The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 21, 1921 · Page 12
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 12

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1921
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

PAGE FOUR THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS SECTION TWO 'could hardly force myself to move JaiU felt that I would fro to sleep at To The Top Of For miles and miles the eye could again. Also once more we began to ' I saw faintly a thin cloud of steam follow the winding course of the Sac- i feel more natural again, for slowlv I 5. from the crater of this splerAiid ' any minuie that I wasnt on my guard. mountain, and wafted away horizon- tii?n toward the sea. rar to the the effects of the altitude were rtowj south srAw clad Mt. Lassen stood wearine- off. Here on the more cent- I I f3 1 il C f 1 r lit V h 1 C 1 1 ' L too, was beginning to feel the effect altitude as ell s beiftg quite illUjWUV till. JMUOlU of th the But out bodly while the lesser f U T rHir ko- tn. nnW th I on the cooling evening air. perhaps it was but a light cloud form- Ralph C. Cottrell Glasses Scientifically Fitted SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO SCHOOL CHILDREN 421-422 Marion National Bank Phone 246 Marion, Indiana - x o r " j j the same range formed a hazy, descent. Here the ice was sufficiently dreary outline on the southern hori- melted on tnn t.ha- w oouJd lpf nnr. ed by the warmer air coming into 000 weary. But I knew mat l must t! watch every minute that I was on jthat steep slope and keep climbing as 1 rarely as possible if I were to reach (Continued from Pace One) xon. Far to the north I could clearly selves slide without danger, using out j tact with the snow clad Peak? 1 did ! out some majestic snow clad sticks to check our progress. At first j peak in Oregon, probably Mt. Mc- we had to be quite cautious but after Soon after arriving in Sisson we had the top. tap I could see the overhairir.g: rock t ,,, to th t LaUghlin. To the West th snnw rXiA xo romo frt o cfill wta orontlo nat : our hors nnf JlWAV nnd did lilstio tft the slope we really began to enjoy a good supper. Then came a good to get through. As I stopped to rest "IT ' 7 1 ' Vl fS lry Range stood out I looked down over the route we had " 1" v-IJ T,"'" ? J"?? relief, it as sport. UsirJgi our sticks to bal- j hot bath to soothe tired and aching WHEN HUNGRY COME TO , ",v .-" ..v,.. " 1 una tnere, miles awsv T ance and steady us as well as to regu- ' muscles and many painful bruises, length cvme. ine tent: i u sirri'iirrs and steepne My hands our progress, we made great preparatory to retiring). just three of us left, myself and the see, seemingly small, very blue lakes, late three fellows quite a distance ahead adding pleasing bits of color to tbe tr. Color td tVi crMu1 T. -,. olmAef ol-JiTi ! n Srt snn fnrm mat.V iif o nn1 of me. , too, began to feel as if I hazy landscape. I could niok . ! h; tw tu The Club Cafe WHERE YOU GET GOOD THINGS TO EAT. WE AIM TO PLEASE. n .1 m .i vhdnt care whether I ever reached many httle towns looking like so balance. We kept close to the rout J while my back, neck and ears burn the top or not. I seemed to have lost many small checker boards. It seem- ! we had traversed going up so we were ! like fire, from the sun burn I've ac- 11 interest m the climb. I felt that ed that I was at the top of the world, familiar with all the dangerous spots. ! quired today. Having already had an I would give most anything if I coulo and the realization of the heighth was At first we had great difficulty keefj Indiana sun burrf and tan, again sun- just ne oown ana sieep ai.u resu almost oveiwnemung iruly a pan- ing our feet and about half the time '.burned and tanned while in the desert, I the slope produced a tingling sensation in the region of my stomach that momer.tarily spread to my eiAire body. Just about that time a huge boulder from high xfp among the clirTs haa some way become elsloged and csra bounding down over the ice directly toward me, so it seemed. Down it came faster aril faster each second, bounding high into the air after each time it came into contact with the ice. To have tried to dodge in such a place would have been folly. The boulder seemed to bound first one way then another, so that one could not be sure just where it was going. At lightning speed it came and passed so closely that I fatiried I could feel the uiant een leei nungr .oi.r, oiama sucn as oi seiaom sees and . would be sliding on our backs or out then acquiring an additioral sun burn although but a short time ago I had ordinarily I could have lingered hours stomachs. However it did not take us and another coat of tan while in and really felt quite hungry. This feel- just drinking in the wonders of it. long to get onto the art, so that rtear ' along the Pacific, and now badly sun ing of course was caused by the alti- But really I did not appreciate it as I the foot of the glacier we had but -few i burned from my climb amorfe the ice tude combined with the fact that I should. I was weary and so drowsy, spills. This part of the descent wax j and snow Gn Mt. Shasta, I am hoping really was getting quite tired and I did not think s clearly nor register truly g,reat sport. The act of sliding that I will now be immune to further wom out as a result of the stretAious impressions as vividly as ordinarily I down, 0r one might almost say coast-I sunburn of any sort during the re-climb, do. So ix! a very few minutes we des- ' ing on our spikes, down a fairly steep i mainder of the season. Arid this truly But I kept on, slowly advancing, cended to the floor of the crater. Here ; slope over ice that was wrinkled and ! has been a day of wonderful and dif-Soon I came tc a great tMd of snow it was warm for the coli wind did not uneven, produced a decided thrill, atAl ' ferent experiences. omytn JDrotners Proprietors I BUY FUR All Fur Trappers if you have any fur, don't sell it until you find out the right prices, and if ou want the right prices call. Phone 187, Fairmount, IncL wind from it It must have weighed aRd 106 spreading out above the upper siriKe us. a0 my surprise me m.u . mis part iu me aescent was worth a a ton or more at at lean t-at was mv erid of the 1 nad it traversed, was entirely melted out of the crater lot of the trouble it had taken to get j READ THE CLASSIFIED COLUMN conception fathered as it bounded bv. ore tbe slope became much more and jets of steam were rising from to the top - tKn it sA Kn r,A tVic ir various tilace in the crater floor. I When about half way down this ice! K irn'iin s nil it vy was quite a relief, because the These had a peculiar sulphur volcanic ! and snow covered slope I first began ; XXXXXX XTT fetched up with a crash a-ai;st some "arger of slipping was not so great, ocsor, mat comomea wun ine aiiuuue, . to notice mat ine vaney, siui lar w-iuttir.' rock below the ound reab- the snow had been mating in the made me feel quite sick. I was half low, seemed to have became more in- M M More for your $$s ing u but faint-y man- seconds later sun of many ays ail was peculiariy lying down, trying to rest, out watcn- distinct ana nazy. i nrst tnougnt a FVsc-A-t V.f tv w,r- r'cT,t r i pinnacled, ribbed, serrated, and fan- iijg the jets of steam and vapor and cloud had come over the sut.' for that , M irt in all d"rect;on bv thi-s collision ? tasticauy carvea. some oi tnese strange puaaies oi wuiiig ,ws me y i meu. duiwh Kiam.- a -x-o. snow mnnacies, irozen into ice, sicca ouuaemy i jumpcu iu ij c uii iuuiw mat tc ia. H H H checked then accomr-anievi bv a multi- vral feet high, so that climbing small jet of steam had started to snoot I shining as brightly as ever so I knew tude of smaller stones rolled and over na arouiM tnem was tne naraes up ngnt wnere i nau ueen iui.s i x ws xue cuwu. Goodyear Tires and Tubes Storage Batteries, Rebuilding and Re Here I got any number had painfully burned one of my fing- of a slight snow blindifess due to the tumbled down the more gentle slop, s01"1 wort YyYl lar 1AU 0, l . V k. ?r 1 ' , " . " w v - - - - , - - H M M finally disappearing in below. bruised in a number of place, from of new jets sprang up irl various places Everything looked this way to me tor " falling against these sharp, hard pin- with a peculiar hollow, hissing noise, quite a while after I reached camp, My determiratioi' to roach the top but this gradually wore off toward r nacles. In a number of places my ' and I vaguely began to feel uneasy All of us began to weaken rapidly. rening, until by sunset I could hard-! w4 charging, Accessories, Mobiloils. M Vulcanizing a Specialty. H E. 0. Ellis Auto Supply Co. j had long since graven c "the i-ea of ai "s 'were cut or bruised and bleed- and wonder if Shasta might not be ev cp e iv.jea o hardly noticed that at the preparing to stage -some sort of early in tne . , - . t.. r v,- --r i But of these jets notice it. I getting to the summi time. T snow and ice pinnacles eruption. many' soot. ; We made the decen't to the snow H H just a little less L'--rvlS- if -t tVat t-T,,l t :v.ere beautiful in the sunlight. Rich- subsided again, and I began to feerline an(j to camp jn tx.iexe i., at u at mat t....e i naa - , i .v ' .. the of ly opalescent colors were reflected on less uneasy. Also feeling sick- than two hours. Needless to say we 1 every hand and the ice of each pin- ness began to wear off a little. I were quite wet through from OUT Phone 226 H M Fairmount i:acle, gleamed almost as the fire forced myself to eat a chocolate bar, ; SpjHs on the melting snow and ice opal or became a soft, warm torquoise. although I still felt far from hungry. ; during the latter part of the descent. SIX It was almost as if I traversed a great My two sandwiches which I had been i ut even at that I felt quite good again. For about an hour, after re- p!H!i!!!!llli!!l!!!llii!!!i;il!l!!!IIU!!!in!!li!l!i!ili!ji!ijii;ii;i field inlaid with precious stones of carrying in a "pocket, I threw away, many kinds and sizes. One can hard- much to my regret a little later. I ly imagine the beautiful effect if he looked at my watch ar.d discovered has not really seen it. that it was just a little after 12 noon. One other verv odd thing I noticed. We had started at 4 o'clock from the Here iA?ar the top of Mt Shasta, near- ; snow line ar.d it had taken us eight It- m"a H.-- th narpst livinc riant hours to reach the top. movir.Vr my shoes, I relaxed on the i blankets and then felt quite refreshed j enoxigh to begin the nine mile trip j back to Sisson. ) After taking some more pictures of Cut I Prices Deeply , our camp and surroundingo, we packed j or flower, and by actual distance, sev- j Selecting a level spot I lay AO (p Electric Laundress eal miies removed from, such forms down eo rese for a time, before -e- frieij Campbell climbed on and we of life, I saw some three or four beau- ginning, the descent. I still felt pe- j were cff for Sisson, myself on foot tifully colored Monarch Butterflies, ' culiarly drowsy as well as comfortably ieajing the way back along the trail flittinc along over the vast fields of "warm, but knew I should not let my- ! we cijmbed just last night. It was a slipped back even a shcrt distance I , surely would have made my way on coixn the mountain rather than to have resumed the climb. But we kept on. Every six or eight steps we would have to stop to rest. If we should climb a few steps too far without the rest we would find our hearts thumping wildly an3 ourselves gasping for i reath. From here on we began t scatter out instead of climbing l.Var together as we had previously done. For a time I seemed to have lest m . "pep" ar.d two or three of the others were soon quite a distance abend. One fellow had already given up and started back. He looked pitifully small 1 far down amid the wastes of sr.ow and ice. From time to time, rocks that probably had been held fast ii' the frozen ice above, were loosened bj , the heat of the sun ar.d plur.goi down to a lower level. However, fortunately, nor.e of these came very close to us, nor were any I noticed as large as the oi-'a that had come so close to us earlier in the morning. By this time I had begun to get cfuite hot and remove! a sweater, leaving it in a conspicuous place on a large rock. This still left me with plenty of clothing even though it might be quite cold on top. snow and ice in much the same fashion self go to sleep as I felt like doing, that they might have floated along . Half an hour later I wakened from a over a field of the most fragrant . sound sleep. There on' the top of Mt. flowers Sbasta, at the side of the old crater ) lisa little after four o'clock when we left Horse Camp on our way back. Since the sun was still high in the skv we could see the details of the route wt traversed last night in darkness. For three or four miles the trail wourAl NO. 60-E ARM CO TUB Highest 1920 Trice S165.00 Now $124.50 'I had unintentionally slept for a lu;l Soon, having crossed this ice and snow field I came to the foot of "Misery Hill." This is a gigantic heap half hour. About one oVlock we began the descent. That all in, pepless, drowsy Total Reduction S40.50 vi. .u.vomv .... .,, , t Yljpg ieeimg stiii nu:ig uti . vot and cinders, pumice rock, etc through quite dense forest along the i mountain side and every turn brought many new beautiful scenes from the j forest or mountain side into view, j This part of the return trip was tho- j roughly ei.joyable and interesting des- i ing the humrocky ice neias we v'- few falls ar.'J bruises again, but the descent of Misery Hill was comparatively easv. The most difficult and NO. 61-E COPPER TUB Highest 1920 Price $190.00 Now 139.50 pite the fact that the trail was quite ' was no snow on the sides of this for the simple reason that it was too steep aiAl loose for the snow to stick. In attempting the ascent of this 'hill," I found that at every step I would sink to my shoe tops in the 1 xse mass and that I would slide back each time so that progress was ex- part of the entire descent dusty and that the afternoon' was hot ! dancerou Total Reduction .$.50.50 was through the peculiar cnasm oe Really I enjoyed that nine mile hike ' tween the rock cliffs. When retracing back to Sisson very much and even 1 our course across the vast snow ana j at the last I did not feel nearly so ice fields I began to realize how easy tiro 9S j had on the mountain top. Soon' a cotr-le of the fellow? ahead v .v , , v ,ecedir.g!y slow and tiring, although IlilCiillliMiiiliiJiiiiiiiii.ililliiiililil.illlli!: it would be t0 lose our way on tne top However I did begin to get quite . , not necessarily dangerous. It seem- ed that f was hours ixi reaching the'of this eat mountairJ, with only a huTery and longed for the sandwich top cf this mass, but this was almosx the last climbing necessary, so I few rock out crops. . the crater am. j na(j thrown away on the top of Mt. Misery Hill to serve as landmarks. : Shasta. However this chasm helped to guide : We arrived in Sisson shortly af tei A Five-fold Guarantee: 1. Guar anteed to be regular 1921 models in every respect. 2. Guaranteed to be factory "firsts." 3. Guaranteed brand t'ow, fresh from the factory. 4. Guaranteed to be bu;lt as well, of the same or better materials, as when they sold for $165 and $190, no cheap ening of quality anywhere. 5. Guaranteed for One Year by the Manufacturer's BorAl. Mi Hill T rwht irh us when we came near it, then we be- 7 O'clook, just about the time the set f - f - - through it. Here ; ting sun was restiiAr his last ravs on the two fellows who had preceeded n tne escenx the ice had begun to thaw quite a bit : tiie t0p of beautiful, snow clad, state- me. till we had two great snow and lusive P ARRILL & LEWIS l..ll'U&ll a Lilian ndi iin j'ac n u a it I had noticed but a short time before. This was quite a narrow - in the red rock cliffs, having been cut cut, I presume, by numerous snow and ice slides daring past ages. Moreover a tongue of the glacier extended through this from the vast ice fields above. Here I found the steepest of the entire slope as well as the Riof dangerous of the entire climb. That isirely was discouraging. However stfll made progress slowly and when I reached the mouth of the opening I discovered the two felkws who had gone on ahead, were already out of sight around a curve in this peculiar so that our spikes held a little better . y Mt Shasta. To me the fact that I than they had coming up although it ; na stood on that majestic peak just was still quite treacherous. Once j a few hours before seemed more like broke through a thin cruet arJd went a dream than memory. As I looked, Dealers ice fields and the narrow rock ledge sepatating them to cross before we could climb into the crater of Shasta. Amid the ice pinnacles we staggered on, breathinpi rapidly ait'i heavily all itrauituL .tfi.'iv.., diij iiaviL ... to my waist, before ay progress was remembering and wondering, I fancied Blllllll!illlllllllllllllll!lllllllli!!!lilllllllll!lllllllllll!lll!lllliil!llllllllllllllllllira ... , the while, because of the extreme cnecea oy my . v;nc- f , t, -,t,ft,nTT sticK. ronunaiciy ii. - t,.1 T haJ j e-ood hold, so by this staggering, partly because of the means I pulled myself out of the ere- : 4 rough ice, and partly because of the vasse. How much farther I would Maurice Warner, President Earl Allen, Cashier have fallen if it had not been for this, I had no means o knowing, but whetf chasm, glowlv, cautiously we started : - v , , r. Ti XT sed. I began to wonder if we should up not daring to loo back Every; which see I scrambled out of the place I couJd ; step was uwn w.i... ueiwawuu .. j . . , . , , i?o near and vet go r away. FOWLERTON BAM -laic XKJL 1-UUCl V hear running water somewhere down lficentl. ... ,; little em-1 On either hatAl was a magni that we did not slip. If our spikes , in tne cre . shorM slip we must be sure that our!vieiw'' s we wer Poetically on tne , . h more cautious for I Responsibility Over $250,000 Farm Loans 6 Real Estate All Kinds of Insurance alpine sticks did not. Foot by foot crest of m Shasta. Miles and not help wondering what might we progressed. It seemed that some , miles of rolling, mountainous country ;hae happened if i had iJbt had a gpod huge knife might have cut out this - Poetically two miles below us, spread o alpine gtick : deep pass through the rock cliffs ex- out to meet the distant honron. But ( Jn fte steepest part I would have cept that in a few places ths walls ally 1 dldn't appreciate the view at reach down fihead my alpine had jutting rocks that sometimes we he time- 11 seems that 1 remember hoMin myself from sliding by were able to grasp and thus aid our ; but this remarkable panorama my ;pikes -y, having a good hold slow progress over the treacherous , uch as one ,s Privileged to see but tfce v) T .ouM slide down to ice. How deeo thi r,. wc we bad ' f ew times lfc a life time. I took a ,.., v.r or.,;-nr V,Pfl aMiin. Un- the Farmer, is impossible. We believe in the Farm and less hejprospers "Good Business" no mean's of knowing, because of the Tumber of Ptures as we approached Qrfce j had a d hol)1 tJ. fact that it was partly filled with , ineraier- Dur XJUS was ne more or my alpine stick, my spikes slippo and We are in sympathy with every movement which will promote the thrift and industry of our farmers. snow and ice that might have been ,ess mecnamcaiiy. Alterwaru i was hardly aware of having taken them. only a few feet deep and again might I shot down the slope for several yards at tremenduoUs speed. I madt a desperate jab with the pole and was Wn brmdred or mo A tJ,?, But 1 id remember that I must make t, t,T- fallows wbn YA Wr, brief exposure because of the fortunate to get a sufficiently good .limbing with me began to fall be- densely brilliant reflection from the gt progress. But during hind. They were ttearly exhausted , f"' f 1 ve hopes that they U those few seconds I was about the those few seconds De gooa. Then, coming to the crater we climbed up to the top of the surroundirg rim and crawled, rather than climbed to the ledge, the very top of Mt. most thoroughly scared of any time during the day, and needless to ay I braced myself arid rested for sever-al minutes after this before I could giet up enough courage to resume the 5 INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS FOWLERTON ' BANEC, Fovlerton In A and were getting discouraged for we could see that it was a long distance to he top yet. They were already feeling the effects of the altitude for one had had the nose bleed a couple of times and another had become sick at his stomach. However I managed to keep on although I myself Shasta, given officially as 14,380 feet 'descent. above sea leveL Finally we reached the lower end Ilere the panorama was truly mag- of the pass through the cliffs and felt rcccMarty xresry and drowsy. - I vCvrY toe of -the ord- then wc ben i fee! rc t ease' j

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