The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on December 21, 1936 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, December 21, 1936
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Page 2 The Daily Clintonian, Clinton, Indiana Monday, December 21, 1936 Political Reform Gets Tesr Miss Nancy Lewis and Miss liluuchu Egglcston. an operation at Iho Union hnsiil;tl In Terro lliuile edncsdny mornliu;"1 In reporled u Utile liettcr. Ir J. ,. HaundiM's. who underwent 4iovriior Cochran 1 flS" HADI MEWS tra; Variety Program. torlc church Ara Coell. These nro but the highlights of the elaborate Christmas programs which begin Thursday at 12:45 p. in. Dance music and claiIcal music on the same program an presetted by two distinct orchestras will lie heard as a regular feature beginning Sunday, January .1, when a new program succeed! Paul Whltcman's Musical Varieties. It will be heard over the same NUC-HIup network and al the same time, from 8:15 to 8:45. p. in. The musical direction of Ihe unique new presentation will (.('.. X'k ,;'." ! m 1 & Li ! !;, i -; ; tW ' ' ti I'L If V IjMateorpltoljl J V , . ----- lit 3 h' It Iff lif Come in and select your Christmas Philco now! Philco gives you greater vtlue, greater per- One of the most interesting political reforms recently attempted Is to get under way the first week in January when Nebraska's unicameral legislature convenes. This political innovstion replaces the usual two-house legislature with one assembly, reducing Uie number of members from 133 to 34. It is expected to make for greater efficiency and economy in state political administration Govenioi Cochran is on of the backers of the plan.r tormanceanu greater features . . . including tne ex- .... . ., elusive Philco Foreign Tuning System! gjjtfjft, Get a Philco for Christmas! Delivery Mi're guaranteed if you order now! opiiom. CK30SE FROM 52 KEW;iU37 PKILCOS $2ouo cers elected were Whitfield Jackson, president; Lewis Thomas, secretary: Mrs. Harold Weatherman, chairman of Ladies Auxiliary;. , A basket dinner was enjoyed at the noon hour. Delphian chapter Mrs. Ella P, Hall and Miss Uessr Lanlinm were hostesses for tin Christmas meeting of the' Delphian Chapter Thursday evening. Mr. (race C. Davit; presided at the business meeting. Christmas responses were given in answer lo roll call. "Quality First. Prices Always Lowest" FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS STOVES Phone 361, . . i 234-38 Elm Street NBC WI3NR. WLW. 10:30 Performance of the Mosul- t'hS-WHUM. WHAS. MOVIES 'WHITti lU'NTKIl.. AT THU WA11AHH June Lang, Warner llaxler. Call Pntrick, Allison Skipworlh, Wilfred Lawson and George Hassell are the principal characters In this story of unusual human entanglements with the danger of Jungle wilds for background. Baxter is the "White Hunter," who acts as guide In this savage land for white people who want to go on a big hunting expedition. Law-son is a powerful business mall who years before caused Baxter's exile from England; Gail Patrick Is his wayward wife, June Lang his daugh let from a former marriage, Miss Skipworlh a shrewish hypochondri ac and Hassell her hen-ppeked hiiS' hand. Hatred, Jcalotisv. love and re venue flourish under tropical skies. Discoveries of a "Star Reporter in Hi il wood.". Fox Movietone New s nud a cameraman's adveninres while "Paging the Thoroughbreds" are added treats. 'I'OVK OX THK RUN' AT THK PAI.ACK This ultra-modern romantic esca pJMle invovinc Joan Crawford. Clark Gable, Franrhot Tone. Reginald Owen. Mona Barrie. Ivan Lebedefr and William Demurest srnv lo be another W. S. Van Dylic hit. Ga ble is the foreign correspondent of a New York newspaper and Ib out searching for a story. He humps Into a scoop when he finds Miss Crawford fleeing from nvirriape to a titled European who is looking for money They are pursued by the head of an international spy ring when they accidentally uncover information which would lead to his arrest. In their mad flight across Europe em- hero gets a pasc one story and wins a bride. A Johnny Perkins Act. newsreel .ind Vitaphone Musical arc also the bill. RHYTHM OX TI1V. RAt;K" AT THK 4-OLUMBIA With Blng Crosby to sing, Martha Rave to "swing" Bob Burns for comedy and Frances Farmer for ro mance. "Rhythm on the Range" be comes a vehicle for individual standout performances. On the eve of a loveless marriage. Heiress Frances Farmer skips out and boards a freight train for her aunt's ranch oiit west. Cowboy Crosby comes to her rescue and afler series of dif ficult situations, boy meets girl at altar. The best tunes are "Empty Saddles." "You'll Have to Swing It" and "I Can't Escape from You." A comedy in color about the "Merry Mutineers" and Fox Movietone News are short subjects. Ancient Talking Picture Chinese scrolls described talking pictures 4,000 years ago, telling of a prince who spoke into a teakwood box, with a waxen record, to explain pictures he was sending. Smallest Humming Bird "Helena's humming bird," found in Central America and the West Indies, i the smallest of the species and is not much larger than a blue bottle flv. Gossip Travels Fast Gossip is one of the fastest things on earth. In some places it travels so last the truth tires out before it .-an oW"rrt ' !ie :A lSj 1. n-k nrnnosal now advanced by many economist that lauor-savins machinery be taed in order to provide funds tor unemployment insurance will be. dlscusbed by college students, processors and "Thc-man-Hi-the-strect" duiitiR Hie lir " weekly series ot experimental broadcasts entitled "What Do You Think?" and arranged through the co-operation of Northwestern' Uni-verslty Broadcast inp Council of Chicago which Is to be heard over CDS this evening, December 21. from :30 to 10:00 p. m. Th broadcast will open with an nn-uouncer. stationed In ChicaKo'B bu.-v Illinois Central icrmlnal Interviewing passersby on the question to be discussed. The scene then will shlfi to the Ersneton: III., home of John Eberhart. professor of psychology a I Northwestern, who Is to art as chairman for the Berles. There a representative group of faculty members ard students will take over the discission. Al Jolson. master showman; Sid Silvers, comedian; Martha rtayc, eccentric singer, and Victor Young, and' his orchestra will make their debut (o a new series of programs li Bflcceed' "Laugh" with' Ken Murray" oh Tuesday over CBS from 7:30 to S'.OB p.' m. Al Jolson has long been Known to' the radio and theatre-go-IhlJ' public as the exponent of Mack-fce comedy and as the man who brought "Mammy" singing' to Its highest point of perfection. Sid Silvern and his partner In comedy. Martha Raye', are known to motion pictures followers for their distinc tive! raucous comedy. This program, however, will mark the first time they have appeared in a radio series' President Franklin D. Rooscvell will eitend' Christmas greetings to the nation over the NBC-Blue net work from Washington during the capital's Community Christmas Tree ceremonies to be broadcast from 4 to 4:30 p. m.. on Christmas eve. A Boy Scout will greet the president on behalf of the people of America and a GIrr Scout will greet Mrs Roosevelt. The capital's Christmas tree will be in Lafayette Square. Music Will be furnished by the United States Marine band and the University- ot Maryland Glee club. Phil Davis, genial maestro of WLW, has set the music world agog with his new brand ot dance interpretations over the Nation's Station at 6:45 p. m. Tuesdays. Using three euphoniums. Davis has eliminated all things and offers an aggregation of all wind instruments except tbc rhythm section. Playing special arrangements Davis injects a delicate treatment of the woodwinds, working in three flutes After the announcer . introduces the program there is no more interruption with speaking until the signoff. Although the orchestra does six numbers with Charles Dameron singing the vocals In parts, the programris a scries of unbroken melodies. From the church courtyard In Bethlehem near the place where the Christ child was born, and from other places abroad and at home. CBS will bring an elaborate Christmas, program on Thursday, December 24. the day before Christmas. At the spot near where the shepherds, knelt at the manger, the choir of St. George's Cathedral of Jerusalem p-Ul lead the singing of Christmas books by pilgrims, come from the world-over to U at this hallowed place. .,: From Switzerland. Columbia will briug the famous children's chorus. ."Bambiui Ticluesi" conducted by, Aranado Filipello. From Washington will come the Christmas greetings of President Roostv vet, and from Rome, Itay. a portion of the midnicbt-maas from the .bia- FRIST FUNERAL HOME - DAY OR NIGHT AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE I OS i FARM INSTITUTE AT COUNTY SEAT Corn, Baking Exhibits Are Seen; . . Whitheld Jackson is Made President The thirty-sixth annual farmers institute for Vermillion and Hell townships was held in the auditori um of the Newport hign sciiooi building Thursday. December There were nearly 200 present. Principal speakers for the day were. Mrs. Essie Fullor of Farmers-burg, who gave a talk on "The Happy Side of Rural Life" and Edward Kauffman of Martinsville; who spoke on "Trees. Friends of Man. Their Planting and Care." The vocational agricultural and home economics classes of Newport high school under the direction of E. C. Baker and Miss Margaret E Smith also had a place on the pro grain. A playlet was given characterizing their vocational work. They also held a corn exhibit for the boys and baking exhibit for the girls Mrs. Fuller judged the baking and L. L. Brown, vocational teacher al Perrysvllle. judged the corn. The prizes were given on best ten eai and single ear in white and yellow varieties. Russell v.lln won first for the best ten ears in while rn and Wen- lell Brown had Ihe ho: t ten ears ii ellow corn. Wendell Brown won Ihe sweepstakes in both yellow and white corn. In the ha-'iiug prizes awarded ere: white cake Theresa Turhe-ille. first. Dark cake Ceraldine linham. first; Freeda Cooper, see- nd; Henrietta Horn beck, third One-crust pie Alice Luke, first; Theresa Turlieville second; Donna Ditto, third. Muffins Naomi Itarr. lirsl: Mardille Bra seal, second: (Iny- netb riosnell. third. DnriNR-liii hulns nwetnr -offt- SMART LAMPS FOR i '-, A playlet entitled The Collect i Sneaks." by Marian Kinbark Smith, was presented by Mrs. M. C. Wiggins, Miss nertha Sawyer and Miss Laiiham. A Christmas story. "Including Wings" was read by Mrs. C. C. Sawyer. Interesting contests were also enjoyed. A two course luncheon was served to the sixteen members and two gnosis. Mrs. Laura Reid and Mrs. Harold V. Jones. A Christmas exchange of gifts was held around a beautifully lighted tree, which was placed in the center of a table. The decorations throughout the home were in keepili!; with the season. Iusk HohlK Meeling Mrs. Douglas Reid was hostess for the Chistmas meeting of the Queen Esther Sunday school class al her home Thursday evening. Each member brought a covered dish for the supper served at 0:.'!0. Christmas decorations were used throughout the home. Afler supper a sheet l.usine- meeting wat; held and jil.'inr. "'" m-ade for raisluu money. M:s, Blanch Egleston had charge of th-devotions and Christmas carols were sung. An exchange of Christmas gifts were enjoyed duriug Ihe social hour. Those present were Mrs. Lessie Cooper and daugbier Norma, Mrs. V. N. Ashury and daucfhlers, Aifua Lou and Vi-Tinia, Mrs., Mortimer Lewin and daughters fTladvs .lane. Mrs f K. Heeliee. Mrs. L. It. .Stewart. Mrs Sims. Mrs I) IV Williams. St sr '11 1 be divided between shep Fields, and I his Rippling Rhythm orchestra and Graham Harris, and his large sym- phonic group., F"rau' Parker popular radio tenor, mid the hillbilly CauovaB-Judy, Annie and Zeke .who t starred . vqlh t Ihe Whlteman . show, .will carry on with Ibe new program. In addition, ihere will he a large mixed chorus. The salon I orchestra will present semi-classical I selections and sperfal accompaniments for soloists and chorus. In 'contrast will be Hie nopnlar rin'o-e rhythms of Khe.p Fields, on" of Ihe best band' leaders on Ibe alf. rrn-hame Harris, a native Vov1-rs is well kun"'Ti.fls a arrnn'-'" nii'l conductor. He has been ennrlitetor with the London S''m'honv (WIi"'-,-1 ira, Ihe New Yori- PhHhprmn'o and for the Koklne ballet and the Denis- Shawn dancers. PROGRAM HKiHLK.HTS MONDAY 7:00 Helen Hayes in "Bambl." NBC IWLS, KDKA. 7:30 Pick and Pat; Krucger's Orchestra. , CBS WBBMl WHAS. 8!3(l Richard Hlmber's Champions. NBC WAIAQ. WLW. fi:30 "What Do You Think?" NBC WHAS. WJR. IT KM) AY 7:30 Al Jolson: Victor Young's Or-cbostra.- - - . CBS WBBM. WHAS. 8:00 Ben Bernle and the Lads. NBC W.BNR, WLW. 9:00 Armco Band Concert: NBC WJSNR. KDKA. 9:30 Poly Follies. CBS WBBM. WHAS. '' vVKDXKttnAY i 7:30 Wayne King's Orchestra. NBC WMAJ, WLW. 8:00 Chesterfield Presenls. CBS WBBM. WHAS. 9:00 Your Hit Parade. NBC WMAQ, WLW. THURSDAY 7:00 Rudy Vallee; Variety Hour. 8:00 MHjor Bowes Amateur Hour. CBS WBBM, WHAS 10:45 Around the World Broadcast of "Holy City." NBC WENR. WLW. I'RIDAv' 7:00 Cities Service Concert. NBC WMAQ. WTAM. 8:00 Hollywood Hotel. CBS WBBM, WHAS. 9:00 First Nighter: Drama. NBC WMAtf. WTAM. SATURDAY 7:30 Kay Kyscr's Orchestra; Kd Thorgenien. CBS WBBM. WHAS. S:.'I(i Shell Chateau. NBC- WMAQ. Wi.t'V 9:3" lrvln s. Cnlili an Padurah IM illation. NBC .WMAQ. wlw. SI'MIAV 1 :3- -Guy Loniliardu ami Orcbes-tra. CHS WHAS. KM OX. S : 1 .-. - Paul Whltenim and Orcheo- PHONE 13 We Call For And Deliver Mode ? J W CI Of the f ' 'til I I " A "COZY CORNER" FOR THE MAN SMART A HOMES New ' ihh Ix-anty HVnUy'.' ' M'lriHiric-ally foriwt lluhl i4.uufl l jtUie vniir nyvs. One lljp or tin' k wit Hi iiiul vm live In-diifi'I I.gtit.wr, Mi -c(t ind Mr..l ion for lyM hiittts, mill n t hii fl Ju l it ui larf nil bill It into stw Wi-. fs't'iiiiinc l;ih-orMiorv ininvI lihiiiiU. M n k f jour li'ttiif diotiiM-I iw nitd fitsiall a hriclr iiml flor fyiM' lamp Ik1h'. Tin - ii'ic4 Ik ox (r'iu'ly h( tra(ive. UK lKI,IVKIi lAtSii K'ISV TI'ltMS many other Christmas items that of future holiday joyt! w lit I 'i i St Say: Merry Christmas with Flowers! Ihifs Ix'fliilirui Iohii;m rluiii aiitl ottoinnii Hill Ihiill dull or Iiuh-liiinl. f"lioii f ov-it. tht Kpriii(riMfHl i unIiIohi. IIiju vill irivilc nun) lioiirf of Kolid com fori titr lioliilflVN to (ohm-: t til 'ti' s $27 it. tii C til til At Doughty's you will find will provide years Santa won't heed a Gas Mask after he's come down your chimney if you have your cleaning done by the odorless Band Box method of dry cleaning our method. course you'll want your clothes looking their best for holidays. Let us clean them, safely and thoroughly. 25 if 3 15? J& V; 3 33 -a 33 9 We have a large assortment of Pcinsettias and other assorted blooming; plants and are cutting an unusually fine stock of Lilies, Chrysanthemums, Roses, Carnations, Snapdragons, Sweet Peas . and Calendulas for Christmas at no increase in prices. By buying from our greenhouses you are assured of fresh stock. Our store will be open until noon Christmas day. We wire flowers anywhere. - , I W We will remain open for your convenience until 9 P. M on : December 22, 23, 24. a. A. J. DOUGHTY S. FURNITURE FLOOR COVERINGS STOVES jfb "Quality First, Prices Always Lowest" HERSHEY'S "WE GROW OUR OWN" 352 South Main Phone 21 eaners Clinton, Indiana 1 220 Blackmail Street Jf SI 6 Is Phone 361 234-38 Elm Street V 35 i

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