The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 1, 1921 · Page 5
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 5

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1921
Page 5
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT Mrs. Minnie Crecraft, Reporter !ly spent Suwday with Miss Addie know that Mrs. Frederick was the'boro, Mr.-and Mrs. .Charles Burgan, 1 Leach. ; daughter of Mrs. Julia Bell Towrfeend ! Mr. and Mrs. Ben Burgan and Hershel 1 Mr, and Mrs. L. F. Brewer enter-1 formerly of this place. ! Jones of Fairmount, Mrs. Phoebe tained in hoiAjr of Mrs. Brewer's j Rev. and Mrs. Hiram Harvey enter- ! Lancaster of Ohio, Miss Allie Kim-birthday at an oyster sdpper Thurs- : tained at Thanksgiving dinner, Mr. j brough and Zack Kimbrough. day evening: Mr. and Mrs. Albert and Mrs. Edward Frederick. Mr. El- Mr. and Mrs. Claren'ce Elliott and Little and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Al wood Townsend and daughter Inez, ! children Sylvia Eileen, Lucile and i Stanley, Mr. and Mrs. Palmer ood and Miss ChaTlotte Southworth of I Richard were guests at dinner Sun-!ar.'J daughters va and lula. Edith s Marion and Mr. nnd f I Farrtt srri Prtv Mrs. Hatel .Mitcnner ana iirs. iua FOR SALE Ice Ice, Pauline, Mae, and Ben Brewer, Harvey and family. ! Mrs. Charle- Elliott, Mr. and Mrs. Art Miller living east Partridge called on Mrs. Cmda fcam .Martin, Jir.ana .rs.jonn Brew- Mr. and Mrs. Georsre Hastv enter- I The manv friends of Herman Gib- 01 rowierton vrere very pleasantly - r aiituiwu. and Mrs. j sow are glad to know that he is able : to be in school aerain after beine con- surprised Vedne-av evenine when: -Mr. and Mrs. m. isauara ; . TV- - . iur ou"y "inner ivir iIt 'tl! fSLtii?8- nSw Sundav dinner with Mrs. Jenrfte Craw- children. All enjoyed a good time m' Glenn A. Harrold. uckey enter- ! fined to his home for several weeks l TsflVn,: ford. lrs, Crawford accompanied Mr., playing games ine "ircsnments . Mr. ar'd Mrs. Rock St FOR SALE Remirigton Typewriter good as new. Will sell for $25 for quick sale. Call Mr. York at Drop Forge. " ;'Vvr ,,1,. m'ar,l Mrs. Ballard home Sunday even- . were oyster soup, crackers, picaies. : tained lor thanksgiving dinner Mr; with a fractured ankle. ji-ci.t rr..iij. i " t - -- j,.,,, .Sm.f. .riH nnn rnm r. w t tl islev and son Juni- i Mis Wheatlev of Swavzee is the takinii care of Mrs. Ollie ued at retresn- i -nr. tijae ranriuge tame : maae cai.xty were ..... i T-i ;; .nAn- fhn nwk-unii .mm on .ir. ana George Robertson or, of Senlow, Texas, Mrs. Etta Doh- I nurse wh0 i Mrs. H. E. Payne erty and son Wilsoi, Miss Lucy Hais-! Collins, who : ley and Mr. and Mrs. Ves Haisley of Miss is very ill. i m ent Mr aid Mrs. Miner are mas- - in;.nfgnm ..v. ... ... , , - . - - ems. .nr. a..a - . rmii rot-r,iTr to hi work Sui.Uav afternoon Gladys Tyerart sDent Wednes Glady ins nin iv to move lv mtir new iiviur " ' : . s o i reaj to uiv h , ; ia nwhrn nnrf Several of tbis neighborhood attend- ! Fairmount. day eveniig with Miss Dorothy iM.Munc.e - :i t t3ltp " ed the Ores Hiatt on A - sale Tuesday. i Mr. and Mrs. Wildman spent FOR SALE Mailing lists. Namei. and addresses 1,000 GrarA county farmers. Up-to-date. Address Box 38, Fairmount, Ind. MISCELLANEOUS - - " LXCwfcJ were. Mrs. ; Rev. and Mrs. Meyer. arAl Mrs. Eva Madeline Payne spent Tuesday shop. Thanksgiving with. friends in Peru, in Marion. j Mr. arAJ Mrs. Denny Winslow were Mr. and Mrs. Milt Jones spent Sunday afternoon with William Elliott at Fairmount. nM hpp Kate Duiii'.r. Mr. and Partridge were calling on several ping ing r o Atrri- f r -urA Mrs. members of the church Tuesdav after- Miss Hattie Leach and Margarette week-end guests of their daughter, 1- V-oT-n' children. Mr. and noon. : Keever and Mr. Bnsil Underwood and Mr. and Mrs. Marion Jefferies of New Mrs. Anna Kimbroueh and son Mr. T mr Hardv. Mr. and Mrs. Clvde Mrs. Ida Ford and Mr. and Mrs. ' Georsre Leach called SurAlay evening Castle. - 1 Walter eutertained at Thanksgiving t occasion. Mrs. for Mr. and Mrs. Thomas t " 25 or any r?. r..l Hnphtre AiT. and A rs. i U m. Jarvn and son Artnur took rri- on .nr. n .irs. iMminisun ui v. ej. naisiey nu son mon wne Qinner Nettie Monahan. Summitville. ' 'week-end guests of hi daughter Miss Iucky and son George, Mr. and Mrs Charles Kibby, Mr. and Mrs. W esley lay cmner with Mr. aird Mrs. Leach Tom! in son ai.U son, Mrs. May Burwick Rev. and Mrs. Meyer motored to and Miss Ada. Mr. and Mr. Jor Carmel, Ind., where they sper.t Haisley and sons, Harry Winan and Thanksgiving with their children, re- Miss Myrtle Leach, who has been Lyra, who is attending Earlham col-1 George Kimbrough and children Re-teaching at Muncie, was home over lege. jbecca, Winifred and Charle and Miss Tnar.ssgivinr vacation. . Arthur Winslow was entertained at Hazel Martin, all of Mariorl Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mitta: and chil- the home of Mr. aiAl Mrs. Frank Har- j Mrs. Stanley Elliott and children, f amilv. Mrs. W uson Simons, Mr. aiM turning home saturday. Elder James Watson at'd wife and dren spent Thanksgiving with Mrs. . mon Qf Marion. Miss Pauline and Raymond, were busi- Mrs. Willard Secrets. Mr. and Mrs. ; Oren Kirkwood, Mrs. Ethel Curti, and Mrs. Carter of Russiaville, James Emma Harrison and son vrt Leach. ; Mr. and Mrs. Ford Woodruff of ; ness caller at Fairmount Saturday, sons, Ethel and Marv Simons, Melevia 1 Blair, John F. Newby and family, Herbert and Irene stayed with their Peru, were, callers at the home of his Mrs. Alice Barrett spent Saturday Simons, Ellabelle Winan, Stella Hardy, ! Mrs. Margaret Corn, Mr. and Mrs. ' grandma until SuiAiay. Mrs. Emma sister, Mr. and Mrs. Russel Harvey, j afternoon with Mrs. Mate Steirs. Frederick Gossett, Berl WinatJ. Ben , Vm. Jarvis and Aithur Tusinsr of Mil- I and son snent Sunday at Marion with Thankssiving. Mr. arW Mrs. Ananias Smith and Brewer. Gladvs Miller, Mr. and Mrs. ford, Mrs. E. O.Crecraft andhildren llr. and Mrs. Mittank. j Winif rey, the young son of Mr. and ! son Ernest accompanied by Mr. and Art Miller. " were Snday dinner guests of Mr. aiAl Mr. and Mrs. Dave Whybrew enter- Mrs. A. B. Brewer, is confined to his jMrs. Will Lewis of Fairmount motor- iMrs- John Leach. Mr. and Mrs. Jar-'tained at Thaintspiving dinner, Mr. home with diphtheria. ed to Montpelier Sunday and spent FOR QUICK Auto service call W. G Moon, 601 South Walnut street-Phone 382-2 rings on Red. NOTICE Postively no hunting! on my premises. B. F. Dickey.,. 25 To DISCOUNT On my line of Brunka-Curran blouses. Mrs. Nettie Monahan. TYPEWRITERS Cleaned, repaired, sold. Ribbons, supplies. W rite, phone, call, Arnold's Typewriter Shop, Phone 1586. Next to Lyric Theatre downstairs. Marion, Ind. j vis accompanied Mr. and Mrs, John Alva Houston and family of Kokomo, Miss Mildred .Stubbs of Lewisville, the day with Mr. and Mrs. Will ' Newby home where they were over-5 Miss Minnie Caskey, Mrs. Crede Yar-'li VL, wa an over Sunday guest of den. Church Saturday and Sunday the regu'ar preaching service days for the Primitive Baptist church. Elder James Watson of Russiaville, had chari? of the service on Sunday. The Elder being absent on Saturday and night guests. Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis ; oer ana oaoy. uaipn jonnson ana .Miss Pauline Katiirr. ; Mr. ana 3irs. Everett jotos enter- returned home Monday mori'mg. family, Mrs. Mattie CaslTey and her Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Stuckey and son , tained at Sunday dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lindiey. Mrs. Glee parents, Mr. anrl Mrs. Atkiifeon of Glenn Allen, moved to Marion last j Mrs. Carl McCombs and Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Miss Francis Murray called California. Mrs, Houston vpent Thurs- week. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Mart hav- j Herman Jones. on Mrs. Ethel Curtis Thursday even-! day night with Mrs. Whybrew and ing moved to the Stuokey farm. Frank Hilton is absen't from school : Mr?. V hvbrew took her to Mrs. Mattie ' Miss Gladv- Smith of Jonesboro. ! iiV preaching serv ices vrere held, how- " jnt and frs. T. R. JesSUO were . Caskey s r riday. was ari over bunday jiuest of her sis- ever a busmess meeting was conduc- Mr. - n i f TT IT : , 1 4 T - n n .1 A T .- r. TT"., -1 Tai.i onl T, TT ' J 4 . . . , . J - T7 1 ted. ,v,,o:t f Tr .Mrs. .k. Leacn to ' irs. emma narri?on ana son .-u ter. iir. ana .uis. -an Mr. and Mrs. Bert Todd and children Marie and Ren, spent Sunday after-rAon with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kirk. A number of relatives and friends were entertained on Thanksgiving at fc home of Mr. and Mrs. Ollie i Thanksgiving dii'.ier Thursday. i spent Monday n' Fowlerton. family. Much interest, u being shown at the Mrs. Mary Roberts took Thanksgiv- 1 Miss Alice and Lola Whybrew were ' The executive of the Little Ridge W. Wesleyan Methodist revival service. dinner with her children in Gas ! home during Thanksgiving vacation. ; C. T. U. met at the home of Mrs. Hir. Mrs. Rose of Marion, who has been City, she also remained with them John Payne and mother and Mrs. ; am Harvey last Friday afternoon, assisting in the sintrit.'- also had .luring th. wwt n.1 i Effie Tavne were hi Marion Tuesday. ! Mrs. C. W. Smith, son Robert of Up- chars-o of services both Sunday morn- Mr" t.1 Mrs. Clvde Partridsre atM : Donald Andrews spent Tuesday land and trrandson Hansel Smith, of ing and night. FREE! Holiday Ribbonette for tying Christmas packages. Beautifully colored in green, red and gold. Printed, "A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year." We have many thousands of yards, but it will go fast. Call immediately ar.d get as much as you will net' ta tie all your Christmas packages. FREE, at THE HOCKETT STUDIO. right with Victor Pavnet, ; Elwood. and Mrs. Arthur Hall of Tul- j Mr. and Mrs. Anan'ias tsmith and Mrs. Jame, Pavne and son Arthur, sa, Okla.. were week end guests of j sons Dewey and Ernest,, were guests Q.iox Ainnw with Mr aili Mrs. t.- oi'i Mr .1 Tt WhitW. I at dinner Thanksgiving! day of Mr. sons spent Thanksgiving day with J. "W. Jones and Mr. and -Mrs. Verle Coi.h. and Mrs. Will Lewis at Fairmount. Henry Roberts. Dr. W. D. Nottingham and wife and Regular preaching services were conducted at the M. P. church both Sunday mornii'i.1 and night with Rev. Meyers in charge. NQ special serv- Mr. John Pavne spent Saturday I son Melvii' were Thanksgiving wests : J Charlie ' night with Gordon Rhoaf.s. I of her cousins, lr. ana Airs. COMMUNITY ITEMS Benth of Muncie. ! .Mr. and .Mrs. uwignt usoom enter SAYS THE OWL Mr. and Mrs. Holland Nottingham taii'ed at Sunday dinner Mr. Jess Hol-loway and family. No man Is ever scared about a pain in his legs or arms. Mrs. Hilton and sons Gar-tend and Frai;'.-v entei tained at Thanks-stivins: dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Peterson, Howard, Albert and Buvr Jones of Marion. li HACKLEMAN ! a Thanksciving dinner to Mrs. j Hollis, Mr. and Mrs. Frai'v Davis, s Mr. and Mrs. Oren Kirkwood and Mr. I and Mrs. Swisher. ! Mrs. De'la Corn is quite sick at her l" in the wet part o town. Miss Anna Smith works relief at th KowKrton central office Sni.Uay. ice win oe neki aunng tne series oi meetings being held at the Wesleyan Local ana Personal. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith entertained their children and grand children to a uiick dinner Thursday. Those who partook of the big spread we v Mr. and Mrs, Will Smith and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Smith of Fair-mount. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Langsdon and soi' John, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Caskey and two children. Sherry, Madge and Gale Smith, they had as their Mr. and Mrs. Sam Kirk were guests of Bert Mr. and Mrs. Will Dill spent Mon- ' at dift..'jr on Thanksgiving dsv with the latter's parents, Mr. and : Todd and family. Mrs. Ol Banister. Mr. Banister is M'.ss Dorothy Wimmer had as her Rav Lantrsdon has sold put his croc erv store to parties who will probably quite ill. , callers Thursday evening. Miss Rebec- I I Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hastv spent Sen- ca Kimbroueh. Miss Helen Martin,, open the store again in a few weeks. Where dav with Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Gibsoi.'. George Lucky and Winifred Kim- r r n i V l " 1 i 1 1 " r ; J YtT 1 1 The Cloverleaf Cream station has gu?sts, Mr. Carl Hunt of Warren, and sts, .ur an iiurit oi " arren. aim TOOved to the Rube Leach repair : , lrs- V LK orooKsnire ana cvro?n, an oi .uanon .Lrt Drawhorn of Ricdon. lne ooys , T . -,, i .. .v. family were euests at the home of the . kimbroueh. Lee it hurtiir in the forenoon return- V.- former's father, Mr. Tom Brookshire ; Mrs. Vernie Hilton sperc Friday af- wen Fishing is good to teach a man patience. Nothing" else will. A street car will always hold one more i-ssssener; ami an overcoat will last just one more winter. Considering how absolutely devoid nf i-alciiiation love is, it Is a miracle it dfesn"t get its victims into more trouble. If be ever paused to think, the man with liis nose to the grindstone will usually find that he is turning his own grindstone. All the naked natives of tropical countries are now kept busy turning thrir coconuts into copra for civilized ternoon with Mrs. Sarah Tynart. last Saturdav evening in henor of Mr. xv rith seven rabbits, They attend-. . , . mwtA Willi iaoio j.y, .v.- T .1 r! or,,l evl a football rime at Marian m the -ir. auu -ii. V-ru ' afternoon ! per Music of Gas City spent Thanks- Mr. and" Mr?. John Leach arAl grand- ! giving with Jacob Corn and family, children, John. Dora and Docia Cre-1 Ralph Barrett has returned from craft spent Thr.nksgiving day with Indianapolis, af rer being, there a few Bookshire s 77th birday. Miss Mae Kemmer was a week-end : guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 1 Alfred Kemmer. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Elliott, Vergia a:.J Paul Elliott spent Sunday with Mrs. Wilbur Wimmer spent a few davs last week with Mrs. Ollie Collins. ; M rs. Will Todd, Mrs. Frank Johns, ; Mrs. Bert Todd and son Xen, and Mrs. 1 Jimes Tygart were visitors at the ' Fairmcc: high school Wednesday af- ' ternoon. Misses Dorothy Wimmer and Bea- j Mrs. Elizabeth Anderson ar.d sou Key days on bosn.Vss. near Matthews, other guests were ' Lewi Needier and family spent , Mrs. Mary Hilton. - Mr. and Mrs. E!ge Leach of Gaston. Thanksgiving with Mrs, Anna Jones.' Mrs. Emma Harrold and family can you find a house for rent, or where can you find a renter for your house. An ad in the classified column of THE NEWS will find one for you. trice Howel! were guests f riaay ai-: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jarvis and son- i nila Jonp? Vilas spent Thanksgiving! with her sister, Tusing of Mil ford, Ind., took ; T C ',. fmii CTpnt Fridav even- Mrs. Alvah Apple and family at.Wil- ternoon of Miss Sarah Mart. Artnur dir.". er with Mrs, Ida Ford and family n,..:." v.rt rtn snl f amilv i low Branch. They visited m that; Mr. and Mrs. Lee Lompton were . and ' man. Civilization s yoke reached them ! at last. i i , x. p. ! 'ut.- vicinity until Sunday evenh?g. guests at dinner Sunday of Mr Thursday. Rev. and Mrs. Mevers and Mrs. f 1 .IU,1U? ; Mr and Mrs. Elmer Comer and Mrs. Chub Jones. Chapel ! ie Dickerson called on Mrs. Cmda 'V1 ni Fanumilwr ir famiK- entertained at dinner last Sun- Rev. Mullieau'. of Jones Lenn Fairmount. Ice Mondav afternoon at Jonesboro. ; day. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rybolt ar.'.l church, was a guest at dinner bundaj Moralists want you to sit down just before bedtime and "review" all the dinVior with children and Mr. and Mrs. Uarrell of Mr. and Mrs. u?.n rcneiDarger. Herbert Leach took Howard Norton Sunday. Mrs. Ice seems to be better at this writiiV- Mrs. Stanley Elliott ar.d children,, everts of tlie day. Yes. and get your Rvbolt and baby. Mr nrd Mrs." Mark Powers and son ! Mis Pauline and Raymond, were Ma- self "all waked up," so that you won't sleep. Yon, sorrt Sundav with Mr. and Mrs. rion visitors Friday. ! Wilsoi Neal. i Mrs. Lia Todd, Mrs. VersSe Hilton j and Mrs. Luoy Tygart. caMed on Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Albert sr.d chil NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS dren and Mrs. Yenna Hilton ar.d sons Frank and Garland, were entertained SPANISH PHRASES Quien Sabe Who knows? Guerra cuchillo War to the knife. : for dinner Svoday by Mr. and Mrs. Dalphne Dickey atJd Walter Gibson .r.-l cli.K're.i. fug Mr. and Mrs. NEW MULBERRY Ollie Collins Friday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Mait of Lei- j sure, attended Sunday school at this f place Sundav morning aiJd were guests j at dinner of Will Mart and family. j Mrs. Emma Gwin spent Saturday 1 night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. j James Tytvvrt. j RaymoiAl Elliott, who is attending , PVriri;n rollpfp vient his Thanks- j i; ! liilVAI ril llfl I W I vA Hot !UiUt i I 2s. !' V t j TT-rii r i -v 1 i COUNTY LINE barato es caro A bargain is Lo dear. Mrs. Mark Richard, and dauehter son i m am moiorea nh.rK . Yirgh.'.a, visitod relatives in Indian- i Thursday- and spent the day at the i n apciU last week. l cf icatives near that place. j - ATr sTi ATr T-m Coi-i.-li t- lxrtnTl ..... - - .... - - - - . . ....... . - . . . . . . . ... . . . . . w . .. ... i ...... if . Miss Mvrtle Hamilton visitevt Mr. j- -v,1"" . .V. Quien pocosabre, presto lo reza He . - . . . . r ' Y" it ! n.1 l r-e I : l 1 1 lor x-rirt cl L ti 11:111-1 ' 1 1 1 . . - 1 . .Ml?. 1 u l 11 i- c4v n j n " ' ' ' 1 and Mrs. .caa Keasner at .uattnews j - ; Vnarried TTTankiVine MrC Furnish and babv of Wabish, Mr. and and Mrs. Stanley Elliott and family. . who knows little soon tells it. "VS elttesday. . i ,.e , f . . . giV.,- 31If- t, j k m 1 xr- v T?.vpire Smith and ' Davfs Verlie Couch and baby and Mr. M . m- v . . i 11 n i aw s-x-wvn r x j iia i a v l a in i ri tic; v Aim i aim a in ciiivi &aai i i . ai .v -. - Mr. and Mrs, Anderson jimanK ; - " - lur11" " ,a t r ,.t -l- ' i rv.i. rj.j ,r(,r( e-uests on! Mrs, nd rsn Mittank ' of i.orthesst cf Fowlerton. ' Miller wa formerly Miss Nellie Mrs- ests of" their "son Win ie, ! cf Orestes. They will reside on the .Jones ; sor ' j farm of the srroom's father a half; Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Richards enter- iTha . i . - i . i . i - n. ! were tie gu Ir por lana, y volver trasquilado To go for wool and come back shorn. Thanksgiving day of Mrs. Smith's j j tained Thanksgiving at a goose din Limon Cotter had an accident Wevl- mile east of thisislace grandmother at r airmount. j i Mr. and Mrs. Russel Wimmer living near Jones Chapel, are the proud par- j ents of a baby eirl, the little one has j been named BoWme June. j Mr Vemie Hilton and sons Gar-: ner to the following relatives: W . . ! Payne and wife, L. E. Hichards and n ' wife, Nolder Ui'Jerwcod and wife, I; Frank Payne and wife. Virgil Car- nesday when a team of horse which ' he was driving, crushed him between . rj a gate post and the wagon, breaking j ' RAT)LEY his ribs and bruising "him -up. ' j f.j;T-'mmH''!l'',ll"l,!',M!'',!,',lle",4l mony ana wite, .eiia rtareirjaKer ana flilll - - . - ! nr; T 1 1 o. :r 1 T r V n: j lanH onrl KranK Were BTUesiS at uuiiici , Mr. and Mrs. tmuei irrown oi ScmmitviTle visited Mr. and Mrs. Har. rey Richards Monday. Emerv Carter is in Chicago this with Misse, Naomi and Olive John. .r-!-? T'sell Kimes, Gladvs Mor- Sunday of Walter Gibsoi and family Raymond Elfkrtt was home from Iron. Luther. Ralon and Faul Pavne. at Hackleman. I International 1 Franklh' college to spend Thanksgiv- , Harry Underwood, Vivian. Clifford arAl j Miss Mildred lodd spent ounuay j week attending the Stock Show. Glen Carter was at Tioene for mg with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. ; Kffie Bell, Clavton and Carl Couch and .wnn .ms, wmi v I Stanley Elliott. ! Earl Elmer Richards. ! Mrs. Anna Howell and eranddaucfi-j Harry Wigawre-and Mrs. Kate Wig- j xt, t jDmt, Tiwoii aH ters, Lorene and Deloras Howell, were , Th anksgivTRg, Profitable Dairying f requires a few things besides good cows, comfortable barns, fi sflo, plenty of the right kind of feed, and that properly rationed. It needs also A CONSTANT, EVEN OUTLET1 the year round, one that insures a fair market value for: S Butterfat, in whatever quantities produced, one that will I Q conserve the quality, so that a grade of Butter will be made y vrr Mr TTnnf pt- nf TCntomo. ' more have returned home from a few j.,i.t ni,D a m virn guests Saturday night aiM ounaay ox , r "r,'; , L" d. .i,t;,. ;n t?;t,.i "w 1 -v. . the former's dauehter. Mrs. uz tteue ttnd -familv at Fairmount, Mr. and cie, are spending a few day with Mr. ' Roy John errtertaitwd Thursday ev- j lin an3 famUy. : r T -p XXT SMrs. Ralph Howell and family were! ; also guests at the Relfe home for dm er, and Leslie Wilbern of Fairmonnl. . r5 w W T'l ii J nl Mr. and Mrs. Ehner Comer called 1 7Loil Vt' W- Payne and faml,y SuT1- SHU 1. 1 ITT 11 1 V." I LI 1.1 1 Mr. and Mrs. Lord Duling and son Lester visited relatives in Matthews bunday. At- 1 1 m -rt tr1i T ". f I aariii it e it ill i yryi v i niiu vii .air. aiAi an. iik iiaii wsi x -a- Sunday. Mr. and Mrs Lora Itennel, of In- day evening. Mrs. "Bessie Ocmch and son returned ' ter Bertha, weTe eruests at dinner SutJ-hoTne Th ank se rvin g day, where she ' dav of Mr. and Mrs. Ora Todd near and a i iimpr nnn rmi diariapolis were the guest of Mr. and from it that will bring the highest market prices. Schlosser's Cream Route System inaugurated when the Schlosser dren took Tharikegrrine dinner with j "as ayinB witn Mrs. uert jic- . Ripdon Mt. and Mrs. Milt Gibson and sons Mr. and Mrs. George 'Yale. Mrs. Joseph Errtler Thanksgiving 3 ay. Mrs. Sylvester Hale 1s on the sick list. Miss Helei? Behem spent her "Thanksgiving Ta cation -at her home in ; I Charles and Herman, visited Sunday with Mrs. LyoT?i at Marion. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Elliott and children, Pauline, Raymond. Orville 8 LTTTLE RIDGE " i Gas Citv. "Day Thompson imd children took , dinner Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. j f 1L and Glen, were guests Sunday after- i Eawrerroe Nash. were held at ron of William Elliott at Fairmount. Disarmament service. oh- I Sunday school at Center next Sun- ! Little Ttfdge church last Sabbath Miss PauluAe remained and will spend "Community Week is heSne dav at 10 o'clock. served this week at the M..E. church. Devetioif was conducted bv the week with her grandfather. ' j morning. daus-hter i Mr T H TTn-iv Wn Wm M A IT Mrs. Edna Shocklev and : . - .. . g a. -Mica iiiiui 'utu va TV OI. Mary Alice spent Thanksgiving with Jones gave a very interestinsr and ter and Mrs. Edna Kirk were business Brothers business was founded more than 37 years ago, and consistently maintained all' these years, has proven to be the only fiystem ever used or now being used that accomplishes these results. See our Route Collector, District Supervisor, or drop a postal to the Home Office. We want to tell you more of the benefits of Schlosser's Cream Route System. jir. ana Mrs. -naney r.uiort. nemtni address and a snort talk was callers at Marion Friday. 5T5-?,X?iJraSf1 ltowi"1SrTtnby;V1!'lf'fc . ' Mrs. Everett Jones and Miss Maud surreal operation at the Manor hos- , Prayer meeting will he held at the KimbroTleh attended a musical giver pital Mondav mornmgv . church Thursday evening with Mrs. 1 K tva rhir Or,oert Comr,nv at. IT. ft 1 n va I T TcrS 1 t 1 I? . . ' . i tKa Vi i rrVt cVirl flnHitnrinm of Fair. r v, J . "" ' - - - moved to the Elmer Stookey farm south of thi place. Sp.: lire i "-iasi moD1,t Thwsday night. Sabbath night a good crowd attended! . t T. the musical held at this place, given ' c Mr: and TPJe ffv ?T tt the orchestra-of Fairmount acad-' f vteetseT a"d Jranlt Rch.of Union-mv. under the" direction of Vi f wer -S-UTa.ay Sts of Ray MotWay evening the address was eiv-en bv Mrs, Hiram Harvey of the Little Ridge neighborhood. Mrs. Lea McTurnan of Fairmount sang two -jtnlos, Mrs. Ora Todd and Miss Edith Butter each gave a piano solo. Mrs. Beatrice Long Pierce of Elwood, gave two readimrs. Tuesday evening Is -Patriotic Night." Mr. Algia Hallowell rati a nail in his foot week ago Sunday and it has been causing him a great deal of pain. Last Friday evening a box supper was held at the Townsend school house. Miss Almeda Townsend received the prize for being the most popular ytur4i lady. Thirty-isx dollars and fifty cent, were taken iru Cereral members of the Leisnre The sugar beet that have been -on-loaded here on the "ground are rnwr berrA? loaded in the cars ready for shipping. AND THEN, a De Laval Separator is necessary to make Stinger and family. Sibyl Kramme, instructor of music. your cows profitable. New low Drifts now in ef fY.-f A eV ? I 1.1 T t 1 A . x .. " . si jvu iuwm ajc iavai Agent or our itoute collector about a il- Mr. and Mrs. Craig Butler of Chicago are rejoicing over the arrival of twin boys at their home. Mrs. Butler is the dauehter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Elliott of Muncie, and well known in this community. it n I! C.KANT R ' - - ' - Rev. Hiram officiated at a very rret-txt wedding Thanksgiving, whet Miss Ida Townsend, daughter of Mr. Elwood Townsend of South Marion was united in marriage to Edward Frederick. The ring ceremony was used. De Laval Separator. n Aliss Berniece Robertson and Lucile Qnn- 1, tiV. nr The bride was very pretty it -white atAJ Mrs. Owen Kimbrough and satin. The decorations were of sim- drrhter, Mis Maud, entertained at Vttinsuan cnurvn r pwunmg w "-. deline Payne. Way ywne WW rexi wee. Mr and Mrs. William A. Lwt vnth l-r .nd r5dr m and ti T.rVrn?win dinn fno TU mrtA, Ifn Cresrr Buyers Since 1884 Hc3 Office f - FranlL'fort, Ind. The Ltiicx A" 1 Society met Toes- Sunday with Mr. and lira. Falmcr t . -heme wa, earned out in the three John Wright and daughters Margie li y r ;rr.c t the homf M Krs. Wood of near CrautvSle. (course hmcheoa. It may he of much ard TKilp- Ur. and Mr. V- Rich Ll Xy. r . Mi. aiKJ Kri. Mtelz Lea-h tjj fira!. Iztcit i many IirTrsiit people to and JMbw Geriftvive Beskett of Joncc- S8.!U"!!.r3r

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