The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 22, 1936 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1936
Page 5
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The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page S Tuesday, December 22, 1936 Xmas Spirit in Baseball 1937 Swim Queen Knowledge With Application A man with knowk'.iuo, 'iut without energy, is a house furnished but not inhabited ; a man with energy but no knowledge, n house dwelt in but unfurnished. TWO ROSE BOWL COACHES START JOCKEY CLUB IS PONDERING NEW ELIGIBILITY LAW TO WORRY HARD ENJOY THE EVENING with Fat Wilson Tomorrow Night GREGORY'S Idle Dreams Waste no time in cherishinR vain dreams, mdul':iiK idle spei iiliilicins, ur uivinK way in depressing eino- .: - U.. -..1 If Bemoans Long Lay-off for Huskies. Switches Hacks; Different Rules for Different .Countries Make Muddle, Explained by Chairman llljriS, Ulll tusuiMii;ij ii,i,v ,111 mi ,,,,, and engage in Aliatever tnal work I appears most prcs.-ing and i MOW YORK, D-. 22 From u MlLPfD TkClB IMFisTi ft avw' r ' AUlRlAi CWOIZ4. 9ttlhi Sfcpeetf Pie as : i trr 'Am 448 North Ninth Street We Gladly Like to Serve You OUR SPECIALS iV I 'SsT rVHA. . Jock heels Better After Workout PASADKNA. f'nl., !)'. 22 TruiuiiiK fni" oh iiil"niiipe In tin Hoar Howl hire on Ntw Yhhi-'h diiy will ho no frnltr. Couches of thn rivul I'nivnrnity of WitHlilngtoiL nmj PlUnhnrKh fool hull HiM:idfi pmphiiRlsd that fact today na they plunRPd Into the tusk of Retting thptr teams ready for the In-tfTHPetlonal game. At Santa Barhara Coach Jimmy Phelaii mourned the rnstiness that Iiuh developed Bincft the IIitHkion last playpd, nearly HO days ago Phelnn I'nliappy "It's terrible,' groaned Phelan after the two-honr workout. Jock Sutherland was In better humor after he sent hts squad through brink m,ornlug exercises at their Arrowhead Springs hotel, near Sa 11 Heruard i no, m an y ni i ! from hero, , "W'nKliinRton will have no pushover in thiri team,' remiirkpd Sutherland. "And I'm not worried about it paMii attack. Our competition' didn't throw many pafinen against un.'" Itiu kfiekl ( Unngrrt Phelait shook up his hackfiflds fn-rlay, puttiiiK Jimmy Culn into the r, 4 J Is, -urn ttoiirre clone la tho Jockey eluh rumen a tip today that lliat ull-lioworfiil body will :u'ipit Ilia rw-ontmendallon of the New York Hinlt Rux'Iiik Commission lo rnmnvo thr har sinister from th American lurf or at least to modify (he present rule restricting eligibility to horses registered in the American stud book, Kven a modification of the present rule would provide a tremendous stimulus to International raring. It would permjt fttich wonderful horses nx Quashed and Thankerton to rare in this country. Hwope Kltichlntes "There has been miirh ron fusion about this matter," said Herbert Uayard Swope, chairman of the racing commission today, "because Kugllsli and American stud books differ on what constitutes a thoroughbred line. Any horse with Just a touch of the liar sinister no matter how far. back Is listed as a half-bred. Such I ajir Boss SURE' WIN Quart Pint J-Pint $1.25 65c 35c Thes sumps ey the CREAM of BOURBON Quart Pint J-Pint $1.35 75c 40c TODAY'S Betty William Selected aa the moat beautiful professional model in New Ywi'k, Betty Williams was choaen as queen of bathing beauties for IB37 SPORTPARADE, 93 proof REWCO-RYE iv years old J-PINT II QUART PINT 55c II $1.90 $1-00 SILVER DOLLAR DANCING PINT o z O X i-PINT 50c QUART $1.89 Dorman's Tavern Good Orchestra Your Favorite Beer On Tap Wine Liquors Mixed Drinks horses are registered over there hut are permitted to race. Here they are neither registered nor allowed to race. "Man O'War, for Instance, Is only a ha If bred In England although he would be allowed to race there. He's excluded fromi full registry becausv six generations Back he traces to Alice Carneal. Now Alice may have been a nice gal and all that bet she came from the wrong side of the tracks and so one of the' greatest horses the world has ever known isn't fully registered over there. sophomore comthination if Chuck Newton, quarterback-; Al Cruver, fullback and Jimmy Johnston at right half. The senior back field now ronsUUfi of Elmer I.ogg at qnavter; Rd No-wogrowakl, full and Trltji Wasko-witz and By Haines, halfbacks. Pesfc Welch and Cotton Wilcox, two former all Amerlrahs, doubled for Marshall Goldberg In the "Pittsburgh" lineup, giving the Huskies an Idea of what to expert from the fleet Panther star, Welch and Wilcox formerly helped Phelun at Open From 7:30 A. M. 1 :0O A. M. Chrutma. Eve. (leoi-ge Houston for winning the national rope-climbing championship . . .sounds like monkey business to me. , . "You fought a good fight In licking Impellitiero," Boxing Commissioner Bill Brown told Bob Pastor in the dressing room, "but I advise you to stay away from Joe Louis. He is too good for you" . . . Pastor's reply "You be there when I fight him and I'll knock him in your lap" makes me wonder if Bob really did go to college. . . Prophecy: the star of the Rose Bowl game will be an 18-year-old sophomore end, Daddio...he was the best wingnian of the year In my hook, and I had two peeks at Larry (Soundtrack) Kelley. . , Bowling r. I. Cheer Amas 'Hunk' Anderson Fired; Uncertain Of Other Offers Kesuirs NHJW YORK, Dec. 22. PultinK the sport shot here and there: Peggy Hopkins Joyce, the gal on whose e-husbands the sun never nets, is fast becoming the sensation of the British turf .. .given a small string of racers (she probably asked for pearls) by Vivian Jackson, amateur rider, when their engagement to wed was announced, La Joyce has srored brilliantly In the past week. . .yesterday her Roi Tondel won the Ashbourne hurdle race at Kpsom, and her Watch Dog the Important Dovedale handicap. . .last Thursday Rol Tondel won the Windsor Mill hurdle event, and Watch Dog ran a dead heat with John Hay Whitney's Cold Bird.', .her colors are unreliably reported to he old gold, ruby and new gold... Understatement department- The big sign by the gntes of the Hollywood Kennel club outside Miami says "visitors welcome". .. not only welcome to come in, but welcome to stay antil your last dollar is gone. . One of the points in the eight-point football reform program of Dr. Lotus D. Coffman i.f the University of Minnesota is "games between natural rivals"... we get you, doc you mean games like the one Minnesota opened the season with out on the Pacific coast... that one with Washington was about as natural as three thumbs... of the 1S7 athletic awards made at Princeton recently, one was a major letter to C CLUB MEETS ON WEDNESDAY RALEIGH, N. C, Dec. 22 Head Football Coach Heartley W. ' Hunk" Anderson, of North Curolina State university, today had been relieved, of his coaching duties at the school, following the announcement of Dr. Frank P. Graham, president of the greater university of North Carolina, late yesterday that "a reorganization of the athletic setup" al Members of the "C" club will meet W ednesday night to draw up liy-laws and integrate the workings and purposes of their new organization. Another reason for a meeting at this time lies in the fact that many former Clinton athletes, now college men. willjbe home for the holidays, and a cor dial welcome will be extended to You Can Find Almost Any Brand of Whiskey AT PRICES TO FIT ANY PURSE A Wonderful Assortment to Pick From REAL BARGAINS FOR HOLIDAYS At The Liquors OtSllIiai Wines State would he made. Following closely on the heels of Graham's announcement, Dave Clark, alumni representative on the all those who ran be present to morrow night. The session will begin at 7 p m. at the Clinton hotel. athletic conncfl, issued a statement in which he declared he would tesi Dr. Graham's authority in Mw AMERICAN LEAGUE Butter Krust Bread Bartlett 119 115 135 V. Meyer 96 128 145 Kirkman 125 140 132 Horney 14 112 142 Cooper 139 155 15 Totals 643 650 710 Mike's Auto Body Shop J. Rendacl 125 146 100 Nardl 152 129 102 M. Rendaci 116 116 105 iWelker 130 86 87 Combs 187 163 174 Handicap 27 27 27 Totals 737 667 595 Clinton Pare Milk Ruffattola 167 146 130 Nora 167 135 149 Tuberosa 185 164 145 Mattloda 171 130 131 Varda 101 148 121 Totals 791 713 677 The Daily Clintonimi Carey 110 118 115 A. Van Horn 141 109 163 Smith 182 148 160 Hope 140 143 101 F. Van Horn 99 148 167 JUudlonp 19 19 19 Totals 691 677 725 Iti'XHll HI i we Stevenson 126 155 145 lUIn 134 110 138 (iriffllhs 185 135 150 Casebeer 13(1 135 121 M White 115 115 116 Totals 6 6511 675 Former Spy Nears 96th Birthday courts. Anderson, formerly a Notre Dam coach, will finish a three-year tern at the end of the year as head foot ball mentor. Asked about reported offers h had received, Anderson declared h' had not been dickering with them b all. and said he didn't know wheth er the places are still open or not. BUDGE SECOND ON PERRY'S LIST NKW YORK. Dec. 22 Ronalii A ,1 '-' J . I- - V..,,8 - , I j I William Hj Budg Oakland, Cal,. tennis Hta ;r rat'd "sec ond to fUirnn (lotifrte vmi Cntmm of Germany In Kre Perry's list of the world's top-ntuk nt; amateurs unnotinceil today. The British net uce, who did no 'mlude himself in the list, place Vdriau Quint, Australia, H. W "Bunny" Austin, England, and Jnct Crawford, Australia. under th-names of Pa run von Cramm an' Btidge. A secondary group of flv included iWilmer Allison. Bryai "Bitsy" Grant, Heiner Heiijel. Vi S4)kt.-:-, N When (Vieiidd and gueKta fiuther at IfoliUay time there's a iluve for Cook's ihe wtr villiout a "sweetish" after taste, (look's has only that mild tang that good berr should have. Order a ease today ! Vermillion Beverage Co. 707 N. Sth St. Phone 680 vian MrCrath and Frankie Parker COLOMBO LEADS AiiM-Hmn l-'Kl"n l.lllldie 148 UJ5 134 M. Jiiiim 138 131 95 Itudei 141 122 132 .Maulili 141 158 123 l-niHI III 126 165 185 Huiidlcap 9 Totals 703 . 7115 U7K Daniels Produce Archer 67 78 103 Fowl 161 135 106 Daniels 101 134 144 llerrisford 138 158 122 Tasso 141 162 221 Handicap 15 15 S Totals 608 682 699 Winters Rrus Montgomery 115 143 116 Winters 161 81 Burroughs 122 S. Asbury 133 120 12J Stewart 145 165 158 Collins 106 152 116 Totals 650 651 637 The American League will bowl on Tuesday next week instead of on Monday. DIANAS VICTORY Paced by Johnny Coiom,ho, wh chalked up the comioandiuK totul o tt2 pinr,. the Diana Sweet Stior bowlers emerged victorious at Wesi vllle Sunday in their match with a team representing Lary's Tavern The Clinton kejclers finished with 2.C41 while the losers garnered f I ' AV .5C4. Tinun hit the 559 mark for the Illinois OHintet. He was followed hy GOLDBLUME BEER 2 The years have left William Hovis with many memories but have failed to dull bis industry. As a result, this former ace spy with the Union army, who celebrates his 96th birthday on Jan. IS, carries on his duties with amazing energy on a farm near SmithvUle, O., where he Uvea with a grandson. One of the crack members of the Union espionage seiarice during the Civil war, Hovis succeeded in breaking up a conspiracy to murder President Lincoln and performed numerous outstanding feats in the south. He escaped from a Confederate prison on the eve of his scheduled hanging and on another occasion was saved from the firing squad by Uw arrival of Union soldiers. Satin with 528: Cull, 51S; I'rban. i, arid Lary. Oilier Diana scores were: Ave. Ti5f; lnxone. COOK'S BEER IS 100 UNIION MADE! 51s : Renetii, 5 ID, and Firazukns. ' Crawl, Fattest Swim Stroks The crawl, fastest of swim strokes, is a combination of coordinated arm pull, leg push and proper breathing. 57. 1 W

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