The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana on November 17, 1921 · Page 5
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The Fairmount News from Fairmount, Indiana · Page 5

Fairmount, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1921
Page 5
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THE FAIRMOUNT NEWS FOWLERTON DEPARTMENT Mr. Minnie Crcctaft, Reporter Thorntown Serum Having taken the afvy for Thorn-town Serum, I will always have 2 stiK-k on hand, and u can get it of me, instead of having to send to the i laboratory, at laboratory prices. i GEO. R. FEAR i local and Personal. Herbert Cvaxv. XX ho luiss ivvn Methodist Notes. Tho men PowU Pd to eta vf tl FOR SALE -:tc ill for E.U'SC tho I hnmo xvrst of Fairmoxint at ? o'clock. After x-efrcshmonts of doushnuts, pxxmpkin pio, cotteo ami milk xvoro served an informal program xvas riven xvith Mr. K. Ik Harvey as toast-master. After a iwmbor of impromptu speeches wero jriven expressing thir apprvviation for tho loyalty tuK intorost that Mr. and Mrsr Stuekey have shoxvn in the community, tho exercise xvas closed by sinjrinsr "Rlest bo tho Tie." Those present xvoro Mr. and Mrs. V. Ware. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Hancock. Mr. anU Mrs. A. K. RatlitT. Mr. and Mrs. J. Ik Whiteley. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wright , Mr. and Mrs. lonnv Winsloxv, Mr. and Mrs. Tld KimosMr .and Mrs. Hiram Harvey. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Caldwell. Mr. and Mrs. K. Ik Harvey. Mr. ai.M Mrs. four xveeks sutfered a .Iter r.ut of tho week. M. I. Sunday sch.H witt held a srecial Iv Ch.nrlo MiehVr of Munoio visitovl l.U rarvr.ts. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Mit-Vhner and Mr. anvl Mrs. It. K. Loach, Sunday. Mrs. IVrry T.oos and daughter Vor-nieo xx'oro in Marion Monday. Clem Kiehards of Muneio. xvas a Snv.lay div'oor srv.os of Mr. and Mrs. Clydo Ivieharvls. Mr. and Mrs. Kay Smith of Fair-mount, eal!od on John Smith and familv Sunday evening. Mr." and Mrs. Oren Kirkxvood eallovl on Mr. and Mrs. FranSv Kirkxvwd S,u:siay afternoon. Ka-,csdon and svn John, xxoro in Fairntount Sunday mortAnjt. Mis Hail Smith and l.oo Praxvhorn xvoro in Marion Saturday afternoon. U. J. t.oaeh is ready for Inisinoss now in his noxv harness anU lvnait A sevi He s txxv mevt;v.c w:;i'sd;v cxc"uri imrrvvin,e sloxxly and it is xwrst is vcr. al hv-ut- will nwwlo the will fixw Ivpod tho meciur r. surret ill xxhi FOR SALK Mailinsr lists. Names I and addresses 1,000 C.raift county J farmers. Up-to-date. Address J Hox o8. Fairmount, Ind. tho basement ot tho bv served in KhvMvi of taumour. e r.urv . Rtx. roaster ho iirant ehurefv xxni t t x :v cskcr of t!o ewn. Mrs. Ksta Ai!cs is sutTerinjt some t f ron tho ctToets of drinkimr k small amount of iodine by mistake. Mrs. AUes thoucht tho bottle contained vanilla. Uer lips and mouth aro buvr.od seme, hoxvever it is hcr-od no-thij.i more serious will result. Mr. and Mrs. Kiev l.eaeh of Gastoi be the- r' lives K tvr six on in h FOR SALE Iarge trunk cheap. 415 South Walnxit street. A u l iWs day. of Father a Fairmount Route No. 1 Phone. Swayzee 97M. FRANK MORGAN I am now located at corner of Sivtk and Sycamore streets. For Auto Repairing and Radiator Soldering John l.oo. Mr. and Mrs. Ras P.allinjror , vnp catv quartet ot trie r irs; tmi.s vi Marion is a '.so exrectod u to ivescnl. Cheap. Set of drawing ana son James, .xir. ana .Mrs. v . i. i instruments, in pood condition. Call .Mr. ar.i .mis. .ufc.o i.oaen cauoa e-n iH 'Mr. atvl Mrs. John l.eaeh Sunday af-!v" jj tertvHn. .n...U I.aey l.eaeh. who is in business Main tf6. after C. K. Social. 5:30 p. m. 5:30 at Manor, xvas ivmo over Kn Tho FoxUvt- n M. P. Christian Saturday nicht and Sunday, Harvey and son Myixn, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Simons and daughter Nellie. Mr. aiAl Mrs. A. Ik Rrexver, Mr. and Mrs. Paxil Haisley, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Kimes. and their families, Mr. and Mrs. John Part of Fairmount, Mrs. Wildman. Miss Kdith Wright and Mr. Chester Taylor. aul and Mr. and Mrs. Kalnh Tearson daughter snent Sunday with Mr, FOR SALE Remiihrton Typexvriter, pood as new. Will sell for $25 for quick sale. Call Mr. York nt Drop Forge. John Croeraft toik Sunday dinner xxith Kv'hert l.oos. Mrs. Maude Chitdroy, who has been visitinVr friends heix for several days went tv lias City Sunday xxhero she xts.ttl Mrs. l ueirda Ko. From there V doaxvr held vts regular mentn.iy social ar.d l meeting Friday evening at tho heme of Mr. and Mrs. John Ivvr.c. sovu!".oas; ot Fcxx lerto?. After tho business session, a social hour fol-i-t -:i"u s and music. IVr corn (Jive Me a Call. Phone KM she xxont to Svimmitvillo and visited xero serxexl as refresh- and FOR SALE White Leghorn cockrtls. Arthur Smith. mother. Mrs. Childrvy xxnll retum menus. i (I KANT 'i to Fowlerton Thursday and ntako 'ready to return t. her homo in Char-loston. W. Va.. Saturday. Mrs. IVto Pearson. Ray lan;.5n and Iva Caskoy xvero in Marion Friday aften.oou'. Mis lle'en Wiyrht is homo this week from l.tfxneh Ir.d.. she is teaehir.M school. Tho sehool boinjr closed on aoeount of diphtheria. Mrs. Ralph Pearson and daughter Itoatrieo. spent MonMay xvith her par cuts. Mr. and Mrs. J. X. Gibson. Miss Rilia Powers and Mrs. Perry I ees xx ero in Fairmount Monday after-reon. Mrs. Pel'a Puling called on Mrs. Rav l ai's.lon S,x,vlay evening. Hanoek has boot1 visit- Rev. Rl-.vvads of Fairmount. had vhar-v of the invaehinjr servieos at tho M. l ehurvh Sunday oxenir.c. His oUsoeavse ttxatol vo. tho sub joe t of tho rvd-.e&l Sot Mtss Kllen in Mrs. Je? FOR SALE Five-room cottage; good well; prod coal shod, and txvo lots. $500 takes this for quick sale. Leon Green, 1306 Marion avenue, Marion, Ind. l.eaeh and Mr. ana l.eaeh for several days. Mrs. I Hanoock left Tuesday exotr.njt , few days stay xxith her aunt. Miss for a Mrtdalinc Payne spent Monday in Marion. Everett Smith spent Tuesday in , Marion. Mrs, Pertha Smith, Mrs. Emma Puller and Mrs. Ida Little assisted Mrs. Elsie Little in cooking for shread-ers Tuesday. Wesslo Lexvis entcixnl school this week. Uirthday Mrs. John Seett near Matthexvs. NOTICE BY THE Ui,CI,I 1 U OF THE TK1.HAX CORPORATION TO CREDITORS To The Creditors and All Persons Holding Claims: You and each of you are hereby lotified that you shall tile your claim or claims xvith me, as receiver of said Corporation ci7 or before the 2nd. day of January 1922, pursuant to i.n ordir duly made and entered by the Grant Superior Court, as in the event any claim is not filed by the said 2nd. day of Jnitoary 1922, the same will not be considered. O. R. SCOTT, Receiver Telbas Corporation. Nov. 3-10-17. Surprises, class, xxith Mr Mr. .vAl Mis. Arthxir Jones xveix Tho t.xcelsvr lr. Fastes of Hasten xvas in l oxvlor- Loxvvx XJlass teacher, xery pleasintly aday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs.;. , .-v W-mon . t... . .... ... t, i. ' .....- . tow cviTHi.i auiniwii and her twin FOR SALE Rest Kentucky free burning egg coal for ranges. Price $7.50 per ton at the bin. A. A. Ulery & Co. surrriscd Miss Fertx Virgil Puling. l-.rvMh.t- I nn iVnxe. Sxmday. xx! en they gathered at their ccx:r.try h mo tho LITTLE RllXJE well Led basket ar.a spcr.i WANTED witn m rxnnemora day xv ith thenx ee ei Musie a;.ixwrsary their birthday Hiram Harvey occupied the Rev. AGENTS trade for WANTED to handle the genuine Watkins LIVE city Rev. Rhoads preached nt Foxvlerton Snnday xxight. Arthur Payne spent Saturday night xxith Joe Payne. The Grant basket ball team defeated the East Riai.vdi tive' in a Knxe of basket; ball, score being Tit to 0. Zola Little is back in sehool this .xveek, after a xveek's illness. Mis Madalino Payne spent Sunday ... 1 . X ' 1 1 nu'pit last ariKx;n mstoaa ex xue Rev. Charles Sxxoot of Muneio. After making a part of tho trip, Mr. Sweet and can es and a svod tun ger.evaUy xx as ctvovoxl throughout tho day by Kev. and Mx-s. Meyers, Mr. and Mrs. Lowvx UIass. Mr. and Mis. John lVmo Anna Smith. Llox d. Carl and Helen i.ea.h. Marv Pu'.irc. Sarah ad l-aey l.eaeh. Klsto lees. Floyd and Helen Products. Write for lars. J. :xd xvifo were compelled to return a A real opportunity, free sifmple and particu-R. Watkins Company, Winona, Minn. of tho condition of homo on account 70. Dept. Mrs, Ethel Pvunson an.l daughter, lVtvthy visited her parents in Mavioxf over Saturday and Sunday. t Mr. ai.U Mrs. Pallas Atkinson and son Oren. and Mrs. John Himeliok xero aftenvon callers at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. Will Crave Sunday. Mrs. Sarah Carpenter visited xvith, Hugh Peexvn and family Sunday af-ternooil. j Mr. and Mrs. I- E. Cord ray of Sara- 1 toga, arc visiting friends here this xeek. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Roerts and Mrs. Ann Hoyden left Sunday afternoon, for an extended visit xxith relatives in Ker.txvky. i Mr. and Mrs. Cden Puling snent tho xveek-end xxith relatives ir. Roanoke, Ind. Mr. ai.M Mrs. Clyde IVrt ridge and familv, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Jones. Mr. .., t . It Tou.-h and d:uihter' Wrivht. Ray Jones. Perl and t.llaV.lo Mr and M rs. 11. E. Payne enter- WANTED To buy live cords heath! Chester and Laey Smith, Car Win; stox'e xx-ood. Bynn Traster, Phone ter a vd Rlvada Helms. Lynn. Fein and tainod SuiXlav. Mrs. Ed Hannon ami j s-on. Mr. and " Mrs. Ed Ribelin and Flotvi.Vv IVxv.e. 2Sr-Red. LUNGARDIA is ' without a rival" in ordinary or deep-seated Coughs and Colds, breathing, and for the relief of Whooping Cough. The xvonderful results following its use will astonish you and make you its life-lon'g friend. Your money back, if you have ever used its equal. Danger lurks where there is a Cough or Cold: Conquer it quickly with LUNGARDIA. Safe for ali ages. f.O ct.v ind $1.20 per tho roads. Last Sabbath being ebsorved as musical day at Little Ridge, a very interesting program xvas rendered. A quartet and so'oist of the First Friends church ef Marion, performed a very intexxsting part. Mr. Mitchell ef El wood pleased the audienoe xerv mxi.-h and his rendition as a xxhistlef. Miss Sibyl Cramer of the Falrmoxxnt Academy xxith Miss li-iK.-r aooonmnnst cave a children. Mr. and Mrs. Purr l.eaeh spent Sunday xvith Mr. and Mrs. Zinxri Os- MISCELLANEOUS born. Were you out-of-town yesterday? Call Main 23 and tell them about it. v,.t,.i Robertson is working at the Club Cafe. Miss Mary Deex-vn serxxxl a sur-frise d:r."evst x okek Sunday even-rv a, ive homo south of toxxn in honor of Mr. lar.k Pixwer's birth-dav anx-.-.x.rsarv. Those pxx'sent were Uladvs M-.ller. Fvax.Vis Mvrray, Pen Prewer. Marx iVeren. Frank Urexvcr, Alex IVeren." May Prewer, Naom IVeivn. Mr. and Mrs. Own Kirkxve.v. bottle. Manufactured by . Lungar-W dia Co. Dallas, Texas For Sale Dy FOR Ql'ICK-Moon, 001 Phone Auto service call W. G South Walnut street. I rings on Red. RAD1.EY dinner guest vf Covuh and J. W. HL O fS ARA Vers;i. xvero Snrday Mr. ar.vl Mrs, VerLe Jones, II F- Weslexan Rexixak Will Mrs. Cxirry and fanxi- .Ir. and Mrs. Laura Janxe spoi: last xvith Mrs. Tina Elliott at Mxvicie. :ter xvith Mr. and ly took Sunday Rexsxal began Sunday ev-. . . se rx lev s v., t ,.- ;i: Mrs. Will Caskev and family. TYPEWRITERS, Cleaned, ri jinirc .1. sold. Ribbons. supplies. W rite, phone, call, Arnold's Typexvriter Shop. Phono loSrt. Nivx to Lyiie Theatre downstairs. Marion, Ind. x Mrs. Carrie Ktrsies and Mrs. Henry iVshox calxl on Mrs. Will Craxv .xiu.s in i x.0 '.ill V.. I ov.uren. xvitn ucv. Mrs. MeClain ef the sli.'gir.g Monday s to bo rrvser.t dur-i st of the time. An r ! i-n 3 VTf i-Tjrs S iin-. in t x i 1 1 o I ed night a "I expo, xrg tro 5i" ioe v luosrtay afternvoi. Trs, Eva Puling returned to t.wd o assist in tho er part of the number of selection's en tho cornet. Miss Hilda Harvey, xx ho is teaching at Nile. Mich., xvas a xveek-end cxwt ef her paxxnts. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Harvey. Misses Paulino and Enrah Katrtf ertevtainod for Sunday dinner the Misses Sibyl Cranxnxe. Pearl LxxUer and Marx- PilloiK Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Pt.key enter-.taitxod Mr. and Mrs. E. . Harvey for Sunday dinner. , , Mr and Mrs. A. E. RatlitT attended recently a Pible school confennxce at Sycamore. ... i. Ot! Nov. 5. Mr. and Mrs. J. b. Whitelev attended the wedding of tho latter' V.oiee, Mis5 Porvthy Kroyle of Caston to Mr. Robert Smith of Detroit. Mich. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Caldwell er.ter-ta:msl for dinner last Sabbath, Mr. Vrnk Mvvux of Marion and Mrs. Lester Kimes atAd son of Fairmount. Mr. and Mrs. Ceoxgo Hasty and sons xvero entertained for dinner last Sab--Mh at tbo home of Mr. and Mrs. I Glenn A Harrtxld. xivix:i"C the hv fvarcv meet in sexies. tho she and axxd nted 1 sr ffljRK-sW xvit! no en uvity as a nurse. Mr. and Mrs. Alva Piekerson faivi'v srent L-xst Friday xvith Mr. Mrs. Willard Picker son. UOK HERE Parties xvho took shot gui'from sham battle ground on Oct. 21, are knoxvn and are advised to return gun to V. F. W. Hall at once anl axoid trouble. School Itemr v i sev.vvvt TV. I M VJrj"!' V" "Xf V x sv.nvev .i a: ir.o !UvXess- W Ovii'.es i;ix ex en . wa vn Mis. Anna Cr:d-r spent last xveek, with Mrs. Jim Jones of : Mr. and Mrs. .Tessie Hnokshire xvexvre shonning in Marion Txiosday. Chv and Ralph Worline made a busitJoss trip to Fairmount, Sunxmit-villo and Marion. Tuesday. School xvas dismissed Tuesday nooxx on aee-mnt of the illness of the teacher i Miss Helen Pohenx. Ralph Worline spent Saturday nb'ht xvith Russell Thompson. ! Mrs. Pearl io Elliott smont lat xveek xxith her mother. Mrs. Johif Hilton. , Jinx Turner of Kansas and Clara i Trrner of Muncie, xvero the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ike Hall Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Roscoo Shoek'ey and daughter spent Saturday night and Sunday xvith Mr. ami Mrs. Charley Elliott at'd son Chailes. j Wilson and Paul Klliott are assist- j ing James Thompson xvith corn husk-inr this xveek. , ' Sundav school Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. f NOTICE Postively no hunting, my premises. P. F. Dickey. ful ierit. the bad weather. fcKx;t txxenty vlollars was cleared above expenses, Enxnta Pavis of F;ivmvXlt. xxts ettxl tho rri?.e for Wing the most Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Jones to har-tnount MoV.av aft ex-noon. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Dickerson xvero Fairmount visitors Monday after-neon. Mr. and M-s. John l.eaeh were in Fail mount Tuesday forei.Ven. Mr. and Mrs. Marcu Kirkwvod of ! near Matthexxs xverx Svxnday dinner : tx.-sts of Mr. and Mrs. Oren to advertise It alxvays pays Fairmount News. Vorx ar lady pwser.t. Opal Key xvas Aile-s rev-eived a jar of pick- Govrsro Mr. l.oren Cablwe'.l ot r.ariuam les for I cing the xxxost love-sick nxa has been a recent visitor ax Theln.a Rett xvas given the prise j M;s Sax-:xh Piekerson an.l her fath-tHege s. Mr. and Mrs. for h?xirc the prettiest tx. ith vs r n p;v-kex son veturn.xi homo ti... hem -f b's paxxu Elsie Lees a cloe rent est ant. All Saturdnc after a week's visit xvith J. W. Caldwell. prct.V eniovexl themselves, !r. and Mrs. Coo. Richarvls of Au- Mis. Ftta Ooherty. xvh has ry- Fnda Oxvvn is back in school af-n;n Rrd Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Rich-' eovcrod fxvnx an attack ef pneumonia d Mr. C S. Wright, xvtxo has oeen ar.' ef Fort Wayne. Mrs. Geo. Richards, xxh xv a a former resident ofx 1 to nnxe tor sex era i co 1IACKLEM AN able to be out fall. ar his cxxir.ty. is in very noor hcaltn tnis ion pvx-eunt ot a V t frvm on ac- m.issoil en ae- tor several o.avs sickness, Louise loach xvas absen schvxd Monday ar.vl Tuesday ixnnt ef sickness. Metha Kcn?ie of Hvvri 2, school Monday and Tuesday CvMii.', of sickness. Glen iVeia Cxvcraft and Al winter. again. , , , Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Puling, Mr. andj Mr. Ma.l.n Wrvvht of RocKfcr'. Mrs. Harrv Wright, Mr. and Mrs.o., xvns a v ' ucst ef his par-S d nxan Duling xvero among the c- . M -. - " M C. S Wri ht. KALrrl L. LU1 I Kt-LL g t.. t i -iri'ni .I'm'or l-iven to Mr Vre hv.-rk rnrixt enier- ice Ken- cuost dinner the latter s iwnu 1 ie xxeix visitors at school in eJ.-i- Yorde at Fairmount Sunday, j tainexl for Wright vnitii .-. h,r(tf f'-oM :,,.. i..c Mr nn.l Mrs. Fred Cox-alt and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Comer and 'imilv cotoxtain'od for dinner last Sunday, Mv. and Mrs. Banister and babv of Lafavette. Mr. and Mrs. John Rybolt. MonSe and Thelnxa Rybolt of Point Isabel. ! ! Leva Moon xvas a week-end gxvst ef her parents. Mr. at.'d Mrs. Bob Mc-oti and family. She is spending several xveeks xvith her cousin in ( Mi Madge of Rxbelt and son's Marion oxer Saturdav night and Sun-I Mr. anvl Mr SPECIALIST ON THE FITTING OF GLASSES 409 Marion National Bank Building MARION, INDIANA Phone 246 Sundays by Appointment day. Point Isabel. The xxv men xvho have been working : Prayer meeting will be held this at the eannvxg factory xvero laid ott Thursday evening at the homo of Mr. last xveek o?' account of the shortage J jnd Mrs. A. B. Brewer xvith Mrs. of llowex-er. txvo more days ; Frank Wright as binder, w-ork this week xvill finish the labeling! Mv. and Sirs. A. B. Whitelev visited for this year. fxnxday night the former's father near an 2. Tuesday. Evelyn McCoy w-as absent from school Tuesday on account ef illness. ' The' xx ill be a meeting of Chris-j tian Endeavors at the Fairmoxit. ; Friends church, Monday, Nov. 21. Evan Willianis. state field sx-retary ef C. F.. will be present to talk to x:s. su -nxr.g rvxde of Foxxlertcm and ricinity, especiaPr Christian Endea-1 ve- uxniex' to W v-ixsent. Johtf Lar.gsden, wh rceivevl a bad cut en his arnx last xveek while play- I ing footbaP. is getting along nicely ! Mis Ire o Hancock a in Marion j Greentcxvt?. xvho remains very ill. Mr. and Mrs. Elme Stxxekv xvho a fenv daxs tho first of the xveek. for Rev. anvl Mrs. Meyers spent Tuesday xvith Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mahonvy. have boxxght property in South Marion and xvill soon retire from the farm -rr gix'cn a very pleasat. surprise Tuesday ex-ening. when their neigh- Elder N. L. Ford returned home now. The clamps being removed from ; Monday after a week's church service ' his arnx Sunday morning. jbors and f reikis assembleil at their I at rittsboro, Ind. Muncie. Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wilson and eh'ldren spent S.unday xvith Mrs. Mary I Hilton. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Albert and family were Sunday jruests of Mr. and Mis. i Fred Leer. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Florea and I children snent Sunday in Kokomo j with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Eli EdditJgton xx-ere j shopping in Elxx-ood Monday, j Parke McCombs and Worth Moon ! xvent tn Michigan last Monday to drix-e Chex-olet cars back to Fairmount for ;Ed Lane. I Mr. and Mrs. Freel Albert, Mrs. i Walter Gibson atM Mrs. Venna Hilton ; attended a silver xvedding at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Peterson 1 near Marion. There xvill be Sunday sehool as us-!xxl at Center next Sunday at 10 Schlosser Brothers Maintain That their method of going to the farmer's door for cream, in other ivords, their CREAM ROUTE SYSTEM is the most economical way of marketing the product of the dairy. WHY? lsft Saves farmers the labor and annoyance of making livery themselves. Maurice Warner. President Earl AKen. Cashier o'clock, also preaching both nxormng and eveninir. Mrs. .erna Hilton and sons Garland and Frank xvere guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gibsoif. 2nd. 3rd. 1 v. " FOWLERTON BANK Responsibility Over $250,000 Let us patronize our home bank and keep the money in the home community. Every dollar saved and banked with this institution helps to make this a better locality in which to live A regular and constant outlet, regardless of quantity. Receipts at the creamery distributed evenly throughout the week (other systems overload the creamery on Monday, while during the remainder of the week it is working under capacity). MOST IMPORTANT! Route cream makes Better 4th. LETTER LIST Letters remaining in the postoffice as adx-ertised on November 15, 1921," which if not called for in txx-o xveeks will be sen, to the d?ad letter office: Mrs. Etta Toothman. Mrs. F. A. Schxveikhart. W. P. VAN ARSDALL, P. M. Quality Butter, and the markets are never over supplied with FINE BUTTER. We want to tell you more about the benefits of SchioroerV Cream Routes. Call on our Route Collector, District Supervisor, or drop a postal to the office. L4U It li 5 INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR. No. 3973. Notice is hereby given. That the undersigned has been appointed Administrator of the estate of Sarah E. Benboxv, deceased, late of Green Township, Grant Courfty, Indiana. Said Estate la supposed to be solvent. FAIRMOUNT STATE BANK, Administrator. G. A. Henry, Attorney. :t-24. Dec t schilosser brothers Cream Buyers Since 1884 Home Office Frankfort, Ind. P. S. Sooner op later yon will rise n elLaval Separator Have you any idea how a good cream aeparator will help make more money from your cows ? See your local De Laval Agent or our Route Collector about aDo T.av! Separator SCHLOSSER BROTHERS. -a. If FOWLERTON H3ANIC, Fovlorton; Ind, Kmh! ii Iltliiil n ,auai4 L i

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