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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, December 28, 1936
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i s. !f Should I ou Fall to FUoive Timr THE DAILY CLINTONIAN WEATHER DAILY CLINTONIAN by 8:!I0 r. M. I'linn 41 or I IT kii1 ropy will be lirminlit to you at once. fi...i.r 10uth ind rain or IWCTAW1 BTATB LTBWurr Dn Tuesday. Com). Wr lrbtTM Dt Volume 25 Number 43 Clinton, Indiana, Monday, December 28, 1936 Price Three Cent British Benefactor A New Portrait G-MEN TAKE UP TRAIL OF BOY'S KIDNAPER TODAY CLUE IS FOUND IN SEARCH FOR MISSING PLANE CHURCH AFFAIRS HALTED AS POPE FAILS TO RALLY Naval Blockade of Spain Proposed by French Diplomats 7 l Studying to Be King lv - .:vi ' 311 I J ' -V 1 M-mbrri of Family Keep Careful Wa'rh; Doctor's Report It Not Favorable After Night of Pain SUSPENSION OF BUSINESS RARE VATICLW CITY, pec. 28. Members of the Popes family today stabl shpd ceaseless vigil in the Va tican, and the historically rare step or suspending virtually all church affairs was taken as the Pontiff. Tfter another pain-wracked night. fniled to rally from his serious ill nes. tir Amnnfi Milan! found the 79 v-m-mIiI Pontiff no better whn h 'Mted th s morning, and In a semi- effietttl announcement he pronounc ed his ptra lysis "stationary." Pa:n lrive Awav MT FleenJeii. the Popp battled with pfin in his leg. caused by varicose j veifift, until midnight, when be fln-j'llv was able to drop off into an exb"UPed sleep. Mass was said as usual In his tcnVh?mbcr. and the Pope took hnjv communion. For breakfast h1 had onlv a cup nf warm milk. Fnrenio Cardinal PacelH. who, as nana secretary of state issued the order bringing to a standstill the affairs of the Church's governing bodies the Roman congregations, the tribunals, and the offices of the Roman Curia called on the Pope for a few minutes. Itiondi Rwpived He was followed by Pietro Cardinal Fumasonl Biondi, prefect of the congregation for propagation of the faith. Authorities said suspension of church business, which has few precedents in the history of the Holy See. is taken only in extra-ordinary circumstances "such as Imminence of the death of the Pope." The last occasion was in 1903 when Pope Leo XIII was stricken with the illness that caused bis death four months later. William Emmart Dies; Funeral to Be Held Tuesday William Emmart, 86. of Lyford. died at the Vermillion County hog-pital after an illness of three weeks. Mr. Emmart was well known in Lyford having had a store there for a number of years. He is survived by the wife. Bi-ancia; one son. Frank of Blanford; and seven grand hildlren. Funeral services will he held from the Frift funeral home at 2 p. m. tomorrow, with Rev. H. H. Wagner officiating. Burial will be in Walnut Grove cemetery. FAIRVIEW MAN DIES SUDDENLY Lodovico Voto, 82. died suddenly this morning at his home in rair-view. He is survived by the wife. Catherine, and three sons, Joe and Pete of Clinton and Frank of Chicago. The body was taken to the Frist funeral home pending ftinera! arran gpments. In preparation for the day when he will he old) enough to rule his country.. King Peter of Jugoslavia In shown at liis desk in hi special M'li(MirMm in the palace at he-dinje, iv her' he lic itli his mot Iter and bro her. ORDERS MADRID EMBASSY SHUT English Diplomats Follow U. S.; to Establish Headquarters in Valencia; Heavy Fighting Today MADRID. Dec. 28 Great Britain today ordered its Madrid embassy closed as soon as possible, following the move the United States made several weeks ago. As new fighting broke out around the capital and the shellwrecked, widely-ruined city faced further des-trifction. Britain ordered that all persons living as refugees in the embassy evacuate it by Wednesday. Yalenciu Vext Stop G. A. D. Ogilvje-Forbes. counsellor of the embassy, will establish a new embassy at Valencia, on the eastern seaboard where the loyalist government now has its headquarters. Fighting on a tremendous sale, with nearly one thousand leftists reported slain, broke out on five fronts today as Madrid defiant ly backed up the arran hists holding the German ship Palos at Bilbao. Under one of the most destructive artillery bombardments of the civil war. rebels invaded Madrid east of the Casa rie ("anipe sector, but were repelled afir the loyalists reorganized. South or Madrid the loyalists penetrated half a mile iu the f'ara-banchel Ha jo district . but . according to the broadcast of Gen. Guepio de I Jmio at Sevile. the rebels dis-lodged the loyalists from strong positions nenr Vi I lava i de, killing 72 Reds. jOei niMMlrl Lisbon dispatch" said 7'1V loyalists were k ill d and 4 '! 1 w minded when 1 bree rebc column on t be soul hern f r"iit advanced T,0 miles ((Vlititilieri Kl Page (!) Ten-Year-Old Charles MatUon Snatched in Daylight From Mansion of Wealthy Tacoma Parents RANSOM DEMAND LEFT ON PORCH TACOMA, Wash., Dec. 28. G-nM) arrived here by plane today irom Portland and Seattle and Immediately took up two trails In the manhunt for the kidnaper of Charles Mattson, 10, who was snatched last light from the home of his rich parents. Dr. and 'Mrs. W. W. Mattson, The first trail led to flie Paget oound which Is only s stone's throw 'rota the (75.000 Mattson mansion. The Second trail led inland. Although a rigid censorship was lapped down by the federal bureau if investigation agents, it was learned the masked kidnaper had 'eft a ransom note demanding ; Charles was playing on the sun loroh with his sister Muriel, 14, and Hire Chatfield. a friend, when the kidnaper entered, menacing them vith a gun. The girls screamed when the in-ruder grabbed Charles, a boy of 4 'eet 6 inehes, under his arm and Marked out of the room. He fled through a back door, the lane through which he entered. He ran down a briok terrace and ;teps to the paved street below the house. Several paths from the street 'ead down a steep incline to the waterfront. Whether he made bis escape irross the sound or Jumped into a waiting automobile was still to be solved by the G-men. Every Inch of the ground snr--oundlng the Mattson mansion was combed for clues, especially footprints. believed they were ifur-nished an Important clue by Charles hrother.' Robert, IS, who reported "ie heard no car start away from the house. As accurately as they could determine after Interviewing Charles' sfs-er. Miss Chatfield, Robert, and the kidnaped boy's parents, G-men be-'ieved the abduction occurred t ':47 p. m. Gandhi Ready to Take Leadership For Nationalists BOMBAY. India. Dec. 28. Ma-.atma Candhi told 10,000 delegates o the all-India nationalist congress t Falzpur today that he was readv o resume nationalist leadership, of-erlng to go to jail or to the scaf-old If necessary. In his first political utterance ince his retirement from politics In 934. the Mahatma said he was "no 'xtinrt volcano" bat he confessed hat his program of non-Tlolence lad failed to appeal to the Indian lationallst public. He said that to "pursue non-Tio-ence was the only means of galn-ng Independence." Gandhi said he did not wish the 'ritish to leave the country. "India s vast enough to accommodate hem. provided they adapted them-elves to Indian customs." he said. In opening the congress y ester-lay. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the ongress president, urged all tnem-ers not to accept any office under he government of India act. He aid Great Britain was Inclining toward the fascist powers while the rend of the nationalistic congress was democratic. The congress passed resolutions irging Indiana to boycott all Brush coronation functions In India ind to refuse to participate In any war in which Great Britain might become engaged, contributing neither men nor money. PENALTIES SUSPENDED James Pepella, who was arrested on charges of assault and battery, was fined 810 and coats snd sentenced to 180 days to tbe state pe-naj farm, when tried In city court Saturday by Mayor C. M. Zink. Both sentence and fine were suspended. THE TEMPERATURE By The Clintonian thermometer: a m , 38; noon, 49. Rancher Reports Hearing Crash on Sunday Night; Airport Hears Radio Isn't Working AIRSHIP CERTAIN TO BE GROUNDED LOS ANGKLKS. Dee. 28 -While a virl ual aerial armada wailed for dawn to take off in search of a missing ln it I'd Air L'jies transport plane, wit h 12 persons aboard, tli'1 first definite clue to aid searchers camn today from a rancher in the mountainous country near Sim i. 30 miles west of the airport. The rancher reported that he heard a crash and that bis lights and radio went out last night shortly after 7:36 o'clock when the last radio messaee was received from the transport, which was flying from San Francisco to Los ngeles. Paul Wright, a'rnorl manager and three other aviation men left by automobile immediately for Simi, Radio Failed The missing plane reported at 7:36 p. m. t hat its radio wis not functioning and then disappeaied in the murky darkness following one of the worst storms of the sea son. - It was estimated that the plane. which left San Francisco at 5: HO p. m.. uncut have neen near a stair, north of Saugus. when KBLA, the Pnion Air Terminal's control sta tion received the last message from the pilot, asking that he be given a localized radio beam to help him reach the airport. Gasoline Gone The transport has exhausted Its gasoline supply and is down but whether at a small emergency airport, with no telephone facilities, or as a tangled mass of wreckage, was not known. At 7:09 p. m. Pilot Blom told his office the plane would arrive at the (Continued on Page fi) Allen Watters Is Given High Scout Honor on Sunday Allan Watters. 1157 South Sixth street, was presented an Eaplp Soout liadee at the Christian Sunday school yesterday. The presentation was made by Roy ButtB. chairman of the committee. Troop S3, of which Allan is a member. A letter written Dy Jonn West, chief scout executive of the I'nlted States, which accompanied the hadee. was read. Mr. Butts, in presenting the barti."-. ated that in 1935 only R.2"0 boys and men in the I'nited States received Kacle Scout hadce nut of an enrollment nf J.42!;.nnn. Hnd that only one hoy In approximately 12H receives Kacle badges. In order to receive this honor a smut must earn 21 merits. 1 1 of which are designated by scout executives. Aiuone the II are safety, first aid. civics and personal health. Allan has been a scout for seven years, five of them under "Chirk" Wellman. scout master of Troop fit. Mr. and Mrs. Oeorpe Wallers. Allan's parent!, were present h"n the presentation was made. ologist of the l inversity of faltfor ntt, grows stra w berries and torn a toes without soil." t ihibit litera ture stated. "They grow 15 to f. feet tall and are ready for market long bpfore the soil product. "Soil culture has produced 1 2 tons per acre. Factory culture bis yielded 2n" tons per acre. Liquid chemical food is supplied in shallow tanks and artificially heated. Nothing is left to chance. Tfapre is no plant disease, no poor distribution of food elements, no excess or lack of light. Plante grow more quickly, the quality is better. "England. Germany and Pen-mark have begun similar production. What is the future of the gardener and the farmer?" (Coatioued on Pag 6) France Is Aroused by Germans Ignoring Move to Halt Conflict HITLER SAID TO SEEK ARMISTICE LONDON. Ore 2S Angered by Adolf Hitler's h it nit when Hip re if h fitehrcr ignored the French mid British not or asking non-iut erven tion in Spain. France has proposed the drastic plan of an AnglnFrcneh naval hlocakade of Spain, it way learned today. The French scheme will he of t he 2 "-power non-in t erven t !nr of the 27power non-intervention committee, composed of naval at tacbes to major embassies, on Thursday. Plan Discusse! lutrlier The French blockade scheme wiu first d ise u ssed i it f oitjui 1 ly with Hi i tain, when French diplomats sur- j veyed the possibility (if erect wj i joint naval barrier to keep Herman' from sending so-called "volunteers" to light for the Spanish rebels. France, it was stated, is prepared to keep any more volunteers from reaching Spain via French territory if a hlofkade is agreed on. and wants Britain to brine pressure on Portugal to take similar action That would cut off all means of in-press to Spain by land, and the British and French navies, under th" suggested hlorkade, would take rare of the seaportn. HIT!, Kit KKIORTKI VKACEVVt, BERLIN, Dsr, Chancellor Adolf Hitler is willing to co-operate with Great Britain and France In attempting to obtain an armistice in Spain and solution of the "volunteers" problem provided London and Paris guarantee complete cessation of "Soviet intervention' in the Spanish war. international News Service learned in high quarters today. Rusgia, and not Germany, 1b the real culprit in the Spanish crisis according to the German view, and definite annoyance was shown by high officials ' that Britain and France should have warned Germany so strongly on the "volunteers" issue. Roosevelt Plans To Announce Big Revenue of U.S. WASHINGTON. Dec. 28. President Roospvelt is about rpady to report to thp nation that the government is enjoying its bigcpst income year since 1920. Mr. Roosevelt expects income for the current 1!37 fiscal ypar to hp about J5.R65.Oftn.onn. That is 1 .Ofin.nnn.noo more revpnup than the Hoover administration collpcted In the fiscal yearB 19 32 and 193 3 together. But there will bp another deficit for the current ft Real year, and so far th tp has been no official assurance that federal receipts will cover all expenditures in t he new fiscal year f 1938 which will begin next July 1. The president's budget messace will be sent to Congress next week. It will contain final figures for the !."'; f ?c year, which ended last June ft ill contain revised es timates of the outlook for the current fiscal year and it will est mate receipts and expenditures for the next. The current deficit will be the seventh of a consecutive serie? which began in the Hoover admin-iM rat inn with a comparatively modest f Ni2.73fi.S45 in 1931. FORMER CLINTON RESIDENT DIES Word has been received here the death of Mrs John Roe. o! De troit, formerly of Clinton. Mrs. Rof formerly Miss Olive Syme. daughter of William Syme. of South Sixth street, died last night at 7 o'dwk. She is survived by the husband and and a six-weeks old infant. Further details have not been learned. Baron Nuffield Latest of the civic acts of Baron Nuffield. British automobile magnate and well-known public benefactor, waa the eitablishment of a 110,000.000 fund to aid the "black area" of Britain which have been atruck by Industrial paralysis. In announcing his gift, which brings his total public benefaction to S35.000.00O in the past 10 years, Baron Nuffield explained It as a practical expression of goodwill toward King George VL. MAURICE CONCA DIES IN AUTO'S PATH SATURDAY Centenary Man Instantly Killed on Universal Road; Last Rites to Be Held on Tuesday Maurice Conea, 61, of Centenary, was instantly killed Saturday evening at 5 o'clock, when he was struck by a car driven by Harold Wea.ver Hogue of Terre Haute. Hogue reported to police that he was driving south on the Universal road when Conea stepped Into the path of the car from the left Bide of the road. Coroner I, D. White held the inquest. Hogue was not held. as the accident was considered unavoidable. Survivors Conea is survived by one brother. Ocurselmo. and a number of nieces and nephews from here. He be longed to several lodges, including the Ninth street I. O. O. F., the Victor K. of P and the Bersaglieri lodge of Centenary. The body was removed from the Frist funeral home to the Bersag lieri lodge room this morning, from where the funeral will be held tomorrow at ?,:?,( p. m., with the various lodges in charge of the services. Burial will be In Riverside cwmefery. CALL MEETING TUESDAY NIGHT There will be a call meeting to morrow evening; of Vermillion Chapter. 125. Royal Arch Masons, at the Masonic hall on South Main street Supppr will be served at the Clinton hotel for all members and their families at 6:30 p. m. Following, installation services will be held for officers. An entertainment bas been arranged for the evening. worked. West satd: "I found an automobile ownel who carried $10. oo liability Insur ance Then I found a victim whe was willing to be bumped not tof hard. The victim waited on thi street. As the far came along h' stepped off the curb. The car nosec biro gently and he fell, moaning. "Mv lawyer, came along, picker up the victim and brought him tr my place. We worked on him witl-the bruising machine, which oper ates by suction to raise splotche good enough to fool an expert. W. covered his clothes with dirt aut' then he was ready to press claims This camera portrait of Mrs. Walh? (Var field Simpson, for whom Kd ward VIII gave up his throne, was made by Cecil Beaton, noted English photographer, in London the day the "bombshell of notoriety" burst around her head. FOUND TODAY IN WATER AT MINE Remains Believed to Be Those of Mike Gisolo; Discovery Made About Noon by 2 Paris Men The body of an unidentified man. believed to be Mike Gisolo of Universal was found in the Bickett mine at Easytown about noon today by Frank Pierce and John Jackson of Paris. 111. The mine had been abandoned for several years and during; that time had been filled with water. rME3 The two men had noticed something floating on top of the water several times in the past week, but thinking it was only rubbish of some sort, had paid no attention. Today they investigated and found it to be the body of a man about 55 years of age. He was clot bed in an overcoat, blue overalls and pair of rubber overshoes. The body was in good cotidit iofTwith the except ion of the hands, which were bady decomposed. Smith Make ICcMr1 Sheriff Karl Smith, wiio viewed the body, said this afternoon that he felt pure the dead man was GiboIo. who had been reported hiding in the vie i nit y of the mine for several months, Gisolo was taken to Newport early this year, allegedly in-Kaiie. but he was freed about six nmnth ago on (tie recommendation of physicians. Smith said Gisolo had been seen near the Hiekett mine several tinvH in the past three months. The body as taken to the Kar-Hiiovit-h funeral home on South Fourth street. ALL-DAY SCOUT HIKE IS PLANNED An all-day hike of all scouts ard pronimaKter nf Clinton and Fair-view will 1m- beld Thursday, according to an announcement today bv Rev. C C. pearce. Approximately 140 seouts are expected to attend. All scouts are to meet at 8:3(1 a. m. at the Methodist church. Leaders will be Rw. Pearce and Henry Wellman. At noon a dinner will be cooked to be followed by contests in the af terroon. BOARD TO MEET TODAY All members of the Sunday school board of the Methodist church are to meei at 7 p. m. today at the church for an important business meeting. Chemist Seen as Greatest Enemy Of Farmer in Future; Vegetables Are Produced Better in Factories Police Look for 'Bruising Machine' Ambulance Chasers Employ to Aid Cause of Fake Damage Claimants CHTf'A'.O. Tier. 2 V The farmer's most potent enemy of the future m h y be no rn ere invasion of chinch bu-s and grasshoppers, nor d'oucht. nor fIords. but the chemist who has d!?fovered how to produce v getahtes in factories. This was contended today as sociologists, economists and poltt ieal scientists representing 1 9 groups met jointly for a three-day session to pool information over a wide field. The American Sociological society, in its rural section, presented an exhibit startling enough to frighten any dirt farmer. It was db-!ed "i he chemist conquers the farmer" and told of "foods produced by the factory method." "Dr. W. F. Gericke. plant physi CHICAGO. Ipc. 2R Police were busy searching today for a "bruising machine." handy device used by ambulance cbaserB to inflict painless bruises on fake claimants. The machine, allegedly OBed by a ring of lawyers, grafting doctors and crooked undertakers, was brought to light in the confession of George L. "West. 55. made last night to the state's attorney. The good-natured, rotund West said he would be glad to produce the machine but it bad been loaned to a doctor tonneted with the ring who is busy fixing up a patient with nice fresh bruiseg for a fake damage claim this week. In explaining bow the ring for damages." (CoorbiBed on Page 0) I

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