The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 1, 1921 · Page 8
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 8

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1921
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

TUB FAIRMOUNT NEWS SUNDAY SERVICES .WkM i mTi ii ii i QJ M. tUllUTTUjr t 1 BOYS and GIRLS A. Cruise BE FOR CONCKKGATlONAt. CHURCH. Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Evening serviw. 7 n. m. By DOROTHY WHITCOMB. WATCH WATCH J rmon suhjort, "The Education of Conscience." "Miss IVrry, t foar we have lost out j vwno. IVVKVMXinjr. MARTIN LEE 'GRANT, raster Watch Our Windows Very pleasantly, most contVUnjily I Men IVrry lHkel up Into the face of Koy l.reooe. Ntn taot, I he no hloa of the whore-ahoots of tho yacht, went on th yoxms tuan. "And I don't wo how I nut xui to looute tho Neptune. 'l trusted tnjsolf to yon. saht You do your Xmas shopping tee the beautiful assortment of Ladies 50c, 35c, 25c, 15c, 10c and 5c Handkerchiefs. Men's Handkerchief at 50r, 35c, 25c, 1 5c and 10c. Men's beavtiful Silk Four-in Hand Ties at 50c. Ladies Silk Hose in black, white and colored at $2.00, $1.50, $1.25 and $1.00 per pair. Men's Silk Socks, $1.00, 75c and 50c. Linens, Towels, Pillow Cases and WKSI.KYAN CHURCH. Strtday school, 9:30 a. m. Preaching at Hack Creek, 10:30 Preaching? at Fairmount, 7 p. m. MhvAveek prayer meetings. Wed-nesday at Fairmount, Thursday at Hack Creek, 7:30 p. m. Vovt are always welcome in , our meetings. J. COLEMAN, Pastor. THE SPOTS THE SPOTS rSJ Sheets, and at the right prices. In our windows we will soon make a display that will be as great a delight U the boys end nirls ig our Quality Good3 and our Money Savin' Prices are to the parents. Watch the windows and the Spots, too. M. K. CHURCH. Sunday school, l:30 a. m. Morning worship, 10:30 a. m. Junior Leajruo, 2:30 p. m. Epworth League, t p. m. Evening worship. 7 p. m. This is Kiwanis t&jiht. All memhors of tho Hokn evenly, tho radiant eontenttueot of her loxoly face not tthutiug; wu whit. "Yon will do tho host you can. , Why hot hot? Hoy Lawronoo scavo a secret Knsjv j surprise, satisfaction, tleltht. Ho had hoen u?n aM that day. lto had j hrlshtcnod ni at noontldo when Miss , IVrry. a twinkle of rash mischief In j her eyes, had sucested that they steal ; away from the hlr yatht In tho UUle ! motor hvt. i l don't motet stand it, murmured Koy to himself. "She does net wear the rosette. She has not alluded to the letter. She was Jelly with the! tlrton all the morning. ! They were two of a party who had I ivmo down from Frisco for a vacation j SELECT OYSTERS EXTRA C.OOI) COUNTRY BUTTER Tlie Bee Hive Cash Store Always at the Right Prices STAR BRAND SHOES Sawafiis cll with their families are- Salt Fish 5 for 2T cordially invited. Mid-week prayer service on Wed nesday evening at 7 o'clock. C. U. SWEENEY. (iood Luck, 2 for 5."c Nuco Nut 2 for 53c Mrs. Ida Hilt of M.rristovn is the Mrs. John Conrad ami daughter, tune there had lw Harold Olrtott, j pvtest of Mrs. Clyde Lewis. ' ! Large box Rolled OaUs, 2 for 5."c . . PEOPLE Mtss Ixvme lay, have returned home Ids sister Notia, Mrs. Itryoe, his aunt after a wk, visit in Nohtesvtllo. ; and the chaporone of the party, Helen. , Ruth Scale, daughter of Dr. and ' ill with Pure Lard, per pound 10c Tip Top Flour, 98c Sunbeam Flour $1.30 Quart Jar Olives ,"0c Sorgum, per gallon $1.10 Pop Corn, per pound, 5c Flake Homony, 2 pounds, ..13c Chocolates, per pound, 13c Full Cream Cheese, per lb. . ,28c the crew and himself. Mrs. J. I . ea'e, s quite Itoth he and tJlrton wort In love dipthcria at her home on North Wil j Ptils in the Jut.or hih schod had; wt,h ,j,e Uoautitlit Helen, who was a j son street. Pepper, per pound 2.V ja vacation Tteslay while some neces- j close cvllo friend of Netta. He wrote ouite sarv repairs w ere made tv the heat- j ft el en a note, lit It he "to vowed his MiVs Christopher ha hoon Mr. and Mrs. Koseto Kirohor, Mrs. j loe In an tmiotuots but manly fash- ! inj? apparatus. Meal, 10 pounds, 2."c j liora Kirchet and Miss Lillian Pun- ! - 1 .. i Ui. Th next day was a national Thv wer. ti have unite .1 i l,;,r '"H,,0 ou-mess riesurT- ui. I holiday. ito Marion Saturtlay. Iluekwheat Flour, 3 lbs.. . o.c Mt-rlo Nelson and fa:u"ly are mov-' .Tamcj trawtow and daughter AN i patriotic fete, there alone the lonely lev- to IV.nThrc lreen. O., where Mr. hcvta ef Covydon Junction were; South American coast. He enclosed Nr'.Sv-':! 1 .-s rTo'eyiuerst. Thav.ksrivinr jivics's vf J. H. Hxuhan .2Sc Hulk Coffee. 2 pounds. Pennant Syrup, an and family. a ptvtty rsette. If she could tlnd it j Miss Edna Pailcy, trained nurse, of In her heart to smile on his suit, ; Marion, is taking a brief vacation he-would she wear It next morning? 'tween cases ami is making a visit with He had slipped the envelope undor j ir a,,v Mrs. G. l. McAtce. the dvr of tho rm whhh Helen' , Mrs. Ta-.'a !a Shcparvl. stuto , f -.' o C :.-, W. O. T. I.. wh is Nuts, per lb, ..23c, 33c, and 10c Lump Starch, 3 pounds. ;.c Grant the death ef his nephew, Wilbur Han-' rxaVirsr a sprsVrjr tour of wi-l uive her tlk on the kit's, at l-afayette which occurrevi last Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Hitncr were in' Fairmount WediiVsday making a brief If Helen loes not enoouraco me. t-?.--.l'. .5e;th lelM? due to double? I. ir,,- .l.x i.l.N.l I vl!! l.-ir HKUK'S TIIK PLACF. TO BUY YOUR FRUITS AND VEGETABLES WE CAN SAVE YOU 10 PEP. CENT. cvvrh in this city TSvetv.Wr H. pr.cumonia. tho NYptune al tho next ,.tt. I could !vis wJth Mrs Oner's parents, Mr. i not remain and see her w on hy a ' anl Irs. Everarvl Parker. i rial. Wilson re- And the day had dawnel and Helen j Mr. atvl Mrs. Paxton The Mayflower had apj-eaml. In honor of the day 'turned Saturday from a short visit she wore an underskirt formed of xvith tj,rir auchter Mrs. O. C. Wil-suu-s and striprs and two dainty . son aa familv at ItAUanapolis. sUken tlac lt her hair, but n rosette All Power Cometh From Within Phone Your and omIv the same klml'y p;ra-lous Order Bob Lindsay, Prop tarth Vinson anil Chester Hrewcr leave this week for Chicago whore Phone 11 smile on her lips. Then a riotous mornlnc of t! mora ok ! ers and feast Inc atnl mnslv hut uot ithey will take a special course in the for Key. His heart was heavy tint il i handling of hiph-tensiot electricity. ; Helen hatt MJttvsiod tho runaway j ;!lll!l!llliillll!!lllllll!llili!llll!llli:iM I . OUR EIGHTH ANNUAL f'-T.-rvsc'-V! v? net tic. t., cr cure; they simply tho tv.isAV.irr.c -I xcttc'rae of tho spire with the Va 'Vs?. ar. I -, power within docs al the treat inc. ca'i'-sr, or .utirs-- I-! the lexicon of Chiropractic there are n incurable o .scs. for Chireptactor$ know that the power that bu st the bc.ic, that c-ordinatcs its functions, heals it? wounds, tnor.vljs its breaks and converts common food flesh an.i hUvd cat and does euro every di-so.i-e. How ver, disease can pwjrress to a point v- c it is incurable. cruise. i A lhth of supreme happiness en- wrapt Key. Ho droe tho heat ; arutd a cluster of little tslatuls atnl "' gained a ftxe soaoe. hut neither tp tse-r dowtt shorn was the aoht xlslhlo. ! "You se. Mis perry," he said holp- lesly, "to slsrn of the Neptune. Too j hadT j "The saolho Is fclxlns: out," ho reported jrrowsonely. j "Then we cannot jro much further?" j Inquired Helen. "l.iss thati a mile, prohahty. ! "Them t an Island with a hlih rid,;v of noks at one end," stcuvsted ' vh.e. Indicating the point of view. "Yes. I see It. ! Just hareiy tho enclne lasted out ! till the Island was reached. Helen ' carried the toies, ope. Koy shouldered 1 a repealing rltlo. They left the hoat Gun stomas If You Are Interested in YOUR HEALTH Consult AlcAtee & AlcAtee Ckb !There?re none sc iblindlRS those vfhc Savings WILL not see. Graduates of Schmd of Chiro-f prattc Fairmount Phone 2S0 I WILL START MONDAY, DEC. 12TH, 1921 i and hosratt the i lhnh of a narrow lodjro of nxk that attse like sonto monument. "Why, look P suddenly exclaimeit Helen. "Tho mischief!" eehod Koy. Twenty oanos tlllel with dusky savavs surrounded the motor hoat. With anjrry cries the natives rowed to a short distance. Then the canoes worn steadied. A shower of pehhlos directed fr:n slinks, arrows and darts came rlmrlns uiHn the two wayfarers aloft. Checks will be mailed to members of the 1921 club on December 10th, 1921. The old club members can therefore follow their usual custom of re To enable the aator.jbi!e prtMic to comply with the Headlight Law, we are facustng lights free of ehargt? to everyone. We sell the Halophane Lens and Ncrih Star Shield. Either of these pna every requirement. Will Your Car Pass State InspecLicn? Every AvtomoVIe must pas? irsfecticn by Dec 20 121. How about yours? Racine Tires Cooper Storage Batteries Naticm 1 i City Garage W A. Kimes & Son Day and Ni?ht Road Service. Phone -i(,0 serving a part of their check to open their new cards for the 1922 club. The club just closing has I "This Is serious declared Uoy solicitously, and he led his fair companion hack Into the shelter of a cave. She etuerjred thence as he fell, struck hy a rock from lelow. She soothed his wounded head with her handkerchief. Then sire ran hack Into the cave to reappear, however, star-tllnglyi At "a tlanee Roy saw what she had done. Helen had removed her underskirt of stars and stripes. She ran to the edge of the rock waving the red, white and blue, a true banner, to the anjrry mob below. They see lt- They know It! she cried exutttnjrly. and thta was true. One by one the belligerents paddled away. Somewhere they had learned the rvwr and glory of that protecting flajt. And then she attended to the wound on the side of Koys face, so gentle, so womanly, that he could not resist the Impulse to catch her hands In a thrilling clasp and pour out the story of his love. They knew later that Netta, In the Interest of her brother, had Inter been the most successful one we have ever con- jj ducted and there are many indications that the club for next year will be much larger, as people jf of all classes are learning the great value of this method of saving small amounts. You are invited g to join the club just forming and we are confident f EES extra trousers : : that it will bring to you much Christmas joy. ! 5 cepted the letter Roy had sent to j : with every made-to-measure suit a Get busy at once cash in on thislsensational money-saving offer, which is for a limited time only. Get double the wear fromyourtsuit jon account of the extra pants and have them made to your individual measure. V came material ao the suit Vatch This Space for Further Particulars Helen. I must tell you something, whispered the happy Helen. "I loved you all along, but the tltrtons were so kind and Netta so pleading that If you had not spoken I nuist hare been Influenced to glve my hand where there was no love, t planned to see yon once alone, hoping hoping "That t would say what I have told Fairmniouet State. Bank yon oh, blessed runaway frolic !' cried J w a Roy Lawrence rapturously. j The Neptune found Iheta two hours - i! - isiiiii: 1 1 TTHnnffliiir::"" i later sweetheart ttttt, i

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