The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on December 7, 1976 · Page 16
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 16

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1976
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

B6 Palm Beach Post, Tueaday, December 7, 1976 HOROSCOPE friends and express your ideas. Take time to engage in favorite hobby later in the day. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Concentrate on solving a business problem early in the day. Bring your talents to the attention of higher-ups and make a fine impression. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Any new ideas require added data if they are to be made to work successfully for you. Show more devotion to loved one. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Strive to improve relations with co-workers and the future will be brighter for you. Take needed health treatments. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Be sure to make long-range plans for future. Be more concerned with the little niceties in connection with your mate. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) Improve the structure of a new project you have in mind and make necessary changes. Be careful in motion. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Put your finest talents to work and get ahead faster in your career. Make plans to have greater abundance in the days ahead. PISCES (Feb. 20 to March 20) Study your surroundings and make plans for improvement. Make the evening a charming one from a social standpoint. ARIES (March 21 'to April 19) Try to understand the ideas of associates better so that you can have more accord. Do nothing to jeopardize your reputation. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Study your financial affairs well and look into new interests that can add to present abundance. Relax at home tonight. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) A good day to handle private affairs and end further procrastination. Join with congenials later for the pleasure you desire. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Ideal day to consult with business advisers for the advice you need. Sidestep one who is a hypocrite. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Get together with good SAGITTARIUS J CARROLL RIGHTER- WIZARD OF ID HERMAN BLONDIE BLUEBERRY LUEBERRVJ ff , COLLECTION j A f GM0KtS M LXS rVT( jf JU r" V TCWWU, fh I THr& CCLLECTICN lrr-T rn Jr) SmJ ) I THOSE BERRIES ) 3 If WELL, THEY WERE BLUE r nr.rnU- " 1 re&X OKAMlZATiONl THAT" i 7&k - V$&iiZ if J ARE BLACK.' LAST THURSDAY.' f UC A, Jf. rciTV 'rV jf --Ja- worships we vear oc. "I GOT A HOLEIN-ONE!" 5' P5StT5 '- . -!i3 y TUMBLEWEEDS h-" fiSLJ I" VS-gLLJ INSDE WOODY ALLEN IhS&zbs Save you 1 1 TrrMS F li r-iS P1"5 nec,ujoopy. They V r kwt V cone ow - -po ,r -r Hur HAND LOIS ; FUNKY WINKERBEAN X II T DON'T KNOW IF VOU'RE ) x- I I I 1 i . EVERYBODY OUTSIDE... SSJff MANS 'BEST FRIEND. V U5TEM TO THI5, COACH ) A mffiS" BUT WOULD COO OJANT NOW FOR THAT BOX OF J ft CA BUT YOU SURE jj i 5CIEMTI5T HAS 5UCCEEDED AGAN&T PLANT5 ... gooR DAUGHTER 7D (YIARRV COOKIES I HAVE irV, J1 J& AREN'T BOy'S.cAQ j IN CRO&5IN& A PLANT CELL V ONE ? ' ' BO'AT?''" ' I "- , - rT I MARY WORTH Si I j, p j iU, TiUt-iUriUriJi ii, firUriiiTlJj BECAUSE YOUR I I IF IT IS STRONGLY Vj I I OUR P1SCUSSION IS AT AN 1 I .I I I I I I - ' ' 'A W-i TffwX t5 tT CtJ C5r " ' CJl I RECOMMENPATION FAVORABLE--ANP W 1 ENP, MR. DELEVAN.' IF YOU ) "1 ' C 1 1 MH: jilt5cP nt I'm sure the school! coulpbethe results in a sale- tiLSBf will excuse me, i have L M ' ' ' Si TVVIIXwIKF T. BOARPWOULPBE PECIPING FACTOR, ...t could show mv WORK TO PO.' J s, II n '' .V?J Vki-J- I -J INTERESTEP IN SELLING MR. CRAWFORP rfl APPRECIATION IN A VERY , ,w 1 M ' TrACCUnrH l nVbSf bridqe thechaseacrease, v ok SSX wa" feW yNJ L u crosswora V tlt 3 MR. PELEVAN.' BUT WMY f MSX 1 I Vtf lANIIAL WAT. -Jp' S t A nTl - ' V 5 NOT APPROACH THEM UCT tj V M ymTTTRlSj V1 VTT Jl V I I I II Veacs Wa Ta's Vow lose South dealer. Both sides vulnerable. NORTH AQ964 VAQ 8 5 J 7 4 3 CATFISH 41 Wild ox 42 French city 47 Agitated state 48 Actor: Clint - 49 Healthy 50 Beginning for urn or ail 51 A swelling DOWN 1 Turkish officer 2 Thrice: comb, form 3 Irish sea god 4 Revenue 5 Jewish month 6 Ship-shaped clock 7 Starlike body 8 Helical 9 Persian fairy 10 Wings I I I MbUlTT K KY I ''III PI I I FQIIINU MP -11 iniUi-V I I TO SAVTDA6TKAMS& Jill ?7v,uT;.rir: i , - UXjNIAN, catfish ... lost three club tricks to go down one. It Is true that on the bidding West was far more likely than East to have the king of hearts. To that extent, declarer was unlucky to lose the finesse. However, South could have assured the contract 100 per cent by playing the ace of hearts from dummy at trick one! It was therefore wrong of him to have risked the finesse. After taking the ace of hearts, declarer arranges an elimination play that is sure to succeed. He draws trumps, cashes the A-K of diamonds, and ruffs a diamond in dummy, EAST 7 5 2 VK6 10 7 6 3 2 K92 WEST VJ 10 98532 Q J4 A 10 8 ACROSS 1 Gudrun's husband 5 Ending for ban or man 8 Resorts 12 Explosive missiles 14 Goddess of volcanoes 15 Jets, et al. 16 Dies 17 Paddle 18 More uncanny 20 Small fragment 23 Odd (Scot.) 24 Detest 25 Ruined 28 Greenland Eskimo 29 Loft 30 Small violin 32 eggs 34 Western city 35 Defunct 36 Evergreen tree 37 To lower 11 Crystal gazer 13 A Semite 19 "The Red" 20 Greek letter 21 Deserts one's party 22 Beehive State 23 Chose 25 Foreigner 26 Pieced out 27 Actress Merrill 29 Region 31 High hill 33 Conceive 34 Fame 36 Jargon 37 Rush 38 Sicilian city 39 Drudgery 40 Compass point 43 Scottish explorer 44 Sound of disapproval 45 Danish weight 46 Netherlands commune Avg. solution time: 24 min. SOUTH K J 10 8 3 7 4 A K 9 Q6 5 ABJAIR. nPiUAiNJ ki' I M.AllAin Allri Aii Tr- Nil iPiili The bidding: East Pass North 3 West 2 South I creating this position: North 9 VQ J 7 4 3 PiRlATOllFnNlifGlEls Eli NEKyM3y iE bio1dirUiIn1sUodeIr STEVE CANYON , ZZT" TaiB. TWO I ( 5HO0LP BE PLENTY IlL RUN A 1 ' NO OFFENSE, N I MEAN TI6ER, I'P RUN POORMEN V OF FUEL ON BOARP COCKPIT MISTER. FLY, TIME, MAN.' COCKPIT CHECK JJ COL CANYON ARE ON A -rPvCHKK' J BUT IF WE PONT -THE FLEETING J BEFORE STARTING West V10 9 8 A 10 8 East VK 10 7 K92 12-7 Answer to yesterday's puzile. 40 Pallid 8 4 Opening lead jack of hearts. Wheo either or both defenders have entered the bidding, declarer usually finds it much easier to gauge how their cards are divided. However, all such evidence is presumptive, not conclusive, and should be ignored when there are more reliable guidelines to follow. For example, take this deal where South went wrong. West led a heart and declarer, mindful of West's overcall, finessed the queen. East took the king and South eventually yf.y.'A 14 South J 10 V7 Q6 5 Declarer leads the queen of hearts, and it does not matter where the king is located. Whoever wins with the king is bound to return a club or yield a ruff and discard. Either way, South loses only a heart and two clubs and makes the contract. 8 2) HAGAR THE HORRIBLE 25 24 mi 30 29 BUT FIRST, TAKE YoUR TMiIMB OUT OF YoUR Fiy Or4YoUf2 FACE A LOOK OF MATE, PAGE, CONTEMPT... MYSOrJ.YoiJAMJST r4EER LET , "WE EEMY Kr40W VoU'RE AFRAID CRYPT0QUIPS 28 II 31 15 J4 Mouth Yesterday's Cryptoquip 35 m i9 40 16 WM 44 Li Lrl 4 41 Ai 42 SAD PLUMBER PLUMBED SECRETS OF OLD FAUCETS. Today's Cryptoquip clue: D equals S DTFFC ETKOD ORZTFF KFTEROC ETZF 4T ISO 49 It's on the Tip of My Tongue 1 By DAN CARLINSKY Pt Columnitt Remember radio? Remember "The Wizard of Oz" and Superman? Then take this week's quiz and transport ALL YOU CARS TO EAT! yourself back. r irst, match the nostalgic show to the equally theme: SPAGHETTI each person EVERY TUESDAY ONLY 5 to 10 P.M. WITH MAT SAUCt 7 - In "The Wizard of Oz," little Dorothy lives with Auntie and Uncle ; her dog's name is . ANSWERS oi litiuaH pub tug -1 t (3IIIA3S PJABQ SB) snuniudiio auiauis '8uiqqBnbs 3irj jo uonsajD g ..iaaqi aABaq i ubo moh - g ..aaiBJi jo asoa,, - ..BiiuBnf,, E A3ieA J3AIU pay,, z ..nA P"iJ II. I Bpaiuos,, - I SMVID WITH SHAD AND HOT GARUC ROU 2Q0 US 1 NORTH PALM BEACH 844-3833 1 "Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons" 2 - "Our Gal Sunday" 3 - "Romance of Helen Trent" 4 "Mary Noble, Backstage Wife" 5 - "Stella Dallas" 6 For what was Ross Bagdasarian famous? hint: Alvin, Simon and Theodore.) (Across trom Iwin uty vain

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