The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 24, 1936 · Page 14
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 14

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1936
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

i The Dally CHntonian, Clinton, Indiana Thursday, December 24, 1936 TWO YOUTHS FACE CHAIR FOR MURDER OF GUARD n Ohio Dairyman Outfits Herd With . Bells From Switzerland; Harmony Makes Cows Happier, He Believes Mifi) !A 1 1 ' V J 1 .15. i Hi i ill 3'M chestra Is a group of l.l cows i . .... mjm t ' equipped with a matched set of helh which were Imported from Nwil.w land. These hells are perfeclly liar monlons and all the oi hern hniiKlni I f 'AjzfyL t at 1 I),' ft V r-; v 'i It , I ".fi 5s: is m CANTON, O.. Dec. 23 John Stot-7.t'i'H dairy lurm npur here hits heroin the nxM'ca of northeastern Ohio HwIhh who are iiliriK-ted hy the inelodioiiH tinkling emfnnting from u group of bovine iprtinu dounuK i'iiilipe( will) Hpwhilly limed Swiss hellH. Htoler imported the Im'IIh from Switzerland, where he lived iih n from the necks of his herd of 4" . J i' llolstein cows had Im'i-u n-h'Wd I accord with tliwn. They r;tn i size from little hells u I" i h' than a pound hi (wo wHliiiiK 1" pounds each. Stolzer said tite Swiss use belli, principally brc:iire ihey make a pleasanl soiipd alUmm-h there arc many rattlwiirn who think the At tin's cir-riet sensfin of the ye;tr may we nrlil annllirr wisli for a I hippy ( liristmus for all of our frienrl.s in Vf million county. May yott have- the hest year rver in I'M 7. it OLDSMOBJLE" Soard Sales Co. sound of the hells have a iiuieliiiM influ'.nct vmilli, u ml where i( Ih t he niKf nni for niWH lo he out Died wll h reso-mhnI helln made hy expel-In, The hitilH are not the coniiuoit hraMRy hells which American farmers buy for the practical purpose (if helping them find their cows when they wander into the woods. They ore cust from a silver alloy hy expert, hell makers who look upon tliem as musical inatnimenls and exercise great cure to acquire proper tone and resonance. 1,1.. t I... Iw.nlim a nd ciinifni t inr "bossy.' "I suppose th:it u had worn u hell vi inv which never ild get alone. 2 t'Miik KiMlar AUieit I trow 11 Muluirt Steuart William Ncshit just as well wit liuii I il but it is a fact thai when a cow has once woi 11 a lid! she seems nerviin without it," Siolzer said. "Once lost the clap- Charlts Pearl CLINTON DANA The shadow or the electric chiHr Iihiih over two ( i velnnd, O., youtlis who face din I on first ileyiee niotdiT riiai-KCM as a result of the slainK of llobait. St cm art, iilit, uanl nt the hoys, indusl rhil ncImhiI :it aster, O., uheri Ihey were Nerving iiti'iici. Frank Hedar, e'i, 17, ami Albert Itrouii, cenler, IM, were captured shortly after their escape which had heen pn-ceded hv the iniirderoiis assault on Slewail with a heavy wrench which crushed his skull. (? .W; ?p-ffs jxpi fpt ss'kp. jna S! p: BJ pi faipi 7sp s?;(5; jR-ps tas,'( .r: Jp IT j6! -TgZ? ' 1 !r out of one of my Iii'k IjhMs uikI iililil I hud 11 lixi'd I liail lo liiriiisli another IihII lor Hie raw, She iteeiiiHil unhapiiy wilhont The dairy rainier does not arue Mm. 1 thai music increases niilk prodnc lion lint liis herd averafced lO.Iino - 11T iimiim ftlirniiiTfmru, iMMfrTiiioni-rinniifiiri'ii inMiriiiinni nm niniiili' lifi'iii Tl It is pleasant, al this holiday season, to remember old and new friends and to wish them a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year. MARY ANN BEAUTY SHOP pounds of milt for each cow and he received recoKiiilion from the llolstein Ilreeders' Association, Hard pan Is Clay Hardpan is a firmly compacted bed of hardened clay which some-limes underlies a thin covering of topsoil. 'a at 3k 'a M : 1 1 1 1 v. si 0. ft 0. n m 0. "Crusted Port" Wine When argol, a crude variety of cream of tartar, forms a crust in the interior of wine vats and wine bottles the term "crusted port" is applied to the wine. TTAVT to you and yours II J I lhrouh a11 the r V & year that is to come, is the wish of every member of our association as 1936 draws to its close. For the pleasant associations of the past 12 months we are thankful for the future, our one desire is to serve you even better. Bobbed Hair Hawaiian Idea Bobbed hair for women had its debut in Hawaii. In ancient times native women wore their hair short and men wore theirs long, but a hair cut was no such easy matter as later. They sawed it off with a knifa of sharks' teeth. '0. c .as 0. Soap From Trees In South America there is a tree whose fruit makes such an excellent lather that it is used to wash clothes. The bulbs of a California plant are likewise used as soap. When these are rubbed on clothes a thick lather arises. 1 li JSi K 0 $ 0 0 0 0 Presenting Keys of City The custom of presenting "the Not big or lavish but truly sincere is our "Merry Chrismas to You." keys of the city" goes back to the days when towns had walls and gates, and, often, real keys. The presentation of the keys was a token of submission or allegiance which a feudal town paid its king or over Clinton Hotel lord when he visited it. The present bestowal of keys on distinguished visitors is simply a sentimental survival of the old practice 0 Hair Once Called Wig Since time immemorial women have paid great attention to the manner of dressing their hair. At one time in Fiance long hair, whether natural or false, was called a wig. The false hair was worn over the forehead till it touched the eyes; the ears were hidden by it and the ends, reaching to their shoulders, were curled. The hair was either white or of the bright yellow color fashionable at the time. An infusion 0 1 1 0 $ 0 0 0 0 of onion skin was sometimes used as a dye. CLiNTON AUTO REPAIRMEN'S AND SERVICE li STATION ASSOCIATION, INC. 1 I rrOW - 0 0 STOP IT MTH Alka-S er Dots Heaua ue "slow you down?" You are a rare ex ception it it does not CLINTON AUTO CO. 115 Blackman Street. CLINTON CITY OIL CO. 401-403 S. Main St. COLEMAN AUTO CO. 335 South Third St. COLOMBO'S SUPER SERVICE Ninth & Anderson Sts. CROSBY'S SERVICE 513 North Ninth St. DIVAN'S REPAIR SHOP 925 Sycamore St. CIACOLETTO'S MOBILGAS STATION, 901 N. Ninth St. WILLIAM P. GILFOY 120 North Main St. HELMS MILO 1300 North Ninth St. J. L. HORNEY-ROBERTS BAT- TERY CO., 226 Mulberry St. DUTCH HUMPHREY 1015 Western Avenue JACK'S LINCO STATION Ninth & Vine Sts. JACKSON MOTOR CO. 237 Blackman St. KEMP'S NINTH STREET AUTO SERVICE 160 N. 9th St. ART KENNEDY'S DIAMOND SERVICE, 3rd & Elm Sts. KIRKMANS BUICK & PON- TIAC CO., Third & Blackman.. MIKE'S AUTO BODY SHOP 408 South Main St. MILLER'S SERVICE GARAGE 115 Elm Street MUNSON & HESLER Third & Elm Sts. PATSY & LE ROY LINCO STATION, Main & Vine Sts. SERVICE OIL CO. Elm & Water Sts. BEN SIMS Fairview BILL SYMES GARAGE 520 Wabash Ave. RUSSELL OIL STATION 906 Blackman Street. WELKER'S AUTO SERVICE 408 South Main St. One or two tablets of ALK.A-SELTZER in a glass of water makes a pleasant alkalizing CHRISTMAS GREETINGS... At thi, our first Christmas as a Clinton business firm, may we thank you for the patronage you have so kindly given us and say: MERRY CHRISTMAS and a PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR solution that usually brings relief in just a few minutes. ALKA-SELTZER is also recommended for 4 1 'f 11 Gas on Stomach, Morning After", Acid Indigestion, Colds, and Muscular Pains. You will like the tangy flavor 0 I I S 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 and the results when you take Alka-Scltzer. Alka-Scltzer, when dissolved in water, contains an analgesic, (Sodium Acetyl -Salicylate). In addition, the alkalizing agents in Alka-Seltzer help to relieve those everyday disorders associated with hyper- . , acidity. tF-w Small package 30c Yv-y. Dal Sasso Bros. Large package 60c ir. to Phone 458-W 42 North Ninth St.

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