The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 7, 1976 · Page 17
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A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 17

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1976
Page 17
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Page 17 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post, Tuesday, December 7, 1976 B7 rsi a. TUESDAY MORNING 5:30 (7) University of Florida 6:00 (4) Sunrise Semester (7) Open College (10) At Home (34) PTL Club 6:25 (5) Insight 6:30 (4) Batman (6) Fran Carlton (7) Sunshine pretext that they will use her to represent Cunningham Hardward Company. 9:00 (4,34) MASH: Sudden "symptoms of illness in two of its female personnel Hot Lips and Col. Potter's favorite mare provide cause for concern. Hot Lips, suffering chronic appendix pain, informs the departing Potter, bound for a Tokyo reunion with his wife, that she wants Hawkeye, not Frank Burns, to perform the surgery should her condition require it. Then a worried Radar, who is caring for the mare in Potter's absence, pleads for help from Hawkeye and B.J. when he fears that the animal is ailing. 9:30 (2) Harry Truman Plainspeak-ing: A dramatic adaptation of Merle Miller's book of the same title. Ed Flanders portrays the former president and his view of history (recounted in his own words) during his public life. The producer, David Susskind, will be in Ch. 2's studios to discuss his production following the broadcast. 10:00 (5,7) Police Story: A black ac-' tivist (Hari Rhodes) who finances his activities from the proceeds of a series of bank robberies and a team of police officers (John Amos and Eddie Eagan) indulge in a mutual harassment in their grim cat-and-mouse contest. 8:00 (10,12) Happy Days: Richie falls in love with a poster girl and, taking Fonzie's advice, devises a bizarre scheme in order to meet her. Richie becomes enamored of the girl on the Wisconsin Cola posters and confides his feelings to the Fonz. Fonzie urges Richie to go for the real chick and not the pictures. Richie enlists Ralph and Potsie in a scheme in which they approach the poster girl's agency with the (10) Noticias 6:45 Re- (7) Community Charles Nelson Reil- ly. (10) Ironside (12) Movie: "The Man Who Would Not Die." (51) Oklahoma-Playboys " " 12:00 (6) Untouchables (51) I Led Three Lives , ' . 12:30 (4,34) Movie: "Fer De Lance." '" (10) Movie: "The Man Who Would Not Die." (51) Laurel and Hardy 1:00 (5,7) Tomorrow: , Tom Snyder. ' (6) Noticias (12) What's On Your Mind: Dr. Robert A I-sofrom. (51) Movie: "Big Lift." 2:15 (10) Jobline 2:30 (10) Noticias 3:00 (51) Sea Hunt 3:30 (51) Movie: "If I'm Lucky." port (10) Jobline (12) What's Your Mind: Dr. Robert On Al- sofrom. 1:00 (6) "Victory at Sea," (1958), Documentary-style World War II drama is narrated by Alexander Scourby. 6:55 (5) News Montgomery Clift, Paul Douglas. GI pilots involved in post-World War II airlift and romance with German girls. Vi 3:30 (51) "If I'm Lucky," (1946), Perry Como, Carmen Miranda. Lukewarm musical with Harry James' band involved in political campaign. to safety aboard a run-down train. 12:30 a.m. (4,34) "Fer-De-Lance," David Janssen, Hope Lange. Submarine, with an international team of researchers, is wedged deep below the sea and terrorized from within by poisonous snakes 1:00 (51) "Big Lift," (1950), couple in small town in order to set up gang caper. Vit 8:00 (6) "Flame Over India," (I960), Lauren Bacall, Kenneth More. Fast-paced actioner set on northern frontier of India as British soldiers accompanied by governess Bacall seek to speed an Indian prince 7:00 (4) Skipper Chuck (5,7) Today (6) Popeye and Friends (10) Arthur and Company (12) Good Morning, America (34) CBS News 7:30 (10) A.M. Miami 4:30 (34) "The Big Caper," (1957), Rory Calhoun, Mary Costa. Well-done account of Calhoun and Costa posing as married 11:30 (2) ABC News: Captioned. (4,34) Kojak (5,7) Tonight Show: Johnny Carson with 5:30 (51) Bat Masterson 3CDCZlClC3n 17 u MOVF INTO TOnAY'Q TILE WORLD WORLD OF CERAMIC TILE D D SALES & INSTALLATION II 659-5544 nephew, Wes Jordache, the only child of Rudy's tragically slain brother, Tom. (23) Ednita Amaro (51) Cine 9:30 (2) Harry Truman Plainspeaking: See Spotlight. (4,34) One Day at a Time: It's been two years, but Ann's father still insists she can't make it on her own, and recent events may just prove him right. 10:00 (4,34) Switch (5,7) Police Story: See Spotlight. (10,12) Family: Doug Lawrence must face the truth when nis sister, Emily, comes home for a visit she's an alcoholic. u a 1400 ALABAMA AVE., SUITE 18 RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL WEST PALM BEACH 8:00 (4,34) Captain Kangaroo (6) Duck Duck Goose (10) Good Morning, America (51) PTL Club 8:30 (6) Community Close-up 9:00 (2) Sesame Street (4,12) Mike Douglas Show: Charo is co-host to Bruce Jenner and his wife Chrystie, Billy Paul and John Dean. (5) Perry Mason (6) Practical Christian Living (7) Bonanza (34) PTL Club 9:30 (6) 700 Club 10:00 (5) Sanford and Son (7) The Gong Show (10) Family Feud (34) The Price is Right (51) Stocks and News 10:25 (7) News 10:30 (4) The Price is Right . (5,7) Hollywood Squares (10) Don Ho Show (12) Bonania 11:00 (2) Electric Com (10,12) Happy Days 11:55 (4) Weather (34) CBS News TUESDAY AFTERNOON 12:00 (415,10) News (6) Perry Mason (7) 50 Grand Slam (12) Don Ho Show (34) Young and Restless (51) Stocks and News 12:30 (4,34) Search for Tomorrow (5) The Gong Show (7) News (10,12) All My Children 12:55 (5) News 1:00 (4) The Young and the Restless (5,7) Somerset (6) Movie: "Victory at Sea." (10) Donahue (12) Ryan's Hope (34) Around The 1 Town 1:30 (4,34) As the World Turns (5,7) Days of Our Lives (12) Family Feud 2:00 (10,12) $20,000 Pyramid 2:30 (4,34) The Guiding Light (5,7) The Doctors (10,12) One Life to Live 3:00 (4,34) All in the Family (5,7) Another World (6) Flintstones Bay City Rollers. (5) Marcus Welby: A troubled couple turns to Dr. Welby for help: he with injuries suffered after taking tranquif-izers, and she as a pregnant woman who has been unfaithful. (R) (6) Movie: "Flame Over India." (7) Baa Baa Black Sheep: Clash between two "black sheep" over an attractive WAC nurse causes trouble. (10,12) Happy Days: See Spotlight. (23) Eduardo II (51) Comedias 8:30 (10,12) Laverne and Shirley: Laverne and Shirley play detectives when their neighbors disappear. 9:00 (4,34) MASH: See Spotlight. (5,7) Police Woman: Pepper earns something other than praise after she successfully plants a microphone in a motel room where a band of militant radicals are holding a city official and his mistress hostage. (10,12) Rich Man, Poor Man Book II: The continuing story of Rudy Jordache, the stepson, Billy Abbott and his Bruce Forsyth. (5) $25,000 Pyramid (6) I Dream of Jeannie (7) NBC News (10) Celebrity Sweepstakes (12) Hogan's Heroes (23) Barata de Primavera (34) Here's Life America (51) Horse Racing 7:30 (2) Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman: Tom does his best to be more relaxed; Mary is surprised but she would rather have been pleased; and Merle only wants to help people. (4) Andy: Innathan Winters. (5) Andy: The Lennon Sisters. (6) Hogan's Heroes (7) Wild Kingdom (10) $100,000 Name That Tune (12) Hollywood Squares N 7:55 (2) Opinion 8:00 (2) National Geographic Special: "Treasure." More than three centuries ago a Spanish galleon loaded with gold and silver sank in a hurricane off the Florida Keys. Now there is proof that treasure hunter Mel Fisher has found the ship's fortune. (4,34) Tony Orlando and Dawn: Abe Vigoda and The (4,34) Tattletales (5) Dark Shadows (7) The Odd Couple (10) Brady Bunch (12) The Edge of Night (23) Mundo de Juguete 4:30 (4) Merv Griffin: Tony Curtis, Judy Collins, Impressionist Billy Fellows and McLean Stevenson. (6) Bewitched (7) Dinah: Totie Fields, Alan King, Sandy Duncan and Bill Bixby. (10) Medical Center (12) Howdy Doody (23) Chespirito (34) Movie: "The Big Caper." (51) Stock Market Close 5:00 (2) Mister Rogers Neighborhood (6) My Three Sons (12) Brady Bunch (23) Una Muchacha Llamada Milagros 5:30 (2) Electric Company (5,10) News (6) Partridge Family (12) Andy Griffith 5:55 (4) Weather TUESDAY EVENING 6:00 (2) Zoom (4,7,12,34) News (6) Emergency One (23) Noticias (51) TBA 6:30 (2) Big Blue Marble (4,34) CBS News (5) NBC News (10,12) ABC News (51) Greyhound Racing 7:00 (2) MacNeillehrer Report (4) Muppet Show: 12 FAMILY HIT BY ALCOHOLISM! -Adv. (23) Imperdonable 10:30 (2) World War I: Winston Churchill conceived of and took the blame for the disastrous Allied Amphibious landing at Gallipoli the first of his stabs at Europe's soft underbelly. (6) News (23) Noticias 11:00 (4,5,7,10,12,34) News (6) Wild Wild West (23) Cine (51) Rotten Ralph pany (5,7) Wheel of Fortune (6) Not for Women Only (10) The Edge of 3:15 SHOWROOM FOR RETAIL SALES (23) Miami Latino (10,12) General Hospital YES, WE 'RE OPEN . . . and we're invit ing you to come and view the most n complete selection of nursery and ju- LA Night (34) Gambit 11:30 (4,34) Love of Life (5,7) Stumpers (6) Love, American Style 3:30 (4,34) Match Game (6) Three Stooges (23) Cocodrila 4:00 (2) Sesame Street venile furniture in the Palm beaches. Dialing Guide Channel Network 949-8321 PBS WPBT CBS 377-8241 NBC 655-5455 .NOW RENTING- Cribs Infant Seats Walkers Hi-Chairs Car Seats Port-A Cribs Strollers Rollaway Beds Play Pens Twin Strollers Dressing Tables Carriages AND MUCH, MUCH MORllll Ind. 377-0811 751-6692 City Miami Miami WPB Miami Miami Miami WPB Miami Fort Pierce Hallandale NBC ABC ABC Ch. 3, Ch. 12 on Ch. 9, Ch. 51 on Ch. 13, Home Box Office on Ch. 2. 655-3761. Perry Cable TV Co. Ch. 5 is seen on Ch. 3, Ch. 34 on Ch. 8, Ch. 12 on Ch 9, Ch. 23 on Ch. II and Ch. 51 on Ch. 13. 622-1881. Belle Glade Community TV - Ch. 20 (Fort Myers) Is seen on Ch. 8, Ch. 23 on Ch. 9 and Ch. 51 on Ch. 13. 996-3086. Trl-Comm Systems - Ch. 17 (instructional) is seen on Ch. 13. 686-1581. Perry Cable (Stuart) - Ch. 23 Is seen on Ch. 8, Ch. 34 is seen on Ch. 9. 334-7400. pni!! WTVJ WPTV wax WCKT WPLG WPEC WLTV WTVX WKID 573-7111 848-7211 586-3113 21 1 N. Federal Hwy Lake Worth, Fla. Home Box Office is a subscription television service available to customers of some cable Ind. CBS Ind 652-4000 464-5220 920-7804 dialing guide Cable subscribers Ch, 2 Is seen on Ch. 11, Ch. 5 on TelePrompTer 11:45 Movie: 5:30 Movie: "B Must Die." 7:30 Movie: "Bite the Bul let," (PG) 9:45 Movie: "B Must Die." "Bite the Bullet," (PG) Kl (DW(i r SELLING OUT!! ALL RENTAL TUXEDOS PANTS RUFFLE SHIRTS BLACK OR WHITE COATS $2500& "P Why special people watch Channel 2... CM COLORED OR WHITE SHIRTS $5 61 1000 DRAPERY CLEANERS "Exclusive (ropery (leaner" FREE TAKE-DOWN AND RE-HANGING No Shrinkage . . . Heme Perfectly Even Finished With Elegant Decorator Foldi ,."'"... 1010 Belvedere Rd. BBB r Weit Palm Beach 833-3527 BLACK TUXEDO PANTS $1 500 EVERYTHING MUST GO Harry S Truman PLAIN SPEAKING AN INSTANT CLASSIC! BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Emmy Award-winner Ed Flanders IS Harry Truman! A virtuoso performance! ALSO TONIGHT-Program producer DAVID SUSSKIND appears, live from Channel 2 studios, to introduce and comment on his production! Come in and take a look today! 213 CLEMATIS ST. WPB 832-1723 832-1724 2 Tonight 9:30-10:30 (KM C BPOACif AMINO SWVCI r7? 1 CZ2 Bank AMfRiCARD Open Friday evening for your convenience 'till 9:00 ) , f HOURS V Lk SWIMMING . f NOT CLEANING! FOR HOME USE OF HOSPITAL BEDS WHEEL CHAIRS (TO(EEBKE) 0(9lKDDB OXYGEN COMMODES IPPB BREATHING MACHINES ULTRA-SONIC NEBULIZERS PLUS OTHER AUTHORIZED EQUIPMENT FREE ESTIMATES CDEC rCCIfM CAU NOW HMD HR. SERVICE 1 QUE i?n by 7. nmm fjr " t ' ''.( i. 2712 NORMAN DR., WEST PALM BCH. lie. C-G 0)488 mm

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