The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 28, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1936
Page 4
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e Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Monday, December 28, 1936 ge Four THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Found d j Behind the Seen Kstabllsked as The Weekly Clintonian 1890 TIib Clinton I'lalndealer absorbed In 181)8. n mm m i Gmi L. Cucey .1 Editor and Publisher HOLLYWOOD rge CHAPTER XXI Christie followed the silwr vision of loveliness that was A!ele, Iter bridesmaid, thruutdi the veutiuule ulered at the Postofrice at Clinton, Indiana, as Second Cltaa Matter. . Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association "Weill" Aunt Nettle said, bus Ulna- in. all dove-irray and dia moment. The last girl Lew dined and danced was Suzanne Kaaren, door, into the church. monds, and complete to the very By HARRISON CARROLL 4,'opyrlgnl, lass, King Feature hyadlcata. Inc. last detail 01 corsage oi purpio ur The hands in which she held the great shower butlquct of lilies of the cbids. HOLLYWOOD Toy airplanes National Advertising Representative: - GEO. B. DAVID CO. 1900 Wrlgley Bldg., Chicago. 1-1 It General Mutuia UI.U . Detroit 110 Dual 42nd St., will make a fortune tor Reginald "Havent you finished supper yetT I thought you'd be READY 1 Let me see the back ef your hair New York 1 Denny. Th Opera lovers will be amazed to hear Lily Pons make a hot number out of "The Blue Danube" In "That Cilrl From Paris". The tiny diva turns out to be quite a comedienne in her new picture just previewed here. She la pushed around, slap And where did all the people come from? Aunt Nettie had said just a few! And here they were scores of them ... people she hadn't even dreamed of as she walked down the aisle. She heard the delicate rustle of her own train following her. She saw, in the upturned faces . of stranger, that she was lovely, that they were going to go home and say that the bride was beautiful. "Thank heaven for that," she thought warmly. "Thank heaven that I really am younz and slim, and have nuturally curly hair, and won't have to fuss to look nice for years to come , . . and that people think I'm beautiful today, bo that enterprise h a prospered b I iu. .... urn, very nice. "I think that's all now. Miss Par Phone 1 1 7 Phone 41 yond the actor'; valley were perlectly steuuy. "I'm perfectlycaliii!"sho thought, surprised, and n little troubled, as Bhe mechanically kept step to the organ's rolling meludy. "I'm too calm. I don't feel a thing. This is my wedding, and I ought to be worrying, or nervous or something, and here I am wooden as a stick " The ushers had reached the chancel steps. The minister was waiting with ker, though you might stop In at Miss Adele's room on your way out and see if she's satisfied with that wildest dreams. He and his as stick fashion, by Jack Oakie, Gene braid arrangement. It looked little stiff to me. Raymond, Mischa Auer, etc. Hut the film's most daring experiment sociates now have) orders for more than comes while Lily is singing "Una Voce Poco Fa" from "The Barber $1,000,000 worth "Come, Rose, you can help me with the wedding gown Christine I I know that Miss Parker wants to wish you happiness, but some other his book, THE DAILY CUNTONIAN'S PLATFORM: 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion eountiea. 2. To aout the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving- Vermillion County 'i unemployment problem. 1 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the moat attractive city of Seville". All through the num of the miniature She looked for Donald, Bnd found I some of them will tell Donald, and planes In 1937. him where she knew he'd be. I make him feel good " ber, the scene cuts back and forth between the star singing on the Metropolitan stage to the clowning Denny make time, dear. She can help us more ov running along GOOD night, Miss Parker. Christine, how can you be them to sell for prices from 25 ' of its use in the atate. of Auer, Oakie and Frank Jenks In the audience. The preview crowd so helpless when there's so mucn to do.,f cents to fl8S, here loved it The de-luxe Isabelle, In a new black evening mm m type attain a speed of SS miles an gown, a red velvet wrap slipping The family crest of Louise Lati from her shoulders, trailed in and hour and rise to a height of 6,000 mer is the same as that used by feet. A new associate in the business former King Edward when he was sat on the bed, smoking, saying nothing. Cigaret ashes dropped on the whits lace veil; she blew them Prince of Wales. In 12BB. John is John Hewlett, who managed the AN ESSAY ON BUYING AT HOME Millions of words have been printed and uttered in the interests of trading at home and every community of any size stages leal drives to keep the home town dollar revolving in the circle of its business enterprises. luch ridicule has been poked at small towns and cities as they attrmDt to develop into tradine centers but the same ambitions Latimer, ancestor of Louise's, was tour of Colleen Moore's doll house, awav. smiling her twisted smile. "Now the dress," Aunt Nettie granted permission to use a plume of feathers with the motto "Semper Constant" as his family crest. and who the film colony still thinks will marry the former star some day. Hewlett becomes promotion said, panting. "Hold your head per feetlv still. Christine. PLEASE!" manager of the company and will Rose dropped the heavy satin handle world wide distribution, folds over her shoulders, knelt to The plume of fea&hers was, and .la still, the heraldio - crest of the Prince of Wales. The Latimer family long since abandoned the adjust the train. Christie found herself breathing hard, as if she had been running a The year's oddest inheritance is reported by Scott Kolk, who plays move the boosters of the larger metropolitan areas and their rival ries are on the same plane. It is laudable for any municipality to desire growth and, because so many cultural activities depend upon the prosperity of business, entirely commendable to encourage the use of It, but Louise has some silverware given her by her grandmother that still retains the crest. long way. "The veil, Mis' Cooper?" Rosa "Secret Agent X-9" in the Universal serial. He has just fallen heir to a railroad station in the asked. Here and there In Hollywood. . . . threatened traffic Jam of long town of Houghton, Maine, and, within the next 30 days, expects to come into a spur railroad that Isabelle lifted it with fingers on which the nails had been lacquered the color of blood. Rose took it, reverently, as though she were lifting some holy thing. Christie distance calls on Christmas Day has the celebs booking their calls goes with it. advance. Margot Grahame stooped a little to receive It. already has arranged a talk to Then there was a rustle and a swish, and Adele's excited voice: "Look at me, moms I Look, Isf London on the 24th. Anton Wal-brook has put In his reservation for the lines to Vienna and to Italy. Innumerable calls to New York are being listed. . . . With Christmas Christie, stop admiring yourself a minute, darling. Look, is your bridesmaid all right?" "Oh, lovelyl lovely!" Christie cried, genuine admiration written all over her startled, flushed face. bonuses in doubt at some of "lie studios, a new kind of gambling spree has bit the film colony. Prospective bonuses can be bougnt "You re just too beautiful, Adelel A silver princess!" Very few know that George Brent has quietly given up flying. There's quite a story behind it About three months ago, the actor took off from a Bake rsfi eld airport for a short flight. He circled low around the field, then did a rapid climb. After an hour or so he nosed down again. White-faoed mechanics ran up to him. They wanted to know if he was crazy. Then they pointed out a maze of high tension wires that Brent had not noticed and literally had played tag with. The actor sold his plane right after the incident. Three weeks later, it crashed, killing its new owner and two other occupants. "Wait till you see her carrying the orchids with it," Nettie said. growth' of home town enterprises, which provide employment for local citizens. iThere was a time in many cities when a man or woman who bought' out of town was considered something of a misfit. There was 'a' general realization of the desirability of keeping money at home but not quite such a clear conception of the way to turn the trick. ' It was generally assumed, in many quarters, that what was necessary was a series of articles on trading at home in the local newspaper .at the editor's expense and that was that. 'Today,' more than ever before, it is being generally recognized (hat tne job of keeping home money in town is primarily one that belongs to the merchants and business men and that it is not to be undertaken in the same way that colleges work up pep for football games. There is no use to assail a fellow-townsman for trading somewhere else when there is a distinct advantage to the family pocket-book in so doing. In other words, trading being what it is, buyers are naturally going to take the best bargains they can obtain and' it is the, function of merchants to provide them with the best buys. No town pan successfully institute buying at home and keep It at some plants for as low as nva dollars. . . . Back from Palm Springs, Arline Judge has taken up where she left off with Pat Da Clcco. They were at the Troca-dero the other night. . . . Al Jolson, the dude, is wearing alligator skin "Dead white, with the magenta veinine just enough color to . , . Isabelle, tell me frankly, is that He would always understand, forever and ever. "At least, the bridegroom didn't hoes. . . . And the Frank Lloyds, fail us, she thought, and looked across at him, love and laughter in after living In Whittler for so long, are selling most of their holdings headdress too theatrical? With her hair dressed that way, she'd still be finished without it With a little cry the bridesmaid put her . hands to the silver and fiearl diadem that made her look ike a Russian princess. "No! It would spoil everything. Christie er eyes, because he looked so stiff to move into Bel Air. and scared, and nobody, not even she. had given a thought to him all Today's Puzzle: What foreign day. Now he had taken her hand, and actress is a secret follower of the the minister was reading. She tried wouldn t It?" Before Christie could answer, Isabelle drawled: "Certainly it would. It would You Asked Me and I'm Telling You! Cleo Lindsay, Venice: Good heavens, is the Ginger Rogers-Lew Ayres re-marriage rumor cropping up again T There's not a chance of it coming about. Neither seems to have a steady heart interest at the to listen to what he was saying, but her head was a vacuum, she couldn't nudist cult and recently shocked the daylights out of a couple of European friends by receiving them in the drawing room, plenty ruin the entire plot. You might not Through the open doors came the cool sweetness of the spring night. The organ's triumphant note was fainter, farther away. Jim Raymond, the best man, ushed through the crowd of people slow the steps. His gardenia gleamed whitely in the shadow. "The car's right here the first one!" he called in a hoarse, stage whisper. Donald held her arm more tightly. A little murmur of admiration hummed through the crowd. A child said, "Oh I She's like a doll!" "Get in the car, doll," Donald whispered, "and watch that tail of yours. I'd hate to step on it!" "Don't you dare boss me!" she whispered back. They clung to each other in the slow moving car, laughing, and lighthearted. They didn't see his mother, weep decolletteT think,' couldn t feel Donald's responses were low, and indistinct, but she answered clearly, easily. Then he slid the narrow platinum eclipse the bride, and what a pity that would be!" "For shame!" Nettie cried, sharply. Adele's delicate face puckered. The butler tapped at the door. "The car has been waiting nearly twenty minutes. Shall I have it go on waiting?" band on her finger, and she heard the minister pronouncing them man and wife. They were married . . . the wedding that Aunt Nettie had slaved about for weeks was over that soon! She and Donald. . . . She lifted her eyes to his, really seeing seems most natural as a kind-hearted outlaw while Herbert Mundin and his tin pans pruvide numerous laughs. Polly Moran in "Oh, Duchess" and Fox Movietone News are short subjects. "Yes, dor Isabelle called. "Don t him for the hrst time, for the first you know the bride is supposed to be late?" . "Not this bride!" Christie said, so naturally and quickly that even Isabelle laughed and the atmos ing unrestrainedly on her daughter's shoulder, as thev made their time smelling the lilies, recognizing in the serious pink face of the min MOVIES 'A MKNSAt.N TO .AIU I V AT T1IK I'OI.I MltlA You'll find tliis movie a spectaeu-lar drama, excellently photographed, hased on the unusual and thrilling trip taken hy the lone Boldier who earrled tlie fa.nuous secret me.':saKe from rresident McKinley to (ieneral Garcia. John Holes undertakes the hazardous trip into the jungle-infested regions 0f f'ulia with his destination unknown. Barbara Stanwyck is cast as a Cuban aristocrat who gets caught with Boles on the ister Doctor Graham, who had' married them, the man who had going unless it possesses alert, industrious and capable merchants, who are able to sell merchandise along modern lines, giving customers. the tame advantages that can be obtained in other marts. Buying at home will not work if all that it means is the snaring of dollar from unwary and unintelligent buyers. " Clinton merchants have the ability, they have the means and many of them are now exhibiting merchandising skill that encourages1 the belief that buyers will find it worth their time and money to shop here. 'The same observation applies to many merchants in nearby towns and cities. The local merchant, everywhere, has the advantage of proximity to his trade which nobody can take from him.' It is worth having and should be the means of securing for him the trade support of the buyers in his natural field of operations. phere was cleared. With, her own hands she adjusted the orange blossoms, pinned joyous way up the aisle. Nor did they see the wizened, slightly cross-eyed old gentleman, who, uninvited, sat in the back row of the church, and by his perfectly ridiculous resemblance to the late Adoiphus Cooner had comoletelv : MKX.DN A Holts;' AT THK ?AI,ACE After two hilarious years as Broadway's reigning coniedy hit, "3 Men on a Horse" goeB galloping on to success with a highly compe the lace in place. "One more dab of powder and I'm ready. I hope I don't fall on this talked at Adoiphus funeral . . . Adele was handing her back her flowers. How lovely they were . . . bow cooly, mystically fragrant . . . With her heart in her eyes, Christie looked again at the man she had just married . . . What was he thinking, this stranger that train. Aunt Nettie, am I really all Wit?" unnerved Nettie as she passed him on her way up the aisle behind the bridal party. Isabelle saw him. too. for she "Perfect," Nettie said, looking at tent cast. Frank McHugh. Joan her own nicely waved hair as she Hlondell, Carol Hughes, Guv Rib- bee , Allen Jenkins, Sam Levene and dangerous trail. Wallace Beery Teddy Hart are leading characters. she loved, and had just promised to live with forever? He was looking at her, too, and his eyes were misty. He understood. He would always understand, forever and ever. And suddenly great tears stood in her own eves, and she smiled The rollicking comedy has McHugh looked in the glass with Christie. But Hose flung her arms around her and kissed her. "Miss Christie, you look so beautiful I'm almost too. scared to touch you, but that ain't going to stop me from telling you so, and hoping you'll be the happiest girl in the .world!" as a timid soul who writes verses Basketball Season gripped her mother's arm tightly, and hurried her past him. "Do you feel faint, Mrs. Cooper?" Wilbur Curtis, the stupidest usher, asked solicitously. "Mother has some smelling salts with her, if you haven't " "No, it's nothing nothing " Isabelle cut in coldly. "She'll be all right once she gets out in the air." They pushed and prodded her out of the church. (To Be Continued) Copyrlflit. 1 f 33, KIdi feature, b adnata. Im t4 tm ten Insbssas la. 0 - through them, warm and alive and happy, pressing her flowers to her heart with one hand, holding Donald's arm with the other, walking someone said in a stage "Now I whisper. IittJe down the aisle with hin . , . mar- Someone else gave her a push. , tied. lor greeting cards. He lias an uncanny gift for predicting winners In horse races: the ones he picks come In first every time. When his friends :u last reaize his girt, "Oiwin" Is im-lirlsoned with Joan Hlondell as his lovely guard. When Ihe unfortunate man's wife gets the police and starts a city-wide search, complications pile up. A Clyde McCoy .Band Act and colored cartoon are other treats. home. MUs Fior ui Vale went to Linton, Monday. bles. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Tom Brazil, high; Mrs. Dan Jones, 'junep, and Mrs. Joe Atherton, low. guest of the dub. Tje evenini; wa spent in playing bunco at three ta Mr. and Mth. Adam Clarkson gave a fine Scotch Christmas turkey dinner. There were twenty-einht As Opera Season Got Underway guests incuding Edward Hrogan and family, James Clarkson and family, D. Mclntyre and wife, Sam Robinson, and others. Fruit and cake were served in the afternoon. Millie Clarkson gave some recitation, which were much appreciated. The orowd joined in the singing of old time melodies and sacred music and ureatly enjoyed the day. Mjnes 11 l en Hett and IT 'nnd nitpuded the teachers' awKoH- i tax this he inxwr AT THK A II Art H The diminutive screen volcano, Jane Withers, has her best role lo lale as the little southern pirl who lifts the niortRuse off the old homestead, unites a ronmntie voting roti )le. geis herself into all manner o! 'tinny scrapes and yet finds time for Home snappy modern dancing and Milling nunilieiH. SlUn Summerville, Helen Wood. Thomas Beck. Claude '.illiiifcwaler and Donald Took out-io themselves in supporting roles. The lour swiiigy melodie? are "Un-He Tom's Tallin Is a CaharW Now." "Does You Wanna Co to Heaven?." "I'lck. Pick Pickaninny" and "It s JuJep Time in Dixieland. You'll like it as well as the children. A Terrytoon about some "Sunken atfon this week In Indianapolis. Mrs. Kaymmid Foltz Is confined to her liunif in Vine Htret with an attack of influenza. Henry King, of Detroit, Mich. spending a couple of wekw at tin-tume of hiH nephew s 1 1 c 1 niee. Air, and Mrs. Fell Scullion n;' North Heventh street. TrfaKureH," Foi Movietone News and a few "Crazy Inventions" are alno on the program. fen 1 r bn T t j( ill i vn- Miss Esther Koliner entertained last evening with, a delightful liridte party at her home. Bridge was played at four tables. The prizes wre awarded to: Mjss Dorothy Ilaleh. high; Mrs. William (illfoy. second high; and Miss .Mary Curtia. low. YESTERDAYS iiwkjibici: -Hi, I Ml I Miss Jeunie Kiltliy and Elsie Sluliz. Claude KwIiik. .!( Kuli h and Arthur Mw-tifli of lmliun University and Frank liaxter of Hose Poly; Misses Hannah Dick. Bessie Stark and Frances Newton, of the State Normal; Harold Nourse, Fred Walker. John Wesley Redder and Roherl Porter of Purdue; Morey and Roy Cloyd or WahaBh spent the holidays at home. Miss Alma Mooney who Is attending the stale normal. Miss Senora ljt Plante or South Third street entertained the members of the Tri Rappa sorority last evening at her home. Mrs. Dain Miller was the assistant hostess. Frtederlc Bchott Ku-sten Magsbut Edward Juhasaa hloh P"" lo be one of the most brilliant to the Mstor of u,e Metropolitan Opera company was an occasion mutual congratulation, between thu noted trto. left to rtght intrench Schott. Ktrsten Flagstad. both pruiclpaU or the Metro! pulitan. and Edward Jolumon. general manager. Miss Audrey Vales of South Fifth street entertained the members or the Jolly elub last evening at her

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