The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 22, 1936 · Page 9
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 9

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1936
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Tuesday, December 22, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 9 itrotfier Jimmy alo 7ny mother audi Wednesday afternoon. Klsliteeu members were present and a uro-cram Riven. After tlie program a daddy. And ifanta oe. sure to not "SHARP STOMACH PAINS UPSET MY WHOLE SYSTEM'' DANA LODGE HAS DINNER-MEETING Jraii'ltnaw and tirandpa. and my little I'Ja.viiiatcp Patty Ann. Sliiiley and !avid. Vour little Friend. UliTTV I.OU HIXOX. Ill So. gltj. St. I'. S Don't forget tne I'o.r Tklnt Crowed in Rostboalt When the Vjkg ci'Ci.,ed the Atlantic 50(1 years before Columbus accepted as true, they performed the leat in large rowboats, equipped with only one square sail. re.- K hin eidjance was enjoyed and freslimeuts were served. H'-ri' "I tiied a l.,t- forget the poor litt). girls and boys, koviugly Your. WANDA JKAN SMITH. ' " 7iS ,. Mil St. hays tie is Kniil'K 30. I Itb St.. Clinton, ind Dec. 21. D'-ar Sa.lta Clause, I am a Jittie boy -ar old. For Xmas I want a Mi'f-a'c Jjue trai:i. ;-fnan gun and a pair ol Iji, (,, )uls uf t.Judy nut and oraure's. Don t foiget my si-1' i s orother. A fneod KAWKJ-.'NCj; KICK STEWART. rif w-ks' tretjnerjtt of Dr. A'jla Tablets und'-r yojr -. Sow the niiitih are gorm ! arijlhifie." Tom.-iln ft,ar-dr tt; and 1 American Legion, Auxiliary Joint Monthly Session; Class Entertained Ind Vumber Vine Nine is the number of mvstery. So matter bow you multinlv'it h. Letters v to If 111 So. Mlj St.. Clint l'-ar Santa: 1 a ma little girl two y ,!d "I.ind of Evangeline" Dear Santa Claus: I am a little boy about 1 vis. old Please tdin tiie a cowboy suit, a set of tools, war tia'-tor. fiddle, story book and tfam'-s alo lots of fruit and andy. RememJier Mother and Daddy. A good boy JIMMIE DAJ.K V kk;ht. rova Jwr-otia has been called "The Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CKiropractor ' X-ray BerHea. I'almer Rra1uate. Its.",! lils.knian Street result will always add up to nine or to a sum the figures of which wall total nine. Here are two random examples: 3 x 9 is 27 and 2 and i make 9: 44 x 9 is 3 and 3. 9 and make IS and 1 and & make 9 i-ana oi fcvangelme. and Grand DANA. Dec. it Mr. ICarl stiar. Sir. Kred Hflt and Mrs. Owar Cuurh enttrtaiiied v; mDjbfi-s or (lie Rol Neighbors lodcc- at tJt? borne oi tile latter ou Monday uiKlit. A covered disli dinner a oerreit st oYlork. The Lome war beauti SANTA CLAUS rrt, wnere Evangeline Memorial par marks trie site of the place Kor Xniaw I would lilfe t liave a baby Hussy. Ixjll. Doll Blanket, a train, a set of dishes, a pair of nouwe slippers, a b'-w dress, a ball, doll (loths candy nuts and oranye. Dimt forget Mother ii Daddy ini my little Friends patty Ann i: Shirley Dean. Your Little Friend BETTY 1X1 U H1XO.V. wmcn tvangeiine and her people were expatriated in 1755. numbers its visitors by the thousands. The memorial park with its ormau gateway. Norman fence, a- was v- -u.wm wiuows planted by the Dear Santa Claus: T I'm a little txjy yrs. old. For Xmas I would lik to have a popgun a dial telephone and a bycuje don't forget my pal Rosemary JOHN WIXUAM SAno. SHY II ELECT FHCRLLV vidians, pathetic ctatue of Evan-gel:rie by the Acadian sculptor, He- fully deeorat-d iu Christmas colors including a CLnnuiaf tre. After the dinner a rbritttnas n. ilianee was held with Mrs. Everett Warrm. Mr. ;eorce fcmitli and Miss Mary Penibei'ton jn harse. Hinso was played m itii Mrs. Ijiuraiice and Mrs. Oscar Cburcu be-iug arise winner. tr to Hear Santa I am a little girl two years old and for X'uias I would like lor you to brinK me a Doll that cries and oes to sleep, a Uaby liuccy. a Bath Kobe a pair of Louse slippers an I roiling lioard. and Iron, ixits of Csudy. Suts. Awpl"s and Oranges. Please Santa Don't forget my tvangeiine s well and the picturesque chapel-museum erected by descendants of IK. Anrf... - V. S. Don't forket the poor little; and girls. J attraction lot visitors. Clinton. Ind.. Dee-21-3'1. Dear Saula 1 am a little girl five years old. 1 am writing to tell you what I want for Xmas. 1 would like to have a tricycle, a table and chairs and some dishes, candy nuts and oranges; please Santa don't forget my Itm Gixii Mf-t The regular monthly meeting of the Amerkan legion and Auxiliary and their families was held at the legion Had) mt Wednesday night. A oiered disli supper was served at 7 o'clock. Candy was given to children of auxiliary and legion families. A varied Christmas program was enjoyed and a Christmas tree. CIwk I'ltertjijiied Mrs. Oscar Church entertained mi her tome ou Tuesday night 1 1; " members of the Marthas of Bet hair Sunday school class. MiSB tla Hunt gave the devotions on "Origin of Christmas Carols." V' MY MEAD-ACH's)fMUSlT SE YOUR l P . a Gone! My ALKA-tttTtfR Q . ' EDi5CLeAR! DEAR. ' fi ' h Make Christmas cheer a year 'round reality w-'th one of these electrical appliances. Gifts of shining beauty., things that lighten ber burden, are the most practical gifts of all . . and you!) find them in pleating variety at Raynes-Frazirr's. G. E. "Hotpoint" Irons $2.95 $6.95 wurjiig tne business session n election of officers was held as JV-low: President. Mrs. Oscar Chun h; vine president. Mrs Clarence iius-sell; secretary-treaivurer. Mrs. Clarence Chtuvb. A gift exchange - "IteU d Christmas refreshments were served. flat at Hi Mill Hooic YOU1 MWVIS, YOUR CAR AND YOUR POCKETBOOK- VOTE FOR CONCRETE HIGHWAYS There at a modem pleasant way ts get Belief from Headache. Gas on Stomach. Caids, Heartburn. ' Moraine After" and Muscular rains. Just drop one or two ALKA-SELTZER tablets into a glass of water. Watch it bubble listen to it fin. s Electric Toasters $1 475 and up Heating Pads $2.95 Electric Coffee Makers $6.95 Sandwich Toasters $1.49 a"d up G. E. Mixers $18.75 Percolators $6.95 to $7.95 'a nam mxoii entertained the jien's HiWe Class of the Baptist church ;,i his home on Wednesday night. A covered dish supper was enjoyed and a program was given. About 17 were present. lOdjte lirstuui Party ?. Z5 VV7HEN J'ou kTe on Cn" cieveyou rtUx. It's smooth but ooo-tkid s s : swift but safe. Its sharply defined ribbon of light gray is clearly visible at nigbc The smashing rattles and bangs of rougher roadways are absent. Vour car rolls on with out wrack or strain or destructive shocks ; s : more comfort, less cost Scientific tests show that driving on inferior surfaces costs more than driving on concrete. You pay more for poor roads than for good roads. 0 As soon as tablet is dissolved, drink the tangy solution. Alka- S eltzer 9 (AjuJfeaie Alkalizing Effervescent Tablet) Yon -will reaUy enjoy the taste more like spring water than l&e medicine. ALKA-SELTZER, whet) dissolved ia water, con- tains an analgesic. (Sodium Aoetyl-SaJ icy late . whicfa 0 relieves pain, while its alkalizing agentc help to cor- rect everyday ailments associated with hyperacidity 9 Tour druggist has ALKA-SELTZFV Get a 30r or WK- package on our ' ' satirf acti on-or -money - back " Llectnc Clocks $4.95 to $5.95 ue juuoeru star lodge Christina party was held at the Masonic hai on Tuesday night. Hutu Coolie gw a piano aelecMon of Christmas car. ols and a ift exerhange was en. joyed. Candy, pop corn and uut wer serred. e-. i . Raynes-Frazier Co. guarantee. it M "An Open Letter to Henry Ford, is a booklet worth having. It's FREE!, Write to PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 10 Merchants' Btnk Bldi., Inditnapolii, Indians .10 Merchants B,k Bid,.. Indi.nspo!... Indian. .,.J?s'."'v' wans persons enjoy'.; going to Terre Haute WodnesUaj morning and hearing the "Ureal Messiah" at the Indiana Stale Teachers college. Harry Bell jr.. Dana miusic Instructor, gave one of the solo parts for the fourth year. Mrs. Harry Bell was .(ailed to Hollywood, Cal.. on Friday by the critical illness of her mother. Foiwxt Bawls Returns Forrest Rawls. who has beeu a patient t the Danville Soldiers Home returned to Dana on Wednesday i iiU - 'tlltrVNir4i Viis' 323 SOUTH MAIN ' ' n 7 PHONE 33 THIMBLE THEATRE , Starring popeye By E C SECAR s-yVJWjWERE FROM M THE BIRD u5iCH UJftS J, 'TT T&LLHER AFRWO CP J . T jhkT Vv (nopoppaT house .. A-Zkva iir are Vfvx refuses to) j r. .iw i-orraiue t'liiircb entertained Sunday school class at her home on "Wednesday night Fight members aud their teacher. :.!ias Dortua Kkiduiore. were present. A covered dish supper was served. A gilt exchange was enjoyed after supier. Mrs. Sam Qsmon entertained Hi" Plus I'lira class at her home on At Doughty's - . as in. ! mm h-aaK ' II stl f T1LL1E THE TOILER ? By RUSS WESTOVER HEEP OQ5-r HrAi -CO SET My m HSfed K4TWa" M'i FPT i M'JtJ Nir M HVf-O c--l -W1! PkAKIkl IM Iklkl " GIVE YEARS OF HOLIDAY JOY! If mother does not fcave Washer, by all means investi gate how easy it is to eive ber one this Christmas. Pay next year, small deposit assures you UMININ UUININ Secref Operative of delivery on Christmas! If the old family washer is down aasd outtrade it on m a; AN T7 THT5 DOE OH fci, 1 RAN A WAV FROM 7 : v WELL, I SAW 'EM RlXNIM' It LOOK BAD FOR ME- Ou 1 new Speed Queen, Norge, or PRINTIN' ACMINEi AND DUNN. CAPTURED BY BUT I'M fJOT Is. I vOU BETTER &ET iOME SEEP NOw, BAftS. AMD I'LL EE If I CANT P,&UE A WAy MrSTEP THEVRE AWFUUV ausv ,J I QIVIKKi UP V tt GIVING UP VET I VOJ VE 1 famous Maytag modernise the laundry equipment this THE TIME AND THEV AO. THE PEOPLE THE HOME HAD ME WORKHsl' FOR AMD I 3T UOST M THE WOODS AMD THESE MEN fOUMD ME AND THEY'RE KEEPING ME WERE I WAVE TO WtfbH THE 1 COME, TO GET OUT OP HERE VOUR NAMt 1" BABO WHAT'S GOING MUST i THERE MUST BE V, ISOME WAV TO 6Er r. Mother will be provid GANGSTERS GOT GUNra AMD TWEV , ssssVltsssssr T''-5f V- K T WE LL TALK SOME MOS.E ed with years of bappiness for TALK ROUGH, TOMORROW I your thoughtf illness ! NtCC I nice ' rr ON HERE' SEARCHED TOR The mc3 smviu HELP COOK. AMD EVEtmHINS kSKAVTEWPETTING 50 , . (uut Ulunttatod) LONG EASY TERMS! SHIP, K PLACED WJ THE AW CLL wrrw LITTLE BABS vn-to is ALSO NO FINANCE COMPANY! ? ?t 7k Ti l A. J. DOUGHTY hi BBMj MELD I nnijtir- . Itugi. - hiwn Vuatity KirM. Prit-w Alwai la tr THE MOeiTEP-,. if-, '-Jlvi a " i p- i ( 1 S-S8 Flui Ktiwt lltour .Kll aaaucL

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