The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 26, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Saturday, December 26, 1936
Page 4
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Saturday, December 26, 1936 Four The Daily Clintoniah, Clinton, Indiana THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Found i 181 1 Wabash Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Bstabllshed as The Weekly Cllntonian 1890 The Clinton Plalndealer absorbed in 1908. CHAPTER XX George L. Carey .Editor and Publisher tntered at the I'ostoffice at Clinton, Indiana, as Second Class Mailer. Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association bridal array were to her like smoke and ammunition to a soldier. She went into it, tired, resentful but happy colors flying. "I'm doing all this for you, HtUe Just why poor Adele, with hr red-rimmed eyes, and her lste loveliness all washed away in her tears, should be benefited by another girl's being married In white satin was something Christie found it hard to see. But it seemed that National Advertising Repraeentative: that you deserve it," she tola unris-tie in word and look and gesture a dozen time a day. but even the girls UhXJ. B. 1JAV1IJ III. 1(100 WriRley BldB., ChlraBO. 1-111 General Moi.irs tol.'g . Detroit 110 i;ast 42nd St., New York that sold them the lingerie, the neg if thev wre lust married suddenly. without anv fuss, that Deonle would think Adelo had been jilted (Aunt Phone 117 Phone 4 1 Nettie put it differently, but inai was what it meant;. Whoroaa. If there was a church ligees, the dresses she bought lor the bride-to-be knew that it was she who must be pleased, not Christie. Once when Christie, weary of so much shopping, worried that so much money was being spent on her, said: "But surely, Aunt Nettle you re doing too much for me!" Aunt Nettie turned on her, her weddinfr, and lot of fuss, with Adela tha maid 01 nonor, it wouiu look like a long pre-arranged plan, and folks would lust think they had "Aunt Nettie would be too disappointed," Christie admitted, wiping her eyes and laughing a little, as she thought of the cloth of silver bridesmaid's dress that looked like something out of a fairy tale, and the 18 dozen St Joseph lilies that were to bo massed in the church, and the wedding cake and the bridesmaid's cake and the champagne that had been ordered. And so the vision of just herself and Donald saying "I do and going ?uietly away together without any uss, melted away, and they resigned themselves to the inevitable. The last minute Eve Latham, Donald's mother, wired that she had been delayed and might arrive only in time for the wedding. "That means it's just an armed truce. Which is a break for us," Donald said lightly, but with a touch of bitterness he couldn't quite conceal. "For that stepmother of yours is going to be about all you can handle on the day of days. My beloved mother can be oh so very nice, and so painfully nasty when she wants to, that I wish she were going to stay out of it altogether." "I just wish SOMEBODY would be a little glad!" the bride-to-be said wistfully. "Never mind. I'm glad, darling!" The thought of that sustained her the whole nerve-wracking day of the wedding, and well she needed been mistaken in thinking; that it THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM: 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive rity of its tize in the state. mask of gentle solicitude dropped for once. "I'm doing what I think best" o i I 1fJS Sty i was Adele who would be the onua. So, in tha end, it was Christie who had to talk Donald into it. He didnt like the idea at all, and said so, in no uncertain terms. she said coldly. "I hope that I know my duty, and what Adolphus would have wished. It can never be said of me that I failed in generosity to you, Christina. But remember, please, that this cancels my responsibility. The day that yon go out of my house, Donald's Latham's wife, my duty to you is finished. Do you But aa ha had to make a trip down to Pasadena, to break the news to his mother, who lived there with his married sister, and aa Aunt Nettie made appointments with dressmakers and milliners and beauty specialists for nearly every hour of the day and night, there wasn't much time to be with him. understand 7 do you unaersuuiu me. Christine? Answer!" SO SAYS THE FRENCH SENATE Ry a formal vote the French senate has resolved that the "hus band is the head of the family" wilh "the choice as to where his family shall reside." So much for the law. What many American husbands would like to know is the methods to be adopted by French husbands to convince the wives that the husband is the head of the family. "Yes, I understand" Christine answered slowly. anvwav. The Jtna;w versatility and talent of dtinmutm but dynamic 'GIN' GLR"JASE WITHERS ji nmv so apparent as in her latest Taf tieth Century fox mutual laugh not, "Can 7 his Be Dixie?' After the date was set, and the announcements were out, and Aunt After that, the natural feminine pleasure she had in the lovely things that were piling op in her room was gone. Donald sensed ft when he came Nettie had decided on a silver and something to sustain her, for Adele collapsed from nervoos excitement white wedding, with Adele in silver, and Christie in white. Adele earns Palace IIP. M. Also Sunday and Monday to see her, the first night after his out of her apathy, and began to take an interest in her costume and about noon, and a doctor (not Donald, as of old) had to be sent for. Without saying so in so many return from Pasadena. everything that went with it. "What's wrong, darling?" "Nothing--nothine at all, now The wedding dress proved easy enough to buy, for all the best shops carry white satin gowns, and as Aunt Nettie reminded everyone at that you're back. Oh, Donald, I've missed you so. What did your THE HOMETOWNER To Love and Live ' and Let Live intervals. Dnce was no object. mother aay? Was she very maai Oh, I do hope she likes me a little. Tell me! What did she say?" words. Aunt Nettie managed to convey the idea that it was all Christie s fault, and when Adele had been given sedatives, and was finally resting quietly, with the doctor's assurance that she would be quite herself by evening, in plenty of time for the ceremony, Nettie, too, took to her bed, complaining of weakness and headache. But the silver bridesmaid's dress Droved more difficult. No one He reached in his pocket, brought out a ring, in which a single large seemed to have just the thing, and so San Francisco's most exclusive bme-wtute diamond Diazea Dm liantly. shoo had to telegraph for a copy of All day long Christie answered "Tjke Jt7" the only gown that suited, in silver lame, and what with the worry that it wouldn't be made in time, or that "Yes, it's lovely but Donald, did decide we wouldn't have MOVIES r,v this hi: inMF.r AT 'Villi ABASH All hn ink. mil in r-m:irt Chri l-ii,as trim in tors is this ino! iveejit Jane WiMit-rs hit in whi.h s.rurhtlv Miss June does r-i-nie ext-epf tonally good singing, dancing and act in :. The story happens 'way down ynii-dt-r on a southern plantation, whore the little girl goes through h serif.'?, of amusing adventures ;is she saves the old homestead, unites a pah of youn:; lovers and brims ha jipiness to everyone concerned. In ilie support ins cast are. such notables as Helen Wood. Thomas He li, Slim Summeryi Hp, Sara Hadeu. Dunn Id the telephone. Photographers and newspapers and strange people offering congratulations. And she anything like that! It's awfully sweet of you, but JUBt toe same l tried not to be hurt that no one asked about the wedding of Mrs. Who says. "There ain't no Santy Clause?" Hoy, he ceriaiuly is crazy. What say. kiddles? Has mom 'n pop quit playin" with yer toys? Hey, by the way has any one seen anything of old man "Old Year?" He ought' be passin this way purty soon. ABBIGAIL FITTS. I Oh. I didn't buy it. Eve-that's Cooper's niece, but "Mrs. Cooper's ward." mother, you know, gave it to me. Took it off her own finger. Insisted 'Even that is just putting it on it. So I had to bring it to you. Let's see if it tits. She held her hands tight beside her. nicely," she thought, with that feel ing of desertion that Bhe had never grown quite used to, "for I'm really nothing to any of them, I haven't really the right to the name Cooper that I signed on the book for the marriage license. No wonder Don. aid's mother doesn't like it. She couldn't be expected to " "Oh! I'd much rather not I Un Turning from holiday festivities I less she . . . Did she think she'd like me? Was she really pleased?" He laughed. "Pleased! Hy darling child, she Then she thought about Gene. wonder what the Xew Year will I bring? Perhaps a war!?? Perhaps a marriage?! Perhaps internaiion-1 al economic peace A droupht? Oh. but there is no foretelling only aj question of time and we will know, j was mad as the deuce! She hates yon already. Doesn't that make everything coxy? But she had to be Wondered where he was, and what he'd think if he reajl of her If Donald's mother knew about Cook and Claude Gillingwater. The four song hits of the picture are "Does Yon Wanna Ho to Heaven?." "Pb-k. Pick. Pickaninny. "It's Julep Time in Dixieland- and "Uncle Tom's Cahin Is a Cabaret Sow." A Terrytoon tha resurrecis some "Sunken Treasurer." a short f natures," a short featuring some "Crn-Jty Invent ions and Fox Movietone News are added specialties. noble, so she gave me tne ring, anu she's going to give us a lot part of a hillside she owns out in the sticks in Berkeley. It has such a big mortgage on it we're as good as bankrupt already. Now tell me THAT, she'd be even less pleased. , There wasn't any use trying td put it out of her head. It kept bobbing up. The more she tried not to think of it, the more she did. Joan IU(ndell, Frank McHugl-, Allen Jenkiii and CSuj' KihlK-c In "8 Men fin a Hot-we." something would happen to the air mail bringing it from New York, the whole house was upset for days before the wedding. "Just remember that you're not the bride, dear," Isabelle drawled acidly. "If worst comes to worst you can wear that new pink net or whatever it is, and no one will be the wiser." And Adele who had looked happy and excited, wilted like a pricked balloon, so that Christie tried to be tactful and said: "Oh, no, Isabelle! I'm depending on the silver to carry out the color scheme!" "Oh, the color scheme?" Adele napped back. "That's what I am, am 17 Thanks!" But Isabelle just looked scornfully at them both, and went back to the book she was reading. Of the three, she was the hardest to get along with. To all Christie's overtures of friendliness she turned a cold shoulder. She was disgusted with her sister, amused at her mother, but coldly inimical to Christie. From her drooping, carelessly reddened lips dropped ugly innuendos. . "Holy matrimony . . . "Perfect love" . . . "our child bride" and "mother's little circus." It did seem that this last was not without point. .Christie was going to be the bride, but it was definitely Aunt Nettie's wedding, and if the caterer's men and the florist's men and the decorator's men had their way, the staid First Christian church would be as be-ribboned and spangled as any circus. With the thoroughness and tire-lessness of a general planning a campaign, Nettie Cooper planned that wedding. Orange blossoms and your good news. I can see you're keeping something from me!" Toward evening a girl from Aunt "1 naven t any. xvo, reany, 1 haven't. If I had you've just made me laugh at it. It doesn't matter. But I just wish everybody wouldn't Nettie's favorite beauty shop came to set her hair and put fresh polish on her already perfectly manicured nails. In the girl's frank envy and excitement she lost some of the dull apprehension that had hung over her all day, and when good-natured Rose brought up a tray and a complete little dinner for Christie and the girl from the beauty shop, her spirits began to soar. Should the clergy dabble in poli-1 tics? My opinion is that clergy in politics is like the left shoe on the ' light foot. ' That makes me think of Jimmie' when he came home the other night j from school. He Baid. "Pop I can't pet subtraction problems." "Let's Bee." said Pop. j "Here," sadi Jimtnie, "I gotta' take this from that and Teacher says that what's "left is right," Does! that make sense to you. Pop? Consistency In people Is one of the' hardest things to find. give us things " "Just wait till the wedding pres-enta begin to roll in, darling. We'll get big red lamps with cabbages tattooed on them, and silver-plated platters, and pictures of Niagara make huge profits after they realize his fioak gift, but his tearful and suspicious bride causes many la unliable complications as her dear husband '".tnt in lies his m i sad vein uivs. Don't miss it. A Clyde McCoy Hand Aei. cartoon in technicolor and recent newsivf 1 conclude t he program. YESTERDAYS J)KC'AlltEK U, S. M. Taylois tind son. Ray. are employed now fe ""Warren Harrison, overseer of thf Matthews-Krekler stock farm ands the Taylor family has moved into the former Governor Matthews home. with the Cox family, west of the city. Mr. Taylor's oldest son, Charles, has gone to India napolis. Falls in winter. She laughed, but her eyes were They ate creamed chicken and wet and shining. fruit salad, laughing and chatter "I know, and 1 11 write notes and THRKK MUX OS A HimSJ AT THE IALA"K Alter breaking nil track records on Broadway and points west, the stage hit of "3 Men on a Horse" bids fair to become a comedy sensation of lM.IG. The cast Beems perfectly chosen. Frank McHiigh, Caret Hughes. Joan Blonde, Guy Kib-hee. Allen Jenkins and Teddy Hart make pp most of the crew. Perhaps yon already know the plot. Frank McHugh is a meek jingle-writer who discovers he has an uncanny Tift of picking prize-winning horses in the races. Moat of Frank's friends ing like two school girls at a party. It was so nice to have a girl to talk tell them they're just the thing I wanted. . . . Oh, Donald, let's not! Let's not let them give us things, and ruin everything! Oh, Donald, Donald let's run away!" Of course they didn't run sway. Thev wanted to. But how could to. It had been ao long, she had been so lonely. But of course everything would be different now! We Pay 5c per pound for large clean Cotton Rags. Daily Clintcnian. Charles Clark and Robert are home from Moody Bible in-.titme in Chicago. (To Be Continued) Cuujrlirtit. !!'--. KIdi K.lui nn(lli.t,. 1m. they? Patsy 'Kelly, Ben Bernie and Wal- ' ter Wfnchel are Htarred in a play. Talk about different people. Which; goes to show the League of Nations j rould te a success ( sal, are announcing their marriage which took place on November i:i in Crawfordsville. Mi..-s Flo AkI lias aprppted a : : 1 1 -. i i as piano player at thf. Won-ih-rium! IIiMali-e varalMd hy MIbs Si- Cosley. Tom Lowe, Ezra Warren Hunt. Knic Overpeck, Forrest Kell. Howard Daniel. Walter Noble and Oscar Kearns. Bishop was recently appointed jury commissioner In thf place of Claude M . Foos of Newport. "Well! Well! These are not Christmas cigars -They're good!" ANNIVERSARY AT FAIRVIEW HOME Xeidlinger spent Monday in Terre Haute, Mrs. M. H. Neal of Newport was the Wednesday guest of her mother. Mrs. Mary Newlirk. Uuiu Short of the C, C. C. at An Ho la, )b HfieiidiiiK the holidays with his patents, Mr. and Mrs. iiert Short Mrs. Kussell Neid linger and son son, Jerry spent. Tuesday with Mrs. Cerlie Silkwood and family. Mm. Alex Futildu and family plan to move to Anderson to make it t heir home. Perry Barton of Paris. III., is visit iug with relatives in Fuirview. 1 ,Mi!-s Kva Sluk.'sbHrry. wlin is leai'hinp al flak Park. III., is lit Ii'iiiim fur lh(J lii)lilays. 1'r. and lrs. I. U. Whit.' arf par- i'iils uf u boh born Monday niKht. Tliny now have two sons imrt a danj;litt'l'. Two Couples Celebrate Years of Marriage ; Sanson at Indianapolis CID JOHN SLEEPS GOOD NOlt HK M.MK THIK Hc TEKT Old John says, "1 had to get up 6 or 6 times every night. Excess acids and poisons cam cause frequent desire, scanty flow, burning, backache, and getting up nights. I flushed my bladder with bucliu leaves, juniper oil, etc., made into little gn en tablets called Bukets." Castor oil flushes the bowels. Burets riutih Iho bladder, lu four days if not pleased any druggist will refund your 2Gl Gil lit Pharmacy. Adv. B175 iu: i:miii:k -ji, win .Vr. and Mrs. Ilirl Ilallcti of roiilo '1 an the pari'nt!; of a bahy son horn Friday niht. PAIKVIKW. Dec. :C-Mr. and Mrs. liert Ford of Center and Mr. and Mri. Sa;n. .lohiu.on celt jmtted tiieir thirty-third wedding anniversary Decem'her 16 at the Johnson home. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Jolin-hou and daitidiiers and John and Haymond Johnson were alo pie-tnt. An oysior Hupper was served. William Stiiibon has entered the Mir-s Marjory Tail and Rnn Miles of Ch icago, II!., are expected here toiii; ht al the home uf Miss Tail's cousin Mrs. Clay .Wal. and Mr. Wal of .loutli Sixth street. COURT NEWS NKWPOKT. Dy. 26 Judge C Kdward ningham of Vermillion circuit court lias excused from tH't it jury service the following jurors: Kussell pool, (leorge F. Jackson, M VV. Coffin. William M. Harper, Samuel Harvey. Edgar Johnson, Mary dollars, Kmmu Cilmore. Frank Dunn. William Holt. William Cope- nssasBasni 3 Karanovidi Veteran's hospital at Indiunapolib lor treatments. M rH. DotiiR Mala now ski spent the iand and William S. Iteam. The rec FUNERAL HOME fit MiKS M:irie Voel expects to return to Chi'-a-jo. in., ttiniuht afiet lit -in! in: Chi tl mas with her par-etita. Mi. am! Mrs. !.. M. Voire, uf Soitih Fourth street. Ior !rht hit today to return tr W' Yoi'l; alter sp-tUiint! Christmas Willi his parents. Mr. and Mrs. .1. N. Frist of South Third street. ord shows iey are excused from .service for the remainder of the No-vemher term of court. weekend in Dayton, (., with her h unhand at the Veterans hospital. He is still in a serious condition. Miflfi Irene Motflar of Ter re Haul" spent Sunday with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Cust Mofftar. Fred Blackhurn is Rtill confined to bis home With illnens. Arthur Bishop, democrat, of New f 1 1 M wo. IhI 24-Hour port and Delbert O. Taylor, repub lican, of near Clinton, jury commis Mr. and Mrs. Ieon Short of Terre ! notion Hence of Annapolis, Md sioners, drew additional names for 1 ii; spend in z the holidays with hip i-ra iidjiarentH. Mr. and Mrs. J. I.. vk '' lit a Haute were weekend guests of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Wert Short. Mr. and Mrs. Hurl IlnrdePty. Mrs flertie Rilkwond and Mrs. Russell petit jury service Thursday. The nam en w e re : J osep h A . St tirfieon , fharles II. Haymaker, James C. Hughes. Joseph C. Potts, Robert Horney. of South Fifth Strept. fi.M.i- , I jr. --k Miss Klizahpth Vaushn. who it employed in Danville. Ky.. is spend-intr a lew davs here with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. H Vauchn. of Wheker Street. j I i J Service j Ji Phone f 165 n j 7 532 S. 4th St. 1 1 A Worth-While Gift Suggestion: THE NEW 1937 CLINTON COOK BOOK Just Off the Press Published by WOMEN OF THE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Copies Mav Be Obtained at: The Daily Clintonian, Rosenblatt's, Morgan's, Medlock's or Any Presbyterian Woman Kst her Marin kHv. daughter of Mrs. C. I,. KasmuBsfn, of Yminns-town. Ohio. i visiting relatives and friends here during the holiday?. H I Miss Thelmo Brann. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Brann of Universal, and F.vhp Hughes, son of Mr. and Ms. Evan Hughes, of Vntver- ONLY 50c I 80 Pages of Tested Recipes

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