The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 28, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 28, 1921
Page 4
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS CHOIR. BACK CREEK GRANT There were 112 present to enjoy the Thanksgiving social giveiJ by the choir CJIT 3y I The Low Prices I Madaline Payne spent Tuesday nifcjit of last week with her sister, Mrs. Stella Ribelin. Jr. aiAl Mrs. James Payne and son, Rev. Frank Edwards and family spent Thanksgiving with his parerts at Wesland. Mrs. George Hill and Miss Ella Jackson spent Tuesday with Mrs. Will Kirkpatrick. Mrs. Ancil Winslow spent Monday af teriJoon with Mts. Ben Rush. of the Friends church to members of the church and Sunday school on Friday evening. The annex to the church presented a very irviting appearance fitted up as a reception room and it was here that the entertainment was held. This was a get-together meeting and was replete FOR SALE spent bunday with Mr. and Mrs. Dan Payne and family. Prayer meeting was held last Tues FOR SALE Remirtgton Typewriter, good as new. Will sell for $25 for quick sale. Call Mr. York at Drop Forge. Prayer meeting was held Thursday day night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nute Woodruff. Siss Mary Moon and Mary Haisley spert one night last week with Mrs. with a happy social time from the be-1 night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. ginning, when music from an Edison j Glen Smith with Stanley Carey as leader. The prayer meeting next Thursday FOR SALE Mailing lists. Names and addresses 1,000 Grarft county farmers. Up-to-date. Address Box 38, Fairmount, Ind. We have made on Blankets this fall has made it necessary for us to place an order for another lot of all wool, wool knap and cotton blankets. The low prices we have been making will continue at Dwight Osbom. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Brewer and son Harrold, and Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Wood and daughters, spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. ard Mrs. Albert Little and daughter. phonograph welcomed the guests, until after refreshments Vere served. There were giames interspersed with music, some special features being the Pilgrims' Chorus by Tannhauser which was given by Chester Smith, Mildred Elliott, Alice Little and Palmer Little arAi two cornet solos by night will be held out at the home of Ray Vaness. Miss Ada Barkdull spent Thanksgiving with grandma Jones. Wren Winslow spent Thanksgiving WANTED with his brother Marcus, at Earlham Mr. and Mrs. William A. Lewis and daughter Guindola, and Miss Bessie Whybrew called on Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Osborn and children1 Sunday Miss Sybl Kramme, accompanied by j college. Af ALE HELP WANTED Transportation manager for guaranteed proposition. Give references. Address Orarfee Groves, 713 South Washington Street, Marion, Ind. Miss Pearl Buller. ery quaint and Elizabeth and Ester Henley spent attractive were the pilgrim costumes worn by those on the program and the ones who served. During the course cut wood on '. WANTED Man to shares, Geo. Jones. Saturday night at Fairmount with their gjrandmother. Mr. ar.Vi Mrs. George Hill and Miss Ella Jackson spent Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Lon Hill at Fair-mount. Miss Ella Jackson of Crab Orchard, Kentucky, is spending the winter with The Bee Hive Cash Store All Leather Shoes Coming All the Time TR BRAND afternoon. Ed Steelman is able to work after three weeks illness. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Payne called on Mr. and Mrs. Ed HanrAm, Sunday. Mr. Hannon has been on the sick list. Mrs. Ed Steelman called on her father, Lewis Hardy, one day last week. Mr. Hardy lives near Fowler-tor. William Wymere spent one night LOST of the entertainment, just as happened at the Thanksgiving party of the Pilgrims, three guests impersonating Indians, entered, the impersonation being very cleverly carried out by Mrs. Ednr Baldwin, Ella Winslow and PauJine Jones. Dainty refreshmerAs consisting of chicken salad on lettuce, cranberry sauce in diminutive cups, Parker House rolls and butter, arid coffee were served in the basement. LOST Friday morning lady's black leather pocketbook, containing Elgin watch, pearl handled knife aiJd one $1 bill. Reward. Return to her cousin, Mrs. Geo. Hill. Ancil Winslow is on the sick list. The W. C. T. U. will be held at the home of Mrs. Effie Wilson next Thurs News Office. day Dec. 1. 1 last week with Victor Payne. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Harris and i son Junior, called on Mrs. Harris' sister, Mrs. Ed Iteelman Sunday. EOPLE P 3333 Mrs. Addie Winslow spent Thanksgiving in Wabash, the guest of her sons IrviiJ and Edgar. MISCELLANEOUS RIGDON OVl FOR QUICK Auto service call W. G Moon, 601 South Walnut street. Phone 382-2 rings on Red. IL BEX FRAZIER DIES IX CLARKSBURG, W. VA. Word has been received here of the death of Ben Frazier which occurred rf-i, 1 1 TIT XT a 1 1" Mrs. Albert Little visited school at the Academy orJe day last week. Mrs. Lucy Leach and children, Thomas and Gladys, spent Friday af Mr. arAi Mrs. James Watt had as their gjuests for Thanksgiving, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Clifford and Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Watt. Clyde Estel Miller, son of Arthur Miller and Nellie Mae Davis, the Mrs, Evan Jotes is confined to her home with illness. on in liarKSDUrg, v. va., oaxuruay ai- ; , Vml now -r ' . ' . - ! daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emory Dav ternoon. Mr. Frazier is the son of ; . . . , . . NOTICE Postively no hunting) my premises. B. F. JJiekey. Mr. arAi Mrs. Sam Whitesides had ternoon with Mrs. Clista Millspaugh. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Little and daughter spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Esom Smith and family. Mrs. Joshua Hollingsworth, who was at the bedsde of her son for about a i is of Orestes, were united m marriage J Thanksgiving day at Noblesville by !the Rev. J. R. Quick former pastor Miss Merle Carter is Jvokomo for a few days. visiting in as their guests for Thanksgiving, Mr. jand Mrs. Allie Spence and tw0 chil- week before he passed away. It was ' thought at first that the body would j ' dren and Mrs. John Frame of Marion. of the Orestes Baptist church. The newly married couple will re- TYPE WRITERS. Clean d, re paired, sold. Ribbons, supplies. W rite, phone, call, Arnold's Typewriter Shop, Phone 158G. Next, to Lyric Theatre downstairs. Marion, Ind. be broucht to Farmouit for intern Mr. Ben Clifford who has been sick since July is able to be out again. side on his father's farm east of Rig- The county W. C. T. U. superintend- don. Lew Caskey aad wife were guests of Indianapolis relatives ment, but later reports state that the funeral will be held Tuesday afternoon and burial be made in Clarksburg. Mr. Frazier is well knWn in Fair- mrvnn Vinvintr snetA- his bovhood daVS LUMBER COMPANY ERECTING NEW SHEDS. Two additional lumber sheds of large dimensions are being constructed at the yard of the Fairmount Lumber company, at the corner of Second and Railroad streets. The new buildings will be entirely enclosed and will Mr. and Mrs. Athuc Miller and little daughter Marjoirie, " have gone to Alexandria to make a home for Mrs. trues HICTrililg V 111 LTTT ILC'U 1 ll uaiivu at the Marion M. E. church on Friday, December 2, and all local superintendents are urged to atteiAi. The meeting will be one of unusual interest. Were you out-of-town yesterday? Call Main 265 and tell them about it. E. Davis. Mrs. t-; i Miller's father, E the week-Jones at ! E. E. Davis died Nov. 3. Mrs. Miller mount Academy and was a member of Miss Velm'a Briles was end guest of Miss Audrea Swavzee. has a daughter by a former marriage, ha? a daughter by a former marriage, 1QOO .rraHtin- rrlas of that in-i ; be used largely for the storing of fin Mr. and Mrs. Dave Whybrew eirter-tained as Thanksgiving guests, Alva Houston and family of Kokomo. The Houston family were formerly resid- stitutioc- He was married to Miss i Georf ia Ruth Packard, wno made her ishing materials, which for some time Hattie Winslow, a Fairmount young ; home with iPr- Davis- Mr- Miller ! have been kept in the planing mill, Miss Addie Leach speiA Thursday in Gaston, the g-est of her sister, Mrs. John Roberts. ladv daughter of Mr. aiM Mrs. Jabe i ""l LC " u"UCIW,l'u ai located at tne nortn ena oi me prop j. i : nr. T 1 ents of Fairmount. FREE! Holiday Ribbonette for tying Christmas packages. Beautifully colored in green, red and gold. Printed, "A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year." We have many thousands of yards, hut it will go fast. Call immediately ar.d get as much as you will nefi." ti tie all your Christmas packages. FREE, at THE HOCKETT STUDIO. Winslow. who with her three children 1 luie 'Vl erty. anaria. survive. Dr C N. Brown and familv left Miss Lois Fankboner spent Thanksgiving and the week-end with friends iri Alexandria. Dr. Glenn Henley is confined to his j Miss Mary Perdue of Marion has , Wednesday for Wilmington, O., where Miss Muriel Cox has received word of the death of Mrs. John Simons at Delray, Fla., death resulting from an operation. Mrs. Simoife is known to a number of people in Fairmount. bed with" a very severe cold. been visiting her sister, Mrs. Elmer rthey made a short visit with friends ! and relatives. j Riggs of North Rush street. I Miss Lova Moon is in Murfcie the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Elliott. Mrs. Elizabeth Bogue spent Thanksgiving with her daughter, Mrs. Will Wilev of Marion. , iEII!ii!!llliillllllllll!lllilll!lllillllllllllli!l accepted j zz: The Women's Home Missionary Society of the M. E. church will be held Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Edith Bevington otJ South Miss Lillian Dunbar has the position as clerk in The Bee Hive j Cash Store. 1 Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Curless have moved into their beautiful new home on South Main street. OUR EIGHTH ANNUAL 'Mill street. Mrs. Alice Ramsey will lbe assistant hostess. This is to be the Pauline Roberts of near Gaston, j Julian Mayer of j regular meeting of the society and al-Thursday with An- ! s0, guest day. with her aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Fowlertoi spent spent the week-end Miss Addie Leach. drew Weyler and family. Miss Iva May Sweeney of Fort I r Wayne is the guest of her brother, , Ceristinnias Mrs. Bert Kelley, chairman of the Fairmount Tuberculosis Society requests that the chairmen of the different committees of the Fairmount organization meet with Miss Lila Powell "M!r. and Mrs. W. C. Lamm and soi.' D ight spent Thanksgi ing with Fred Conner and family in Amboy. Rev. C. B. Sweeney and family. ' Rev. and Mrs. S. Adelbert Wood i Mr. and Mrs. Lin Wilson have been ! secretary of the Grant Couifty Tub- entertaining Mrs. Ben Cassel and were at Thanksgiving dinner by Jesse Bogue and family. erculosis Society, in the basement of the Fairmount State Bank Wednesday Mrs. May Raper of Indianapolis. 1 afternoon at 3 o'clock. CIA Miss Addie Leach and Mrs. Molly Robertg sperA Thanksgivings with Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts and family near Gaston. Mrs. Mort Hollingsworth was in Jcr.esbc vo Monday to attend the j Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moot!, daughter funeral cf Mrs. Jessie L. Fowler. Mary and son Worth, Miss Nelia Mc- ' j Combs and little Martha May Hasty Mrs. Lenore Edwards, Mrs. Irvir. drove to Muncie Thursday and spent Galloway aiAl Mr. and Mrs. John Har- j the day with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Elliott, vey spent Thursday in Alexandria. McCombs accompanied Mr. and 1 Mrs. Moon to their home tear Hackle-Mrs, Nancy Smith and daughter, nian ani spent the week end as their Miss Clista have gone to Pendleton : mest. WILL START MONDAY, DEC. 12TH, 1921 1 Mr. and Mrs. Annias Smith and son EriJest, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Lewis spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Will Hayden in Hartford City. for a week'c visit with Mrs. C. D. Fry. On Thanksgiving, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Kimes entertair.'ed as guests at dinner Mt. and Mrs. Kimes and j There will be a meeting of the Thanksgiving is over the holiday j Woman's Missionary Society of the rttsh is on Those who make early ap- j Congregational church Wednesday 5 daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Kimes. pointmei'cs at the Hockett Studio will t evening, Nov. 30, at 7:30 o'clock at the j k thankful at Christmas time. jhome of Mrs, Emanuel Ku.l on Jeffer. json street. It is the occasion cf the Rev. Hirsm Harvey of Little RtJ? semi-annual thankoffering as well as Mrs. Ed Elliott of Murfcie, well known in Fairmount, recently submitted to a very serious operation for gall stones. Latest reports state that she is recovering nicely. officiated at the wedding of his niece, he last meeting of the year and it is Miss Ida Towifeend to Edward Fred- urged that all endeavor to make this j rick, which took place at the home meeting aii inspiring one, first, by j f the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. ! their presence and second by their. EI wood Townsend in South Mario-n mite boxes which they are reof--ested Wednesday evening of last week. 'to bring. Checks will be mailed to members of the 1921 club on December 10th9 1921. The old club members can therefore follow their usual custom of reserving a part of their check to open their new cards for the 1 922 club. The club just closing has been the most successful one we have ever conducted and there are many indications that the club for next year will be murh larger, as people of all classes are learning the great value of this method of saving small amounts. You are invited to join the club just forming and we are confident that it vill bring to you much Christmas joy. Dr. and Mrs. Harry Aldrich and wife have been entertairSng the doctor's parents, Mr. and Mrs. p. W. Aldrich of Hamilton and his sister, Mrs. Loah Rockey and husband of Bloomington. r FREE! extra trousers After a short vacation with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Weyler in this city, A. J. Weyler returned to Urbana, 111., S,urday to resume his work at the University of Illinois, where he is a student. X There will be a called meeting of the O. E. S. for work Wednesday : night. All members are requested to be present.. An oyster supper will be served after the meetingv : : Watch This Space for Further Particulars with every made-to-measure suit Get busy at once cash in on this sensational money-saving offer, which is for a limited time only. Get double the wear from your suit on account of the extra pants and have them made to your individual measure, same material as the suit Hibble Breo., of course There will be a Mothers Meeting Saturday aftertJoon at 2 oclock at the home of Mrs. A. F. Dreyer on East Washington street. Mrs. J. J. Coleman, wife of the pastor of the Wesle-yan church will deliver the address. Ban k I State Mr. and Mrs. John -Roberts and family and Miss Mildred Buoy of near Gaston, Mr. at&L Mrs. Wick Leach and family, Mrs. Molly Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Roberts, were Sunday guests of Miss Addie Leach.

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