The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 24, 1921 · Page 5
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 5

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 24, 1921
Page 5
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THE FAIRMOUKT NEWS PAGE FIVE SECTION ONE AiST1ty" - , , M!wnd JlT;i.E1,?er ChfmnMS Several from this neighborhood Mr n:.U T-.- iji--?., nr.f .Monday With tho frrmfr' narpntc at. i I i . ,. . Thorntown Serum FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT Mrs. Minnie Crecraft, Reporter i ivv, v-m.j, ....v. i p, . - - i nsvc uwif attending' ine revival ser- jdren, Clifford Carpenter, Grant Lind- 1 . , , vices at the Holiness church at Lei- ! ley, Mr. and Mrs. Adam Bates of i lVv ?iHn hrPhW? Sf,Alot" sm' have ben in session for ! Fairmmmt attended the nartr Satur- 1 , vj."l Ii?lV, L"f" over four wcweks, and are t0 continue pfinitnli- - - j. - - - - , v L viivt iv Jin i v v 1 1 u I V 1 1 krau- intli Having taken the agency for Thorn-town Serum, I will alwajs have stock on hand, and you can get it of me, instead of having to send to the laboratory, at laboratory prices. day evening at the home of Mr. and ' day morning and evening. Mis, Cora Marine of Uoland. who with Mrs. Jenre Leach, Thurs- Mrs. James Scott near Jonesboro. 1 Mr- nn -r,s- Lon Moon and family i? teachii.'g school this vear at New Refreshments consisting of sandwich- j VnLhJ' 1 bcZry ppont the eek-en4 with ... , , ibu?d.aj ln of their son, Claud Miss Csrnet Fleener. W. C. T. U. Executive Board Meets, ner ti -v-t- lvard and meeting of via 5. owlvit. n W. C. T. U.. met a .we -a uns. oee Lewis of Eaton, the F vs, cae, picKies arm vou. Au re- ; aru his onae. Those who enjoyed The Misses Lenna McClinnock, Gar ported as having a good time. j the day were Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hip- Fleener and Vireie Elliott Messrs. ne. j u f u.i.x wen; ana airs. Jesse nip- not Fleener and Vireie Elliott. Messrs. ivrsoraee was "t.-ar.?eiiMic, " -ir. ar.u ;urs. tiarr Wilson m. r GEO. R. FEAR Fairmount Route No. 1 Phone, Swayzee 97Rt r lhar.Ksir.v. ;"vi jm. v . - . ' . -urs. jrivir..: Y. C. T. U I pie and Mrs. Martha Swaim and son TlTrl Comer, Glei Sheedy and Lester a, !'John of Fairmount, Mr. and Mrs. Goble motored to Elwood Sunday ev- arsaay ai- , Clarence Moon and children Wayne oninsr and attended rhuroh tboro. ening anci aTtended church there. the b of the past year ana , nc mursaay. The V. C. T. U. met Th . .. fv t vr.? r.r tne year 10 -miss e-.icij Hancock v:site.l .-,-1- come. Mrs! Sr.r-ah Carpenter read the sir.. Miss Lacy Leach in Marion Tues- temoon at the parsonage with Mrs. ! and Floyd, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Hipes and Movers. The executive board met ! Mooif, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Runyan and rbildren Kenneth. LviAlal and Gptipvi-I lftv-wd ihapter of Isaiah, toliowcvi cay ana ednesdav. bv rraver. Roll call answered by Mrs. Lora Couch called on Mrs. Eva "God" Vroniiies." Miss Florence Dome Pa; Friday afternoon. at one o'clock to transact business. j so" an.M,r- and iIrs- Clau.i Moon. rve called on the former's mother, Mrs. f I On edr.esdav. Nov. 1fi oenired iriion TIiroc of Fairmnnnt Sun.lav at P Birthday Dinner. ilbe marriacx? of Miss Lola Swaim of t.mnnn. Mr. nnd Mrs. Colonel TTinpa favcred us with a p-no se:o. a read- -Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Ccrdrav of Sar- Miss Fern and Liii' Dome entertain- J Fairmount to Claud Mon living south a,ii son Glen, Mrs. Chas. Hipes, Miss ing entitled. "An Or"" Loor. oy lrs. atega, took supper with Mr. and Mrs. e following cuests in honor of :f Haoklemjn. lhe bride is well Josephine Hipes and Chester Hipes Ker.a Brewer, so o, wren 1 eev? mm .unrj vjw ei.5 aivi lamilv Fridav ev-! Face to Face." bv Mrs. Edith Caskey. ening. " t " . Readir.c "A nream," by Mrs. Adaline Mr. and Mis. Will Corn ertevtainc. ' their K;-f.,T- Q,m.t-,r fr. .rr,0r- kncwrt and nas many friends m this were also guests at the Ilipes home. For Sale! 1900 Feet Flooring 2900 Feet 2x12 community as well as her home town. Oliver Huston has ben quite ill, ! Atkinson. twenty mcn.oers were -r. .Mrs. S. Cordray to dinner pct-iucK supper vas Seie ana ;-phe groom is a very popujar yourg suffering with indigestion, prescix. meeting aajourned to meet Tuesday. camos ar.Vi mtisic w as the principal man and has a host of friends who " Mr. H. Delnev made a the third Thursday in December with Elder N. L. Ford was called to Bay ! entertainment Those present were- join in wishing him and his bride a trin to Summitvill last W Mis. E.izabeth Tnorn. Superintend- City, M:ch., to take charge of a funeral ,t. r ir t u Ion's? and hanpvlife. Thev will reside Mr. Geortre A. Hildreth business ; ednesday. ' called on 1 Fleeirer and i ents aproir.toi for the year are: service, Friday. - T c u r u Fairmount. his sister, Mrs. William ernoon. ' .mus.c .i;ss rioivixe Av..Tv.e. jva;pn isairett was ni uas City 1AlJ "nu, , Mr nt Mrs jacob Steirs were f-n-.ilv last Tuesday Mcthvrs meeting Mrs. Ruth Smith Monday 0n business. ; Anna Smith, Maty Duiing. Rhoada business eallers at Fairmeuunt Thurs- Mr! and Mrs. Sherman Hipes and) Hackney Garage .'UN v.i.e L'uiir.g ana r-inei orn is recovering trom a ; Helms Lacv Smith. Sarah Carpe;.er. month's illness of typhoid fever. ' ' , Bible in public schools Mrs. Eva Mrs. OparLxr eh" Davis i, the new Messrs L15d Pa-Lt-.'ce and Mrs. Edith Caskey. owner of the farm formerly' owned bv 'Jones, Carter Helms, Florence Dome, dav aftemooxf. famiv and MVs. 11. neianey were Mar- ! arl Leach Rav ' Ir- aTu1 Irs- Todi and children ion shoppers last Thursday afternoon. , r, , ..V ' Iaul and Bertha, had as their guests The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. : vne.ter mun, j;-r sn.Ur. r and Mrs. lioren Po,c.r Ferr.lnn has been nuite ill. I Flower Mission Mrs. Myrtle JMa. Ea Barrett. Burl Winans. Mr. and Mrs.- Lowrv - RiitV Kk-nA ClavneU Mc T.ii Davis of near Munoie. ; hor.ev. Mi. Kuth Murray and Miss Mary O. Dulir.g. Sabbsih observance Mrs. i-eir.e .Norton and family srert Glass and Mr. and Mrs. John Dome. ! of Fairmount, Mr. and Mrs. Ora Todd and Taul Ferree of Converse, have Sarday with h: 5 n ether m Fairmount. Birthdav Tarty of Rigdon, Mr. and Mrs. Jav Cooper been quests thi, week of Mrs. Mar- En" Cavivcr.y spent Saturday M,- Deeren ente-ta'ned , of Marion and Park McCombs. garet Seward. vvith-Mark Norton. ; -Ml?s -Mar Deeien ente.ta.ned a Rev Limiley Hiatt and family of Maud E. B. COUCH DENTIST Currv and Mrs. H attic Mevers. contest Mrs. Adaline Atkin RIGDON Lcuise Lescn spent -Mcnaay nignt lew your.g peop:e m noi.-ur 01 r rar.K. w ith Gladys Lees. Brewer's birthday. Those present were ! 1ITtv w ll Mr. and Mrs. o'ren Kirkwood, Miss Rooms over Hahne Drue Store Offi.o x.rm' h :i.?o i m.; 1 to 6 Chub Jones is assisting in the sing-' Soldiers ani sailors Mrs. Caroline Duling and Mrs. Elizabeth Thorn. Mrs. George Carpenter was pain- 1 f.o v v vuv. x v 4 i : v. 1 o . . nvic ing at the protracteii meeting wnicn . Mary rraimothcr, Anna Jones. , t rans -Murray, .miss tmraa Systematic jriving Mrs. Demo. i IS PCms llO'.vi ai vt ai-'inr. ...... .- - V-mil IT Dcila Joiies and Mr. and Mrs. ilas and Mr. Wayne Pyles. Miss Beatrice and Sarah Mart when a caic containing coai 011 v.u VV I W r ! K 1VI Antinarcotic Mrs. Tura Jones and Leach and daughters, Lotrse and Bes- unset on the stove. The coal oil 1m- 1 Personals called on Miss Dorothy Wimmer Sun. Mrs. Lvdia Leach. mediately exploded and threw the oil J ()ren Dickey and Alfred Hogston Miss Mary Simon, srent Saturilay dav eveniiV Briles of Fairmount HI over Mrs. Carpenter, he was . formPf, - ia partnershin and i-t -;v, r,- -,i r Fii nT-i.i Miss Maud severely burned about the lianas ana . ,,-,, ninw Parliamentary Edith Caskey. Health Mrs. Floi-a Joi.s. Press Mrs. Ruth Smith. White riV.lvn recruits Mrs. Lillian sie were in Marion Saturday. j Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Duline took din. i with Mr. aird Mrs. Bert McCor- ( mick near Phlcx last Thursday. i Mr. and Mrs. Fred Veter of Sum-' mitville, visited Clayton Dickerson and arms. ' ' j svent Saturday night and Sunday with ' .,! j - j ,u Miss Maud Kimbrough. Miss Mildred McCoy entertained the , Ml. and Mrs. James Hines of near also burned his hands helping to put Marion, Ind Sinior.s and Mrs. Rena Brewer. v tbo nmnd narents of a cut the fire. following, Sunday afternoon: Mai . -v v , -. , r:!! nni 1 r mm 3ir. avvi ivirs. MrVMin-nio -l." ' "Mrf nl wiiVar Fkerson at-iorie, Opal, Esther Mittank, gia, baby gM bo d I 1 (11 YIAT11Q fJf AlQ L. T. L. Mrs. Adaline Atkir.Wn tended the fmAeial of Mrs. Jessie Fow- : Lucile, Margaret Kimes, Lavon Steel- ! Hines aie ell knot n m this com . andria Thev are intendinc for IJ II 1 I U U 1 UlJ LU 1 5 and assistant, Mrs, Lenna Dickerson. ler of Jonesboro Monday afternoon. ' man, Mrs. Carrie Kimes. j ol.-el from Phlox attended er- the present to live with the latter's V ,. . Mrs. Martha Ford spent Sunday Mr. and Mr?. Art Miller erftertain-! vioV, t the Radley chuh , Sundav frr. Mr. E. E. Dvi8. McAfee and McAfee e lkno.n Couple Med. nh her daugiter, Mrs. Lizzie eter i afternoon Mr. and Mrs. evening " The Pochontas lodee mojrjj to Fairmount Office Hour,: Summitville A quiet anvi simple wedding took 01 tammit ine. , - I T T9rt .iqiitvlTter Sweeser- Mondav evenine a"a helpea . Tuonl-v Thnn- place Saturday r.fternoor.' at 4 o'clock Mrs. Julia Leach spent Sunday in W illard Secrest. ! Mrs Lue T gart and yffJ Xn e their work to some candidates at I o a,M .TuSk J ' ThU" at the home of the bride's mother, Summitville with Virgil Leach and: Mr. and Mrs. Earl Garrison spent 91! ?L, that place. 1 7 to 8 p. m. dty and Saturday Mrs. Flora Havens, when Miss Edith family. v . p . f , ' Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Si- -ith M? Fvrfodd am children. Mr dai- McTurran of Indianano- Phone 280 8to U a. m. Havers and Stewart Murray were Mr. ard Mrs Eltx Roberts and Mrs. " nUe- arah nd n4"rice 5rt 1", spent, the week-end visiting his j t .- united in r.rri:.' .-. The bride's broth- Anna Hayden have returned home ,1's" k . L.Us!C.!. c UlT. ; mother. Mrs. Judith McTurnan. . 1 : ..1... . i.r -. -..--.- mas'm- f .'f.TO r 11 ' mt" 1 l .limn v ' 1 iiiru - . 1 . rival" er, Rev. Clyde Havens of Illinois, offt- cm rvenucKj aiter Ms.ung relates - - , . .. B jC A;' p,VVl Mart and wife i'ar wni,'- Wors re p.annmK . UMtAKmA is "without a oating and nsiT.Vr a simple ring cere- nere . tne northern part ot tne state, wnore - - - . - - to hoU a mrket at the K. i.eesoT. ordinary nr deep-seated Cou ghs mony. A two course lap supper was i-v -n. v. . usy .he will spend a few day anions: the; t.. ...,.1 - t.. it 1 t.,. r lw at t-.lwooa the aay oeiurt- a ..i,,. ,i;m.)H hnv-ithintr. and -II- 1 - i u a . - 1 r . - 1 1 I . .1 M 1 1 . 1 I - 1 j 1 1 m i 1 i.v 1 ivi v . . 1 nuvi v 1 . 1 1 1 j v . CHuea vn . r. aim .uis o. . l.t-ai.i .... . . , .. .... T,nl-cmv i't I Tbrnksor?vM' served to the wedding enests. Baptist church people. .Ter.esboro were euests at dinner Swi- Srnday Mr. sni Mrs. M". and Mr. Alcria Hallow-ell and fmMy visited their son Gaynell Hallo- Herbert Tcmilson. EMcr Swift, a Baptist minister, of 'divcf Mr. and Mrs. Owen Kimbiough. snnthem Indiana. , srent Wednes.lav 1 Charle, Barnes is the iame of the Leach Mrs. Lizzie Jessup and Geo -vvel1 and family Snnday. f the Tisure liH'e fe'l-MV that has arrived at the b.-.-ne f Mr. and frs. OUie Collins. p.rd Thursday nisrht with Rev. Ford e- o Those present were Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Mir. ray and daughter Francis. Mr. and Mrs. Harlev Homes and family. Rev. ar.;i Mrs. Meyers. Mr. ai'd Mrs. Glen Feeder of Marion, Rev. and Mrs. Beni. Havens and family. Miss Gladv Miller ar.d Mrs. Flora Havens. were in Marion Thr.-sday. Some work i- being done on the town well and sewers by order of the town1 board. Mr. and Mrs. James Scott of Marion and accompanied Mr. Ford to the Mis. Vernie Hilton snent Sunday not thorn part of the state. I af ernoon with Mrs. Wilbur Wimmer. Miss Gladvs Miller spert Saturday j Mrs. Anna Howell ai.Vl Mr. and Mrs for the relief of Whooping Tough. The wonderful results following its use will astonish you and make you its life-loit'g friend. Your money back, if you have ever used its equal. Danger lurks where there is a Cough or Cold: Conquer it quickly with LUNG ARM A. Safe for ail' ages. rtO cU. and ?1.J0 per bottle. Manufactured by Lungar-dia Co. Dallas, Texas. For Sale By F. M. O'MARA Christian rhivch motored to Marion r' J ar snent the dav at tV Old -,n's Home, A big dither tb 'Vmat ef tbe Home and the caretaker and his wife. 1 " ri,nr.!okey n children i r,ont ,;'inday visiting Mr. and Mrs. I . ' 11 ilf Ie --vvr mtAaf 1 r gz were Saturday e saturaay mgnt ami sura-say -nd Sndav with Parents. Mr. and ! fi"" Surprise Dinner. or.ests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lind- ,r w: bue,te Howen. '" 3irs. iMary Jones ana son revertt, antlv suvriised Sunday when about 1cJj Mr. and Mrs. McCorkhill returned ' : 'motored to Lonverse Monday to see P. F, Bayless Mr5-. Ceree Rodges ai.M to tue;r home in Fairmount MoiAiav j- tne tormer s sister, iirs. uren uioson, evenine after visitinc Mr. and Mrs. ' niMMI'NITT ITEMS jj ; who is on' the sick list. COMMUNITY ITEMS an 1 U V-s. Hildreth snent Sunday t tt,-,v, r -,l i'. it Ms. Phoebe Lancast er ot Uhio. 13 U. visitint-. at the Owen Kimbrough home, visaing Mr. and Mrs. William Flee Mr. and Mrs. Ray Van Xess and' " ner. Mr! and Mrs. Clyde Partridge on Mr. and Mrs. Fred Curtis Sun daughter Hcttie Lou sie of near Back Mr and Mrs. Nathan Harting and ; day evev'ing. eighty relatives, neighbors and friend? met at her home north of town, to remind her of her bhthday anniversary. Well tilled baskets of dinVier was served in cafeteria style to Mr. ar.d Mrs. Soloman Duling, Mrs. Emma Nose. Mr. and Mrs. John Himelick and family, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mahor.ey and f amily. Mr. and Mrs. Johr? Dome and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lowry Glass, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown and son, J. O. Dulir.g. Mr. and Mrs. John Compter.' and family, Mrs. and Delia Tories Vv n-d AT-; fc-r Wilson rn.l Mrs. Je RADLEY j Margaret Titus of Elwood. Mr. and j ,' Mrs. Austin' Jackson. Mrs. Kate Hues- ; nie Crawford snent Sunday Creek attended church at R?dley Stm-: and Mrs. Wm. Ballard near day and were guests at dmiter of Mr. , , n-WN Mr ',ck,m and Mrs. Ananias Smitl tun and Clyde Miller spent cMinoay visiting Mr, and Mrs. Ora Todd. rnu D51-ron ; Mr. and Mrs. Russel Mart of near j Mr. aiM Mrs. Frank John an 1 Mis called on M-s. Cinda Ice MorAlay even- Little Ridge, are the provd parents of Laura James were shopping in Mar- Mrs. Ice has been sick for a a baby girl, the little Miss has been ( ion Thursday, number of week and at this report is nrmed Martha EvanghnV. j rrs. Anna Crider and Mary Whip- STRAIGHTEN THAT BENT BACK. N0 heed to suffer from that tired, ; dea l ache in your back, that lameness, well as she had b?en a few Misses Beatrice. Elsie, Lorene and rie cpent Saturday niht and Sunday rieloras Howell were euests at dinner ,u m,. a,,,;. t"o;cit-o fir-Px- lV -nd Vvl TViVno- p.rd son's, 'Mr. and Mrsviril Dulir.g, and days ago. T,:, Arrt j-.. t ,...- .-,' r ti-c Pay ?ngsa-n was m Marion' Mon- urinary disorders. J o 1 r !.; 1 ' ... 1 those lilSllv SMS day and Tvesday on bus itay anci ivesaay on cnsi-ezs. . 11 ... ;r.,.vv ...v. ! s.u:iviay Willi .nr. ami iUis. i.iciiaivi Fairmount people have found how t: funeral of Mrs. Miner which was ne a Dedecker. Mr. and Mrs. Dick McCone moved fr.m the central oilice to other prop -t 1 oir Isabel r rid a v. Mrs. .Mnior Mr. Joseph Miller spent Thursday ffet reliet. ask jour wmn.. who Vol iv-' circle 1 r' en - s nit m with Hank John ana tamuy. low thi? tairmount resmein e..ii)ic. , erty Monday. Clyde Caslcey's baby has been qu 1- vvi1! a colo for a few dav. nugh and son tA Wair. 61o N. Vine St., Kyes Testevl, ( Fit-hy State Kej'istereA oito.mktk'ists Dr. C. C. FAR1S and Dr. EMIL FARIS delusively Optical ite Xnouin her loss ai'd extend tiieir heart- I "yrs ai'ji Kimb ff t sympathy k the bci-eaved rela-, Wair, entevtainevl romnanv from .... , 1 .,.0., ' 1 1,0.1 .1,, 'ii 1 i r- u ni k in ut Mrs. Rose of Mario: is leading the " fives. ers, Mr. ani Mrs. Glen Dulir.a, Mr. end Mrs. Everett Smrons and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Burr Wilson. Mrs. Caro. lir.'e Dul-'r.". Mr. ar.d Mrs. Oscar Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wriefct and son. Jobn Duling, Mr. and Mrs. Lament Brown and son. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jor.V? and family, Mr. and Mrs. Mil-tor. Rich. Mr. and Mrs. V. L, Wright and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Duling and Clinton Duling. Michisran Sunday. ' - V . , . . ,r 1 II Mr. and Mrs. Lticiu Bwokshire and complaint that caused me to sutler t SI sons spent Sunday with Mr. ai.'.i Mrs. so badly I could hardly keep on my , Jessie Brookshire. feet t0 mv housework. I couldn't Rai,h Wot line spent Sunday with . nieht'srest and headaches were ' Mr. aK -Ir&. Eavl ance of Gas Lity. - , , . Mr. and Mrs. Roscoo Shockley called frequent. I became run down and ; singtie- at the series of meetings be-' Mrs. Will Mart i? spcr.'inr a few in" held at the Wesleyan Methodist , t-'ays with h-- ?. ;i. F.nsrel Murt an I church. Good attendance and much : wife, near Little Ridr-e. in-rtrt i manifested. ' Charles F,,;- tt wa- p nst Fund?y Mrs. Virgil Duling atterled the high r.ftenon of r"? co-.s'n G'enn Ehitt. school fair Tuesday. Misses -Marie ar.d Mildred Todd Mrs. Eva Duling is home from the 1 rrent Sunday v-i- Mises Virginia, u.o;i .t.- r,,.- , , ,ii,on. Mnv and Francis Nsbitt. on Mr. and I Irs. Charles Elliott S,ui'-! nervous and the action of my Rumens day evening. i was too free. I used Doan's Kidney Oryille Presnall and Ila Peacock Pins purchased at Edward's drug .-.11, ., ..v-, u . B ' xil . t , i she ras been nursing. ine mwn'-s v 1 oo -t- ' chvrch enjoyed a socirl and a pot- ArlJilional Fow!prton News lrick urr at the church Saturday Aaailionai rowserion 1"ews evening, a splendid program was ; rendered. i Written for High School Edition, br j Dr. C. N. Brown of Fairmount was crowded r.ut on account of lack of ' a jviest at dinner Sunday of Leslie space, evei.' thoutvi there wene 16 Nesbitt and family r.'.ar Jones Chanel. School Nrtes. The Fcwlerton school will have two days off for TharksgivirJg vacation. Freeda Owen, Helen Caskey and Merle Hayden were absent from school Tuesday. But were present at the Fair-mount high school. They wete there to enjoy the high school fair. Ethel Com is still unable to be irl school. Louise Leach spent Monday night xisiting Gladys Lees. cai:e;i on -vir. ana 3irs. vuartes liioit . ... , , , 1 Stvcay evening. i sto a,,U Uvo boxes cured mc' Mx ! Orville Presikl! and lla Peacock ; back and kidneys do not trouble me i called on Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cox tfow.' I vSunday evening. j p . n dealers Don't Div Tnomnson f-.nd Eal Bond spent i -. 1 . ; . , 1,. cf Friday evening with Charley Cox. j PJV nsk for a k dney wmJ-gJ There will b$ SurMay school at Cen. j P ?,.K"e:s, Sfrtfit DR. C. L. FENTON Dentict X-RAY Rooms over Poatoffice Hours 8 to 11:30 . m. 1 tn 5 p. m pages. Mr. and Mrs. James Thompson. Mr. j aisd Mrs. Bert Todd and son Xer', and i ter next Sunday. I Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Advertisement. come. Revival Meetings, ; j . ?nd Mr. Jee Jones spent Sunday t ct s.,riT- ;r 1 ri rtf T-;-r. afterroo" with Mr. and Mrs. Chub T Mr, and Mrs. John Dare affd son !i j Howard Tetriek were guests of re- Locals lal meetings began at he Wesleyan 1 R L?"' SlTSn rr . . , .... . . . . , . 'Mrs. rsewhouse remain, m very poor Owing tc the weather conditions ; church w ith Rev. Mills m charge. A health, and a miscowr?ection cf trains. Elder Trwetinsr is expected and an in-; After the Sunday morninB- service at POINT ISABEL rilatives, Mr, ai.Vl Mrs. Jacob Shickley, fRfi ilfwl imitation is extended the public to'Jones Chapel Christian church, class service at the Baptist church on ed-1 . . ... vns Tnnt f tv hmo r rin.l .!esday ar.d Thnrsd sdayVrt last week . were come aM help enjoy these meetings pleasantly wmitJJ. wmow 0t me late wmwm n. ftinier, ;an Monday evening with their mother of Fairrflount, was rvtvdnvted heie ; , , . . . last Friday aHernoon and was large- ! who has bwn s"osly ill. i-atner ana on social. i v. Jt i..- K:i-uaXT . postponed. Thursday's service began at 10:30 a. m., and everng services A father ar?d son social was held ' niversary. thev ail took well filled has. ly attended, this place being) her girl mm hood home. She is survived W ne rr TvTr r Wednesday night at the Metlro- rkets and a bountiful dinner was serv- ? J? Jm" i' F dit chntx Each one bririne two noon hour, the remainder of ton Elder Fisher accompanied Elder ist 7; tAcJj on, r'ngr 'the day was sner?t with music and in a .. iv. rora to Lauiuniair,, irom tntve nxwra raooits. ivev. naraucs lixtm 1 xvav der,are in tbe even- t- Milford, Burbon, Mentone ar?d Grant, was the principle speaker and ng wishing him many more happy AUCTIONEER STOCK SALES A SPECIALTY. Call at my expense, Phone 2. on. 1 Fowlerton. C. W. DICKERSON Huntington, wlreie church daughter, Mrs. Owen Cnrless. Burial was Made in Knox chapel Cemetery, Mr. ami Mrs. George Rogers of Fcwlerton called on Mr, at?J Mrs. William Fleener last Sunday afternoon. Scailet fever has mavle its appearance in the bre of Mr. and Mrs rce Phillips a . . the qo?rtet from Marion furnished ' birthdays. will be conducted at tbe various the music. Everyone reported a fine' , Mr. and Mrs. Austin Yale and places. Mr. and Mrs. Clark Leach took din. - v'u'tvv m. " v lit v?u:iu ci antiiiuvu nit Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Howell. MICRIE, THE PRINTER'S DEVIL By Charles Snghvoe The "Colonel" Invented Sleep -1 , ; mll ZJ C S-

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