The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 22, 1936 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1936
Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Tuesday, December 22, 1936 Page S CLASSIFIED ADS Behind the Seen in LOST Rates for Classified Ads 'HOLLYWOOD and Paid Notices Brown sheepskin Jacket at the gravel pit. Sam Lucas, 302 North 11th A Christmas Suggestion for the Whole Family LOU PBIGE-DIGH QUALITY The Radio Buy of ths Year First day of Insertion: 8c for each readlnx line (one column line, like street. t41 one of tbeee). FOUND , Next two days Insertion: the same 1c charge (you Hat three days at By HARRISON CARROLL Copyright, IttsS. Hint FrAturm tsyndlcute, Inc. HOLLYWOOD Twenty-four hours after. seeing "Camllle", 1 am still under the spell of Gurbo's magnificent performance. As Marguerite (iautler, double the cost of the first day) Neil three days insertion: tu fork. Cull al their roles in "Seventh Heaven". Remaking a classic means lighting a halo that time gives to pictures that win great favor. Stewart confesses that he saw the silent version three times when he was a movie fan In his Home town. Indiana, I'a. Slmone got her drat glimpse of the Janet Gaynor portrayal only a short time ago In a stndm projecting room. She also attended the play as given by (lie Federal theaters here. Silver meal an. lame 8c charge (you net a whole mil, six days, at lure Mine the the Swedish actress reaches cost of one InmrtloD). Special Kueli group of three daya there For Sale Coal after, 8c a line. Ill a Fate ( this), 10c per ine pea k ui hit career, and li makes all the it other glamor M stars of Holly line. rXJt'KTH VEIN CXIAIj. I'NIVMWM., MI AMI NO. 4, A Nit lil.AI K HKTTY NO. o. IIAItl.KV HI KF-MAN, I'HONK 10. 04tr The Big Feature Radio Only . All rlusifird ads Including nirnio-rlania and no) leva of all kliiiln muni wood seem pule wraiths by comparison. Here is a story told many lie nald Id advance cifit I Hone iy Sr ft rfffular cuHtorocra wrlioae accountii are paid monthly or tliiwe from or The largest Christmas party out our way will undoubtedly be that of Director W. S. Van Dyke. It Is his annual custom to hold open house on Dec. 25, and all his friends are invited to partake of Yule cheer. Last yeur, 497 responded. This year, Van expects 600, but wouldn't be surprised If the total reached a thousand. mes on stage ganlmllona wnofte ouin nmwi w l.m-Hil before bWiiar lald. In Mie Markets INDIANAPOLIS. Dec. 22. Live and screen, but (ireUt Ourbo the Metro-Gold- latter ine (he pcinon awktiig; the liublicatloti of the notice will l held stock : rrouonsiuiu lor i ynymrui. 1IOCS, 8.IIII0; holdovers, 811: market opened lilc lower; closed 2fic lower; ull weights showing de FOR SALE cline: 100-1811 lbs., 110. 20(B) 10.30; Nil Wav" brome and wool fell 18(1-2011 lbs.. ll.2!il?l; 200- weatlior stripping lor windows. 22T, lbs.. $10.3(ll10.40; 425-2r0 4ln rtimr bottom still). Meat saw lbs., 10.3.r.i'10 45; 2511-275 Urn.. $10.2610.3r,; 275-300 lbs.. $10.1(1 Here and There In Hollywood. . . . Edna May Oliver is threatening police action against an artist who persists In trying to sell her a portrait of herself. . . . The Brian Donlevy-Marjorie Lane honeymoon will be a trip to New York via the canal. That is, If the ship strike ends in time. . . . Are Gertrude Niesen and Craig Reynolds trying to set a record 10.20; 300-325 lbs.. !t,80 Ifl 9.90 ; hladeB now in Block. Volo Hardware Store. 233 N. 9th St. HI Two aullts. 1 model T Ford coupe. wyn-Mayer version, directed by George C'ukor, is Immeasurably the llnest that 1 have seen. It is well nigh perfect in every department. As If inspired by Miss Caibo's performance, the rest of the cast rise to new heights of acting. Robert Taylor's Arinand Is his first serious contribution to the screen. Lenore Ulric, as the vulgar, malicious Olympe, gives a portrayal that should send Hollywood producers crowding to her door. !aura Hope Crews, Rex O'Malley, Henry Danlell rate cheers. So do Zoe A kins, Frances Marion and James Hilton for their adaptation. If Greta Garbo in "Camille" is not Hollywood's greatest dramatic actress in her greatest role, then I have been bewitched. Second bourn east of Kairview 325-350 llm. $9.55(5 9.1)5; 350-40(1 11)8., $9.45ffl)9.55; 150-100 lbs.. $9.60i9.60; 140-150 lbs., $9.25lii) 9.35; 130-140 lbs.. $11.0(1 9.10 ; 120-130 lbs., $8.758.85; 110-120 school. C. Abernathy. CIS' buy real Dodge coach, Cheek & Son. lbs.. SS.fHKii 8.l)(l; 100-110 lbs.. 89lf $8.258.3ri; sows, $8V75 tip 9. GO $B895 If I 1111 1 if 3:'! rgSHjipiI I .Ml" 111 III 1 lllil "&Z-z-MQ LOCAL top $9.05. 1934 Kord V-8 Tudor, heater, radio, uerfect condition. Cheek & Son. CATTLE. 2,200; calves, 600; 39tf market generally higher asking prices tending to slow trude; eurly New sales of bulk grade yearlings strong 1932 Plymouth 4-door sedan, paint. Cheek & Son. or something ? He has dated her every day for five weeks. . . . On an R-K-O set, Elizabeth Allan, Eric Blore and M a r g o t Gra-hame gathered around a radio and openly wept as Edward David Windsor gave his final 39tf 25c higher; best yeurlings, $12.25; heifers active and firm; early bulk. $6. 6009.00; cows gen Fat ducks and geese. Mrs. John A. Jones by Crown Hill switch on Centenary road. t40 erally steady; beef cows, $4.25 fftf 6.00; cutter grades, $3.25 (To 4.00; vealers 50e lower, bulk better grades. $ 11 .00 (S) 1 1 .60. Cecil Crane, t40 To descend from the sublime to the ridiculous, there is the woman in Seattle who has written to Clark Gable offering to cut off her long hair so he can use it for a beard in "Parnell". f Mr. Gable, who appreciates the Intent, is replying that Hollywood whiskers are synthetic, not real hair. O. I. C. purebred boar, route 3. Margot Orahaiue SHEEP, 1,000; natives 25c low Jersey Cow. 302 North Uth iitreet. t40 er; bulk better grades, $8.50 ) 8.75; heavy lambs downward to $8; slaughter sheep steady; hulk fat ewes $3.50, top $4. Turkeys, 15 to 20 pounds. Haslit, Stop 18J, Clinton-Torre Haute road. t40' broadcast to the British empire. . . . The same scene was repeated on every set where English actors were present. All studios allowed them to stop work and listen to the speech. . . . The change In rulers will not curtail the Hollywood exodus to London for the coronation. Dolores Del Rio and Cedric Gibbons are the CHICAGO Dec. 22. drain open Ing: You Asked Me and I'm Telling You! Joseph Creelman, New York City: Ginger Rogers' hair is now virtually back to its natural red and will remain that way at least WHEAT: Dec 1374-13Vi, off Turkeys, 10 pounds and up. Fat turkeys, dressed or on foot. J. D. Sturm, Dana, phone 49-D. t39 lVs to 1; May. 130 -130 off oft 114 to 1; July, 11514-115, until she finishes her new co-star- j latest film pair to announce plans 1 to 214. ring picture with Astairc, "Step- for the trip. Call 141 Hens, dressed and delivered. Mrs. J. F. Carlin. CORN: (new) 10914, unchanged 3. n $ 'is 3 t $ t ft -5 ? IS ( ft-4 tt ff ?. S 35?' $ ft Sf 4J 4 -ft f$ 4. -ft -o tb O- 4 ; ping Toes". She went brownette for "Mother Carey's Chickens", then the film was postponed. ft 0- ft ft ft & ft ft ft a ft ft to up H; May, 10494-105, off It to 14 ; (old) May, 103. off 14 to ; July, 101, unchanged to Today's Puzzle: The father of what actress, married to a Hollywood well-known, will have to go - . .tn!e any minute? PAID NOTICES off Both Simone Simon and James Stewart are frankly nervr"' "- OATS: Dec. 5114-61, off 14 to y TV ; May, 50 34-50, off ; July. 45, off . EEL RYE: Dec, 11414, off 114; May, 111, off 114; July, 105, off 114. WWm SOYBEANS: May. 157, off . PROVISIONS: Weak. Archbishop of York Ignores Loud Protest Against Canterbury's Air Address, Raps Edward's Decision (Continued from rage 1) Farmers Built Ohio Canal While the Ohio canal was being built in 1825, farmers of the vicinity were glad to drop their plows and hoes to work on the project for a 26-day period, from sunrise to sunset, for $8. This gave them cash to pay their taxes. NOTICE! All members of Victor Lodge No. 653, K. of P. Election of officers and other business to transact at K. of P. hall. December 23, 1930. at 7 p. m. Everybody come. John Donzero, C. C. James Genisio, K. It. 8. NOTIflS, MOOSE! The annual Christmas tree and party will be held Thursday night, 8 o'clock. All members and their GERMAN BODIES FOUND IN CIVIL CONFLICT DEAD families' are urged to be present. J. C. Hayslett, secretary. t40 (Continued from Page 1) arisen." Partially blaming Mrs. Simpson as well, the archbishop said: "When the power of personal attraction is reinforced by the glamour of the throne, the moral obligation is more urgent for that reason." See the New SPARTON Model 567 Five tubes domestic, foreign, police and airplane reception. Two-band illuminated airplane dial. Walnut finish cabinet. Everything you can ask in a radio. Cabinet Model $39.95 5-Tube Table Model All Wave S34.95 ADMIRAL Robinson Crusoe Memorial Alexander Selkirk, the original Robinson Crusoe, has a permanent memorial. The government of Chile made an island in the Juan Fernandez group where the Scotch sea captain- was marooned : for four years, into a national par'. The Gift to personal friends should suggest you. There Is no gift so personal as your photograph. Arrange for a sitting now. Caxhiier Studio. TOYS Any boy's or girl's eyes will sparkle to find opt of these fine toys under the tree Christmas morning. A fine line of quality items at low prices. Tricycles C Wagons Scooters GUNS AND AMMUNITION TVir-'s nclh'ng that pleases I'io sportsman so much as Us of fruns and ammuni-H. Wc have Clinton's f'"' :t st.-fk of shotguns and I'f'er. plus t!ie famous I'lirin ammunition. 16 v WHAT A THRILL lo own a bicycle hat locb "jus! liVe Oei'i Car.'' WHAT CONVENIENCE with no heavy, dirty, cumbersome chain and padlock to carry. WHAT SATISFACTION to know your bicycle cannot be ridden without your permission. BIKE-LOK PROTECTED BICYCLES Mey Be Insured Again Fre and Theft for $1.00 Annual Premium "The Cycle-Lock Supreme' BIKE-LOK "J lie Protected Bicycle" LOCK IS NOT AN ACCESSORY, BUT AN INTEGRAL PART OF BICYCLE Insist that your next bicycle be BIKE-LOK Protected Order by Ndnie Accept No Substitute AND UP defenders of El Escorial and complete the encirclement of Madrid were crushed in te drive. A communique issued here said: "Government troops counter-attacked in the Pozuelo and Boadllla Del Monte sectors, rectifying their positions." Rebeln Lose nt Pozudo After a week's attempt to gain the highway at Boadilla, in which tlie rebels reduced that village to ashes, the insurgents swerved their ft HOLIDAYS BEGIN WEDNESDAY FOR LOCAL SCHOOLS (Continued from Page 1) as ::& m $49!i I TnlH-;t IkiiKl TAI1I.K RADIO Hnllel'J- .... main attack to Poztielo, only to Ik HERE'S A CHRISTMAS VALUE beaten back by Spanish loyalists and foreign volunteers. YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO OVERLOOK! Again admitting that the loyalists Car Heaters Radiator Winter Fronts Defrosters The Schrader Policy Is Satisfaction or Your Money Bark! are threatening Burgos, the rebel capital, the rebel radio at Tenerlffe. Canary Islands, asserted that a leftist army was routed as It prepared to attack Escnlada. near Burgos. spend the holidays with relatives in Corydon, Ky., but will return the middle of next week for basketball practice'. Mrs. Ada Cioyd and son, Lewis Guy, will visit in Princeton and Miss Mabel Clearwaters will spend the holidays with her parents In Hillsdale. Van Reeder will enjoy a real country dinner at his parents home and plans to attend several Big Ten basketball games during the holiday season. Alice Baumgartner likewise will spend Christmas In the country with her sister, Mrs. John Dunkley. Guy Morford will spend Christinas in Bicknell and the latter part of LADIES' SUEDE SHOES High - Low - Medium Heels Brown or Black REDUCED TO ... . il 51 f3 V? P ft ft ft & Their retreat cut off, a group of i i.'aj 1 militiamen were "decimated" by tin rebelB. said the broadcast. Madrid Itself was quiet tuday. with an overcast sky preventing any GOOD VARIETY OF KID LEATHER SHOES air raids, although there was resul- 300 South Main Roy Staats. Mcr. Phone 1 1 0. V. 0 0 . 0 tory artillery shelling from rebel emplacements far to the southwest For Last Minute Shoppers: Give HOUSE SLIPPERS Men's - Women's - Children's Priced 49c and up the holidays In Indianapolis and Terre Haute. Tovio Lahtl will vis-It friends in Chicago, and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Elliott and fumily will WOMEN'S HONE Sheer or t'hilfoil P.E.nOSER NOITH MAIN' KTKKET - PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS - roil THE MAX Trouper Tien Hhu-ts visit In Muncie and Indianapolis. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Stwalley will be the guests of Mrs. Stwalley's family Measuring Intelligence Prof. Louis L. Thurstone of the Psychology Department of the University of Chicago gives seven abilities that must be considered in weighing mental endowment; Number facility, word fluency, Visualizing, memory, perceptual speed, induction and verbal reasoning. I'alr 49c zft In Darlington. Ind.. at which time By Brandon Walsh A VISIT TO SANTA CLAUS LAND iMrs. Stwalley looks forward to rabbit hunting. Several 1'ncerljiln Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Hurvey, Misses Louise Robertson, Margaret Patch Glenn Morgan, Anna laura Curtis. Helen Newport. Anna K. Walker. Mayme Williams, Florence Salaro-glio and Fred Hays have made no definite plans. But Miss Salaroglio and Miss Curtis may spend several days in Indianapolis. Plans of Ray Shew. John Tuck and Miss Royer were not learned. Hli! V)!fi VLJ 'AVt) Y" MWiSB mHAeMA6iaAtJS-THtYHrE fW THEV APP THE MIH6LEP MZL09IBS li J V L - Y, J iK J f- SH'-. -Wll JZ ilrjLX OPTUHEPTHt TfArtE60M6 0fW WlSHT,WOM 1 THE BKPS SW5 TOTHE SUN(?S- I I -fe2JlC 1 (f fe VfT3t'vcrE& I f the soyous lwgwer of happy children - W xmp the ajOAB we wwps ryStZ 77HEBiLSilSrfNANPPN"WEV cy -Tl: VT X. C I Vn THE TWMLWS CHUOOBS Of A AlEfiR I F , ... ,o tdc topp TnPC -TUP A. I 7 f I GLORIOUS PHAPSoOY-Ano TWat 'VttO fluW TWO auo RETT AMP QUM'S Ms0 M IfLl B'A6IC???JrJ H BL&JP THl ALL TOGETHER S f ft) IS WE SVmPHOM YOU HEAA J --tfl- ( ' H;:lScIOffSANOJAW A THENTriEy PLAVTrtFM ) JU WHfN THE BEtLS BINS OUT J I Hj THEyAREALL SiENT 7TVTV OM "W&e MASC TO ViISH THE WoELP 1 '"SLt'''gT"'V ABvl vtSV. Y AV VJ L.?rONOGRAPH$ 7MSRY CHRISTMAS J 1 ttj CHBlSTAWS BELLS! W WITH VOICES FOR VBo( V,'. ijlRfSBl (77" ' ((t) "N, how i we io the eeas Lawt Vt Srl(fcBrt wMra I -n H V, VISIT TO SANTA CiAUS WtL BE THiMGS TO ONLi,T0 PAVS Z.EFT! Oldest Art Club The Boston Art Club, founded in 1824, is the oldest in the United States. urowtn of Children Children increase in height more rapidly during the spring and summer and tend to increase more in weight during the autumn and

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