The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 21, 1921 · Page 6
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 6

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1921
Page 6
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' -. Y:- r-"r '- V THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS TAGE SIX SECTION ONE VOCATIONHAL HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT ART IN THE PAST AND THE PRESENT old building. Then we have a cupboard which is within our reach, and a long supply table which stands in the middle of the room. 5 Bt Beth Winslow. j an J critics say, "That !s a master- By Cecil Brown. Vocational Home Ecorfomics was established in Fairmount high school in 1919. Miss McClure being the first teacher and for the next two years Miss Jessie L. Wright, has been the able instructor. The rooms were first located in the upper hall of the old The study of art has never been re piece," aiii everyone begins to see the cogr.'.zed as a necessity until the past "-J " Times have changed, art has a com few rears. For the first time in the mercial value. A good artist, car Ibuildirtev thee ookiner room wn v.., i tkrth side and the sewing room on the THE PLACE WHERE MOST PEOPLE EAT Moon Eat Shop Next Door to "Pat's" Drug Store history of the Fairmount high school has art been givers as a solid, credits are given the same as would bo for mathematics or any other study. There is no frse- but who can leam art. Many say, "Why I cant draw a straight line." DrawV pictures is not the only thing. If you can see the toonist, or designer, receives some of the highest salaries paid in the business world. Now why the change Because of the great amount of printing matter which is distributed through the United States and all over the world. It has been fourAl that pictures are one of the best south. Our sewing room was laree and light. In this room we had two lone narrow tables, three sewing machines and a mirror in the fitting room ad beautv m the beautiful and in your joining. The following, year we added at ironing board with an electric iron, mrwu lings, if vou can dress so that ean catcn ine ie 01 ine v? the colors will' harmonize, you may an use their imagination and input it dowi that vou have art in you, : tst. The magazines are full ol There are manv. manv people who d advertisements. How much attention not paint or dVaw. and yet are very 3 them if n artistic. If vou have not an idea of the colored illustrates which ac- colors, you can learn it if you so de- company them 7 One Pa-rt- Hill Brothers J Can give you your money's worth Hoth in Canned GooLs and Meats OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE Phone 58 tnree cutting tames, iney are nine feet long and have eight drawers, to each table, two sewing tables which we used for dining tables and another sewing machine. Our cooking room was just across the hall from the sewiiJg room. It was a large room also; in it we had a :re. ments cost irom -.w m t-,vvu, uv it pay to know art and to be an artist? This means of advertising, is a modern idea, and cr.e which will have a long life. There are o many great pictures and yet how many people fail to appreciate them. But the majority are not to blame, for art has beet J over looked in the schools and they have . . " . . - . . schools, from the first grade through J small sink, eight S,heldon tables in j which we had out individual equip-! ment, five steel enamel tables, which I we use for cooking tables, because of j our large class, one supply table and j last year we had installed a seventy-two inch porcelain' sink with double ! drainboards and one three burner gas i hot plate to each individual table. We j had a window box refrigerator, but ' our cupboard was very unhandy as we had to use a stepladder to reach the j shelves. had no chance. While some do appreciate them and yet have not had training, that is natural ability to see the beauty of the picture ar.d to understand the taler": and skill of the artist- i After one has had a course in v. ; 4-.-v V i r hot- Ha. high school. The high school art class, under the supervision of Miss Mary Sample, has done wonders in the past eight weeks of school. The i art exhibit proved a great success, As Christmas Presents PHOTOGRAPHS STAND SUPREME IF YOU GET THEM AT The Hockett Studio fore would have passed all unnoticed. . , ., r .. , , . . , , . . . . interest of those m the class. There As a rule there is a legend or incident has not been much actual art work At preeht there are two beginning classes in high school algebra and the about every picture. Think how far . doi'? so far and will not be till the A few days ago we moved into our more interesting it would be to Vt?w . . 1 n 1.- u indications now are that it will be nec- j new quarters, which are much nicer. aged the study of mathematics as a means of mental gymnastics and have failed to emphasize its relation to the everyday problems of life. Three courses are at present offered these stories and then when you see . J . . . . . . . masterpieces and the lives of artists the pairtmes weave the story into s , ,, V 111 VvlI-rlllUlC lltT W VI R VVJ 1 1 1 ava, lilt first semester. the picture. The artists of long ago were gen- Pictures have been chosen for the 1 " inior hieh school. The first course essary to start another class next , They are located on the second floor semester. As a guide in this work, j in the new addition. we u the adopted text by Wells atAi ! We have a ewinK TOom which has . .... 1 four windows and two doors, one lead- Hart. This course is elective. j . . . , .. ... . . I ing into the hall and the other into Plane geometry is offered in the : the fitting The sewing mach- second year for those desiring the j are beneath the windows, one cut-study of higher mathematics and is j ting table on the north end and two on fiwt in th third vear bv a course ! the south, and the sewing tables, with J"1 k".i' ,j school and the art class will redecor- S involves a review of the fundamental of worn, but there is and iV . , .... . ,,... .. , , mc bo pleasure i. that srt of work te their class rooms- lsltors are , operations and drill ixl rapid calcula- er there would not be people who w,"me anT time' and the class wlU : tion. Here the student gains an idea would spend their whole life to por- l" -"'-,of relations by means ot tne grapn. Electric Machines for Family Use. Parts, Supplies, Hemstitching. SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. Incorporated 210 East Fourth Street MARION, INDIANA Phone 1726 oeu.$f uomr. j The second course, percentage, m- 'eludes a knowledge of the three elem in advanced algebra and solid geome entary problems ir percentage and Mathematical Department their applications to commission, terest. insurance, taxes, stocks and tray their feeling and impressions. Pictures in oldn times were hard to sell, one might say they had practically no value among the common class of people, but oty for those who studied art. The great master-pieces of today, were not rocotfuzed as such during the life of the artist. Many gre?-t men have died in proverty, feel-insr that this life was not wor V while chairs in the center. The fitting room is just north of the sewing room, ii5 one end of which we have the girls rest room, and in the other end we have the mirror and the ironing board. On some occasions we will ue this for a dining, room, we also have a double window and curtains. Our kitchei is large and has five double windows in it with practically the same equipment as we had in the try. This department wishes to emphasize the invitation to the friends atAi especially the patrons of the school to visit our classes while in session as we are sure that the best results for the students may be obtained only through the hearty co-operation of home and school. 1 bonds. The pupils are encouraged to The curriculum in mathematics has 0 much of their work with original been organized accoiding to the j problems. The third course, elemen-courses cf study for junior and senior tary geometry, is based primarily up-high schools in their practical and on snacial relations. This class us ISAIAH JAY General House Furnishings WALL PAPER 112-120 North Main Street Phone Main 29 ually writes its owi text book in and ill sreni. ar.d then as the years modern applications. go by, their work is brought to licchi Ev!i-, ators of the past have eikour- i geometry. XXX RANGE aed : H H H M H H H H M H Heater ale H Hoosier Junior-A Beautiful Heater i 4 K. M M $nijo A Heavy Cast Hoosier Range With High Closet and Reservoir Only " rp H P No. 14 No. 14 No. 16 No. 17 No. 18 : uy ALSO MANY OTHER PATTERNS 1 SOME CHEAPER THAN ABOVE ' REPAIRS If you ever had to send away for a repair for your old stove, you know that it takes from two to six weeks to get it and that you must then pay expres3 charges. With the HOOSIER it is V YOU CANT AFFORD TO MISS THIS SALE IF YOU NEED A RANGE ANY TIME THIS W INTER This Hoosier range is a. rare bargain as it is one of the newest design, plain finish, colorial patterns, and one that is selling elesewhere at $87.50 to $10 0.00 each. In the last thirty days we have had many people in our store who wanted a xange but did not feel they should pay so much for one, so we have taken the matter up with the factory ard now have a special arrangement whereby v we cn sell a limited number of the high grade Hoosier Ranges at the very low price given above, $58.50. IF YOU NEED A RANGE NOW OR LATER, DON'T DELAY GET YOUR ORDER IN AT ONCE. COME IN TOMORROW. r - r different. We do net hare a cut showing the, exact design of the) special range, but it is similar to the above cut, except new plain colonial design net much nickel. Should any part of the HOOSIER burn out in ten to fifteen years, you can get the repair withit one hour by calling at the down town office or at the factory. .; Washington Street, North of Square, Marion Cash or Payments IIIIIIIXIXXl!llIXXXX XXXXXXIXXXllXIIII IXIIIIXXXIXXXIIXIXIXXIIIIIII ( ,.3 ! ' f 't: - --.., ----- ' . .'AW .1"

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