The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 1, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1921
Page 4
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS ' value and in a way that the old timers 1 did not fully realize as will shortly be i provisions that now exist, but not so much as the amount of business the Tiie Fairmount News more thorough. Whether or net we find any suggestion of retributive justice in the casastrophe, we are reminded of the terrific possibilites of destruction that lurk in so many of the processes of modern chemistry. We shali hear in the future of other hor We Stake Our Reputation On the Service We Render We wonder if you know how well we really try to serve you. W Take your tires for instance. We sell j-ou the best tires we know A 1 seen. WIDESPREAD THIEVERY. Complaint is made of a carnival of : thievery now going) on, particularly j from railroad mail and express ship- ments.- Crooks who dispose of stoler goods send out gunmen to rob from ; freight cars and freight statins. Tho t-ii 1 m a 's rvre-incr f Virrt n era nf labor during the war had to take on i - ! ! undesirables, who may steal N M N M H N H H H OF COURSE Ther we show you, by advice and actual assistance, just how to take care of your tires, so they will deliver every mile built in them. We render this valuable and expert service because we know it will bring us both the most satisfaction in the end. Come in and inspect our line of Goodyear Tires. We i.'ow offer you the same high quality tires at prices the lowest in history of tires. b4 Published on Mondays and Thursdays ) A S ROBERT, i Editor and Publisher. j Minnie McLrcas Roberts, Associate. ! Office: Main 265 Res Black 382-1 TELEPHONES SUBSCRIPTION RATES. (Within Indiana.) One year Six months 75 i ! Three months fDntsidA Indiana- One year $3.00, Six months 1.65 Three months . - . ' All subscriptions payable strictly ; in advance; paper discountinued at ' . - - . I : t.-m nf snhscnntion time un-, less renewal is received prior to ex- ---'- - 1 - . piration date. Entered as second-class matter at ' the postofTice at Fairmount, Ind., un- ! der the Act of Congress of March 8 ' 1879. OLD FRIENDS. ar.U "Tom the Bootblack" and the rest of Horatin's poor Hut Virvnocf boys without whom no public library was complete? Inquiry at most public libraries will show that these boyhood friends of men who now are past thirty have been banished from the shelves and their places taken by young heros who in the last quarter wir football games when they are all but lost; or who do woi.Mers with wireless machines; or who invent new-fangled airplanes. Two generations of men treasure as cherished memories the loi.-g vacation i days of boyhood passed m the mspir- ; ing company of Alger's tattered ' heros wh0 always made good. There ; were "Ragged Dick" who in the last ' chapter married the banker's daugh ter and lived in a brownstone mansion on Fifth-ave; and "Joe, the Peddler". who became the junior partner in the s 1 ! i $2.00some j i i E. 0. Ellis Auto Supply Co. STORAGE BATTERIES Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 Senate must transact has increased. The desision of the Leagiue of Na- tions Council on the di?puted boundary line in Selesia is n0 doubt a fair one. it draws the line squarely through the industrial region, leaving or! one side j the districts that voted strongly for German allegiance, and on the other Itkco f Viatv n-3i- cfronfflv Polish in their svmpathies. And it divides the doubtful districts as evenly as may be betweerf the two claimants. The trouble is Jthat neither side wants a "fair" decision. The Germans want all of upper Silesia, and so do the Poles. Each party regards any concession to the other as reprehensible. And they are right in so far as the disputed territory is economically a unit and can only be divided at the coSt Gf mUch of its property, and prob. ably at the cost of its peace. The irr-itaHnn in Rrlin i Pvtrpme for a Germany will find the payment of re- parations harder thar ever if it is deprived of the resources of upper Silesia. When the Washington conference iv.. fu r;R discusse it will include representatives of Holland, Belgium, and Portugal, since those countries have possessiors or commercial interests in that part of the world that may be affected by the decisions of the conference. The Dutch, Belgium or Portuguese delegates will not take any part in the armament discussions. Everyone who has to pay ar income tax knows how bothersome the task tax knows how bothersome the task of making up the return is and how difficult it is for him to know whether ; jor not he has exactly complied with J the law. It appears that Senator' Smoot of Utah, who is a member of the Senate Finance Committee and as expert ar interpreter of taxation j problems as we have, had as much trouble with his 1917 income tax turn as any of the rest of us. re-He worked hard over it and got a treasury expert to verify it as correct And v.- t i xy . fies him that the return was not pro- perly made out aiAl that he still owes the United States governmerA a tidy sum of $3,000. j j I , ! j j ; ' ; j j " II themselves, or at least accept tips to keen their mouths shut, and some of these may yet be holding their jobs. There has been a complaint of an unusual amount of crime. The crim- . , , . , , ,. ... . , mal element have felt that the law and order iorces oi me community were too busy with other work to look ; after them, and that they could ply their nefarious trades with less inter., j ference than usual. The first responsibility wherf such a - - I condition appears, rests upon police ' forces and the courts. If police forces are short handed, they must give up jkinds of k that are merely for the ii.U"c:iiorc U- wit " themselves to watening ara appre hending criminals. If drivers of automobiles and trucks would show decent care, it would not be necessary to have so many policemen serving! as traffic officers at congested street erossirgs. The criminal elements of the community must be kept down, even if we are subject to annoyaices and minor perils in other directiois. Modern penology is inclined to treat a first offender lightly and by the probation system t give him a chance to make good. But if he shows a per. sjstent criminal tenderJby, merciful treatment not merely encourages him to persist, but it is a bid to all un - caught criminals to take their chances, Railroad official need to be viedlant jn the care of the property entrusted i to their care. Freight cars furnish ' altogether too much free transporta- less he is willing to put up a deter mined front society. to these enemies of CURRENT EVENTS By Jimmy Johnson. The government of South China, of which Sun Yat-sen and Wu Ting-fang, are the leaders, has warned our own j State Department that to no settlemeT.'c of the it will agree , Far Eastern question that recognizes as valid the twenty-one articles that Japan obliged the Peking government to accept. The republic of South China also demands representation in the Washington conference. Although American sympathies are with the oouinem j Chinese, who are trying their best to j assert the freedom and unity of the : natior', it is hardly probable that the i conference will admit delegates from J Canton. For one thing, there would j be no surer way of bringing, about the withdrawal of Japan and the break- j down' of the conference. Those historic documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, are now placed in the Library of Congress, 1-1 M m . i j ! ! ' ! 1 V" V is firm 4 the man whose daughter he.tion to bad people. A man is not j rescued; and "Tom, the Bootblack," fitted to operate a railroad train un- j The Central American Federation is iIrs- William F. Bartholmew of now an accomplished fact. Only three j La-ro spent Tuesday with Mrs. Flor-of the five states are at present mem- ' ence Bartholomew. rors like that of Oppau. We shall be fortunate if none occurs m our own country. At last accunts the German government was printing 2,000,000,000 paper marksevery week, more than 100,000,. 000,000 a year. The German mark, which used to be worth twenty-three and twenty-four cents, American, is r'jw worth less than a cent. How be staved off remains to be seen. LOCAL BREVITIES Benny Gray of Kokomo, spent Sun day with his family here. Mr. ar'd Mrs. Wesley Watt was in Marion Tuesday shoppings Mrs. Will Jones was in Tuesday on a shopping tour. Marion Mrs. Loui Henley who has been sick for the last three weeks is some better. Will Jones is in Chicago this week atteiMing the International Live Stock show. Milton Driscol, who has employment rfear Elwood, spent a few days at home." Clarence Kimes of Wabash was the guest of his mother, Mrs. Lou Kimes Monday. Mrs. Frank Sanders of FranWin has been the guest of her mother, Mrs. J. Buchanan. Mrs. Florence Bartholomew has been the guest of Mrs. George Webster in ! Summitville. ! . . - of Alexan-Miss Mary j . - , , firm. visirrH nor enmin ' xsryan tni week. Wood of Marion, agent for Dode-e Auto Co.. wa in Fairmount. on business Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ottis Wilbern, aiU son Leslie, were week-end guests of relatives near Warren. . ,. , Mrs. Arthur Tomlinson of Summit- . , , r il'e was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. . . , n j Andrew Weyler Tuesdav. Robert WinJnw Via- o-r.Q Robert W inslow hac cone t Fnrf V' - - - Wayne, where he has accepted a posi. tion with a large drug firm, Mrs. Flora Smith was called to Summitville the first of the week on account of the illness of her daughter. Mrs. Ella Patterson has returned home after a several days combined busir'ess and pleasure trip to Indianapolis. Rev. and Mrs. Vinson, who havo been visiting their daughter in Mar- !. ion, returned home the latter part of last week. -Mr. and Mrs. -1T- ana .Airs, lony fayne. Mrs. Otto T. Hamilton, Mrs. Samuel Leer and Miss Nelia McCombs were Marion visitors Wednesday, - Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tobin of Fowler ton, were gvreetiig Fairmount Tuesday old friends in afternoon. Mr. Tobin's health is not improving very ; rapidly, Mrs. Lea McTurnan, accompanied by Mrs. Chas. Brown, were among attended the tne t airmoumers wno ; sang a beautiful solo, accompanied on i the pian0 by Mrs. -Brown. SUrPO MOO VAML FWWV ?MR6, 0oOvA OGW V)V& MOV1 m tVAe cCOMO gvtm Of VJOViX-O.O N OVA tV6. l il bers of the confederacy. Costa Rica signed the compact last JarAiary, but the assembly of that republic declined by one vote to ratify the action. Nic aragua still remain,, independent on . , s . , account of differences with its neigh-' . . . . , . bors over ,the status that the treaty ,. , . , . w , . , accordiiig special rights to the United States concerning an interoceanic canai across Nicaragua would nave . ... under the federation lhe new g,ov- legislative as- eminent consists of a sembly of two chambers and a Feder al Council, a member of which after the example of the Swiss republic is elected annually as president. The1 seat of the government is Tegucigalpa ' in the state of Honduras. Apropos of the discussiork going on in London between the British government and the heads of the Irish republic, it is interesting to observe cedent. Between 17S2 and 1800 Ire t i i ! j j : ' whn by t! to of fame ar.d fortune; and a host others. Of all the new company of boy woiMers whG now fill the shelves of the children's rooms of public libraries which one will live so longi in the minds of their admirers as the Alger toys who are off the shelves, but are held EO fondly in memory? PRACTICAL EDUCATION'. Everyone agiees that the schools must be mere "practical." It is perfectly evident that we have strenuous times ahead. People can not go or' in the old ways of inefficiency, and pay the national debt and meet high prices. But when you try to get people to agree on what "practical" means, you get the very widest diversity of opin- iorz. What one considers as the most practical education, another will de- novnee as a fad. To the old timers, practical educa- tion mean, something like the Three Rs, such fundamentals as arithmetic, penmanship, spelling, etc. The old time teachers arM school boards used to emphasize strongly a very thorough course in arithmetic. The young folks were drilled and drilled in their fractions ar.d interest 3 ? a a 1 t . over and over again. It was thought that if a boy coulJ figure up the cost cf a load of wood and compute correctly a long series of partial pay- mei.'is on a note, he had accomplished a great thing. I Actually though, the ability to do ' such sun,s correctly is of trifling importance. The arithmetic that most people use m daily life is exceedingly simple and could be learned in a short time. If you borrow money and make partial payment?, the bank will figur - tnem witn pcrtt; -.curacy. So far therJ as the actual informa- tion imparted by the old time course in arithmetic went, it was of no great value. If that was the only use of it, th old timers spent far too time on it. They labored for much whole terms over long examples of square and cubo root and involved treatment ' : : ; j ; ; ; . Eyes Tested, Glasses Fitted by iState Registered OPTOMETRISTS Dr. C. C. FARIS and T- Dr. EMIL FARIS Erelusively Optical Mr. and Mrs. Will Richards and Hallet Sanders and daughter Dorothy, of rear Gaston, were in Fairmount on business Tuesday. Mrs. Julia Ice, who has been ser- j iously ill at the home of her daughter Mrs. Florence Ice, in Belfountain, O., is much improved. Waldo Haisley of Corpus Christi, Texas, was called to Fairmount last week by the illness of his wife, who is at the home of Mrs. Etta Dohertv. Mrs. John Flanagan et'tertained at dinner Thursday Mrs. James Hunt, Mis. Will Wells, of Summitville, and Mrs. Wayne Heavelin and Mrs. Gertrude Leer. LETTER LIST Letters remaining in the postofTice as advertised oi.' November 29, 1921, which if not called for in two weeks will be so?:' to the dad letter office: Walter Hayden. Henry Frohnapfel. Mrs. M'nnie Wright. Mrs. I. Watkins. W. P. VAN ARSDALL, P. M. The first mention of fountain pens is found in a book published in 1600. NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS Correspondence to insure publication in Thursday's issue must hereafter reach The News office not later than Wednesday noon. This is made necessary because of the much increased amount of work on publication days occasioned by the largely increased circulation of The News. Correspondence reaching The News office later than Wednesday noon, and not published in Thursday's issue will appear in Monday's issue. The GOPVE y Vr MOORS. j j which is .much safer from fire tharJ.that the Irish claim of independence the State Department building in ! is neither new nor without legal pre- . NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR. No. 3973. Notice is hereby given, That the-undersigned has been appointed Administrator of the estate of Sarah E-Benbow, deceased, late of Greer-Township, Grant Courty, Indiana. Said Estate is supposed to be solvent. FAIRMOUNT STATE BANK, Administrator.. G. A. Henry, Attorney. Nov. 17-24. Dec. 1 LUNGARDIA is "without a rival" in ordinary or deep-seated Coughs and Colds, difficult breathing, and for the relief of Whooping Cough. The wonderful results following its use will astonish you and make you its life-lon'g friend. Your money back, if you have ever used its equal. Danger lurks where there is a Cough or Cold: Conquer it quickly with LUNGARDIA. Safe for all ages. CO cts. and $1.20 per bottle. Manufactured by Lungar-dia Co. Dallas, Texas. For Sale By F. h. ojmR E. B. COUCH DENTIST Rooms over Hahne Drug Store OflW A-r-T 9 ra.; 1 to 5 AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense. Phone 2. on. 19 Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON Rubber Stamps. When needinp; anything in the Rubber Stamp line s o us. FAIRMOUNT NEWS. Chiropractors McAtee and McAtee Fairmount Office Hours: Summitville 2 to 5 ar.'d 7 to 8 p. m. Phone 280 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 8 to 11 a. m. DR. C. L. FENTON Dentist X-RAY Rooms over Postoffice Honrs 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m YOU CANT BURY AN ADVERTISEMENT IN THIS PAPER. THE. NEWS IS READ THROUGH. NEWS WANT ADS. GE"" V-?nt.ii Boy Picks a Big One! .. J land was legally independent. It had Charles O. Ribble, wh0 has been ill its own parliament, and its connection for the past several weeks at his with Great Britain was simply based home on South Walr.'ut street, is re-on the fact that George III was King j ported no better, of Ireland as well as Great Britain. I which they used to be Kept. They ! will be exhibited there from time to time according to regulations made by the librarian of Congress. . - Some of the members cf the Senate who are restive under the refutation that that body has for verbosity and dilatoriness are tryin'g to put through a real closure, one that can be applied : ;, - 3 majority vote. The present ar- 'Tineement which U Itself compara-' 1 tivelv recent requires a two-thirds vote. For many years there was ab solutely no restriction on debate in the Seriate, and any determined group of filibusters even if they were only and three or four in number, could often did, prevent any action on bills favored bv the rest of the Senate, Senate," as it was called, has been somewhat curtailed by the closure j Its relation to the larger island was was precisely similar to that which Scot- laiAl bore to England previous t0 the Act of Union in 1707, when both countries had the same king, but were' -inerw,se moepenaent ot eacn other, j The town of Oppau, where the terri. fic explosion in the Badische Chemical Works occurred, is said to have beer j the place where the first poison gas for use in warfare has produced. It was perhaps the greatest manufactory of dves. nitrates and gases in the in Frarke and Belgium destroyed by ' gunfire though the destrcution is even By Charles Sughtoe Warn Nmcapcr Uniaa ' ' j i j of fraction's, that they never again -merely by taking up all the time iri world. The pictures of the ruined ! "Cummunity Week program at Rig-,used in daily life. j speech making. The "courtesy of the ! towr remind one curiously of the cities don Monday evening. Mrs. McTurnan Nevertheless the old time study of arithmetic did have a very decided ; MICKIE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL I TOVMEES GWE. US MENU EZ3 I ftiv Z 1 - ' &rik - M i- jry

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