The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 28, 1936 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, December 28, 1936
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r i P(7P 2 Monday, December 28, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana . - Is WEDDING RITES AT ST. BERNICE ij 1a4l fla4 4s EADD MEWS B&r LjsMlkjBisaM bTslwiitlsss.VvsiiTniai. rasai Edna Mowbray Is Married Friday Weekly Farm Paper Review THE BEST IDEAS FROM THE BEST FARM PAPERS By WILLARD BOLTE . Warmer Poultry Houses INSURANCE and Surety Bonds Old Line Slock Companies ROBB 6c GILMOUR Dependable Insurance Since 1890 141 S. Main St. Phone 18 Thirty vears ago, when the writer was teaching poultry hunhandry, f,k.Tdhecidyed that besting hen ?"l NBC WMAQ, WTAM. S:uli Camel Caravan. CHS- liriM, WHAS. vi:ikmiav 7:. Ill - Burns and Allen: King's Orchestra. dirt-- UIIIIM. WHAS, !i;il(i -Town Hall Tonight. NHC- WMAy. WLW. i: 00 "Gang Busters." CBS W BUM. WHAS. THTKSIMY 7:00 liudy Vullce; Variety Hour. NBC W.MAQ. Wl.W-. 8:00 Headlines ol l!i,H. Dramatizations. NBC WKNlt. KDKA. Evening lo Detroit Man; to Leave Soon ST BKHN1CK. Dec. 38- All Impressive wedding ceremony was performed Friday evening at lour o'clock, for Miss Kdna Mowbray of St. Bernicc and Colled Burgess of Detroit. Mich.. Mrs. Ilelvn Skldmore read the vows at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Woolf, who also attended the couple. Guests were the father, Ora Mowbray, and sister or I he bride. Miss Jean Mowbray from near Dana. Bnlh the bride and groom are well known here and their many friends wish them a long and happy married life. After spending a few days with relatives and friends the couple will leave for Detroit, where the groom is employed and where they expect to make their home. Pauline Inman spent Christmas widi her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Inman. li.ill, track, boxing and special events for NHt KMf Kill and Nlnli IUwuoii. N1U' slurs long associated In radio dr.iinaa, will be reunited in a new serial beginning over NBC on Monday. January 4 The new program, In be titled 'Follow I he Moon," will be heard dally except Saturday and Sunday from 3:30 to .1:45 p. m. Miss KHz and Mr. Uawson will pre-m ill a preview of I heir new seriiil as guoMs of Paul Whileman on hie M.isical Varieties program. Sunday evening al S:15 p. m. "Follow the Moon" will be laid in the foothills of I he Sierra Nevada and In the city nl Sail' Francisco. It deals with the adventures or Judith Tage (Miss Kitsl. a San Francisco society girl, wlin flees from the altar to escape a distasteful marriage and meets Clay Bannister ( Dawson . an adven-turouB cowpuncher. 10:30 New Year's Kve Dancing Parly. CBS- WBBM. WHAS. FRIDAY . COLUMBUS COOPERATIVE STORES "Jack akle's Colli-pe." a nay nr eerie ol Hollywood program replacing th Carnal Caravan lirnail-casta and starring nlindoma ureal comedian, will b hrara In lt vll-llant premiers over CBH on Tiir-mluy, Decambtr 2. from :ln to ::I0 i. m.. Jack Oakle will ,ily Inn rnli- iif the aomawhat aiadcap' prwlclinl ol a mythical Institution in thla tiiliirl-oua colloge hour. Throiiislinut Hi'' new sersas tto will be heard in character in various sketches and in a variety of other capacities us the Oalkie brainstorms occur. "Jack Oakle's College" will also feature Georrie Stotl's orchestra and Benny Goodman'i tand. Various college glee- elub and younger comedians and singers of the college type will be starred on the new programs. Doesnt that sound like a grand howl "3 Program Notes: Myrt and Marge bare signed tor five afternoons a week with a soap maker starttiiR January 4 and the network will be announced shortly. ... Al Pearce and his gang get the CMS auto enow and succeed Fred Warinc. the first week in January. It "ill be called Al Pearce and His Surprise Party." with Freddy Mich providing the music. . . . Coincident with Phil Baker's renewal on his present seriea over CBS as the Great American editor, Oscar Bradley, noled stage orchestra leader, will add his band to the Baker program, replac- 7.30 Hal Kemp s Orchestra: fthy- yt&& J'JT 'nefnV the tern ine cold snells and respiratory troubles are avoided by holding the temperature "between 35 and 60 dcgTees. An article in Poultry Tribune definitely warns ponltrymen against temperatures over 50 degrees. Grow Your Own Raspberry Plants Black and purple raspberry plants are so easy to propsgaie- and so difficult to ship that American Fruit Grower carommends either grow mg vour own or Wing them from a nearby grower. Propagation of new ffants exceedingly simple. When the canes of the old plants bend down toward tht ground-usually in late August or earlv September-bury the Up of a can? vertically, three inches in th. ground Tamp ,t fown keep it moist and it soon will take root The following spring it is cut about six inches high and the new plant is ready to transplant. Selecting Breeding Gilts The importance of great care in selecting gilts.for breeding purposes is driven home in an emphatic fashion by figures released by the government experiment station at Beltsville. Md,, and reported in Hog Breeder. Their records show that the slowest-growing pigs in the same httera-may require as much as 100 more days to reach a weight of 226 lbs., compared with the fastest-growing pigs. The same series if rr "how that the amount of feed required to make 1O0 lbs. ofPJ-iJP1 9f. th' same breeds-varied from 32S lbs. to as much as BOO lbs. The quickest way to develop a herd that will grow fast and make the cheapest gams is to breed only from that kind of individuals. Fredonia Grapes The New York Experiment Station lines tne new rredonia'grapc mnch better than the Concord in almost every particular. It is 10 days earlier than the Worden variety yet it hangs on the vines in good market "ndTt'on until the last of the Concords have been picked. Because of thir "durability," the Fredonia may be left on the vine for some time aftci rioening, without loss, if other varieties have to be picked at that time. This lait season it withstood drought and leaf hoppers much better than did Concord vines at the substation at Fredonia, N Y. American Fruit Grower. thm Singers. CBS WBBM. WHAS. S:3n Fred Waring' Ponnsylvanl ans. New Year's Kve gayely as ex-prorKed by dani-e hands from New York lo Honolulu will be broadcast over a nation-wide CBS network starling al (): p. ui. Thursday, and continuing lltllil :i:0tl a. III. January 1. 1937. The program will pick up the famed Times Square rowd noises at the stroke rf midnight (11:0(1 C. S. T. ), and as each lime zone heralds the New Year another city will be heard from. From New York. Cny Lonihardo's NBC WF.NK, Wl.W. ft: 0 rhiadelphla Symphony Or-cheKt ra. CHS WBBM. WHAS. KATCKII.W 7:00 - Saturday Night Parly, NBC WMAQ, Wl.W. 8:011 Know- villace Rkelcliea. NBC- W.MAQ. K YW. 9:30 Salute lo KNX and KFSO. CBS WHAS. WJft. KI'XDAV 5:t0 J.w Penner: Gene Auslln: Grier's CrclicKtra. CBS - WBV.-1. WH S. 6:00 Jack Benny: Harris' Orchestra. NBC- WMAQ. Wl.W. 9:00 Edwin C. Hill; Snanic-k'a Orchestra. NBC WENR, WLW. Finishing Backward Turkeys ine Hal Kemp, who will be heard on orchestra will ring out the old, and Mrs. R. D. Armstrong and Mrs. M. H. Inman called on Mrs. Anthony Cundiff on Hie Paris road Friday morning. Mrs. William Buckner and children are visiting relatives In Kentucky. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Phillips of Decatur. 111. spent Christmas day with Mr. and Mrs C F. Price, Miss Margaret Inman spent the week-end with relatives in Terre Haute. Holier! Carmlcllael of the U. S. Navy Is spending tile holidays with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Carmichael. Rev. G. L. Weidnian is in Garden City. Mo., for a few days visit with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Jordan left here fnr Los Angeles, Cal.. where they will spend a few days with rel-al ives. Mr. Htid Mrs. Lee Downs of Tennessee Valley spent chrislmas with relatives here. MiHK Kleaner Conover spent cliriKiniaij witli her parents in Dun-ville. III. lint WINDOW GLASS Glass Cloth e Cello-Glass 0 Putty, Paints, etc. STEVENSON LUMBER CO. can Turkeys should be in market condit ion ar it w ; weens m -. y flock will produce some backward members. These tail-enderr r . 'a i. t L itei main Hftpl- finn f of age - mam ,.kk every be brought along faster by separating them lrom me ..... . . "1, " - j-iiT. i r ,A mm mixed to a crumbly marh with a new program Friday night. . . , Kay Kyser, conductor of the "Font-ball Revue" series and one of the younger dancing set's favorite uuk.-tri, attends more proms than any other professional musician. There are two reasons: 'Kyser'B Idea of an enjoyable "night off" is to dance to ibusUs not of his own making and Kenny Goodman's Orchestra will will welcome the new. An hour later, George Olsen's band and crowd noises on State street near I.ake sireet on the Loon will be heard from Chicago. In another hour, Denver will 1 the acene of the celebration, and at 2:00 a. m., C. S. T., crowd celebrations In Los Angeles and the music of Phil Harris" baud will contribute to the broadcast. Short Interviews furthermore, he finds college dances the ideal spots to discover firsthand the musical preferences of the younger generation. lag mem a uanv iv vl - - -- , some form of milk. American Poultry Journal. I Hold Your Cabbage Pennsylvania Farmer believes that cabbages will increase in price Uter in season due to the government report that the crop is 4., ur thsToTSst year and 39 under the 192S-19S2 average. The na-Sons onhVn crop, on the other hand, is up 14 over last year-celery s ?S n? 14-nd the tomato crop was up nearly half a million bushels ia the Tate states. Fall Plowing Never fall-plow light sandy soils or rolling, heavy soils nich are eovere7with "eeUtion. For when such soils are exposed to erosion of wndlnd waVr through the winter months it is almost certain o do more damage than Tcaabe repaired by the best soil practice. H",.n, I he rest of the year. Michigan Farmer. Seeding Canary Grass Sneaking generally, the best plan for seeding canary grass is to prc-nare thTseeJbed in rammer-when the ground is sufficientfy firm to work and CT broadcast the seed m the fall just before the ground freezes. Hoard's Dairyman. Fungus-Proof Celery After twenty vears of hard work. Michigan Ftate College has de-id . veTlow variety of celery that is not affected hy soil fungus. I s K Sffch nn Goldend it can be grown successfully on soil that is shtVull of tfe funs disease. Now the station ha. tackled the job of erring rietrwith the green varieties of celery that lack fungus resistance. Wisconsin Agriculturist. NEW YOltK Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick urges Americans to cultivate tolerance and sympathy: "Not only is good will a comparative newcomer In a world long dominated by prejudice, but the future belongs to it if there is to be any future worth having." Yessiree, folks, it's Joe Cook again. The garrulous funster of stage, screen and radio, is coming to Hie Shell Chateau program on January 2, and he'll be ushering in a completely new variety program that will originate in the New York studios of NBC. Joe will be the new master of ceremonies. The program will continue to be heard at the same time. 8:30 to 9:30 p. m. Saturdays over NBC Red network. U M oly les II box IwB llttk BOM out sbMtc Of tripod . RAYNES- FRAZIER Farm Hardware of AH Kinds 323 South Main Phone 33 Flrmness of Conduct Cleverness, talents, elegant manners, graceful speech and winrome ways, are nothing unless they are protected by the shield of lirmness. 1 Carries Them on Her Back The wolf spider, Lycosa scutulata, carries her children about on her back until they ar old enough to shift for themselves, according to Nature Magazine. Her brood may be as many as 150 soiderlings BOISE. Idaho -Dr. T. W. While, director of Idaho's bureau of animal industry, points to niiodicr vanishing western practice: ."Catile nowadays are being branded with acid rather than a red-hot iron." The Farming Business For the first time since Tom Sla- j ter. TroW announcer, entered radio he and his famous brother. Bill Slater, NBC sports announcer, met In 1 Cincinnati recently. It was their first meeting in more than two years and as Brother Bill gave an approving and to Brother Tom the Slater , boya compared notes. Bill Is four years older than his kid brother and 40 pounds heavier. Tom has fol-( lowed In the footsteps of his older ( brother. Bill carried papers as a boy la Parkersborg, W. Va. Tom did likewise. During thesir hfgli , school stars both hoys managed the news mailing room of (he paper on which they worked. Brother Bill was superintendent of the Itedpatli Chautauqua circuit and Tom followed up as "trouble shooter" and promotion man on the same circuit. In college both brothers tried their , hands at' singing ia glee eiuhs and tooth aaa ambitions to become radio announcers. Bill succumbed first to the air waves and joined NBC. He did tne Olympics from Germany this past summer, and has covered foot- nrU, the nast ten years the university oi i enne.. ..- kuainess th Sharks Over Ml Feet Long Earning sharks of the North Atlantic attain a length of over thirty 'eet and are killed lor oil. Kve Usnied that if a farmer experts to pay all expense. records. of more they have learned that records and earn b'c I interest on his investment plus about auu wages i or ni as to ?o certain things. First, he has to get in 300 days of work each year himsflf-work that, goes into the production has wora earn year '"- , eq,lai to lnhnr. he fltOUIMM HIGHLIGHT MONDAY :00 Horace Heidt and Brigadiers. CBS WBBM. WHAS. :;;o Voice of Firestone. NBC W.MAQ, WLW. no Couteuled Program. NBC WMAQ. WTM. 0:3"---George Olsen and Orchcs-tra. CHS - WBBM. WCCO. TIKSPAY i;:::o Moris Kerr. Songs. CBS WHAS. KMOX. WANTED Country Mixed Iron $5.00 and up a TON Rags and Mattresses A. DUMES Water Street Phone 267 productive (rrof, HOLLYWOOD Cornelius Koltf. president of Holland's National Fl-ing school, outlines the primary aim nf colll.mcreia I aviation: "Plenty of rpeed with reasonable eomfnrt lot-passengers who can lake Fleanihlp "'hen thev want elalmrate liins lor rtninio:iiy Life is too siywt to be spent m r.ursing animosity or registe-nig wrong. , tZvSX O1" Third, he has to .Tleast higher than the average produetam for the entire state Southern Agriculturist. political character after petitive elect ion.' Bees reason Michigan State College The vi : mi tsnsi J rvr in x .cK iSsThe Owners of the'200.000 hive, of bee. in that state to P-v par 7:00 Louise Masaey and Westerners. NBC WLK. KDKA. S:"0 Sidewalk Interviews. Helr attention to winter care. To go tnrougn iw "J ON fi l Tinkliai why he rcrrn t"r WASHING-Geor-c Hold' setts, expains six-year nint' p-c-c-ntatn . . Mas:;achu dvocates i the prosi the hive should contain an ; youn Mu ..... .. --- --V u1d be NKW YORK- -H. tl. Van Haers-t-ia tic With. Netherlands minister lo l 'ie I'nited States, a (insiders a Kuro-P'-an political (iiestion: "The abdi-talioii fif King Kdward has not injured tbe lnoiiai'chia! cause In plus BO to 60 lbs. of well-ripened . J ,hl.H .in and the hives should be brought close logeiner nu v.- J Ul n anH the hives should W with a tarpaper shelter. Michigan Farmer. dent of Hie Culled Stales: "I would elevale the administration of tile prnr.ideticy hy ! jlllinal ine its coni- Dutch Windmill Stages Comeback -A. j HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW Oldsmobile For 1S37 Special I'liie on Used Cars ' SOAQD MOTOR SALES 137 East Elm Street England's New King and Queen 'a. "" "' KEROSENE (COAL-OILl w Mantle Lamp i V IF YOU USE the old style kerosene lamp for lighting your home, you need more and belter light sad tbe Aladdia Mimic Lamp will Kipply In abundance of soft, mellow, modem white light is produced with no more luu lhn lighting sfl ordinary mstch. But why waste words come in and see oat put in operation see its magnificent light and let us sbow you bow it will save your eyesight nd your moocy and add heaps to tbe jnv and cnaiion oi i. u.k. We'll be mighty glad to ste you. n A MODERN CLINTONIAN Job Printing Bears The Union Label 'ks fi-- WHITE LIGHT Simple Safe Sanitary Itlusfrttiaa sfaos TabU Lxsp B-163 .a clear, spark-tin. errata wty Scmuttfui. Pritr. without shzde or tr.porf. $4.95 sTiVt ibUt si iiiuitrmttd .7 READ ( " - J , J , Typical ptctureaqne wtndmUls " i' i-kb-v 1 Now at 195 as Jw I Sre our teamlilul display cf AlttUint m 7 jr,HJ.Brr or floor Lampf tnd omr lirtemiortmnl ol hutdlomtlj 3 The Daily CUNTONIAN It's Your HOME NEWSPAPER dcioraled Wkvp-Ut RAYNES- FRAZIER CO. .ptrently doomed to extinction by the competition of modern industrial methods, the picturesque windmill, for decades a colorful laaehnarfc-of tne Dutch lowlands, is making a comeback. Although mom na 5.0 ha een torn down in the past SO years, the past rMsnoBth haa mark ad a slight increase in the number of active Holland miUa. Credit for Uua reversal is due largely to the Holland Mills society which was formed to preserve those of tae historic firuetaras left. By subsidising some of the mills, and sponsoring l lanfr have increased the efficiency of the mills, this Lraawaatioa haa Ooae coostdftle to preserve for posterity aa insti-tuttpn wtuck accouoU for much of pictureaqueness of lh Dutch Kio George VI and Qoeea Eliza beta HARDWARE 323 South Main Street Phone 33 One ofthe best existing photos of England s new king and queen is that atxrve. showing them as they disembarked at London after a tour of British empire cities in 1S27.J I

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