The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 21, 1921 · Page 13
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 13

Fairmount, Indiana
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Monday, November 21, 1921
Page 13
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS PAGE FIVE SECTION TWO n Likewise the -raising of all kind3 of live stock comes under the ore head of agriculture. arM up-to-date farmer. Agriculture is one of the greatest industries of today. Taking up agriculture from the standpoint of field crops it may be H. S. Agricultural Oepartaemt 3 30E 30C YOU CANT BURY AN ADVERTISEMENT IN THIS PAPER. THR NEWS IS READ THROUGH. j classified under the following headsj grain, hay, forage, fiber, tuber, roof; ! sugar, stimulent and other small crops. Agriculture in Fairmount High School CROP ROTATION POULTRY AND EGG PRODUCTION By Robert Hollingsworth. This is the first year for agriculture in the course "of study offered by the Fairmount high school. Mr. Walters, By Carl Duff. "In the past, the American farmer The Quality Grocery has usuallv had "bumper crops" with'the instructor of agriculture, knows , , . . the subject from the beginning to--the very little work attached to it. But , , , . end, and we should consider ourselves this idea is fast disappearingbecause j lucky in secUTit him as instructor. the farmer has had to appreciate the j The students are studying agricul- value of commercial fertilizers or a ; ture from the text, experiments, and studied such things as: Description aiil.. classification, importance, soils and fertilizers, growing the crop, harvesting and threshing, marketing and market grades, prices and cost, relation to other crops, uses, diseases and insects, and methods of improvement. Before the year is over we will have studied rye, flax, the making of meadow hay and hay making, pastures, the grasses, pevennial grasses, annual forage grasses, legumes, the clovers, alfalfa, root and tuber crops, sugar plants, fiber plants, tobacco, rotation of crops, and weeds. The agriculture department is one of the best departments in high school, ! observations. crop rotation, rrom now or tne farmer will certainly have to work j The text beh?g used is "Field Crops" by A. D. Wilson and G. W. Warburton. Dealer in Fancy and Staple Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Candies. Quality and Service our motto. Give us a trial. for what he gets. This text is proving to be very inter- In the first place crop rotation fi- i esting. ginated when farmers would grow one j TJp to the present time we have ' X 3 . i . - - A 1 I siuaiea aooui corn, wneau oais ana By Raymond C. Jones. j The raising of poultry is consider- j ed of rather incidental importance ' on most farms. A few chickens are j kept for supplying the table with ; fresh eggs and an occasional fowl. Perhaps a flock of turkeys, ducks or ' geese are added for the sake of vari- ety. Little attention is usually given to the possibility of large profit j from the sale of eggs and poultry. i Yet, is spite of this somewhat haphazard method of treating the poul- 1 try industry, its aggregate returns are very largie. For more than five . and one-half million farms have a flock of chickens or other fowl. In addition, rtot a few people in villages and towns keep enough fowls for home use. ! Nearly five hundred million fowls 1 are kept on the farms in our popula- j tion. Considerable more than ote-half billion dozen eggs are produced annually. This is enough to supply every man, woman and child with fifteen' dozen eggs each year. The value of the eggs is in excess of three crop on the land until the land's fer- barley. Under corn we studied these ; although it is iif its infancy. With different things: Origin and descrip- the interest shown by all the boys of tility was greatly decreased, and then they wouM let this rest and clear up tion, classification, importance, soils, and use another piece. This method anj f etrilizers, preparation of soil, Bert Briles, Proprietor. Phone 43 is a very expensive and laborious one. 'preparation of seed for planting, plant-Later on the farmer, trot to letting ', cultivation, harvesting fodder - J the class, the classes in later years will be much larger and better. Next year a course will be offered in animal breeding as the second year course in agriculture. The aim of the agriculture department is to keep progressing till a vocational course in agriculture can' be introduced in Fairmount high school. the land rest for one season only, al- i lowing it to grow up in weeds, then corn, com for silage, marketing and returns, con in crop rotations, selection of seed corn, storing the seed, uses, diseases and insects, improvement and judging. Under wheat, oats and barley we plowing them under. This way waste8 much time and money. As time wert on and agriculture developed the resting land was cultivated to prevent the growth of weeds, this is now what we call, "summer fallow." Still later we substitute a cultivated crop for the summer fallow land, because land was constantly beeomitg more and mere valuable, and it certainly Dairy Cattle and Milk Production By John V. Payne be noticed in diary cow selection is The dairy cattle of today are not the development of the milk viens and hundred million dollars a year, oi sufficient to pay about three-fourths of the running expenses of all our public schools. The fowls themselves are worth above two hundred million dollars. . Ten states supply about fifty-four per cent of all the eggs produced. These states are Missouri, Iowa Ohio, ; natives of the United States but have miik wells. The blood upon supplv- was rot profitable to let the land bejdecended from forms of wild cattle ing the udder with material for milk idle. This crop rotation was eventu-j that once roamed the woods and plains production starts back towards the ally -developed. This same process of; of Europe and Asia. They were heart running through the milk veins For All Kinds cf Building Material See The Fairmount Lumber Co. COAL crop rotation has ben developed into ; brought here by the early settlers and and well developed veins is a good ir.- a systematic or,e. it is oeir.g usea a bred of excellent dairy qualities Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, lexas, fen- up to the preser.t high stand- dication great deal now over our western ter- j ards Diary cattle are not selected as large quantities of blood must v.tory. j to looks cr style but a good dairyman pass through the veins. The milk j Eggs form one of the most neces-. desire cows that are good producers wells are the part of the vein where i sarv at palatable articles of food. r.d by this point only does he make they pass into the abdomen from their ! With improved methods of shipping many, it improves tne pnysi position just under the skin. Injan co'l storage, they have mereas-judging a dry cow the size of the milk ; ingly become a staple on almost every well is of far greater importance than j table, city as well as country. The the size of the milk veins because the i prices are high, a dozen of eggs bring-size of the vein's of a dry cow are 1 ing the farmer about as mwh as a smaller than when she is giving milk j round of butter. The demand for while the milk well are not influenced fowls as a supplement to other kind dition of the soil, lessens damage his selections. A g,-Kd dairy cow from weeds, insects and diseases, ai3s should have the following good points: in control of weeds, increases crop j Thp extreme angular form, car-yield, distributes farm labor and helps vying- r.o surplus flesh, but showing systematize farm operations. j -ence of liberal feeding in her vig- Crcp rotation will insure return's j orous rhysicai condition. and that is what most farmers are af- j . , , . . , , 2. The extraoramarv development ter. Seasai cer.dit-.on may be sh ; of uader milk veins, as to cause a failure of one crop, but , g marked develo t cf thfc if vou are using crop rotation you' , . . . - , , . " i barrel m proportion to the size of the will have another crop to fall back on. , . . . , . . i animal. . bv this. j of meat has als0 greatly increased, Perhaps the most important of all j and tl,ere fs ROW a readv rket j.,- . stnrougnout tne year ior an Kinos on points to be observed in Tne ola proverb, lk not put an your ; In selecting a cow for dairy purpos- eT- it. jo one basket. applies very s es oi.? snouia Keep m mma tne aooe selection is the development of thejPou!tr' uitame ior tne tao.e. udder. It is not the size of the udder j A fa5r sized flock of Poury can be alotfe that, is important but the number j keF on the Urm with but ,ittle of active secreting cells, as this gland inse for feed. This is because fowl secretes the milk. Some udders are ' win P-er up the greater part of their filled with fat and inactive tissues and .ing f rcrn the feed lots; undigested e i ; grain from farm animals; weed aiAl well bore. her "by these 11 A orable to wheat or oats may not be ' s . , , , , , , i points she should oe points sne snouia oe NEW and USED FORDS Bicycles and Welding in a iuai now oi milk and preferably near the best statre of her milkine period, because gooi tor corn, vjne crop ra-ay oe oes-- j troyed by insects, or a certain diseas.e accurate estimation lit development, but ny be lacking rass seeis; grass ana various green i, wv.,; plants about the farm lots, worms. 3- . . re Annot form an a irv cow as to nev 1 nv." ..-mvS 1..C.1 v- - - l4 . T ; Y";0f the value of r0 burrs, grasshoppers and other insects milk". sarv for a larere flow of certainly he:Pea tne somn our in y ?ome coxvs they were invaded by the cotton balll. chaTacteristics of high 514 S. Adams St. MARION Pulley's weevil ., ! pi-oducers ir? regard to type but fail SOU : . . . Simulation judge the udder correctly the cow should be giving her highest amoutt of milk. The bt-t breeds of cattle for milk V . . 4.1. ure crP re;Ps Prepay w"in not havinp sufficient to for the plant which follows. Clover ' , . titles of milk. A and pests form a large part of the diet of farm poultry during most of the year. According to experts there are one hundred aird four standard varieties of chickens raised in the Unite! States. For practical purposes the standard varieties may all be grouped in four cla-ises: (1) General purpose breeds; (2) Meat or table breeds; (3) Egp breeds; (4) Ornamental breeds. cpei.'s up the subsoil, sdds nitrogen ana kMn. TOilk pTOjucjng cow must have production are those showing the best vegetable matter to the soil thus pre- n&T facmties in ori3cT to utilize tht cLvry temperament. Eckels says that paring it for the com or potato crop f fond necessarv a, a br?ed the Holsteins ha-e the best which follows. i for the large milk production. This disposition or temperament of any The frowinsr of a single crop make it i.'ecessarv for a cow to have duiry bret?d. At the present time this limits Tr.e time wnen iarm ., large barrel. The barrel is that breed ran?;-; soccr.d in tamb?r only to m . . 1 ... !. j.h. i Jama ce cone, anonen t . uo,:e of the animars body between the , the 3 or ; part of the animal's body between the ,tho -Jersey, and are gaininc; in -lumber in a rusn. ire rv,i.iioii vi uu : , r , , , v- . i,: ..l.-itr very rapidly. They live s iOck. . . , . ; . d , - courages the keeping of re tne nor.viest oi r. l cir.-rv iToca. cow nas wiae sprung nos ana a ueep Make it a Magazine Subscription This Christmas for Mother, Father, Sister or Brother Nolder's News Stand What Is Agriculture? Live stcck require least attention when the crops require most, making it a very desirable way of doing. The following cf a rotation allows . v f 1 H v3 Vol- j abdomen thus giving a great capacity ; The average weight of th? mature jfor the digestive tract and other vital cow is 1200 Ts. It is predicted- that organs and an animal lacking in this this breed will some day be the fav- j respect cannot use sufficient feed to bt : orite dairy breed of America because By Joe Payne Agriculture is the production of j they have all the requirements of an me a:r o "r ,a lar?e producer. One of the most important points to J ideal dairy breed. MAINTAINING SOIL FERTILITY Bv Clavton T. Ford. ducts? If you have thought of the j plants an animals that are useful to j man. It is the fundamental occupation upon which all mining, manufac-j turing, aii commercial occupations i depend. Of course no complete civi 1 lization could develop without these occupations for all are essential for 1 . . . ... on nis yieias ana income, u niaj ; crease instead of increase the number j of fields on the farm. Of course, many people think that . the rotation of crops will conserve ; the fertility of the soil. But it will tJot. While the yield of the crops ' will decrease much more slowly, it ; Everv one knows that the soil was rce-dirVr questions before, you WINTER is HERE a high civilisation out agriculture is will in time, if no fertilizers are used, formed by decayed rock arAI trees, and srbT know what soil fertility means, j essential for All civilization. exhaust the supply of available fertil- 1 that there must be some way to and know the necessary pro.lucta ir the Roman times Agriculture wa ity. . j maintain the fertility. There are raised on the soil. Many farmers are puzzled by what many different ways in which it may j Farmers! Have you thought and the production of plants arAI animals outside of the city "walls, while Horticulture was the raising of plants within the walls. The word Agri, mean- a rotation snouia contain, it snouia oe cone, une way is oy Keeping me ironaeiw as to whether you are sow ground worked up loosely so that it ; ing the right crops ? Crops that contain the best plants which can be had. to build up the soil. In rotation the crops may be divided into the following classes: Grass crops, grain or intertilled crops. The grass crops in- will not dry out and crack. Another j will build up your poor soil, or are way is by keepir.r it well drained and ? you sowing) the crops that will bring by crop rotation. !the most with the smallest care? It t 1 1 Ar.x.n ;you ever expect to be a successful & UUl ldllll tviiif, " i ing outside of the walls, and the Cul ! ture meaning to cultivate, thus we get j the word Agriculture. Agriculture is the combination ol j a highly specialized art and busirfess. i A good farmer must be a good busU I ness man and must have an executive ( ability. Art and farming go hand in hand, a farmer must know the art of Whv ? , farmer, you should build up your soil, crorS 7 failing to produce Simrdtr because it i not. well drained. I aintah. soil fertility and beyond all lit )'iri j - -' 1 , f5?"lS 1 1 J. J' y because it hasn't enough lime, pot other, sow your crops in the right ash, nitrogen, etc., or because it has y an(1 rry t and urge to others the sante crop plar.ted on it each year. jthe mo?l nsry thing, "crop rota There is only one way to keep yourt,on- farm land in good condition and that j 1 " 2." . ' elude all plants which are grown in meadows or pastures. These may remain on the latJd for two or more years. The intertilled crops include the wheat, oats, barley, rye, buckwheat and all yearly forage crops produced. What you want is an intertilled crop, a crop for cash returns, a crop which will store vegetable matter in the soil, and orfe which can farming in order to be a prosperous is by a truly crop rotation, that is by r changing the crop from year to year , Another Drop In to keep the necessary plant elements. ; TTQ J . . nn 0 . . The early fertilizer was fish and j weeds, but in the later years of the I agricultural world, the barnyard j marJurep roves to be the best, if the soil has enough of the other elements ' as lime, nitrogen, humtSs, potash and j nresione Hires CORDS ALL NON-SKIDS be fed to live stock. j The length of a rotation depends upon the system of farming which is followed. The most common rotations are 3 year, 4 year, and: 5 year. In the central states where we are, the rotation which w need is, one year corn, second year corn, 'third yeat at or wheat, fourth year meadow and fifth year pasture. Summing it all up, crop rotation is vt an immense value aril should b taken into serious consideration, es pecially in the section of the United FABRIC $t.85 phosphorus, however a successful farmer goes by the correct crop rotation. Agriculture is a very importattT stthject, but it Is thought of as a light 3x3i f 11.55 3 1x4 $r2Q5 53x4 $2S.S S4x4U $.S5 3XK v..$4M5 ly occupation. Have you ever thought When loekinff for a itove let us show you our Monarch Steel Ran3e, Malleable Steel Range, and Florence Air Tiht Heaters. Ve also handb the DcLaval Scpcur&tors. Fairmount Hardware Co. of what the noil reallv Is Have vou Alto Columbia Icaitor Dry Cell Datterias al 35c Hackney Garage and Machine Works Stares where ttt land has very little j ben around a farm enough to learn j fertility. But sometime in the rfeatjthe necessity of good soil? Do you future f?.mers will te using crop ro- know what fertiliser means to the? t&tion to a greater extent than they soil Io you understand tally the Phone CD Palmeunt are now. rred of more and better farm pro- Y- - 11 L'L'jl . r

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