The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 5, 1921 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
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Monday, December 5, 1921
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EMOUOT NEW -.1 A FAI PRINTED FOR A riTRrOSE TO HELP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAYS. Forty-Fifth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, MONDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1921 Number2 4 QUAKERS TROUN0 FAIRMOUNT BOY IN FAR NORTH Puzzled D Black and Gold Determined To Wallop The "Wonder Five" TIN PLATE FIVE PilPSi)ar nil -Jlit -;i1 CONTEST WEDNESDAY NIGHT PROMISES TO BE HARDEST FOUGHT BATTLE EVER WITNESSED ON THE FAIR-MOUNT FLOOR A sist as usual of Payne ami Hollings-wor at forwards, Olfather, center, atJl Leer or Pickard and Williams, guards. The Marion lineup ig not yet definitely known, but the latest re. port is that Englehart is once more considered elogible and that he will appear in his old position. But iA matter, Wednesday night Marion comes to Fairmout.t for a game, after can- largest Cnvwd Eer Seen at a Basket Ball Game Will Pack the New High School Gym to Overflowing Marion Fans Ask For Reservation f Entire North Section Kiwanis ervation. To Go In Bodies Doors ' Uir? 'f, pame on the local to Open at 6:30. j Ywir! watcWd lh,S 5ar ,S Leo Bundy, Now in Charge of a Government Radio Station in Alaska, Writes That He Likes His Work and the Country, Is His Own Housekeeper. Mrs. Florence Bartholomew has received a letter from her nephew, Leo Bundy, who is now in Alaska, where he is in charge of a radio station for the government. Le is a Fairmount boy, and left here for the west last summer, being stationed near Seattle for a time before he was transferred to Alaska. He says he likes his work and the country, but it's a long ways from home. His letter, which in part is as follows, will be of interest to his Fairmount friends: "U. S. Radio StatiotJ, McGrath, Alaska, Sept. 3, 1921. "Dear Auntie: "Well, Auntie, I am up here and settled in my new place now and have grtten over my first dislike for the place and think that I will even like it before I get away from here, for ELWOOI) DEFEATED AT ELWOOD BY THE ACADEMY QUINTET IN FAST GAME Contest Fiercely Fought From Start to Finish With Academy Players Having Edge on Their Opponents Throughout Final Score 21 to 17 in Favor of Fairmount. The "Academy Fighting Five" traveled to Elwood Friday night and brought home a clean cut victory of 21 to 17 over Elwood high school. The game wa3 close at all stages and hotly contested by both sides. The first six minutes of the game was featured by neither team beiig able to make up a counter. The large audience held almost breathless be-' cause of the fast playing and clever team work being used by both teams. After six minutes of fast playing Elwood scored two baskets in quick succession and pandemonium broke out from the audience. This was practically the last of the Elwood's scoring during the first half, as the Quakers K0K0M0 WINNER BY TWO POINTS "Beat Marion Wednesday Night is the slogan and watchword of all local fans, of the students of Fairmount i high school and most decidedly of the fighting; Black and Gold team. This ; frame, to be played in the Fairmoui t j high school gym, will begin promptly1 at 8 o'clock and is to be the first game j of the season between the two rival j schools. Moreover it is one of the J gameg on the schedule in which every tejnn ; - .... . -n TAKE GAME FROM FAIRMOUNT HIGH SCHOOL AFTER DETERMINED STRUGGLE Black and Gold Play Hard and Fa Why Grant County People Should Buy Christmas Seals Game. Holding the Edge Until Middle of Second Half When Slump in Playing Gives Their Opponents the Lead. one is interested and which will attract an ui.Visua! amount of attention in this section cf the basket ball world. The local gym will be packed with the largest crowd that ever attempted to see a basket ball game in his locality and the big question will One week ago the Kokomo high i school basket all team woif from the i there is a lot of work and it keeps me 'offense got into action slowly but sure-very busy atAl I don't have a great j ly and ran the score u.p to 8 to 5 when deal of time to sit around and think, the first half er'Jcd. It is a great place for hunting for The Academy started the second there are a lot of bear, moose, beaver, J half by caging a neat basket. At this wolves, fish, muskrat and ducks, point of the contest Elwood staged a geese and ptarmigans, so that when I rally tying the scorn at 10 all. The am not busy working I have a lot of rest of the half was a battle royal, huntiifg to do. Had bear meat and . both teams fighting hard, Fairmount reindeer yesterday for dinner. Would- ! finally forging ahead and the time- be to find room for everyone that do- 1 strong Anderson high tcar.i by a mar. I sires t attend. Marion is planning ' 0f one point, the score being 17 to ' to bring several car loads of boosters ifi. Last Friday night the Franklin for the occasion and has already ask- j,ich school state championship team -d that the entire north end of the won from AtMerson by a margin of ' gym be reserved for Marion fang for oni. four points, the final score being' that Light, The doors will be open at , 25 to 21. At the same time the speedy j 6:30 as everyone seems to be planning j fighting Fairmount high school bas-! to te on nana? eaviy !y m or.ter to pet ket ka'.l team held the Kokom0 team ' to a 21 to 23 score, thereby strength- ; a seat. n't you have liked t0 have been here j keeper's gun fouiAl the Academy lead-with mo for the feed? i ing 21 to 17 in one of the best games "Had a very nice trip coming up. ' over played on the Elwood floor, ac-Took just five weeks almost to the ( cording to the Elwood fans, very hour to get up here, but we ' This victory means much for the didn't have any rough weather on the Academy as Elwood is represented by way and most of the time the weather j"" exceedingly strong five this year was tfice. I have a log cabin here, j which has defeated some of the six rooms, and do all of my owrJ cook, strongest teams in this part of the inn and housekeeping and with the state, and will gtive the Academy bas-care and operating of the station I i kt bnll stock a considerable raise, am kept mighty busy. I usually get j All of the Academy team played through the day's work about eight wpI" with n0 outstanding stars. Cecil o'clock in the evening. Are havin'g I played a good game at forward by his fine weather up here, just like Indian 'clever passing, till he received a The Fairmount high, school team is enir.g the conviction of local fatJs that "raring to go." Every member of the Fairmount high school team this j the team ;.s determined t0 win the Ma- ( y,- js assuredly to be classed anions j rion game ai.'d everyone is working his the leading fives of the state. j level best with that ilea in mind. xue Fairmount cwm was racked 1 Moreover evervor.e feels confident nearly to , capacity for the Kokomo game and the interest of. tve many t Because in 1S20 seventy-five Grant county people died of tuberculosis, a disease that may be prevented by- educational methods, and cured if proper treatemei.'c is applied in time. Because seventy-live deaths mean a death rate of 140.0 per 100,000 of population, a rate that is far too high for a civilized community to tolerate. Because, through the Christmas Seal Sale the money is raised to spread educational material throughout the county. Because Christmas Seal money has established and maintains the free tuberculosis clinic. Because Christmas Seal mot.V?y supports the Modern Health Crusade, in which school children throughout the county have enlisted to learn the lessons of health and right living. And finally, because Grant county must itat rest content with giving an average of 2.9 cents per capita, as last year, for an ENTIRE YEAR'S work against the "white plague." The money you spe:id for Christmas Seals is used against tuberculosis here in' this county and this state. LAST YEAR'S SEAL SALE MONEY GAVE TO GRANT COUNTY: 8 Tuberculosis Clinics. 282 City and County teachers physical examination. 46 cases of defective children examined in one school clinic. 500 people were examined in these 8 cliiScs. 500 school children now doing Health Crusade work in County schools. 100 new members. 12 towns and villages organized for Health work and Seal Sale iAw. 1 town w ith tuberculin tested milk in the schools. 1 school nurse. 300 pieces of literature on home treatment and prevention' distributed. 150 Health and educational talks given to Clubs, Churches, and Schools. 13 townships given some phase of educational work. 4 cases furnished with tet.Ys, proper food and nursing; 3 cases arrested. 3 open air schools included in plans of new buildings, 2 of them to be in the new South Marion High School. 9 tonsil operations for school childrei? made free of charge by Veal "specialists. 3 school children's teeth given dental care free of charge. 3 cases of bad eyes corrected free of charge. fans was kept at the highest pitch through the contest, Kokom0 w-as expecting a mighty haul battle and many backers of that team came on the Kokomo special car cr in mach:nes to view the contest and help support the team. i summer down in Indiana, but it is sprained ankle near the clos of the ! getting cooler all the time and before first n3'f- Woods, who substituted for jlonV? the days will be real cold. Have Cecil, played a good defensive game, about a hundred cords of wood here , Sett and Lamm were the defensive 'though and so I am not worrying over wizards for the Academy, Lamm with that Fail mount has a good chance to win although most assuredly this will probably be one of the hardest fought games on the entire schedule. Neither team will have a wr.!k away. That is a foregci.Vj conclusion. Marion is worried. Several times this season the so called "Wonder Five has come in a body to see Fair-mount play &rt Coach Gilbert was down for the Kokomo game Friday night despite the fact that his own team had a pme on with LaFontair.e. At least Mari-M? ought to have the dope cn the Fairmount team and if that fact will bring any decided advantage, should have it. , Both teamg played fast and furious I the cold. Have a bin bunch of fur : trie aomty t intercept nia opponents 11! clothes for the winter this winter, too, ! passe and by stopping tho fast El- ball from the vcty first and every; spectator was wild with excitement j , when the last minute came with the score tied and the teams still fiehtingl his first nn.) mncm nn.l cnmir chnr.- n-M n WOOl forwards. hCOtt in doo- team for driving around in. so ' Pame of the season kept the Elwood ' that I am all fixed up. Am only about , Payers out of short range of the bas-!a hundred or two hundred miles from i kpt on"y one short shot bp'r? made the place where McCorkle is now '.npainst Mm. McCombs was the best I . . t T-l ? A. 3 .'11. teeth and toe nail with the locals seeming to be gaining a slight edge on their rivals. However a lucky one Holv Cross. Uir'able to work with scorer tor tne rairmount squau wun hand shot by Armstrong, the Kokomo 'A N t , him on the wire though as he does not work with me. Local fans know that the Black and ; star forward, put Kekom0 to the front Gold team this year will fight to the again during this minute and the final last ditch and also Marion is well pistol sounded before the locals had aware of that fact. The locals have another opportunity to even the count, been ill a couple of mighty big scraps ' The entire game was exciting enough and have emerged with an honorable but the finish was hair raising to say record. The Fairmount team is going the least, strong and even the rivals do not hes- ' Kokomo scored first ot? a foul but seven baskets to his credit. Rich played a good passing game with hard luck oil the basket. With each game the "Fighting Five" shows a decided improvement and they are beginning to look like a more formidable five, one that is bound to be heard from before the season is over. The next game of the season is with KIWANIANS HEAR "Well for small town stuff this place has it all over Fairmount for it only has about two hundred people here and of these I guess there are about a dozen women, possibly more. No young girls here at all and so I am perfectly safe, utJless one of these Siwash Squaws captures me (?) It takeg about two or three months for the mail to get into here and I haven't received any letters yet from the outside although it is over six weeks since I left Seattle. I got your last letter about two hours before we sailed and would liked to have answer, ed it but there was no time as I had the strong Tiptor quinte- at this place on next Friday night. Tipton has a A REAL SERMON strong net team this year and with the. Academy going at a fast clip H should Clab as a Body Attends Services at KIWANIS TO MEET ON TUESDAY NIGHT Date Moved Up One Day on Account of Basket Ball Game Election of Officers Because of the Fairmoutft-Marion basket ball tramp on Wednesday nicht. be a battle royal. This pame will be itate to class the B'ack and Geld with a minute later Fairmount evened the the leading teams of the state as is cocnt also on a free throw. . In a showi! by he following article taken ' short time Olfather added the first from the Muncie Star where Fair- shot from the field and a minute later mount high school is mentioned along Payne added another giving Fair-with such teams as Muncie, Kokomo, mount a nice lead. At this stage cf Anderson and Franklin. The Muncie ' the game Kokom0 was completely out-reporter is givii.g the dope as to the 'classed as the ball was in Fairmount relative standing of Muncie and Koko- hands a preater part of the time and mo: j the locals were playing a whirlwind Last evening the Kokomo team game. Both teams were going at top journeyed to Fairmount and won by a ! speed and the excitement was intense. 23 to 21 score. Two weeks ago the At the etXl of the half the locals still Central High squad made the trip and! held a small lead, the score being 12 First Methodist Church Sunday Night Most of the members of the Kiwan- by far the hardest game on the Academy schedule. The lineup and summary for the El wood game are as follows: Fairmouifc is club went t church Sunday tght; this on invitation of the pastor of the church and a fellow Kiwanian, the the Kiwanis club has moved up the to make a mad dash for the boat from date for its regular bi-weekly meeting j the office.' . one day, and the meeting this week will be held on Tuesdav niirht at 6:30 ! UPLAND MAN WINS Rev. C B. Sweeney, and those who U 9 in favor of the Black and Gold Elwood John Green Dunlap Yeast Gray did had the plaasure of hearing an excelled sermon, a, well as some ex o'clock in the basement of the Metho- Cecil McCombs Rich Lamm Scott Forwards Centers To start the second half Payne add h! niftv .hot from the field and cellent music by the choir of the ; church under the direction of Mr. dist church, where the ladies of the church will serve the dirAier. This will be an especially important meet re tun fed the victors, 31 to 17. Judging from this, Muncie should win by a close margin. But Franklin defeated Muncie, 47 to 17, at Franklin. Last night Franklin trotf from Anderson by the chose score, 15 to 21, on the lat- again the furiou- fight was on. Ko STOCK SHOW HONORS. J. H. Clamme of Upland won high honors at the International Livestock Exposition at Chicago, with his entries in the Polled Shorthorn classes. Mr.'Clamme's animals anrtexed first and fourth on 1 -year-old heifer and second on both senior and junior year- komo soon added a couple from the field and at the end of about ten1 min- Claude Huston. The invitation to attend his church as a club was extended by Rev. Sweeney on the occasion of the dinrAer given by the Academy fra fl.-wr I jst 10Tfk Kokomo lirnp-.1 -. td. tio.1 Then Koko ing as the Jtrst annual election . of officers will be held, and the project of a community Christmas tree discussed and some definite decision arrived at. Guards ; . . Field goals McCombs 7, Lamm ;1, Rich 1, John 1, Dunlap 3, Yeast 1, Gray 2. Foul goals-Rieh 3, Gray 2, Dunlap 1. Substitutions Woods for Cecil. Referee Heze Clark, . - a . . r E j o - " " " a win over the Madison County aggre- j mo led out and at one time held a lead Ration, 17 to 16, at Kokomo. So ac-j0f six points with about five minutes cording to dope the Kokomo team must : to clay. About this time Olfather was It is important that every member of , ling bull calves. Other Hoosier win Domestic Science girls at the Academy a couple of week8 ago, and last night the members gathered at the the club be preset. at this meeting rJers in these classes were W W. Rose to be on hand be a fast one, and the Purple and removed for personals. But the Black White players will have to stretch rtAI Gold quintet still had a lot of speed church asemblirur shortly before the and all are urged promptly on time. hour for the evening service and go f themselves to the limit to wiri" anj fwht and dia not give up hope Hale of Anderson will referee Wed-1 parne soon added twb free throws and ing in to seats reserved for them in the central part of the auditorium, while a good sited cotfgregation filled ttesday night. The game will be a!a Reld goal. Kokomo was fighting Mrs. Emma Ward and daughter Ale of Marion, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Simons Sunday. . and Sons, Rossville, and M. J. Ranck and Sons, Roann. Frank Lux, 13 years old, of Shelby-ville, Ind., was proclaimed junior corn king of the United States, winning the title among the boy corn growers which his father, Peter J. Lux, won two years ago among the grown ups at the international hay and grain hard and fast one but local fans know ' desperately but so was the Fairmount the other parts the room. I I that he should keep the game well in team. Then Payne added another from the field and the score was tied hands at all time. Fairmount Will entertain probably several hundred visitors from Marion once again with but a minute to play. Mrs. Elsie Traster and son Byron will go to Elwood tonight to meet i Everyone was wild with the excite- FAIRMOUNT PAIR QUIETLY WED 13 "ID. Clyde Estel Miller, son of Mr. ari Mrs. Arthur Miller, and Nellie Mae Davis, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emory Davis, of Orestus, were married on Thanksgiving day at Nobles-ville by the Rev. J R. Quick, former pastor 0f the Orestus Baptist church, according to announcements received ' here today. iMr. Miller is a graduate, of the Fairmount high school, arI', well known in this city. He and his.-., bride will reside on his father's farm" east of Rigdon. Mrs. Traster's brother, M. K. Cooper, ; show. The minister took aa his lesson for the evening the story of the prodigal son, and took his text from the cruel-fiction of Christ, showing that in His death Christ overcame ain for the redemption of the world, and that otAy through acceptance of Christ can k .t .11 V(imnmitL for the game Wednesday night Fair. ment. i l T f. - - - mount fans have proven themselves Mohler missed and the ball bounced who will arrive from San FrarAnsco this evening. Mr. Cooper is Mrs. to tie side only t be tipped in one handed by Armstrorfe for the deciding Eddie Leach has equipped his car with signs bearing the word "Dear in large letters and asks that auto Traster's youngest brother and was in her care from the time he was four i 4 ' i V, 4 - A ' man build for greater and better good sports on many occasions it) the past. Many teams have remarked favorably this year upon the sportsmanship of Fairmount people. Fair-mount fans should likewise impress that fact upon Marion, our close years old until he grew up. This ia! drivers "look" instead of blowMg points, for Fairmount had no time for another basket. . " Local fan. were well pleased indeed with the rame the Black and Gol things here on earth. Throughout his discourse the minister made his points with forceful eloquence, the Sermon beiilg pronounced by those who had the pleasure of hearing it to have been one of Rev. Sweeney's best the first meeting of the two in seven- their horns when attempting to pass teen years. Mr. Cooper will stop him on the road. Eddie says he cant over in Elwood a few days whet he hear the horns and if drivers will will go on to Cleveland where he will notice the sign on his car and give engagte in business in a medical lab-( him a charAce they will be given their neighbors, by refraining from yelling team mit un. It was a hard fight and when a foul is being tossed and many j the locals outplayed the visitors at Mr. and Mrs. Chester Brewer , of near Summitville are the guests v-of John Richards and family. 1 I- share of the road. oratory. j efforts. v , ; (Continued on Page Three) The local lineup to start the gnie

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