The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 21, 1936 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 21, 1936
Page 5
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Monday, December' 21, 1936 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Page 5 Standout Sockers of 1936 They Grow 'Em Big in Texas! Chris Dal Sasso Spending Holiday CUBS NATIONALS TOP FIELDERS IN LOUIS' PROFITS FROM FIGHTING Season at Home 4&$t'?0 Bob Wiggii njj : 1936 FLAG RACE MAKE HISTORY Chris Pal SiiKfui. l!:t; Imliitiia V Hrn I ... . , ' ... ... I university fnnlhall m plain, has i" nirncfl in IiIk home on Nnrlh Nfr.ili Pennant-Winning Giants Finish Promoter Jacob Predicts Negro street to spend the hrintiiniH hnti ilhVH ami rrt from I In' work mi l 1 Season in F'fth Place as Hitters, Third in Fielding Will Be Millionaire After Seiie of Contest! Next Year ' liy ronrhi and proftM- T7 -s-'.i .? " f j it NKW. YOIIK. One. 21. If Ijiily I. nek cmillniK In mnlle on him. .!' NKW YORK. Dee. 21.- Tmvlng thiit you can't hat in winning runs with a glove, the Chicago Cubs, who florn. A former grid Mar at Clinton Inch sHiool si ml for llim yearn a Mi mi ni: Hi; lit uu the IflonminKfoi! c-ainpiiK and gridiron, ChriH declare he will no, play proh'sMonul font-ha'.l titter Kradnatton. He plans to Lenin will iK- Mil luplirn) paid alii letp In Hip world noxt ynar. vv -iV-j.r-4. -s'.v t Fn-d PfiTjr mar or may noi male Iho (10(1,000 prntlctrd for him an Jim coiieh tn a hinh tw-liofil. tennis pro: Jrnwe Owena. the sprint Pal SdhHO reports he h;is had finished In a tie with the St. Ioit Is Cardinals for second place in the National league pennant race, were the best fielders in the circuit last season, official averages released today show. Besides supplanting the Cardinals. 10.15 leaders, in club fielding. rr. may or may not make a slmllir sum. and one or two Jockeys mny four happy years ut I. I . and he plarfi-- great value on the friend COMCSACK.. ship inado t here. Iteraut-e of a 7Suxirw AMeees Amp CAMtaAitai UHHJC- linen injury in the Ohio Stato game. he wan forced out ol competition SCmEUKG the Cubs had the best Becond-sacker in the person of Billy Herman, who led at his position for the second this year heforn tho season ended. His other knw was ban pod up in aeasT Twom. ay tiie 1!35 Ohio Mmc straight time, and the catcher nearest to perfection in the veteran O.ilihy Hartnett, on top for the The veteran Hoosier tackle? was tHHCtBt-e J - one of the speakers at the annual tin rl season In a row. alumni football banquet held in In- dianauoltft. Indiana Coach fftn) J ;ahly Holds I'mv The enthusiastic old chatterbox run Into Important money, hut what (hoy make will bp comparatively pniall change compared with the whli-h Promoter Mike lacnhn of the 20th Century club today said .loe was sure to net in the next 12 months. I Mike MakiiiK IV-aN Mike said he Is already HRntiat-inn for a dozen flchts to he staged one a month through 1937. "These fights' Mike predicted, "will malce joe a millionaire. In fart, since July 4, 1934, when Joe not 50 for th first of the 32 fights he has had. he has earned close to $7.ri0.000. "Joe will be the first athlete in history to make a million without winning a title. He will have made that much.. -before next September when I plan to put him in with the winner of the Braddnck-Schmeling also increased his record to II seasons In which he has caught in 100 or more games. MnMMin also spokn, and (Jovernor McNutt was the toast in a.'ter. Other Clinlonianft present wire Raymond TrobaiifL-h. Clinton football roach, md fiv of his lt;;t; regulars Arthur A '. Krt Miskunas. Mario Straz-zabosco. Hob Phillips and Hob MtCrea. Other lop hands at fielding wen- TODAY'S Cur huhr. Pittsburgh Pirates, first base; Joe Stiipp, Brooklyn. Dodgers, third base: Leo Durocher. Cardinals, shortstop, and John C'oouey, Dodgers, outfield. Tho Pirates took the Hub halting SHAW PREDICTS BRONCO VICTORY When penial Bob Wiggins. Smith county. Texas, farmer, order a nw pair of overalls, it almost a job for a tentmaker Wiggins I 3JI years old. seven feet one inch tall, and weighs 469 pounds. Some idea of hip bulk is suggested by this photo showing two of the salesgirls in the store where he orders his clothes. Misses Lechie Lovnn and Florine Shuttle, occupying a leg each of a new pa of overalls. fight for the title. Not even Demp-sey or Tunney had a mdney record like that. He's the greatest money making athltte the world has ever seen." thing serious would come of it. But title by J lint a shade over the Cubs and Paul Waner of those same Pi-ititeshit .373 for the individual crown, as revealed earlier. Giant Paradox The New York Giants finished third in fielding and fifth In hitting and still won the pennant. For an additional mark of excellence, the Cubs had a pitcher who shared fielding honors at his post- League Bowling .VMKKM'AN I.KAt.t K StandinfTN SANTA CLARA. Cal.. Dec. 21. Coach Buck Shaw of the University of Santa Clara football team is confident his broncos will regain sonic of the prestige they lost in the Te?.-as Christian defeat when they meet Louisiana State in the Sugar Bowl game at New Orleans, he said today. The Broncos are working out daily on their home field here for the L. S. U. game. la. 136; Xora, 130: Franchetto. 10(1. Winters .Stewart, 160; Collins. 133: Montgomery. 131. Winters, 19: Burroughs. 91. Mike's Combs. 109; Weir, 133; J. Rpndaci. 119; Welke. 116; M. Rendaci. 110: Nardi. 101. Daniels Tasso. 163; Berrisford, 13.r.; Daniels. 129: Fowl, 116; Walker. 104; Archer. 94. . Butter Krust Cooper. 145; Hor-ney, 133; F. Meyer. 131; Kirkman. 126; Bartleit. 121; C. Meyer. 110. NEW YORK, Dec. 21. The busl-neus of putting a ski on your right oot and another ski on your left foot (skis being long pieces of hoard curled up at the end with iioints on em I and sliding down a hill, or mountain, has become a tremendous industry in the past two years. But reader, I feel it a Christian duty to tell you never to let any person, no matter if it's J. Edgar Hoover never let anybody put skis I tion, the same being Tex- Carleton. , ..Teams Von.l.rfst.l'rl. i American L-t;ion ... 15 3 .833 , The Daily Clintonian 14 4 .7781 , Rexall Store 12 6 .6ii7 Clinton Pure Milk .. 9 9 .500 Winters Drugs 8 10 .444 1 Mike Auto Body Shop 5 13 .278 Daniels Produce .... 5 13 .278 Butter Ki Ufct Bread . 4 14 .222 1 - Hwing Planned Mike said the dusky plastic surgeon of the ring will surely operate ou his "patients" in New York, Boston, Chicago. Detroit and Los Angeles. Other prospective sites for Joe Louis "clinics" are being considered. Mike said Joe's first "clinic" would be held in Madison Square Garden late next month nt which time joe will operate on Bob Pastor, who belted over Ray Impelli-tierre Friday night with an errorless performance through 57 chances. Bob Reis of the Boston Bees turned in an Identical record. it seems there was a rat in the party (rats "exist even above the timber line. It seems) and that rat, knowing that I stood right on the brink of upper New York state, gave me a little shove. He simply pushed me off that mountain, and I had skis on. My first skis. My friends. I still shudder when I think of that trip down the mountain, with those rocking chair rockers buckled to my feet. Unless you have rocketed along under your own power at So miles an hour, with your eyes shut, and not knowing what was going to hit you next, outside of pine trees, you cannot High individual Lundie, Legion, and Tasso. Daniels. 212. High team Legion, 820. on your feet. I tell you this because I skied Elaborate Coiffures Until recent years, men in the Society islands went in for ornamental hair in a big way. Sometimes they shavea off one-half of their hair, and left the other half long. Sometimes they shaved a path down the middle and gathered the hair on both sides into knots. But the Fijians took first prize for elaborate coiffures. One case is on record where a head of hair measured five feet in circumference. This great growth was dyed once. It was .on the top of a mountain. At Lake Placid. And at Individual Average I,(ginn Lemstra. 146; Lundie. 138; Manship. 134: Bentiey, 127; Rader. 126; M. James. 102. Clintonian F. Van Horn. 140: Carey. 139: Hope. 136: Tate. 135; Sniiih. 128: A. Van Horn. 127. Rexall T. Griffith. 140: Stevenson. 110: Boyd, 140; M. White. 128; Casebeer, 127; Hain, 115. Pure' "Milk Varda. 147: Tube-losa. 144; Mattloda. 141; Ruffatto- to dodge me as the trees had. and the clear, cold night was shattered by a thud a thud that only a stout gentleman on skis smashing into a board fence can make. Don't put on skis. Not outdoors, anyway. If you have to wear them use them as bedroom ' slippera and I had on my first pair of skis. A Was King from Birth Alfonso Leon de Bourbon, the farmer Alfonso XII of Spain, was king from birth, until his abdication in 130 at-the-aee 0H4 . quiver with me. Finally I reached the valley and gentleman had coaxed me into them. I still had on my sbces. also Tiry and" I didn't think any board fence. Tne fence refused just patter about the house in them tn every color of the rainbow. Tonihts SrhiMlnle f 7 P. M. Uutter Krust vs. Mike. Pure Milk vs. Clintonian. 9 P. M Rexall vs. Legion. Winters vs. Daniels. - T J Doppler's Principle In case a sounding body, such as a whistling locomotive, is approaching a listener, the pitch of the note is higher than when the source of the sound is at rest or receding. In other words, the frequency of the sound waves is apparently increased when the sound is approaching and decreased when it is moving away. This principle holds true also rerardin? light. THIMBLE THEATRE Sfarring Popeye - By E. C SECAR r 7 i . JP0PPft.THEM WIN6S WOULDN'T I IHE&RD OUTSIDE WAS L BELltVE ME IF t DONE U FKUbPiL,l OUb A WMfc tXWFMNlN SO I'LL KEEP ME MOUTH u'w r k im-, .... SHUT VbHUI uvtrs J 1 wcau in T I I'LL 60 TO V 'IKNEVJ VOU'O VfT I ' m ftf'" ' ""J?ffeA I THE WINDOW, V BE, HOVERlU" . S3 : t I M 7i'&mmr WHAT I'LL 5EE- ) HERE I BE !L i' 1 rll V d fe $L i1 "tellherTN fjL T Xt Ji- ' W&&Ji 60TELtHER! I V-C JU ,., Greece Honored Athletes The winners at the Olympic games in classic Greece would be received in their home towns with such extravagant rejoicing after the games that not only were they feted and loaded with git's, but often provided, if needed, -uh free meals in the town hall for life. t . ' life T1LLIE THE TOILER Branches of Eel Family Among the most formidab'e branches of the eel family are the great morays which lurk in coral reefs of the Caribbean. Some of them weigh as much as a man and have a cruel set of teeth. The mo-ray has done much to discourage swimming about the outlying reefs. H? is carniverous and pugnacious, md has been known to attack m man in the water. By RUSS WESTOVER I TELL YUH, UHES RlcJHT, HADAM.U VOU'KEL 1 l "SEE VOU'VTt r VES, M'T'S MACSll dAMe tM MERE To' HOW MAwy TIMES CO I HAVE OF GOUCSE. I'M TO TELL MX) THE CUSTDMET2- RteHT-l'UE MPJsa HEAreo such S ALWS I6HT? NOW CLEM?! I ra-wri -cjT . Old Viking Capital Trondhjem on the Nid. the viking capital of Norway, was founded far back in pagan times, probably long bjfore the days of King Olaf Trygg-Gveson. Oiaf call-d his capita! Nid- srnc horait;p it Kiatirift whf the ! N'id curves before it ftnws into the V rd The Dodee Foundation The object of the Dodge foundation is to promote the well-being of mankind throughout the world, using as a mews to that end charitable, oenevolent. religious, missionary and public educational activities aeencies institutions. DANN DUNN Secret Operative 48 HEY, BARNACLE W HEY, BARNACLE. T VEH. " OH. YEAH ? WELL WtAKE THIS BIRD BELOW T7g'WAN, GTt Aw TT 1 TuAT'A 1 ,.r j,iia'-r ArriKi t- 3 ajtv Ti .C v. I .. K. i k , If ... I -np 1 . mi . IHV 1 1 WOW WHAT"? IF ACE BART COMES OVER HERE HE LL RECOGNIZE ME AND THEN THEV GOT SO E1CITED ABOUT OOH DR. B. H. SELLERS DENTIST 249 i South Main Straet ', Cl Intern, Indiana I WE PICKED UP THIS BIRD ON THE SHORE OUT HEUE A.MD BRUNK3 H1N RIGHT.) ANYONE 11 WITH THAT OTHER ONE H AND NO OUGUT TO I PAL TO OUR UST, WE PICKED UP I'LL fSQAWKIN(' ff GIVE A 1 k J SEE? BESIDES, y MAKE UP MV MIND B J PAL A.lJ TAKING ME IN THAT THEV DlDM'T FJkPfU MC T LuWF DIDN'T FARfH MC-I IrJWE SA.V6 HE'S fel 4 WE DON T KhJOWl WHAT TO DO WITH BREAK r I rf MV GLIM THAT'S SOMETHIKJG ' ri,Srr YOU ' '? HIM WHEN I GET. ,-rtl TV it,HV GiJN--TV(ATS SOMETHING l&Z&P. LAMMING IT feT V J.VYAS V AROUNB to it ' H J. V" Y- , ,.T. -, FROM THE LAW. ' . ;, hj. i7A v ... .tii'.J v I i i . 1' , , St I DAN DUNN " ATTEMPTING TO FIND THE REASON FOR ACE BA.RT. MfcKtKXa TRIPS ACROSS TME LAKE, vie is SEEfJ BV LOOKOUTS DANCINC a o z FROM THE Dormans Tavern Good Orchestra Your Favorite Deer On Tap Wines Liquor Mixed Drinks GRIM COUNTERFEITING SHIP AMD , CA.PTURED

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