The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 24, 1921 · Page 6
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 6

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 24, 1921
Page 6
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TUB FAIlttlOUNT NEWS viiiiniia,1 p f ' 1 1 i- . n ii ii ii u l. Hi UJ) CO r U 11 U XxAU " VOGUE MOVES LACEWARD FROM TWEED TO CARACUL EVCTS SisidaySdiool 7 Lesson 7 ttty lit.x. P. H. t lTS?XVATKU, t. D. Teacl-?- ef Kntih Blbl tn Wx Moovly Bible Institute of ChtexM CXMxyHglxt. ll. West Jxxxrt Unlnix. LESSON FOR NOVEMBER 21 For Every l7oom in Cio Uouso In the kchen SAPOUO cleans pots,pans, oilcloth and cutlery: " the bathroom SAPOLJO cleans porcelain, marble, tiling the wash basin and bathtub; m the AWu SAPOUO cleans taainted xvood- SUCCULENT FEED FOR COWS Critd Apple Pcrtxae Dees Net Cause Decrease in MPfc Ftex Ncr Yield et Buttettat. T UK xite iw-e lAeevAtt. luting rtMH IV sses, yxnit heliN lts-.i ehest thAt yrf wr- ??lAvl work, doors, sills and concrete or stone floors. See that the name SAPOUO is on every package. ENOCH MORGAN'S PAUL'S VOYAGE AND SHIPWRECK Ltl5SxXK TKXT Acts ST;l-4t. x?cULKNv TKxTt Knew xxtixxm t liax-a telievexi. xt am er?xiato.t that he l JViek to tweetl for sjHirt Nvenr tl tnxttenr rxxAts Is Wflwrne how, Tweel Is sueh a wholse-tw tnAterlah It tnakes n pretense It Is "it wxxr tnmre than yarvl whlet. It weather whnl tt riitns It Assates with Uxw heeht shees (niAnnish hrtyenes prefemt) wwlen atnl simple ht Ail yt when It Mes to top notch s-tyle. attrAetlxvnes Anl ttntAhlo ntilHy tl err?es the honor. The tweerl evp!t er sxitt or knitker If you will, KAshlon's hitest sesttn. The sniArt set wears with e-f Mek SiAnisli lAee Its htMXt ef trluwh hns At-ilx-el. IVrhAs within it silken meshes is the Answeit- tx yxMit Mem xxf A xUntr fcvwn whKh shAU he ef latest li?stAn chk tV iM: xleelie thAt tentttng inv!tAtixn with the k hAve nothif. t WxHit-" ua. is jvut last seftsxM hlAefc vreiv ule ehlne s;itin n'.rtss a strscht-tine tnxlel nl h.As it the shxthler U sheiihet- lvklitxe whleh $s sv essen-tiAl trt NHt style? The Answer l SONS CO. New York U. S.A. xr-rrT4 fcj- ti Cix5.-. StstA txrtmfnt f AsTioeltxsr. trixd xvr ?x aportxl "' apple pomace &S a succulent feexl fee the xlairy exvxx Is the suhjxvt preUmle.ftry t-eport frwa the bure&u ef ehernmry and an-inist Industry ef the United Stittxs I V partnuMxt xf Agvic-uluuv based xxn ao experiment txx x'.etrrHsine the fxxslmg XSl.VC xxf x'.rixAl-Afp'ie pxxms.O O-spexM Ally Its MiUaV.Mit.y- a tNl fxv exxxxt fn lcttitMi. PtY.iminai v results atv re-ponwl bevsiuso x-f a l:rge ftumVw xxf Inquiries c-n the swhxvl. TV. tx?t ef the rcp.rt fxxl'Nxwsi It appears there I A belief amcng dairymen that the xlfixd prwhut has aVle to keen that wtxich t have xTmhxttte.l unto him asrsxsnst that xtay.-4t Tim. i.t2. UKKKUKNCtS MATKHtAL tt Cr. tt:25-at; t'htt. 4:tS. 1. Pitt MARY TvtnC--The Story et a Ship, wreck-. JfXton TxxptxA-PaMl tn a Shtrwrxs-k. tXTKUMKtxtATK AND fcKSTOU TOPIO '-ytfxfm rttvit shipwreck. VVJPXO PKOPt.t? AKt Atxrt.T 1X5PIC Paul's Fjxvet Over Men. 1177 f Shining-up Days Are Here, Use gTTOlE IPOILnSKI Ha China to VJondarful th cpo for kitch.B prons. Mutln Martin, Mfro..CWc I. A Stormy Voyaa (vx i i a ter.xlency to ewt xWn the Row,. " " - er even vause xxw vs to Vry . although j nsh t:v,ti the ehter ; 1. The sh$p. A ship of Alexattxlria ttalltnc frxm Myra to ltly 2. The company Two of Vaul's I frlctht Arlstatrhtt ntul Luke, rx ! permit texl to pxx xvtth him. iVslnlc j these thtxHx therx" xxvre -TJ In the ship j (v. T). ; The storm. The ship made lit tlx rr pomax-e trx Keep the Children Well heatlxvay xxn ncexxnnt of nnfavrahle xxtml Put atisxxl that they winter in Havens (x-c. ,vt2). hut. his advice xvas unhoexlcxl. The peatle south xvinit xheeixirxl them, so they loxsc.l During these days many children are complaining of headache, feverishness, stomach troubles, and irregular bowels. If mothers only knew what MOTHER CRAY'S SWEET POWDERS press Is pcnerslty rVNVcnlt as being ij pwsl suxvwlent tvM fe,r milk exxv. TV txst the e-f I hi belief A j feexlirg trial hits Iwn earrixd e.t hy the dcpsrtmxrnt. Only xmhc xxw was c.oxl in this tv-st. and the Ixvist. xpiAU- i r:iy f dr;xl pxxnee fM xxas less than.'s 5 therefor M must he Kxcwe ! lr. rs'.-l tV,t IVe tvstvlts StA.wexV j ir .'.t Ati-e, --riivt tvr aevetvol j s o-rvliisixip. Iti.lV.-s ffsV"fts triAl IVe 1r!-ri.l iv-rr..4 vi fel xxet ?vl It's ftv.V;n$ Vi:e ee.r-'"mvl w'.th tV.At st exv s'- J sct sin.e It Ss Ir.ter.'Ni Ve a site- nr.Vrt fv-e.. TV.e imAee- s re- lifer J If ,JtI s m a' . i l ' ' rl if pH' i I e V I s' - V from Crete, only to ln sxon xmrtakett J for CHILDREN a tw r - 'r m rer do j ' r-. j tV,e ii,rx- twAierlat tt t-o pATit Vy Ah'.:.t; tV.rt-e t;:v,es its Will do for children no family vrould e' without them, The powders are so easy and pleasant to take and so effective in their action that for otvr JO years mothers htnn uset them and told others about them. Sold by Druggists everyvhere. Do Not Accept Any Substitute for ht xvf xxA'.xr t-efty-e fxvl'itc. th K-X - pr.1- VNMX- rrt h a s'.r.t'lAr In xxAtv-r MOTIIIK tiKAY SWEET POWDERS. hy thx txMnxestuou xvtml, ctlel Ku-rxelyxtxxtt. They IM ex-erythtnja: lxa-sihle to save the shiv They txok up the, hxxtt xvhlch was towetl txehtttxl; they hotttut jtreat eahle nrxtunxl the ship to stronetlvon It fxxr the stxrm; they Uchtetxexl the ship hy hrlmplnjt xhxxvn frxm the mnst ami riiins? everything that was supersluxMts; ami finally, the ennro anl tacklln of the ship Itself xxete thrxxx-n verhxml. All this sxMpmexl txx he ef no avail, s that all hope of lelnf savxhI xvas removetl. It seettteil tVnt wickexl men atixl material forces xxcre etutihlimxl to prevent the icreat ixxstle frxxm reaching Ixxxtne. 1 Ixxxxexer, thi Is only apparent, for these very experience xvore ox-errulexl hy Goxt to hrlnj? jwxxt cheer ami salvation to many on the way. We shouhl rememher that tempestuous wlml a xx-ell as the soft hreeite axvatt tUnPa faithful ones. The presence of storms does not proxe that xx-e are jrointf the wrong xvay. II. Paul Serna Flth (vx 21 To a man xvho did not knoxv thnl, tho failure of the sun ami stars to ri lli'iliIIX E, .-r,r.rr:,:.r, DADDY WOEFUL BACK NUMBER ! About t lix only xvork some oflice- i . . . i . t . . . i . i i . i-, .. i .i tert to V.At ef 'Mi s. fVr a pxot ef 0;tys tV.e -nxx ro-Mxt a bA'j'.r.t-v rAti.xn vwsistuvf ef s fTAin. Vy. ri em 'The si- ; tAjre xx as then rev'Aoext hy the Apple j tsxn Avv fe-r a tr.lAr lertth of tiwxs t f.xlhxxx !tt a ten x'.Ax trawsUton xetiv i ftr tVe In eiet. anl utter A like J trvs-;tten rrtt at the el of So vtay the erit'.val ration exMxtAlninft stac . was sn.t exxnttnuext for a thtvl Hott. The tjTsantity fxt xHtn.s xxf x-et I trsiAce tr xtay -wa sxh that the I htl xlry trathM- the txttaoe ; extv.aext the wetht et xry r, Atf r In the si'.ace rer'Att. The xtwantUtes xxf train att hay fe.1 rvr.ia-next r-raeti catty ex.stant throutt.xtt the whole ex- ; rvrirtHnt, White the xtta xtaine,! are not ttf?.cient to w Arrant the viraxx'trc et f.nsl antt xlentte exxnehtsxw the inti- iix'mix'i un ta xx ui it iXJr I xxrix"x I ion Red Cross Rail Blue should be used In every home. It makes clothes white as snow and nex-er injures the fabric. All good grocers. Advertisement. SMALL GIRL GOT HER WISH Hcur tf Triunxph tr Laee simrh vt sahl xlress ph! a iA$.r of t txveext onlSUs exnxtlotis hrttsh wuhxI Rowirt sH-vxx-s cut froin y-vtr lAt-xi kntttxl scarf xxf the lone ac-x eptats M?e VeAUtexMt , The saTr exvt fxxr ivncrat xxear rxxxn of -tx-tte-inor,5ent vxxcn Is noxx txxvexh ttie jls a fair Moa Fx1? InsptrAtlxMi stylist tnrnetl to 1 of the ixxxest txxetMl xrps frxm our Sraln th's seasxxn anxl the resu'.t I UlnstrAtlon xf a new exvit moxtel, au ercy of law fxr xxxxn for hnt which e;rrios exxr-rect xtetall In collar, for wrap fir fan for -eil Many en ft atnl trxxer length. $xxwns are entirety of hhuk el re lAx-e. j 1 a far cry frxxm tweexl to eAfa-Jtust recently the x-xe fxr hroxvn lAce ; enl. out exxat tht seaxx emhraee all hA also asserted Msx It to the extent tyT f' prsictlcat xvoVn jwrments tht tt Is a keen rival txx Vtatk. llxxw- to tnost es?hetle nteixtitou fur It shtne for many xlays, the fndlne xf all hope, xxas natural ; hut to the man of faith. hpe still hurn hrichtly. tJoxl I .lust a near to Hi xvn In the midst xf a stormy sea as In their quiet homos. Note Paul behavior: 1. His rehuke fxu their failurxx to Hew Is It Possible for Young America to Look Up to a Father Like This? Iad xvas forty-five, xvell dressed, ex blent ly all business. Son xvas fif-tex'ti or sixteen. Itoth xvere standing up on an Kast Tenth st-eet car. "8xn. this fellow Ituths Itabe Iluths yxn call him ts he the mascot fxxr the team?" "Nxt. dad," replied the lad xvlth an embarrassed grim, "he's heavy hitter for th Yankees. What madx you think he was a mascot? "Why. Ihihe, you knoxv. Ilaho, I ttmught he xvas a little felhxxv. And what is It yxu say, "Yank'?" "Nx, dal. Yanks. Yanks." Then, after a moment, disgusted: "Say, dad. dbln't you ever hear of John Mc-CraxxT "Mctxrnxvs, MctSrnxvs. No. 1 cant rxMiixtnbxr that nnnnv" The lad xvas visibly perturbed, and. . . . X h k . .V. ' . . - k . t.v kt. . ..a.t.u.i. t lack all tleixrnxls upott thx vttrtxso. ever r,xtrtr,c vusjvssosses ihx- Little One Took a Good Deal for Granted, but as It Turned Out, She Was Justified. My new young man took me to call on his sister, xvho xvas married. I xvnnted to make a good impression, so dressed in my best dress and xvas on my best behavior. Two brothers dropped in, and I overheard them say they "xvanted to give Fred's girl the nce over." A four-year-old niece administered the finishing touch xvhen she asked. In a voice that could be heard In the kitchen, "When you and Uncle Fred g"t marrixMl, may I be your floxver IVr the httslnes vx-oiian an,l for notorine atl iteneral knwkahttt wear thorx Is nothing txx extcxt the txx-ee! toHxv(t. hu? fxr the matinee jrirl, th lace spixxn xxf Its txrestlie a a ivtjtn-tnc f ax xxrlte. When the xlrvss Is nvt all of Iacx the It hAs shle vlrape tsertCvt frxnn getting closer to dad. he xxhlspered : j girl?" heexl his advice at Ta'r Havens (v. 21) . This xvas not a mere taunt, but a reference to the xvlsdom of hU former advice urging them to give him a more respectable hearing. 2. Ithls them te of good cheer (v. 22) . He inspired them xvlth hope. He promises them safety (v. 22). ThOAtgh the ship would go to pieces, ex-ery man life xvould Ih sax-exl. 4. The source of his Information (vx 2,x. 21). The angel of Hod had rex-eahvil It tmtxx him. fx. The rxastn of Paul's calm faith (v. 2H). "Whoso I am and whom I serve." III. Tha Ship's Crew All Safe on Land (vv. 27-44). ThSs xvas exactly as the Lord had said. We can rxvst nssurcd that all tJoxl has spoken shall come to pass, even tluuigh there be a brtkett sh!p, brutal soldiers and a pertldton crexv. Aside frxn.i the fulRilJnent of tlxd promise, the most important part tf this sH"tixVi is the splendid sanity xvhlch characterises Paul's action xn The brother grinned, hrother-In-law "Say. dad. xvhen xxe get home I'll slip it to yxu xvhx some tf these birds are so you xxill know next time. In-dlauapolis Nexvs. in the kitchen howled, while I turned a most unbecoming red. The youngster thought she'd waited long enxiuuh for an answer, so she said. "May I?" I managed to say yes, and two years later wo xvere, and she wns. Chicago Tribun -. Sure Cure. Mr. Yeurxved INhaxv! Ilreakfust has been late every morning this week. Can't you do something to get llrldget up on time? Mrs. Yenrwed I xlid gt her an alarm clock. Mr. Yor.rxvexl Yes. I know, but alarm clocks lxnt always sro off. Why not loud her the baby? 1 Letter to the Dean. "My sin will be unable to nttend : school today, as he has just shaved himself fxr the first time." Xorth-1 western Cauldron. DrJ Appi Pcntace Appear to B5 t Ubte Ftd-rg MateHl tcr Cjc. ? eatiHxs are that Ux tatt e;Yex-t folloxx- ; the feevtine of xlnexltr-o poraacw : There xxas tx xVereasv In the uvlik Rvxxv nor la the jteht of t utterfat. j When fett a xt"sortfH-.t the xlrixxt IMMaao rtvarexl ttx he extnaU nx'axt fer xunt xxf xlry matter, txx gxxxxl exxru stlace as a nxvutett fxxvl fxxr this dairy exw. Owive to the rxvrty j xxhkh it px'.sx"sx,s xxf ahsxxrhhvg larjre xj-asntStxs x-f xxater anl sxxelhnje. It j houlxt nerer le fxsl xrx hut shxHiht i txc afoxxxl txx ssxxak In xxater fxxr an I hour xh- so hcfxxrx fvextlue. The j The lock Signals Are Working the wny Txvo things esjKH'lally mark his sanctified exxmmon sinse. 1. His viciianco had UmmjmI that the sailors had planned to esc;px He knoxv hoxv mttch they xxonld be neexl-el presently, ami at once txxok steps to prevent their escape. He xvent stntight to the man in charge ami sahl. "tcxpt these abide In the ship, ye cannot b savxhI." He practiced the truth that genuine reliance upon Uoxl Is the all-poxverful incentive to human actum, tiod's decrxs always include the means for their accomplishment. 2. He knew that the famishing con-dtthm of the people xvas not the most favorable fxxr the physical struggle xxMXtAee rtr? txx he a xalAtahle fexil- j ) I s xSfW Cauttx ts Avtvlsot In feexllnc xlriext npfxl pxnuae, as there Is a xxss;hiUty that the feexllns ef larjpe quantitie or ef quantities cxnUAlntuc exeesslre AmxHint xf i ple seexl mtsht prxxv InturixusK It appear to he safe, how-ver tx feext a much sxvikexl ixnic by wetcht (xyie prt drlcxl tn'tnaee txx three part water) as It xrtMtUi he to fcexl the sanxe anuxunt xxf inxmaxe fresh ftxMtt the etxter pres xvhlch xvas soon to bo undergone by them when they must struggle through the xvater to the shore. Sx he gets them to take a substantial breakfast. He had the good sense to look after that xvhlch xx-as necessary. It xvas no time to talk to these men about their souls, for their boxlles needed the main attention. His prayer for that meal had more effect upon the people than his preaching would have had. Iet us learn frtun this the divine method of administration, namely, God overruling xvhlle man trusts Him and acts. A vigorous faith manifests Itself in reasonable action. TO PREVENT DREAD DISEASE In some respects, human experience is like railroading. Every moment of the business and social clay the block signals are giving right of way to keenness and alertness while the slow and the heavy must wait on the sidetrack for their chance to move forward. The ability to "go through" and to get there' depends much on the poise of body, brain and nerves that comes with correct diet and proper nourishment. That's why so many choose Grape-Nuts for breakfast and lunch. Served with cream or milk it is completely nourishing, partly p re-digested, and it supplies the vital mineral salts so necessary to full nutrition. Grape-Nuts has a rich, delightful flavor, is ready to serve on the instant and is distinctly the food for mental and physical alertness and speed. At all grocers. "T here's a Reason? for GrapeNuts Ft-"d-Meuth Ailment Nttd Net Bt Ferd If Frttxch Scrum Prov-e . ftllbl. Latest Wprtj in Coata. the xxatstltne, these Uropplnff txx Vre-! xx-oman xvho attentls rex-cptlon Pn-ate the greatly to te tlesimt uneven-; nrs, tea the nexv earaeiil ftir exxat iixfs ei lux- sKirt une. aim nivrv xix-; rar exrturtcxx. They are ex- sleeves tw match. qtttsttely choice anl Use stamp ef th & 1 t n MXP, -r I Tti rtreaxl txHxt-antl-mvxuth aiseas will no Uxtxger b feami hy eatflemen tt the annxxuneement ot the xttseoTery of a serum for the prexrenthxn f tht disease hy a rrxnip xxf French sclen ttst. rox reliaMe anxi It this serum run he nmufacturxt In sufficient tunic hUxnse has come to xvomnklnxl. ltrtclau is there. Tlds garment Is of hmg kimono lines. J The luxurious fur coat portrayed reaching to the knees and Is all of j herewith ts of an alluring caramel heavily patterned lace. It Is Intended 1 st,ade. with voluminous collar xt to he worn over a simple princess slip. matche(1 fox Fortune Indeed smiles Ry varying the slip one may haxe a h sessor of such a coat, dress for more than one occasion. ? ' Peopled the Holy City. And the rulers of the people dxx-elt at Jerusalem; the rest of the people also cast lots, to bring one of ten to dwell in Jerusalem, the holy city, and nine parts to dwell In other cities. And the people blessed all men, that willingly offered themselves to dwell at Jerusalem Nehetntah, 11:1 and 2. ouantttte 5eTrl outhreaks ef th llse-tse have occurrexl in the UnttexJ State the last of them several years acvv causing a rreat hxs The only In conclusion, be It rememberexl that j clre lace, with the prxcessed lus-1 ter. havlruK hold floral pattern, ts the j "rfectiv method of stamping out the iease heretofore has heeu to slaughter all cattle affected ami thoroughly newest lace Interpretation. It Is fash- At War Against the Soul. Dearly beloxred. I beseech yon as stranger and pilgrims, abstain from fleshly- lusts, which war against the out I Tcter 2: 11. . . dyed In new color- j looaUle to black hesx tstnfect the premise cortwoaT tt xkjtwh Mnrxt umon

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