The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 22, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1936
Page 4
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) Tuesday, December 22, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page Four Hunters Spend Many Millions for Sport Yearly in California; State Hopes for Larger Future Income I l JAYS J jfrSHOP b"" TUBttiCUtOill PraTt4ftAT -V Fishing clubs loveuled that tin CO-OPERATIVE STORE operated at an average of expense of $1,573.14, hut hunting chilis is PHONES 745-746 'sW::!:-; WT; Z- Oeathrate fm' - cut two-third5 5 , , in lot 30 Vor 959 NORTH NINTH and CORNER MAIN AND VINE ft J found IheniHilves under the nerea ily of putting up a morn H"ilmii '(runt," which cost them nil aver iff ut $2.lioH.!HI 41 mi mi I ly. Hunt ug mid Hulling clubs hud an aver ige InveHiiiieul In land uiid equip nielli of f 311.1195. 38. Candy Bars All the Most Popular 5c Brands 24 Bars Boxes, Only 79c ,' lj Types of Sloths At least IS types of sloths Inhabit Ihe forests of South and Central America. One branch of the family has a yellow or orange patch between the shoulders which zoologists at first were at a loss to ex plain. Then one of Ihe sloths waf found aUached In a limb and the spot of color betweer. his shoulders exactly resembled a broken branch. '..... t-v vanishes Bohemia, now part of Czechoslovakia, was, in the Fourteenth ccn-mry" one of the big countries of Europe. i ..I ..iaA in Hnrse Oranges Fresh Juicy Tree-Ripened Florida In former days millions of zebras roamed the mountains and plains. Like the buffalo, their numbers seemed inexhaustible. The zebra is .i.j i the hnrse. He can be do HUNTKIiS SI'KNI) i SAN FHANIMSCO, Pit. 22- Kl"h-Iiir and liiiiillim Ix'in ili-vi'l- opid Into 11 mnjor Imlu-: i v liriiofitR I'aliliinilii li) ii 1 iM ' OOfl.OOIl li yi-iir. Nnxl yi'iir. II In hi)"l 1 I"""1 IhlH (iKiiri- I" SO,(IO.i'iMI. HiuIIbiIib Jusi cDinpli'ii'il liy ti' VIbIi Mint (iiimo I-vOtiiuifiil mi-clallon inillnilp lliul fishing mid 1) u lit In k m'c de lii i"i'l "'id d" lllXO I llll II Hi I il'8. Till' HIWIM-llllllll. An four nionilm In UmiIIiik mil Juki how much nnnli'i" mid IiiiiiIitm "I llio slnlo upend diii'lni! a yvur fr-their favorite IioIiIiIih. Thn film two neuron I hoy arrlvi'd at wi-rc total niinual eii'iidMiiirn "f $63.-015,4-10 and 400.(100 fishini! and htinlliiK liotiiH-H. This lalti'i- llnurc will reach 500.000 In 1937, It is eatlmated. HuntiT SHndN $113 The averatie annual exiiindiliire of Ihe Callfonila liniiler in 1115.58 and the aveiase annual exiK'ndilurc of thn anclcr 1b $1 16.80. The total lnventnient In equipment by hunters and ansleia in California is placed nl J12S.ti4X.72X. 75. The average Individual equipment totals 475.19. The total expenditure tor supplies for 1935 was $16.1,215. The total expenditure for fitlilim and hunting equlprntnt during 19 35 was (24.429,203.75. Sportsmen of the stale during the same period spent with hotels, inns, resorts and camps for lodging a total of $11,248,323.75. These same men spent for transportation, principally in operation of automohiles. approximately $10,500,000. Hunting and i-lKhhif( Linked Of the total number of licence. issued ill the state more than 58 per cent of the buyers purchased a fishing and hunting license, these constituting approximately 235,000 men and women. Sparrow's Death Brought Woe Historians record that Frederick the Great once ordered the death of all sparrows because they ate some of his cherries. Two years later, however, his cherry trees and other trees were so completely defoliated by insects that he ordered the importation of foreign sparrows at considerable expense to reduce the invading insect hordes. 3 Lb. Bag 37c Oysters 99 mesticated and worked in harness, although he is less tractable and intelligent than the horse or donkey. Town Criers Persist In many of the villages of France the town crier is an institution. He usually wears a shabby cap of semi-military design and leather baldric bearing a brass plate. He' also s village policeman and bill poster and frequently bell ringer for Sunday church and daily angelus. Facts About Kangaroos Tina mncl fima7inff fact about a A Fresh -aoud am ui dojp ' appns e sasnea ABiauaS 'uAouyf sauiooaq V ji saijtl"1"1'' 38jb J if-iaAoasip aqj satjtjnduit ujojj mopaajj sji pue auiil aqj ib iCjpjnos s)t uo spuadap sugjaqujo jo anjBA aqx eas aqi ui punoj si )Bu,i luSiatt q janpojd ajqa -neA jsoiu am bi sugjaquia 'sjaad aa I oq a jo uoijdaoxa aij mryyi pnpojj aiqcniCA suSjaquiy 23 Cal.$ 1 59 Solid n. Pack n $55 ?3 kangaroo is his size and weight at ultv, ITmir anv animal that CrOWS to five or six feet and weighs 60 to 80 Ilo. 2 Cans DEL MONTE ft pounds, sometimes luu, can uc born so small is perfectly preposterous. Kangaroo babies arrive looking like tiny lumps of hairless white flesh, just about one inch long and Used Stone "Yokes" Slone "yokes" shaped like horseshoes and big enough to go around human shoulders are relics of prehistoric Mexico, used for a forgotten purpose. Belief in Sonicthint A man lives by believing something, not by debating and arguing about many things. weighing little more than an ouiiu: iiiot nhnnt the same size as a new born white mouse. No eyes, nose. CHRISTMAS CANDIES AND NUTS! nor ears, are visible to the nanea eye, only promises of a tail and u:-ji Th mother kangaroo places the insignificant mite in her Will Rayburn Succeed Byrns? ..iiWirmtfflitti.. . - a ENGLISH WALNUTS 5 19c PFANUTS Lb. '10c WALNUTS Diamdnfl 25c pouch. . Charming Presence There is e'ways a premium upon a charming presence. Every business man likes to be surrounded by winning manners. They are re-people of pleasing personality and garded as splendid assets. -a & cfcjf ? & a$ 4k, 0$ 41 ft m - 41 ft ft ft 41 'Pi ft 4, 41. & ft Q. 4, & ft m ft ft ft 41 ft $ i, f 4 ft 3 ? ft ft 4 4 ft 4 ft 4k ft $ 41 Chocolate Drops lb. 10c Peanut Brittle lb. 10c YULETIDE MIX 1L 1 rt-GUM & CREAM MIX luc Birds in Travel Different species of birds have their own characteristics of travel when migrating, says F L. DuMond in the Detroit Free Press. Some keep to themselves such as XmasBrokenMixlb.l2c 4 nighthawks, swifts, crossbills, wax winirs. crows, bobolinks and king 5 lb. Box Assorted Xmas Chocolates 78c birds; others congregate with other ALL NEW CROP Lb. 23c species in close formation, as snore-birds, blackbirds, waxwings, long-spurs and snow buntings. Others travel loosely, as turkey vultures, bluejays, warblers and bluebirds. Still others go alone, as the great-horned, owl, winter wren, shrike and kindfisher, flocking only for MIXED NUTS to & to to it a abundant food I sum mmm a a 'a ; """" "rcT'"lr . . -r'x vfv f l I B A kTTowsno'A 1 to to GRAPEFRUIT, 3 No. 2 cans 29c Pineapple uliced or crushed, No. 2 can 21c POPCORN, two 10-oz. pkgs 15c MARSHMALLOWS, lb. pkg 17c CUCUMBER PICKLES, 30-oz. jar . 21c SWEET PICKLES, 10-oz. jar 15c cans21c SLICED PINEAPPLE, 2 No. to 25c 23c PINEAPPLE JUICE, 2 No. 2 cans PINEAPPLE GEMS, No. 2 can. RIPE OLIVES, pint 19c Congressman Stun Rayburn of Texas looms u one of the key men in the New Deal for the next two. years. PoliUcaJ obaervera virtually concede him the election a Democratic majority leader of the house despite the alrong bid of RepresenUUve John J. O'Connor of New Tork. One of the chief factor in Rayburn a favor haa been hit fellow Texan, Vice President John Nance Gamer. The post of majority leader carne with it added Importance in view of the fact that Speaker William bankhead is in ill health and will probably have to delegate many of his duties to the majority leader during the next congress. to BROWN SUGAR, 2 lbs. Hc COFFEE, Little Sport, lb 19c SALAD DRESSING, quart jar 25c CHERRIES, Royal Anno. 1 cans. . . 29c APRICOTS whole peeled 2 No. 2l2 cans 39c a ROYAL SPEARS, 2 Ne, 2 No. 1 cans23c CIGARETTES popular brands. ctn SI, 19 GINGER ALE, six 24-oz. bottles 45c MARASCHINO CHERRIES, 5-oz. bot. Qc LEMON JUICE, 7l-oz. can 15C 6 to XMAS (CAN SB & I tr The Real Fresh Home Made Poultry Dressed and Alive-TURKEYS, GEESE, DUCKS & CHICKENS-For Quick Service, LEAVE US YOUR ORDER! to u 8 If; I fi: 'A o lie! Fresh No Cereal POUND GMT LOM MIXED CHOCOLATES COCOANUT BRITTLE BON BONS i 25c LB. Ts- g c LB- MIXED TAFFIES j CHRISTMAS FILLED CANDY flgc LB. I IS LB. '0.. MIXED FUDGES GET YOUR FRESH CANDY AS' LB. 1 AT THE PSAEsfA to- ST. 3. Fresh Shank J or Whole POUND sdldstrs ! Pork a. v. 34 ) s 7 r U '? ti 7 v O U ? 6-7 O 7 O fl-Qtf?.Wi-etttirW&9S

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