The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 21, 1921 · Page 14
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 14

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1921
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS SECTION TWO PAGE SIX up a fair. And to think a bazaar, and everything. She says the girls ihis rival and enemy Enieiin? his j that hour because it was the Happy There are many advantages in hav-room he found everything a he had ; Hunting Grounds of the Indians Then ing a clean and attractive town. If BY THE TRY-OUT i left t, but an impulse lei htm to his j he disappeared as suddenly as he had LOREN CAIN we have a clean town, the health of of the vocational class are making) all the citUens will be much better. sorts of dainty and necessary articles Another advantage is that a pretty to sell, includiig dolls, dainty aprons cornet. He saw that no outward etamtge had been done, but after he had practiced a few minutes he found that ono valve did not resnond. On in- tow. will attract people and influence 'and most everything. There was a great hustle and a 'been found out and he had been re- .x!-.. -..-.) Brandow oestT.t - 1 -a - c-.l.,. at them to move here, and thus make our "Another thing she mentioned in her letter waa the new study added this year, and that is Roman Private town larger. Kme on the particular morning that als and other musical entertainments Miction he found that th spring una appeared a moment before. But when he left he threatened revenge to this young man for disturbing the Indians' repose. The gaiety of the party was resumed later and all thoughts of the ghost were chased away by the merriment and laughter of the young people. As the hour grew late, the party re-velera begaif to leave for home. Quite ferrcrting the chilling incident of the Another thing is the pleasure we. been filed nearly in two. this story cpens. whole house-, at the conservatory. Although not K-Y. was wide awake and stirring al- professional his ability attained at ourselves, get from a clean tow.. Life, and most everyone that is taking When we walk through the town, we;it ia greatly interested. t:o it was only 3:30. The whole ! such an early age was the most fascin- Their basket ball team must be a will have a sense of satisfaction that At be try outs for w orchestra tr it .ii ht there was a verv nervous spovta. r atAI as Harrohi Brandow rose to go through his test the nervousness of the spectator iifcreasod. As we did not have before. wonder, for they have not' lost a game The way to bring this change about yet. is first, to clean our alleys. Remove ! "I guess that is about all she said. mo ' trard Itarrold play that last note evening, they chose the path through tiv-;p finally eated at the breakfast atir.g point about it. tah'e tvre a rather peculiar appear-, However as is usually the case, he -uo. Two younger children, a girl had a rival in the school. This riva ef s-cv1 -sps rievn and a boy of no was a surly, ill-tempered, fellow, who no re than six yt-ars of age seated at had been pampered all his life by his or,o sde- ct the tao'e cast many proud wealthy parents he being the only tsrco5 r-.i their vbig brother,"" seated child. This young, man could scarcely Thev were picking their '.all rubbish and then fill up the mud- Only we must remember that Thanks- ho n-aUzed that his plan had faiu-1. lh? xv,ods. Nothing was ever a-d about the ir.oonu but Itarrold no! . i a re- way through the bushes and brambles, holes with stone or cinders. A board giving i3 near, and she wants us to and were enjoying the cool, refreshing j fotAre painted white, along) the alley visit her and spend the week-eiAl vis-air of the woods mixed with the damp j brings attractiveness. A town can iting, school, and enjoying the fair mosv odor of the soft earth, when not be pretty if all the alleys are fill- and bazaar with her. ! markahle change in his e. i rival. ?roite them who was probably alvut boar the thought of a boy a year orj t-chtccn years of ace. During the two younger than himself receiving! jvr.vevsation carried on the mother more praise and commendation than c-tHA bo sec- to cast quick anxious he had been able to get. tn many in-! Suddenly they heard an Indian war J ed with rubbish and filth, which are a J "I see the school she is attending is Uvhoop. But nowhere coutd Indians menace to health and also make it un-( trying by the co-operation of the stu-be seen. All va silence for a mom-j lightly. .dent body and faculty to make Fair- MY FIRST FIGHT Bv LeVena Smiley. ' cnt. that dreaded silence that makes The streets should be kept clean and mount higjh school a class No. 1 I can not remember mt "first fight, fear the predominating element. The 'well drained. This will benefit the school. but mv mother does o he told me. otherwise short moment seemed like 'general health and appearance of the "Well, uncle John, we will begin im-I wa a month old and mother was an hour. The torture and misery of city. m,edifel' me plans to spend i ... . ... . - ... ; l. : j. 1. Thntilf vit'ir with Mnrmrip" r.arsces at her son, wo upon tacmg stances he had snown nig hatred tor bis mother weak? bring; a smile of Harrhl and was constantly endeavor-tenderness and encouragement from ing to get himself in ahead of him. t:?r. The father maintained a proud However, he was not the type of nrpoarsnee, A-nstantly seeming to be young man that was desired in the frwatvV.y revelling oxer the fact that ' society of the school. h had such a r.oV.e son. But w hy ' ,n ,fVr eame to Itarrold .in- taVo mo out for the first; tha was one not iiKeiy to .-noiner very iinprmn, uhhk s , - " " ' ' ' ?- - I I I personal premises. Back yards shovud i iorgorten soon. time, so naturally there was a hub- ia - - . . - . - what had be free from rubbish and garbage Then before they know hon'dn they be proud parents? .through the president of the allege, bub. "EXCITING TIMES' happened, a rain of arrows ws direct- jeans should be kept covered. The front . .... i , Th first was a bath. I held R ?o.n t th?ir son gr&oiuarevt front for A pitiov with an orchestra which hi i . hv! :-ast a wk previous with tht , wa pi-vin in one of the ei-era houses, mr temper though it although I did led at them, but to tell where they came yam should be Kept clean, mow ea, anu Richest cf his class? Besides , ri .va, r,K- trt do all that was ! tkt like the water. Then came the i from would have been an impossibil- j beautihed w ith flowers. tkore were ether thiv$ of which to be , ja j. wnir aeamst Itarrold. I dressing I held my temper through Mity. As they still continued to fall, j The town could hardly do without By Phyllis Cooper. ou sing a little song or two, You have a little chat, He knew that the time for the try!"" although I was m full occasion- the young people became cold with its shade trees. Shade trees are for j f K ... 4.-1.!.. a )rfy AA-kWt, ..i f .a u o ,,.ll o o KsiiitY. f ,r nrrt. ttaw-'d f:ut sttainel great skill in J hestra had a,'!y a little squeal would let out. Mt f.-Mf r.i.i'i in th ov , . . ' - . t n ; ou eat a little candy fudge, sepulchral voice broke the stulnes ot.tectton from the hot sun. To add to ... , , ...m-m oi L.t. i i..n i And then you take your hat; ? :. w:- ,.u L.ii ...w.. j:.. u -U-...1.I . fiou hold her haiAl and say, Good- T' Ir'TlSlbwn set for the following evening. At last the storm broke, when they t Trctk the y,r that he enteral high , r . aetetmSJed wn,Mrt a Un trie.1 to put a wly IkhhI on my head. - 1 u "Vrl , ?v t ere I "ovl and scratched and still they tho high svhoe? orchestra the first ,K.M1t fc ,uU w ,WJ Prsistel tn putting on the hood. night," lOrtn in voiunirs. . aim n urn viir vtivs !num ir- them that they were treading, on dan- placel by another. There are many gerous ground. This woods was the kinds of trees that could be planted, st my first joar. start ir.g on the second cornet,! , . . , ..... tt ' I t will have to admit I to As sweetly as you can; Now ain't that an exciting evening, For a great big grown-up man? was not rcamore, or elm are fret bv r?s S-rSmore jnear he was ,, , - . rti hut it va because I - .... 1 . . . . irold s!kuM be standing before thein,nt out it was mi an. v a Happy Hunting Grounds of the in- but the maple, syc: diaJj and that they had disturbed , best. Poplar trees trees should not be part. c to hed oewn the f.rst cftatr He , . . MM.V Ibig enough to take my own their restful repose. Then just as the planted. ti oevi.icst to carrv his work to the l , ,7, . I - - - . ' , , i and a Valve spring wud break or his finest c-xtvr.t rn,t therefore wade:-. t ..,(. iwwa T. You enter Mr. Prospect's den, x-oice fimshed speaking, another ram Th, cC-operation of every citizen in You have a little chat; . . fc m r " vt l ' t f umviv in, v v vmvr 1 u t . i . n 1 1 a Chicago o-.usioat con- r .- s to LEGEND LORE (of arrows was directed at them. This thi;S rn,ject would soon brinjr the do- : 'time some of the arrows hit the mark. ' j.irca roSvilts and Fairmount would be ! ou ask him if he wants something, jatAt he woukl make a failure? He determinet to mutilate Hartids horn in some manner so he began to And then you take your hat; It vms on and a a result one of the merriest of CaUed, "The Citv Beautiful." g that this men Bv Merle t Carter. v I, . h liarroid wTti jeae ..... . :V.V,M,., xx.s in . s develop his plans. Lae m the after- j You shake his hand and say ,-Good- bye," jj As sweetly as you can; Parties wotv at thoJr hichet pitch? tk; u.A.t Knf th' trry evens -r school, r nst s-.t ei t.j a l thev c nn ho stole quietly into Harro d s , jn tho mounU in towi of Pawtuka. mrtv to riof After this event was ONE SUNDAY EVENING ore w?.s busy tryinc, for Harrotd. ' Al- J Now ain't that an exciting interview, i j For an over-girown man ? i , over they weit slowly homewiml, but never again did they trisjvass on In-, dian territory, and never again did t..c--ch is n his ; rea!:?c! that the t r her sen to step out Tvonu Ho found the cornet with vr Young pepte were gathering at the little difficulty a?U Kok a small file jhoTO, of a j,-.iun uay in the edge of from his pocket. He thought t ; town for partv. They were gayer Itarrold wvuld prvWbly not practice than uual ana mavie the hrase ring Wfore the try out and that by filing . ... n,rJr mcrrm By Avis Albertson. r-- h ho nv:' and develop himself in- (they disrespect Indian legends. into He Knew Life. "Which little boy," asked the "can tell me what it is that comes worthwhile. she knew Aunt Jaife and uncle John were ting by the big fire place talking about the gitod old times they used to have. : . . .u.iM it . . . . !5 ve wvuld ho required li,,f " '-j One youu'g man was ato and in i ing he wuhl cause a gret catatrophe , . . savo t5me choJte a lath Aunt Jane jumped, she said, "By the j in like a lion and goes out like a t. f;-. o hv I i CITY BEAUTIFUL PLAN for itarrold. i through the woods. He kept hearing Hxvi'Nr arrived, in Chicagv. Harrotvt way John. I did not tell you that I j lamb? had a letter from Marjorie. You j "I know," cried Ronald, "It's the know she is a Junior in Fairmount . landlord, when he gets the back rent." e 5 way to the censer-" Meanwhile Itarrold had decided to ' footsteps behind him all the way. but By Ruth Comer. ushered into the me to Ms room eariy and prepare ir ;Vuhlnt see anyone. Then suddenly niory. TTrs;dc v. tv, reenter ' tbe emrg. As he turned into the tx? noise became iraudibto. He b. 1 rh.cre ;s a plan on foot, which, if ; high school this year. She says she He w t. who. to 1 , iha'l he saw a r.eure emerge from his arrivevl at the party and was enjoying jt is carried out. will be one of the ! is havinir the time of her life. Mildred Lyons "I hope you've been - echoed was almost like resm. He slipped back to give the bnnself immensely when suddenly the rreatest thinsrs that Fairmount has ; "She is coirsr to heln with the fair havinir a perfect vacation.' t ,;.-v.n. to Hiivrd. bringing one re- person iX chance to find that he had hos- of an Indiana warrior appeared ever known. It is the city beautiful i the school is giviig November 22, and I Beth Winslow "It's very nice, :;.ti n F.f'er svvther. His ability .been dctectesh in the rom. He reproved the ung plan. By this, we mean to make Fair- : it must be grand. They' are going dear; but not exactly perfect, I'm not to have everything that goes to make 'engaged 5-et." hni,;j in cvn-Wt playing hf.d To his surprise he saw that it was man for coming through the woods at mount a more attractive town. IMi II J JM. I" P ! .1 'T T v Jtijtvjr-gtjafe: fit tn.' 't Ell'rt!!!i!!i!!i::!l!!!!lllllt!llllll!!ll!:!ll!lll!l!!lll!!!!!l!l!!IIIIIIIil!Ililll!l!!!i:il I .a. TUT 1 D Wife aft Webster says health is a state of being free from disease or pain. The Chiropractor says health is a condition of being free from disease which is caused by pressure upon nerves at their point of exit frc nr. between the joints of the spine. Chiropractic adjusting then becomes a process followed through with scientific precision in disorders in any part of the human body. Statistics show that 85 of all chronic cases and 95 of all acute cases yield to Chiropractic adjustments. Why not investigate Chiro practic for yourself? Ask about it. McAtee M t i? I' i Vs. V s - C!v" Graduates Palmer School of Chiropractic Phone 280 Fairmount ff Fairmount 2 to S and 7 to 8 p. m. Except Sunday. V-f lllCe nOUlS. SummitYille"8 to ll a. ron Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. ' Wc Make Outside Callo. I'll. MiHlIliiKiamiiiiililllliiilllllllt iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiianiiiiiiiiiiiifl L.Uiil!lllillli.

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