The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 26, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1936
Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana S airiy, December 20, 193G Haunted by Rose Bowl Jinx CLASSIFIED ADS HOLDS MEETING REPORTS FROM SUMMIT GROVE Twelve Members of the Young People's Class of Salem Church Have Party Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices clerical help 40.00 Clyde Mitchell, eupt of Bin traveling expense 37.50 Friendship Circle Hai Christmas Ray Piekel, assess off exp 20.00 Flnrt day of Insertion: 8c for each Trading line (one column line, like Dr. 8. C. Darrorh. dla prer 115.00 Celebration; Euchre Parly at Moore Home one of these). Twelve MM'llllieiH WT pH'SPlit. Mr. iitxl Mih. ('iirl Miller veiled Mr uiid Mih. Jim Uuuli o llmio Stindiiy. MUh Itfirotliy liov. ol Clintiin visiter! Jier parents, Mr. hih Mih, (i.-iar Imve, Siinduy. Hoy .Jenks of ('liicat'O visilefl ln: nster. Mjh. Mnrt Miller Kriday aiul Sal unlay atid left Sunday Cm sp' iid his ('liiisiimiH vacation In N'ew Oi leans. Mr. and Mrs. Ileatil.nd Slmenialiei and children are vi?-il I n u In (( rnd , l.iir ". My , for Chi istinuM, Mr. iiml Mrs. Homer Sunn k Mi-nf ririi man in Tern Hinitn. Mori Miller wan in Tern Jlaiile erlnesda y. Belle A. C'oKan. att off per diem and off exp 180 no Hurry MrCrea, tra off exi K.ln Harriet Amour, tra dp aul ion i() Next two days Insertion: the aame Ic rharite (yon get three day at NEWPORT. Dec. 20- Mrs. D. P Williams was hostexs for the t'luit r :'i7v--ok' WAV double the coat of tbe first day). Neat three days Insertion: tbe awme (e charge (you net a whole week, alx days, at three times tbe r. Ttn- of .''iilcm ! r, svn. 1ii j is p iriy nl j K llllllH ol y rvciiiiiL'. mas meeting of the Friendship circle Tuesday. A chicken dinner uh KI'MMIT CliOVJ;. Ii- V'lUIIK 't'(pll''n IjimM rliut-'h, wilt) I Inir Ik Jfiirii'K, Im'Iii ji Clirlhim Dm' home of MIhm Kdiui SliiM' Hu;k1 t;: Tuo,u JiftH wt-r' cxi-liani'cd served at the noon hour. After din coat of one Insertion). Kach uroiip of three daya there ..V V J I. :.; her a short tiusincHs meet lug wmk held. The members responded to after. 8c a line. mack Kate (like this), 10c per iilld I'onti'KtK w "If en joy.'il liy jp t-v ,;!;:, , :v;':.,;:-a:;:-:;::i Hue. Kveiett Mark, c h emp. . . 45.75 J. H. Nhhelson, e b emp. 100 00 I). M. llaiiiM, com aal and office expense D9.68 O. H. We itherman, com aal Si off exp 88 4!) Alfred Jones, c h rpr.... fi.OU Hoard Motor Kates, c h sup p a rpr & itr rd rpr. . . . 8.60 Ora A. IHiyle, lird review per diem 6.24 (ieorge H. Kalile. bid rev per diem 6.24 H. T. Payne. Jail auppllea 10.05 L. VV. Fryherger Hdw. Co. c h repairs 65.13 Kimball Klndall. d a I . All tlamlflnl ! Iu hiding memo-rlania and notletNi of all kinds muni roll cull with Christmas quotations. Interest Iiie contests and an t-xelianiii-of Kilts was enjoyed Thriteen members and one ituest. Mrs. c. M. Iliggltm. wire present Christmas decorations were mud throughout the home.' pin;', aiif! I ( im mil ihh; Imll ilub. Ami ( hji. tint fitr yotir w1m1' fnin-i)y who iri)b;iliy lii-ljii'il you wrile yitur lift'T. (JoofUiVf. Kam I Capture of French Cs ova hie ' The f'jcnrh privateor Csoyable v.-ns captured twice by U. S. aiJots I betwet-n 17!Ki and 17!W and rorun. be paid In advance except those by regular ruMmm ra whose accounts are paid monthly or thuae from organizations whoae bills niUNt lie allowed before belnir paid. In Uie I i reU onro by Hie French. Tv5 1 se bowl Jiaix "" "" """SfOto.t.' latter cue I lie person uking the publication of (he notice will be held responsible for ita payment. S. C. Darrorh. aame 76.00 W. 0. Grlsham, aame.... 67.76 Ind. State Prison, aame. . 15.76 K. T. McMillan, same.... 26.83 fZ33) srStL tJJ m T mm mat n A FOR SALE The Daily Clintonian. att real buy. I off, off exp & pub pi'tg. 50.36 3if Frank Y. Shelby, aol bur. 75.00 1935 Dodge coach. Cheek ac Son. Howard Waiaon, aame... 76.00 1934 Ford V-8 Tudor, heater, radio, j E Ru8se. elec exp... 3.85 Euclii,. Pally Mr. and Mrs. Walter .Moon- eiiter-tallied five lahleB of euchre Wcttncn day evening. Prizes were awarded to Mr. aud Mrs. Oscar Winters ol Perrysville and Mrs. Clyde Mitchell and Claude Foos. Alter the games refreshments were served at the tables. The Moore home was attractively decorated In keepiiiK with Christmas The guests Included Mr. and Mis C. D. Williams. Mr and Mrs Omar Mr-Masters. Mr. and Mrs. John Park. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde .Mitchell, Mr and Mrs. Orvllle Adams. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Poos, Mrs. L. R. Slew- perteci conoiuun. (.ni on. The illdjanaD0i,. Commer- ' 4fi 3 L 't m : X A'TDWS V ' .2 Record isjr so CWr OF PTT4-GBEAT BACKS- TH faumeas ?acu: tcofiiw Punch! OJll rial nuK nrlir 9 Cll New 1932 Plymouth 4-door sedan, paint. Cheek & Bon. Q. A. Myers, jail repair.. 14.90 N. Ind. Power Co., c h, jail and p a sup 115.73 39tf ! O. F. LeRue. i a sup 5.26 PAID NOTICES TODAYS 100.00 13.00 12.00 c w flj y m m ii a SUNDAY AND MONDAY Due to damaged film we will be unable to show "Little Miss Nobody" at this time and will show it at a later date. WALLACE BEERY JOHN BOLES BARBARA STANWYCK in "A MESSAGE TO GARCIA" Comedy POLLY MORAN in "OH DUCHESS" Movietone News 10c and 15c Attend the Afternoon Show and Avoid Standing SPORT.PARADE 1(2.00 IN MKMOltV In loving remembrance of our beloved mother, Mrs. Minnie Cas-tagna. who passed away five years ago December 27. Sadly missed by uoiiB and daughters. Hi Roy A. Ingram, sch fund investigator salary Dee Fisher, mln exam brd W. R. Clingerman. same. Claude Abernathy, same. Squire Shute Farmers Institute, farm inst Marglaret Hollingsworth, co agt exp Sumner J. Brown, co age agt exp 63.95 60.00 art, Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Hentoii. Terre Haute, Mr. and Mis, Oscar Winters, Perrysville. and Mr. and Mrs. Archie Carinlehnel, Clint u. J Holiday Trli Mr. and Mrs. 1). P. Williams left Thursday morning for Chicago to I 119.P7 15.00 75.00 12.60 35.12 46.40 4.96 89.60 7.60 7.60 spend Christmas with Mr. and Mrs Donovan Wiliams and family. They will also visit their daughter. Mrs. William Samuels, and family at Michigan City. CAKI OK THANKS We wish to thank Prints. Rev. Wagner, the singers, friends and neighbors for their sympathy during our recent bereavement. Also those who Bent floral decorations and cars. Mrs. Florence Slaven and family. t42 Business Services Kurs tanned and made up. Rd or gray fox chokers. $6.00. Wayne PAYTONA BKACH. Kla.. Icc. 2(1 The famed answer of the Sun's editor to little Virginia, telling her there wsis a Kanta Cllaus, finally lias a companion piece. M. M. Scott, min exam brd ! V. N. Ashury. prm of bond ' H. S. Call, off bond V. N. Ashury, prm of bond D. P. Williams, sur dog tax Curtis 1000 Inc., elk off exp Cleve Jones, com sal & exp Newt Jones, sch fd frm exp Sam Jones, same State of Indiana, old age assistance Nancy Lewis, sal of inves. Q. A. Myers, sal dir for Dec Q. A. Myers, postage. . . . Q. A. Myers, mileage.... Q. A. Myers, typewriter.. Mabel Payne Kruse. sal of elk & steno Gordon Lang, sal of Inves for Dec Roea M. Johnson, same. . "Home Is Castle There is an old English legal phrase to the effect that a man s II came from the pen of Kam nreadon. I he kindly, lovalile. penurious philanthropist who owns the Kl l.miis Carrlimil hnseball team. 51.63 97.60 100.02 Liven good, Hilluboro, Indiana. 1 4 9 don't you switch lo Rasputin, lie was a nice guy. too? "I.isieii. Mr. N'orllirup. J'lM whal business is ,'t of yours if we sell lh;il Dean gent six times a da ? K you had had such a headache on your hands for seveu or eight years you would hHVe shot him. not sold him. Ionic before this. Did you see the price lag we pul on that bird. Mr. Northrup? Two hundred thousand bucks and more. We mliclit finish in seventh place without him. but we'd have the dough -and a lot mere doiil-rh than a petimuit brings us in. Take my advice, Mr. Norlh-rup, and stick to your marble swap- LAST TIMES TONIGHT "MEET HERO WOLF" For Sale Coal house is his castle, meaning that he may defend himself therein against injury and violence. However, Blackstone says of this: "No outward doors of a man's house can in general be broken open to execute any civil process; though in criminal cases the public safety supersedes the private." with EDWARD ARNOLD und was written ill answer to a letter from 1 0-year-old Maurice North-run of lies M'lims. Iowa, in which the mirldlewestern youilKstr-r pleaded with Mr. Hreadun not to Bell his (little NorMirup's, not Mr. Urea-don's) Idol, Dizzy Dean. The editor's letter to little Virginia has li'en cltitrhing at the Cartoon Sport Reel 10.84 3.45 1.25 60.00 105.00 105.00 187.05 64.00 1.00 70.40 1.00 FOURTH VEIN COAL, INIVERSAI., MIAMI NO. 4. AND BLACK BhTTV NO. 5. MAULEY HUFFMAN, PHONE 10. 64 tf FIFTH AND SIXTH VEIN CO A I CALL ME FOR PRICES. DELIVERED. ANDV JOHNStJN, TELEPHONE t)15-l a. t5 Only 10c Chas. V. Ferguson, co hwy U supt aal Thomas H. Jones, gr rd rpr W. J. Deverter, same.... WSW"tSBf heartstrlnt's of a nation since 1K97 and I velieve that Mr. Breadoli's reply to the little farm boy will ii i i m 1 1 JEikimaii rfVifir mi liiiiri-i if FOR RENT Smallest Flowering Plant The smallest flowering plant, one that spends its life floating on the surface of quiet ponds, may be found among a lowly and primitive group of plants called the Lemna-ceae, says Nature Magazine. In large numbers they may be easily distinguished as farspreading yellow green mats. The species is important as waterfowl food. ALAC 33.70 22.00 60.80 32.00 9.60 IT WAS A HOWLING HIT ON THE STAGE, BUT WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE IT ON THE SCREEN ! THEATRE 3 beautiful large office rooms in Theater Bldg. Ideal arrangement for two doctors, dentists, lawyers, clutch at the nation's stomach for just as long a period. "You can rest assured. Northrup. that unless we can niak; the Cardinals a strotiKer club in tradinK Dizzy Dean, we will not do so. Our only thought in considering a trade 9.60 6.40 9.60 STARTING TONIGHT AT 11 P. M. THROUGH MONDAY1 3.20 etc. All rooms in A-l condition. Heat, light, lavatory and reasonable rent. Palace Theater. MC LEGAL NOTICES James 1W. Lanham, same. . Carl Betson, same Vernon Dwigglns, same.. Paul Sager, same Chas. Holbert, same Wm. Conard, same Wm. Lancaster, same . . . Lloyd Rdssell, same .... Wm. Miller, same Paul Adams, same Russell Connor, same . . . Wm. Randall, same Jackson & Haworth, same Margaret Skidmore, same John L. Jones, same .... Chas. Hendrix. same .... Harry Gresmer. same . . . Austin Mayes, same .... W. Mayes, same Curtis Stewart, Bame .... Oscar Jones, same Jackson & Haworth, same Jesse Naylor, same Frank bhelto, same fc wi.wuwi.ii nira for Dizzy is the strengthening of the Cardinals. With best wishes for a merry Christmas, I remain, yours truly. Sam Breadon, president St. Louis Cardinals." The answer that Mr. Breadon un-doughtedly wanted to send Is something like this: 2.40 54.45 26.55 73.60 6.40 6.40 9.60 9.60 2.00 2.00 104.40 70.40 Racket of Imperial Rome One of the great rackets in the days of Imperial Rome was to court rich men in the expectation of being remembered in their wills. A rich man would have hangers-on who indulged his every wish and whim, and he would have so much attention showered on him that even the emperor himself was unsuccessful m making many marry and have legal heirs to inherit them LEGAL NOTICE OF PIUL1C HEARING Notice la hereby given that the Local Alcoholic Beverage Board of Vermillion County. Indiana, will, at 9:00 A. M. on the 6th day of January, 1937, at the Clerk's Office-Court House, In the Town of New "Dear Mi. Northrup: So Dizzy Dean is your hero, oh? Well, why 00 Hass. Radiator Works, same Wm. Patrick, same Crumley & Switger, same Pauly Lumber Co., same. C. Russell, same port. In Bald County, begin investigation of the application of the following named person, requesting the issue to the applicant, at the location hereinafter set out, of the Alcoholic Beverage Permit of the claoB hereinafter designated and will, at said time and place, receive information concerning the fitneuB of aald applicant, and the propriety of Issuing the permit applied for to such applicant at tbe premises named : Augusta Biidwell, 23725. (Restaurant and Hotel). 502-5(14 North Carl VanDuyn, same Josiah Davis, same ta. WHson, same George Havison, same. 2.40 J PKCiffIiZi.. "Crazy Inventions" Novelty . VW "IJ.U-iW) -m . gZPCKO' "Sunken Treasures" ill r'J' ' S Clyde Shew, same Russell's Serv. Sta., same Earl Paine, same 86.40 4 "wwv 1 myiwii : 1 1 ef j-- 'X. VV Liavio jawson Jr., same lame.. 86.40 J v II . fZ "V svST"-! X V J. u. Hi ties, same Ninth Street, Clinton Beer. Wine Elver R. Newlin, same. Standard Oil, Co., same Leonard Tennis, same , William E. Dee, same. . H. W. Taylor Co., Inc.. sa me Retailer. Said investigation will be open to tbe public, and public participation is requested. AI'OHOUC BEVERAGE COMMISSION OF INDIANA. By: R. A. SHIRLEY, Secretary. PAI L P. FRY. Excise Administrator. 1219-2636 NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE Notice is hereby Riven to the Louis leek, same Louis Divan, same Fred Jones, same hum Kerr, same Lovell Miller, same Ira Jones, same Kenneth Jones, same Everett Mines, same Victor Hiiics, same Tom Frazler, same :::::: it .. -JJ-.' U Hi I Ms creditors, heirs and legatees or John K. Wright, deceased, to appear In Vermillion Circuit Court, held at Newport, Indiana, on the 6th day of January. 1!I7. and show cause, If any, why the Final Settlement Accounts with the estate of said de Orvllle Marten, same Neal Gravel Co.. same Sum Kaiusey, same . . 1 k v ,rmM nam (jinson, same Gilbert Sprouls, same G. Smith, same cedent should not be approved; and aid heirs are notified to then and T. Jeuson, same S. Ramsey, same A. Keller, same S. Gibson, same there make proofs of heirship, and receive their distributive shares. Witness, the Clerk of said Court, this 10th day of December, 1936. EVERETT E. RHOADES, Clerk Vermillion Circuit Court. 1212-19-2636 75.20 ? H-wtt s 11 , r ,i- ,r 1 . n Leo Wright, same 20 ,-.0.-...U' 'tKf.titf rKfev-d i l fjZX. .-I lauKlicus, ,,..r a.- UW 3.90 ItitH ilTV.t ITh ? 1 ! nw buieli hionl. Herman Wright, same . Russel Teniiies. same . Standard Material Co.. same Curtis Louden, same . . Franklin Morey. same . thorns Divan, same : ? TcZ.' I JhJ I 1 ? " " EXTRA JOY j Nick Blanucha. same . Skidmore, same CLAIMS FILED T. R. Woodburn Prtg. Co. elk. aud, trs. rec, & eur off exp & gr rd rpr. .. .12.59(1.30 Everett E. Rhoades. elk off exp 6.29 Florence Rhoades, clerk's deputy salary 75. (id C. B. Cooper, aud off exp. 20.00 . . . TONITE . . . TIM McCOY 'BORDER CABALLERO" 3 fc , I A ? CLYDE McCOY Ohio Oil Co., same 5 I Jut.a Tim. I. V Z-llJi'kvT y i ill I a..j u- wr dj in C. B. COOPER, Auditor County, Indiana. 122636 II g vfas , -v ! 14 jri j 1 fl y-iiiu nit raimnn nana LU "JM CARTOON FRANKIE DARRO ' ? tonitf f "RANinOM MVIc-WtT" i I Si In Colon . m DR. 8. H. SELLERS 11 I act inn mtdf a r add ad a cTANuYrit- 11 "THE WOLF DOG" Aha Cartoon and News 10c 25c Forrest Mott. aud clr help 60.00 Banks Baldwin Law Pub. Co., elk off exp 10.00 Roscoe Itoark, dp aud sal 108.37 The Stockwell Tax Table Co.. aud off exp 33 .40 Bertie Barker, rec off exp 2.00 Margaret Vincent, deputy recorder's salary 75.00 June Hiberly, aud. and off NEWS i TIMES I "Ace Drummond" nd Comedy DENTIST 249 South Main Straet Clinton, Indiana And Only 10-25c IE

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