The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 21, 1921 · Page 5
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 5

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1921
Page 5
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS PAGE FIVE SECTION ONE F. A. vs Lajrro, Wednesday nit, Nov. 23. Academy Gym. Fairmount After County Tourney Yea! Team! I While the folks are all at home for Thanksgiving is a very, very rare opportune time to have that family ! group picture. Make ail appointment Hit em High! Hit 'em Low! Yea! Fairmount! Let's Go! Yea! Team! Assert New II. S. Gvm.. One of Best with The Hockett Studio. In State, Entitles This City to Big Meet Yea! Yea! YOU CANT nUR AN ADVERTISEMENT IN THIS PAPER. THfc NEWS LS READ THROUGH. Thorntown Serum Having taken the agency for Thorn-town Serum, I will always have a stock on hand, and you can get it of me, instead of having to send to the laboratory, at laboratory prices. ship. SU Elmo's team had been upon ACADEMY QUINTET This seems to be one of the big questions in the athletic field this year. Several other schools are combating for the hor.W of the county tournament. To bring the honor to Fair-mount aiM to the high school, we must prove to our opponents that the high school is an ideal place for it. Everyone knows that the new g,ym is as good as any ixl the county and Black and Gold Meet Defeat In Hot Game With Muncie ALL SET FOR LAGRO the fioor some time. These two teams were very evenly matched and an extra grod game was expected. Nearly all the spectators wanted Walker to whf because it was "Fihtinsr Quaker Five' Showing Speed That Makes Them Scent Victory Wednesday night are provided a small town, and it was very seldom ' as soon as more seats will be the very place for the county GEO. R. FEAR Fairmount Route No. 1 Phone, Swayzee 97M they had as good a team as this one By Ernest Raker, Academy. . . . F MRMOl'XT QFIXTET FORCE DELAWARE CAPITAL'S BASKET BVLL SHOOTERS TO FItiHT EVERY INCH OF THE WAY FINAL CR-VCK OF GIN ALONE SAVING THEM FROM DEFEAT WHEN BLACK AM GOLD RALLIED FOR THE FINISH NEW GYM PACKED TO STANDING ROOM. Tho "Quakers Fijrhtinjr Five" is all , . ... . . R ; ' event. j Entertainment must be provided for I our guests and with the help and cooperation of our "Baby Kiwanis," club we Bhould come to the frort in that line. The high school has fine dressing rooms for the boys. They are heated properly and provided with shower baths. Some of the other schools haven't proper dressing rooms and just ask the team if this isn't an im set for the bis game with Lagro high , John WM just complimenti r Joe ; school at the Academy gym next Wed-' m, the fine spiri(. shown by the gt This will really be the ; Flmo fans u is lme Uwy werp ! first home game of the season as the t snowinjr a fine ppiritf but Joe saiJ he Alumni-Academy game was more orjwas afraM lney.were Koinf? to caust less a local affair. . trouble as they had in two other Lagr0 has always beer represented t ames that peason. Feed Your HENS For More Eggs Guards Leer, Tickard Warren Referee, Webb; Timer, Hamilton; Scorer, Morphet; Substitutes, Leer for Williams, Tickard for Leer; Field Goals, Payne, 3; Hollihgsworth, 2; Olfather, 3; Leer, 1; Ulery; 1; Rep-lesle, 4; Beckner, 4; Warren, 3. Foul?, Payne, 9 out of 14; Replogle, 2 out of 3; Warren 5 out of 11. witn a strong me ami c...s j-.r The pame started with a rush, and i no exception as they have a very . at the cWe of the first ha,f the pcore . clever quinteL !wast7 to 17. The crowd wa rootimr i Last Friday night the Fairmount high school basket ball team lost one of the hardest fought games ever staged on the local floor to the quintet from Muncie high school. The game w7-s replete with thrills from start to finish with first one team forgiiJg to the front and then the other. Only after the hardest kind of a fight the Muncie team at the last forged to the front and finally won out with a margin' of only four points, the final score being 31 to 2T. We have every feed for producing more eggs. Plenty of Oyster Shells and Grit. Highest Prices paid for Poultry. Feed, Seeds, Groceries and Produce. We deliver. Phone 275. portant factor. There are two schools in Fairmount, namely, the high school and the academy, therefore if the high school secures the county tournament it will save the transportation of one team. With the co-operation 6f the fans The coach has been working the the b(?5t they krew how for their Acudemy team hail for the past two I ,.pwtiVp teams. w eeks, with a slow but steady improve-j The second half started with the 'mer.t being noticed, a il the boys are 8anie brand of basket ball as the first optimistic over the outcome of the i half aml at the end of the time an0weil ! game. ue score was 24 to 24. An' overtime MARION "WONDER 5" BOOKED FOR GAME i Two members of the first squad, amp was necessary to decide the I there is U l eason why Fairmount high J should not have the tournament. But Woods and McCombs, who were ui- championship of the county. In the last minute of the overtime ! remember, Fairmount high school gen- amo to participate in me vireiuoii KELLY & SON County Seat High School Quintet Scheduled to Meet Black and told Here Dec. 7. Despite the fact that it had rained continuously for the past three days and was still raining Friday nichl the largest crowd of the season was present for the game, and the din of the cheeviiAr at times was almost ear splitting. The number present was estimated at nearly a thousand, as i period, a foul was called on a St. EHcrally gets what she goes after and j mo man. A Walker man took his she is after the county tournament, place at the foul line, but would not j - ........ Fairmount high school hag in obtaining contracts for two bas- BASEBALL AT F. H. S. contest because of minor injuries will be back in the harness again and ready t0 go. With all the regulars together for the first time this season it should l,o a far differ s-ory than when they met defeal bv Warren, the fast ccal Alumni an I tho (Greentown fives. Of three g;unts, two have been lost in the last two minute, by throe points and one by four points. A-.'other reason for this battle at- pitch the ball because the St. tAmo fans were hooting and yellh'g at him. The referee tried to make the people : become silent but they seemed to pay no attention to him. Even the St. El-, mo boys held up their hands as a token of silence, but this did no p-,3od. The ; crowd was stalling St. Elmo out of many of the late comers had to find ket ball games with Marion high standing room in every available ' school this seasoiJ. These are games nook and cortJer. j n which local fans will be much in- Neithcr team rcrred from the first ! tcrcsted. The first game between the tin off. brt a minute later Muncie ' hooIs ill be played here Dec. T, and tossed in one from the foul line. In ! the swr-J t Marion on Dee. 21. a short time Payne evened up the Thc5C teams are niakinjr big pre- By Sewart Bosley. For the first time in five or six yeais Fairmount high has a base ball team. This team accomplished all that eoc'd be expected of a team un For Sale! 1900 Feet Flooring 2900 Feet 2x12 Hackney Garage . ... count for Fairmount- Inert the bat- -"r.- w.wv.,-, -s .-..Uvw tractir.g mvrii attention is tne tact the champiolhip. The Walker man that the Lagw quintet is Wing coach- pitchev, thc foul but h missed ed by Noil Good, a former Fairmount gt E,mo fang were flighted, high school coach. Ceach Good ah- lhoir joy wag short livoi, Thc rG between the schools. .t;.,, a.a tm rivalry exists has been engaged scored first from the field, and then I Hn1e of At.Uerson ways has a namt ot turning out a f , . . Va1ker man Ditch aeain because the crowd would not obey the acain before Fairmount netted arte 1 as wferee for both contests. more points. Thus for the first ten i The Marion "Wonder Five" has been nvutes Muncie held a lieht margin, ! lVvn for lnt every Fairmount fct- V.n tV Fairmonnr lad. came in- i tWs ?a in 'cr to get a line der the eireumstai 'ces, finishing her four games, winning half of them, for a percentage of five hundred. Fairmount It. S. being a member of the Grant County Athletic association organized a team early in the school year. A suitable field was secured south of t-nvi.' on the I. T. Day farm, wheue practice was held daily, weather per- j mitling. This field was soon put in- and he has many m Fairmoui.'o who will be glad to see his team in action. The Academy lineup for the fray will not be known till the start of the game as there are about eight men fighth.'g for positions and all with abont! ability. The same line- to their own oil a series of clear, thrill- , rules. This time the foul goal was made and the Walker high school won the county championship by a one point margin. i This little iiAMdent should be a lcs-pon to the basket ball fans of all FOR BETTER BREAD, CAKES and COOKIES. CALL 158. ir.g pays that continued from the time Payne dropped in a long one on the locals. Local fans have a feeling that Marion will t?eed all available dope for their "Wonder Five" in these coming contests. Fairmount fans also have memories of a game scheduled to be played on the local fioor cancelled by Marion last year. ie center. &oon at eleven all and the sccr? was tied has not been used twice in any of Quality Bakery towns. You should be able to see I Paying condition oy tne large nunv that the fans were the cause of St. ?bpl of ho"9 turning out for base ball. PJmo losina- the came. The hh school's first game was t0 be wild with the ti'c fans were the coach trying games pievious J excitement as the ball was worked to ... - i T- 1 . I o nna tne rigiu combination. j c,.;r; f fan i almost as , 1111 v an uren, out was poMponeu One thir.y. sure, there's no danger of ward first one, then the other basket. w txcal fans will receive some clever i imr.or.tanf 5n pame as the rdavers. ; ot account of the weather. !-. . . if J ttv r ... . - . ! 1 . . I "V . 1 -H.. On the next a"d following Friday Another foul and one from the field j r "nount "K V1 tut Fairmount three points to the wnf mos b"au of a ca?e surprises m mis game as me viua.s ; In fAci tlie fans are om? 0f the players Phone 1201 MISS PEGGY PERDIUE Teacher of Dancing MARION, INDIANA goo and this margin' was maintained ;roia Ieeu have at last got together as was shown al thpV should always try to do their Upland and Sweetser both defeated h! the Grcentown game, when they to help their team win. the high school. The postponed game ,r.: , . k , ...... . . liotwhon Vsn VI 1 1 rp n ami tlio Viitrti school was played, resulting! Ul a vic- OVERTIME CONTEST GOES TO GREENTOWN were ueteatea in an overtime an air. j They are developing, a fast passing ' offense which has begun to take the i appearance of a machine-like organ- THE "SUBS tory for the Black and Gold defenders, ' as Marion forfieted her game Fair- ! - - ' I mount hi eh school tied with Fair- Academy Quintet Defeated Friday i7.aticn. Night in Hotly Fought Overtime j Probably one of the largest crowds By M. Lyons. j mount academv for third place in the Whei.' the Varsity comes for practice, ; a55Sociation both winnin? two pamcs. And the husky first team bunch, I a .icfc frt- a .?n,?:o. Battle of the seasoit wi.l a'-lc'd this eo.vtsst owing to the fact of this being the first bir game and as the entire Ki- next 5ear are very good, as Payne was K will !,- (iipv0. .-ill iivtl"? will E. B. COUCH DENTIST I Rooms over llahne Drue Store OftV nr.r' Ti.So m.; 1 to i NEW LAW FIRM . Oren W. Dickey and Alfred Hogston have formed a law partnership and I have offices at 417-413 Glass Block, Marion, Ind. j the only Senior on the team. All the i other members having thi, year's ex By Ernest Baker, Academy. The "Quaker FightiiJg Five" traveled to Grcentown last Friday night and did battle with the fast Grcentown The cuiiain rivitcc wiu w ilii the 'varsity game fov F. A. start at at 8:30. perience should make a winning team for the fall of 1922. The members and lir?up of the With Williams, Payne and Olfather, And the rest, with equal, "punch," Begin to batter down the "Subs," Who have the "i.'orve" to play The men who've won their laurels In many a desperate fray; Do you ever think, spectator, Of the credit that is due To the Svubs." who give the practice To that fighting II. S. crew? basketeers in what was a fight from the sound of the referee's whistle till 'team are as follows: c. Pickard, p. the repoit of the timer's gun, at the j ELWOOD NEXT VICTIM end of an overtime contest in favor pQR BLACK. AND GOLD of tireontown by tne score cf 30 to 2. Barrick, ss. Kimes, lb. Royal, 2b, Pickard, 3b. Wilbern, If. Bosley, cf. vm'dl j:?t before the close of the half when the Fairmount lead was cut to , one point, the score being Fairmount ; l. Muncie 14. Fairmount sgain secured a three point margin at the start of the second half, but Mun-oie came back strong and soon again the score was tied. Miricie then forget! to the front for a lead of five points and about that time Williams was remove! for pet serials. Before the new Fairmor.r?; combination could get together th Muncie lead wa further increased to ten points. However, by that time the Fairniemt crew was once more going full speed and began rapidly to cut down this load. The last five minutes of the p?.me found the Black and Gold quintet fighting like tigers, scoring a total of eght points, while Muncie score.! but twx. Howe vet, the final rdstrd cut short the rally four poii'.s and thus cr.ded a mighty good game. The Muncie team put up by far the best game of basket ball of any opponents on the local floor this yiear, and time and again won applause from all fans present. However, the Black and Gold quir.tet was " not by any means out classed as the score plainly indicates. It was game of real basket ball, fast, clever and mighty interesting from start to finish. j Johnson, rf. Payne, with Hollings- worth, Brewer and LaRue as utility men. Lagtro Watch 'em go. In this game the Academy players ! , s. Five Ctfident of Taking show-ed up the best of any time during j The Scalps of the Tin Plate the present seafen. Good team work City Quintet that was gteatlv lackir'g at Warren i W. L. COOPER INTERIOR AND EXTERIOR DECORATING Phone 14 Little Dwight Charles Haisley is wa u?Vd duvit!g the entire contest to ! Next Wednesday night the Fair- 5 visiting Mr. and Mrs. Russel Mart, Miss Ada. Dicks has returned to her position as night telephone operator after at! illness of a few days. west of town. good advantage. Grcentown also mouilt quintet will journey to Elwood playcil a very clever offensive game as ' for a game at that place. Not much well as defensive. v ' v, r. concerning the strength of With bet thiitv seconds to play, with! the Elwood squad this year, but the Don't fail to see the Academy "Fighting Five" in action Wednesday night, Nov. 23: Academ Gym. La-gro vs Academy. . Robert Carter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gail Carter, is ill at the home of his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carter on North Vine steet. Black and Gold warriors are out for Chiropractors McAtee and McAtee Fairmount Office Hours: Summitville another victory. The fact that the locals lost to Muncie Friday night was not discouraging, fcr everyot'i knows, that the Black and Gold fought every minute and then lost by only a four point i the Academy leadings by a two point margin a Grcentown player got the ball back of the center of the floor, whirled arKl shot at the basket with- jout aiming, making it without touching the rim, tying tbe score. In the ! overtime period Greentown "was able jto annex three foul goals without the 12 to 5 aiAl Tuesday, Thurs- , 7 to 8 p. m. day and Saturday ; Phone 280 8 to 11 a. m. margin. This in fact, should prove a boon to the locals for with five straight j victories previous, they migiht have developed a .tendency to become over j cotMdent. Still the Black and Gold The Fairmount team will probably j3Q .rf rf Glwntown ot run up agairU more formtdable , fifst hM oppo, ,nt durtng the reguJar season f Fairmount DR. C, L. FENTON Dentist' ; X-RAY Rooms over Postof f ice Honrs 8 to 11:30 a. m. 1 to 5 p. m man me iviuncie quintet ana local j (quintet has a total of 237 points for High School Boys We will save you money on Electrical Supplies Fairmount Folks, buy your Chandlier of us and get the advantage of our large selection. Sixty-two different numbers to select from on our ceilings. f sn. were mihtr well r!esed bv th ! nP oummarj 1 . 1. . . . , . . V . s - - - , ehowingi made Friday night. Grcentown 30 season ro aate, nue upmems Zirele ' m tne 'x Pame nave ut, 101. With ' Fairmount 27 'Rich The Muncie offense was centered i a hard nr!ti Mondav to iron out Freeman around Replogle, Beckner arM Warren V a few defects in defense and irf pass- and these men played a mighty heady j Forwards Center Guards Wright Lamm Harshbarger McCov acn Walters hopes to have the Fairmounts quad in splendid trim for Rosier Wednesday night. j Johnson Quite a number of fans have expres- ; sod their intention of making the trip, game, ably assisted by Ulery and Rai-or. Payne was high point man for Fair-mount with a total of fifteen tallies. He and Olfather were the outstanding offensive men for Fairmount while Hollingsworth was So closely guarded Eden Washing Machines now Field goals-Cecil 5, Rich 4, Lewis 3;;hartem, to Xm Fairmount aW 109.00 Regina. Vacuum Cleaners $40.00 The Spirit of The Fan goats Kicn 3, z.ircie z. substitutions Brewer for Harshbargpr, Lewis for Wright, Able for Johnson and Simons for Freeman. In a curtain raiser Coach Marshall's second team won a well fought contest from the Greentowrl Reserves, by the score of 10 to 9. Eyes Tested, Glasses Fitted by State Ilegistered OPTOMETRISTS Dr. C C FARIS and Dr RMII PAPIQ that he had but few chances to tally. He revertheless added two shots from the field while Olfather tossed three. Leer, Williams and later Pickard were in the fight at all times and made Muncie work for every point obtained. Fairmount 27 Muncie 31 Payne Ulery Hollirigsworth Replogle Forwards Olfather Beckner Center JWiliams, Leer Raisor By Robert Hollingsworth. Yea! Walker, Yea! Walker, Yea! Yea! Yea! This was the greeting Walker high school basket ball team received a it Broyles Electric Company Everything Electrical Lagro has speed and ability. Lagro vs Academy, Academy Gym came upon the gym floor of the St. I rla,ively Optical - 119 W. Fourth Marion Next to Federal Oakery I Wed. rV.te, Nov. 23. Donl miss this, Elmo high school, just before the m; for the county chimntors- i game. . nnri

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