The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 17, 1921 · Page 8
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 8

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1921
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS FISH STEW EXCELLENT DISH ACADEMY NOTES Home Demonstration Agents of the Department of Agriculture Recommend It Highly. EARLY WATCH Place Your Order WATCH For A splendid literary program was Riven last Friday afternoon at the Academy by the Royal Literary society. The orchestra made its first appearance of the year arAi proved to The "pine bark fish stew," which Is hems marketed by the canning clubs in the southern states along the At with the student lantic and gulf coasts, should be of j be very popular interest to housewives, says the New : bod v. York Times. The development of combination foods peculiar to certain localities has been particularly fos Your Turkey The program was as follows: America Orchestra and Society. "How we were drawn into the war' r 1 tered bv extension agents of the Uni-1 You buy Rubber Footwear it pays to buy the best. We can furnish you first quality rubbers for Ladies, Men, Boys and Youths, Misses and Children. Men's Rubber Boots. Men's one, four and six buckle Arctics. Men's Alaskas and Sandals. Ladies Rubber Boots, Arctics and Sandals, Misses and Children's Arctics, Alas- 1 THE SPOTS For Your Frances Jones. j Reconstruction Lucl'ia Gimes. . . Columbia the Gem of the Ocean j Orchestra and Society. rurpose and Personnel of the Peace , Conference Chester Smith. i Origin of America and Star Spang- , THE SPOTS Thanksgiving Dinner ted States IVpartmont of Agriculture and the state agricultural colleges which carry on bovs" and cirls club work. Almost every country in the word and practically every district in the United States has a special one-pioce" dish made of the products in that region. The gumbo of l . r.... v" .... i , . i . . i ' i i . M I 1 d Sandals. Ladies Sandals to fit every if kas an 'led Banner Juanita Throckmorton. i r? heel ana toe. we ao not claim to nave tne Star Spangled Banner" Orchestra j in- hi .'"uni. in- -fv r.n i: i:i ii i j dinner, the bouillabaisse of Marseilles cheapest rubber footwear in town, but we do claim to have as good as the best. reprdu-ed in Now Orleans. Hun larJd Society. j I The domestic science p.irls are al- , lri!!! 1 1 -1 oil ili c-klt.-kti on.w dian curry. Irish, stew. French ragout, S ready making plans for next Wednes- , are instances of this tendency to blend i day night when they will serve sup- "1 i The Bee Hive Cash Store flavors in one dish. P;ne bark fish stew is a characteristic dish in South Carolina. Very probably it was introduced bv settlers When Buying Shoes Buy All Leather STR BRAND HERE ARE SOME MORE OF OUR MONEY SAVING PRICES. Sugar 10 pounds 69 No. 3 Tin Peaches in syrup, per dozen, $3.25 No. 3 Tin Apricots, per dozen 3.25 No. 3 Tin Pineapple, per dozen 4.00 Ten cans Corn, 1.00 Ten cans Red Beans, 1.00 Ten pounds Corn Meal, 25 Tip Top Flour, per sack 1.00 Sunbeam Flour, per sack 1.30 New Currants, per package, (15 ounce) 30 New Raisins, per package (15 ounce) 30 Bulk Raisins, per pound 2? Ten pounds Apples, 50 Six pounds Sweet Potatoes 25 Frying Chickens, per pound 18 Krispy Crackers, per pound, 15 Graham Crackers, per pound 15 Cookies, per pound - 25 BIG DEMONSTRATION OF SUN SHINE COOKIES AND CRACKERS COME IN. YOU ARE WELCOME. The Mayflower Phone Your Order per to the Kiwanis club. After the supper the Kiwanians will attend the ( La gro-Academy game in a body, a j block of seats bein'g reserved for j them. The basket ball team played a practice game with Summitville high I school at that place Wednesday night, behind closed doors. j Plans are under way to organize a j dramatic class at the Academy. Much interest is being taken in it by the students. I The basket ball boys will make the 'r iiv:f' i'Vf Vvf T'vf ? vf I' f rf ? Vf i i from the southern part of France and j from Italy. Italians living in south-j em California serve a similar fish I stew. The home demonstration agents, I seeking a popular and somewhat novel ' product which would not be in oom-; petition with commercial canned I poods, decided to have the clubs make i a specialty of canning pine bark fish PEOPLE j TYPHOID FEVER CASES ! BELIEVED NOT LOCAL, Two cases of typhoid fever having developed in the city recently Dr. i Harry Aldrich, health officer, at once 'you Qjow trip to Greentown it? one of the emy trucks. 1 stew. Onion, tomatoes, celery, pimento and fish are the ingredients, which are cooked slowly in vegetable oil and poured over "southern style" rice. At large out-of-dors gatherings and community lunches this Is served on pieces ! instituted ai' investigation, making t ec i Tc trick spe:i"t Tuesday thorough examination of milk supply ued at the places whore the patients Miss in Mar coming rabbit show 'will be a big one. of rin l-irk s-ivfn tli ilih 5i ii:idi In Florida. tVeorsr'a and all the gulf Local rabbit fanciers are beginning states various local hb are adapted to make preparations for the coming to the combination. ; rabbit show, which will be the fourth i had been eating, and investigating Mrs. R. r. l-ir.osey made a trip to other possible sources. After making n,krscn Tuesday. his investigation Dr. Aldrich laid the ; result of his findings before the effiei- X .-r.n was a dir.ner guest of als of the state board of health, w ith Phone 1 1 Bob Lindsay, Prop. : annual exhibit by the Fairmount Rob Mr. srd Mrs Wi:i Brown Sur.dav. CAN ONLY SEE DARK SIDE jbit Fanciers Association. The dates ! - i for the show has been fixed for Feb. 8 j 1 irkijtv TOWNSHIP ITXIT Unfortunate Individuals Are Those to 12, and the Fairmount show will , WILL MEET ON MONDAY A. Eta"? and wife have -Tv-i to Fh-voiith where Mr. Beals CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Evening service, 7 p. m. The nastor will take for his subiect be in the i.Viturb of a round-up follow- j Liberty Township Unit of th? Gram Who Essay to Make Conversa tion About the Weather. ing the exhibits by other associations ; cou,ntv Agricultural Association will the result that they concurred in the ; oph.'.on of the local health officer that ; there was nothing in local sources to j susrect the presence of typhoid germs. Inasmuch as both patients within a short time before being taken with the disease had been in other places for several days, Dr. Aldrich and the i state officials believe that the source ( of the disease lies elsewhere than iir S in Indiana and adjoining states. The ; h0j jts regular monthly meeting Mon- . f.. t- ..TVlo ,,,t iw5tm(int Ever. Davw : winner, from these otner snows wiii!J.. nio-ht W 91 nf th HaAlfinn : c-t Marion is the guest :er. Mrs. William Moil r. z '.-. Everybody welcome. MARTIN LEE GRANT, Pastor. -.1 M. E. CHURCH. Fairmount. , be shown in r airmcui.t, ana tne win- 1 j Q Q F harj Members are urgea ; nersinthe Fairmount show will stand ; to he prePent ag busitss cannot be! as the champions in their class. The transacted unless there is a good at- ; indications are that the coming show tendance. It is urged that there be a! will be the biegest event of its kind ; full turn oufc in order t() pet a better ' ever held it? Indiana. 'understanding about the shipping of: , TZ 7 , v- ''ive stock. : ' '. ar.I family of Carth-:hc cvtr Sunday guests of ( P. -e f..-d family. 1 see wev Mrs. JVhn Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Preaching, morning sermon, 10:30; subject, "Thanksgiving." Evening, service, 7 o'clock. Juiior League, 2:30 p. m. Mrs. Mary McCauley has returned home to Blooinir.gton, after a visit with her sister, Mrs. Fred Haisley. 'r?. J. W. Or;vtr ar.i twvi childreit ? K k-.m. are visting Mrs. Comer's father. Wm S. "Elliott, this week. uenarrei curiess nas returneu 10 nis work in the university at Ann Arbor, ! . havii'g been called home by the illness ( J of his grandmother, Mrs. Emma Mil-Jf ler. 1 SUNDAY SER; CES i ! Tbe weather is a sinndar!y unfortunate institution. When it is bni it is freely abused ; when it is gd it becomes an (object for profound suspicion. A wet day is an abomination? a fine one is an incipient drought. Three tine days in succession are enoneh to Vrinsr into blossom little paragraphs annuncinc that sonie-hvdys water supply will shortly have to be curtailed, and a week of them sees the farmers of I.lanksbire eloquently face to fce with approaching ruin. A bad summer will not boar thinkinc ah-ut: a srood one is prvof thnt the climrite of Ilurope is rapidly ohar.irng thrit tbe North pole will soon enjoy the temperature of the oijuator. :md that a few more thousand rears will se ni:;nkini f.nally fri7.hd oflf the snrfaf -f a thorouirhly iiiltos-pitab'e planet. This grateful and comfort ins g:nie f lof-.king a cift hore i?i tV:e mouth 's nw beins ai-pHed Ti the on!y irood rSTilt of the coal stopv-asre oir cleaner atmosphere. Ih'v'rsr survived tie first 'cv. :A1 Mis. J. II. Vinson and Mrs. Epworth League, G p. m. Midweek service, Wednesday 7 o'clock. C. B. SWEENEY, Pastor. of "The chiropractors are working marvels so wonderful that even members of the medical fraternity are taking notice of their great work." John A. Fisher, M. D Philadelphia, Pa. S2?;:e Heas llrs. Pr?v 0:1 :t house guests 'V".:,urr.e in Marion. CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Bible school, 9:30 a. 111. Communion, 10:30 a. m. Preaching both morning ami even- Miss Georgia Bovie, Master Bobbie i Ciowell and Mr. and Mrs. Walter, White of Marion were dinner guests , of Lament Brookshire. Anniversary dav. . : NEWS W A XT AIS. GET Si isur.ted her E. O. Ellis a severe m 11 n tnc e:rce i:?.s nte of after px.- ir.i O . Auto T.C5S. J - j Remember Them , With Photos Theme of the morning, "Christiair-ity a Religion of Joy." Evening, "The Individual Message." Ccme worship with us. The church needs you, and you need the church. God gave IIis only son to die that you might have this privslcge, there- Raymond P. Dicks, a former Fair-mount young man, now of Chicago, was ui'.ted in marriage last Saturday evening to Miss Jane Haworth also of Chicago. They have taken apartments in the city and will soon be at home to their friends. Mr. Dicks at one time was a member of the Fair-mount News force. ' The Fairmount Baptists will have their prayer meeting on Thursday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Creamer, at 125 N. Vine, at 1 :o(. Miss At.'r.r. Pf irh was the over Sunday guest of Y-ZT sisters, Mrs. Grover FadamaVer ar.:l ?Irs. Agnes Jenkins in I'arton Sur.dr.v. I fore, honor Him by beii.'g present in SAW BIG FLCT IN FOOTBALL i H's house on the Lord's day. j H. CLAY BOYTS, Pastor. shock f ill- -nsi(!ered gratitude at be- ; ins rl.'e to -o their own city, many j I.ondom rs. an evetung pair an- nonno'S. are now discovering that a j feel in c of Inftude and an overpwor- 5ns inclination to yawn are the result of livins in an unusually pure atmos- j phere. Manchester GuanlSan. J Mr. ar.d Mr. Will Curless, Mrs. Howard Cot.te? ?.nd Mrs. Marion Curies? drove c" r from Swayzee Wel-nesday. beir.g :?.!led here by the death ;f Mrs. Eni-s Miller. Hard to Ccnvirce Turkish Authorities That the Game Was Not Revolutionary Camouflage. . FREE! Holiday Ribbonette for tying Christmas packages. Beautifully colored in preen, red and gold. Printed, "A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Very soon the holidays will be here the time of the year when we ask ourselves, "What shall I give?" At this time we can assist you hi deciding this question. The photograph as a Christmas .ift stands supreme and surely nothing strengthens the bond of friendship so much a ood photograph. Twelve photographs solve twelve Christmas problems if yea get them at THE HOCKETT STUDIO. WESLEYAX CHURCH. Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Preaching by Paul La Vere, 10:30 Educational rally by the Y. M. V" B., address by President Bedf . . .1, . p. m. Sir. ard Mr?. Rene Jones entertain- Prompt Delivery. Ocorse I-. I .oft. son of the (J at a dint.Vr party, the following ; Year." candy consres-stnan. tbe stock px- Chests enjoying the Jones hospitality: ; We have many thousands of yards, magnate and former Mr. and Mrs. Emory Adams, Mr. ar.d but it will go fast. Call immediate! v j created a sensation on It has always been a diJTiouH matter to be a sirt smaii in Turkey, line Turk. Ilechad P.ey, tried it with a re-suit weird enough to serve as a basis for a detective story. It appears that the young Turk had organized a football team among his friends, together with some tlreeks and Armenians, and began practicing. Shortly thereafter, in the .middle of the night. Mlice came to his house Mrs. Oren Kcls.y. Mr. and Mrs. Wes- a.-,d get as much as you will need to i sie Payne, Miss Orpha Jones and Ren ' tie all your Christmas packages. ' i Let all attend the Union Thanks-j giving: service at Friends church next Thursday, at 10 a. m. Do not disregard the diviie goodness. J. J. COLEMAN. Pastor. Wir.slow. FREE, at THE HOCKETT STUDIO. cbanse recent' y. when be sold a suit of clothes ofT bis baek for S: ard made spot delivery. Tbe younsr broker breezed onto tbe floor of tbe ex-ehanse early In the session, wearing a brand-new Palm Peach suit. It was so oinsmeuons some of bis colleagues j and carried him off to Scutari. There n rouirhed him a bit and in the frrca J FREE! extra trousers r-oat was torn sliebtly. Thereupon I .oft yelled out for a bid for the outfit, bist a if he were selling IOO shares of I. oft. Inc. A broker in the crowd snapper back a bid of WO and demanded instantaneous delivery. Loft ws! game. He peeled off his coat and then shril bis trousers and departed for the Luncheon club attired in his B. V. Ds. He wr able to resume business later throneh the discovery of an old suit of clothes In a locker. New York Tribune. Demonstration Saturday. November 1 9th We will serve hot coffee and Sunshine Biscuits all day next Saturday. Don't forget the time, Nov. 19 th9 and the place. The Quality Grocery he was submitted to a long examination as to the club and the game of football. The authorities were convinced that they bad found a great plot, and that the club must be a secret society. A special messenger was sent for ihe ball, and that was duly examined and found to be an Infernal machine. The rules of the game were considered to be another piece of damning evidence, and still worse were the sweaters and colors of the club. After long delilieratlon the culprit was sent to the higher police authorities In Staroboul. who went through a second long examination and came to the conclusion that the empire had been saved from disintegration by the early discovery of a great plot. They dispatched the whole matter to be Inquired into at the sultan's palace at Tildlx. and a special commission took the matter In hand. ' . After much careful thought and examination of the evidence of the crime It was decided that there might be nothing In it, but that it must not be committed again. with every made-to-measure suit and the extra tioasers will be faultles I tailored to your individual measure of the same material as the suit You men who want to economize here's your chance. Your suit will last twice as long with a second pair of pants and the extra pair will not cost you a cent. RibbleJJros., Qf course Unearth Home of Cave Men. One of the most comprehensive of many finds of relics of prehistoric man In Austria has been discovered in a cave near Mlxnltx. The cavern known as "Dragon's Den," Is being excavated for enormous deposits of phosphate. In a side cave 1.000 yards from the opening, evidences of human oceupa- j tion in ancient times were uncovered. '. Great quantities of quartz implements Bert Briles, Proprietor and other utensils and human bones have been taken out. y ; ill - 1 TT ' "I . : t : if ' Beginning at once and lasting all Thanksgiving week, vft will rrive a 3 nound sack of new white corn meal From Producer to Coinisiuimer- ;. with each 24 pound sack of Fairmount Flour. Eight sacks the limit. Our Flour prices are based on wheat , be-inp delivered thisweek by Dr. C. N. Brown and George Blackerby. Competition is very keen and we are mak- ing this offer to stimulate our flour sales, lhe new road leading HaumnrarrMITimiM- H LrMTTIir MnM to our mill door is completed. hi I L

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