The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 21, 1921 · Page 1
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 1

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 21, 1921
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HIGH SCHOOL EDITION SIXTEEN PAGES SECTION ONE EAI MOUNT NEWS L JnL Jq PRINTED FOR A PURPOSE TO HELP FAIRMOUNT GROW TWICE A WEEK Monday and Thursday. SOUTHERN GRANT COUNTY FIRST ALWAY. Forty-fourth Year FAIRMOUNT, INDIANA, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 1921 Number 102 High School Harvest Fair And Dedication Festival MUSICAL TREAT ON THANKSGIVING CHICAGO CONCERT PLAYERS NEXT NUMBER IN ENTERTAINMENT COURSE ant changes are to be four?d in the NEW ADDITION TO HIGH SCHOOL Second Number in Masonic and Eastern Star Course to be Given Thurs-ium Packed House Insured by Ticket S'.les. AlvTD THOU skalt V.eep trie feast of weeks unto VjLaA the Lord tlv? God with a tribute of a freewill 4m offering of thine hand, which thou shalt give unto the Lord thj God, according as the Lord th God hath blessed thee. And viou shalt rejoice before the Lord tho? God, thou, end thoP son, and thr? daughter, and thrp manservant, and tlry maidservant, and the Levite that is within trr? gates, end the stranger, and the fatherless, and the widow4, that -ere among you, in the place which the Lord thy God has chosen to place his name there. And thou shalt remember that thou wast a bondman in Egypt; and thou shalt observe and do these statutes. Thou shalt observe the feast of tabernacles seven days, thou hast gathered in thy corn and thy wine; thou shalt rejoice in thy feast, fhou, and thy son, daughter, and thy manservant, and thy maidservant, the Levite, the stranger, and the fatherless, and that are within thy gate. days shalt thou keep a solemn feast unto the God, in the place which the Lord shall choose; the Lord thy God shall bless thee in all thy increase, and in all the works of thine hands, therefore thou nGW cart cf the Hero will found the offices, some clasc noms. while in the upstairs part will found the vocational department in new quarters. Also visitors will notice that the old part of the high school building is being rewired and that new and modern fixtures are be- int.stl1od. TTewevpr this work . . . . , , A com plete description and discussion of changes that have been and are being made cannot be given here but visitors will notice many of them Tuesday. In the gym Tuesday will be found booths of all sorts appropriately de- corated. Here will . be the donations booth, the Autum booth, the Japanese booth, the Fish booth, the Hamburger stand, the Black and Gold booth, the tw0" gypsy tents, the nigger baby stands, the candy booth, etc. Here be purchased coi.'fetti, toy ballons. whistles and horns, and trinkets of all sorts a well as candy, pep com, hot docs, douehnuts. and in fact every thing that could be desired that is j found at the ordinary fair. This will i a gala placa sure enough. Upstair? in the vocational rooms ; will be found the vocational bazaar, j Here will be a place to 'o a bit of i CVyi'stma shopping ani to see the! many beautiful things that have been j made this year by the vocational girls, i Here will be table clothes, ireatly em- j broidered. aprons, table runners, pil- j lows, children's clothing, saehe bags, j nV-lls. doll swings, and many other beautiful and attractive thing that j vouM make srdendid Christmas pre?- J ents. all havii.'g been made by the , rrirls of this department. Much of the real laughter for the ox-a?ion will bo provided by the minstrel cast containing some of the best talent of the high school. With three rorforrinnces being held in the high ; school auditorium, one at 3:00, oie at 7-Aii r'-ip at S:-o0. evervone will hif fnrnrt;i tv to see and to Iaugi1-. I t I The cast of characters for this will as follows: - Undo Ratu.s -Tack Bonar By May Salyers The second number of the Century Festival Series, given under the auspices of the Eastern Star and Masonic lodges of Fairmount, will be held at the high school auditorium Thursday evening, Nov. 24. This number will be presented by the Chicago Coikert Players. Every member of this company has both musical and dramatic ability. The program they present includes a great variety of songs, from the sacred and classic to the lighter melodies and the humorous and popular. The Chicago Concert Players have become known from a musical sketch, "From Gypsy lai.'d." This is best described as a concert play. It presents in song, a scene or picture, thiough which runs a story from one of the well-known operas, into which is voven a delightful variety ef eld arc: irew melodies of the gypsies, that strange, romantic r.:id music-loving people. For some years the Century Bureau has been fortunate in presenting some mixed quartets that have set unusually high stai.Mards, but none that has surpassed the Chicago Concert Play ers. n- fir.-t number of the series was given by the Festival Orchestra on ihursnay, Uct. Jo, and prove .1 a de- cided success from every point of v;ew. 1 Tactically every seat was tax- en and everyone present was pleasd iand delighted from the beirinniir'g un- the conclusion of the proirrirm. The Festival Orchestra consisted of a number of real artists and accordingly local people are anticipating another treat in the coming number. Tho Fairmount high school auditorium has just been remodeled and n'w teats arc being installed. Since the new gym has been built the old floor Xaf,ue SS theatre chairs are being installed. wil1 Kreatly increase the seating capacity, s0 that a much larger num. ber of people caiJ be accommodated. :s ::::::::::::-,":nKiWAMS to cheer BUILDING TO BE THROWN OP-j EN FOR INSPECTION OF PUB - LIC TUESDAY AFTERNOON AND NIGHT BIG. OLD FASHIONED COUNTRY FAIR TO BE STAGED IN THE NEW GYM FOLLOWING nrrt UAIION I'KUliKA.U IU BE til-', EN IN THE NEW AUDITORIUM MINSTREL SHOW TO BE ONE OF FEATURES OF THE AFTERNOON AND EVENING. By Treva Parker. EveiyoiAs is making great preparations for a big time at Fairmount high school on Tuesday, Nov. 22. That is the date set for the Harvest Fair and Dedication Festival that everyone has been eagerly looking forward to lor several weeKs. i The program for tomorrow after- :n i : :.t. . . T a . . I'.OO 11 will ueiriu uitil ine ufanauun i exercises at 1 :33. From that time ui'- j til late Tuesday night festivities will , be on in full swing. From all indica- ; tions practically everyone in this locality is planning to attei'i. It is reported that the down town stores are planning to close tiurir.g the hour of the Dedication program so that all of the business men will have opportunity to alter.'!. Many people from nearby towns have heard cf the good time that is being planned and are plani.lng to spe:-..i at least a part of the day at the Fair. There will be a record crowd, there is n0 doubt about that, from the- time the procram be- ur.tu tr.c reved Ir. : box of confetti has r. s nie -lie's ntek hoi has been eato:.'. and the last Snie "f tV for the d..y a: the De-dieatic: that will c r. i building, then .e big events ?. first :f all. Scheduled of course. Following o:i of the exercises :-. inspe he Fair will be on in fr'.I swinr. Tl or? will be I o:.i? ot all kn'ds ar.d oefrcriptiens in the new gym and r.:;ytr.::-.: that the heart could dej're ear. be obtained. There will be the vocational bazaar held in the vocations! room where will bo found the uniqu? and interesting "Poehet La ;y." The dress will have about 250 pockets each cf which will contain some present or trinket in the will be found 50 all kinds of fancy work, rk, dah.'iv Christma presents and iny ether things cf unusual interest. . i i - t i , -. - -1 1 i many In the high school auditorium will be found the troupe known as "The Dark Town Miilstrels." This troupe of comedians will give three performances, one at 3:C0, one at 7:00, and one at 8:30 in the evening. Everyone is invited to come hi the afternoon for the Dedication and plan to attend the Fair, the Bazaar and the Minstrel, all the remainder of the af-ternooi and evening. There will be something doing all the time, even during the regular supper hour, and there will be oportunity for everyone j to purchase hot dogs, doughnuts, ham-buger, coffee and cakes when he is "hungry. The Dedicatior program is to be held in the ifew high school auditorium. Otto T. Hamilton, superintendent of schools in Fairmount, will be in charge of this program. Several numbers have been provided including selections by the high school second orchestra, by the senior high school chorus and by the junior high school chorus as well as community singing to be indulged in by alL After this part of the program ev- eryone wni have opportunity to visit the different departmeiAs and class rooms of both the old and new build- mgs. lsitors will nnd tnat many changes have been made recently and that still other changes are , being made. They will fiiM the splendid new gym, now complete except for a few seats in one ena, 10 gay wnn booths of all sorts, and gayiy aecorat- ed for the occasion. But they will see what a splendid gym it really is, and will realize why the students of T. H. S. are so proud of it. Visitors will find the auditorium now complete except for the changes that are to be made on the stage and the decorating ion the walls and the ceiling that still Mn,ir.. K A-na The commercial ituiaius w v. rooms will be fourH up stairs where the old vocationol kitchen formerly; was. But tnis has been changed very much by the addition of a glass par- tition and other improvements. The art room is now directly across the hall and important charges are still to be made here. The other import- be ietc., jbe I its ; I irtcr the all o?l ' ' I ! can b be " ! j j ! - j , ; ' . '" " " wno!gram net Thursday night. Accord wmmm mm it CH. i6. v. 10-15. Annual For 1922 tion Manager; and Jorn Charles Rib- hlP. Advertising Manner. The ehis rr? i fnrn anfl enmp nf f hp ncsistnntc will be chosen later. The present is composed mostly of people have had experience in their respective positions, a.Ai therefore they have well in mind their respective duties. The size and shape of the 1922 "Black and Gold" will probably be similar to that of last year. Entirely new designs and ideas are being incorporated in the comin'gi book so that it will be entirely new and different from that published last year. The school crtists this year are working an oak leaf and acorn in as the back- ! ground for tho art work on many of the pages. This has been chosen because of the stately oaks growing on the campus, as well as for what it sym bolizes. According to present plans some of the pages in this issue are to be tinted and this will add greatly to the gereral tone of the book. The staff plans to have most of the engraving done by the latter part of January and to have the 1922 "Black and Gold" ready for distribution about the first of May. LOCAL BREVITIES Mrs. Stephen Scott is on the sick list. Mrs. L. E. Nolder called on Mm. Jessie Haisley, Wednesday aftenfcon. Mrs. W. J. Cooper spent Tuesday afternoon visiting the school. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Payne and little son are spending this week in Lapel. F. A. vs Lagro. 23. Academy Gym. Wed. nite, Nov. Mrs. Mae Carter is seriously ill at her hom on West Secorid street. Mrs. Palmer Ice called on her mother, Mrs. George Shields Wednesday-afternoon. Clint Sellers and family have mov- ed from West Washington street to residence on Mill street. 1 j ' J 1 ; ; j ; 1 t : ! statt I ft ACADEMY TO WIN Club to Attend Opening Game at Academy After Dinner by Academy Domestic Science Girls By Avis Albertson. The next meeting of the Fairmouirt Kiwanis club will be Wednesday, Nov. 23, at 6:30 p. m., at tte Academy. The committee has arranged the follow ing urogram: j Speech of the evening by Dr. Bed- ford, president of Marion college. Music by the Kiwanis quartet. MaiV other special numbers on' the program in music and "stunts." The domestic science girls of the Academy are going! to serve lunch. Following the lunch or "big dinner" as it will be, the club will attend the basket ball game between the Academy boys arAl Lagro. This will be a big evening on the Kiwanis calendar and everyone is expecting a big time. It is also to be Ladies Night" and this always means an added -good time for ev eryone. . The Kiwanis clib atteiAied the op ening game of the season at the high school grym., and helped cheer the hi&h school lads on to vic tory over Lapel, on the night of the dedication of the new gym. Accord ingly all Kiwaniatfe, firm beleivers in the motto of "Boosting your home town first," are coming out to help cheer the Academy team on to vic tory in tiieir opening game of the regular schedule. So the members, of the Kiwanis club of Fairmount, the smallest town irl the world to have a Kiwanis club, are out for a good time Wednesday night and likewise to boost Fairmount as usual. Miss Mary Ehrhart entertained at her home on Henley avenue last Wednesday evening the following youaJg people: Moneta Buller, Marie Hunt, Pauline Brewer, Celia Hayworth, Cleo Morris, Edith Albertson, Bobby Nab- er, Esther Wright, Hershel Jones, John Jones, Fred Burnside, Dorkld Burnside, Donald .Miller, Lacy -Shore, Harry Weaver and Joe- Ehrhart. During the course of the evening cracker 'jack and apples were served and all had a good time. efter that And and thy and the widow, EVEN Lord thy because I , shalt surely rejoice. DEUTERONOMY. Black And Gold HIGH SCHOOL PREPARING TO ISSUE ANOTHER EDITION OF BIG BOOK Staff Selected With Edith Davis as Editor in Chief, Edward Kimes, Business Manager and John Char les Rible, Advertising Manager. By Frederick Edwards The students of Fairmount high school have decided to Pu,t out an -n" jnual again this year and have already completed most of the plans and doire much of the preliminary work. Last year was the first year Fairmount high school attempted to put out an Annual, but the undertaking proved to be a great success as have all other projects undertaken by the local school. The AnrXial last year was called the "Black and Gold," from the colors of tlie school. Three hundred copies were sold and the book when published consisted of one hundred pages. The standard set by this edition wa8 very high indeed. The cover was black with an outliife picture of the building embossed in gold. Gold pages were used for the art designs which were printed in black. These designs made by Miss Beth Winslow were easily the equal of any to be found in any high school AiAiual in the state. There were many pages of good live pictures printed on the best Siberian Enamel white paper. Miss Esther Mendenhall was the very capable Editor-in-chief for this editior. - However, judging from the plans already made and the staff selected the Annual to be put out this year will undoubtedly equal and probably surpass the 1921 edition Miss Edith Davis has been selected as Editor-in-chief. She was assistant editor last year arAi has proven one of the most conscientious and efficient students in the high school. Loren Cain is to be Associate Editor; Merle Carter, Lit- I erary Editor and Fay Peirce, Assist I ane Literary Editor; Rhoda Helms, j Society Editor; Frederick Edwards, f Athletic Editor; .Mildred Lyons, Joke I Editor; Beth Winslow, Art Editor; j Jack Bon'ar, Assistant Art Editor; ! Cleo Robinson, Calendar Editor; Ed- ward Kimes, Business Manager; Lu-cile "Lewis, Assistant Business Man ager; Robert Hollingwortn, Circuia i Miss Dinah ' Uva Salyers George Washington Roy John Miss Jenny Anna Bosley sn, Dee times "" , T. Ker. ,nm ................ ora Brown Kenneth John jfpie Leslie Wilbern Bill Victor Love Some of the song hits are: "Come my Little Childret Won't You Follow Me." "Call Me Early in the Morning," Ruilt the Ark." "Should the Duck Lam to Sing," "Good Night Ladies, etc. This is a "dark face" minstrel and is just running over with jokes and fun from start to firish. It should nrove fullv a big a hit as did "Uncle Rvbe" in which many of the members of this cast had leading parts last yesr. So everyone is looking forward to Tuesday and to the big times that are in store for all. Everyone is invited to attend, come prepared to stay all afterrJoon and evening, to eat supper at the fair and to have a good time during every minute. Proceeds from the vocational bazaar will go toward the purchase of supplies for the vocational department. UNION THANKSGIVING SERVICE Union Thankseivine service will be observed at the Friend, church at 10 viock on Thanksgiving ;day. The program as now arranged provides for the participation of all the churches and also the public schools arJd the Acadomv. W an nnahV tc, mibHsh a detailed outline of the meeting, but we are assurei 0f a program worthy of the day Rev, j j Coleman will preach the sermon. There will be special music. This will not be a dr3 a, dust meetmtr but hannv and insnir ins is &oin? to be the day (wherl God is our Father, and all we are brethren." C. B. SWEENEY, Sec. PHI DELTA KAPPA TO HAVE BIG Ti WTP The Phi Delta Kappa's will (rive a big Thanksgiving dance in Telbax hall next Friday night, Nov. 25. Andres orchestra of Marion will fur- nish the music. Guests from Marion, Kokom0 and other places are expect ea. Aitnougn mvitations were given out the general public is invited. ingly as a result of these changes there are still quite a-number of tickets available, both season tickets and single admission. These may either be obtained at the door or at the Pioneer Drug store. BLACK PANTHER GETS SERVICE OIL Refining Company Now in Hands of Eastern Corporation From ' Receiver's Sale Anrfouncement has been made by Willard Elkins and Will Arnett, of Kokomo, joint receivers of the sale of the Service Oil company, the Iloosier Oil and RefirJery company, and the Iroquois Petroleum company, to the Black Panther Oil company. The consideration was given, in part, as $300,000. Before the property of the companies is turned over to the Black Painther company, the sale will have to be approved by Judge J. Frark Charles. The sale included the refinery of the Service Oil company at Fair-mount, eleven wholesale stations in Indianapolis, Lafayette and other cities, and four filling statiorfc including those at Kokomo and Lafayette. The Service Oil company had a large number of stockholders in Marion, Fairmount, Lafontaine and many other town's in this part of the state. Before going into the hands of a receiver, the Servicec company spent large sums of money at Fairmount in the building of large storage tanks. refinery and stills, until at the present time it is one of the largest refineries' in the state. , The Black Panther company was heavily interested in the Service Oil property, it is understood. , Mis, Maxme Banister was absent from school the first part of last week. Miss Matilda Corbin was unabl to ( attend school last week because of ill i ness. )

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