The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 5, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 5, 1921
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS CULTURE OF FISH SHOWN IN MOVIES The Fairmount News ttiMishrJ on Mondays and Thursdays N FLAT MOUNTAIN NATIVES ARE "DISARMING" ALSO NEW H H Bw4 H On Proper Lighting Equipment H Jim Reers wife burned one ov her rollin pins. She ha allways dotfe her ;.. ..ui, i . ... LAW M M making the wrong selec- you buy. M M -v,o cast ha2 dispensed with one ov ! know just what iz going on. Well hiz corn knives, as he does not cut j we do hav one paper published here con,' with it he wuz afraid it would lv but it knows r.o more about thii&s classed as a weeFen. Mandy Flanner. j than the rest ov us. So no one in Flat throwed away H ov her hat pins. Mountain takes it. There are very few lense on the market that come within this new law and at the same time give absolute protection to the driver of the car on which they are used. We can supply you with the best equipment on the market and which has passed with high per "s.ium wiiu vue aiii giie wameu iu be on the safe side. We take no papers in this place and don't allwavs COUNTY W. C. T. U. AflAlNT MMi Ft fIVmiMO I Jl!lUiYL VDOPT RESOLUTIONS DECRYING THE ISE OF TOBACCO B TEACHERS OF SCHOOLS Large Attendance at Meeting Held Friday in Marion Southern Grant County Women Taking Active Part in the Meeting Would Also Help the Soldiers. The meetiu'g of the Grant county ! W. C. T. U. held in Marion Friday j i . i Ik Auto Supply Co. BATTERIES Accessories, Oils, Vulcanizing Mgr. Phone 226 in nondc. -.Wriallv .lenlin with . . t. . . i V (Mil III V 1 It J ' I t l 1111. V ' 1 1 V v ' 1. . . . . . r , ; u:e important actions oi tne rnvt'iiii! was the adoption of resolutions en- dorsing the views of Superintendents A. E. Highley of the MariotJ schools, and Albert R. Hall, county superin-; tendent, against the smoking habit everywhere among a certain number of teachers, and a promise of co-op- eration with these school officials was pivei. The W. C. T. U. further would recommend, the report of the meeting said, that the regulations be extended to apply t0 all persons having the supervision cr instruction of youth in their charge. State Conservation Department Put-ting on State Wide Educational Campaign George N. Mannfeld, chief of the fish and game division of the state conservation department, will address a joint meeting of the Greonsburg Rotary Club and the Decatur County Fish & Game Protective Association at a banquet to be held at Greonsburg on the evening of December 12. On the same evening the seven reel educational motioi pictures showing the activities of the state warden service and the propagation of bass at the state hatchery in Riverside Park, In- UUnnnnlie will he pvlllhitrvi at tVio K- of p- thcatre under the auspices of sportsmen's club. Recognizing the possibilities of the cinema to pictorially presei'c the work j iQf the conservation department to the people of his state, the fish and game division took this means to place certain phases of its accomplishments directly before the public, at the same time appealing for the active co-operation of hunters aiAl fishermen who 'desire tn ee wild and aquatic life Perpetuated, Mr. Mannfeld says. This film depicts carefully and fnithfullv the nrooacation of black mnti srer,V. v,n- .liffiouit. to r - - - - vj - Mien vyA w-r r.illipi i,,l,.Vi tim0 ..ivn hm""1 ... -- and expen'se. In only a few states has actual success attended such ef- forts and one of these is Indiana, According to Mr. Mannfeld the av- erage fisherman is well versed in the art of catching the small-mouth bass, but facts coierning its propagation are not understood. And here it must be pointed out that the demand 01 aquatic life has become so great that if natural reproduction in the state's waters was not augmented by artificial propagation anVl planting, the Hoosier state soon would be deci- mated of this form of natural re- in about eighty counties of the state. Elwood Miller of Summitville. M 1 A . S. ROBERTS, Editor and Publisher, ilinnie McLuoas Roberts, Associate. Office: Main 2G5 Res, Black SS2-1 TELEniOXES SUBSCRIPTION RATES. t Within Indiana.) Throe month "0 i - All subscriptions payable strictly . in advance; paper discontinued at expiration of subscription time un- less renewal is iwiimm nor .o ex- , piration date. Entered as second-class matter at ' the p. stce at Fairmount, Ind., un-j oer the Act cf Congress of March 8,1 - i i i A PROGRAM BUILT ON FACTS What tightened statesmen of this country and cf other lands hope for i rot disarmament to the point where the civilised nations will have no sup- cvioritv in arm over the uncivilized, for that wcvM b t invite the bar- bariai.'s to utilize their mimlwrs to attain world dominion. They are 1 concerned with the definite and ditTi-cult task cf limiting armaments in , such a way as to lesson the burden of prcparatioi-s for war and of arriving! at an adjustment of their own differences' on a reasonable and lasting basis. I President Harding proposes, for in- : stance, to acknowledge certain stubborn facts. Confronted with a badly tangled international situation, he is not trying to junk cur preset civilization by removing all cf its preps, safeguards and advantages, but is . seeking a more intelligent co-opera- J tiye basis for the strong natioite. . 1- . . : j ; : ti that facts w ill stand cut above ideals. The d that will result to the na- j tiens outside the conference will be tremendous, but at the same time it will be a by-product. j Hardir.e's effort, indeed, differs ' from W:lsen4's fundamentally in this: Vils.:-n put the ro.agnif cent ideal first and w as ur. lone by stubborn facts which ho could not compel to conform t0 it: Hireling ruts the facts first and will attempt to wcik from them to the test ir.ter.Ltionai system of which the Y.Atior.s are a; this time capable. Wilson, it will be recalled, was very certain about the ideals to which he would bring all peoples, but was rather vagu? on a number cf the import- art facts. Hard r.g is very speeihe and clear in his statement cf the facts which must govern any lasting settle- ment, but frankly does not attempt to s.r Lew cor rletely the great huriftr.i- tarian ideals will be realized through it. Los Angeles Times. DRASTIC, RUT WORKABLE Secretary c State Huche5 has pre. sented to the p""eat illations of the world a workable plan for naval dis-; armament at once so simple and direct that it is difficult to see how the governments represented at the congress can fail t0 ratify at least its major proposes. It is drastic, but it is workable, an-.i it will accomplish the results required. So clear, so logical, so 5crni.. io e poarc re s S - i - , . as ne gracuauy lea up to tne an- nouncement of the detailg that he disposed in aivance cf any objections mav rmjriiv fe mane conceruinjr n. j With a gestu're of magnificerft sincer-; ity, he showed that the United States was rrvpred to lead the wav, has One year . . . V." . . . .". $2.00 11 Six months 1.25 j Three months .... . . . . .... .'3 i Ul Ind:ana ) j, w ! &x rnthr ::::::::::::::::: ::.L6o , h 1 a of lan j j j w M M H M M centage. You can avoid tion by seeing us before NOTICE OF RECEIVER'S SALE OF x PERSONAL PROPERTY. Notice is hereby j,iven that pursuant to an order made aiA.1 entered by the Grant Superior Court of Grant County, State of Indiana, the undersigned receiver will offer for sale at private sale for cash to the highest and best bidder at his office in the Town of I Fail moui.'v, Indiana, on the 22nd. day of December, 1921, and from day to day thereafter until said property is j sold and after three weeks publication j all of the equipment, machinery, stock, ' furniture, fixtures, patents, and all and every kind of persot.'al property heretofore used and owned by the Tel-bax Corporation located in said Town of Fail mount. That said sale will be made subject to the approval of said Court. That the machinery and equipment as aforesaid is anVl has been the pro perty of the "The Telbax Corpora - ticn" and is suitable for and is employed in making playing cards, games, and other things to be sold to persons, firms and corporations dealing in such commodities. O. R. SCOTT, Receiver. Nov. 28, Dec. 5-12. NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE. No. 3746. Notice is hereby given to the creditors, heirs and legatees of Joseph A. Kooens, ueceasea, ro appear in me j Grant Circuit Court, held at Marion, ( Indiana, on the 27th day of December j 1921, and show cause, if any, why the ! Final Settlemei.'t Accounts with the i estate of said decedent should not be j approved; and said heirs are notified ! to then and there make proof of heir- j ship and receive their distributive j shares. j Witness, the Clerk of said Court, 1 this 1st day of December 1921. j S. A .CONNELLY, j Clerk of Grant Circuit Court, j Dec. 5-12-19. j A class in practical laundry chem- j istry was recently formed in one of ?lie liish erbnol in Npw Ynrk oitv. i the object being to terch sciertific methods of washing clothes. . . . . . U i r LETS. E. 0. Ellis STORAGE Tires, Gasoline, W. V. Fowler, ' The meeting was largely attended , source, by members of the organization over Indiana has four state fish hatcher-the county. Short addresses were ies all used for artificial culture of given by Mrs. D. V. Welbourne, ex- black bass. Hundreds of persons vis. ecutive secretary of the Federated Wei it these places annually but they re-fare association; Miss Helen Farquar- present but a small per cent of the or, national Y W. C. A. field work- many thousatnlg interested in the deli. er, and about twenty superintendents, rate and tedious process of propaga-iikluding Mrs. Lida Outland. Mrs. tion which may now become common Delia Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Dean Havens, knowledge through the silver sheet. Mrs. Ellen Reece, Mrs. Daisy Herxog, The department's film will portray Mrs- Julia Overman, Mrs. Bertha Ir- the life history of the bass, depicting win, Mrs. Gertrude Newsome. Mrs. it in both natural habitat and hatch-Helen Loop, Mrs. Sadie B. Harvey, ery. This feaure is shown it' tw0 long Mrs. Kate Stevens, Mrs. Alice Geary, reels. Four reels delineate the pains. Mrs. Ethel Gormley, Mrs. Ruth Pea- taking and often hazardous work of cock, Mrs. Eura Linder, Mrs. Marie state wardens together with much of Himelick, Mrs. Mattie Gibson, Mrs. the primitive beauty of Lake Wawa-Mattie Barkdull. Mrs. Cora L. Carr, see, Indiana's largest body of water. Mrs. Mary Stewart and Mrs. Nellie The other reel shows the department's Whitaker, ! annual exhibit at the IrAliana State Clever readings were eiven by Ivan fair. Greensburg is the thin! city to Boxell and Winifred Barney, and vocal which these pictures are released and solos bv Mrs. Frank Boles. ' tne departlent plans to send to each A rrt,itf. tv,!ntl f the 114 organized sportsmen's clubs Flat Mour.tairf does not know just; what disarming means but she iz pre-j rairinc for it. Obadiah Itvd V c " , Isold one ov hiz shot puns. Abner . Hodab haz sold hiz double repeater. 1 after the American plan for the immHiiate limitation f armaments , the world, the fizzlers must have felt that they were being scrap- pod tog-ether with the offending; ships, Christian Science Monitor, PAYING THE BILL. The jocose suggestion that some the nations may have to disarm order to pay their Washington hotel bills is a melancholy reminder that the world has been given to arming with- out muen reierence to its en-eet orjtne cost cf livii'g. Springfield Repuhfean ACADEMY NOTES Glen Nelson, freshman, has dropped' is studies at the Academy, as he will move to BowliiAr Green, 0, in . ene , very near future. Nelson was a member of this year's base ball nine, star forward on the freshman basket ball team and a pood track prospect for next spring:. Nelson had a wonderful athletic future ahead of him at the Academy arid his loss will be keenly felt in the next few years to cone. Ernest Harrold and Lawell Harris, both of last year's graduating class, were visitors Wednesday. Another feature of Kiwanis night at the Acadery was the gift cf a 24 piece aluminum set to the domestic sciet'ee department. After the supper was over and the Kiwanians were seated around the table, the lights were turned off and out in the hall shots were heard. As the lights were again switched on Secy. Lewis rushed the dining room having in his grin a tough looking, masked individual whom Lewig explained he had captured in the culinary department the Domestic Science class making way with the cooking utet'sils. The "burglar" carried a bigi sack well loaded, and he was forced to disgorge. Tne contents of the bag proved to be elegant set of aluminum cooking utensils, which, after the "burglar naj unmasked who proved to jr. L. D. Holiday, it vras explained wcre presented to the Domestic Science g-rls by Parrill & Lewis and Dr. Holkday. The Domestic Science girls were the set of very well pleaded with which they planned to make good use of in the future. A new system of grading citizen-sVrn is Heine-.' tried. There are ten di(fWT points to grade from and each stadert makes out his own card which i- i-iver trt th teacher for correction. aUo'make cut the stu- w dents Frades aml their average is taken' of the two and the student gets the grade deserved. So far this plan hag worked very well. Paul Barkdull. class of 21. was a visitor Friday morning. the find of the season for Earlhara college. Wirislow is a back field man and in the Earlham-Butler game scored the only touch down that Earl-ham was able to get, by an eighty-five yard run, he also scored Earlham only tallies against Kalamatoo, Mich., by running nirfety yards tkwh the entire Itaba&aso teask tfer a touch down. Doyle Rich, 1, la holding down the regular center position for Adrian Cbtltc tk cnd sipe, teir i c rT U, Cays lb tti.a. , . 4 fcr with the officials at the Marion . National Sanatorium for the purpose ! of ii.Vesttgating as to what way the Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Parker enter-W. C. T. U. can help the soldiers who ' tained at a dinner party Sunday their are at the sanatorium for treatment, immediate family and Mr. and Mrs. The committee consists of Mrs. Lida Hortot Ribble and son James Alfred, Outland, Mrs. Ella Gard, Mrs. Dora cf Fairmount, and out of town guests Pierce and Mrs. Dora Whitely. The as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Orville W. C. T. U. at Indianapolis, it was Thompson of Butler, Pa., Mr. and reported, had brought cheer to the Mrs. Harry Covalt and two children, soldiers at Fort Harrison, and it is Harriett and Betty Jane of Lafontain' hoped that the same methods which ( ami Mrs. Gretchen Thomas Parker have proved successful there may be ' and daughter Doriece of Marion, obtained here. I Afternoon guests were Mr. and Mrs. E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Ilahne Drue Store Offi-o rtr.r; H 11. ?P . m.; 1 to & AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense. Phone 2. Fowlerton. on. 19- C. W. DICKERSON Rubber Stamps. When needing anything in the Rubber Stamp line see US. FAIRMOUNT NEWS. I DR. C. L. FENTON Uenttst X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Honrs 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m Kyes Tested, (iHassea Kit-Xed by Stnte Keistered OrrOMKTUISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and Dr. EMIL FARIS ""Svclusively Optical taiainniittttaattna-1 W Announcing the Appointment of W I Hognini E5 - McIiCniniiiiiey Co0 been resdv to mrke the createst sac-! rifices. It is impossible to believe the ' Th Rext home sket ba me of conference, even should it so desire, ! the en is with the fast Tipton high would dare reject the proposal. Hart- j inm- Tn" n exceedingly ford Courant. strong five this year, having already a - j long, strit'g of victories to their credit. PROTECTIVE TARIFF NEEDED. I The real strength of the team was Go ir'oo almost any toy store and I shown when they defeated Lapel high examine the r..aiks which irdicate the!001 on the P1 floor something vlace cf manufacture of the tovs, and ? that ha been doRe only twice in the you will find that in an amatingly j last three years. Thi8 is expected to large prx portion of instances toys!1 hest game of the season for which bear any mark at all show thatjthe ,ocls they were made it.' Germany. They 1 are bought by American dealers be-1 The "Queen of the Hilltop arfeiual cause cf cheapness. The dealer is 1 staff met Monday and Thursday scarce'y to be blamed for buying ni?hts to do work on the annual. The where he can buy the cheapest for his rexk on the annual is progressing profits will be larger by pursuit of kery well and it is hoped that this such a pclicy. It is the business cf .year's book will be the best ever pub-the United States government in the lished at the Academy, promotion of its oxen commercial in- terest at.xl the perpetuation of its in-j .mor the Academy alumni who dustries to see that the cheap German are making good on the college grid-produeer is rot given an opportunity j iron this fall are Earl Rich, 20, who to destroy American industry by sell-' holds down a repular back field posi-ing goods here at a price with which S tion for Franklin college and Marcus the American producer can not com- j Winslow, 19, who has proven to be Plans of work for the different de-' partments cf work, were discussed, ' and presented. Mrs. Lida Outland secured the prixe for presenting the best plan, having seventeen points. The judges were Nora Ward, Esther Bar- tJey and Nettie Ware. Mrs. Morrell repotted an addition of twenty-five new members to the colored L. T. L., which is progressing) nicely unde her management. . The next meeting of the board of superintendents will be held the first Friday m June, the place to be an nounced later. CHUMS CELEBRATE BIRTHDAYS TOGETHER. A most pleasant occasion was the celebration of the double birthday at. niversaries of Charles Marion Payne aiAi William Monahan, which was en- joyed in the nature of a jolly party of some fifteen of Oie high school friends ' of the two at the home of Charles, on South Pennsylvania street last Thurs- day evening. Charles was celebrating his twelfth birthday and William his fifteenth. The Payne home was art istically decorated with the high school colors, black and gold, and i during) the evening, which was passed with games a regular high school ; good time, refreshments of ice Cream, case ana candies were serveo : Word has been received that Prof, j R. B. Duff, formerly superintendent j of Fairmount high school, ribw hold- ing the same posttion in the Bloom- : ington schools, broke hi arm on Arm. J istiea Day. lira, Duff, wfco ha, keen ; an itrralid for some try psvtly. time, contiautS : EES 55 Z jsa gg "55 i t Hardware, South Side Square, Marion, Ind., as Official Branch of the Automobile Licemise Deparltinnieinit j of the Secretary of State for Grant County and Surrounding Territory. On and after Monday, December 22th, 1922 License will be issued im- mediately upon presentation of certificate of title of machine for which i license is desired. No delay. Get your license plate at the time you apply. EE Sare tisae, trouble and "red Upo." f Alto 0?i5cial Drancli Moocrcr SZals Auto Accociatioh I RepresesttiTO in Stoiro DiiTy. Free Teuriag Inforoatisnr Etz. pete. Spet?cer (W. a.) Times-Record ONLY "WISE ONES FIZZLED Not !o:"g ago a celebrated publicist, engaged in illuminating the world with the true understanding of the Washington conference, explained, with the utmost eoyetfcy, that Ur. Harding's (Teat ideal was about to ! terminate in a "fiztle. Now there is alwmy a certain element of dancer in I ; Win wise Lctbre the eirtsfc And wa nr. lushes resumed Ids seat, at Co rit lieeUng f , the totrtace, ! L

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