The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on December 1, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 1, 1921
Page 2
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- THE PAIRMOUNT NEWS LUIGI ALBERTINI. LATEST TYPE GERMAN RACING CAR NA TO HOLD I " - - - -" JAPANESE ARE BACKING DOWN Admiral Baron Kato Sends Two Important Cables to Tokyo. The Same Old Backache! Docs every day bring the same old backache? Do you drag along with your back a dull unceasing ache? Evening find you "all played out?" Don't be discouraged! Realize it is merely a Bign you haven't taken good care of yourself. This has probably strained your kidneys. Take things easier for awhile and help your kidneys with Doan's Kidney Pills. Then the backache, dizziness, headaches, tired feelings and bladder troubles will go. Doan's have helped thousanda and should help you. Ask yoitr neighbor! An Indiana Case ;; fr " it V "7 Is ' iBifc k Ik 'law, Svv s The photograph shows the elghteen-cyllnder new tiermaii racing car with Willie Kelluer, the demon driver, at the wheel. ANNUAL PrescVit h Not Grieved at Changed Flans, Says White House Authority. WOULD CGfiliNUE THE PARLEY Favors Inviting Nations Not Participating in Conference, Including Germany, to Pass on Present Deliberations. Washington, Nov. 28. A yearly con-fei-onco of the principal nations of the world will be the chief good result of the armament conference, according to the predictions of many statesmen. It was admitted officially at the White House that such an annual gathering has been suggested to President Harding iy delegates to the present oonfeivnce as the course best calculated to insure peace on earth. No attempt will be made at this parley to devise a program of reduced land armament. The size of the existing i.nvi;es will be left to the discretion of each power without recommendations. It was Indicated that a yearly conference would have the fullest support of the administration. It would also be advisable, the ad ministration believes for such a meeting not to be -confined to nations attending the armament conference, but broadened to include such nations as Germany, Roomanla and other powers. Statesmen at the conference have come to realize that the world Is not yet ready for the Idealistic era of peace based on International good w ill rather than on fears Inspired by big armies and navies. rresldent Harding is understood to have told delegates he would not be "grieved" if the conference did not result In an association of nations, but would le "sorry" If plans were not made for annual meetings. Although only the principal allied and associated powers and nations which have interests tn the Orient are represented here. It Is believed that after an agreement Is reached by the conference its decisions will he submitted to other countries for approval. This could le accomplished. It was pointed out. by the sendinc of representatives here or by action taken In the of the respective countries. The President Is understood to have no prcfererioe as to the manner of recording an agreement reached by the onforenoe end Is represented as holding "that an understanding Is as good as any scrap of paper." Therefore they are turning their attention to the possibility of k future clash. The rules of war are to he rewritten. Subcommittees have leon appointed to two new agencies of warfare poison gas and airplanes. The re- j ports are expected to recommend the revision of rules of civilize! warfare. Naval and military experts agree that -"the rext war" will be determined largely by gas other poisonous chemicals and aircraft. Discussion of the powers over China show- that the Far East must, for a time s least, remain a potential source of friction. The impotent position of China herself is partly responsible for this. Ranking groups closely connected with several foreign governments have vast suras invested in China and their pressure on the powders to maintain their grip upon the Chinese channels or revenue Is leased to some extent vpon fears that the investment might I Jeopardized through weakness of the Chinese government If It Is left entirely to Its own devices. TEUTONS COMING TO U. S. Sixty-One Thousand Germans Ready to Enter the Gates ef America. Washington. Nov. 2S. Sixty-one thousand (Vnr,ari? await entry to the United States as soon as consular sorv'.ce In Germany Is set up, according to Assistant Secretary of l.ahor Ilenwing. Five thousand landed this month. More Ihsn tS.ttO0 are entitled to enter as fast as they can get tn. THIS OCCURRED IN SOUTH? Mayor of Atlanta, Ga, Vetoes "Jim Crow Church Ordinance of City Council. Atlanta. C.a Nov. 2S, Mayor James L, Key has vetoed the ordinance passed by the council forbidding joint worship f whites and negroes In Atlanta churches. Head of Owls Found Guilty. Indianapolis, Nov. 26. John W. Tal-jot of South Bend. Ind, supreme president f the" Order of Owls a fraternal organization, was found guilty by a federal court Jury of violating the Mann act. Lloyd George to Make U. S. Trip. London. Nov. 26. Premier Lloyd George hopes to go to Washington to participate in the armament conference lefore Christmas the Evening 1 landard ?-sd it learned FuthorUa- "ly hire. CONFAB TO RETREAT FROM POSITION Storm Over China Due at Arms Parley Root's Compromise Plan Causes British to Shift Front Japs Are Sitting Tight. Washington, Nov. 26. Admiral Baron Kato, spokesman for Japan at the big conference, cabled Tokyo conveying advice that his government must retreat from the position thai the Mutsu should be retained. Admiral Baron Kato sent another still more important message to his home government. He reported that the light to raise Japan's ratio of capital ships from the 10-0-0 basis to the 10-10-7 basis Is hopeless. The admiral further reported that It the actual status quo Is not accepted cheerfully by the three great naval powers there Is no use going on with the conference. The point wts made that the only alternative to flat acceptance of the Hughes proposals Is to go ahead with the pro-conference armament race. Both Japan and Britain are now clear lhat they want no such race with the United States. This news w ould have overshadowed almost anything that could have some out of the committees of the conference on a day of activity. It Is authentic. It Indicates that Secretary of State Hughes representing the United States now holds both bowers and the joker. The four general proposals for consideration of Chinese problems advanced by Elihu Root as a compromise between the divergent views of Japanese and Chinese, form the gathering jvolnt for the storm that is expected to accompany the efforts of the diplomats to settle specific Chinese problems The British, French and Chinese all have different views on how the Root principles are to be applied to specific points. The British interpretation as outlined by a spokesman for the British delegation is that In accepting the proposals China also accepted. In effect, the status quo in China. The proposal pledging the powers to assist China to rehabilitate herself financially and economically Is Interpreted by Ihe British as meaning lhat the powers are to eo-oivorate, forming a sort -of International control over Chinese railways. They also put forth the suggestion that China's acceptance of the four principles Involves also her acceptance of the consortium Idea under which the powers will undertake a gigantic loan to China. The Chinese viewpoint is directly opposite. They contend that China shall not be 'internationalized, and may interpret the Root proposals as meaning that China Is to Ih restored to complete administrative Integrity and complete Independence as soon as possible. It vras hinted that Great Britain Is willing to give up her holdings with the exception of Hong Kong. Since the Root proposals came out, howwor. there has apparently been a change In the British viewpoint. Lord Ridell. the spokesman for the British j delegation, said the British delegation viewed tne situation as soiiuncu and strengthening the foreign powers tn their spheres of influence. The Japanese are sitllug tight and saying little. In the twelve days that the conference has been in progress only one definite, announcement concerning Japan's attitude on specific Chinese problems has been forthcoming. This was In relation as to what really constitutes the Chiua of today. ANTI-BEER BILL IS SIGNED President Harding Puts Signature to Measure Which Prohibits Manufacture of Beverage. Washington, Nov. 21. The antl-medlcal beer bill was signed by President Harding. Hearing on proposed amendments on exlsttng regulations governing the exportation of Intoxicating liquor will he held here next Tuesday. The proposed amendments. It ws explained at prohibition headquarters, are designed to tighten up on shipments of liquor and alcohol across the Canadian border in line with the "gentlemen's agreement' recently ratified by Canadian and American officials. Organizations and concerns interested in the shipment of liquor and alcohol across the border wtli be heard on the new rules. Rlddell to Quit Arms Parley. Washington, Nov. 28. Lord George Rlddell, who has been acting as a liaison officer between the press and the , British delegation, will sail for home on the Acquitanla December 3, on urgent private business. Bandit's Victim Dies. Wichita. Kan Nov. 28. Charles Holfman, Wichita detective, who was shot through the abdomen in a gun oght with Eddie Adams, desperado. h?re Tuesday, in which Adams m ViUed. die,! f his nhiries. M. Markiiam, snoe-maker, W. Third bt., ML Vernon, Ind., says: "I used Doan's Kidney Pills several months ago, when my kidneys and bladder were troubling me. I had sharp pains In my back and kidneys when I stooped over or Uft-e d anything". M y kidneys were weak and irregular. X was advised of Doan's Kidney PUls and sot a box. They relieved me of the trouble." Gel Dora's at Any Store, 60c a DOAN'S "VRSV FOSTER. M1LBURN CO.. BUFFALO. N. Y. Vaseline Rej U. S.Pat. OfT. Carbolated PETROLEUM JELLY A convenient, safe antiseptic for nonse use. Invaluable for dressing cuts and sores. A time-tried remedy. REFUSE SUBST1TU1KS rTTCTgl CROTCH MFG. CG. State Street Wew York The man with money to burn seldom burns up competition. America's sense of duty Isn't always in harmony with common sense There are two ways to eat fried chicken the dainty way and the right way. When men cultivate vices, they usually have some harrowing exper! ences. It's barely possible that he's called the consumer because he will swallow anything. hou'd be used in every home. It makes ciouiea wmte as snow ana never injures f the dsinUest fabric At all Grocers. jj jj YOU CAN SAVE $5CM By Rconriat your oM utotop frmmc yourself. W mute thaw rgOTr, tn It 111 Dill! IM dmMi of cmrs. . Aay ff 7g and up drive I Punb Put Pail n IX a that rmr emu not it on. Wa mi taiatbat wHh raar evrtaim. (MUr.m, nrvA fateka. All ta rmmr and aM auajbar at raar MDMU. ViTT and M will i r rmtakOT.. mu aanalaa aM oat ra lun prica. UBUITY TOP TINS CO, Do. J. ChulmHI, e. "OlIJA" Egyptian Luck Board. Tells who to marry; answers observed through gla opening tn moving table; mailt of three ply veneer. Sle 12x18 inches. (1 postpaid. Wm. Fuld. Harford Ave. & Federal St.. Bait. Md Cunty Profit Sharing Opportunity, without selling or canvassing; open to early inquirers Suite 1101. 709 Sixth Ave.. New York City Canada's Fur Farms. The growing importance of fur fanning In Canada is Illustrated .In the Dominion bureau of statistics report covering the Industry for 1920. At the end of the year there were 582 fur farms In Canada, as against 414 in 1919, and the values had increased from $3,968,591 to $4,632,605 last year. Fur farms now exist in every part of the Dominion, and there are 14 ranches of domesticated animals In the Yukon territory. IN BUYING ASPIRIN ALWAYS SAY "BAYER" Look for the Name "Bayer" on Tablets, Then You Need Never Worry. "Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" can oe taken safely for Colds, Headache, Toothache, Earache, Neuralgia, Lum-bago. 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RsttM Eyt Racr Cv.OJao tVaselH . 1 m ma m ft 71 Senator Luigi Albertlnt, one of the principal delegates to the conference on the limitation of armament from Italy. EXTRA SESSION ENDS Congress Adjourns Without Ac tion on Big Bills. Foreign Debt Refunding, Railroad and Permanent Tariff Bills Must Wait Regular Session. Washington, Nov. 25. The extraordinary session of congress which ended Wednesday and which President Harding called eipht months ago, left to the regular session, beginning De-ccmbor a number of important measures w hoso prompt enactment the President repeatedly but vainly urged. They Include (I) the foreign debt refunding bill; (2) the railroad debt refunding bill, and 3) the permanent tariff bill. The tax-revis,ion bill became law when President Harding signed It at the capitol during the closing hour of the special session of congress after the senate had accepted the conference report by the vote of 30 to 29. The President also signed the Shep-pard-Towner bill, extending federal aid to the states in the protection of maternity and Infancy. Final disposition of the Ford-Newberry election contest will also go over until the regular session, probably until January. The extraordinary session of congress opened on Aupril 11. The session the frst of the Sixty-soventh congress was called by President Harding to enact a new tariff law and revise the internal revenue laws. Amig the more important and outstanding measures which have become laws during the extraordinary session are : Revenue act. of 1121, budget act. emergency tariff act, resolutions of peace with central powders veterans bureau act. immigration restriction act. Volstead anti-leer act, the 2,"-OWXX) farm loan act, 1022 naval appropriation act, 1922 army appropriation act. grain futures act, packer control act, war finances agricultural loan act, federal highway act, maternity act, legislation and appropriation for the shipping board. Edse export act, cable control act. U. S. FEEDS 400,000 RUSS Operates 2,000 Kitchens in Ten Provinces Anticipates "Feeding 2.000.000 Children. Riga, Nov. 22. Notwithstanding "unintentional Inefficiency and red tape of the Russian soviet government, the American relief administration Is feeding 400,000 children in Russia, according to Col. William N. Haskell, chief of organ73Uion, who arrived here from Moscow-. Colonel Haskell said the administration is operating 2,000 kitchens in ten provinces and anticipates feeding 2,000,000. SOVIET BUYS YANK WHEAT Moscow Government Makes Deal With American Dye Company for 600,000 Bushels. Riga, Nov. 24. A wireless message received here from Moscow says the soviet government has concluded an agreement with the Allied Chemical and Dye corporation, an American concern, for the purchase In America of 1.W0.OO0 poods of wheat (approximately 000,000 bushels) in exchange for Russian goods. Ruth Demands Raise. New York, Nov. 2S. "Babe" Ruth has asked the owners of the New York Yankees to pay htm a salary of $80,-OO0 next season. And more than this it is said that Colonels Huston and Ruppert took favorably on the demand. Train Kills Two In Auto. Decatur. 111.. Nov. 2S. Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Major were killed and Parker Major? father of Erwin. was seriously injured here when the automobile In which they were riding was struck by an 1 11 lris Central passenger train. three rods-ahead, the background Is very indistinct. Consequently the motorcar driver who watches the road at the point f disappearance finds that the foreground takes care of Itself that Is, he subconsciously directs the movements of the car without any distraction of his attention from what is coining farther on. So his car follows a straighter course, with long, easy sinuosities that do not cause any swaying of the body, ami his compan ion motorists scarcely realize that there are any bad places lu the road over which they are traveling. Similarly in city traffic the proficient driver watches the movements of all the vehicles well In advance and, by judging their speed and . noting their direction of motion, is on the alert for the slightest sign of au Intention to slow down or turn Into a side street or pass around a wagon or car going In the same direction. He governs his own movements accordingly, nnd easily avoids liability of runnlug Into another vehicle. REMOVING MUD GUARD DENTS Illustration Shows Simple Tools of Special Service in Any Garage or Repair Shop. Three simple tools that are of special service In the garage or repair shop, for restoring buckled and dented bodies and fenders, are shown In the drawing. The wooden mallet Is faced with a section of heavy leather belting, and is used with the wooden supporting blocks, which are of soft pine. One block has a concave face HHIIST Tools Made From Soft Wood for Removing Dents From Fenders and Bodies and for Straightening Fenders. while another is provided with convex facs of different radii. Various other sizes and shapes may be easily made to meet special cases. A lever, about six feet long, is made with Its lower face concave and Is faced with leather or rubber. The end of this lever Is provided wih a hook that engages underneath a buckled fender in the manner shown, so that the fender will be restored to nearly its original shape. Popular Mechanics Magazine. Three thousand automobiles are registered In Cairo, Egypt. Chicago led all other cities last year with 5,527 axitomoblles stolen. New York state has an automobile to every 14 of Its residents and a licensed chauffeur to every three cars. A patent has been granted for an automobile trailer shaped like a boat. It can be used to navigate waters, e Between 45 and 50 per cent of all automobiles sold in this country are marketed on some deferred payment system. The largest price decline of 1920, as estimated by the New York Federal Reserve bank, was In rubber, which fell 53.5 per cent. In England the official automobile license tag must be kept tn a small circular holder attached to the cur and displayed near the windshield twee of stiiMev' GOOD ADVICE ON DRIVING MOTORS Proficient Pilot Soon Learns to Watch Road Some Distance in Advance of Car. ALWAYS ALERT FOR DANGER Some Drivers Dodge Every Little Hole, Stone, Horseshoe and Broken Bottle With Short Turn of the Steering Wheel. Some motorcar drivers run their cars along the road at nearly uniform speed, preserve an almost straight course, with scarcely perceptible deviations when the road Is straight, avoiding small obstructions on the surface as If by good luck more than intention, and never getting Into tisht places tn tratlic that require sudden dexterous movements to prevent collision or other accident. On the other hand, there are drivers who dodge every little hole, stone, horseshoe and broken ttottle with a short turn of the steering wheel that results In an unpleasant swaying of the car body; who slow up and start ahead with annoying frequency and are repeatedly treating their compan ions In the car to thrilling moments of suspense as they narrowly avert the running down of a slower moving pedestrian or a cyclist. Looking Ahead. These differences are noticeable alike on city streets and country roads, and are amply sufficient to make it a delight to ride with one friend at the wheel and almost torture to sit in the car behind another. You may le unconscious of the precise reasons that give you confidence In the one and make you apprehensive with the other, yet the feeling Is there. In all probability the secret lies in this fine point In driving an automobile the distance ahead of the car at which the driver foousses his gaze. . The proficient , driver has early learned to watch the road far in advance of his car as far. In fact, as the road Is visible. On a straight, level road this may be several miles, on a winding course as far as the next turn; on a hilly road the crest of the next rise, and on city streets as far as the state of the traffic permits the way to be seen clearpy. Following this practice, all bad places and small objects on the surface of the road are seen long before the car comes to them, and almost unconsciously the car Is steered to avoid them. The action begins so early that the movement is practically Impercep tible to other passengers, and the driver does not find it necessary to keep his eyes fixed upon the spot or object until It has passed; he has early Insured that It "will not be struck by the wheels, and so continues to keep his eyes focused away ahead. Thus he avoids dropping his eyes to watch all such near objects and raising them again to the focussing point, a practice that beearues wearisome to the driver and gives rise to unexpected emergencies. Indifferent Drivers. The novice or Indifferent driver who concentrates much of his attention on the road directly In front of his wheels does not see Impedimenta far enough in advance to begin a gradual move ment In avoidance of them, but must make quick turns to swing out around the holes, stones and other obstruc tions. Then, with his attention fixed upon the particular thing or place he Is avoiding, he Is unprepared for the next one, which he has not seen. The human eye Is like a camera In this respect that, when focussed. upon the distance the immediate foreground is also In fairly good focus, but when focussed only a few yards or two or

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