The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 28, 1936 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1936
Page 5
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w 0f f Monday, December 28, 1936 The Daily Cfintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 5 Defend Pacific Pigskin Prestige BRADDOCK RATED Huskies' Ball-Carriers Ready to Romp in Bowl - i IN THIRD PLACE AMONG FIGHTERS Schrneling Standi Out, According Clinton Bowlers In Two Victories Here on Sunday Two (T Ciliilon'a National Mnjuui' hovvlhiK ten ni a won liiti.T-cily lill.i at tin? local alleys Sunday alti-r-iinnn. The Dlaiiu KutpI Shop U'Ntt I iuliii;n'H team from TYrip Hatitc ly an s'i pin margin. Tlu: H til man live tiihl tlm Dianas ar ruiniliiK oil'-t u n In n Tcrrn Han tp loaiii, and tln Swi'Ot SliopporH liad clainifd tlwy Kiiild whip tin1 kadiMS on their hnnm floor. JuIps Hrnptti led tlio way with ") H ! and K d H r a z 1 1 k a 8 liiKKPd by only live pins. Mciinwhiln Hip local 0. V, Murphy crew ovfrcamf! Hndwoll's Brazil out to World t Experts; Loui Second; Champ Is Hurt by Lay-off NKVV 'YORK, Dor. 2X--BoIiir heavyweight rhiimpinn is bcglnniiiR to moan less and less to James .1. Braddock, who bad expected affluence that customarily accompanies the title, along with the honor of being ranked as the best fighter In the von DE fit by !: fltlikfi, although Proctor, oiip of the visitors, won Individual huiuu-H with 5:!5. Summary: . Hitlnian & Co. (Tcrrr HuhIp) Stiohl l!f) 1R7 lf9 Cobln 172 139 156 N. Mizn 182 140 lfi5 KavHPi- 203 201 .r,ft U Mlzp 177 186 157 ISFBy HainejJ " ---' Kt Nowoirroiiltl Elmer tlSj CLARA mi Uiu. 0 zuoarr- V $ world for the time beliiR. JameB J,, hasn't caught up with a great deal of money bo far. and can't even get himself listed as No. 1 man for whatever good might come of It. In fact, he is slipping all llie time. In the annual copyrighted ratings published by "Ring' Magazine today. Max Schmeling is placed on top all by himself. Joe Louis heads group No. '2, which Includes Flrad- Thl famous backfleld quartet of th University I the practice field at Santa Barbara, Cal., as they of Washington, By Haines, Ed Nowrogrotkl, Elmer 1 1 prepared for their Rose Bowl ncounter U) Piav Logg and Jim Cain, left to right, are snapped onl dena with the University of Pittsburgh. W fmobcd i.s u . Arm.-panes hopk- .TM Jv Totala 924 833 833 Total pinn 2590 Dinim Hwect Shop " Mis Husuiri ; ORATORY STARTS 17 vena coast I Colombo 199 141 Murdock 152 154 Ilrnsnkas 180 181 Ave 188 174 Bcnetti 157 244 22fi 201 138 1SS Bowl CLASH Ui-m p,rr -mi tAtri Ban AMONG AMATEUR OFFICIALS TODAY dock'. A year ago Louis was placed on top and Braddock was ranked second. Lay-off Hurls Baling The ratings, based on a consensus of leading experts in this country and abroad, takes into consideration 904 2S7I 1 Totals 876 894 Total pins John I a. fri'iffith presiding. The football officials this time are demanding more money. Next time, it may be less hours, owing to the fact that the game cuts into their Saturday afternoons. Incidentally, there seems to be some agitation to have the spoil writing (profesnion represented on the rules committee to help the general hilarity. It'll be all over by Wednesday evening by which time we'll all be ready to do something important. P. S. The estimated cost in transportation, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, meal and wine-"tabs," etc., is only $10,000. TODAY'S KcriwrU'fl (Brazil) 112 nil Wlllse 1J5 1'llcry 175 II. Biiicer 123 Proctor 199 B. BurKer 144 SPORlPARADE, 123 158 198 727 the fact that Braddock was Inactive Schmeling was placed on top because he knocked out Jack Sharkey.' Al Wore, Jorge Brescia and Eddie Simms In a comeback. While It is true Braddock did not fight,, neither did he get knocked out and from that viewpoint he didn't socm to get any the best of it In the Totals 773 1B2 150 150 178 14.1 783 2283 164 152 155 170 17 Total pins G. ('. Miiruhr . C. Schelsky 155 172 Huskies Pray for Rain as 2 Teams Drill Again Today i PASADENA. Cal., Dec. 2S Unmindful of rain-soaked playing field, both Washington and Pittsburgh turned out again today for another of their series of driving practice sessions in preparation for the an-, nual Rose Bowl interaction 6auie here New Year's Day. Coach Jimmy Phelan of the Huskies was somewhat pleased, in fact, as he considered the possibilities that Pasadena's famed sunshine might be blotted out by rain at Kame time. Most of the Husky payers claim they're lost without a sloppy ball after playing most of their lives in the rainy northwest, Phelan announced today that complete secrecy would be maintained at practice sessions from now on. The Seattle team came here-yesterday from Santa Barbara and will wonk out on a field near the Rose Bowl Coach Jock Sutherland, with no injuries to worry him, gave his Panthers one of the hardest workouts Didler 15ft 150 Tasso 176 152 C. .lames 148 14S R. Griffiths 129 176 balloting. However, he did get one LOU NOVA WILL FIGHT 'BIG IMP' break. They might have placed him down In the next group. In which Totals 766 799 Ml case he would And himself mixed up wtlh such Btcrling gladiators as fiun- Total pins 2376 nar Barlund, Arturo Godoy and oth ers of that caliber. Annual Armchair Athletic Act Is Under Way; Whistle-Tooters of Gridiron Demanding Salary Increase NEW YORK, Dec. 2S Some of this country's most distinguished windbags are assembled here today from all flections of the land for a series of amateur athletic conventions held here annually for the ostensible purpose of determining what will not he done in connection with something that doesn't matter. Briefly. I mean that the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the College Physical K tin cat ion Association, the American Football Coaches AsHociatiou, etc.. are in the process of holding their meptings and the wind resistance is terrific. In fact, if they all stopped talking too suddenly, everybody would misjudge the velocity and fall down. ProgTHm It all started with secret practi.e last night behind locked gates, with the N. C. A, A. holding an executive session. Today, a great many trivial things will he said in very earnest manner. Tomorrow, t ie convention will be formally opened with Major Tho Ameriran Jeaifuc will bowl tomorrow night at tho usual hours instead of tonight. First Frame House in Virginia The first frame houses in Colonisl NEW YORK. Dec. 28 Negotiations were near completion today for a bout to take place in San Francisco in February between Ray Im-pellittiere. the bigpest man in the ring, and Lou Nova, coast heavyweight who has been campaigning successfully in the east for the last six months. Nova, his manager. Ray Carlln and Bobby Dale, middleweight, will leave for the coast Saturday. By HKMtY M'l.KMOKK DAYTONA BEACH. Flu.. Dec. 2S I read somewhere- I believe it was lu a gossip column, tucked down near the gosslper's understandable proud boast that his forecant of the arrival of an heir for the paper napkins millions had been more accurate by a week than that or li is rivals that Henry Kllswortu Vines and John Frederick Perry had been playing tenuis together. Say It ain't so, Elly. Say it ain't so. Fred. Deny via sports pae, radio, wire, letter and carrier pigeon, that you two have been playing in secret and already know the answer that will be given in your match in Madison Square Garden on the night of January ninth. If you two gentlemen have been forehandlng and volleylnc one another out there on the coast behind barred gates why, why (hat's collusion, and collusion Is unfair to your press agents and unfair (o the tennis public, of which I hope there is some left. For weeks ever since Perry's decision to turn professional was announced over Scotch and splits of soda in one of New York's smartest rendeivous (or joints) the publicists, working hand in glove with the, tennis writers, have hammered honi their message that the match of January the ninth will, settle, once for all. the championship of the world. There is no doubt but that a lil-lle practice would make their .Madison Square Garden act more attractive. There is nothing worBC than a onesided tennis 'match especially one which has been adver- tised as something which will match the cobra and the mongoose in ferocity. We all learned that when Henri Cot-het made his pro debut and was rendered helpless by Brother THden. rochet couldn't do anything right that night and Brother Tilden. always a man of great mercy, all but removed his wishbone with a barrage of all the tennis shots in the book. Rut Vlnfs and Perry should have kept their warmups -a secret. America were erected following the arrival of Sir Thomas Dale and his company, who came to Virginia in August, 1611. O'Donnell Spanish General An O'Donnell, Leopold O'Donnell, 1809-87, was a Spanish general and statesman, dominating the Spanish politics of his day. City Named for War Hero The city of Greensboro, N. C, is named for Gen. Nathaneal Green, the hero of !he battle of Guilford Court House. Forred Stamps Had Bit Kan of the practice period at their San In the year 1873 many thousands . Bernardino Training camp, and Indlr of forged English one-shilling cated he expected to remain away from Pasadena until the day before the game. stamps were sota at a certain English post office and the fact was only riismvorpr1 r.nme 2fi vears later. THIMBLE THEATRE Starring Popeye By E. C SECAR IMP UWOUITV TOfvQ CIKf E "H TOrXR LCWE6 VOUR SON I REMEMBER HlrA NOW, SON - ftNE'TOfcR" SLfWIE ME TRP TO THEM 5TRKN6E TOfcR M-MOST fcFRrMD TO TeU--BUTS00Nl30 INTO NIGHT, RISK UFE TO SO TOM UOJE VOCTOO, POOPOECK. PMPVt 6E OF ONE OF THE UNKNOWN lSl.fcNDS Df06HTER5 OF SfWE YOUR POPPfX- HE SrXTftN-THE KNOUJ ME VErXRS fVbO. i VOORST r-"' I FOR I BOT NOW HE NOT Tunnel Through CHS The Lorelei on the Rhhie, the abrupt cliff famed in song and story, is pierced by a railroad rmnel. Decimation, a Punishment Decimation was a punishment sometimes indictee' in the armies of ancient Rome. In instances where a crime had been committed by soldiers en masse which would merit death to the individual, one-tenth of the whole number would be put to death. Selection was made by lot. Anderson Fired MONSTER vBOTH A h-yREMEMBER s n Kt MUC-TOMl OLD UKt ' fWfliX-i-- HLUS-V00 KNOW TOfXR ) ,-Xt rrV 0RNK FROK'POOL OF J 'M 1 I " NEVER DIE." , ir ! "' i4 HeftRMM? 13 fir" V Yi h A7 TEU- ME 1 , AU-WED J I DOKT CrRE, iiiW f CO WM T --PWVOF HERE 'fNTORE Si HE MOROERS " THE LOT OF . mm -y By RUSS WESTOVER TILLIE THE TOILER Mi l 1 VJ"1 TV4IS MES. GOTROCKS VJ HO CLAIVI THE BOSS kjlME OP THIS BOT IT'S MV (VOELL, MAC, I VOEMT VtXJR BAIL AMD DON'T Hrk. '' take rrKSyJy-- the Doa rs HEras, is vyEAcrny amo NOl VOU'EE A FREE MAM HOW UuANTS ME t A SOTiA-LLV Pft-OMINEMT SHE WOULD AOUT D01M6 ME A FAVOR ? TD 3Me UP DOS . i TKi . , -r-u i ,s - BE A vauoasle customek becaoSE" of the business heiz- fRiEWDs VA1HAT IS tT J L vyf I VA1HAT IS ITjy . QIVIE NAIOULX3 eta.lM6 US YOU VOOULO pIZOfSABLy SET THE DOG IF VOJ VMEMT TO COURT CMER IT, BUT IF op; 3 ISHEKEEPS THE DOS AlS (SET HB3 6QOD V"U1 TH1MK IT OVER, MAcJ Secret Operative 48 DANN DUNN Hunk Anderson Heartly Hunk Anderson, head coach at North Carolina State college at Raleigh and former mentor at Notre Dame, Is seeking a new job a result of his ouster by college authorities following a season In which the Wolf Pack gridders suffered seven defeats out of 10 games. An alumni representative on the N. C. S. athletic council announced hs would seek a court test as to legality of the action. &ND AS HEU-O, CALLASHAN ?I"VE DISCOVERED I If NOW, FELLERS, THAT EGG I 1 P7l I GOT AWy IF HE A, Le4.RW( BETTER iRN ACE rBX CALLIN' B 1 THOSE CARS FILLED ACE BART s COUNTERFEITING PLANT WE'VE GOT TO RAID RIGHT AWAV--BART'S OTHER PLACE MUST CALLIN' -KEEP VER EVE SHARP A GUN WAS ON THE SHIP WITH ARMED, HOODLUM He MAY COME r Ml BART BACK WITH HIS GANG IF OKE, HE KEEPS HE'S) A COPPER HE'LL BARNACLE J HIS RADIO u BRING MORE COPS --WE TUNED IN GOTTA BE READV GET . L I ON THIS BE COVERED TOO HOW SOON'LL AMD SOT ANAAV- VDU BE HERE THREE HOURS. 7 DONT KNOW WHO FINE -I'LL BE WAITING FOR YOU.' LJET L f-l IU YVSjr 13UT3 KNIU . I 7 I L. J-L. I Mt V. t mm WATCH OUT A I HSEE THAT THEV WORK.'c' PJ ApM6 J V.'A I IY7A I DANCING j DETERMINED SECRET SERVICE MEM STREAM OUT OF THE CITY, BARNACLE CALLS THE GANGSTERS TOGETHER ON THE GRIM 1 sm O z o X Dorman's Tavern Good Orchestra Yow Favorite Beer On Tap Wines Liquor Mixed Drinks A FEW MOMENTS TWO SQUADROKrb OF COUNTERFEITING POWERFUL CARS ARE ROARIMG OVER THE ROADS AWAV FROM CHICAGO ONE HEADS SHIP. It I VZ l11- U-a-UgqaH NORTH --THE OTHER FLASHES SOUTHWARD AROUND THE FOOT OF LAKE MIChiGiAkM. j

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