The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 21, 1921 · Page 4
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 4

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1921
Page 4
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V . PAGE FOUR THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS SECTION ONE The duties of the librarian are to work ami a study of machines or the rri y I- y v y y t f y '41 i' "v kp t v w v rx j 11 Jk A Jk. A A A A. A JL. A A A A A AAAkAA.-g kopp check on the books taker out, more simple type, gasoline ei urines, Current Events their return, and id to keep the library and the repairing- 0f different types of 1 engines. They also take up the in order. rnces Keducedq j An open library through the sum-j of electricity and practical wiring, mer months has been discussed and j The second year class has had exper- exper I?v Jimmv Johnson. I linr t0 a dispatch from Paris ! prohibition works in this country hare j C .. . .. . will rVsnVK- Vx acted upon later. j made their report. ,naue tnc,r report, tvr h ' rxist ercee some interest- iney mir,K mat j lence in practical wiring: "t re-wii-in;? ithe school building, which the mem- rvmcirg written bv General Von; far Inhibition does not prevent) We can now offer you Goodyear Tires and Tubes at prices the lowest they have ever been and quality M f do Vt fl rrVi aef Tl- 10 1 0 nnnnrtunifv fo 0 1 1 1 0 r MoVA V xvns tV.e Gorman chief of ! ine Ia"iaciure imoxicaiu arinns bers did under the supervision of W. ' F. Meyers, who is he able instructor cf manual trainit??. SOPHOMORE CLASS tail io the extent that it was hoped for. stai !-.en the war began in Bv larr Albert son. ! There are twenty boys enrollevl iiJ Lact Wr we started in Fairmosnt ; lhe two hiPh school classes. Twelve N M H N N H N A M M 'hich school as Freshmen, considered 1 '" 'ar ciass ana eipnt m The memoirs are said to be in the i 1 n-v r-reaict mat tne American peo-r.fc?v.-.i cf a Swiss teacher and ! rW wiU c7vi fc llm for 50016 P" the-Tst i.'anied, who Vision permitting the sale of light boon induced bv the German govern- xr'r;t 5 an b?er and they express grave mer.t to withhold them from publica-! rTrhens?orfc for the moral effect on tion. Ti e dispatch declared that the 5 the ty of all this surrepti-movomer.t on Paris that broke down?tiou manufacture and sale of alchho-at the battle of the Marne had Wen ,ic drinks thst now om U is to thrice rehearsed in great German' b? wmembeied that the report is manoeuvres, and that in M-h case mae bv mcn wh are !iklv babit rather prwn. by the up!wmassmcn. But thev .oon'V.iscovered that we were! Jnnwr h,h scho01 ar Kven one sem- not as preen as they thought we were. st" of manual training work. We elected as our officers: Jimmy I Ther hav1 installed many new mach-Johnson', president; Joe Payne, vice-!" thl year includinp a new motor. . , i a j i The manual training dooart.meir'.- mov. your car wilh these wonderful tires with a world wide reputation for long mileage and uninterupted service- Goodyear Smooth Tread, 30x3, was $12.50; now $9.85 Goodyear All-Weather Tread, 30x3, was $14.50, now $12.35 Goodyear, All-Weather Tread, 30x3 1-2, was $17.50, now. .. .$14.75 Goodyear Cord, AU-Weather Tread, 30x3 1-2, was $24.50, now $18.00 Goodyear Cord, All-Weather Tread, 32x4, was $46.30, ifow. . $32.40 president: Knona iieims, iiTa?uici nv t ... r - I ed into the new room which will be -.v . . , land traininc to be suspicious of the Nr,- vnrf. , I 7 : . - nossibilitv or even of the desirabilitv Mi r?a flower, the i known as the finishing room. They lecit a i. crmmsM rno swincrn? ric nt 1 - . v l - --i -- ' i ! .! i . .i . . I V..?,. .a eoloi-s. Yellow and ! wul ,R,W room under uie old i wire, went forward too fast. '-If of Proh'-bitiot.'; but that such a report N you o.0 white and class motto, "Darkness ! buildinjr for shop work and one un-Brings Out the Stars." jde the new class rooms for niing M it is sure to ' be circulatetl widely Wo ha,l a few class parties and our P,Mted to have told him." Why, ter abwa1- irc on officials the of a more careful and of a more . . ... i. i necessity two annual receptions. This year we are Sophomores, aiM 'Varsity of 21 and '22 times was not some one else chosen , thorough enforcement of the law. for the job ? The book, so we are told, ' i of course we consider ourselves the E. 0. Ellis Auto Supply Co. STORAGE BATTERIES Tires, Accessories, Oils, .Gasoline, Vulcanizing W. V. Fowler, Mgr. Phcne 226 High School Library asserts that only the general staff and the chancellor of the empire knew about the p!an to advance through ' in Xlrts Itl vi .... - we do not number quite as many -as 'we did last year. Last year we num Fairmcunt high school has a "record smashing five," this year. Coach Walters surely deserves much praise for the way he has trained our boys this year. Two teams have come to Fairmount high this year with records that had bered about fifty, while this year we number only thirty-three. We hel l our first class meeting early in the year and elected Lloyd By Mary Duling. A library is one of the greatest and mot benetieial assets a school can possess. In previous years high Belgium. "We never told the emperor a!!," says Moltke. "He was too muhof a babbler and too indiscreet. He wou'd have told the world.' The Pari newspaper. Le Matin, makes Leach, president; Frederick Edwards, ' school students didn't know what it i - . . l . ; , s . ... r ' viee-presidem; Mary Albertson, trea- i have librarv. Irf i not been broken. When they left, the j T 'Record Smashing Five" had done ; flZ these extracts public. It is of course eart trt a secretary and possible that they are not genuine j 1919 the librarv Koks were placed on lr . I , , . v -. . . I Mr. W alters, faculty advis isor. Students Attention Several of the church organizations Our class was the first class of the , 1 1 M. iL . I I. i their duty. These two teams were Lapel and Gaston. All will remember that the fast Gaston five put the high school out of the tournament last . . . . iiin nr U I riV I,nIlII r-llllll t'Pl. I lit- tMltllv 1 ii the state ot Washington are plan- 4. V . . t entii-e Junior-Senior hiirh school, to OF YOUR FOR A CORRECT AND SCIENTIFIC EXAMINATION iney esii-e. in mat way, me dooks --------- , - mr.g to carry to tne fc.rpreme ourt . : 4 become one hundred ner cent in the " year, but if it is doped out similarly m.1. - i ili .1:. k ; i the q-acstions whether Bible reading; were abuse! trt a jrrnt TtP. mwiMIP ul lr,e .wn.-ia blue for can legally be excluded from the pub , VlV'll I v V I I I C V 111 J. V- I 1 V. I 1 VttClW V EYES SEE. Dr. G. S. Grubb or Dr. M. C. Kennedy Established 1899 319 Iroquois MARION, INDIANA Last year a library room was built (Gaston or any other team that meets lic scr.OO'.S. me siaie eouivs i.ave . t,Vi.-t A H,n,i,rk w n-ra tint. rule,! that it must not be taught or m the northwest comer cf the assem- i -nri1r t wp fftv.lthe & bunch read in the schools, but religious peo-;bl-v room, and the method used has ' . It is greatly feared by Marion' that rle a - t wir've t coert t tat'c" proved very satisfactory. Many, 'thev will have to forfeit the name of ji , disposition of the matter. The Bible r.ew books were purchased after the! This ends the history of the Sopho-the Wonder Five," to the high libi-arv was established. Some of , Fn.t!. , srv,rtrti Pnr.l Smashing Five" i i.i. . . l V vl H V AtV'ikL Ul V - V4 1. - i - " - - " ' ' UV . i All local fan, are jubilant over the Nothing equals SAPOLIO school? ii.' direct consequence of the tiese are Histories, tncyclopaerlias of increase through immigration of ele- which the Americana set, the last one m.-r.ts in the . popu'ation that do not bought, is one of the greatest works accept the whole book as divine or cnt in tne preset day, books on lit-that object to its use in education ex-lmture- language, education, science, FRANK E. RAY For All Kinds of Blacksmith Work Pickard's Old Stand East Washington Strret, Fairmount Manual Training wonderful record the team is making and not only expect to take the county tournamei'c, but also a good showing in the state. The second team is also worthy of for to this By Lucile I.eis. scou constituted ecclesi- : ai' recreation. In addition tcouring cent magazines such as Literary I!;as'w? sucn as literary It also has a fine record. Two years of manual training are niention astical authoritv. In Reference to Lugest j polishing: cul.ory. Mal.cs ail their protects the daily readincr of the 1 Mechanics, Scientific Americ- now being offered at Fairmount high ' With the fine material on this team Tible has been given up in most an ar' School Art have been added, j school. Hie first year toifeists of t'ie high school need not worry about schools. Put the disappearance of ev- ! Lkra Brown is chief librarian, and ordinary wood work and making such ext year's team. n this slight flavor of l-eligion from her assistants take charge of the lib-' r.rticles as foot stools, hat racks, ami First team men' are: Payne and our children's formal education is a rary one pericnl each day. They areome chairs. Late in the year they , Hollingsworth, forwanls; Olfather, matter for grave regret. j as follows: Lucile Lewis, Mary Dul- take up something more difficult, such j certer Williams, Leer and J. Pickarvl, iing, Merle Carter, Zora Albertson, ' as tables and soforth. Most of this ! guards. The two labor unicW delegates who John Ribble. Harold Comer and Ber- is project work. i Second team men are: Briles, La- L. D.Holliday,M.D. GLASSES FITTED mctal.vsre look lihe new Y T - 1 t I came over from England to see how I tha Blackerbv. Wilern, The second year con Fairmount Indi NEWS W VNT ADS. fiET UISFJF.' sists of shopi"" "nns!un ticKarn, 1 Bosley, Parrill and Comer. tana k. Jt9. J. j i J O A TO) eii i cLj Vi m H M M M M M N M M N M H H H M M H M M M H M M M M And Dedication Festival F&nraioumit Joimt School High i?i rsl Jl Afternoon 22 (QlSiy and Night Program begins at 1:30. Come prepared to enjoy ydurself all afternoon and evening. There will be hot dogs, hamburgers and coffee, candies of all sorts, toy baloons, pop corn, confetti, fortune tellers, nigger babies whistles and what not. Everything that cculd delight the heart. Then also you can get presents from the Pocket Lady. Come Tuesday evcr'.ng and enjoy the Fair, the Minstrels, the Bazaar and see the sploi.lid new Auditorium, seating about 500 people; splendid new'um, seating capacity about 1000: new clas rooms and excellent l'vW Vocational Rooms. Fairmount Hig School now has a Tacultr of ten well trained teachers, besides the principal and offers the following courses: Four year of English. Two years of Latin. Two years of French. Two years of Hictory. One ar.d one-half years of Algebra. One and one-halfyears of Geometry. Commercial Arithmetic. AgricbJture. General Science. Commercial Law. " PublicSpeaking. Physical Training. Two years cf Manual Training. Oi!j year of Mechanical Drawing. One year cf Chemistry. Two years cf Vocational Home Economics. Two years of Short Hand. Tw0 years of Typing. One year fo Bookkeeping. One year of Music (solid Or ytsr of Art (sMiL) ' , Orchestra. Chorus. - Special Musi. Special Art Basketball, ftaseball, Track and Tennis as major sports, Fairmout?t also has a well organized Junior High School, for which the same equipment is available that is used by the Senior High School. Some of the courses of special interest in the Junior High are Voca-ional Guidance, liiysical Training, General Science aiU Domestic Science in addition to the regular courses. Dainty Christmas Gifts, Cakes, Doughnuts and Fancy Work at The Vocational Bazaar, Basket Ball Two big home games soon. You'll want to see both of these. Remember the dates. Friday, Dec. 2nd Kokomo at F. H. S. Gym Wednesday, Dec. 7 Marion at F. H. S. Gym Both of these teams are old rivals of Fairmount High. Come! Boost for two more victories. DONT FAIL TO SEE THE HIT OF THE SEASON THE DARICTOWN MINSTRELS Three big performances, New High School Auditorium Shows Begins 4:00, 7K)0 and 0:30 p. m. "ST

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