The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 26, 1936 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 26, 1936
Page 2
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Saturday, December 2G, 193G The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 2 "Gridiron Widows' Stage Frolic Short Interviews Several Accident Reports Received Past Three Days FT" f k at - i ' I ;. - INSURANCE NKW V(IKK--l'rillnal Hayes urtiea spiwlal eare and walchlulness of initiation's youth: "Apostles of dlBcon-letil, growiuK dally more numerous and iiitttressive openly avow their purposes of stealing our young and training them lo anarchy and Weekly Farm Paper Review THE BEST IDEAS FROM THE BEST FARM PAPERS aw WILLARD ftTl T" f "1 AON and Surety Bonds Old Line Stock Companies EOBB & GILMOUR Dependable Insurance Since 1890 HIS. Main St. Phone 18 0 J More About Forced Molting South Carolina Experiment Station recently reported on a forced molting experiment. One pen of yearling- hen. was not forced 1 to moll. Another penof the same lot was forced by having their mash taken away or three weeks, beginning July let. And a third pen had no mash for six weeks from the same date. All three pens were nut under light : after September IMii. Result? The rheck pen that was not forced laid an average of IU7 egg from June 1st to the end of February the pen that had no mash for six weeks laid an average of HO errs, worth 30c more per hen than the ergs of the check pen and the pen that had no mash for three weeks laid an average of 116 eggs, wortii 42c more per hen than the eggs of the check pen. The station thinks that it would have been better to start the forcing about June 1 st. American Poultry Journal. C'HiCAliO Henry C.Lytton, mer-chiint. reveals his loncevily rule on his 90th birthday: "He careful and be moderate." , : HOMAWOOn Brian Dmili vy and his elopem-nt bride, the former Marjorle Lane, explain why they plan a seeond marriage here Deeem-ber SI: "Wo don't want to disappoint our friends." i4-?rt ! Several auto aocldrnlH wero reported to police the past three dnys Clarence Stanley, of North Elshih street, reported this morning that yesterday he crashed Into the WI'A truck owned hy Omar Jones which was parked on North Ninth street. Both the car and truJ( were damaged. i'U Leonard Ellis, of fihopardnvlllf, and Vernon SearlnR collided on the Universal road yesterday. No one was injured. ' Adam Dmianwre reported that someone had struck his car yesterday; Roy Wallace, of it. R. 2, said a woman collided with his truck Thursday; Boots Dalton, of Uaiver-sal reports that be collided with a car on Western avenue; and Eli Banyan of R. R. 2 collided with a truck on Western avenue. Harry Kneeland of R. R. 3 overturned near Blanford and Wayne Jones. Hillsdale, overturned north of Clinton yesterday morning. Neither man was injured but both cars mere badly damaged. . f I Storing Appl o I I . - : x : I . ulu .nil RDM rt,M. Co COLUMBUS COOPERATIVE STORES RKVKRLY HII.L3, ml. Richard Thorpe. "Tarzan's" director, says the lurid iungle films sre not exclus-sively for children: "A large part of our fan mail comes from highly placed business men. who get their adventure vicariously." m t ii f BROOKLYN. I. Y. Judge Jonah H. Goldstein demands equal Justice for all: "The size of one's bankroll should not he an admission ticket to a court M Justice'" NANKING IS GAY TODAY AS FREED CHIANG RETURNS One of the amnsing skits presented at the Washington dinner of "gridiron widows" by ladies of the press was a tableau based on the romance of Mrs. Simpson and Edward. Duke of Windsor Principals in the skit were, left to right. May Craig as King Edward. Martha Strayer as "convention' and Helen Essary as Mrs. upeon (Continued from Page l ) petrstor x one of history's most amuinc kidsapings and probably even the exile will be only tempo CHICAGO Major Allan A, Mac-Kaiian, British secret service agent and famed World war intelligence officer, removes the glamor from Mata Harl, German spv captured and executed by the French: "She wasn't an ace operative. She buill a huge reputation by hiring a press agent." rary. WINDOW GLASS Glass Cloth e Ceilo-Glaes Q Putty, Paints, etc. STEVENSON LUMBER CO. The first rule lor euccees m sionng apt-tim -. . perfect fruit for storage and the second rule is to wrap each apple m tiwue paper or regular apple wraps. Newspa per is not satisfactory. Keep the apples as cool as possible -without freeung and provide extra mois-ture by snraving walls and floor to prevent dryinti out- Apples that freer e on trees or elsewhere should never be touched until they have thawed, as every fingerprint will develop a rotten spot. Wallace s Farmer. Corn Borer in Potatoes Connecticut Experiment Station reports serious damaffe to potatoes from corn borers, according to Pennsylvania Farmer. The station field survev of two counties in Connecticut uncovered the dismaying fact tnsl borer infestation ran as hign as 95!- in certain potato fields with losses as high as 2S of the potato crop. The com borer is also proving to be s new menace to dahlias. Straw Removes Nitrogen from Soil M-ssouri Experiment Station reports that it is costly practice to turn under large quantities of dry straw before it has rotted because the rotting process destroys nitrogen. Straw contains so little nitrogen that the decav bacteria are forced to use nitrogen from the soil during the process of rotting the straw. If the straw cannot be put through the Earns as leddingT and then rotted in the pile the station recommends naking artificial manure by adding 76 lbs. of ammonium sulfate 60 lbs of fine limestone and 22 Mi lbs. of superphosphate to each ton of dry straw and letting it rot in Diles. Missouri Ruralist. Storing Seed Corn Purdue liniveritv set forth the following ruies ror handling see-1 corn, according to Michigan Farmer: (1) Select the ears from the standing crop-before damage from frost. (2) Protect the ears from frpwine-until they have dried down to not more than 14 moisture ,n'nf;:! Drv them down to U7r moisture or less as rapidly as possible. (4) Mere the cured ears in a dry location where they cannot be damaged by moisture, insects, or mice and rats. Sweet Sudan Grass Southern Farmer reports that the Texas Experiment Ststior, has de veloned a new type of sudan grass which has a stem that is almost as JweeTas certain varieties of cane. Another advantage of this new gras is the fact that the seed con be readily distinguished from the seed of Johnson erass. The station has not yet produced sufficient seed for general distribution but H should be available within a vear or two. Corn Sulk Disease Two years ago Uiis fall, when the 1334 drouth was followed by heavy fall rains, Illinois farmers lost more than 6.000 horses from a new type of disease tip to the present time no one has been able to discover the cause oft '"XL i stalk discase'-or a remedy for it But Illinois Univers. y report that it is definitely connected witii corn stalks and that the stalk field is a risky rasture for horses. Prairie farmer. Turkeys This year -for Hie first time-the Poultry Tribune rlxperimental Farm raised afl of their turkeys in confinement. By that I mean that not STtam" than 400 turkeys rai:d ever set foot to ground. And, as iTeltmtoJity was considerably less than in any of the seven years 0Tthey"av7been raising turkeys in large numbers. Think that over. VcNut, Slated for Presidency of Indiana University Unless F.D.R. Appoints Him to Cabinet Position away lor him to keep up the contacts in tin national organUHtioi that he had built. It is admitted ; however, that William Howard Ta' advanced to the presidency from tin i Philippine post and that Frank Mm Markets CHICAGO. Dec. 26. Grain opening: WHEAT: Dee., 1.19?J, up - Mav. 134-135. off Mi to up : July, 11814-lle. off CORN: (new) Dee., l(l. off "f -b; May. l(ir-U5. up July, 102-102. up '4-: (oldl May. up 4-: July. luV4. up OATS: May. 61. unchanged lo up ii ; July, 454. off ', to . RYK: July. 10914 . tip 1. SOYBJSAXK: May lSilVz hid. up ; July. 151 ld. unchanged. PROVISIONS: Strong. Payment Denied If any ransom was paid by the beautiful, American-educated Mme Chiang, member of one of the richest amilles in China, the payment was kept a closely-guarded secret. Marshal Chang "bowed to the tremendous pressure of public opinion," government offleiaJs stated, denying invented reports that several million dollars ransom bought Chiang' (reedoa. Wild Tejoietng marked Generalissimo Chiang's triumphant arrival by air with Mme. Chiang la Kan-king. Hisses creeled Marshal Chang when he ia4ed in a later place, but loer were bo attempts to barm him. 1 A epeoutl steeling of the Nanking executive council mam called at once, 4o consider measures to be taken againBt the rebel armies to the west, and to expedite Marshal Chang's departure. Chang vill phy did not tim! his chances to be INDIANAPOLIS, Incl.. Dei. 24 'Governor Paul V. McNutt will !-oine president of Indiana uiineri;y lext July unless President Roosevelt hould call upon him to till one of wo possible posts in the new tab-net, It was learned here today. The two cabinet posts considered iiost suitable to McNutt'B back-. round are: that of attorney gener-I, ni'w tilled by riinimliiKs and that f secretary of war. now tilled teni-lorarily by Henry Woodiine of Kan- i governor "f -MiHiian Invpaired by ' liis r' sid'iice ill the islands aflat a. ftlPMtVFi Available MjffL cd Floor ' 6tytftahut liftlc mot TRIO IS TAKEN TABLE 1AMPS without shade At tripod . TO PENDLETON Hlt))KVJLLE. Ind.. Dec. 26. KAYNES-FRAZIER Farm Hardware of All Kinds 323 South Main Phone 33 Wilt-Resistant Watermelons probably leave lor Shanghai today. melons of desirable market W"'"" lES Sj'S Farmer Those varieties have been named Improved Kleckley hweei no. t l Imored Stone Mountain No. B. Seed will probably be commer-cially availalile for the ll87 season. Southern rarmer. ANTED HOLIDAY BRINGS DEATH TO MANY PERSONS IN U. S. tContlnued from Page 1) An unidentified man was killed when his automobile skidded down an embankment near Richmond. John Lambert. 44. was killed when struck by a freight train near lasper. Virgil C. KyesltiiR. 31. was killed lv a Big Four train near Anderson. SOLONS UNITE IN EFFORT TO HALT DEFLATION PLAN Three men accused of the "head and hands" aluying of Many A. Miller, retired Cincinnati. O., fire captain, were to -be taken to the state reformatory at Pendleton today for safe keeping until their trials in February. Heber L. Hicks, convicted of the flaying this week and sentenced to die in the electric chair April 10. remained in Franklin county jail pending an appeal. Transier ol the trio John Joseph Pobolsky, William Kuhlman uud Frank core Williams was ar- Better Than an Oil Well . .t : il ma n sovonloon nit Wph (Ceotsnaed jtroa Page 1) Country Mixed Iron $5.00 and up a TON Rags and Mattresses A. DUMES Water Street Phone 267 ir Kncky-nd for aiuch of the time during the last four orfive years rX Lonv on every itallon of oil. Compare this with 1, iOO Nebras-V, tts "X pumped wSter from irrigation wells-l.f ting the water Zm i I gravel strata under their own farms and spreading it on then : f6 Mwol them reported yields of 40 to 50 bushels of corn to .h7sceewhen unirrigated fields on the same farms produced little or ne - And some of them reported a pumning cost as low as 26c per acre, 5 Img to a report from Nebraska t'xpenment SUtion .n Nebrasks Farmer. Mi Nutt will not porrail any posi-ioii tkut ho ucwpu to hamper liiai n li is aspirations for the demoerat-c nouiiuatioii for president in 1940. isicv lZI he iias built a nation-idf r:auieatrO.' of World war vet-muB, achool leacUers and others, xttudinji into eveiy state. He will aeic a twlid outb ar the nucieue of life campaign. ', ;B?3 That the adVHiu-e of Governor Mt-iuil toward the i)riBideney will best e served t?' t lie presidenry of Indi-na univfi'Rity, the Kecrfti-ryship of ar. or by tlu attorney generalship, i considered by many who believe e is destined to sit in the white house, i r$nS! In his honpF to he t!;e nominee :n '(4it to tutweed I'rfsi(lent noosr-vIt, vlrXutt has fliminatrul th" rnlln ' possible posts, it was believed here flday; ibat of cominibsioiier of the iiilippinj lshindy; a I'nited States enatorKhip from Indiana and a law ractite in New York where he on Id draw fatmioiis salary but be Nveni'd entirely from politics. raiiri d by Sheriff George Pultskamp J nursday upon return or Williams Tractor t-yi Bog Land ' tr from Kiiii Francisco, where he was raptured two weeks ago. , . Minnesota correspondent Ol tappers i-o.."r. - .. .. . hi - hevy .wo-row tractor for working bog lend without any trouble Tne drive wheel were made double width by using extension nms-and ',rwe tt.e front wheels. The driver also carried a log cham and wher he tractor hit a soft spot he uncoupled the plow-drove the tractor onto firm ground-a'd pulled the plow through the soft spot with the chain. STATE CONVICTS dollar -basis. And Rep. John E. Rankin (D) of Mississippi are leaders fn formation of the congressional bloc. "There undoubtedly is a powerful movement by important interests to stabilise on the present basis," said Senator Thomas. "It ie toy opinion that we cannot do this and if we do it will result in deflation , which would be disastrous Uie nation. The dollar now is worth f 1.18. Its value must further be reduced if farmers and others arc to pay their debt. "We are oa the road out of our diUictilUes. but recovery is not at a stage where we can say that we are out." MISS ROLL CALL SNOW HINDERS PLANE SEARCH SALT LAKE C1TV. t'tall, Dec. it, A heavy snowfall blanketed north enlral I'lali today, further dissipat-ng hope of finding the lost Western ,ir Express transport plane with even persons aboard which hai-leen niisiiii; since December 15. The Christmas uitit blizzard left i mantle or snow in the niounlains Hiflicient to wipe out all traces ol .he airliner. Western Air oflicialt liwouuoed however, that the search rroin the air would be coutiuued in he vicinity of Milford. Utah. M ICHiCAX CITY. Ind.. Hoc. 26 Iliscovi-Vy o! bolne illictl ' lirislm chfMM'" made two convicts at th y:ate prison's Summit Honor fain WE ALWAYS PAY HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW Oldsmobilc For 1937 Special Prices on Used Cars SOAED MOTOR SALES 137 East Elm Street i i It was considered here that the Philippine Islands would he too far te for roll call last nipht. GHEST HI -RANCE DRAFTS TIGHT SPANISH EMBARGO PLAN NATION MOURNS DEATH OF NOTED NEWSPAPERMAN Mi.--sinK at tiieir doiuiitory a! til' 1 ti p. m deadline, prison iuithoritic; leMoitcd to police two men had e? caped. They stai;s:ered inln tile donnito! within an Itottr. Iiowever. and saif' !li(v had liecu on the around all III lime. T,"B!"t5f P' isoll iiulln. rilics r. f;i.-.(i u, o villi;' tile men's ii:ims. PRINCESS BORN CHRISTMAS DAY 13 K'oniiiiuud fmni P. ce 1) (Continued from Page 1) PRICES FOR ALL GRADES OF Lu.N'KON. Dei . Sti Cannon in lyde Park and the lower of London oared a royal salule tod y to tin irinc.css. sixlli in the line of sin res ijou to the throne, horn Christina! Homing I" the Duchess of Kent. The IMU'heas, formerly Princi-st .laiiuu ol Greer, and the baby were 'doing excellently." The birth ha'l nit tieeu xjie-ted until today. The aalnte conveyed tirst now:-f tile event Ui most of londoll. joles cauwfl hy tlie Christmas day ationalistfi shellinn of the central ilea, while nu the unchanged war rout in the tuliurtis. comparative tuiei continued. The American-owned central telephone buildiliK was the chief target tor the ai'tillery honibardmeiit . and some of the shell holes in its front wall were seven feet across. CLINTONIAN Job Printing Bears The Union Label 1 Kpiders Travel Throu.ii Air tveu though spiders have nu j wings, tliey use the air as a meun.-I of traveling Iroin place to pla. A j spider will sit on a post or a brand ' and spin its silken threads. If tin wind is strong enough, the animal will float away on a current of en ( buoyed up by tlie silken mas it ha.- the Chicago Tribune; Robert P. Bcripps, editorial director of the Bcrlpps-Howard newspapers; J. David 8tern, publisher of the Stern newspapers; Roy W. Howard, editor of the New York World-Telegram; Frank Gaauett, publisher of the Gamiett newspapers; Chester Row-ell, editor of the San Francisco Chronicle; Louis B. Seltzer, editor Of the Cleveland Press; M. L. An-nenberg. publisher of the Philadelphia Inguirer. and the Miami Tribute, and many other IRON RAGS I JUNK spun. Wwapa iters were not published yes- HOPE POPE WILL RECOVER HEALTH erday or today, which Is boziut: day and there were no broadcaats Bulletins were posted but 111 spot." that are deserted on holidays. ! OFFICIAL'S WIFE DIES IS GONE, REPORT, (ConJtnnrt from Pc 1 , IUJrh in Ivight L'ht comsj'-'s itf seven primary coioi h wf, nra!ic, yellow, green, biue, uidjjio aid violet and the clor tliat .e ye in the color tna' the obirct caiuiot absorb, and sr t:':"tw bat !i. or reflects, to our eyes Thus a greivi h jf is not green a' all. It n.e.ely au..oros all the othei colors and reSc pr?en. JAPAN EMPEROR OPENS SESSIONS READ The Daily CUHTCNIAN MATTRESSES Old Paper Old Meld A. DUMES WATER STREET TOKYO. Dec. 26. Noting the 'growing friendly relations" be-weeli Japan and other major pow-ts. KniiH-ror Hliohilo today opened fKBfANAPOUS. Dec. 26. Mrs. Master t. Martrn, wife of Warren Martin, assistant Indiana attorney general, formerly of Boonville, died tier last night. Mr. and Mrs. Martin moved er from Boonrllle a year ago. Burial will be in Booii-yi Monday. ' . . -j&h: Use af Oratory fvdTunkms says oratory seems 4s have backset because a man avao h t)loQueace and aoagaetism j can make more money out of soma Hie Tth setwion of the imperial leading from his bed-chamber to the chapel thrown open during the aerv-, ices. The ptipe's difficulty in pronnuiK - , illg the ietieis "K" aiul "S" during Ihf broadrdt. it was learned today. wa due to the tac( that Mil.iut had lit a!l in a d"!i and bave on-1 of the pvitifi's ui pfr incisor tPC-'j ; removed : The extiiutum eaujied much pain j and discomfort. i was stated, but j resuted iu no ill eifects. It's Your diet in the uiaglliticent new diet "Storm and Stress" Period In tr.e literary history of Germany tl name "btorm nd Stress' was givm to a period of great intellectual convulsion, wr.en the nation began to assert Us freedom from the fetters of an artificial literary spirit. The period derives its name from b drama ot Klmger (i7i)3-Iil), whose higii-w -roiiiiiu tragedies and novels reiltCi t:ie txcite:ueiu of the tune. building. Th- euiueror also asked for ap HOME NEWSPAPER proval of the biggest budget in Japanese history half of which is for ' uiy and navy purposes.

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