The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 23, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, December 23, 1936
Page 4
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Pag, 4 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Wednesday, December 23, 1936 THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Fminrt'd 111 MOVIES EstnhllBhr-d as The Weekly Clintonian 1890 The Clinton Plnlndcaler absorbed in 1908. THE HOMETQWNER To Love and Live and Let Live MAP HOLIDAY' AT THK I'ALAt'K "Mad Holiday" is an entertuiiilim mystery thriller with the novel twist of an actoi who specializes in de CHAPTER XVIII I door people's gardener. Tried to The irass-scented wind from the remember the neighbor's name, and couldn't, George L. Carey Editor and Publisher literal at the rostntrire at Clinton, Indiana, as Second Class Matter. Member Indiana Republican Editorial Association National Advertising Representative: GEO. B. DAVID CO. innn Wrieley Bldg., Chlmco. i-JU General Motors TllciK'., D. l'nit 110 East 42nd St., New York hills swent through her hair, her tective roles being forced to enact me in real life. Edmund Lowo is .he Keiitleniau In Ihe case nn actor Pain stabbed through her head. Fully 60 percent of oolivorsutiou is not worth the time it consumes, and most of It Is just a "time-killer." Mark Twain calls It hat lav fonrotten in her lap. Chris She didn t want to think just yet. tie had forgotten where she was know because It happened to me once. Once I was the one who went on loving after the other one was tired. And I know well the ache and the loneliness and the humiliation. But it won't be so bad for you, dear Adele, because you don't have to be ashamed of your love as I am . . . "You'll never have to wake in who tires of always being a detec and why she had come. She was so tilled with hope and the loveliness Just wanted to stay here, alone in the cool dusk. From the open kitchen windows tive. When he leaves for a pleasant of life. It all seemed so simple. She boat Irip and a body Is discovered in his stateroom. Lowe becomes n Charity is too much of a maun below came the murmur of voices, and the clatter of dishes. Then the unmistakable odor of broiling steak, and something else . . . fried ij( ioVt . p f 0 Phone 1 1 7 Phone 41 went back to the house all aglow with eager pride. But as she opened the front door Philo Vance lit earnest. Elissa Lan- fuctured article and not enough of natural product. the night, sick with remembering. Your life won't be spoiled. You can find someone else to love, maybe, and be happy, and I can't because who'd want me? Oh. Dad. Dud nhv :li Is the charming lady who writes lories; Ted Houly Is a studio press and stepped into the nail sna knew that something had happened. .Something about the look in the maid's face, the closed doors, the onions? There'd be hot corn bread, too for Sarah always made com bread the nights she fried onions. Regret for the dinner she had refused assailed her. Maybe if she went down the back stairs, and Happiness Is something you ere Will; '.& lu Pitts plays a nosey tite. It is not just found at random ship's passeii'ier. Edmund tiwen, did you have to die?" Oh, to be out of itl Out of everything back home with Dad again, a little girl, with her whole life unnatural quiet. For a moment it oppressed her. But only for a moment. She was Happiness comes from busy bunds THt DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM s 1 . To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To assist the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in solving Vermillion County's unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the most attractive city of its size in the state. Ivlnar Kennedy anil Waller KIiiks- just asked Sarah for a bite in the kitchen. ... mid kind though Is. bursting with her news. Not stop. The succulent food smells tan ahead pf her, and nothing spoiled. She was crying into a stocking, under the impression it was a hand fling to powder her nose, smooth ter hair first, as she had been talized her. She remembered that lord iisslt niosl capably. A -Hollywood "Pepper Pot" anil n special short advising you that "Crime Doesn't Pay" are also on the pint; nun. she hadn't had lunch, either, tausrht to do. she rushed to the up TI MA.VAV "What is it that tnkes you som She was half way to the door be kerchief with the suitcase still open on the floor beside her, whtr Nettie opened the door and walked stairs sitting room, where Nettie and the girls were usually to be fore she remembered that it was wiiei-o you don't know where you are when you got thnrc. You don't impossible, that it was just one of found in the late afternoon. The door was partly open. They BATTLESHIPS AGAIN the things she couldn t do any more. know where you've been when you Not after what Aunt Nettie had were all there. Aunt Nettie in a nah) lavender tea gown. Adele in News from London tells us that Great Britain will start two said got back or what to do to get where SIMK KIIOWV AT THE OI1MHU Low Ayres, Joan Perry. Victor If she could just be sure of what powder blue. Isabelle in black and you'vo been? huge battleships next year. The reason nivcn is "because oth Aunt Nettie HAD said. scarlet pajamas. The tea things 'The New Deal." Her face burned again, in remem were still on the table by Aunt Net Killian, Ceorae McKay, Thurston powerful nations, including the United States, either have started 01 brance. N ice mess she was in now. tie' side. Empty cups, bits of crumpled cake, an untouched plat And surely this time it wasn't ber "Stop that sniffling," she raid briskly. "I've had just about all t can stand. Besides, your dear Unpaid Latham is back again, waiting to see you. O, dearl What HAVE YOU DONE TO your nice, neat room? I do wish "Weill Never mind. I'll call Riu-. She's in bad humor already, but I can't have a room looking like this one. I wish you'd be a little neater, that's all. For my sake. I wouldn't mind if I were stronger, but who. my health whBt it is and " "I'mpaoking. I'll pick everything up!" , Nettie sighed. Her white. TnntrA TTall ami Cene .Morgan are the prln cipal characters In this murder mel nclraina I hat shows how certain nn ter of bread and butter sandwiches. "Well. I've done itl I've got my- own xauitl she had purposely stayed away from Donald. Why did he have to come, ruining everything, saying Heaven only knew authorized new dreadnaughts." Aviation experts insisted that the money for the two warships around $150,000,000 should have gone into planes, citing the bombing of warships some years ago by Brig. -Gen. William E. desirable members of our snrioty SIOMKXTOIK Lois of folks get shot over liielr sugar, but few loose a presidential office over it. It Is certainly a "sticky" seal that Coiiioz of Cuba has chosen to sit on. self a job. I'm going to train to be a nurse. In St. John's hospital. I was so lucky. The class is just " Isabelle unfolded her long black what? "Sliukedowu" money from wealthy Certainly you couldn't And out silk legs, half rose in her cnair, people Willi threats, etc. Ayres Is a financially embarrassed young trom Aunt Nettie and the gins what he had said. Talk, talk talk. In "You WHAT?" Mitchell The admirals, however, retort that only a battleship can circles. Getting nowhere. Con Aunt Nettie turned, too. Her young man In love with heiress Joan tradicting; themselves. Crying. cheek looked yellow as old silk that Perry. He comes lo her roscue after Blaming her. Pretending not to has been washed too much and not hands ;iifted a sweater, a box of dusting powder, from the floor. "Don't be absurd. I wouldn't permit you to leave, even if you wished to which is doubtful. Cornel Pull ironed very well. The line of her I.AI'UH A HAY The sad part of some children's education is that far loo oflen their parents' education was sadly ne believe that she had planned to go . i i : . - . . throat was old and somehow de LU me IIUBIJiWI w blMUJ. - . Well, she could at least prove featedbut even in that half averted that, start now. rack. face you -could see the cold, steely glected. Half comforted, she jumped up and turned on the lights, dragged yourself together. Dr. Latham is waiting, I tell you I" Christie gave a loud :ioh, burled her face deeper in the itocking, polka-dotted with her tears. "Christine! Will vnn WAtli v(mr out a suitcase and began to dump fight a battleship and cites the fact that the United States continues to build capital ships. FANTASTIC CHINA The capture of China's man of the hour, Premier Chiang Kai-Shek, by one of his former supporters, is an indication of the fantastic events that are likely to come out of that country. For some days there was doubt as to his fate at the hands of rebels who demanded that the central government declare war against Japan. Gen. Chang Hsuch-Liang, hot-headed leader of the glitter in ner eyes. Oh, dear, she'd burst into a family fight! And there was Adele, crying again. ... .She began again, less joyously! stockings and pajamas into it. CAYUGA CHURCH Shed leave right now. Tonight. she submits lo a rake kidnapping and gels herself accused of killing a man. There's plenty nf nxrltcmenl. Poprve (be Sailor hi-ocaes along in "liriilge Ahoy" and "The Clutching Hand" comes lo a surprising end. 'TH.WK Yor. ,ii:i:vi:s' AT THK HAItASH Arthur Treacher gives an amusing and at limes hilarious performance as Ihe Impeccable "gentleman's gentleman" made famous bv Ihe P i: Stay at a hotel until the class was "I've signed up to train at St. face, and make yourself John's. Tomorrow I'm going for "No! I don't care hnu I Innlr ready to begin at the hospital. Good riddance to all of them Donald especially. And when she was gone Adele could have him back and GIVES PROGRAM Leave me alone. Please leave m alone" an examination and Friday I'll get my uniform. Of course I won't get fiaid while I'm in training, but I can ive there, so I I won't have any keep him I As you wishi mv dear. But von Why did they all think she wanted must see him. I've had lust about Mrs. Gephart Is III; Business board to pay, nor laundry, and When I finish the course I'll have a pro biml revolt, was formerly war lord of Manchuria and he has reason to "I wouldn t have him for a gift! fession and I . . . well, I'll be in all f can stand of this. Adele is sick of him and so am I, but you've made it plain that you have your own ideas about him. so now von House Moves; Merchants Open at Night she thought, dragging her oldest dependent ' she finished a little hate the Japanese. General Chiang has been making appreciable progress in th coat out of the closet, and pawing for a tweed skirt. "I never heard lamely. They were all staring at her. Wodehouse stories. He works t-uic successfully along with David Niven in the role of Bertie Wooster, his slightly demented master. Virginia nvthine so silly, he's old enough Aunt Nettie's eyes were dark and CAYUGA. Dec. 23 The program given at the Holiness to be my father, he must be almost angry in the crumpled ivory of her broad, flat face. Isabelle's were in unification of the Chinese. Unfortunately, there does not seem to exist in that unhappy area any great sense of patriotism. Revolts Field. Lester Matthews. Colin Tap credulous. Adele just looked stu go downstairs and settle It," Christie got to her feet, pulled a comb through her tumbled hair. The sight of her swollen, tear-streaked face startled her, but what did she care, what was the difference? "I'll see him," she said hotly. "I'll see him just as I am. And it won't take me long to eet rid of him. so, and he s certainly never treated me like anything but a foundling somebody left on his doorstep, and ley, (,ene Reynolds and Willie Best pidly out of her red, swollen eye assist rrom the side-lines. Jeeves he had to look out lor. . . . and rebellions are often a matter of buying off the discontented and even the leaders of various armies change sides with amazing facility. "That s what I am. too a found is one of the many men who boust Iho j ing. Something somebody didn't lids and then buried her face on the back of the yellow satin love-seat again. "Be just a little careful, dear I'm afraid the satin will stain," Aunt Nettie murmured, and then uiiuersiano women, so either 1" hiireh Sunday night proved to be a success despite the fact that several were out because of Illness. The young folks were assisted In their program by a mixed choir and Rev. Frank Peterson ..Mrs. William' Gephart, better known to many as "Aunt Mag," is very ill at her home. Callers at her home Sunday afternoon were Mrs. when he rushes in to help a lady In Looking back on it afterward want, and other people picked up and were nice to. Dad and mother, and finally Aunt Nettie and the girls. No wonder they all hate me. Christie never knew whether to laugh or crv. when she thaurht. the hum one diiy, and allowed her lo choose the day. in advance. She de All toe trouble I've made. distress Virginia Field he blunders Into a series or wild adventures. A "Symphony In Snow," an Oswald Cartoon. Paramount News and about that night, and all that it brought to ber. Tears stood in her eyes. Her YESTERDAYS DECiaiBKIl 23, 11 I Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kolts recently moved to their new home went 01' Clinton, near the raiiKc line road. cided upon last Saturday and ceived $28.75. What a sight she must have been. hands shook uncontrollably as she tried to shut the bulging suitcase, looking from it to the little pile are the Blanch Hardy, Mr, and Mrs. Dane 1 novelty about "Power many short features. of toothbrush, slippers, cold cream, turned back again to stare at Christie. Isabelle laughed, "Mother, you're precious I You do think of the furniture in moments of stress. Here's Adele, with her heartbroken, and" But Aunt Nettie turned on her, her usually placid face distorted, her quiet voice raised to a throating shriek: "Be quiet, you silly girl I What are you talking aboutT Heart broken. . . . Her heart isn't any rushing downstairs, pushing past Aunt Nettie and someone else who got in her way, flinging open the , living room door, banging it shut. . behind her, leaning against it, breathless and scarlet underwear that she bad forgotten to put in. di; i;mi;i;ii i:-2h Kieemau Kesner of .Miilberr .Mrs. Trouble. Through the mist she Westernmost North America Attu, one of the Aleutian islands, is the westernmost point of North seemed to see Dad again, sitting With her dress mussed from sit his old rocker on the porch. ting on the floor packing, and her nose and eyes red from crying. "You couldn't have fallen in love with my beauty!" she told him Harper, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Con-jird, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Van De-venler and son Pearl, Mrs. Waller Cook. Mrs. Alfred Coouce and Frank Petersuii. Mr. and Mrs. Stonestreet. who for Ihe past several months have had a store and lunch room in the Hughes building have moved into the adjoining building formerly occupied watching ner, saying nothing. . If she only knew how much he guessed about her and Gene how much he The Woman's Club iwl at tin home el" Miss Jennie Hedges, .Monday afternoon. Seventeen members were present. .Mrs. M. M. Scott w;i;i present and stated that she and Mr. Scott would leave for San Antonio. Texas, on Dec. 27. Provisions were made and committees appointed for si reel entertained I lie members (,l the .1. W. ti. club last evening al a dullshtful Christmas party at her home. Eleven members and Mrs. Paul Fletcher were present. The contest prizes were awarded to Mrs. Everett Peck and .Mrs. William afterwards. James, Jr,, is music director. more broken than mine. Keep quiet, I tell you, Isabelle 1 And you, too, Adele, stop sniveling. Just because of a little disappointment over a I ve seen von look better." he admitted smiling. He never said very much. Even a date. 1 never saw anything so silly." Sammy Mrs. Ella Jo Martin, daughter ol Martin of South Fourth bad worried. It would have bean better if he'd never taken her in. If he'd left her to starve never grow up to ruin her own life, and everyone else's. If Adele had SAID something. If she'd been angry, and blamed her, as Aunt Nettie and Isabelle had, or even if she'd tried to pretend she occurs vasininaor. 1 be next moethiK of by the Roy Clark Regal store. She sat down again, her com the "Open MeetinR." which Jan. 23, with Mrs. Houston. that night, when he came to tell her everything, all about his long drawn out affair with Adele, and posure regained, but panting, street, is confined to her home wil the duh is to be at the home of .Mrs. I.orr n Lambert. Business nouses in this town are clutching at the cascading chiffon heart trouble. stuying open at nights this week to money he still owed, ami the sacrifices his mother had made so that he could finish college, and do the over her heart. "And now," she said in her usual staw. mild manner, "will you begin aid customers in their last-minute shopping. Miss Helen Church Rot a unliiie, and very substantial Christmas gin from her father, J. I,. Church, the Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Fisher of Hail didn't care. Hut to nave to see ner, sitting there, twisting her thin, bloodless hands in her lap, her eyes red-rimmed and vacant, and all of again, Christine, and tell us just na. Inil.. are spending the holidays Mr., and Mrs. David Murray plan to spend tomorrow In Danville, III. They are to attend the St. James .Metlioiljsl church where their son. Mrs. Ldd Adams and daughter with Mrs. Flsher'a parents, Mr. her pink pret tineas drained away. Vine' Street leveryman. He told her j she could have the proceeds from j have returned to their home in leaving her suddenly plain and mid Mrs. George Mac.Nalr. dle-aged, like somebody's sickly, Uosedale after visiting last week with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rwaim. maiden aunt. extra research work that had meant so much to him even of his love for her, he wouldn't say enough. She had to ask questions. "But, if you didn't love her, then why did you keep on going with her?" "I did, at first I Or I thought I did, till I knew you and knew what it really was to love " (To Be Continued) Love I Love did that to Adele. what you re trying to talk about?" For a long while Christie sat by the open window in the dim quiet of her room. It was good to be here in the silence and peace, after the talk and tear of the stifling upstairs living raora. She looked out en the back lawn, at Aunt Nettie's chauffeur talking ever th hedge to tat next- and Love for Donald, who didn't love Same Old Sirens! Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Alice daughter, Mary Lenore. were, lay dinner guests of Mr. and Hoy Alloc and son Bob. her. Poor Adele I If she could only have put her arms around her, and whispered to her: - - Mmm la. Waati d0 njn,- i know. 1 know now you feel, 1 Hcrvud luiH'h to the bIuuViUb and tcarherH tor the, pant six veekt. The M. E. inembern will nerve the n lum-hen tM'HiiimiiK Jaiiutry 4. Kntertaiiimenl a rid a Clii-i;,! imi Mr. and Mrs. Dane Harper wore Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Harper. Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Deardsley lefl Tuesday morning for Tennessee, where they will visit with his par cuts until after the holidays. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Sagcis ire parents of a daughter born December IS at the home of Mr. and Mrs Hoy Clark. The Infant has been named Patricia Anne. .Mrs. Sagcrs was formerly Miss Gaylla Clark and i teacher ill the local school. Mr. and Mrs. George Vice and trca with Hunta Ohuk will t i both ehurrhen Chrintinas evp. Ev USE CtUUESS Get Your Holiday Supply Now! 2 Dozen jc CLINTON ICE CO. eryone it invited. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford help and family of Clinton visited Mrs. Drip': mother. Mm. Ulljf M Kail. .Sundny, Mr. and Mn. Kred IIusrijII ol Vcd do visited relatives here Sunday. Mr. ami Mr, ow-iir Church and Phone 475 3 1 1 1 Mulberry Street daughter, Ixiicnv of Uaua vinited 'laughters have moved from Silve: 'sland into the Maymc Lynaap; ironerty. ' Miss Lena Gordon was a week-nd guest of Mr. aod Mrs. Carl She), to, of Danville. Mr. Chim-h's i:ter, Mn. Paul Mu'-k and Mr. MaeJt Sunday. Mi i-M Lorene. llarjH-r of Dana vmit- HILLSDALE LODGE id her Hintor, Mrs. Fred Honehi;ilte Sunday. FranelK M Coy repot ted to ,;ir( ttueuniotiia. READ THE ADS "Happy Holidays, FoIIis Cf Sayt ft With Very Low Round-Trip Rtttt to Oilier Holiday Bargain nrvrreiTK fir M Fares Everywhere HAS XMAS PARTY Vacation for Students StarU IsillVUUU g 1 "2 cents a mile, round trip, to points South, Southeast, West, and Southwest. Today; Work to Resume on January 4 iIU.SJMIE. Owe. 2-'i - A Christ- man party was otijoyed by the mem- Imtb or tlio Kobekah Indue at tiirit rejru 1 a r mm tin? Monday n i z Ji t Travel the safe way, in comfortable railway coai lies, with every convenient and plenty of room. Round Trip in Coaches .'hriwUiiaa gifts were exHiaiiKrd. At the licit meptinz, Monday. Ikm'Ii-Ikt 28, iiistBry pals will le Christmas Eve DANCE PERONA'S HALL At Blanford Sponsored by the Blanford Baseball Team Music by Fairview Garden Orchestra ChrNiinaii school vacation will be- mn Wednesday aftornoon and will Tickets on sale Dwembcr 1 lo January I. 30-rlav limit from date of sale. Gift Suggestion Send your folks a round-trip ticket at tlii oe low holiday rates. Far lirkrci. rtc the Ci El Ticket Agent or Phonx S'l. 4. CHICAGO AND EASTERN ILLINOIS RAILWAY nd Monday. January 4. , program iil li. given at the Kchooi Wednes day. Mr. and Mrs. Mel Sprouls of Ose- ulla. Ark., are visit in e relative and friends here and in CHnton. Th V. B. Aid romtMr hv READ THE CLINTONIAN CLASSI1TADS

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