The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 24, 1936 · Page 9
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 9

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 24, 1936
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

0 Thursday, December 24, 1936 The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 9 THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Found d 1V12 KstuhliBhed as TUe Weekly Cllntcmluu 1SSIU The Clinton Plaindealer absorbed In 1V0H. Tuberculosis Seals for F. D. R. Ceorge L. Carey Editor and Publislin H Sei'olld fntered al (he I'nBtofflce at Clinton, Indiana, a Member Indiana Republican editorial Associni Inn Notional Advertising Ueprnse ntative: flKO. It. 11AVII1 t'l). lanii Wrlnb-y liidu., t'hlniK". I ll General Motors Illilg., Detroit 11(1 Kni't 42nd St . ew York throat. But you had to hand it to her. She rose to the occasion, "That's very nice," she said, and her voice was only a little higher pitched than usual. "Perhaps 1 can help. But tomorrow. It's very late. Christine, you must say goodnight " And half drunk with excitement and happiness, Christie cried : "But he has to take me out and buy me a sandwich, I'm so hungry. A steak sandwich, darling. With fried onions on the side!" "Certainly not. I'll have what you wish sent upstairs to you I" "We won't be gone long. I'll bring her right back." He had his way. Not even Aunt Ntttie could deny it to him. And so they went out together, that night L, te) f V: -J . &Q f C "That's It. I'm going to be a great disappointment to you, too. I'll go out on calls in the middle of the night, and I'll forget to come home to dinner " "Swell I I'll forget to cook dinner 1" "And we won't have any money to go out and buy it we'll just have td go hungry " "I'm hungry now. I'm starved. I forgot to eat lunch I was so thrilled getting myself into the hospital. Oh, Donald, what will they say, when I don't come? Oh, shall I train for a while first, and then " "No, what would be the u.-se? We love each other that's all that matters, isn't it?" Where had she heard that before . . . Back home on a summer's day. I I 7 IN.. Ph.. 41 . CHAPTER XIX "But Adele loves you, Donald!" "I hope not." "Hut uhe did she does!" "She saya not, und I choose to believe her, Christie." "But Donald, any girl would nay " They or trued about that for hours. Flooded with the warmth of knowing he cured for her. she could be generoun to Adele. Even to the point of giving him up to her. That old trick of wanting to nucririee her-neif. . , Maybe he was correct to -iuy that wasn't right, and it wusn't "ven kind. That the mistake he had . :'.,! wus not in finally breaking with Ad.-; bat in hating things hue on for tiu long. "It was because it was bo indefi-r.itf 'hat it wub o ridiculously hard o liM tili." he said. "If we had been n rKKed I could have r,ei ved my (HE DAILY CUNTONIAiTS PLATFORM: 1. To further every interest nf Parke and Wrmillmn i:uuiti 2. To anaisl Hie reviml of liie Indiana coal miniriR inilualiy. 3. To cooprrale in nolving Vermillion County's ti HMii()lir merit problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most llr tiv, cil of iti size in the state. eit' to go to her. and auk her U I i -reak it. But we weren't engaged. . d nevir nalty paid a word about .wve ui uiar. iaiie. It was just that t had drii'ted along. . 'And so I didn't know what to ay. or what to do. But when I ;aw that I waf going to lose you if iuiii't do something. 1 just had to. u wt n: to hM and put all the uiN on th table this afternoon, .Oil he ft'n v:ry sweet about it ,..111 A. J ' I! nl'.'.ay likt her for that. ne hi-d to fl-k him how long he'd even hfr and when he first knew mi uhut inade him do it. 'Always. I think. But I knew it li.-it nrrht that you were ill, and you THE NAVY WANTS COPPF.R F.arly this month the navy department railed for bids on 2,f)00,()()0 pounds nf copper to be used in armament constnirliui and in the manfacture of munitioii.1. There were no bids. The Walsh-I ienly law of last June, requiring industries furnish ing materials and supplies to conform to prescribed rates of pay nni' hours of work, is blamed for the lack of bids. Copper companies, however, might remember that the navy can, if necessary, take steps to get ,ts own copper even if it invulv. what business men decry, competition with private industry. A PLAIN WARNING It's a rather plain warning that comes from the lips of Dr. Hjal-mer Schacht, German minister of economics and president of the Reichsbank, who says that Germany is a country "with too larpe population and too little room," President Roosevelt, recently returned from his triumphant South American tour, is shown in his While House office as he received a sheet oi iilici'.'iiloiiis seals from Milt! ml Showalter and Barbara Sherman, rep re 'i.i,tir" N'jii ii.oitl Tii eicn'ovis AsHoemf ion. ,:J:(ed t-. irie about that fellow. That I'eiiow Gene. ... Sh'ii almost foreotten about him, fMinnv how she could forget it all o completely for a little while, and lien hnw it wouid ail come duck th sickening clarity. 11 is long irk pvm Hip new blue suit he was in'i.i iiii.i r. lasls. IHE lit n nioud of. Even the necktie he liii. tliilA ore on that last day light blue, nth a ds-i blue fieure. and little specks of red. she couldn't let anyone like Don- To Love and Live and Let Live Id mariv a irirl who had been so heau And because she couldn't ome right out and say that, she ;aid a lot of silly things she didn't nean, and for a little while it ioked &h though she'd succeed in ioing what she had come to do send him away get rid of him for More bluntly, the nazi official declares that "Europe's peace, and with it that of the rent of the world, depends upon whether the crowded masses of central Europe obtain a chance to live or not." We are not among those who believe that Germany, or her allies, received justice at the close of the World war. We realize ever Rut she must have put it on t liltl- I l i-AV .Inn- u i i i ii i than insi-n Ailu tl!.' ..Iltillitv! llil, .1 in' li a:iti!'nl than tiiisil.-tiie 'I !i:u ih u , I liidiiy, .loi f ca ;i! it .1 I linn nutsir 'I h.i: i a i -hi1?' i.i-:s'-I this way ii.r irsl tti iu nf all in Kim' Ik a rliliil'a nn mi ( hi i-t mas day liniii' '!i';.t. "Look here, are you turning me down for my good? N'.nv rit'lit hero near the end is my little "siu'i-r I wanta take the chanet in w ;.ili ynn .mi' "n all a Happy Holiday an InlH n' "Santy Clause." AHRICAIL FITTS. YESTERDAYS lK4 KM 2i, ih.l JiiniHs Call is seriously ill at liin Imni" on N'orili Klrcpt. HIb sifter, Mary lilcliiiidHon, from past of U.m Kvill.', viwitd ti tin last week. She p'tunii'd home Salurday. Mix Kicd (J. Sutplien of Middle-lortn. ()., in hort' for ihe holidays ;ind will ho joitifd hv hor husband ilii wo 1- MiHH l(lier Mory, who hit too thick, for after a while he toDued looking hurt and bewil dered, and he said: that other nations are somewhat responsible for the pathetic delusion "Look here, are you turning me down for my good? Am I really too of German people in following certain leaders. However, the fact is that the new Germany is in a mood to seek "rights" by force anr her future may be so uncertain as to make leaders anxious to gamble upon the fruits of war. I't'nhaiily ti.r ct m i. in1 is a i lliltl-J h' :ir -! WiiiK nf ii:i- I'lVMh. and a boy asking her to go away with him . . . Must she be reminded her whole life long of all that she wanted to forget? "Why wait, darling?" She smiled through the tears, that would fall in spite of everything. Smiled because this time someone waB asking her to marry him now right away, without waiting "Donald, this very minute if you want! Now that I've found out that I do love you and oh, I do, I love you so much kiss me again! And hold your head still a minute, I want to get a good look at you. I never did reallv look at you till to I'..p ll .'I.mI. In U-;iy li : ' i itttfiidiiin Laswt'I! BPininary, near HoHtou. alHo will I.h home for t h :-ilv li. kiiowiiiv, wtiat hristinaa holidays and with . day, you know, and I really ought Moi oy hotnt from a hash r;dlf & a nd l-'ra u It tin Alnrny from TtT"t llauto, the W , I,. Morov family uil! sjniid ( 'hrist mas t ogf her. of their engagement, she with her ey "lashes still stuck together in little points from her recent tears and her mouth scarlet and laughing, and ate thick, smoking not sa nriwiches at a lunch counter, forgetful of all the sorrow that had be jn, of all that might still come. When she was with Donald everything seemed inevitable and right, and natural. "We'll be married right away," he had said. And she, who had thought that such a thing could never be, had agreed light-heartedly, happV.y, Ilka a child. But when he was gone, and Aunt N ;tt:e spoke to her with patient kiudliner.s, the hard, resentfu: flitter still in her eye, of thing" w.t mast be done, she wondered how s -.a hed ever toought it could be simpl Clothes. Announcements. M n-ister. Wedtlliig. Even such things as getting the marriage license, and choosing a wedding ring. It was no use saying that the didn't want a wedding with a lot of pi o pie, and they didn't care about an nouncements and she had enough clothes already. Slowly, patiently, as If she were explaining something to a half-wit, Nettie made it clear that she must have a wedding whether aha wanted it or not. a to know what you look like, wny, of Good for your AT t-"' W-j!l Iv A Christmas message AP'U''1 nd best wishes WjL o l'." ;'ar to come. appiness you're really quite handsome! Your mouth is a shade large, and your nose isn't quite classic, but still " during old and decrepit at 31, and ao you really want to have a career and be a famous woman, or it is some darn fool Idea that yoa aren't good nough for me? Because if it is " "It's not because it's you. Any-oodyl I've just made up my mind never to marry, that's all, and I " So he'd taken her in his arms, laughing at her and scolding her, and loving her, and she'd cried a little, and laughed a little, and Gene and all that went with him seemed far away and unreal, like something she'd read about In a book. "Of course you are going to be a lot of trouble to me," he had gone on, half laughing, half serious. "My mother( who is a very sweet, self sacrificing person, with a calculating streak in her, has set her heart on her only son's marriage to some likely gal with a mint of money. "She needs it to pay the taxes on the old homestead, and she needs a new fur coat, and diamond bracelets and lord only knows what else. She's going to be good and nasty, as only a loving mother with an only son to marry off, can be. She'll make you miserable!" "No, she won't I couldn't be miserable, if I had you. Oh, Donald, you're so comforting. Jnst to put my head on your shoulder and snuggle down and just forgot everything " , Thev were shouting with laughter when Aunt Nettie opened the door, walked in, dignified and Mis-: M,mv Cafcdini Maxwoll, only dail'I.-r of Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Maxiv.'ll, and Arthur Sclioll Vri';h1 of ClirtMii. v.i'i't married at S:.'IO o'rlocl; T j-al ay evenitur at the hoin; of tin hrido's parotits. "rr.iwiTt-,tn" liui.rr in. Have yon iv.'' li i j-alottH m' "Mr otn hfi-aiM' Uimv wmi-m lovi-d fy r.f nrniy il'ffortMii p opl.-?? Did vij(i r-vo.i- vond -r why Lij.vo. is ronUy al'niry s: frail. r. a y l: pia:-C- into hnlni". Ust.-n, f l It II (i;i a sorret: Tin- );:'8iii who pots a out of 'o.o IjP -jMif:i. it is fan, is a.iuiHly ftn .!( i-ihr hand, thorn is tlio pt-ron. who maiic p.-opl,. know that !o li'vr th'"'in Ih n sacritit-o. Tint n:'.x JoVf: it makes it H-malid and "i-minon-plare. 'I'm sorry. I thought you had Skr-RALST gone. Christine only' expected to keep you a moment." i QN'S And while Christie struggled for , the right answer, the laughter dy-j ing on her Hps, he spoke. id "Christine and I have been plan-! :d furniture Phone 103-J 248 South Main ning our wedding. It takes time," I he said easily, not in the least em-! barrassed by Aunt Nettie's best! Empress of India manner. !t p,?vn iov t "If you yourself dont ear, thep stiu-1: For the fraction of a moment think of Adele, and her position 1' Aunt Nettie was speechless. Her (To Be Continued) ' CwTrtfbt, ins. Kia Wmiuim trfttartt am M I ';. (;.-oi t;i' :iluiori eii'i ta;ni'-! al a H i M li : i-a.t :it her home hen 'i ll i' i's lay. Si: mm ootia d'nnor v i seric at tuxni. Those ni'esent wf-o: Me dium- . T. Smith. Have Mill-r. I:ulih C;iiunln 11. Ceril Crane, Byron II hi ! : CI :i lies I 'ay ton. Km ma 'raii. M i s I lai d in and M is. K W. .flUiter. CI ( I Mltl lt "I, iU'2H Mr. and Mrs. Sieherl Shew and in ! il.t hv liter of f'h ieayo. 111.. ai'P , plump white hands weut to her1 At the Top of Your List! Miss Alwilila ,11, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles ell of South Fourth Btreet. III., with he Davis. arrived In St. Hetersburir, Flu., today to spend the Christmas holidays with her mother. Mrs. .1. Pierv-e. Flora, and grandparents. Dr. anil Mrs. V. R. Risline. who have been in Florida for the past two weeks. Illinois university, who are expected two are: Van :l; U.fllahl llounh- : 1 ll.Vlltf-- fnml haintain. 111., ieme in a day o le.'l.r of K. H. Beards Licensed Licenses were needed by Russians who wished to wear beards in the reign of Peter the Great, who put a Heavy tax on the "tace fungus." His aim was to make his people have in European style. . A. .1. Douii-'1: and Wayne !y. son of Mr. anil Mr-ty of South Third stre of John Danville. Mrs. Kffle J. Harrison street spent yesterday in i" n 1 ni" t 1h Christinas holidays in ' 'l i nl on w it It re la I h'ps a nd friends. Mr. and M r. Krd Ra iW an,t "hHdren of South Fourth street left loday for St . hnuifl where they are to sjieud the Christ mas holidays with Mr, and Mrs. William Schemdi am) other relatives and friends. M Iss I'lerct m i 1936 A Martha I (Ollef st udotit at Oxford. Ohln 'MERRY CHRISTMAS 193 6 (sPW aTOYOU..4 ,3M ;VkW ft 1 1 ft ft ft ft ft g 5 . ft B St CHRISTMAS CHEER We hope the pleasure we have had in serving you during the past year has been mutual, and take this opportunity to thank you and extend our hearty wishes for your happiness. May 1937 deepen the friendships of the past and continue the progress Clinton has enjoyed during 1 936. Is 2 i From the warmth in our hearts to the warmth in your homes, we wish you ' one big, joyous ft ft 1 I Vermillion Candy Co. THOS. ZORZI, Prop. H. J. SCHtlADEPv & CO. ROY ST A ATS, Mgr. n i i ft

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