The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 24, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, December 24, 1936
Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Thursday, December 24, 1936 Dixie Tigers Sharpen Claws Diz Dazzles Dainty Debutantes Mil 'lllll CAYUGA DROPS Dr. G. R. McGUIRE Chiropractor X-rny Service. Palmer Graduate. i!301 Blarkmn Street NEWPORT FIVE GAINS VICTORY ONE, 24 TO 7 Page 6 Dana Baaketerrs Pull Away From Monte Carlo Cafe DANCING FISH FRY Every Saturday Night FEER WINES 1201 North Seventh Street Pcrrysville Loses, 32 to 25, to County Seat Cager Wednesday Night NKWTOHT. !. :. I. Jumping into a strong fir.'l-ii'!rtei- leai!. Incul basketball team ui.-ititV-icii the pare to gain a 32 to 25 vtdoiy over pcrrysville here last night. Paced !' I'earinan anl Kims, who garnered five f.cld goals ali. the Newport cagers held the upper hand throughout. The tow-headed Pearman also plumiicd In two foul louse, one more than Sims, for a total of 12 point and high-scoring honors. I1 lKader led the Pcrtysvillr t-tack with eight points, and Toiler mm mm IS OW OlA GfflDteoSJ I S O. S Q IWlillllaHII When Dizzy Dean accepted the invitation to be guest of honor at a football carnival staged by Florida Military academy at St. rcters-btire he was the center of attraction for a group of comely fans, including, left to right. Jane Piper of Tyrone. Pa : Virprna Lough-noU Detroit, and Geraldine Myers of W ichita, has. TODAY'S SPORTPARAPE, bad Just walloped Dartmouth. . . but it was at chess . . . Where the only equipment needed is a paii of specs and a soft-cushioned seat.... XMAS EVE and SATURDAY at GENEVA TAVEEK 1 mile west of Fairview MUSIC BEER DANCING DANCING o z o Dorman's Tayern Good Orchestra Vour Favorite Beer On Tap Wines Liquor -;- Drink We Pay 5c per ?ound for large lean Cotton lags Daily Clintonian. m A m - , .' J. and Mew 1eat'i Opponent After Close First Half DANA, Dec. 24. After ballllnq the local capers on even terms during the first half of the game and nmlng hack after the Intermission with the score tied la-all. the Ca yuga basketball team let down In the last periods and wete defeated 24 to 17 here last night. The Dana attack was led by Stiohm and St u II while Tate paced (he visitors with six points. Wednesday night's tilt was the second consecutive heart-breaker for the Cayuga hasketeeis. who dropped a 27-26 decision lo Newport lust Friday after leading three points at the half. The local reserves were nosed out. 20 to IS. in their encounter with Dana's R team. Summary: Dana (Sl FG FT PF Strohm. f 4 1 2 Adams, t 0 0-0 Alkire. f 1 (I 0 Btull. c 3 1 4 Brown, g 1 1 3 Wagner, g 1 1 0 Totals 10 4 ug (17) FG FT PF Onley. f 1 1 1 Tate, f 2 2 I Schwab, c 0 0 3 Auble. c 0 1 1 Newell, g 1 2 0 Hayes, g 1 1 0 Totals S 7 Uoferec Dulgar. Eight Bowl Games Listed New Year's NEW YORK. Dec. 24. Salient facts on the New Years day bowl games. Roue Bowl, at Pasadena Pittsburgh vs. Washington. 4 to S and pick 'em. Sugar Bowl, at New Orleans I,. S. V. vs. Santa Clara; L. S. U. 5-2. Cotton Bowl, at Dallas Texas Christian vs. Marquette; Marquette 6-5. Shrine Came, at San Francisco 'Cast vs. West: East 3-2. Bacardi Bowl, at Havana Au-jurn vs. Yillanova; Auburn 9-5. Orange Bowl, at Miami Mfssis-i"o; State vs. Duquesne; Duquesne 6-5. Sun Bowl, at Kl Paso Harditi-Siiuiuons vs. 7'exas Mines: Hardin-Simmons 3-1. Charity r;ame, at Santa Barbara -Santa Barbara State vs. New Mexico State; even. Air Plant? iitcw Mild Air plants a natdy kind of a wild jchiii grow wild throughout South Klonda. They cling lo the bark of oak trees and live solely on air and water. Like the Spanish moss that i engs from the branches of trees, they are not parasites and are easily detached. Hall l.W eet Thitt j At Petite Anse, an island on the .oast of Louisiana, and at a depth of 1 5 to 25 feet, there is a deposit of -ery pure rock salt which ib more 1 nan J.000 feet thick In Lincoln ' rounty. Nevada, there are great salt nnun'ams containing. und, a thin ae; of sandstone, an immense deposit of rock salt dear as giss. Erbium, Rare Metal Frbium is a rare metallic element With other metals of the rare earths to which grjup it belongs, it is present in the mineral garolmite occurring in Sweden. It is combined with oxygen in a rose-colored oxide. erbia and with other elements in a number of similarly colored salts. Discovery of the element (1813J is credited to Mosander. It has no commercial use. c a. : K f v.. K v.. ft i: c a. M Aa ' the year vour friendship " May 1937 bring good things I MUSIC SPEaAU:r FOR DANCING T U R. K E Y CHRISTMAS DINNER EVE CHRISTMAS RED m CABLES Sandwicbe ROMA BEER WINE j HOTEL i followed w ith seven. The vinitoi trailed IS to ! at the Intermission, j Newport also copped the game j played hetween seventh and eighth I grade teams representing the two schools. 12 to 11. hut Penysville w-ou the B team contest handily, j 19 lo S. Summary: .Newport (SI!) K FT Pearmall. f 5 2 I'F TP 2 12 ' 3 1 Mack, f 0 .McIonald. f 2 Wbllaee. e 2 Sims, k 5 Cuilliains. g 0 Van Sickle, g .... 0 Reed, g u 0 4 3 A 2 11 0 0 0 0 1 u Totals 14 4 II IVrrysville s) FG FT PF Tl' Smith, f 0 1 Moore, f 1 2 2 Lewsader. f 4 0 1 a Sheridan, c 1 3 0 a Teller, g S 1 1 Cadmau. g 1 1 2 Totals 10 5 7 25 Referee Hold. League Bowling .ATIOVtl, IEAGl"B ' Mandincs Teams Won Lost Pet. ;. C. Murphy Co. ... 1 11 .663, Diana Sweet Shop .. IS 11 .53 ' Tribune-Star IS 12 .665 Indianapolis News .. 14 13 .519 i Texaco Oilers 14 13 .519, Cooperative Stores . 14 13 -ilS Exchange Club 12 IS .44 4 Clinton Ice Co 7 29 .259 Individual Average Murphy C. Scnelsky. l3: B. White. 157: Moore, 155; Tasso, 151; Roll. 147. Ojana Benetti. isl: IAe, 175; Colombo. 168; Brarukas. 17; Mnr-dock. 16C. Tribune-Star C. James. 168: Mt-Cluug. 141; Guerri. 141; V. Asbury, 1 :j f. ; Leeds. 121. News Combs. 158: Timmerman. 15: Rieauda, 147; Horney, 13b; Norton. 134. Texaco Mills. 14V; Fraiier. 139; Stone. 12; Kimin, 12; Gilfoy,. 117. ! Cooperative Lanzone. 155; i Guitin. 150: Fenoglio. 147; Bond! 134: F. Schelsky. 132; Berrisford 127. rf r-xchange tneek, 147: Hegarty 142: Lemstra. 135; Stltt. 1.2; Fletcher. 116. ice Beany. 125; A'. Beveridge, 124; C. Beveridze, 120: Shannon, 117; Mackie. 105. High Ten Beneti. 11: Ave. 175: Colombo. 16i; James. 16: Hrazuka. 167; Murdwk. 166: C S.helsky. 163: Combs. 158: While. 157; Moore. 155; Lanzone. 155. High team score Iee 17. 1936 Murphy !iS. High individual srore lee. 17. ! K. K. BrazukaB. Diana 241. Schedule iw rhui-Mla). Jhu. 7. 1VJ" 7: on p. M. NeuB vs. Exchange. Icj vs. Texaco. p. M. Murj'hy vs. Cooiieraf ire. Tribune-Star vs. Dl&uju r 1 Largest Lump of Silver The largest lump of silver mined in the United States. 1.B40 pounds, was found at Aspen. Colo., in 1894 Diphtheria Ancient Disease Diphtheria is an acute infectious and communicable disease found more frequently among children than among adults It is characterized by the growth of a false membrane on a mucous or abraded akin surface and is due to the presence and proliferation of certain bacilli and the toxins elaborated by them. The disease has been known sioee antiquity, but is has been only within comparatively recent times that men have learned jus: how to combat it with success. PLACE i Jttract upwards of 100.000 custom erti in Berlin for I know how little it takes to establish record gates in 1 thut city. i At the Olympics last summer. 65.-0oo assorted Germans, with liver-wurst in their hands and dazed expressions on their pans, filed into the stadium and sat for five hourt watching hammer throwers of the nations throw their hammers. Am . those of you who have seen hammers thrown, even by relatives dear and near to you. know that it is not a sight calculated to arouse the emotions. The Germans also turned out lOO.OiiO strong for a baseball game, a sport about whi'h they know even less than the Brooklyn Dodgers. Trivial Memorial Probably the most trivial memorial in the world is a horseshoe that is embedded in the middle of a busy street in Lancaster. England. The horse of the Duke of Lancaster lost a shoe on this spot more than 500 years ago and. ever since, the "historical landmark'' has been kept in constant repair, with a new shoe, replacing jts worn predecessor every' few years Collier s Weekly Historic Ski Mission The most important sports event of the year in Dalecarlia, Sweden, is a ski race trip from Mora to commemorate a sK. trip made by the Dalecarhans in the Sixteenth century The men were sent to recall Gustavus Vasa. the national hero, and asK him to lead the country, but thry did not overtake htm until l:e v. as near the Norwegian tr-inlier. Drill. Native of South AJriri The drill i native to the Oold CoaM of Africa. I 's somewhat smaller and less colorful tnan his .gaudy lela'ive. the mandrill, whose pucpV and crimson patches fore and af dr.tinguish him from other baboons r'or all his formidable U-cth. the drill is a confirmed vegetarian. He is an awkward c-litiiber and snends most of his life on tne .ouiid l.ihraltjr Once Kalpe J'lte Ilui k of Gibraltar was known :n arii .cm ';fyi unaer the name of Kil lu teal F ron 1-sad Animal The seal seems to have deaeended from some .'onr, of land animal, since liie bones in their legs and flappers match the bones in the legs ana feet of land carnivora. The typical five toes of the land type show it the toenails or claws rf the seal flippers The seal's back flipp s are his propellers, and tl fro-.t serve mereiy a ba'aricerc and rodders ODDS AND ENDS FROM SPORTS XKW YOKK. Dec. 24 Alou:. Broadway today we find the spirit of Christmas rampant . . . The boys are burying their shivs in theii pockets instead of each other . . . truce to last for the holidays only. Here's small Montana . . coast flyweight . . . Skysi raper gazing . . sails tomorrow lo battle Benny Lynch In Ixindou . . . for world title. - - - Here's Ford Frick . . - National league prely . . . mink-coat shopping ... To surprise the Missus. . . . Says his figures show league attendance increased by 22 percent last year. . . . Frameless Fdward Here's Jimmy (Madison Sq. Car-den l Johnson . . . looking foi a frame for picture of Ex-King Edward VfH Ted Broadribb sent him from England . . . Jimmy ... I em old limey himself . . will give it the place of himor in his office. . . . Jimmy says lie s willing to compro mise on number of rounds and per rentage lor Bob J'anlor . . . . against Joe Louis. . . but wii not (rive Mike Jacob:, a 3-year ojitiot on Pastor if IJoli wins. . . . Tie fight should gi osf over fl ''.'"" and experience teaches that whei that hind of money its at stake . . the boys usually get logctlii-r. . . Here'i; Hora-e i-'ton iiani, yr.i:' ful owner of the (Jinn', oferin l bet be will hav in; r'-lim-co' the ?' bany club Jroln Joe 'alii!na w.itiii ten days. ... Here's I'll b Mi .e iL'Mlli c lllll"' Jacobs . . raihr ill . . lull hewllltv i-lloii"li lo dc ;i-ii;. -i" i hepr anions : ome ol the l;ro;ila llob. . . . Hoclicy i 'h a n iti Her. K Dr. Henry f;u . . the f;rdcn medico t. ilii tmw hocb.y i growing not lie, aut.e lite worst Itljurv tu-';, tr' ' ed tliis season wa: a mere fhre-stitch 'tit . . and h" can recal' s many as ri; ki ltch-s in one jo' to say notliluz or fractured skulls . . . like Ace Bailey's'. And did you know that I'r t. .-r - a A "P. I a you all the deserve. I 9 ?4 li) HKNKV M I.KMOKK NEW YORK. Dee. 2 4 The esa;. which preceded this one tiaviag le n on matters of le bose I hesitated meutioiiiiie fighting at n toda I'-t I turn this into a department of weights and measures. But before it is too late I felt I simply bad lo urge the honorable gentlemen in charge not to let the Max Schmeling-James J. Braddock heavyweight fight go to Berlin. Berlin is too close. It mwst not n.ore t:ian 4..'eM miles to liie .i-ital city of the reich which makes It much less desirable than the Ma-ay Straits. Melimurne. or Auckland is a site for the fight between these two slightly damaged exponents of he mauly art. II they tizht, you can salely lay 20-1 that they will go 15 full. Ireary rounds. The only thing tlint 4uld cut it shorter wouid he lor one ol them or both of them to quit of pure boredom. On second thought. ' which means t have tied my rei-ord of tv.o thoughts in one day i perhaps Berlin the proper site for this fizht. It would draw a tremendous crowd 'here and it wouldn't draw much mure than, a quorum here. 1 wouldn't he fcurnriis'-d if it v-oulrjr't Great Falls of the Iguaza The great falls of the Iguazu are situated in a primitive forest bordering Argentina and Brazil. They are made up of a series of cascades and cataracts, known by tne Guar-ani name of "Tguazu," meaning "big waters." In volume and extent they are the iaigost in tne world, and m beauty and variety thy are unsurpassed. From innumerable roky iedee more than seventy cas- j cades rour down the river in roaring i torrents of foam. From the Bra- ! Lilian to the Argentine side they ex- j tend mote than 6.01 feel, ano in that distance th water is dropped more tnan 1.000 feet. Tbe Bull Frog A I....... .. ..-.. l.rjix- u Tlh a hrnuri head, large prominent eyes and j ears, and long, fully-webbed toes are some of the characteristic by which the bullfrog may be distinguished. In color it ls greenish brown above, sometimes marbled w ith bia'.'k. and yellowish white be-neatil, usually rnaiblea with brown. Ttu is a decidedly aquatic species, being found dur ing the sunimer in larfe ponds or lakes witli muddy bottoms. It the loudest o( all of our fros in vocal achievements, lt6 croaking having sometimes been likened to the bch owing of a bull. o.' din;: to Heien Lo'imis in t'l 'icTlolt News 5- Or A BEER - WINES LIQUORS ,1 a aat ar '5 Lt 2ktiitmai BBaH mi iiiiMiiniwia im riiiiTiisnir - i nil aMgMMII"yWH8BBHl pass we value more highly. you Four Piece Dance Band TONIGHT COME OUT AND HAVE A GOOD TIME MERRY CHUISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR The Lowett Long Distance rate (which apply after 7 o'clock every evening and oil day Sunday) will be in effect both Christmai and New Year' Day, making telephone visit on these holidays less expensive than ever before. Surprise and please a far-away relative or friend extend, by telephone, a really personal greeting. t fa s INDIANA BILL Tfllf HONl COMPANY 11 4-& is 3 Universal, Indiana Christmas Eve DANCE Plenty of Cold Beer Emyhsij Welcome HONEYMOON CAFE S EU DEUCH, Prop. Dormant Tavern i .

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