The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 28, 1936 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 28, 1936
Page 3
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L Page 5 The Dally Clintontan, Clinton, Indiana Monday, December 28, 1936 Mr. and Min. J. h. Ilorney of 8outh Fifth street entertained with Starlets Fete Unlucky Actress Jigecr, Pony, Liquor Mcasurei Jigger and pony are measures used for liquor. A jigger is one and one-half ounces, while a pony is an ounce. CLINTON SOCIAL NOTES -3f a dinner. ChrhUinos Day for Mra. Roue Johnon, Mia. Ora Doyle, Mm. Dollle Wiltwmood and MIrh Sara Downing. Mra. Corlnne Hall and eon, Herbert William, and hrr mother, Mra. Dtllu Hull, all of Houth Sixth afreet, Hxnt the holidays at NMIpb, Mich!-Kan, vialtlriK r.lnllva. Thfy wfr ;i(fniiip!inlfd t(nre hy Minn Piiullni! ..chest SOCIAL CALENDAR Marriage of Young Couple Announced Miss VlaulM I'ulimo and Nick Km--amivich Married December IN, orority Dance At Dreamland Hall Tonight Monday ItKHI. Ilecrpl inn lielil 1 1 tenlny in Hoiit-) iiiihiii Hfe by Iteliil Ivrn Hire Will lie lit Dr.aniluliil Hull; Vn Mrjnllrn mill Orclieiilrii lu Furnish Munlc; I .a run Crowd AnlkliMiti! ainmiim lij tEi-Stt. "sV ' Mf '1 Anne Shirley I j ff 1 Jl J Announcement Is made of the Jerusalem Chapter, 264, O. E. 8. to hold regular meeting at hall on Houth Main street, 7:30 p. m. Wakofe club -all members are to meet at the library, Op m. A supper will be served, the place of destination not known. All member unuble to attend are to communicate with Miss Clara Klllott by calling 397 or K16-J not later than Saturday morning. Hull of ItMlinnupolia. Mra. Mull rcmultu'd for uri IihI'-T-I i it vllt at the horn of ht-r himi, Mr. and Mr?. H. M. Hull it'id family. Solon Foltz and Woodrow Caf were among th hiindrda of people vialtliifc the (Jeorge R onem Clark Memorial at Vincennps rerpntly. M inn Loret t a Toga n of Ox ford , Ohio, has returned to hfr home after vlalting several days at the home of her mother, Mra. Kather-ine f'oKan of Hlarkman atreet. Mr. and Mra. Roy Cogan and baby aon of East Chicago, who have heen visiting at the home of relatives here the paat weekend, reurn- Tuesday murrluge of Miss Vlasta I'liloncy. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Paloncy of Fairvlew, to Nic k Kiiruii-ovlch, son of Mrs. Mildred Karan-ovlch of west of the city. The wedding occurred on Friday. December 18. The single ring ceremony was performed. Mrs. Karanovich was graduated from the Clinton High School witli the class of '29 and from Brown's Business college, Terre Haute, with the clajis of '30. For the past two years she has been employed a? bookkeeper at the J. ('., Penney Company at Terre Haute. Mr. KaraiUJaMch was graduated from the local high school with tin Job's Daughters will hold a staff practice at the hall, South Main street, 7 p. m Pythian Sisters will meet at the hall, 7:30 p. m. Bunco Party of American Lesion Auxiliary will be held at the Legion home. South Third street, 7 p. m. &4 FRIST ed to their home yeateniay. Mm Mr. and Mrs. Paul Day and son, f)onald. of Chicago Bpent the week Confined to a Hollywood hospital in semi -paralyzed condition becauHe of injuries received in an automobile accident In 1934, Mary Blackford, center, former actress, had tier holiday brightened when she was given a party by two film friends. Anne Shirley, left, and Paula, fctone, right, both starlets. end at the home of Mrs. Mary Day Tuesday Bridge Club will meet at the home of Mrs. Dave Reed, South Fourth street, 2 p. m. Delta Theta Tau Sorority will meet at the B. t P. W. club rooms on South Main street, 7:45 p. m. t Wednesday Idle Wile Club will meet at the home of Mrs. George Sarver, South Main street, 2 p. m. Wednesday Bridge club to meet at the home of Mrs. Don Doughty, Blackmon Btreet, 2 p. m. (1 Heveral weeks ago. ntived 1'ioiii the Oreen-tl to his liuifie in South He Is getting along a uusly lnjm has been rei castle huMpti Fin h afreet. FUNERAL HOME DAY OR NIGHT AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE IOd can he e.n-ct d. well a; of Nebeker street, Mr. and Mra. Anton Firgo and hildren, DeinreR and Herman, and Mr. and Mm. Baruehiik and pons, Inrk'n ;md Jimmy, and Mit-iH Mary iiigllelmetti, ull of Clinton, Bpent "firif:tm:tH evening at the home of lelr parentK, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Inplielnietti of Syndicate. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Howell entertained as their guests n-cently Tonight tliB annual dance of Trl ipna sorority will be Klven at rumland hall on North Ninth et. Music for dancing will he riilxhed by Wayne M'intlre and I onhotra of Brazil with dancing in ) p. in. to I a. m. This dance, an informal affair, is en to the public. According to a eck-up on ticket sales the dancers the city are responding rapidly d a large crowd la anticipated, if proceeds of this dance will be ed for philanthropic work In the y. The sorority is noted for Its illare work as glasses are pur-psed yearly for several children of loot age. At various times dur- the year baskets are distributed the needy families of the city. Mrs. Paul B. Casebeer Is general airman of the affair and Mrs. H. , Alilemeyer, table reservations, lyone wishing to reserve tables is ked to communicate with Mrs. llemeyer by calling 2C1. Tickets ly be obtained from any member Glllls Pharmacy. urcells Observe 48th Wedding Anniversary The 48th wedding anniversary of r. and Mrs J. E. Purcell of 159 rth Fourth street was celebrated it evening when several of their latlves and friends gathered at sir home. At 7 o'clock a spaghet-dinner was served. Those attending were Mr. and ft. T. L. McDonald, Mr. and Mrs. cfl Campbell, Mr. and Mrs. Hess, r. and Mrs. Tom Kibby, Mr. and rs. Andrew Fenogllo, Edgar Pur-U and Miss Viola Albright. A social time was enjoyed follow-f the dinner. )B S DAUGHTERS TO i HOLD INSTALLATION BIRTHS OLD JOHN SLEEPS GOOD NOW HK MA UK THIS a.V TKST Old John says, "I had to get up ft (if (J times every night. Kxcens aeidri and poisons ca-n cause frequent desire, scanty flow, burning, baekaehe, and petting up nights. I (lushed my bladder with buebu leaves, jumper oil, etc., made into little gr en tablets called Bukets." Castor oil flushes the bowels. Bu-ketf flush the bladder, in four days if not pleaded any druggist will re-f und your 2 Sc. (iilli I'liadrnacy. Adv. HI 75 in fl. ii ux! H Hi Mr. and Mr-.. C of 4::!l Walnut i-ntK of a huliy ix born at (he ri-siii i-l, arc I lit- pal-I'lmrU'H Wayne, i tiiii momiiiM. Public installation services of Job's Daughters will be held at the their aon, Stanley Jr., and Mrs. hall, South Main street, 7:30 p. m Mr: . Kliza- chilli Mi f. Girls' Bicycle Club to meet at Hi'-ir first iot'iinrly class of '31 and the Indiana Km balmers College, Indianapolis, with the class of '34. Prior to his graduation from the local school he was employed with the Brown funeral undertaking establishment. He ba been with the Karanovich fitneni' home for the past two years, which was formerly known as the Ryati-Masselink funeral home. The young couple have gone ! housekeeping at U'Sti Smith Fourtl street in their newly furnished home. A reception was given In their honor Sunday at the Honeymoon cafe on North Seventh street. This was an all-day affair and was attended by approximately 35 relatives of the immediate families. Miss Orletta Griffiths, of Louisville, Ky and Miss Margaret Griffiths of Indianapolis, spent the weekend at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Griffiths, of South Third street. Mr. Griffiths, who has been 111 for several weeks. Is improved. Miss Margaret McLelsh of Indianapolis spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John McLelsh of Nebeker street. The infant is lliuford was belli Scoll. Howell and family of Cary. Later in the evening all were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert (iogerty and L'Amor Cafe at 6 p. m. with Frank-aline Comalani as hostess. family of Terre Haute. Thursday Mr. and MrB. John Ktaninha. of C'hkaKo. formerly of Clinton, are the parents of a baby boy born yesterday. The infant is the first child and has been named John Kay- Centenary Ladles Aid will meet at the home of Mrs. Lydia Smith, 1 p. m. HOSPITAL NEWS Mrs. Maude Riley, who has been patient at the Vermillion county A Worth-While Gift Suggestion: THE NEW 1937 CLINTON COOK BOOK Just Off the Presi Published by WOMEN OF THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH was formerly mond. Mrs. Stanislia Wanda Nawrocki. hospital for several days, was dis missed today , Tony Klaus, of Falrview, who has Mrs. Dorothy Kruzan and son of South Fifth street were guests this weekend of Mr. and Mrs. James Kruzan of Middletown. Mrs. Kruzan's Bon remained at the home of his grandparents this week. Dr. and Mrs. G. A. Jackson of Waveland and Miss Geneva Jackson Medlock'i Copies May Be Obtained at: Clintonian, Rose nblatt's, Morgan's, or Any Presbyterian Woman The Daily DR. B. H. SELLERS DENTIST 249 i South Main Street C'llntun, Indian bppn In the Vermillion county hospital since Friday, is In a serious condition. Mr. Klaus was found unconscious on the street, and was taken to the hospital. ONLY 50c 80 Pa?e of Tested Recipes Leicester Howard, who was seri- were weekend guesta at the borne of W Haiti aoer FOR EVERY PURPOSE Frank Stanlsha of East Chicago, ind., spent the weekend at the home of hla parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Stanlsha of South Eleventh street. Adolph Ave of Detroit, Arnold Ave of Catlln. 111., and Mr. and Mrs. James Reagin of Terre Haute were the weekend guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Ave of North Seventh street. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Jones of Chicago spent the weekend here with friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Taylor and son, Jack, of South Fourth street were the weekend guests of Mrs. Taylor's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Spahr of Cary. Mlsa Maude Cooper of South Third street is spending several weeks In Chicago at the home of Miss Belva Schrader. Mr. and Mra. Jesse Zorzi and son were the Christmas guests of MrB. Zorzi's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stewart of Universal. Sunday Mr. and Mra. Zorzi entertained with ,a dinner for Mr. and Mra. Jack Hazeltyne of Brooklyn. N. Y. Mra. Rosa Axton of Mulberry street had as her weekend guests Mr. and Mrs. Haley of Louisville. Ky., and Miss Belle Brewer of Chicago. Mrs. Hose Bonomo and daughter of 645 North Ninth street spent Christmas day at the home of Mra. Bonomo's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Guglielmetti and her sister, Mrs. Anna Eamondl and daughter. Mary Lou, of Syndicate. For: Picnics Dinners Lodges Home Use For: Banquets Reunions Socials Scenery Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Jackson of South Third street. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jones and sons of Decatur spent the holidays at the home of Mrs. Jones' parents, Mr. and Mrs, Claude Gossett of New Goshen. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Skidmore of Mulberry street are In Indianapolis today on a business trip. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Slater and sou of Indianapolis were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Don Doughty of Blackmail street. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Manshlp and family and Charles Potter of South Fourth street have returned to their home after visiting at the home of Mr. Manship's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Manship of Fishers, Ind. David Lawson of South Sixth street, James and John Lawson and Mr, and Mrs George Martin of Terre Haute were called to Mount Olive, HI., Saturday o naccount of the serious Illness of their uncle, John Lew-son, who Is 82 years old. Eugene Marshall, who spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marshall, of the Gem restaurant, returned to bis home Id Chicago yesterday. Mr. and Mrs. 8. O. Harlan of Elm street, who spent the weekend In Chicago at the home of their son. Robert Harlan, and Mrs. Harlan, and Marshall Harlan and Mrs. Harlan are expected home this evening. - John Mller, of Fon Du Lac Wis., spent the weekend at the home of J. B. McKlnney of Walnut street. Mrs. Helen Pickett, of Chicago, Is visiting at the home of Mrs. Henry Meyer of South Third street. Public Installation services will i conducted by Job's Daughters fdnesday at 7:30 p. m, at the hall l South Main street, according to i announcement made today by rs. Koy ButtB. Mr. and Mra. Herbert Watta of trenail, Ind., Bpent the weekend ire at the home of Mrs. Watts' Other, Mrs. Janet Scott of North iVenth street, aud her sister, Mrs. 'illiam Huxford, and Mr. Huxford ; Walnut street. Air. and Mrs. Eugene Vaughn of ulianapolis were weekend guests of r. Vaughn's parents, Mr. and Mrs. fairies Vaughn of Neneker street. While here they viHited friends. Hiss Madeline Foltz of Florida is guest of her aunt, Mrs, Uurney oils, and Mr. Foltz of Universal 10 weelf. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Slater and id of Indianapolis were guests of ila lives in Clinton this past week-id. They were accompanied borne f Harold !oughty, who plans to toft at their home several days this I Em Air. and Mrs. John fluerrl of on Hi Fifth street are visiting rel-Uves and friends at South Bend. Mr. and Mrs. Mount James of Elm 7et had aa their guests this past vkend Mrs. Jamea brother, Joho lu nler. and Mrs. Hunter of Dear-arn. Mich. While here they visited Ir. Hunter's parents, Mr. and Mrs aim Hunter of Walnut street. En route borne they plan to vis-. Mr, Hunter's aister, Mrs. Kenneth tfenntver, and Mr. Glenntver of Chl-ao. Mr. and Mrs. I-yle Marshall have one to Detroit to mke their home. Patty Lou Slattery of Indianapolis pent the weekend with her grand- rents. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Slattery f South Third street. Mr. and Mrs. outs eiattery. her parents, spent Hiristmas and yesterday here. We Have Installed a "JiHy 'Re- Winder Clean, White Newsprint in Convenient Rolls No Cores to Carry! No Deposits Required! To be sure that a roll of Rolled to Your Order IN ANY AMOUNT 10 Yards Equal One Pound Paper Is 34 Inches Wide 2 lbs. 25c Save wear and tear on linen. Just use clean, white paper on the tables at your next organization dinner. It costs only a few cents and may be burned afterward. Try it once. That's all we ask. the size you will require will be waiting for you, we suggest that you call The Daily Clintonian, Phone 41 or 117, and order paper from thfl Jiffy Re-winder in advance. Special For One WEEK ONLY! $1.95 Croquignole Wave $1.35 $3.00 Croquignole Wave $1.95 $4.50 Croquignole Wave $2.95 r.Tabol Hills ,957 South Main Stmt Phone 5 56-J Still Coughing? No matter how many medicines jou have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial Irritation, you can get relief now with Creomulstou. Benous trouble may be brewing and you can-not afford to take a chance with anything less than CreomukUon, which goes right to the seat of the trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the infiamed membranes as the germ-laden phlegm is loosened and expelled. Even If other remedies have failed, dont be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomulsion and to refund your money if you are not satisfied with result from the very first botUt.OetCreomiiUion right now. (Adv.) Stomach Gas Ob on of ADLSfUKA tulcklr rsj-HtN iu blotting ciu out BOTH ttt aa4 stocp pood. Quick, thorouch ctloo. yet otlriy (eon and n. Hie Daily Clio tomae Adv. N-l well's Pharmacy." i

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