The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 1, 1921 · Page 6
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 6

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1921
Page 6
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THE FAK1T.:0UNT NEWS DROVED UF02 CmNATIONAL t M FuOVED EFFECTIVE BY A 1 LIVE STOCK FACTS SnsndsySdiool eit are ina.cEe Th moat widely aaed remedy lathe world to overcome die ttaeaaaac effects of catarrh. Catarrh to Uent aad iatidioos la it at Home W FOS y wesson v rorare, laradee nearly FALL PIGS ARE PROFITABLE CATARRH erery hooaebold and (By UEV. P. B. FITZ WATER, O. D.. hover like pesU &X3 CATARRHAL 4 leoee every CGKSITiORS i?acnr or t-nglisn tiioie in uio mwuj B.ble Institute of Chicago.) Coprrlght. 19J1. Western Newspaper Union. where. Teed Sow Sparingly at First, but Bring to Full Portion in Ten Days Give Exercise. i. tva fho root of ca mi . l.i nklM h atimulatlnr .,tift Mtrichlat the blood. LESSON FOR DECEMBER 4 i oothinc the rmw tad Inftimert mocoat i m.m fvift orr&a to worklac properly and 1vea trenttb. vlor u iwi. Tr it. ana like PAUL IN MELITA AND ROME. L.KSSON TEXT Acts 2S:1-31. GOLDEN TEXT I tn ready to preach fboasand of other, leam what U mean to be well. 80LO EVERYWHERE TABLETS OR LIQUID the gospel to you that are at Rome also. For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth. Rom. 1:15. 16. REFERENCE MATERIAL Mark 16:18; Rom. 1:S-17. PRIMARY TOPIC The Knd of Paul's tFrepared by the Cnlted States Department ot Agriculture ) Two litters of pigs a yoar from one povr is usually practicable, and adds materially to the success of the farm project, the United States LVpartmeut of has demonstrated. Spring p'gs should be farrowed early In March in order to fiaish for market in the ttirly winier. Fall pigs usually are lined to arrive iu September, which gives them a chance to get well started lefore cold weather arrives. After farrcwing and before, placing the piss with the sow to nurse, cut out the eight small tusklike teeth at the sides of the tuouttj, These are very sharp and might tear the sow's udder or cause pigs to hurt each other at nursing time. They can be broken with boue forceps, wire nippers, or a knife, but should never be pulled out. As a rule the sow should not be fed for the first 24 hours after far- An Added Affliction. At the dinner table his elders had been discussing the state school-., for the deaf, while seven-year-old Johnnie listened interestedly. That evening, when preparing for bed, he looked earnestly into the face of his older sister and sighed. Journey. JUNIOR TOPIC The End of a Long Journey. INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC Put IJving in Rome. YOUNO PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC Natural Error. Reveille had been sounded and Private Pence came running out with his leggings on wrong. He jumped into the ranks nnd snapped into attention, but not until after the top kick had noticed his lapse from military sartorial perfection. "Private Pence," he demanded, angrily, "why have you your leggings on wrong?" "It was just a personal mistake," answered the offender. "Mistake?" "Yes. I had my legs crossed when I put them on." American Legion Weekly. Paul's Ministry In Rome. "Wouldn't it be awful to be dear, Titi?" he said. "Just think of having to wash vour ears every day and I.' The Shipwrecked Crew on Melita never getting any good out of thera at (w. 1-10). all !" Harper's Magazine. Through the storm they lost their bearings, and when they were safe on I - vsL. JM I kPr" U W v-;i'i ': III HMn SrmJx land they learned that the island was called Melita. 1. .The hospitable reception of the MOTHER, QUICK! GIVE CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP FOR CHILD'S BOWELS natives (v. 2). They built a fire and made them as comfortable as possible BOSCHEE'S SYRUP from the cold and the rain. 2. Paul gathering sticks for a fire (v. Allays Irritation, Soothes and Heals 3). This is a fine picture of the world's greatest preacher and missionary not Throat snd Lung Inflammation. i. , t v --x, ;v. The almost constant Irritation of a cough keeps the delicate mucous mem above picking up sticks for a fire. The ability and disposition to serve naturally in whatever way is the evidence of capacity for great commissions. brane of the throat and lungs In a con gested condition, which Boschee's Syrup OMF7TIMKS mere sucgestions be for the child is in actual practice in S gently and quickly soothes and heals 3. Paul bitten by a venomous ser all Intellectual communities. come glorified Inspirations. Perhaps the Ideas conveyed In this For this reason It has been a favorite That feeling of being well dressed which gives confidence and assurance t-j the adult, is likewise experienced pent (v. 3). With the sticks that Paul gathered there was a serpent. Perhaps It had already curled itself up for its winter sleep, but when the warmth of the fire aroused it it darted at Paul and fixed its fangs upon his hand. The natives expected to see him by the child. Consequently, increasing attention is devoted to creating juve nile apparel which will tend to cultivate the taste of the child. group of pretty things that can be made at home will lead to joyous results in the way of preparing dainty Christmas gifts for bahv dear. The center coverlet is a billowy mass of chiffon, puffed over a china silk foundation. The fluffy ruffles about the edge are of hemstitched silk underneath, topped with the sheer chiffon. Oie, of course, can make the wee rosettes out of bits of silk, but the Even a sick child loves the "fruity" aste of "California Fig Syrup." If the little tongue is coated, or if your child is listless, cross, feverish, full of cold, or has colic, a teaspoonful will never fail to open the bowels. In a few hours you can see for yourself how thoroughly it works all the constipation poison, sour bile and waste from the tender, little bowels and gives you a well, playful child again. Millions of mothers keep "California Fig Syrup" handy. They know a tea-spoonful today saves a sick child tomorrow. Ask your druggist for genuine "California Fig Syrup" which has directions for babies and children of all ages printed on bottle. Mother! You must say "California" or you may get an imitation fig syrup. Advertisement. The Toilsome Life. "Don"t you think eight hours a day Is enough for a man to work?" "Not In my case," replied Mr. Chug-glns. "A man who Is trying to buy gas for a flivver nnd look after his own repairs has got to work sixteen hours a day and then some." . Take, for Instance, the smart littlo tailored suit pictured below. It has perfect finesse in every detail. In Its s?lk braid binding, its swagger pockets, its low-shoulder line. It represents style personified. Then there household remedy for colds, coughs, bronchitis and especially for lung troubles In millions of homes all. over the world for the last fifty-five years, enabling the patient to obtain a good night's rest, free from coughing, with easy expectoration in the morning. You can buy Boschee's Syrup wherever medicines are sold. Advertisement. Got the Job. "Of course, you understand," said Mr. Dubwaite to the fair applicant for a stenographer's position, "that we expect our stenographers to be useful as well as ornamental?" "Certainly, sir, I'll try to make myself ornamental before I reach the office and useful after I get here." "You'll do." Birmingham Is a fur coUar "just like mother's." Under the flare coat Is a most ador able frilly lingerie waist, so practical fall down dead, yet he shook it off, nothing harmed. At first the natives concluded that he was an escaped murderer and that this was retributive justice being meted out to him. When they saw that he was unharmed they concluded that he was a god. 4. Paul heals Publius' father (vv. 7-10). These people are now getting some return for their kindness. When this man of note was -healed others came also and were healed. To this they responded in appreciation by loading them down with necessary supplies. II. Paul Arrives at Rome (vv. 11-16). When Paul landed at Rome Christ's charge to the disciples was fulfilled. After three months stay at Melita, with a plaited skirt. The hat is navy Creep and Self-Feeder Permit Little Pigs to Feed Separate From Sow. rowing, but should be given a liberal drink of water. If the weather is cold the water should be slightly warmed. A thin slop of bran and middlings may be given If she shows actual signs of hunger. The feeding for the first three or four days should be light and the time consumed in getting the sow on full feed should be from a wek to ten days. It Is of the greatest importance in raising pigs for the market that they gain weight as rapidly as possible. duvetyn and velvet with Oriental colored beads and n broad ribbon stream ribbon departments offer them in such attractive colors, and so perfectly made, !t seems the better part of wisdom to buy them, especially as they cost but a trifle. The pillow cover Is made to match. That little sacque which you see Is of faille silk with double rows of fluted narrow ribbon. It Is lined with crepe de chine for warmth. When making the coat hanger, be sure to get the best of sachet powder to enclose in the little hearts. Care er. The shoes represent the aristocracy of fashionable bootery, having patent leather vamps with white kid tops. Any little gtrl thus correctly attired cannot fall to strive to live up to so choice an outfit In her deport Fresh, sweet, white, dainty clothes for baby. If yon use Red Cross Ball Blue. Never streaks or Injures them. AH good grocers sell It. ment and general happy attitude. Cutieura Soap for the Complexion Nothing better than Cutieura Soap daily and Ointment now and then as needed to moke the complexion clear, scalp clean and hands soft and white. Add to this the fascinating, fragrant Cutieura Talcum, and you have the Cutieura Toilet Trio. Advertisement. Paul departs for Rome in the ship Alexandria, whose sign was Castor and Children's wear buying Is beginning to swing from school outfits to dressier types, for soon the holiday dancing Pollux. At Syracuse they were de layed three days, perhaps for favora parties and entertainments will be on. ble winds. At Puteoll he found breth should be used In selecting a delicate perfume; vlotet Is always dependable. One can evolve a lovely cap from scraps left over 'from the coverlid and pillow. Each row of shirring is outlined with Infinitesimal roses. The bootees are matched to the faille silk sacque. The pin cushion Is a clever thought and calls for a bit of hand painting to indicate the face of fiie clock. Not only is there a place Then He'll Learn. "Did your son learn anything In cel-lege?" "Apparently not. Now lie wants to get married." A good demr.nd is for white serges. These are particularly practical where a "dress-up" effect is desired without Too many drawing room smiles deteriorate into kitchen frowns. sacrificing warmth. Velveteens are developed Into after noon frocks with colorful embroidery. The first opportunity to force the rigs comes when they are a few weeks old. Up to this time they have been living solely on their dam's milk, for which no perfect substitute has been found. After about three weeks the young pigs begin to develop an appetite for some accessory feed to supplement the sow's milk, and they should be given some additional food. The pigs will eat from the sow's trough, but it is better that a pen or "creep" be arranged adjoining that of the sow, allowing the pigs to have access to a self-feeder In which shelled corn alone Is fed for a couple of weeks and afterwards shorts or wheat middlings. Pigs should be castrated while they are young, preferably when six to eight weeks old, and before weaning. Detailed. Information, on this subject Is given in Farmers' Bulletin ISO. which may he had on application to the Division of Publications. Department of Agriculture. ren, at whose request he tarried seven days. At Appili-Forura nnd at the Three Taverns brethren from Rome met him. From Puteoll the news went before Paul's coming, and so Interested were the brethren that they came more than forty miles to meet him. This greatly encouraged him, for which he gave God thanks. No one, perhaps, ever enjoyed more close fellowship with God, and yet no man ever enjoyed more and derived more benefit from human fellowship than he. His readiness to preach the gospel at Home, which he had expressed In the Epistle to the Romans, written from Corinth about three years before, was now realized. He was treated with great leniency at Rome, for he was allowed to hire a house there and live alone except that the soldier that remained his guard was constantly with GIVE BROOD SOW VARIETY him. Being chained to a soldier was rather irksome, but yet it gave him a chance to preach to the soldiers which Jud cieus Mixture of Feeds and Proper Amount of Exercise Will Get -the Best Results. he could not have had any other way. He rejoiced in whatever circumstances, I .?u .J Never say "Aspirin" without saying "Bayer.' just so the gospel was preached. The brood sow needs a varietv in WARNING! Unless you see name "Bayer" on tablets, you are not getting genuine Aspirin prescribed by physicians over 21 years and proved safe by millions for Colds Headache Rheumatism Toothache Neuralgia Neuritis Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain Accept only "Bayer" package which contains proper directions. Handy tia boxes of 12 tablets Bottles of 24 and 100 AH druggist. Aaplrin la tb trad mark C Bayer Manufacture f Moaoaeetieaeldaatar of Salic; Ucacla III. Paul's Ministry in Rome (vv. 17-31). 1. His conference with the loading lews (vv. 17-22). He did not, as usual, wait for the Sabbath day to speak to the Jews. He only allowed one day for rest. His object was to have a fair understanding with them. When they came he endeavored to conciliate them. He told them that, though he came as a prisoner, he was not a criminal. Though his own countrymen had so sought his life, he did not come with an accusation against them. The result of this Interview was that the Jews cautiously took neutral ground, but expressed a desire to hear what Paul could say In defense of a sect which was everywhere spoken against. The fact that this sect was spoken against Is no evidence that It was wrong. Many times thing may be wrong In men's minds. her food and exercise. In experiments conducted at the North Dakota Agricultural college under the direction of Piofessor Shepperd It was found that sows will readily eat alfalfa fcay, and that when this is fed with a mixture of about half barley and half shorts at the rate of 2H pounds dally for a 200-pound sow, splendid results have been secured. Eiual parts of barley, oats and bran or shorts also makes a very good feed. Exercise Is also very Important. It was found that the best way to give the grain feed was to sweep the floor clean and scatter the grain This results In the sows spending hours on their feet getting their fort. V-r rl.-v.s Indicate that sows fed a variety of foods and given plenty of exercise are toot likely to produce hairless pigs. SMART LITTLE TAILORED SUIT. because their judgments are biased. If PROFIT Ifl FEEDING STEERS and ha brought contentment aad happiness to thousands of home serkers and their families who hare settled on her FREB homesteads or bought land at attractive prices. Tbey have established their own homes and secured prosperity snd independence. In the grest grsinRT0Wins sections of the prsine provinces there is still to be had oa easy terassv FcrCa lxi ct $ ID $33 ca Acra land similar to that which through many years a thing is right in the sight of God it matters not what men think about it. 2, Paul expounding the kingdom of Ood and persuading concerning Jesus (vv. 23-31). He pointed out a real kingdom the Messianic Kingdom with Jesus as the King. Has yielded from SOto AS basnois 01 wnesx Ruffled taffetas In pastel shades are. recommended for evening wear. Little tots are wearing cunning organdies which fall fnun a yoke designed with tiny stitched butterflies. eorvwciiT tt tsw nwwbi union. to tho aero oats, barley and flax also in great abundance, while raisin hones, cattle, sheep-aad bo?s is equally profitable. Hundreds of farm en in Western Canada hars raised crops in a singia season worth more than the whole cost of their land. Healthful climate, good neighbors, churches, schools, rural telephone, excellent markets and shipping facilities. The climate and soil offer Inducements for almost every branch of Consecration. If you want to live in this world, riolnir thf rilltv of life, knnwlnir th . - - blessings of It, Going your work heart for ordinary pins, but the dangling ribbons have rings to hold various safety pins. It would bring joy to any wee baby to play with the doll rattle as shown above. It may be all hand iade, even to the hand painted head, although It saves time to buy a doll head Observe that tiny slelghbells are caught here and there among the ruff.d ribbons. More and more the requirements of t'te child are being recognised. Nt only by the parents and teaHters but In apparel shops and department stores the country over, the needs, the Inclinations of a juvenile world are receiving appreciative stud and attention. Many of the largest establishments are devoting entirv sections exclusively to the child. The theory of self-expresstoti Moths in Rub. Excellent Authority Asserts It Can Be Done This Winter- Higher Prices Next Spring. That steers can be fed at a profit this winter is the belief of H. H. Kll-dee of Iowa State college, formerly chief of the dairy husbandry division, Minnesota College of Agriculture. There are 50 per cent less cattle In Iowa feed lots, he says, than a year ago. Since fewer farmers are feeding he believes that meat rrtees are bound to be higher In the spring. After remarking that feeding is the surest tray to get the greatest margin out of the grain crop, he gives this assurance: There Is no reason for anxiety at thts time over the feeder question, tince cattle purchased now will coca tit all right.. sericulture. The advantages lor Cslrylx-, C2xd Parmtas and Ctack Rstelas make tremendous appssl to industrious set tiers wishing to imptors their circumstsnrrs When moths get Into the rug or carpet wet a clean towel, place It on the rug and Iron with a hot Iron. This ily, and yet not absorbed by It, remember that the one power whereby you can so act Is, that all shall be consecrated to Christ. Alexander Maelaren. Il ,1 fc j Ms ta Hasinas, will kill the eggs. New Coat Styles. ft. J. JOHNSTONE aitt Trsrtlss-Tsnstasl Ms, ledleespells. lad. ' -iv J. Some of the new coats close at the throat with a big tie scarf. There Is no lower closing, and they swing Suppllettlon ef Solomon. Kow, my Ood. let, t beseech thee, thine yes be open, and let thine, ears he attent unto the prayer that Is mad ta this place. II Chronicles C:40. .way, open to the hem at the bottom.

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