The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 21, 1921 · Page 3
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 3

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1921
Page 3
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THE FAIHRIOUNT NEWS PAGE THREE SECTION ONE "Socialism Among The Business Girls" THE DRC P FORGE to piomote enterprises for the good of the tovrti, to se;nre industries for the town which are suitable and will aid the citizens end also to keep the town alive and. rowirg all the time. The Commercial C!cb was the hl stigator of the BeU Bottle Co., and the Snider Catsup Co., locating in our city. Much benefit has been derived from these industries arid they have added greatly to the town in the way of population and commerce. The present officers of the club are as follows: President, Xert Edwards; By Mary Kind. The Drop Forge Co., one of Fa'r-mounCs leading industries, is located between Secorid and Fourth streets on the, Big Four railroad. Its purple is to make forcings for different parts of machinery. The location is very suitable as it is between the Biff .Four and PerAisyl ;ania railroads, al so there is clentv r, space for re build, which woa,l be necessary in ' 'secretary, .L E. Nolder; treasurer, R. t" j growth of the fai.try. A- Morris. The rganization is made up of nut ; Board of directors: John Flanagan, wlw e capable of being in eharre f j C. T. Parker, M. W. Hunt, J. C Al-such a liue -:j-.-t. The oSi.s s ; bertson and C L. Salyers. arc: r resident, Jean Flanagan'; vke-j Fairmouifc certainly has great need presid. rt, Charles Naber; manager, of an active Commercial Club and it John Carson; assists manager r.r : s every citizen's duty to aid in mak-ure.:ntendet, Hinson Wilson; cecre- i it an organiation' that wilt bene- try aid treasurer, Cherles York. Tre board of directors are: .1' 'lanngun, Charles Nr.ber, Chiles C--oi.;. Y .k, 'Hinson Wilson, John Allen Dreyer, J. W. Robards. The capital is $-jO".00O. The .ori ptmy ! rated in Fail mout ft becue t the location and fo extra b-i'Hmt By Phyllis Cooper. For years the girls and women employed in Fairmount have desired to have giet-to-gether meetings, but it seemed each one waited for the other to open a way. Finally as a last resort, the entire bunch were invited to a little surprise party for two of tho older girls, which resulted in a complete surprise, ard the formation of a permanent organization of forty names, known as the "Fairmount Business Girls Club." These girls are together orfce each month, with the usual banquet and always a good time. Those who have never been listed with the employed class, to constantly deal with all classes of people, do not realize what it means to "be on the job," early and late almost every day in the week. Conditions exist hi the minds of these girls that are unusual. The pleasures that they enjoy are different from the average girl who has all the spare time she wants. This club is composed of book ent of the Fairmount division. The nature of the work is the refining of crude oil. mong the mei employed are chemists, stillmen, pumpers, and general laborers. The oil formerly came from Texas and Oklahoma, but now comes from Kentucky. When running, the company employs from sixteen to twenty men. The Service Oil company came to Fairmount because of the location and because the freight rate on crude oil ij cheaper than orl refined oil. A device which insures the safety of the community is the trenches, which are dug around the tanks to stop the flow of the oil if any of the tanks should explode. The crude oil Is refined into refined oil, gasoline, lubricating oil, paraffine, atM fuel oil. By-products such as tar, coal oil, and road oil are made. There are many tanks of various sizes and which contain different oils. Among the different departments are the lubricating building, stills, office, laboratory and etfgine room. The shipping! facilities are very good as the plant has three sidings on the Big Four railroad and can unload thirty cars and load five cars at a time without changing. It is hoped that the business prospects will brighten ill the near future. keepers, stenographers, telephone operators, clerks and seamstresses. The pleasures they indulge in at their meetirfeis are of the best, each one having higher ideals, and at no time at any of their meetings has any body had any occasion to find fault with the actions of another. The club has its offices, the business being carried on similar to other or ganizations of this kind. At each meeting a committee is asked to serve at the next meetiig. They provide entertainment for the evening, which consists all sorts of gomes and contests, some of which tax the memories and minds of the very best educated. Sometimes the eats consist of a pot-luck supper, and sometimes a trip to the cafe for aw oyster supper. In fact you may always expect some kind of a surprise-from the committee. . And the writer feels safe in saying that all the girls throughout enjoy each meetings and we feel that the organization has been a great help to the girls in a social way. The New Auditorium By Lois O. Jane Fankboner. The auditorium or what was formerly the gymnasium of our school is being repaired in majy helpful ways. The workmen have about completed the work of the new raised floor. The floor will be level for the distance of about ten rows of seats back and then gradually will rise. The money we get from our "High School Fair," will go to buy new seats for the auditorium. These are to be theatrical in make. , When finished it is said that our auditorium will seat between' five and six hundred people. The stape is to be newly decorated and there is to be also a new roll curtain for it. This has been needed for some time and will add greatly to the appearance of the room. These things will all add to the usefulness and appearance of the auditorium and make it an exceedingly good one. It will be used for all school plays and school affairs, but the public will be welcome to use it at any time. The last and biggest thing in favor of our auditorium is that it is protected against fire in the best possible ways. 1 i:il!!i:i::!l!l!!;i!!!!llllll!ill!EI space. The factory is not running ,ppHe, to manv different things. full force at the .-eent, so there ""e ... , r . Manufacturers, merchants, farmers, a few men unemployed. When run- ' ' tr-v trom thirty Hrty-five mn an ar other classes have business, ate vmmoyed. j but it takes one thing especially to The different departments cot s ?t make it successful. This is co-oper-cf the heat-treat, .1 room, fo-r ' ation U must be observed by every toom, U mming ror.m. and picxlig , , ...... , , process. There at- hammers, the one who haS any kmd of busine?s deal" weights being 10oo, 1500, 2000 arid Nothing! could have been ae- 2500 pounds respectively. Also there : complished in this world without co- The drawings for all of the etchings on these pages were made by Miss Beth Winslow, a Junior in Fairmount Higji School, and art editor for the H22 annual "Black and Gold." fit the town. SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS By Glenn C Buller. Business is a broad term atM can be operation. In historv we see that' countries which are working against each other soon become et'gaged in war. One of them over comes the other and continues to grow. This can also be applied to business. If j otte organization pulls against another, on -of them will win while the other ne will fail, Mai'y towns and communities are novv working over their methods or organization, anvi are making new Tns for the future. They have seen mistakes that they have been making, as well as those of other towns and communities. The people are gather-, inP together in groups, ana each group . has some purpose for which they are j jtrorkii.Vr. These people must work "ith the "I wiir spirit, if they want to ake any advancement. It is this J that has built some of our largest j cities, and is still building them. ; Dont let this spirit die; keep it; arM I i SERVICE OIL COMPANY is a Kracwey nammer. ine matenal on hands at the present is worth $e0,-' 000. COMMERCIAL CLUB Rj- f a Salvers. ? The Fairmomft Commercial Club was organized about fifteen years ; ago. Regular meetings were held crce each month and much interest was takei? in them. A large number of the business men were members, This club has existed, prospered. and accomplished much good for Fair-' mount and the surrounding commuif- ity. It is, at the present time, a large organization aiM as in former years, is always greatly interested in the welfare of the town. However, the club now has no!ar meeting and is in a way inactive. The purpose of this organization is iiiin By Mary Kind. The Service Oil Refilling company of Fairmount, one of the many divisions of the Service Oil Refining company of Kokemo, is located between Washington and Second streets on the Big Four railroad. The filling stations are at Anderson, Muncie, Marion, Wabash and North Manchester. The general office is at Kokomo. The company is now in the hands of the receiver and is for sale. The receivers are William Elkitfs, and William H. Arnold. The general manager at present is J. Trexler, of Kokomo. Otto Wells is the superintend 1,1 A Youncp JWu-nh Thimcy w the prosperity of our country will be assured. Never before has the business of the country been so well organized as it is today. This is because of co-operation, arM the clean cut program that each organization has of the activities. A program of the future is very essential in all kinds of business. E.ry body should select a purpose and a point of view, then organize and co-operate with others who have the same purpose in mind, and work until they succeed. It takes longer to make a success in some thirfgs than it does in others, but" if the proper spirit is used, success will come. Did vou have company last week? Main 265 will be glad to hear all about ir,,..i,!!li!lIlll!illlHil. r t to OAJFlHUb THIS is the age where an extra button, or half an inch more or less in the length of a Coat or Suit is a calamity. Our "Prep School" and "College" Clothes are designed for young men who appreciate attention to these details. The highest grade Clothing made by the best manufacturers is here in the smart new fashions that young men demand. Turn ......... .HMm'"HM .uutiilll HUtti..uiUli Price Clothmg Commpainiy Marion, Indiana ' ' m m m-m ' : : i it lillililiiiillllliillllillllilllll'.fU IIOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC l!Oijl!lllIliiumiu.....UillinlHluiullji.inillHlin

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