The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 28, 1921 · Page 2
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 2

Fairmount, Indiana
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Monday, November 28, 1921
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS ti r a t,-.,:.,;. where thov were em U i3 -J ' -- 1 ' 1 " " " lS ffixxxxxxxxxxxx: urnaAitM im a ma Pen ru ne rairmmint news .Wmnth. men Hi Artistic g I IV U VI H ft UIHNHULU M ranked A or B in preliminary imem rr i H ' Minnie crence tests were foutM fit for com LARGEST RANCH B The Cresent Glare Shield missions. Of those who scored C or D, seven-eighths failed to get Published on Mondays and Thursdays A . S. ROBERTS, Editor and Publisher. Minnie Mc Lucas Roberts, Associate. By CLAIRE SMITH iK H For All Makes of Cars i Copyright, 1921, Western Newspaper tnion. Thev have a compulsory voting! law Mrs. Adair, "Range Empress," One of Southwest's Striking Personalities. in Argentina. It does not make ev- Office: Main 265 TELEPHONES Res- Black 3S2-1 M H M M H Icrvonc veto, and the strict eirforee- "Yes, ma'am, we can board you on the farm if you don"t mind eating with HI and nie and the hired man. Six dollars a week, that's our price. You thought it was nine? It used to be nine, ma'am, but that was when A Glare Shield which is guaranteed to increase your light at sides of road and give you the full power of reflectors without glare ahead. !ment of the law has been found im-' practicable, because the cases of ab- SUBSCRIPTION RATES (Within Indiana.) Or.e year Six months ......... Three months H This Glare Shield not only solves the car owner's N 5 ' stention are so numerous that the 75 'courts could attend to little else if they did not accept readily the cu?es 0f those who do not vote. But the law has at least tJoarly doubled HAS 500,000 ACRES OF LAND ;H in Her Nephew, Senator James A. Wads- j worth of New York, Once Man- 4 Llnborough used to be artistic, and when folks wants art, they have to pay for it. "How did we stop being artistic? That's quite a story, ma'am. Oar be- j problem of complying with the new Indiana State H Outside Indiana.) One year Six months Three months All subscriptions payable " Law and local ordinances, but has been tested and approved by the State of Ohio, which has six testing points instead of four, as does the Indiana law. aged Her Vast Cattle Inter- ! U . , . . . . v ; till dl UottV. iCltlttr Mil U3 UUHC I B v : in advance; One summer we was ests Pioneer in Southwest. ire now, and expiration of subscription time un- shed in a newspaper dispatch, the i , f U reCCiVCd Pn0r t0 CX-; Argentinian, even with this law on e Zn lnXsxll of re- Fort Worth. With the death Mrs, Cornelia Adair In Iondon H Unbreakable; Rustproof and Quickly Installed. M ' the statute books pet out only about; -Mrs. Hfgginhotham ran 'that art col- Entered as second-class matter at the-same porporticrf of votes that we ony up on the hill the big barn that's the postofT.oo at Fairmount. Ir.d., un- jn countrv without such a law.' falling to ruin. No, we haven't been dor the Act of Congress of March 8, j cently America lost one of Its most striking feminine personalities. She not only owned one of the largest ranches in the world but through active management and business fore- 1879. I sight made her ranch the best paying CURRENT EVENTS artistic for three or four years now, and the colony has moved to Greenfield. 'Minnie? Oh, Minnie's our daughter. Sort of a fine girl. Hi and I thought her, and that's why we sent her to college. Sam Itunn. the plumber, was sweet on her, and Hi and I hoped they would hitch up together It is common place observation that the country ought to be healthier than the city, and that a city ought to be healthy in inverse proportion to its congestiotl. Yet the healthiest dis-tiict in New York is in the heart of the crowded Ghetto of the lowest East Side, where more than 33.000 Ellis Auto Supply Co. STORAGE BATTERIES Tires, Accessories, Oils, Gasoline, Vulcanizing W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Phone 226 in the United. States. A pioneer of the Southwest, used to the hardships and rough frontier life, yet Mrs. Adair spent much of her time In close association with the nobility of England, and frequently Py Jimmy Johnson. According to an anaylsis made by Dr. C. P. Ross, of the Bureau, of wnen sue come Home, for Sam s a Standards. ?'3 .v -io.-Iv2.oS6 or CS rer people live in ten city blocks. The' nice, quiet sort of fellow, and always' entertained nobilitv at the "J. A.' cent., of the money appropriated for mortality rate in that district is 6.44 was saving. per thousand, almost exactly half ' "Well, ma'am, Minnie came home what it fs in the citv at larg?. The f college, and Hi and I noticed .i,ti, M k- so irton.l f! she t of sniffed the first evening. ranch In Pnmley county, comprising fWVUXX) acres and more than 10O.0O0 bend of cattle. Only a few months ago Mrs. Adair was host to a party of the expei.Ves of government in 1920 went to pay for past wars; $1,424,-13S,6T7 or 23 per cent., was spent in Father,' said Minnie, 'now that I i English nobilitv at the "J. A." ranch. has An indication of the extent of the This unexplored riches contained in the Berea College, Bercri, Ky opened a course in dairying preparation for future wars: $1S1,-CST.223 or something more than 3 per 85 per thousand, as it is in the rest of the citv. Sii.'oe most of the inhab- am home I am going to Improve things and returned with them to England. Intending to return to Texas early In great forests bordering the world's course is open to man, but the prin cent., was the cost of maintaining tne itant 0f tnis district are Jews, the iov civil departmoi.'ts of the government; a little. "Well, that suited Hi and me first rate, for we naturally thought she meant that she was going to help us old folks out with the chores. "She'd got to be fast friends with that Higginbotham woman, and next figures would seem to point to an extraordinary vitality among that race or to the remarkable efficiency of the Jewish laws of persoi'al hyg,iene, Bossed Big Property. ciPal object is to instruct women in She was eighty-five years old. and practical cattle raisir?dr, butter mak-slnce ISS,-. when her husband died, jng an(j milking. she personally superintended the lm- mense property. She was In truth an The. necklace, now an ornament, $16S,20:2,."o7 went for public works; and $o7,0i3.61 or 1 per cent., was spent on science and education. Comment on these figures is quite mightiest river, the Amazon, may be i gathered from the fact that there is practically ib limit to the supply of j gutta-percha to be obtained there i from the balata tree, although until I the last few years the Brazilians dicf jnot know the gum-producing quali-; ties of the Balata, and cut down the ! trees freely for firewood and build- which have been handed down, trad- itionallv at least, from Moses himself. broke .the news to us that ' they d rented the old Hopps place for was formerly something that was a badge of disgrace, worn only by slaves as. a svmbol of their servitude. I an art colony and some fifty students ' of both sexes was coming. i "The townspeople was glad, for J things were a bit dull in Linborough. i "The first shock come when Minnie , . ing material. The Balata grows in The possibilities of the necklace fori & ., , ' great abui. .lance near Para and along decorative purposes caused it to lose the Ama20n and its tributaries for -Christian Science- its servile significance, and become thousands of miles, an article of wear. j Monitor. had the house repapered. "The next thing was the furnishings. Our furniture, which you can see, came .. from Hi's grandmother. Hut We learn from Paris that a group of wealthy Americans have agreed to buy the great estates of Archduke ) Fredrick of Austria and to pay two ' hundred million dollars for them. The syrJicate is said to include Mr. Charles II. Sabin, presideit of the Guaran- ' ty Trut Company: Mr. J. L. Replogle I the steel manufacturer; Mr. Frank ; A. Munsey, the publisher and Mr. Wil- , liam L. Honr.old, a well known minin'g ! engineer. The Archduke's , estates ; are scatter od all over Austria, Czecho. j ti. SOME CAT GOT HIM. By Iis Fankboner. Written' for II. S. Edition. Once I had a little bird, Ar.i his song Was the sweetest ever heard; He is gone, Some cat got him. Once I had a white pet mouse. He was great; Wiggly. dancing, little mouse. He is ate, Some cat got him. Once I had a lovely beau, Had a bus; Lots of cash to spend you know. I could cuss! Some cat got him. t Minnie and some of the lady students" i borrowed our woodshed, and the first thing we knew, the furniture was up i in the garret, and we had some new j chairs and tables all rough wood, j with brass nails sticking out. After i that HI moved into the garret and spent his evenings there, j "I don't think he'd have stood for j it much longer, only we put up our i price from six dollars to nine, and 1 we got quite a superior class of sum-! mer boarders. "Now I was telling you about Sam j IUinn. He'd always admired Minnie, I and though she hadn't treated him j well, he still hankered after her, so ti 8 empress of the ranges, had been ex- ' pert with the lasso, rode with her cowboys, put through big deals In live stock and Improved the "J. A." herd until It has become known as the best In Texas. At all big stock shows her cattle have won first prizes. Mrs. Adair was a native of New York, the daughter of MnJ. Gen. James S. Wadworth of Geneseo. She married John Adair, an Irishman. In the early "70 ami went with him to Colorado. Mrs. Adair, her husband. Mrs. Mary Goodnight, wife of her husband's partner, and a score of cowboys made the journey from Pueblo. Colo., to the Texas ranch overland, driving a herd of cattle through a country menaced both by Tndlans and wild nnlmnls and where water holes were few. When within a short dis-tnnee of their destination It was a gamble whether the entire party and an'mals would die from thirst. The horses the men and women rode shambled along exhausted and the cattle were dropping out almost every minute. A small stream was found tn the nick of time, members of the party reaching It one by one and almost pone. They reached the site of the "J. A." ranch next day. then a barren trnct of land. Two shanties were built In which Mrs. Adair and Mrs. Goodnight lived for several years. The ranch at first totaled l.OOO.OOO nres and about a year after arriving there Adair bought out Goodnight's Interest. Wadsworth Once Manager. After Adair's death Mrs. Adair em ; RALPH C. COTTRELL SPECIALIST ON THE FITTING OF GLASSES 409 Marion National Bank Building MARION, INDIANA Phone 246 Sundays by Appointment Slovakia and Jugo-Salvia, and they include the great iron mines and steel works at Tescchon and the celebrated Alberta Museum in Vienna. The ui;Feuky will be to get possession of a'l this property, for the most of it has boon soized by th? newly established governments in that part of the world, on the ground that the Archduke is a member of the dethroned house of Hapsburjr. The estate in question, however, was never crown property, and the American purchasers believe they can establish the right of the Archduke to dispose of h:s privately owned real estate to Si. Si fi ti. RESULTS TELL. i There Can Be No Doubt About the Results in Fairmount lie and some otner young men come up to talk It over with Hi, and the result was a Society for the Promotion of Being Artistic. It was beating Mrs. Higginbotham at her own game. "It began when she found the frost Results tell the tale. All doubt is removed. The testimony of a Fairmount citi- ; bad burt her pipes, and sent for Sam. them. The legal proceedings that -1 "I Ask Sam listened respectfully. " "I'm sorry, Mrs. Higginbotham, he Sale v ill soot.1 be beeun will be a matter zen can ne easily investigated, of inttrnationr.1 interest. your neighbor. What, better proof can be had? says, when sne gets tnrougn, "out l ve Loam JLija'Ai'Aigi 1 1 sihwr; . mm The League of Nations has consti- . Fred Smi i cio tr joined our new Society for the Promo- inthson, 622 E. ashmgton , J. . , . , . , . ! tion of Being Artistic, and I can t nx ;s: "My kidneys were out . , tuted the international court of just- street, say ice provided for in the Treaty of Ver- of order and I had a dull aching across j .ynv nPt? asks Mrs. Higginboth record we the small of my back that made it ' sailles. As a matter of am. We the undersigned will sell at public auction at our farm 1 1-4 miles west and 3 miles south of Fairmount, 1 1-4 miles west and 2 miles north of Summitville, 5 1-2 m iles east, 1-2 miles south of Rigdon, on Wednesday, November 30th, 1921 judges: Dr. ; hard for me to do any stoopitg or lift- 'pipes ain't artistic,' answers Sam. give the names of the John' Bassett Moore, United States; i ing. Mornings, especially I was lame Viscount Firley, Great Britain; Dr. ! and stiff. The action of my kidneys Yorogu Ada, Japan; Dr. Andre Weiss, was irreguJar and annoyed me especi-France; Commendatore D. Anzilotti, ' ally at night. A friend advised Italy; Dr. Ray Barbosa, Brazil; Dr. ' Doan's Kidney Pills and I bought B. T. C. Loder, Holland; Antonio S. ' some from OMara's drug store. They deBustamei.'ce, Cuba; Judge Dedrick were just what I needed and soon rid . Nyholm, Denmark; Dr. M'ax Huber, ! me of the backaches and regulated Switzerland; r and Dr. Rapharbay ; niy kidneys." Crevea, Snain. Mr. Elihu Root could , Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't 'Only wells an old oaken buckets is artistic. No, ma'am. I can't fix 'em.' "Well, since Sam was the only plumber in town, she had to seud over to Greenfield. "Then there was Ed Keggs, the butcher. He wanted business, but he wanted Mabel Gough more, and Mabel was artistic. So be had joined the society, and he wouldn't sell lamb chops or ribs. 'Chops ain't artistic, Mrs. Higginbotham, he explained. 'What Is artistic Is barbecues. I'll sell fc-ou a ployed Richard Walsh to help In management and he was associated with her mit'l ten years ago, when he went to Rhodesia. Africa, and assumed management of a (,0(0.000 acre ranch. Walsh died In Africa recently. When Walsh left. James A. Wads-worth of New York, her nephew, succeeded him, but he retired In 1014 when elected United States Senator from New York. J. H. Holden is now managing the ranch. It Is expected that the Wadsworth family will continue to own and operate the property. Mrs. Adair, despite her bu5y life, took deep Interest in art, literature and music, devoting much time to study when alone on her ranch In the seventies. She made liberal contributions to charity, helped build the Y. M. C. A. at Clarendon, built a hospital at Clarendon for her ranch hands and the public and Invested have had a place on the bench, but de- j simply ask for a kidney remedy get , .. . r i , i nnan'c Kinev Pills the same that clined it on account of his agv?. rour:- - - . ..... .Mr. JSmithson had. Jt-oster-Miiourn KjO. Dr. deputy judges were also elected: pit. Spits Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. Advertisement. I whole ox to roast upon a f j Is highly artistic' Negulesco of Romania; Dr. Jovanovic, of Jugo-Salvia; Mr. Watfe of China and Judge Beechman of Norway.. NOTICE OF RECEIVER'S SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. "As for Jim Saunders, the grocer, he wouldn't sell anything but herbs. He said canned goods was vulgar. And since the roof was leaking, aud there wasn't nobody knew how to thatch Two important cabinet changes Notice is hereby given that pursuant x i. i , . J 1 tV.. have occured in European politics. a" oraer maae ana enwreu t" largely In Liberty bonds during the i Grant Superior Court of Grant Coun Dr. von Kahr, the Bavarian premier, war. one, Mrs. Higginbotham gave up the fight and left. "Yes, It did pay us, being artistic, MACHINE GUN BACK IN 1775? but we don't envy Deerfield. And, as is out of office as the result of a differ, ence of opinion1 with the government at Berlin over the continued prevalence of martial law in Bavaria. That kingdom has been for some time in ty, State of Indiana, the undersigned receiver will offer for sale at private sale for cash to the highest and best bidder at his office in the Town of Fairmount, IiJdiana, on the 22nd. day of December, 1921, and from day to HI says, ho don't want to be artistic unless his armchair and pipe goes of with It. Rejected by Young Louis XVI . France as Too Murderous, According to Story. the hands of the royalist, or reactiorj- "Minnie? Oh, she's been Mrs. Buna nrv nnrtv. and martial law has been fday thereafter until said property is these two years past. They've got a brand new cottage up Nobscott way. Beginning at 10:30 sharp, the following property to-v it: 6 HORSES One dun team, 12 years old, weight 1600, good orkers in all hai-ness; one gray, coming 8 years old; one gray mare, 14 years old, weight about 1200, and good workers; oneJ gray horse, comirg 12 years old, weight 1300 lbs; one gray mare, coming 13 years old. These horses are all good servicable workers. CATTLE One Jersey cow, 8 years old, fresh, giving about 4 gallons per day; one black Jersey cow, fresh, giving 3 gallons per day; one spotted Jersey cow, 8 years old, fresh, giving about 2 1-2 gallons per day; one spotted Shorthorn and Jersey cow, 9 years old, giving 4 gallons per day, bred recertly. HOGS Four Chester White brood sows, pigs by side; Two Duroc sows with pigs by side; two Duroc sows to pig by day of sale; one Chester White; one Duroc sow, bred; three Duroc sows, open; one Duroc male hog, 3 years old. These hogs are all double immuned for cholera. HAY AND GRAIN About 5 ton of mixed hay put up in good shape; 7 to 10 tons of oats straw baled, was threshed in barn aiJd in good shape; between 400 and 500 bushels of oats; about 2000 bushels of corn; some ensilage will be sold. IMPLEMENTS One 3 1-2 inch Turnbull wagon in good shape with bed; one John wagon in fair shape; ore other buggy, rubber tired; one John Deer corn planter, been used three seasoite in first class shape; one 2-row Deere cultivator, been used two seasons, in good cordition; two singje-row Oliver cultivators ir good shape; one I-horse spring tooth cultivator; oife 14-tooth harrow; one Oliver riding sulky, in good condition; one Oliver walking plow, in good shape; one single shovel; one double shovel; ore Dain mower been used three seasons; one manure spreader; one steel roller; one 90-tooth harrow; one Osborn disc with tandem; one hay rake; four horse everAers; two horse eveners; single trees; double trees; neck yokes; open rings; clevises; log chains; horse clippers; spades and shovels; forks; post auger; two sets of heavy breecher harness; orfe set of light harness; one set of good buggy harness; collar; halters; fly nets, muzzles, mud boat, gravel bed, five good hog houses; hog troughs; hog fountain; one big iron kettle; one-horse gas engjine; one crosscut saw one beet fork; one ensilage fork, and many other articles not herein mentioned. POULTRY 100 full-blood White Leghorn hews.'l year old; about 75 spring pullets, White Leghorn strain; 10 or 12 spring roosters. HOUSEHOLD GOODS One 3-4 bed .mattress, anti springp; one waro-robe; one 12x13 linoleum; one dash churn; one DeLavel cream separator, No. 12; one galvarized milk. trough; one cream can; two coal oil lamps; one 8-gallon jar; six milk crocks; one wash bowl and pitcher. I WILL OFFER ONE MONROE ROADSTER, IN GOOD SHAPE Lunch will be served on grounds. , . ( j.XS u "1 Terms made krown on day of sale. Burl Brcvcr r Chester Brewer . FRANK RELFE, Auctioneer R. A. MORRIS. Clerk. employed to keep the armed forces of j W and after three weeks publication that party in command of the situa- U of the equipment, machinery, stock, tiori Dr. van Kahr's resignation is j furniture, fixtures, patents, and all encouraging evidence that the republi- i an every kirM of personal property and a pianola and two bubies and Sam's doing well In the plumbing business. So, as I was saying, it's only six dollars again, but you'll have to eat with the hired man, ma'm." can government at Berlin is strong i heretof ore used and owned oy tne lei- Dax corporation locatea m saia xowu of Fairmount. That said sale will be made subject to the approval of said Court. Tarls. A controversy as to who first Invented machine-guns Is one of j the war's aftermaths In France. Lyon puts forth the claim of a M. I du Perron, who, In 1775, Is said to ! have submitted to the young King j Louis XVI a military "orgue, which ; worked on a crank system and could fire 24 bullets "almost simultaneously, and consequently could annihilate a whole regiment In a few minutes, according to a contemporary record. j The new weapon appeared to be so murderous that the king and his ministers rejected It, and its inventor was held up as an enemy of humanity. J The powers hostile to France tried to secure the Invention, but M. du ! That the machinery and equipment as aforesaid is and has been the pro perty of the "The Telbax Corpora tion and is suitable for and is em enough to assert itself even in Bav-ara. In PolatM the cabinet of premier "Witos has resigned. Marshal Pilsisdski is in pretty complete personal command and Polish liberals ? are apprehensive lest he declare a military dictatorship or even a mon. archy of which he would inevitably be the head. "Merftal, or "intelligence, tests, such? as are being given more and more frequently in the schools to de termine the mental age and capacity of groups of pupils, are not infallible. They do not help to disclose the poses- ployed in making playing cards, games, and other things to be sold to Handy Plow. A "spading tractor,' which plows, harrows and cultivates, all In a single operation, was recently demonstrated at Rockford. Hl according to Populat Mechanics Magazine for November. It has a tractor body with a series ot fork blades attached at. the rear. Tht blades revolve 200 times a minute and throw the dirt two feet Into the air. The ground penetration is .adjustable, with a maximum of sixteen Inches. Each blade Is backed by a spring which yields at a pressure of 000 pounds as a protection dgalnst breaking on rocks or other resisting objects In the soil. The tractor Is quipped with a 25-borse-power engine using either gasoline or kerosene persons, firms and corporatiors deal ing in such commoddities. O. R. SCOTT, Receiver. Nov 28, Dec. 6-12. Perron refused their offers from patrl otic motives and died in poverty. Miss Muriel Cox was the guest of her cousin Miss Florence E. Cox at sior of unusual merit, imagination or inventive faculty, and they do not de an entertainment which the pupils o: Firemen Start Fires to Test Apparatus, ' Columbia, Pa. Seven firemen who recently pleaded guilty of charges of setting Are to build tnga to try out their, new motor engine, hare been sentenced to a term In the' reformatory. The- fires covrr period of fever a I jeni. Miss Cox grave at the Oak Ridge school tect certain moral delinquencies thai may cancel many of the abilities they Wednesday iKeht, and remained for as tueL About one gallon or fuel is do reveaL ' But on the whole they are Thanksgiving t the home of hef .con- required to the acre, and three awe hour ecu be ; uJu. lscf"' and trustworthy. At ari officers sin. - i -"v"

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