The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 5, 1921 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1921
Page 3
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS POPULAR SCIENCE LOCAL BREVITIES Gerald Foils a Holdup Knkoiito Winner By Two Points (Continued from Pace One) NEW REGULATIONS FOR AUTO LIGHTS Cars Must Be Equipped by December So as to Conform With the Requirements of the State Law Secretary of Stae Jackson Announces If the'e drivers in and around Fahmenrit have rot as yet started to rt busy in equipr" their headlicht? so as to conform to the new rrsm'atiors issued, last week by Secretary of State Ed Jackson, they practically all stapes. As luck would have it many of the "breaks" of the srame went t0 Kokomo as did the long eiM of the score at just the right minute. The Fairmount team fought hard and nobly apainst one of the stror.prest teams of the state and not I only upheld the expectation of all lo- faifa but a!so won the admiration the many ioya! Asters from Ko komo? xvho proved themselves coo snort in manv w.ivs. i sports m many. ways. In this game the Fairmount team showed many improvements that have come to the front within the past , week and local fans are enthused over j shoviiAr the Black and Gold - - ! the season. The defensive vrork thf Fairmount warriors showed up f ar the best of at any time during vrcf sli1 ,vth Tr RrA illiams were m the thick of the , It will be no easy l , V" v 1". j Tl , fan, 8U thlf looking at this when looking for- j ward to the contest with Marion next Wednesday night. The offensive meti played a whirlwind game with s Payne scoring far more than half of. total number of points. He had j hi, credit five field and five free throws. Hollincworth added twc I fm the field at?d Olfather tosse,l in ! Pickard, replacing Olfather in , last half also played a good game. 0vt of this jnvn a sugges- In a curtain raiser the Freshman tio fnnn ,JiC cnJef c!ork of the bank, team won from the Junior High School Ward jvas to carry the money as be-team in a hard fought game by the fore, tjn'y e distribute it about bis ier-core of 12 to S. i son. He was to proceed on his mis- "Beat Marion ifcst Wednesday " tr"m UX "u Philippine goods fiMd a ready market in London. Chinese astronomical records go back to 235G B. C. Roy Heck and family were Sunday guests ef Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Allen south of towri 4 ,r t i i t Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pearson and v. A n iv f v v . I and Mrs. J. N. Gibson Sunnay. With no real authority to make arrests, London's women police force costs that city $150,000 a year. Mrs. 1'atterson ai.vt ner house puests, Mr. aii'J Mrs. Fred Patterson !pf Columbus, O., were Sunday dinner KUests of Charles Ilutchins and fami- ly in Marion. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Patterson of Columbus, O., who have been the jgu?sts of Mr. Patterson's mother, jnrs glla Patterson, wetA. to Indiana- lig Monday where Mr. Patterson will T a ho ital aml gubmit to an ... , , , . , ., eration for the removal of his tonsils. The War Mothers will hold their re- gular monthly meeting tonight at the homeof Mrs. Edith Bevington on South Mill street. A feature f this meeting will be the Christmas Box which will occupy the attention -of those present during the social hour. when presents will be exchanged. It is 'arranged that no present will cost to exceed 25s. All JJ'ar Mothers are urged to be present. The Aaron Worth W. C. T. U. will hold a meeting on t?xt Wednesday evening at the home cf Mrs. Marion Ellingwood, south of Little Ridge church. The hurbnds of the members the teachers from R'gdon, Wells and Little Ridge schools and the faculty of FairmVTt Academy will be gwests of the unioi. Mrs. Mattie Gibson, of Jonesboro, will be present tQ address the company and refreshments consisting of ice cream and cake will be served. NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS Correspondence to insure publication in Thursday's issue must hereafter reach The News office not later than Wednesday noon. This is made necessary because of the much increased amount of work or. publication days occasioned by the largely increased circulation of The News. Correspondence reaching The News office later than Wednesday noon, and not published in Thursday issue will appear in Monday's issue. !8 12 z i J t4 RALPH C. 1 I normnny Is nnikuig synthetic g:so-i line from brown coal-tnr. Fnftcd States chemists discovered 32 new poisons during the World war. X-rays are heln? used successfully to bring out erased parts of ancient Palimpsest writings. A radium application Is said to have made plants hurst out into bud during the dormant season. C'athorlnj: nuts from the ground has ! t ii inaui: " : I t , V. tl i I V'l limn o j invention of a device for the purpose. A French utan has Invented methods for enlarging ami redttcing phonograph reconls to obtain increased or diminished Intensity. The Inite,l States Is now makine ! for its laboratories S00 rare chotniealg which were formerly imported entire- ly from Germany. A roindn-a-slot machine has been Invented by an Englishman to enable passenger to team at what speed he is traveling In a train. A life-saving buoy Invented In Eu- roio is hammock-shaped and laree enough for a man to lie in and propel himself through the water with a pad- A Chinese university has collected 170 varieties of silk worm eggs, for u-e in connection with a course In sericulture. It is believed to be the most complete collection ever made. JUST SO t ac- Pluck loses no time count of hard luck. on With his first watch a small boy has the time of hi life. Faith would have an ensy time of it if doubt didn't camp on its trail. Some men manasre t dodsro enough w.rk to keep dor.en eople busy. A strenuous season makes a society bud look like the last rose of summer. With the excepilon of trouble and children, the more the average man has the more he wants. THE EIGHT AGES OF WOMAN A clever woman has arranged a series of tables to show the life of the average woman. Boiled down she thinks it's something like this: Babyhood to 15 Childhood. 15 to 1 Carefree time; fun, frivolity and beaux ; eleven in every ln marry letween thee ages. j 1 to 2! Beginning to work, either for self-support, pin money or a carver; thirty of every 100 are wage; earners and f.fty-one in every 100 j marrv between these ages, j - ! 24 to "Ci Life In earnest, with nine- 1 teen in every It) at work and seventy- j nine matried. So to 4. Only fifteen of the 10(". ; working (away from home!) eighty-three are keeping house, ing children and raising them. while bear- - 4." to ."io Fourteen of the 100 are sttll at work, the rest in the home or deendent. 5." to Thirteen at work, earning very small weges, twenty-one are widowed. Go and iater- Forty-two out of every lOt) deiui ; fifty are widows and fourteen (including some of the widows) are working for negligible waes. THE EARTH Two-thirds of the earth's surface Is covered with water, The earth Is never nearer to th planet Mars than .T6,000.0ti0 .miles. The earth makes a complete revolution around the sun In one siderial year. The earth sustains a pressure of 70,000 tons exerted by the light of the sun. The earth Is 400.000,000 years old. according to the estimates of the geologists. . FARM JOURNAL SAYS: Some of the hardest nuts to crack have the sweetest meat Inside. Folks say "as cool as a cucumber. How cool Is a cucumber, anyway) Two swallows don't make one summer, but three or four swallows make a man think twice before he speak too hastily. We never eat a dish of store Ice cream without thinking what a poor Imitation It Is of the kind taa4 of reat cream, an taa fan. j ! J i , : I 1 ; : ! ' ! ' ; i j j Cj By MALCOLM BROWN. 5j coy y right. 11. ttwll'B iar Lnicn. j "It's a nervy thing to ask you to do, Ailing," spoke ihe vlutf clerk ot the ' Empire National bank. 'Tiu willing to take the risk, smiled 1 t;eriUl Mnng quietly, "for two alhir- Inc reasons. ; "Would it be impertinent for ine toj . ,lW ,V:ons mi lit he" I "You are so good a friend,' replied : Ailing promptly, "that I am glad to , tell you. First reason: I hail with de- light any variation in my humdrum ! work of counting money in a scixeuevl t;isre. Second reason: I am in love : with Mr. Ward's daughter, Lucy, and : would like to make a v good impres- I sinii on her father, who, to tell the truth, rather frowns on my matt I moid - ul M-pa;Uion sw. ery poou. laurneti me chief clerk. "1 hope this new experience wili load to a ctuisnmmation of your wishes all around." The coin transmissions were made in a wagon guarded Cy special oflicers. Mr. Ward disdaiuetl such protection. With his money satchel handcuffed to wrist' he hrtd carri0l hdte of thousands of dollars across the city. 0u? hi5: MM, luck missevl hhu. As he was passing an oien area way two nu,n hustled him down its steps Two others stationed below seir.etl him. He was knocke.l senseless and when he recovered consciousness the men nl satchel were gone, Fortunately the amount of currency iu w -tchel was small, but oyer o0,- 000 iu bonds had beeu secured by the bold fooriwlds- bank. tJerald was to carry the satchel empty. It was the second- day of the new program when herald was returning his mock cash delivery to a bank that a brieM-eyed old man ac- estro mm ami nioi: mui min. j "Iessengr service, eh, Mr. Ailing?' ..1 - , o..i ...ti, l.;. he questioned. "Yes." assented t.crald. "'Thought that loss of theirs would stir up the bank," observed hl com-I panion. "Say, I guess I shall never j be able to thank you enougn lor mac ' situation you found for me." ih. I was glad to be of service to you," declared tierald. heartily. 1 "I 'l UKe to snow you a new r...K. , e deviscl to make the bank messen- ptr absolutely immune mun loss, the old man told Uerald. ' I Nothing of a sensational character had happened because of his carrying the empty money satchel. One day, I however, the bank detective came to , ..y liwdn.t know it except to keep , 8r. rio on vonr nerve. Allinc" he said, 'but you are being followed." "Is that so; imiuiivd our young hero. I feel sure of it. I have noticed two susp'eious looking characters ap- parenily on your trail for throe con-secutive mornings now." That exen'm; ?erald went to visit j his friend the inventor. That n'cht the inventor showed his j S.-rr.titude t to;:M by prov'n- that b i bad tlo'ie soia- thiiikio.g in bis beaalf. i When tors. l U-ii th.e inventors rom he carriO'i a i":;ir-siztl package which he tok -Uswn 10 th bank with him. When he i; t rvady to start on his decoy route next morning he went to a secludes! corner of the bank and placed the package in quest im, carefully inside of the satchel. A jam of vehicles near a crowded court, a jostling imb around him, two " r,'so up to him. J ",v ,hat hel r ordered one . 01 iiif im-ii. j "Take it!" retorted Oerald accom-mouatincly. and he let the loop slide j.n, j.r;rers, Rang ang! Ding ding ding ding ding -A frightful alarm of sound echoed from Inside the satchel two revolver shots, the sharp rasping clanging of n:l'rt H " n wns. The dismayed and discomfited loot- sers stared at the satchel and messen ger. Before they could turn and run the bank detective was at their side Gerald saw them led to a patrol wagon, went on his way and after banking hours was called into . the ! Private office of the President f the i institution. He found the bank de- tective also there. "Now then, young man," observed the money magnate, a pleasant but curious expression on his face, "explain that young noise wagon of yours the satchel." And then Gerald told, OtMhe ingenuity of his friend, the inventor. In producing a device which "went off" the moment he let go of the handle of the satchel. "I sent for you," said the president. "to tell you that through the arrest of the men your clever alarm call baf- fled we have recovered the stolen bonds. Our officer here will share a rwnrd ,XX) "h Tn And yon probably deserve a month's leave of absence. Ailing. "I'll make a honeymoon of it ! cried the delighted young bank man. Mystery Explained. "What ! Off to the ball game again today? I dont see where you get the money. 5 "Oh, It comes .natural to a fain to 1 raise the wlad. CnsSon TraBtarrTpt. i a ; FOR SALE FOR SALE Mailing lists. Names and addresses 1,000 Grarft county farmers. Up-to-date. Address Box 38, Fairmount, Ind. FOR SALE . Swift & Co., are shipping- us another car of GOr Tankage, cash price $56.00 per toil off car. A. A. Ulery & Co. FOR SALE 7-room house, good location and it good repair, reasonable. Inquire at 323 E. Second. FOR SALE Corn. Herman Phone, Black 389-1. Jones, WANTED WAXTED Good wheat for milling" purposes. We pay above regular prices as we need it for milling use. A. A. Ulery & Co. LOST LOST Between Little Ridge church and Fairmount, crank for Overland car. Finder return to News office or call 3SD3 Red. MISCELLANEOUS FOR QUICK Auto service call W. G Moon, G01 South Walnut street. Thone 382-2 rings on Red. TYPEWRITER Cleaned, rcpaired,- sold. Ribbons, supplies. W rite, phone, call, Arnold's Typewriter Shop, Phone 1586. Next, to Lyric Theatre downstairs. Marion. Ind. Cniropractors McAtee and McAtee Fairmount Office Hours: Summitville 2 to 5 and Tuesday, Thurs- 7 to 8 p. m. day and Saturday Phone 280 8 to 11 a. m. Where can you find a house for rent, or where can you find a renter for your house. ,An ad in the classified column of THE NEWS will find one for you. 0 GREY TUBE $2.25 25 30 35 Uubh2r Campcny tktrty-A hfmchm nad retTer rcp n nessary xasK A. 1 ft. .. 1 ripht awar, according: t information ! that is ser.t to the News by the Hoosier j State Automobile Association. .; The .Vw rcsrulations will be in fu!l effect Doc. 20, that much srrace beirc jrive' mer.t says. but no more, the state-There are more than 450.000 automobiles, motorcycles, an.i trucks to be equipped properly with ; .J.4.--z. i j : V- ; 7 1 , - .,of properly adjusted, there is miphty l f little time to lose bv The Hoosier State Association an- ,o, ,. , V reiary ci M;ne jacKsxn in e.iu- wor" because the automo-. bile association is primarily interest- od in savinc- live and .veriin. acci- a dent ot the highways. It is de clared there is n greater cause for accidents, some of which result fatally, than blinding headlights. Under the r.ew regiilatior.s the blinding light from auto or truck or motorcycle lamps virtually will be eliminated. Police of!icials are advised to become familiar with the requiremeirts of the new regulations. The secretary of state has plenty of copies of the pamphlet coverir.p the new regulations, and will be glad to mail them to anycr.e en request. It is prcbable, however, that virtually every service station man or accessory dealer irf Grant cour.ty already have these pamphlets. The secretary of state urges that owners of pf.sser.ger cars, trucks and motorcycles to visit their dealer or service station at once and obta'n approved devices and see that they are properly adjusted. In' this connection it may be stated that T. J. Taylor, technical engineer for the secretary of stale, after thor ough tests, has approved a number of devices. The list will be added to later, it is stated, as not all manufacturers have as vet submitted their clevices for the state laboratory tests. , The presort approved list includes the foll.'wirg or deflecting devices: Smith-Davis deflector, Shal- er rcadr.ght. MaeBeth lens, type D; Liberty ler.s. type D; Holophoi.V? No TiH Va X'r.rth Star Harp shield V";.,l.- tox- - NTt-? bnc ,v, v-v, Patterson ler.s, Osgood lens, Benzer lers. Primolite, type B; Kilglare lens. It is understood many Grant couiy j cars already are equipped wun various lenses ct a using type, inese, n is cecsarea, wni not pass me rure- of the new recralations. Many lenses that were regular equipment on cars from the factory mill t"ot meet the requirements. It is particularly noted that the Liberty Type D and MaeBeth Type D are speeded and the Violet Ray new ?ty!e. Service stations in the county desiring to act as authorized light service tation for the secretary of state may secure sucn perm ssion - secretary r,a jacKson, rt is aiiiiuuuc- ed. and complying) with his requirements for service stations. "The time has come, declares- the automobile associaticn. "to get right on the light matter, and to d this everyone must do big part promptly. Safety of the highways demands univeral compliance with the new regulatorfs." A WOMAN'S BACK. The Advice of this Fairmount Woman Is of Certain Valu Many a woman's back has many . , . ) acnes ana pains. - Ofttimes 'tis the kidneys fault. That's why Doan's Kidney Pills re J so effective. ! Many r airmouiiX women Know t.nis. Ask your neighbor. Read what one has to say about it. rr Mori Kplson. 315 N. "inp St. . ' says: 'I know there is nothing bet-1 ter for kidney complaint than Doans Kidr?ey Pills, I have used them for attacKS 01 Kianey vrouoie ana a sev- ere aenmg across vne smau oi my back. The action of my kidneyg was irregular, too. Doan's soon relieved the backaches and other signs of kidney complaint, Price 60c, at all dealers. Dont simply ask for a kidney remedy get Doan's Kidney Pills the same that Mrs, Nelson had. Foster-Milburr Co. Mfrs Buffalo, N. Y. Advertisement. Joseph Cover, a painter employed in the railroad shops at Crestline, O, has been retired on a pension, after having served the company fifty years and eleveri months. Since 1907, education among the women of India hag more than doubled. The proportion of educated tromen in 1S07 was 2,2 per cetlt, and cal of j i the ;'" are also the to one. the F. 2, ler o to i. ; : it I , 'of ; j l'.ght," is now the slogan and watch- i word of the local camp. 1 T ftrt,i summary: ? -j v 1 - - H. S. 21 Payne Ilollingsworth Armstror.C ' Mohler.Parish Forwards Olfather. Pickard j?oe ' i Centers Williams Cunningham Leer Puckett Guards Field goals Payne 3, Hollingworth : Olfather 1, Puckett 1, Roe 2. Moh-1 1. Armstrong 2. Foul goals i out of 7; Mohler 3 out of 7, Arm- ! stroi.V 0 out of 2. Referee-Smith. j - ! - POPULAR COUPLE SURPRISE FRIENDS r i t ; i Announcement .,iaae 01 .n, .,.a.r,,:e of Miss Ru(h Schlagenhaft and j Dale Long The arurcemcnt Friday by Mr. j d M Martin J. chlaper.haft of the mar.Hjr. cf their daughter, Esther Ruth, to Mr. W. Dale Ltnr, came a a complete surprise to the many friends of the popular youi.r couple. It had been the purpose of the you-!g couple ts keep their marriage a secret for a time, and this was done for a few days. On Monday, Nov. 2S, Mr. Long and Miss Schlagen-haft went t- Mariot. and while Mr. Long wa5 transacting some business f cUt, n court house, the young people decided that "while they were there' they mieht just as well secure their license. They d"d so, and returnit'. ; Fairmount went to the heme of the I Rev. J. H. Vinson, on Sooth Walnut! street, where they were united in marriacre. Following the ceremot'c . . , . . 1 . itrie Driae rerumea to me nome 01 ner parents, and Mr. Lon? went to his! home on South Main street. Later j was decided that it would not be possible to keep their secret from their friends, so the mother of the bride made the announcement of their marriage. Mrs ig one of Fairmount's most charmmg and talented young ladies, a graduate of the Fairmount ... r. vrh;i the rroom is one Fairmount's leadir' voune busi- eneac-d in the insurance . . . . , - ana reat estate ousmess. ror present Mr. ana Mrs. Long will make their home with the brides parer, and 1t win t. Long's pro- py on South Walnut street HARBISON'S" NOW IN MEETING AT NEWCASTLE. Rev. and Mrs, Frank Harbison, singing evangelists are engaged in a meet-,np at Newcastle, The second Sunday opened with special services begirAiing at 9 a. m., with the Mens Bible Class leading the attendance with 153, the entire attendance numbering 1103. CcncernirA? the meeting the Newcast- le paper says: Milo Smith delivered two very powerful and telling sermons. In the morning he used as his subject, "The Longing Heart, and in the . everAng, "Christ's Deliverance, Mr. Carbison sang to the delight and edification of all. "Open the Gates of the Temple, and "The Holy City." The quartet also sane at the evening 1 1 j COTTRELL SPECIALIST ON THE FITTING OF GLASSES 409 Marion National Bank Building MARION, INDIANA. Phone 246 Sundays by Appointment Prices on all U. 5. Tires and Tubes Reduced November 10th Ask your Dealer THE makers of United States Tires made available November 10th prices lower than any pre-war prices on their full line of tires and tubes, including Royal Cords and Fabric "Ores for passenger cars and solid and pneumatic tires for trucks. The new prices are ready for the public all over the country through the established dealers who handle United States'Tires. USCO CHAIN NOBBY ROYAL CORD 30x3 10.90 $14.90 SI 7.90 S18JJ0 32x3 & 17.75 19.15 2X15 25.75 32x4 23.60 25.40 27.60 320 33x4 24A5 26.75 28.95 33.50 t United States 0 ta it was 5 pet: cent. .scrviceJ

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