally as wT ing to bribe Germany not to do tM thing, that in so certain to mean another world war. MKiH A F.V Imagine being a kidnap victim such as the Honorabe Chiang Kia-Shek and to come to the embarras-ing situation of being minus a set of false teeth on his return. Just where did he lose such a vital part of his mak-up? (We wonder, t Murphy Employes Are Given Extra Christmas Bonus At this time each year, salesgirls in Murphy Btorea receive an annual cash Christmas present, but this year, in addition to this regular bo nus, a special Christmas bonus has j been announced by the officials of the company. payable today ; Amounts equivalent to one, two. three weeks or one month's salary ' will be paid to regularly employee' salesladies, upon t he haste of theii year's service with the company ! Some men and assistant store rnan-j agers will al participate in a f .m- ' ilar bonus, payable in somewhat the; same manner. j Ten employes in the local M ,r- J phy store will participate tbis yar In the regular and special Murphy j Christmas lKnuseH, whi- h include: ! M' riamrg Claude Vietti, William ) Spencr. Klnio !astorius. Marjnrif-j Harwood. and Mioses Christina Scnl lion. Thelma James, Sally M''leisti; and Harold Clayton, assist a lit manager and Marion Neid linger and Russell Neidlinger. BRISBANE RITES ARE HELD TODAY NKW VOHK, Dor. gx fum-rul 'i'Y if'f-H as plain and tsimplt; as the wurdf h- uifd to learh millions 're tn'ld today tor Arthur liris-ban-. tit- urt-atfHt cornmntalor of hl time. . U: JT Tin; people he taugltt thro ii newhpaper writings mingled and and crowded with notables in unti about St. Itar'tiol'.nie b dun-h Park avenue, and .'.nth street, when his body lay lefor the a'tar. MINER DIES AT WORK TKliliK HAI'TK. Dfr. 2S H-nja niin Quick. 21. a minT. wag found rruslif'd to dea'h yesterday undr a oal car in the Lloyd Hale mine near here. f JgJ Old bhel! for Oyster Bedi At least SO0 bushels of old shells to an acre of sea bottom, are used in preparing oyster beds. Tne young oysters attach themrelves to the snells. Tool Steel Tool stee! for ordinary .oois stich as drills, taps and dies, axes, knives, and crusei6 contains from 80 to I 10 per cent carbon. It is much more difficult to weld satisfactorily than mild steel. The higher the carbdn contet t the more difficult to weia. m5-t VS 4Vrv: vie 'W By MAURICE MERRYF1ELD luterniliossl llnstrated Hews Writer CLEVELAND, O. Rising wages and a scarcity of trained farm hands aeems to be providing an answer to the old question of "How you gonna keep him down on the farm". In other words, that typically American institution known as the hired man is enjoying a wave of prosperity. It was not long ago that there was a general exodus from the country to the city. Thousands of young men. some of them sons of farmers and others hired men, were lured away from the dairy, grain and livestock belts by the shorter hours and higher wages offered by Industry. But now there is a reversal of this trend under way. Many who found life in the big city a pretty tough proposition during the depression years are returning to the rural life. This "resettlement" of the farm regions by many urban-itea also includes thousands of families who have purchased small fruit or chicken farms, or enough land for a sizable garden, located Just outside the town or city where they work and yet near enough so they can commute and enjoy the advantages of the country while keeping their city Jobs. Farm Hands In Demand Recent federal surveys have shown a considerable shortage of skilled farm hands, men with experience and Knowledge comparable to that of the hired man who was such an important part of the agricultural picture in the eighties and the nineties. There is usually sn available aupply of farm labor which can oe drnfted from the army of "drifters" GREAT BRITAIN ORDERS MADRID EMBASSY SHUT (Continued from Page 1) from J'pdro A bad. liujalanm, and Procuna. Madrid Hp'tksiiH'ti itwhii whiit scorning (ifrman d'niaridr fur release of the Pains. Ml that K'-izur'- nf the ship, allegedly carrying arms tn the rebels, involved no I h of open declaration of war by Germany. The baKiu'B who hold t he Palos nav e no In tent inn of liberating the veiHeI. it was stated tiere. READ THE ADS Journalist Dies Arthur Brisbane, above, internationally famous newspaper editor and col umnist and highest paid journalist in the world his salary was tUtiU.OOO a year ago died in his home in New York of heart failure at the ace of 72. i Si S ! w - 's. V V I j i ! I I i " -rtZ . ir who travel with the atu. and plan their wanderings so as to arrive in the right sectors for the harvest season. But the dependable "all-around" hired man whom the farmer of yesterday considered one of the family and a person of ability and Importance has diminished in numbers to a point where his services are again much to demand. Rising prices of produce and crops have made it Increasingly profitable for the farmer to make the most of his acreage and has also made it possible for him to meet the salary schedules offered by Industry. As a result, trained farm hands today are at a premium. Earned $25 a Month! In the old daya the hired man came to work in the spring and stayed on through the summer months Into the autumn until the harvest was over. His wagea ranged from $20 to $35 a month, "board and keep", and feed and shelter for his carriage and horse. Fourth of July and a day at the county fair were understood to be hia holidays. Usually he had Saturday night off and sometimes waa able to drive a bargain which included Sundays off except for chores. Hours were long but life had its "pastoral compensations". There were parties and barn dances and other rural gatherings at which the hired man with his fast horse and shiny buggy cut no mean fiBure- During the winter montha many attended school, fitting themselves for one of the professions or some other position which eventually took them out of the "agricultural army" into other fields which many are now leaving to return to farming! GAS MAIN EXPLODES V A II KSE . 1 1 al y . Dee. 2 8 . Man y were bt heved killed and injured today when a pas main exploded be neath one oi Varese's congested streets. The explosion wan heard for inils. It shattered surround tug winduwH and hurb-d pieces of pave-int'iit great distances, many of lh m hittiuK passerby. STORES LOOTED IN FORT WAYNE TIJKKK If A VThl, Uec. 28 Three makd band it b forced Edward Smith, one of the owners of Smith's department store, to open the store lat night and escaped with 13.150 It has lj"en Smith's custom to come to the store almost every night to admit the niht watchman about ii in oYlfK-k. Ervid'inily the bandits wi-re familiar with this habit for th''y were waiting for Smith when he appeared last riitjht. At the point of g uiik they forced him into the offne, commanded him to op'Ti the vault and then had him lit- on the floor as they looted the Kit'- of its content, removing cur rency and iii!v r !rim fwgK in whicl, t hey w ( kept.. They fled iu a I an' 'tinobile. Town Near Dublin Howth. a small town near Dublin, Ireland, commands a good view of Ireland's Eye and Lambay islands. Flower Named for Botanist Lobelia cardmahs, a dark red flower, is named after the Frenchman, M. Lobei, who -as botanist and physician of King James I. t nion Label Made in C. 6. A. The union label is a peculiarly American invention first used by the cigar makers many years ago. A Guide Sim Sapsuckers work on the south side of a tree almost 0 per cent of the time. READ THE ADS CRANE'S 117 South Main Street PAL FINAL TONITE td Oil A FRANK McHUGH JOAN BLONDELL ALLEN JENKINS i v. And Hit Hand ft 'At:TtON B I lX' M-.'W'S 2.V Ii ii 1 IAIy, M.-COV NOTE: Special Midnight Show New Years Eve Starting at 1 1 P. M. johnny weissmuller maureen'o'sullivan "tarzanIscapes" From the Widely Read Novel by EDGAR RICE EURROUGHS 1

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