The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 22, 1936 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 22, 1936
Page 2
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Tuesday, December 22, 1936 The Dally Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 2 talks and entertainments were also ARCHER ATTENDS CUBA PRESIDENT presented. President Back Home After 12,000-Mile Trip STATE MEETING Dr. Odell Archer, township trus HAS NO CHANCE TO KEEP OFFICE Several Arrests Made Sunday by Authorities Here 3sa ssms , "PCf" V , 'I t President and Mm. Roosevelt loosewll tee, attended a tniee-aay session m the Trustees association In fndlan- (Continued from Page 1) Largest Butterfly The largest species of butterfly is the temale of the genus ornathop-tera, native in the Philippines, Java and Dutch Indiea. Their wing expanse is about eitiht inchei. ! Vice rresMlcnt and Airs, (turner! upolis last week. County offlcluls met with the trustees nnci rexuiar business sessions were held. Short Three arrests were made by local Iiullce yesterday. W. B. Ray. of Route i. was arrested on charges of panning a cheat bus while children were be ing unloaded. He will be tried be a-a aM wna HM V TTf TT-1 .ft- fore J. C Haylelt. Justice of I lie pa,e.t, today. RatiHta, former army sergeant who rose to chief of stuff, has been the "power behind the throne." Willi the six fiomejlstas fightlne null step, they won minor victories In the senate's procedure discussions, two amendment to the trial motion were passed with their sup-lioM one providing unlimited time for tinmen's defense council to stute his case, as well as thnt of the opposition. All members of the nihlnet, I.ncl-iiio Martinez, secretary for educa-,in said, have placed ther reslnna-lions In (lie hands nf President Home, except Minister of Defense Mnntlilvn. who Is a friend of Colonel HatlstR. v. Get Your Holiday Supply Now! 2 Dozen CLINTON ICE CO. 1 1 1 Mulberry Street Phone 475 Carl Hoover, of Montemma, was arrnnted for reckcs drlvlim, 11011-pvasiwalun of a driver's license and failure to atop at the m'ene of an incident. Hoover, driving a ur owned by DouaJd Dwyer, sldeswlped three eara m Main street, according to report of .police. The cam belong to Charles Crane. Pearl Kelly and the Print funeral home. All of the eara were damaged. Other occupants of the car which Jkiowr was driving were Mike Kn-hnmeck, D. J. Hennon and Roy Hnll nf Tulsa. Okla. Hoover will be trledtoday. Mike Soltis was arrested on Norlr Eighth afreet for drunkenness. H tried today. 56 , CLUB PREPARES TO HAVE PARTY T-V if -a A Christmas party will be held at the meelins of the Half Century sf Lf f mm Brighten Things Up For The Holidays! . mil '1 "V dull tomorrow evening at the club room In the Morgan basement nn Smith Main Btreet. to South America. Mrs. Roosevelt and Vice President and Mrs. John Garner were on hand at the capital's Union station for the homecoming;. Jlested and In the best of spirits. President Roosevelt presented a picture of health when he returned to Washington after his 12.000-mile trip .1. E. Purcell, A. A. Hess and Tnlin Foster are on the committee for the party. The three-quarter century degree With LIN-X Clear UIoss It' all that the radio programs claim for it fine for.linoleum, floors, wood-woik and other household uses. It withstands hot water, alcohol and hard wear. We Have a New Stock of Sargent and Utilac Enamels Wallpaper & Window Glass will he conferred upon Ralph Camp bell and James Oray and several candidates will be initiated. Each ' Had No I'ear of Bullets Gen. U. S. Grant, known as the man of iron, was one of the very few militarists who could sit calmly on his horse while the bullets whizzed by during the height of a battle. In explaining how he developed this coolness he simply said that although he might inwardly fear for his life, he wouldn't show it outwardly because he knew the enemy was just as scared as he was.- as 4 member is to bring a gift for the Ural) box. from which he will later draw a gift. Music and singing will also be enjoyed. Knights of Golden Circle According to the Centennial His lory and Handbook of Indiana, a southern secret order, "Knights of the Golden Circle," formed for Hie extension of slavery, organized chapters in Indiana and oilier northern stales at the outbreak of the Civil war. They took the name "Sons of Liberty" and in 18G2 they had about 15.0U0 members in Indiana and took part in such activities as interference with enlistment, resistance to the draft, encouragement of desertion, etc. The society was reorganized later as the "Order of American Knights." son Phone 92 2 All SHALL & 139 Elm Street COUNTY SEAT TO SEE MEETING OF CORN GROWERS (Con tin lied from pace 1) aland the drouth Jby having larger root system and being able to withstand windstorms., thereby holding the earn off the ground. Much interest has been shown hy those who have observed the advantages in the Hybrid corn and seed In In great demand. This meeting Is arranged entirely for the benefit of those farmers wishing to know more about this corn and not as a sales object. Anyone Interested in Improving the yields and quality of Tom crop is cordially invited to attend and taike part in the discussion. Scottish Highland's High Point Ben Nevis, 4,400 feet above sea 8? level, is the highest point in the Scottish Highlands. 4ICKS SENTENCED TO LECTRIC CHAIR FOR HEAD HANDS' DEATH Continued from I'lif 1) Head, embedded In a liov of con create, were found in n laltti neur Car-. oltpu, Ky jJJS Hicks wan questioned liy slate no-lice and on July 7 sinned a confession. He exonerated Misn Flora Miller, sister of tile dead man and held as a suspect, and named Pohol-sky. Kuhlman and Williams as accomplices ''TltSi Had No Right to Throne Isabella II was said to have had no right to the throne under an old Spanish law prohibiting the succession of women to the crown, but had been maintained there by one of the factions in spite of various uprisings on the part of followers of Don Carlos, her paternal uncle. An anti-Bourbon faction had been forming, however, due largely to the despotic disposition of Isabella and in 1809 she was dethroned by a popular rices Oakley's Low Cellulose in Plant Matter All vegetable fibers, including materials except wool and silk, consist largely of a complex compound of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen known as cellulose. Cellulose is present in less pure form in nearly all plant matter, for example, it makes up half .of the weight of wood. Since it is so plentiful, it is the ideal starting point in the making of artificial fibers. Beaver's aii Use Contrary to general belief, beavers do not use their flat tails in their extensive building operations. Non-Stop Wing Record Five hundred miles without a pause would seem quite a stunt for the ruby-tliroaled humming bird. Yet these diminutive birds are known to cross the Gulf of Mexico, a distance of more than 5U0 miles, in a single flight. Mass Execution Is Scheduled at Sing Sing;6YoungHoodlumsWill Diefor 'Nickel and Dime' Murder (Continued ttou rge 1) TO EVERY HOME The Spoken Word When you have spoken the word, it reigns over you; but while it is not spoken, you reign over it. Making Our Characters Character is the one thing we make in this world and take with us into the next. , PI American Beauty A UITDHlIII :"(''a SuBar r'"ni,,''n ' Zuc WW bra ten ly before a aound reel cam Luck and Labor Luck is ever waiting for something to turn up. Labor with keen eyes and strong will, will turn up something. , I revolt, many of the leaders of which demanded a republic. 2.V X-line JQ. N T ft 1 i Assorted O ivnox uelatm k,b 6 f The Kvrrv Fniyoso J Lnsco s",,rt,"""s o 1,1). I'lll W reserve tli riRlit to limit quantities.! l"ri'es subject, to market cliana,e NEW CROP DRIED FRUIT m ...... 14c ,....7ir 3 Z 22c I'KA' HKN, 'lxiiie Miilrx, Ter pound AFKM'OTS, UlenlieiMis Per jMiund HAIS1NS Senlles era. It was a cold-blooded crime that shocked trie people and made the police determined to capture the perpetrators. They are now in Sing Sing's death house. The case, of course, attracted much publicity and aroused a lot of comment. In an article In the December 11 issue of the "Commonweal," the Rev. John P- McCaffrey, Sing Sing CatHollc chaplain, expressed the thought that the felony murder law is unfair. He appealed tor a change In the law which provides for mass executions ot persons who do murder while committing a felony. If the six .Brooklyn killers die the same night, Robert Elliott, the gaunt executioner, will make a big night's, pay. He gets il 50 for every person he executes. He has been doing the job ,for years for naif a dozen states. Executioner Elliott will draw IBM far the night the "nickel and FRUITS AND VEGETABLES-oranges, California, 288 size dozen 19c 200 size, dozen 2Sej 150 size, .dozen 33c CARROTS, California fancy. . large bunch 5c BANANAS, fancy golden fruit 5 lbs. 29c HEAD LETTUCE, size 60 ed Sc APPLES, eating 5 lbs. 25c CELERY, mammoth stalks 3 for 10c APPLES, extra fancy, delicious or Romans, 2 lbs 1c GRAPEFRUIT,' marsh seedless 3 for 10c cutct DrTATfWS 6 lbs. 25c I'Kl'XKS, Kanlii t'lura, 2(1-11(1 Hi.e ler poirtHl Make Her Gift a New cans for MIXKI) VKGKTAU1.KS American Beauty 14c 15c 5c 23c 25c ,1HII., assorted flavors Per pai'kaee , . . . TOMATO JI'K'K 2 (Hunt ltf-aid Olallcnns i.vs. Mnvlielil brand, prepared from 10c 25c MANGOES 3 for nRANf.FS. Floridas dozen 23c, ll-y Soakeil l'eas 4 k. 2 cans CU tI.I tiGARKTTKK Packed "( ( rton J(MI $1.08 P. TOMATOES RADISHES ONIONS dime murderers" sit on the "hot seat." ; Mwurinf at Kith and Kin ' Kith and kin meant country mod (at) kindred; later, acquaintance or .friends and (or) kindred; now, often, kindred, relatives, family connections. CHRISTMAS CANDY AND NUTS PURE FRESH CREAM CANDY 2 lbs. 25c XMAS HARD MIXED pure sugar candy . 2 lbs 23e ALL FILLED & PLASTIC CANDY. . .2 lb. 27c STICK CANDY 2-lb. pkg. 19c PECANS, extra large paper shell Ib. 22 e CREAM NUTS, extra large lb. 19c MIXED NUTS, best quality lb. 22 he ENGLISH WALNUTS, large budded, toft shell Ih. 21c 10 Discount to All Churches, Schools and Lodges on $5.00 Purchases or Over. J'!" Starts Wed., Dec. 23 The order lias tjone out that we must clean up our stock of Ladies' Coats immediately, so ff4 XiM m wMm Oakley's Special Pound Bag . . . Oakley's Best Pound sac -QUALITY MEATS FOR LESS- i Gibbon .Native to East India The gibbon is native to the East Indiea. He lives largely in forests and awingi through the tree tops on vtaaa -eteapers and slender blanches with amazing speed. He is one of th anthropoid ot man-like apes, wbicb, include the gorilla, the chimpaniee and the orangutan. The Ban Antonio River The San Antonio river rises northwest of the city of San Antonio and tWwa about IS miles southeast, .emptying into San Antonio bay. The bay is an inlet of the Gulf o.' Mexico and is protected from the gulf by Matagorda island. The San Antonio rivar ia not navigable HENS or Springers, full dressed, In The btore Has Keen j DRASTICALLY REDUCE 4 Big Groups TURKEYS, fancy No. 1 dressed free. ....... .lb. I7hc OYSTERS, extra standard, solid pack ! 39c DUCKS, New York dressed, 4 to 6-lb. average Ib. 19jc GEESE, fancy New York dressed lb. 17c SPRINGERS, 2 to 4-lb. avg., dressed free lb. 17 c 3 to 6-lb. average. . . .lb. 22c LOIN PORK ROAST, cut from 10 to 12-lb. loins lb. 18jc FRESH HAMS, skinned, half or whole, 10 to 12-lb avg. lb 19ic CHOICE BABY BEEF Roast lb. 12c,'15c Steak .lb. 15c Boil lb. 10c, Sc SAUSAGE, pure pork, country rtyle . Ib. 141c lmmm A Bargain! LADIES' Sport Coats Others at $9.00 Radically Reduced! FUR TRIMMED COATS Others at $18.00. OR, B. H. SELLERS DENTIST 3A9i South Main Straet - CMntoo, Indiana . Make Her Happy With One of These Fine Coats on Christmas! DREAD Ofhers ai S6.00 Childrens COATS New Twirled Loaf baked to perfection in our own BEVERAGES C'neer Ale, Lime Rickey, Lemon Soda, Grapefruit MixYour Choice (Plus Bottle Charge) MINCE MEAT Best Quality Bulk 2 Lbs. 29c modern plant. IXAJLF CENTURY CLUB WILL MEET WEDNESDAY NIGHT 7 JO P. M. Important ! Afl Attend! In Iura II nw o Base" it w m 1 Try II Today Mulch for valuable coupon 2IJ-0,. LO AF . .

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