The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 21, 1936 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, December 21, 1936
Page 4
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Monday, December 21, 1936 Page Four The Daily Clmtonian, Clinton, Indiana THE DAILY CLINTONIAN Found; d It 11 Behind Ihe Seen Established an The Weekly Clintonlao 180 Toe Clinton I'lalodealer absorbed in 1U8. MOLLYUJQp mm CHAPTER XXIV Tti. ditine was slmoat e-av. K George L. Carey Edi'r nd P"blihcr Bnlered l the I'oelofflc at Clinton. Indiana. a Second Clui Matter. Member Imlmiiit Knpublican Editorial Association was laughing, charming. She praised everything, let Donald tease By HARRISON CARROLL VapgrHftt, IKS. Kite PMbn SraSiule. lu. HOLLYWOOD After all the reporta of their feuds and reconciliations, Elea oer aDouc ner new iwjuu eec,.'t-n.. rl.itfA AnuMn't relax and National Avcrlisinu Representative: IKO. B. DAVID CO. lion Wrlgley Hldg., Chicago, t ill General Mum r.l.'r- Detroit 110 Kant 4Snd St.. New York laugh with them. She kept think nor Whitney of all her endeavor to be brave and 8 for It waa true that Donald never saw any of his old friends sny more, snd whst he celled "the fashionable practice" wss almost gone. But the worst of It was losing his mother. She couldn't help worry, ing about it Donald said that she was nervous snd blue because she was going to have a baby. Maybe it made some girls nervous and blue to know that they were going to be mothers, but it didn't make Christie feel that way. It just made her happy I She tried to explain, but it was juat one of those things that they never "land Johnny X t Downs were so Phone 117 Phone 41 Ing your own work I 1 know you think you are, but you aren't. A physician has a certain position to maintain in a community. When people see his wife doing her own work, and livinjf in a little shark practically in the woods, what will they think?" "I don't knuw. and 1 don't care and neither does Donald! We LOVE our home, snd we" "Christie, please let me speak. I realire your youth, and inexpert-encu. Yuu must believe that I am older and wiser. I am going to speak to you very frankly, and you Diua: r-.aiiie that what I am saying is said for your good, and Donald's. When Donald told me that ha broke with your cousin and was going to marry you, I did not approve. Allele would have made the perfect wife for Donald. She would have helped him. Instead, with the best inten If I a I f conscious when the script of "Clarence' called for her to take a awing hi at him. Then, when she got around to doing could get quite clear between them. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN'S PLATFORM: 1. To further every interest of Parke and Vermillion counties. 2. To attiat the revival of the Indiana coal mining industry. 3. To cooperate in sorvinrj Vermillion County'i unemployment problem. 4. To beautify Clinton and make it the mott attractive city of Ha size in the rlate. finishes "Marked Woman' at Warners. Another attack of appendicitis has her in lea packs every night and doctors advise that she can no longer avoid aa operation, Alfred Nobel, who invented dynamite, later spent $,000.000 promoting peace. Universal, which has bought Rolf Passer's story of his life, will spend another million putting it Into a picture, and hopes that it also will serve the cause of peace. ' ''' The thought occurs that some day a motion picture may win trie peace price established by Nobel. With the terrific power of propaganda possessed by the films, the award might well be Justified, ' Here and there In Hollywood. . . . Molly O'Day has made application for a passport to Join Sister Sally O'Neil in London. . . . Sally la a great hit and will be a guest of Lady Marlow over the holidays. .-. . Pernand Gravet t- talking with Paris three times a week. Both his mother and mother-tn-law are ill over there. . ; . Another Illness causing concern has been that of Mavaurneen. three-year-old I it, ahe was V " I nervous the L i- e i - i ' I blow didn't re tions in the world, you've made him Kleeaore Whitney later correctly ' and they had to take the ahot all over again. Her face was redder, if anything, than 500,000 DEAD IN SPAIN Johnny's. Rear Admiral Cary T. Grayson, chairman of the American- A new contract, a raise In salary and practically everything else ahe wants at R-K-O fail to reconcile Ginger Rogers. Nothing will do, but a chance at a serious acting role. The red-headed star is because be worried aoout ner health and mads her make frequent visits to see some friend of his who waa a specialist, she said less and less about It as time went on. There was really no on that she could talk to. Aunt Nettie . . . Even Aunt Nettie would have been helpful. Aunt Nettie had had two babies and certainly hadn't been sorry. But because Aunt Nettie wasn't home, or said she wasn't home, the one time Christie went to call, right after ber marriage, Donald ruled against going again. "She knows where we are. She can visit you if shachoosesl" he had said angrily, and Christie had agreed reluctantly that perhaps she had better not go back. If only dad had lived and Mimi! Tears stood in her eyes as she got out the old pictures, looked at the pretty, laughing face of the woman they told her wasn't really her mother. Well, she just hoped that she'd be able to be as good a mother to ber baby as Mimi was to her. She knew that she was strong and healthy, and nothing would happen to her . . . but people do diel Mimi had died. . . . Suppose she, too, were to die, what would become of HER bebv. with ae one having a number of plaster miniatures made of herself In the dis adopted daughter of the- Pat guise ahe wore to make a test for ridiculous. I m his mother I love him, and every jeer, every unkind word, every bit of sneering laughter at my boy is a knife turned in my heart. I must save him and you must help me. If you love him, you must!" Their voices had grown higher. Donald heard. How much he heard, neither of them ever knew. But he came back into the room, his eyes blazing, his unusually ruddy face blanched with anger. "That's about enough, Eve!" "Donnyl It'a because what I'm saying ia true that it hurtsl You know it'a true. And I blame you more than Christie. According to her lights SHE'S done very well for herself. But you I You knew better you know better now. You know that every word I'm saying ia true, you know you've failed me " "Failed you. Then It's yourself you're worrying about?" "No I Thank neaven, I don't have to depend on you for my bread and butter. I have one child who had O'Briens. Happily, she is out or danger now, but one night Pat and Elolse. the Frank Mcrrugna ana the role of Queen Elizabeth In "Mary of Scotland". She'll send the statuettes to various Hollywood producers. The power of suggestion, you know. the Jimmy Cagneys sat up Oil three o'clock while doctors and a ing about wnat nau aeiu, iu of her ewn thoughts her disloysl thoughts. Throughout the dinner that was success, snd the evening thst was t'.ent with Donald and bis mother -hatting cempanionably before the fireplace, she sat quiet and dumb, weighted down with a sense of her own unworthiness. Tactfully Eve Latham sought to drsw her into the conversstion. "Of course, yon don't know sny of these people we're talking about 1 I just had to tell Donny the gossip. But all the while I've been talking I've been looking at the curtains. Such lovely soft stuff, where did you find it?" " "Oh, it's Just cottoa sheeting-dyed rust color." "Tell Eve how you did It, honey." "Oh! There's nothing to telL I just mixed some dye, snd put it in a wssb boiler" "You did it yourself!" I'll say she did I Tell shout the brsided rugs, too. Go on, Christie! It's s grand story. She cut up everything in the house but the ciuthes I had on my back, to make the darn things. I just saved my blue flannel bathrobe" "I just needed a little more blue, and it was really a very old bathrobe," ahe explained, smiling a little, but she couldn't go on with it, and make a story of ft. She hadn't the heart. - Ss they gave up trying to draw ber into it, and talked happily, and she turned the aame thoughts over and over in her mind. - - Just before tbey were to go to bed she was alone for a moment with She blurted it out, ber cheeks flushed darkly. - "If you meant that you wanted mi to help Donald get back the fashionable practice, and give up ti research work " Eve's quiet, delicately modulated vcice cut in. "Yes. i thought we understood each other, Christine." "That's it Ws did, In a way. Sut I've just got to tell you that f cant take sides with yoa. Mrs. ltkara. I" , "You cant take sidea with ME! .My poor child, did I ask you toT It's merely that aH who love Donald, and want him to go on with the future that was begun so brilliantly, must be agreed. Christie, dear, I know that yoa lovs my boy, as I do. Surely we can work together to show him that he mustn't give up all thst he worked so hard for. We'll leave out my sacrifices, but" special nurse worked with the youngster. . . . Not to harp on the sick list, but Fred Stone is much improved and will be able to spend Red Crow, returned last week from Europe, where he attended an international meeting of the organization in Paris. Admiral Crayson reporta that 500.000 persons are estimated to have been killed since the revolution began in Spain. Only a small proportion of the dead were slain in battle, the majority of the victims falling to the executioners, put to work by both sides in - their frenzy. Undoubtedly the world is appalled at the picture in Spain, where black Moors, the bulwark of the revolting army, battle with the hastily-organized militia of the government. It is also plain that Germans and Italians are engaged on the fascist side and Russians and some other foreigners are fighting for the government. The loss of life is one phase of the strife but the total loss to the Spanish nation and people will be measured for centuries to come regardless of the outcome. However, let it be said for the government in office when the revolt broke out, that the elected representatives of the people did not precipitate the terrible struggle. It was brought on by the rebellion of most of the regular army, aided and abetted by the conservative groups which had been unable to regain power through the ballot. Christmas with the family. . . . Clark Gable la buying a plane. He Mary Magulre, who la used to motoring in Australia, just can't get used to the American system of driving on the right hand side of the street. In three weeks, she has had two traffic accidents. On advice of Warners, she is now providing herself with a chauffeur. likes to travel of air and, wnen be travels by commercial plane, the crowds swamp the airports. . ssnss enough to marry in her own class I" Mary Brian was at the Brown even interested in it, and Donald Derby with John SInsaM. young Englishman out here studying prodsntlon methods at Warner "Eve, yours forgetting yourself!" Christie held to Donald's arm with ber tense, helpless hands. The flames leapt in the fireplace, sodl the whole room seemed hot and red I Brothers. . . . And Marsha Hunt will spend the holidays ha New York with her father, an insurance as the flame of their burning snger. official. Her mother stays to Hol lywood to be with Tounger Sister Marjorie, who Is a student at U. C U A. You Asked Me and I'm Telling You! Mary Cartwrlght, Chicago: It is a waste of time to submit songs to the stars. They cant use them any more than studios can consider unsolicited manuscripts. Jeanette MacDonald, for instance, spends a substantial sum each month in returning songs to their senders. Bach one has to go registered mail, so she will have legal proof of the return. It will be the hospital for Rosalind Marquis as soon ss she Today's Puzzle: What blonde actress is said to have been tne model for that beautiful nude by a Hollywood pnmogTapnsr m national magazine ? were to represent Indiana at tne ness, popiilnrfly and lively companionship. A child born on this day may he energetic, talented, ambitious and (luile disponed to have its way, although it will be personally likable and popular. meetings. given something to our Christmas day! "It's you snd I together now," Donald said whea Eve waa gone. "The last link's broken." She held her arms tighter about him. She thought be looked a little frightened- And so she made herself seem brave and gay because she felt frightened, too. Eve Latham had frightened her. If it waa true that she bad spoiled ail Donald's chances for success as a physician and surgeon because she was a nobody and didnt belong; to clubs and gat her name in the society columns, then she'd just have to be a success as a scientist's wife. She'd have to take mora interest in the things he tried to explain to her, have to stop wishing; they had a little more money and, above all, she mustn't show that she, too. was worried. . For she knew that he was worried about the break with his mother. The visit that began so well snd ended so miserably. Mrs. Charles Lier was shopping in Terre Haute Tuesday. "Oh, I know all you did. uonaia nss told me. and he does appreciate slwaya working on bis experiments and not seeming to cara very much whether he ever became a father or not At times like that she never could quite hold back the tears, sad it wsa always her luck to have Donald come home early on that particular day and find her, red-eyed and bedraggled, with the little dresses sad nighties she had collected .lying in their box on the bed beside her and nothing in the house for dinner. He was so tender and solicitous she wanted to scream. "Why make so much FUSS about it?" she'd damand irritably, only to have him answer In the patient tone be probably used for sick children : ''Darling, am I the one who's making the fuss?" He just couldn't understand. Nobody understood. For a while it' seemed that Mrs. Mitchell, the big rosy woman who came ia twice a week to help with the work now. wss one who might understand. Mrs. Mitchell was very interested ! and would lean on ber brsom for a ' half hour at a time, listening, while Christie told her how well she really was and how glad she'd be whea June and the baby finally arrived and people would stop sympathizing with her and asking her how she felt. But it turned out thst Mrs. Mitchell's talents as a listener were limited and she'd much rather talk about the trouble she'd had having her four than the ease with which Christie planned to have her one, if folks would only stop bothering her. Still. Mrs. Mitchell was better than no one to talk to and Christie and Donald had an argument that ended in tears on ber part and sighs on his when she innocently repeated some of Mrs. Mitchell's theories and he told her that his patience was about at an end and it was lust too much when she quoted old wives' tales to HIM 1 (T Be Continued) MometiKMiH: Will China start another war since her "man of the moment" has heeu hidnaped? A daughter was born to Mr. and it,- truly ne ouca. put that the Important thing is science, and U be want to devote his life to it. why then I think " "Nonsense! You're a child, you , L-m .nvfLin -lu.,1. It V Mtl Mrs. Hardy Harrison west oi town Mv Dear SanU: Please send me m . -w -. k.ij -" . - don't even know what he's trying to THE HOMETOWNER To Love and Live and Let Live Will Aniserican-born "Wally" heroine queen of an English dominion in Canada? (alter all? do, do you ? Answer me i UKIA I JjM.t Rut hm Anmml" THE STARS SAY f By CKVKVIKVK KKMIILI-: Kor TaeMday, leeemler 20 According to the predominant 'planetary configurations, this should be a very active and enterprising day, with propres and advancement,, as well as flourishing conditions, in both business and finance. However, all thin call for restrnint and vigilance aeainst rrflud. duili i ty and distortion or niisrepreKcnin-tion. Reckless, extravasant and impetuous behavior would jeopardize the auspicious circumstances. Dealing with trusts, combines and secret bodies would be desirable and most promising. Personal popularity and happiness are uured. Those whose birthday it is anon the eve of a very enterprising and progressive year, witli business flourishing and finances on a good buRis. providing reckless, impulsive, wasteful and extravagant Inclinations are not permitted. There Is a sign of personal happi annual pass over the traction line, for 1 have to make at least seven calls a week to Terre Haute. Prosecutor,' Mark l.yday. Eve putting on her hat and coat "He thinks he does he's Just carried away with some silly notion. He'll laugh at it himself. In a year or two!" "Well maybe!" Christie agreed, doubtfully, la her heart of hearts Old Santa: Won't you please Bend my prospective little son-in-law. George Edgar Bingham, a little sup bat she couldn't kelp hoping that he port in his ambition to be mayor. Weeping Daniel. with hands that shook, baying to Donald in the voice one assa to a stranger: "If you will be good enough to drive me to the station I hate to aak you, at this hour, but it Is really impossible for me to remain, and I'm afraid it ia too far for me to walk." Walking eat of the door, a slim, youngish woman, in fashionable black. "Goodbye, Christine, my dear. I'm sorry you couldn t cooperate. Things might have ended differently." Things might have ended differently ... I Whea Christie thought of all that she felt lonely and afraid, in spite Just think Si. Nkliokui was known fven hclore Clmul wan born. V get our Sain a Claus and rein-dcer idua from him. Only lie dree white homes. The derma UK Tor warded the idea of a Christ mas tree-. The first St. Nicholas day (ChriKt-inas) was relelmtted on November twenty-fifth. Alnumt every civilized country bus YESTERDAYS lfx Kii'.i;K 21, mil A meeting of coal operators was scheduled for Chicago, Monday, with the announced purpose of a rloser organization of operators over a wider field than has been closely affiliated. Phil H. Penna, secretary of the Indiana, operatto-rp association, and Hugh Shirkie, vice president. IIKCKMRKR 21. 1!UH Mrs. Helen Acord of CanleKatP wouio. "ut, darling, that'a where you come in I Where any good wife does. To save him from his own folly. Oh, it is folly, dear. He had such a wonderful start. Such mar-.velous opportunities, it's such a cruel shame for aim to throw them away. You must help him. - -, "Christie, my dear little girl, you aren't helping him by living in this funny little house with him, and do- t'tah. is here visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Robert nrter. of South Fourth street. Mrs. Acord wsb for-meilv Miss Helen flrier. CoerrUI. IS 3ft- Kin. The 24 Hour Day! OLD JCKH SLEEPS GOOD HOU Wasp Uses Pebble Hammer Animals rarely use tools, but a species of wasp does use tiny pebbles to pound fiat the earth at the entrance to its nest. Coal Tar Coal tar is a mixture of countless Real Globe-Trotters Unlike most animals, snails can live almost anywhere in the world. They have been brought up from an ocean depth of 16,000 ieet and an expedition to Mount Everett found lliem thriving in the eternal snow which crowns the Himalayas. Nor do deserts stop them. Many species of snails have been found in ttie driest parts of the earth. The snail's shell serves as a house and a fort. Same snails have shells two teet long, while others are less than one-sixteenth of an inch in length. Their eyes are usually at the end of stalks which protrude like horns from tleir heads. compounds of carbon and hydrogen. HK MADE THIS 85c TE8T Old Johu says, "1 had to get up R or 6 timea every night. Excess acids and poisons raw cause frequent desire, scanty flow, baraiug. Mackache, and getting up Bights. I flushed my bladder with buchu leaves. Juniper oil. etc.. made into little green tablets called Bukela." Castor oil flushes the bowels. Bu-kets flush the bladder. In four daya if not pleased any druggist will refund your 25c. Gillis Pharmacy. Adv. BITS To make it into ayes ana arugs it is first distilled and the kjwer-boH-ing fractions, which come off first, are separated into pure compounds such as benzol, toluene, and naph The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. .1. H. fioodman was named Hubert yesterday morning at 10 o'clock at the VermJlllon county hospital in an itupreHKive name ceremony conducted by Rabbi J. Marehall Taxay. After the ceremony a delightful kosher dinner was served at the loodnian home in South Main street.' Guests were: Mr. and Mrs. Welm-berg. Mr. and Mrs. B. Becker. Mr. and Mrs. B. Ades. Mr. and Mrs, g. Rosenac. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Plost, Mr. and Mrs. I. Ades. Mr. and Mrs. 1). Manfeld. Mr. and Mrs. Haul Glass Mr. and Mrs, M. Bhowr. Myer Goodman. Ell Kutr.. Rabbi Taxay, Hnbb' H. Miller and A. I'artlow. all of Terre Haute, and Mr. and Mrs. L. B Silverman. Mr. and Mrs. A Wasaer-nuin. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Mow't. lolm 3trn . Mrs. B. Harrison. J. F. Bulcli Max Baker, William Dick, Joe Solo-man. Gene Vuugltn und Dr. .T. F. Swayne. thalene, which are tl raw materials for the dyes. The residue is a mixture of innumerable more complex compounds. Calling All Buyers DISCOUNT SALE OF tr et A surprise party as given laxt evening ut the home of Mr. and Mrs Albert Jasniia of Fairview Park in honor of the nrtnanth hirthday of their daughter, Mary. M-uslr darning and games were enjoyed during i he evening. !tefrehments were served. Those present were: Josephine and .'oho Kandera. Bmnn Cnntri. Krma Avenattl. Elizabeth and Kmmn Theisz. John Stanley. Anna and Helen Jaanica, .Serial rt. AT y4 and Off a Our Regular Low Prices Oak First Wood Csed in t . 8. Oak was the first native wood j&ed bv our craftsmen. 9 1WI N EHAIT'S s Laughed at Edissa After Thomas Ecuson instructed bis assistants to begin work on tha parts of a machine; that would actually talk, they would frequently gather behind his back to enjoy a hearty laugh. They were sure they were experimenting with an HAR Q WARE. r S,nce 1871 FURNITURE.

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