The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 21, 1921 · Page 11
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 11

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1921
Page 11
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SECTION TWO THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS PAGE THREE i Watch Repairing Jewelry m eKIWANISo THE FAIRMOUNT CLUB HOW MORE INDUSTRIES WOULD HELP FAIRMOUNT Chinaware By Margaret E. Taylor. L. E. MONTGOMERY much larger than Fairmount. They have progressed by bringing large factories, which bring in the other I By Robert Holhngsworth. mert. After this greeting, addresses The Hoosier Mould, Snider Canning-were given by visiting Kiwarfians. j factory, Drop Forge, Telbax Corporate motto of the Kiwanis Club is tion and e . f e Oil company. The Kiwanis Club, which is a new organization for Fairmount, was presented with its charter on Wednesday evening-. Oct. 12. 1921. This meeting Fairmount Your Jewler i compose ine ihuumi its vil r airmouttx. On "Give every man a square deal." dlC vimvo "- iivUC UL VllVSC SKSJ!53 6:30. w.i heAA in the Telbax hall at tfecessary things for larger cities. Why can't Fairmount do the same? There are many citizens of Fair-mount who trade at some other town. Why shouldn't they? They make this commandment hangs all the law are running and other times wherl The following program was rerWered: ;an pg cf business." jonly iart of them are running. Music Fairmour.t Band. j t;.., .,iu.t! Ml tbosp factories cnmhii-JUl nn.I i aiiiuviuuif itiuiaiutf o iilc ciiiaiicct - - - --.- u.u . v.. ... 'if vunnincr at the same time would not 1 : . I ii . a. tTi ; Song America. Invocation Rev a iviwairts : Charles Sweeney. ! town in the world to have I "wiicy iir mac town. aiiis tases f tntii imimicv irr rnar Town. i nic " " " ' ' - "i ... n.:.j- a. i club, it having about sixty members. mpioy u-uu, ,. orK-the capitai oufc of our town instead of CENTRAL GARAGE The officers are as follows: IVesi- , njrmen m rairmounu me mew oi increasing it. lent, Lafe H. Ribble; Vice President, ; Fairmount go to Marion Jonesboro We have all heard of the "City DinrJer served. Mu?ie Fairmount Band. Welcome Address Charles T. The charter was presented by Col. William II. Farrill to 1; Secretary, Earl I a as J rK a mK a. v- Beautiful Plan." We Vi,r s.)hv ! ing for their families. ouldn t it be see it row h. Fairmount. F This Morris; Treasurer, Directors are ""jimngs the question up, How cart we J. L. MeCullock, International Trustee, I For Automobile Supplies -v...,. -. - - . - . f This can bp Hnnf hr hrintrincr rarker, Otho Compton, stories, men iron, jdo it" li i ! Morris, C. T . . -" tons ouia w vumt- Win some jarge factories The people work ir'stead of our men going awaymovili in buiU h d William McCormick, J. W. Smith. The Kiwanis holds it's meetings on. of Marion. The address of greeting to the members of the organization was given by the district governor of Indiana Kiwanis Clubs, J. N. Brom- Phone 252 A. E. Olf ather & Son Wednesday night every two weeks. !toWK j model old ones. We cannot expect !, This would be a great help to Fair- ; people to build homes here when they - mount. The town would be increased j cannot work here all the year around, have them? The thing for every loy- jn size, population, and capital. j Just think yourself what more iW-al citizen to do is to help enforce our ; All large cities have had a period I dustries would mean, and do your laws and this ill turn will make bet- in their history when they were Tiot jbest to bring them in. ter cities and towns. ' COMMUNITY HOUSE Why Firmcoit Shocld Have One BOOST YOUR HOME TOWN FIRST A NEW CITY PARK By Glenn Buller. Everybody should boast their home Exclusive Agents For Borderland Block and Egg Coal Chas. F. Naber & Co., Fairmount Bv Lois O. Jane Fankboner. By Arthur Osborn. A community house is needed in the town of Fairmount. A housr where the whole community can come together and enjoy itself. There should be a music room, reception rooms, gymnasium and library. People could , . i. ' town first, because if they don't they Just what would a new city park i ; , . . , - can not expect any one else to do so. mean to Fairmount? ; ; . , xl ., , . , - ... Some people seem to have the idea It would mean a place cf recreation i " ... ... , the places of the older people. For them to do this, they must have a good education and not only an educa- . tion, but a knowledge of what has been done aiAl what is yet to be done. For these reasons everyone should work for the school in their communi- ty and see that the children are getting what they should have. j Also we should work for cleanliiA;ss i and beauty. People passing through one for the people of the community. It . -,, T u u become better acquainted with COUld worK DU1, 11 "lu liou 11 lillvtS another and krknv more about the could be so arranged that we to make a success. ESS First we should boost and work for the industries of our town. It is this that furnishes most of the people work SE community in which they live. It have community affairs there and would benefit the whole public if they make it the center of attraction for made use of it, j Fairmount. The people are no brought together ' If w o had a prrk we could have a enough to become acquainted and urJ- base ball diamond. I think this is derstand ore another. The communi- l.Voded by all the schools. The base tv house would draw them together, ball season this year proved it to us. and enables them to make a living. ! a town judge it mostly by its appear-Xo town could thrive without indust- : ance, and to give people a good im- ries. ! pression, we should watch these things is es-' closely. Svn hif v-!..iv a rer-.-m could We could have a tennis court which Next comes business, which W.R. Lewis For Shoe Repairing 110 East Washington St. vri into the library a?fd pass away the would also be a great addition to our scntial in all towns, and must be sup- i One of the largest boosting forces time reading, or he could go into the town. While we have one good one, ported by the people to make it what for any town, especially a small one, gvmnasiar.i ard enjoy himself with we could easily use more. jit should be. Many people go to an-! is the farmer. Business men have at various athletic exercises. 1 As ore of our schools is startirnr a other towi! to get articles which could last begun to see this and know that Muioal lecture and plays could xst ia team we realize the need of be purchased at home at a much low- : it is up to them to work for and to K S'iwn i v "-eorle cor Id tike a $r 1 place for them to play, and er price. The price is not only lower, ; boost the farmer. This causes a more this could easily be supplied if we had but often we rind that the quality is friendly relation to exist betweet) part ad themselves. Strangers a park. Ore of tre bigsrest things who have a few hours to spare could c-w.e r.r.d ;ov lh :relvc in the of the librarv or v-ir-v Wead of bnm- tir,ie s boaiih and your children can i; better. these two classes and naturally causes The school system is another item tne farmer to boost the business men which should have the attention of the town, instead of knocking and everyone. The children of today will trading elesewhere. soon be men and women and will take i Boost Fairmount. , v l . i .u . ; if o ir.g awav 2fca-aw?57a g-v of If ! V in the streets. ev have to play awav with favorable opinion a h.OUSi 1 we had a park, then we could have a ; clear., healthy place for them to play. A ccmmuitHty lot frr Fairmour Fairmount. would mean Another thing we need here is a - -public swimming pool. Ii5 the hot 1 weather we need some cool, refreshing Our City Government Compared With; That of Other Near-By Cities and Towns LAW ENFORCEMENT place to go. We could have this if we had. a citv park. A good place for a building in Bv Merle L. Carter. Jonesboro is The government f . . . i ... . .i... It's Value ta a Town ii whit h to held public meetings, con-? The government of Fairmount is ! VT similar to ours. Hi tact mere ai!d other town affairs would very democratic. It is placed in the is little, if no difference between them. certs, By Anna I Law enforcement liosiey. be in a park. nana- ei a town council wincn consists Gas Citys government is different is very valuable "Such a place is a valuable asset to'; fiv councilmei; from the five dif- , . Harness, Buggies Auto Supplies Harness, Buggies, Trunks, Suit Cases, Bags, Robes, Blankets, Auto Shawls, Collar Pads, all kinds of Horse Clothing. Harness repaired and oiled 'any time and at reasonable prices. Auto Supplies We are constantly adding auto supplies, U. S. Tires, Tubes, Patches, Boots, Tire Cover, Chain, Jacks, Pumps, Spark Plugs, Bumpers, Radiators and Hood Covers, Motor Oils and Greases, in fact anything for the automobile at reasonable prices. See to a town. In every towii whatever a communitv because it helps to keep : f?reRt ards of our city. These men o'rl In- thi noAnlti pvorv two maw lo preciae over tne town coun- . 1 M Thev nat- are its size there ire people who must be the young people in town il cil. lied cr they would do things uraliv go somewhere to seek amuse- ars. Associated with the counc cor.tiv in its weik is the town clerk and trea that would cause tragetiy, sorrow and uient when none is provided here. They would often ruin the town. need entertainment supplied here so A town must have law enforcement they will stay in Fairmount and ap-to keep it growing and to keep re- preciate their town' and boost it. spectable people in it. Let's all Ti-t together and boost, It must have certain law enforce- and see if we can make Fairmount a ments such a? traffic laws to preveiJt real town by having a city park, automobile and other kinds of acci- In cities of thirty thousand or more, the government is more complex, has more city officials and bodies of government power. An example of this i is Marion. The mayor is at the head ' of affairs. Next in rank are the alder- ; men, who act as civil magistrates ill some instances. These men are elect- j ed from the different wards or pre-1 cin'cts as in our town. j A couple of governing bodies are j the Board of Works and the Police j Force. This last year Marion consid- surer. The council meets twice a month in the town hall. In these meetings problems of both small and vital interest are discussed and a suitable elisposition j made of them. The tJeed of the town and its citizens welfare are eared for, changes and improvement made where necessary. Another official of the towW is the marshal, who is appointed by the council, and who serves as long as he I executes his duty satisfactorily. Then i there are a number of other officials that are appointed by the council, ! these are the street commissioner, i health officer, twAl wat frworks en- cents. Health laws are very important to a town. If it were not for health laws we would have many kinds of FAIRMOUNTS NEED OF A HALL FOR GENERAL PUBLIC USE C. ALBERTSON 124 South Main Street diseases i our towns. These would spread and there would be many 1 I! deaths as a result. ered a new form of city gpvemment, one that has been tested, has succeeded and has failed in a number of cities, but she clung; to her old form as she was afraid to venture on the new Bv Rhoda Helms. Tlie enforcement of laws in a small xrxa gineer. M town like Fairmount is sometimes? Ever s:nce the iittie iog meeting dicult. We m'piht have some peo- nouse of the Tilgrim Fathers was people who would ignore our laws alto- j used it has t-, neCessary for com-gjether just because we have so few munjty meeting houses in America, officials who have power to arrest or j- tfme a itj Indiana that the loc-er.force our laws. al school house answered for all pur- We have laws made by our state ajong: this line, but owing to and national legislatures. These must Uhe increase in population and the Value of Lecture Course During Winter By Jim Johnson. J ty on- a higher plane, which will eri- A lecture course, erven during the I K. it to widen its Dolitical views be obeved bv evervone. Most reorle i j .- , c v.,,-. 1 The Senior Class of 1922 and improve is government. A good course will enable every man, woman and child, who hears it to lean of seem more willing to obey these laws lth5 use of ,utomobileS. no school iwvirr;, .vluable to Publ,c for than those in their owrl towns hichhouse or school can aCcommo-jthe Allowing reasons: are as fully important to the town it-1 date sucn crowas as often wish to - l Kes the people of the corn-self. or--rt Jtrtt.-- TTnce. fmunity a chance to have good speakers fe " . , . . season All our town ordinances or law' in mariy localities, community halls on important questions in are made to better the town arM to or houses are being built. when these thirfes are very scarce. 2. It takes the people to valuable In such halls, members of all politi- poilll f thines rather than to picture shows. cal parties, religious sects, lodges. . .. , laces of affairs of national interest. 4. Most lecture courses enable one to learn of affairs in other countries, other than our owtf, to see their difficulties and hardships. If our knowledge of foreign affairs is wide erough we will not be so narrow about our little affairs and differences. A study through a lecture course will enable one to have a broader view on all matters of world wide interest and to place our confidence in keep it growing and not to prevent freedom of action. Our towns and cities most be kept clear!, because who wants to live in a dirty town? Therefore we have laws about keeping our homes and yards clean. If each person will keep himself and his surroudings clean, thert our towns will be clean, but in and clubs, can gather and discuss t amusement A lecture course puts common sub jecte without prejudice Fthe mmds of the on things toward anyorte. Such halls are being ) that -n thJs pame of used extensively by the farmers fed-jUfe It et&bles a person to gain a eration for their monthly meetings, j.knowiedge of wide affairs and for farmers institutes and granger j events that every citi-en or future fairs. These halls are also used by the ,citien of United States should many other clubs and unions to dis- nave cuss their interests and our interests, l Such a course puts the communi. An example of such meetings is the j mmtmmmmmmmmmmmammm Have Ordered Their Class Jewelry from every city or community we have people who are careless and some who the right place where we can depend upon it. really don't care whether themselves and their surroundings are clean, so laws are made to make them be clean. Federation of Clubs held m Muncie a j few weeks ago. Some of the thoughts brought out irf this meeting were those of more and better schools, more and better homes, more and better music and most of all, better education. For such common interests, I wonder what a town without the erJorcement of laws would be like? Would it be clean and have respectable people living in it? Every town has some officials who have the power to enforce all of our different laws. They have state and M. MEYER every town should have a hall for ; public use. Brandon Electric Company Electrical Contractors 206 South Branson Street Phone 2143 MARION, INDIANA A dop's average life is fifteen to twenty years. Marion nation back of them and it does not pay to overlook our laws as we will be punished in such ways that we will not overlook them again. Every one knows that 'IgtJbrance of law excuses no man. If laws are not needed, why do we An elephant is awake nineteetl ; hours a day. r

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