The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 21, 1921 · Page 16
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 16

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1921
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS SECTION TWO PAGE EIGHT SFT-r ,1 gret that she had refused him, when irl came Suzan. He gasped, was that Suzan Clay? Really? Could it be? POOR SUZAN CLEO ROBINSON No certainly not. Suzan Clay was a very quiet unassuming girl, alwavs wearing dark and somber clothes, while thi3 lovely girl was dancing in to the room very animated. She wore H M M M H X : M M H M M M M M Oh vicar, here it is 7:34 and Jack she would riot have the chance to go hasn't come yet," sighed pretty, fluffy, j to the higft school dance, but she Ar.nrbelle C!av. as she trlanced down ? rather hated the idea of Annabelle at her dainty little wrist watch. "He treating poor Jack in such a way. alw.y is hue. and he kn--ws that the; That l'ight as Suzie was going to-rect nt ion begin at 7:40. I believe j ward her room, she met Jack in the Vm getting so that I just loathe that hall. He had just come out of the boy, even though he is good looking, j parlor and was preparing to leave. He"s r.cvcr en time." j By his sorrowful looking face, she 01i we!!. her sister Suie replied, presumed that Annabelle had told "you shouMri'i complain, you are very him that she did not care for his com-se m on f::re for anything. Marie pany any5 longer. a dress of the richest blue aiAl this suited the darkness of her complexion very much. He came back to earth when he heard Annabelle saying, "Well Jack, have you seen a ghost or are you dreaming?" No, he had not seen a ghost, nor X was he dreaming, but he did see a j J. !.vs s d you had been late ten "Well Suz," he said, "she has r.;r:,', for i--ometrv class three thrown me over for that handsome t:rus this week, so you shouldn't Fred King." ABOUT THE Citizens State Kamk's Christmas Money Club For Year 1922 You Can Join Any Time in December or January lovely visior in the person of Suzie. j w a It is needless to say he had eyeg for j. Suzan only, during, the dance. Suzan j was admired by all, and for once she j Y was the belle. She had never been j X so happy before. j late three min- bo-rg lack Su2ie just held out her haiil and V.zr ute? I said, I am sorry, Jack, I didn't think Oh bother! You're always lectur- she was so heartless." M X M X X ir.g mo. yoa Utile Junior. One woulS ; He glanced up at her and something j On the way home Jack wag telling j !v.". yu were a dignified Senior in- he saw in her eyes made him gasp. her how beautiful she was wheir j stead ci being only a Junior. I don't jGee Suz, you didn't think I was so ; Ting-a-!ing, ting-a-ling, the alarm; care if I am late. I only get a deport- ; far gone as all that, did you? I don't ; clock was ringing and it was time for rur ; and that's one of those in care. All I am worrying about is I her, poor, plain, unattractive Suzan ; ir.y young life ?" that I don't see what I am going to do j Clay to get up and go to school. This ,r, .1V sa? xxhfit At vnu think ? I with these two tickets I have for the happenin'g had been only a dream, as j X ;. - ... . i .14 . v t ir:n 'danVe for Krulav night. 1 hev cost u i ner s w vre. i iM I l , 4 X . ;ucu u.. a, . - - ,i r bookkeeping class this morn- j me two perfectly good dollars apiece." H r.ut You are growing older each day and will not always be as active as you are TC DAY neither will your earn :. :u:l what do you think ho said in ; Sr ilenly he said. "Oh, say. 1 have it. j Will you go, I will not take no it Mechanical Drawing "I u"pcse it was a long note of ad- . tor an answer, so l u ee nere at :ou mivati'Mi. and of how much he would j prompt." like to go with you." replied her sister 1 J"or the next three days Suzie was in a nonchalant way. , very angry at herself for corsenting By Lloyd Smith. Mechanical ilrawing has been put ing capacity be as great. Are you preparing for future needs by saving a little now while you are still able? Any day is a good day to save, but today is the best day to make the start. A.r.nebelle, "He to go .with Jack. He didn't want to j on ti, pri1!.rani af tW hiVh school this V, I VI. . ..IV. 4Ll.ItWtlV iy V' Itll .1 1. . . . . J V V . . . . . ....... the high school go with her. He wouldn't have lxught ; vear to enable the students to tret a warts mo to go to dance with hir.i irext Friday night, two tickets, one especially for her. He J knowledge of industrial activities. an'.." she continued, "I think I shall had orV asked her after AnnaDeue j Draxving will help them to read the co with him. He is had refused. She wa the drop Jack and admired by a!! of the girls. Poor second-hand goods. She thought , an'J the builder. This also onen? an everything for an excuse, from beiife eor f,,t,,ro arHvitios on th JaA! I o n't th'.vk he will any more For the year 1922 don't neglect your child's financial education. A bank account, with us, in his name, will give him a business training than ."." she lai:ghir.gly said. absent when ho came for her, to pre- : rart of the students in the way of tending to be ill. ccmincr a desi-nor. an architect, or a "IX'V.'t worry yourself," said a to-.K-h of sarcasm, he isn't At last she decided to go and have a draftsman. In the end helping him to goevf time for once in her high school find his place of usefulness, aii mak-days. This was her only chance, and inv his success in life, for manv ereat so hard hit wuh you as all that." This was a verv sarcastic remark for her and education in the handling of money; will develop a habit of thrift for his future good. Start an account for him today, so that he may be better fitted to fight life's problems and establish a credit for him in the future. H H M H M M H M H H H H N M iM M M H H X IN M iM M M M N X to r ake, but then she thought she had she was goii'g to make the best of it. architects have begun their career in s r'cht to scy :t. Friday night arrived, and for once high school and have attained success. S'" a rlain unattractive girl. Jack arrived on time. He was just This course is one that requires at She ha I never crposed Annabelle in turning in at the gate, when Fred least four years, and by that time the anything. She was a complete failure King was admitted into the house. student will have found his place h' in -.-:rh schc.- :.? far as popularity ar.d They were both ushered into the life. $:.-.! r. Ta rs were conceme.!. She parlor. After a few moments of wait- ha - r. '- r beer; r ovular with ti e high ij'. , thev heani footsteps and the two Patti was paid $4,000 in Chicago girls, Annabelle and Suzie, came in- for singing 'Home, Sweet Home." seh o 1 - "ys. Of i. urso. they were al-w.y j-(.!;tc to r, but she thought that t !':"" was b-6 cause they were afraid t the room. Annabelle was radiant-' Iv dressed in pink and looked verv UiA n, of . tY.-g ArraheUe. She knew Kautifu! and Jack was about to re- Main 265 will be glad to hear all about Ax? HERE ARE THE MEMBERSHIP DIVISIONS (qIo f y o.oio . n n n in X X M M M X X X X X X X H X X X X pi X X X X H M X X X X X X H X X X X X X H X M X X X X M X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 4 X H 8 w -iur PLAN II SECURES $12.50 Deposit 25c each week, for 50 weeks. PLAN I SECURES $25.00 Deposit 50c each week for 50 weeks. PLAN J SECURES $50.00 Deposit $1.00 each week, for 50 week. PLAN K SECURES $100.00 Deposit $2.00 each week, for 50 weeks. PLAN A SECrRKS $12.7.- First deposit lc, increasing lc each week, for 0 weeks, last deposit 0c. PLAN B SECURES $2Z.:0 First deposit 2c, increasing 2c each week, for 50 weeks, last deposit $1.00. PLAN C SECURES $63.73 First deposit 5c, increasing 5c each week, for 50 weeks, last deposit S2.50. PLAN 1) SECURES SI 27.30 First deposit 10c, increasing 10c each week, for 50 weeks, last deosit S5.00. PLAN E SECURES $23.30 First deposit $1.00, decreasing 2c each week, for 50 weeks, last deposit 2c. PLAN F SECURES $63.75 First deposit $3.50, decreasing 2c each week, for 50 weeks, last deposit 5c. PLAN G SECURES $127.50 First deposit $5.00, decreasing 10c each week, for 50 weeks, last deposit 19c. X Fair Exchange. "Well, what do you think you are?" "Why did the elopement fall ' M Mr. Tcmpkir.s was taking his young exclaimed Laura Brown irMignantly through?" j s-n cut for a constitutional the other as the truck suddenly stopped and) Carl Duff "We had a signal ar- M lay. The youngster was unusually Ray Jones was precipitated into her ran'ged. She told me to come to her M qu.:et and seemed to be thinking in- lap. I window and make a noise like a robin. $4 I tent'.y. Well, begorra," replied the perspir- I did so." ' K4 "Father," he sa:d, lookir'g up suddenly "I think I want to get married." ly American, but I guess I'm a lap j "Then her mother popped out and j T 1 made a noise like a shot gun." i z "Do you my son?" asked the parent lander." in amusement, "and who to, may I ask?" "I want to marry grand-ma." '"Well, well" said the father, "and One day an Irishman was walking! Mr. Timid (hearing noises at 2 alonV the road when an automobile j a. m. ), "I th-think, dear that there is ran over him. While he was getting a m-m-man in the house." i t ?o vcu think I would let you marry i up and looking after the vanishing! His wife (scornfully), "Not in this machine, a motor cycle came "along and room." just missed running over him. ; "Begorra," muttered Pat, " who'd ! Walters "Edison declares that four a thought a fool thing like that had j hours sleep is enough for any man." That's what my mother?" "Well, why shouldn't I?" retorted the youthfvj logician', "you married wine, didn't you?" 11 Only a Father. Walters "I suppose you, your mother-in-law and your wife, all had a hand in naming ycur new baby -v?" Krouskupj "By Jove! my baby thinks." it must follow "luck" yourself a colt a follerirf." "Who can tell me a thing of importance that didn't exist a hundred years ago?" asked the teacher. "I can, said Jimmy Johnson, " I If you are ever to become a success some kind of a start. You cannot into a fortune. Krouskup "Yes. his first name was 'didn't. i-en to him bv his mother and his . -oiXl by my mother-in-law, and he The passenr,-r train was disappear-1 . . - 'r . j iL . l j 11 1. ( was given my name (Krouskup) lor . ;r,K me w The successful man reaches his goal through following a definite plan of operation. Have you outlined a definite plan of your own? If not, why not? Tomorrow is not the day Today is. Join our Christmas Mo.iey Club for 1922, and be Thankful on that Christmas. Harold La Rue They met on a railroad train quite by accident, and in less than three months they were married." Carl Leach "That's what comes of neglecting to take out an accident policy." Laura was entertaining her gentleman friend and her little brother was hanging about. At last Laura told him it was time for him to retire. "Oh, can't I stay up a little longer?" he pleaded. "What do you want to sit up for?" asked Laura. "Why, I want to see you play cards," me. Getting Down to Facts. ."Mother, she began, "what ed the station. S.ay, he asked the agent, Ahow does it happen that train is ahead of time? "It wasnt, explairAed the agent, "that was yesterdays train." does transatlantic mean?" "Across the ocean, replied her mother. Then, "Does trans always mean across? "Yes, it does, always, and the mother added sternly, "if you ask me Clemis Hill (butcher), "This pound of butter you sent me is three ounces short. John Jones (grocer), "Is it? Well I mislaid the pound weight, so I weighed it by the pound of chops you sent us yesterday. Tenses of (?). Past tense Didn't study. Present tense Dont kifow. Future tense YouVe flunked. another question tonight, I shall send you to bed." The second silence lasted quite three minutes, Then the small voice piped, "Then I suppose, mother, that transparent means cross parents, does it? n m in v two Carl Leach "There are only kinds of women I am afraid of. His brother "Only two?" Carl "Yes, the married ones Uie single ones." and Fond father "Who v was here last night, Francis? Francis "Only Winona, father.? Father "Well, tell Winotia she left her pipe on the piano. he answered. "But we are not going to play cards," answered Laura. "Oh, yes, you are too," said he, "mother same as said you wer. I heard her tell you that everything depended upon the way you played your cards tonight." Little words of wisdom (?), At the teacher's call; Makes her think" you're clever, When you "ain't a-tall!" "Going to your 8 o'clock class?" "Nope, got a conflict." "What conflict?" "Breakfast." "If a man married an old woman named Elisabeth, who, had three children, what would he have?" "Yes, what?" "A liie and three runabouts." .TKS OttESTCANK IN SOUTHXJ ' CZZOT XOUUTrV - r-r '"''"'""'"'"''--"- ,1,1 tl f "Of course women should ' rote, said he. "Women deserve the suffrage as much as men more, because their minds are purer ar.d cleaner. "Cleaner?" cried the sweet young thing he had brought in to dinner. ?Of course they are. ever and ever so much cleatJer! But how did you know that?" "Because they change them so often, said be sclemrfy. . . . "I wish I were as lucky as SuzantJe B." "My goodness, how's come her especially? "Well, she has one friend that neYer forsakes her no matter what the rest do." j "And who is that?" - "Why, her dog." iM m-;--!--------TTTTTn-;y-;;ytTTTiTtTTtiTTT7ig

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