The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 24, 1936 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, December 24, 1936
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THE DAILY CLINTONIAN rm?TN rtath iH Volume 25 Number 41 Clinton, Indiana, Thursday, December 24, 1936 Price Three Cents LOCAL SCHOOLS GIVE PROGRAMS FOR CHRISTMAS Case Against Mrs. Nolan Is Dismissed At Newport Today NKWI'OKT. Dec. t -..fhe perjury charge against Mrs. Archie Nolan was dismissed in Vermillion circuit court this morning upon a motion No Snow Predicted 'I his Christmas to Bear' Santa's Sleigh CHICAGO. Oe 24 A snowless Cli i iniJH was in prospect today foi llldSl of t he I'll MerJ Stales. FRENCH WARNING CAUSES BIG WAR FEARJOMOUNT Britain, Reich Told That Mora Fascist Intervention Will Bring France to Aid of Loyalists GERMAN REPORT ALARMS EUROPE SOT'.' t i - M .--, 5 i Li ) -j- - I ( 'Vemmeiit weal her forecasters said t he only snow in prosper! to- morrow is destined for a narrow hell ahum the Canadian border. It will a -company low temperai ures in I he ;i :ot ;is. 1 intiesotu. iw nut I li-ern W isconsin and Michigan. For the rent of the count ry, genera' ly. t he outlook was mild tein-P"ri't ii ik and bright sk ies. Bain ma v f::l! nst of t he A ppa lachians ;unl in the pacific northwest, howev- WFAKENED POPE DEPLORES CIVIL WAR IN SPEECH Span'sh Conflict and 'Atheistic Communism Are Named as Two Deepest Sorrows RADIO TALK IS GREAT EFFORT VATICAN CITY. Dec. 24- So weak from his own illness that his voice often wavered and broke, pope Pius XI. in a poignant world-wide Christmas radio appeal for peace, today named the "hatred and carnage" of the Spanish Civil war. am "atheistic communism" as bis two greatest sorrows of the year no ciwsjng ' : ' "Many great evils in these days have fallen like a sco u r ge o n hu manity." the Pope said in a strained voice from his sick-bed. calling "all to vigilance and action" against the "renewed attempt of the enemy to bring about the ruin of the most fundamental principles of human society." ' St i m u la tit Necesa ry The effort of his half hour's speech was so great that Dr. Amanti Milani. cleared the papal chamber visitors and administered a heart stimulant. His own illness, which forced him speak through a silver-plated microphone hung over his bed. However, was enumerated by the 7H-year-old pontiff as among the joys of the year-counter-balancing his woes. Almost jubilantly, while the cardinals around the bed stood in awed silence, the holy father spoke of his "personal experience" of suffering. a tone ringing with fervor, he asked that Jesus accept his suffering "in a (particular manner for Spain, now so troubled, and for that very reason so dear to us." Kud 41iriN(niiiN Note After a prelude in which he spole the gladness of Christmas-tide, pope said: ' Tnfortunately, against the will God . . . there contends the malevolence of many misguided enemies of that Divine Child who de-wired to become, anan." "The sorrowful note which this year is mingled with the joys of Christmas," he said, "is still more (Continued on Page 5) j A. i I OTHO BARNES IS KILLED TODAY IN FALL OF SLATE Parent. Friend i Attend to See j Children Present Playlets, j Music in Observance of Holidays j TREE DONATED TO GLENDALE Christmas prop rams wore pro- , Rented ;ii various schools 1 hron ghoul t lie city this wwk. At Central school three programs i wr( given. Thr primary grades gave a program iti room 3: ratios 1 IiA to r.H pa vp (Loir program in room (J. and 1 he depart menial j p radios pa their in room 7. The j programs consisted of recitations, j plays, music and Christ mas carols, j Parents and friends attended the t entertainment, j At (tlendalt' school 1 hiee pro- p rains were also presented, tirades . 2 and 3 presented one, and Noi-malee Uusse) entertained with "Tin1 Telephone Message." and the choir Fung "Silent N'iplit." "Oh. Little Town of liel hlehem," "It Came Cp-on a Midnight Clear." and "Away in the Manger"; and a two-act playlet, A Christ mas Surprise," wan presented, and Minnie Milanf entertained with "Merry Christmas." Hongs Feature Program Crudes 4 and 5 presented an ev-relJpitt program. Grade 4 sang "The Firm Noel." Donald Ohradovich read poems entitled "Christmas" and ' Bible Christmas Ktory" and "Tis the Birthday of the Kinp" was sunp by Julia Markelln. Gloria Brewer. Jimmy fimilh, Charles An-, tonini. Norma Jeau Smith, Mai Gil-man. FayteMa Bland and Margaret Nagy. Poems entitled. "My Wish ( tor Von." by Olpa Contri, "Baby's Stocking" by Charles Shelton, ' Continued on Page 8) Batista's Choice Made New Cuban President Today HAVANA. Dec. 24 Dr. Federico Laredo Bru. who automat ically became president of Cuba before dawn this morning when the senate wrote "guilty'" on the impeachment of President Mipuel Mariano Gomez, will he sworn in toffay at noon us Hie army puns of "Strong Man" Col. Fulgencio Batista boom a 21 -round salute. Bat istu's crushing victory as the P un-carryinp senators voted. 22 to 12 to remove Gomez became final when Senate President Arturo IUas, his pistol peacefully bolstered, headed u committee to notify Gomez be was impeached and to tell Laredo Bru he had become president. Kiphting to the end. Gomez hurled a final blast at the army dictator afterwards in a strong statement denouncing militarism aid charging that army control of the schools seriously menaces Cuban democracy. He Jj kened t he present sit uat ion to the era of the "Roman dictatorship." "If we are living in that era." the ex-president said, "then let us abandon fiction. I,et thuhe who think the public welfare lies in that direction try it. and let us have no more hypocritical elections." He sardonically concluded the message by wishing Cuba a merry Christ 11)418. TRUCKS COLI IDF ON ELM STREET JameK Rims, driving a WPA truck north on Ninth street, and Bernard Salmon, driving a Columbus Cooperative truck west on Elm street, collided yesterday. Both trucks were badly damaged. Vernon Hearing reported to police that be collided with the truck driven by Leo Vrabie yesterday. Both ca 18 were damaged. THE TKMPKRATt'KK By The Clint on ian thermometer: S a. m.. V.4: noon 4 2. AVeat her forecast : Fair tonight followed by fncreiisiiie cloudiness Friday ; c out in tied mi Id tenipora-t ures. of to In of the f filed In special prosecutor Win Held M. Fox of Terre Haute. Fox filed the motion for the reason that "the state of Indiana does not have sufficient evidence to make a case against the defendant." The mot ion was gra nted by Special Judge John J. Hall of the Warren circuit court. There was no argument on the plea of abatement filed earlier. FASCISTS START INITIAL CONFLICT IN BURGOS SIEGE Rtd Forced to Delay Yuletide Celebration for Defense of Position Around White Capital LULL IN MADRID FOR CHRISTMAS MADRID. Dec. 24 The siege of Rui "gos. insurgent capital in the north, 130 miles from Madrid, has begun with an initial clash that took more than 2"u lives. The insurgents took the offensive, suddenly attacking Santanderian lovalist troops who have been quietly approaching the insurgent capita! for several days, consolidating positions and lines of comunication at Ifoey went. Celebration Must Waft describing the battle, which raged all yesterday, as "the most vigorous of the northern campaign' In the first word that has come through from the front, the Santander war commisioner ordered a suspension of all Christmas festivities. "Today we must be more alert than ever, and be constantly on thfr watch,' he told he troops. Christmas f est j v j t ies tw i i 1 be ce le bra ted for the soldiers in due time." Fragmentary reports said the battle had raged on all fronts around Hurpos. Details were lacking. )te! Stroke Claimed The Madrid loyalist headquarter Continued on Iage 5 OFFICERS NAMED FOR ASSOCIATION K lection of officers was held at the meeting of the Parke-Vermillion Medical Association at the Vermillion County hospital last night. Officers elected were J. F. Greene. M. D., of Kloomingdale. president; S. C. Darroch. M. I) , of Cayuga, secretary-treasurer; Paul B. Casebeer, M. D.. delegate to the Indiana state medical meeting; and C. S. White, M. D.. alternate. Russell Hippensteel. M. D.. of Indianapolis wae the principal speaker and the subject of his talk was "General Pediatric Problems." A turkey dinner wae served at 7 o'clock. V BP earth. An explosion, showering the oil soaked wreckage with flames. drov rescuers away from the bulk. Joe Mason, a cement worker em ployed on a building project bu 00 yards away from the acene of tu crash, told company officials a pit ful tale today, "I saw the plane swerve, strik the ground with its right wing, anc then heel over." he said. "I ran to the ship, already ii flames, and heard a man shoutim for help. He screamed: "My Cod. Mister, please get m. out I'm burning to death ' "I reached into the cabin an (Continued on Pajee K) PARIS, Dec. 24 Spain's civil war threatened today to burst its blood-stained bonds and blast the Christmas-tide with peril of a general European war as France firmly warned Britain and Germany thar French intervention on behalf of Ihe loyalists must follow further German aid for the rebels. With alarming reports filling Ku-rope that Germany plan? some drastic step during the Christmas diplomatic lull, France made it clear that she will not tolerate a fascist state beyond the Pyrenees as well ub the Rhine. Ccrmany Warned France, must relinquish her position as champion of Spanish noti-in-terventon, Foreign Minister Yvon Debos warned Count Johannes von Welczek, German ambassador, If Germany sends more troops, tanki. and munitions to the force of Gen. Francisco Franco. There are aready 30,000 German troops, many of them from the relch regular army, fighting with the insurgents in Spain, Henri de Kerellht, editor of the pro-rebel Echo de Paris, said following trip Co Burgos, "capital" of the Insurgent punta. Fdea Ortft ewa . .Certain of cooperation from Ihe Soviet t'nion. France also told Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden of (Continued on Page 5) Three Plays Are Produced by High School Students Three one-act playa have been presented by the fifth, aixth and eighth period speech classes of the high school. Mrs. Cecil McWethy is the tear her. The class rooms were made to look like broadcasting stations, with microphones and lighu, which the boys of the classes prepared. Instead of memorizing the plays, each student read bis part from scripts, as in an actual broadcast. The audience was made up of the two classes which were laot broadcasting that period. The technicians were: Robert Hirt. Joe Moore and David Dwyer. The first play. The Vanishing Princess," was given by the fifth, period class. The characters were: MV I Say. played by Robert Phillips: Miss Cindy, Marian Xolte; the king. William Micheli, and Matin ka. Ruben Kodisb. The program was under the direction of Alfrieda Hol-ton and announced by Susan White. 'The Calf That Laid the Golden Egrs" by Babette Hughes, was presented by the sixth period clans. The action centered around a habby calf coat, which was to have eeu sold for f25. but which finally jetted its owner $100. The amaz-ng increase in prlee was brought ibout by the number of times 'be Continued tm Page 5 PEARL KELLEY RECEIVES INJURY Pearl Kelley of 1 25 i South Mala U reet sustained a mashed right foot resterday when his foot was caugtot tn a conveyor at the Clinton Coal company, where he is employed. He is getting along satisfactorily. - COURT HOUSE TO CLOSE SATURDAY NEWPORT. Dec. IA. All offices a the courthouse will be eioaed Triday and Saturday of this week, t has been the custom for the past ear to close all offices at nooa Sat-'tdsr. As the courthouse will be losed Friday, for Christmas, it was gred by the officials to remain '.osetf Kai urday morning. Worker Meet Instant Death at Submarine Mine Early This Morning; Resident Since 1913 Utliu i'.arueH. '44, of m' Sycamore street. ys itistautly iHled this morning at the Submarine Mine No. 1. where he was employed. His dea'h vi as eu-wd by a fall of slate, a roll front a horseback. lis deaili o.curtvd at apprxi-matel v ; r p. m. llMUieM r:p'iet Rarnr-s was working aione today, and tiie body wa discovered by miners who bad pone to join him at s : :i i . His head was cm shed in such a manner that instantaneous death is a certainty. Dr. I. D. White, coroner, said the inquest would probably be held late this afternoon. The victim's father wa also killed in a mi lie avident six years auo. Rallies hud lived ill Clinton since: JM" and had worked in the mines j for more than 16 years. He is Kti rvived by the vife, De-lo res ; 1 he iiinili'M', Mrs Mildred Rai nes; two brot hers. Vernon of CiMifinued m I'npe 5 WeilqCkiisttnai 'Wtt y iitisimaN" the IIh-iiic u( ttttluy'h i-se of The lil C'linloiiiaii, Htihli rallies tijettin. ami emshioiii ttf p-(Vltn iM) ion fcottl ri-M4licallv every huMiicKN iiouse in the city lo the --vm4 ntM of 4 lilllOil Jllld elliul- iion county. Tbci'h a fiiuiue ring iu the pri'ding ihih year for litis is a merry hriMuui fur everjoiic. irent iinpmi entetils live Imcii niinh' in the ii during lu pasf yeiir and i 'hrititi;ik husiiie itxt, Imm'u Im It4r tliaii in ye;ii'K a ftt4jt-wrs 4tug,ht t lie wn ic" hikI comfort h hit- KtOl;ilt (o Ih f:iimt here rat Iter than (be cru-h of n iirt cit ie., Pead the preeiinjik, in todii's p.'ifHf. Tbej arc atdret!wd lo jou from yoiw ft'ieiKlh, I lie iiierctiHMtK and prttfe-Mtoiinl men of Clinton. A nd Hi t bis. i he firs A 'liriM mu lor The ( lintoiiian under iIk new niHiutgeiiiciif , may we add our lil to (be KMelliiig 4 boruK with the Mime old: Merrj 4 'hriwi inatv Happy Si'v Veiir. Half Century Club Members Receive Christmas Gifts Kil.h Of til Jlall Celitlil y 1 'hnsi ilia-- p;;r ItO'lMltern ot ltl( lub. v ho attended the in He- lnrran baHe- tnent ktsi nivlit received a gift from t he pi a b ha;'. 1 1 uy Jirit's and Ralph Shattiiclt acted as the KtiiKas and piesenied the gilts. When each member received gift, lie BOUgltt the dnor and offered him yuletide r --et iiiKS. A com in itt ec was a ppointed ami it was to ca i 1 today on 1 he t e! vt members who were unable to attend the ni'-eiiin: because of illnep. and present them v. iih gifts The t hree-uuarter century d'-cree was conferred on James (', : ay and Ralph f'amp hell. Four new members were initiated- They are: John Ron rdmuii. Lou is Monroe. Orla K. oiitinti41 on la4e 5) Shopping rx&6 S tin . - CIO NESRS WAR WITH A. F. L ON VIGOROUS DRIVE Automobile Worker Renewing Demands on General Motors in Sharp Letter to Two Officials WASHINGTON. Dec. 24 John L. Lew is 's vi p oro t s d r i ve t o orpa t-iie the steel and automobile industries loday whirled his rebel commit tee for i nd ust ria ! orpa nizat ion close to open war with conserva I ive American Federal ion of La b r fuc- lions. Federal ion spokesmen, em bin ered by CIO recruit ii.p of workers claimed by t rari it innal era ft unions. mad a u open de( lai at ion nt t heir "hands off" attitude toward the spirited CiO unionization drives and industrial conflicts which they have aroused. Gceeii JjspleaM-d President Willia in Green or the F. L. said sharply that "everybody understands very well" that the federation has no connection with the Lewis auto and sLcel drives. Frank Morrison, federation sene-taiy. was more blunt. He made the unqualified charge thai the CJO unions were enlisting workers 4nl iniied on Pua-c 5 Young Roosevelt . recoveriim f rom a sinus opera.! in in P.osimi. lo venture the trip to Washington f"r four or five days although he had made plans not only to lie hen for Christinas dinner but to hriiiir with him his fiancee. Miss Kthei Dupotn. Mrs. Anna Roosevelt lioetticer. the president's only daughter, likewise was absent, having been forced to remain in Seatte where her husband. John Koett i'.-er. detain. -d by business. Her two children. Eleanor and Curtis nine, familiarly known to the nation as "sistie" and "liuz-zfe"-were with tlieir trandpa'ents. however. Otherwise, the ,-lan of Roosevelt ( oillinuetl on I'agc 8) Officials Launch Investigation of Plane Crash That Took Six Lives; Eye-WitnessesTellsAboutTragedy Roosevelt Family Assembles Today White House to Join President Cay Celebration of Christmas IiALLAS Tex.. Iec. 14 Company and department nf commerce officials eruwled over the charred wreckage of a Rranitf Air Lines lu-passenner 1,m l.heed Klyctra plane today, seeking to lean1 the eause of i he crui-n w!ti' li t""k Mie lives of six men. all ol!i i;il or employes of the I ! Me. The 1, u ye t w in-motored ship, up for a routine t-si after a motor re-p'a- etnetst . crashed jtu o a cornfield on the shore of Haehmau's lake from an altitude of :'"it fe:. shortly after tai in off from Love field, half a mil' away, late yesterdaj . Witnesses heard the motors splutter, saw t he air liner fatter in its Inn it, and t h'-n plum met to the WASHINGTON. Dec. 24 T1k staid corridors of the white hous-echoed with Ka iet y today as foui generations of the Roosevelt famil assembled for an old-fashioned Christmas. Six grandchildren, ranging In age from nine years to eight -months, romped, toddled and crawled about with abandon as President and Mrs Roosevelt pave themselves over to innumerable Christmas eve activities preliminary to the big celebration tomorrow. On ty the last-minute enforced absence of Franklin. .Ir.. the president's t bird son. marred the ot her-wise joyous reunion. Physicians decided it would be inadvisable for

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